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DATELINE: 24 October 2017

John Hogue talks abou his newest book Beyond Alt-Right and Alt-Left: A Community of Americans on Coast to Coast AM Tonight

Welcome everyone, including those of you visiting my site from the Coast to Coast AM website. The main topic of tonight’s two-hour interview my newest book, number 44, just published today. Please check out this introductory overview and go to this link to sample the opening for free and/or get this eBook with an easy, one-click purchase.


World-renowned Futurist and Prophecy Scholar John Hogue didn’t start noticing that telltale “clicking” of a government wiretap until 1997, when he was doing phone interviews on an international line patched into BBC Radio in the United Kingdom.

The gist of his forecast that got his phone clicking for the next six months was this: If future US Presidents and Congress continue to sustain and intensify a partisan deadlock between “Red” Republican and “Blue” Democrat legislators into the early decades of the twenty-first century, there will be a Balkanization of America, either caused by a bloody civil war or revolution, beginning by 2020.

Balkanization defines a country or region undergoing a violent process of fragmenting into smaller and often failing states at odds and often at war with each other.

The clock is running down. 2020 is only a few years away. According to what Hogue laid out in this new book, the United States is right on schedule. No moderation of the danger is in sight. Indeed, the momentum of political polarization of the United States dividing its people into Red and Blue Americas is now on steroids.

He cautions that before voices such as his are no longer wiretapped but potentially silenced or exiled, this concerned American wishes to share his forecasts and those of others American seers of the past that have not only anticipated these mounting dangers but can see the golden future possible beyond them. Hogue sets out in the book to first define the polarity clearly. If you are liberal or conservative, White Supremacist or Antifa left-wing extreme, his compassionate hits and original take on things is fairly and evenly dispensed. He’ll then take you on a journey beyond the hypnotics of the red and blue narrative bubbles that have suppress our basic, all-American sense of goodness, fairness, and tolerance for our neighbors.

In this book, Hogue writes: “A grass roots movement will emerge that uses the tools of the Internet to network what we share as common ground amongst a community of individuals. I call this revolution the Politics of the Fourth Way. It’s not Democrat, Republican or even a third party. All parties are systems of collectivization of the individual. They are ever prone to corruption.”

This short book will help identify the dangers inherent in extremist Left- or Right-leaning identity politics and offer ways to make the coming revolution and renewal of America creative and peaceful.

John Hogue is unique. He’s one of a kind.

George Noory,
Host of “Coast to Coast AM”

A brilliant and very knowledgeable astrologer.

Whitley Strieber, author of “Communion” and “The Coming Global Superstorm” with Art Bell


First a word of wisdom before we plunge in. Keep this in your heart as we explore the next five articles:

My basic approach to human problems is not to take them seriously, because once you take them seriously, you yourself become part of the problem. Watch and witness all the problems of humanity with a sense of innocence, aloofness. Perhaps then you can do justice; perhaps then you can created a better humanity, more loving, more joyous.

Osho (1988) Yahoo! The Mystic Rose
From the Discourse: Laugh and drop the past.

DATELINE: 22 October 2017

Yes, President Trump decertified the Iran Nuclear Deal back on Friday the 13th but I’m more concerned about War coming because of what he had the US Treasury Department Declare on that same Day

On Friday the 13th, 2017, President Trump decertified the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the Iranian Nuclear Deal that took seven years of preliminary talks followed by 20 arduous months of international negotiation through 2014 and 2015 to draft and sign by the P5 (the UN Security Council’s five permanent members. These are China, France, Russia, the UK and the US) plus 1 (Germany) plus the European Union.

The president wanted to work with Congress in the next 60 days to either vote to leave the agreement and slap Iran with more sanctions or come up with a wider range of punitive amendments that would take the JCPOA beyond what the rest of the signatories had originally agreed to. If Trump isn’t happy with what they come up with by 13 December 2017, he’ll blame them then and may make good his threat to rip up the agreement by himself.

The US backing out of this agreement would be a historically unprecedented and consequentially damaging move. By suddenly demanding drastic changes then stepping back from an internationally accepted treaty ratified by the United Nations, the US would lose credibility as a “good faith” negotiator honoring all treaties past presidents did sign or future presidents will sign. Trump’s move could look like he did it to spite the previous president for ratifying it, meaning every agreement might be up for grabs every four to eight years. American leadership in the world would be cast under the shadow of US diplomatic incontinence for allies and foes alike. It could start a new nuclear crisis with Iran and put into doubt any possibility of negotiating a settlement in the current nuclear crisis between the US and North Korea.

With that said, hold your four apocalyptic horsemen. The Congress has until 13 December to mull this one over. We’re a few months from running down any precipitous legislative path to ending the Iran deal just yet. I recognize Trump playing Deal Maker in this initial “two-step” process to come; yet, this isn’t a high stakes, Manhattan Island real estate negotiation. My Oracle has said for the record over a year before Trump became president that he could drastically misread his opposites in dealings with Iran and the Middle East, far more than with any other region:

It’s this all-American, beer-joint historian side of Donald Trump that has me very concerned if he should view the world guided by wherever the blind spots of his squares with Mercury (ruler of his mind) and Jupiter (ruler of his higher intelligence potentials) take him. Additionally, Lady Liberty’s Pluto in Virgo squaring Trump’s Sun in their president-to-nation relationship gets taken along for a Hell ride with a driver of the nation whose ego on overdrive can’t hear the intuitive medium that taps into serving the nation’s collective need and destiny. Moreover, Ms. Liberty can’t even play backseat driver because he can’t hear her still small voice under the roar of his own engine noise.

This square resurfacing in Trump’s relationship with the American people returns us to the karmic echo of Lyndon Johnson and G.W. Bush, repeating their mistake to rush in and wage war based on gut decisions ventured, though ignorant of their potential adversaries and poor- to non-existent intelligence.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter 11: President Trump’s Foreign and Alien Policies

Conversely we are nine months and counting into his administration and the Iran deal has been tolerated. So far, the “no deal” scenario hasn’t happened. I believe Trump naively wants to scare up a reconsideration of the JCPOA, not end it. He even has some backing for the augmenting of some of its statutes from French President Macron. Augmenting is one thing. Adding entirely new clauses is completely different. Still I am concerned about Trump and his childlike myopia about all issues Middle Eastern. He’s like a kid struck dumb by hero worship of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, with whom Trump astrologically harmonizes. I am concerned he’s being led like a trusting, woodenheaded Pinocchio by a cunning right wing, Zionist Supremacist fox, down a precipitous path into big trouble Trump can’t fathom.

Even moderate leaders in the Israeli government like former Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barat understand that the treaty has its flaws but Barat is dead set against any signatory abandoning it unilaterally. Even Trump’s leading generals and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, are satisfied the Iranians are “technically” upholding the agreement that Trump says “in spirit” they aren’t upholding.

Barat’s not in power now. Netanyahu has Trump’s attention and impulsive faith in his hands. This extreme Zionist-Supremacist has been openly lobbying three presidents and counting for America to do something rash, like go to war with Iran. Netanyahu doesn’t say it, but it’s clear to me he wants American military might to destroy Israel’s competitors for regional control; moreover, I don’t think even Ehud Barat wouldn’t jump at the same opportunity for merely pragmatic reasons. Previous Israeli governments have enjoyed Americans fighting and dying for their strategic advantage taking down Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, for instance. Why not Israel’s projected enemy number one, Iran?

Netanyahu would care little about international US isolation because it would bring Jerusalem and Washington closer together, alone against the world, needing each other more than ever, especially Israel needing overwhelming US military force. Rip up the Iran deal and Zion’s big bullying US “brother” would be back right where Netanyahu wants him—where US military assets were when President Bush and especially his Vice President “in Chief” and neocon master Dick Cheney were trying to work up a military confrontation with Iran from 2006 to 2008. It must be remembered that many of the chief architects of neo-conservatism that crowded the Bush cabinet then and think tanks today that had a lot of influence on Obama and now Trump, also hold dual US and Israeli citizenship. Neo-conservatism merges the strategic and military policies of those two countries as the same. If you are or have been a soldier stationed or fighting in the Middle East, you are or have been fighting for Israel perhaps even more than you’re fighting and defending your own country’s interests.

Any JCPOA bug-out breaks the treaty immediately freeing Iran from any obligation to honor the agreement. Regular inspections by the IAEA (The International Atomic Energy Agency) monitoring Iranian nuclear activities would immediately end. A blind move by Trump would draw the blinds over the Iranian nuclear program once again and alienate it allies. Any American partnering with Russia and China on solving strategic and economic issues would have no “good faith” in Washington left, especially when settling the North Korean crisis, Taiwan, ending the US-EU sanctions with Russia or forging an agreement over China’s increasing military presence alongside the South China Sea trade routes. Without credible US diplomatic consistency, you can only put your faith in US aggression on all those fronts.

Kim Jong-Un has heard President Trump threaten to completely destroy North Korea standing before the entire United Nations General Assembly in September 2017. If that wasn’t enough indication, then tearing up a UN-brokered, US led treaty with Iran that’s working to keep the peace means North Korean dictator and all 25 million of his subjects will unite and never trust any American president honoring their peace deals without backing it up with a robust, North Korean nuclear deterrent.

Trump says Pyongyang keeping any North Korean deterrent force is a deal breaker.

Trump keeps alluding to North Korea’s annihilation coming “soon.”

War, therefore, or just keeping the two nations circling each other warily in a holding pattern, flying around the edge of Armageddon, is Pyongyang’s only option.

American friend or foe, who would trust any agreement held in the hands of a mentally incontinent, impulsive president? Especially one that can’t comprehend that JCPOA is not a “bi-lateral” but multi-lateral consensus agreement. The question to divine in the next two months is whether Trump is a first-class foreign policy idiot or is he playing up threats to leave JCPOA for effect so he can get what he really wants.

Trump, the dealmaker, playing his “Art of the Deal” game, keeps everybody guessing. To what end is hard to tell. If he manages to get concessions from his allies he will NEVER get them from the Iranians because the JCPOA was a “Nuclear power/weapons manufacturing” agreement. It has nothing to do with Iran’s purported terrorism efforts around the world or its ballistic missile defense systems. Trump wants to include these. So blinded by Israeli nationalism is he that Trump hasn’t grasped that Iran has grounds to build its ballistic missile system as a deterrent to the Israeli Jericho regional ballistic missiles targeting its cities. Though Iran at this time has no nuclear warheads, Israel has hundreds it can tip its missiles with.

Maybe what Trump wants is to push the four other nuclear powers in the UN Security Council, Germany and all the rest of the EU nations to join with him and push Iran as a body. He might get France on his side, but Mr. Trump, you are definitely not going to get all the above onboard. Read your own book. You are breaking one of your fundamental rules in Art of the Deal: everybody involved needs to get something they want. You want to take away from Iran the only thing it wants and replace it with things they don’t want.

Let’s be frank. When did that work for you in business?

Click on the cover to read more about this important book and how you can purchase either an eBook or Printed Edition.

Click on the cover to read more about this important book and how you can purchase either an eBook or Printed Edition.

When the deadline for Congress runs out in December 2017 we may end up where we were exactly 11 years earlier in December 2006: watching a massive US naval and air force buildup in the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf setting up a hair trigger for war between the US and Iran. What I wrote in Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse is an attempt to interpret what a man living over 450 years ago foresaw might happen next.

French prophet Michel de Nostradamus (1503-1566) could be describing the “melting” and “sinking” of a US fleet going it alone without NATO or EU logistical and political support. The fires of war have NEVER baptized the US Navy’s carrier strike group defense tactics. Moreover, to strike Iran hard from the air you need to place your deep water fleet into the Persian Gulf where Iranian missile batteries are “inside” your radar early-warning shield.

If a war begins while your strike group is passing through the extremely narrow mouth of the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, your warships can be fired upon from land in open sights of Iranian heavy artillery. If there is a full-scale air and sea war with Iran, US ships would go into harm’s way with little reaction time to defend against supersonic and even subsonic anti-ship missile attacks from the Iranians. The remotely closest thing to real battle experience happened back in 1981 during the Falkland War between Argentina and Britain. Argentinian jets one at a time managed to fire three solo exocet, subsonic cruise missile attacks causing much havoc and damage on the British Royal Navy, sinking a destroyer and cargo supply ship.

Thirty-six years later, Iran with missile batteries “inside” US naval radar defenses, are capable of unleashing hundreds of subsonic and dozens of supersonic anti-ship missiles. More than one admiral commanding US Naval forces back in the hair-trigger tensions of the last US-Iranian standoff admitted publicly that no one knows what would happen.

This could become a “Guns of August” moment, like what happened in 1914 in the opening weeks of the First World War. Forty years had passed since the last major war in Europe. War weapon technology had made great strides in destructiveness whereas tactical thinking lagged far behind in mere theory with no baptism of fire practice. It lead to unexpected disasters and catastrophic causalities no general on either side anticipated. The hell of static, trench warfare on the Western Front was the unplanned for result, killing and wounding several million men in the four years and three months to follow.

If indeed Nostradamus knows, seeing into the future, what comes next with a resumption of a US/Iranian standoff, he tells us of a vision of a great fleet of the “true serpent” being “melted and sunk.”

The US Navy Jack, flying on every US warship a year after 9/11 and the war on terrorism had begun, flies a flag containing 13 red and yellow stripes, upon which slithers a rattlesnake over the words, “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Trump’s commander of all armed forces, General Joseph F. Dunford of the US Chiefs of Staff, and his Secretary of Defense, former Marine General James Mattis, are on public congressional record as not supporting their president leaving the JCPOA treaty.

I harbor the hope that we’ll see a repeat of bureaucratic and military resistance put up by G.W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs. They too were dead set against starting a shooting war with Iran the last time neocons held significant influence in a president’s cabinet wanted to spook up a regime change through war with Tehran.

What concerned me back on Friday the Thirteenth more than Trump decertifying the treaty with Iran, is what he had the Treasury Department officially declare officially the same day: that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is a terrorist organization to be economically sanctioned and considered a US military concern equal to al-Qaeda or ISIS.

I wonder if the President understands what the IRGC is, beyond what it does to aid and abet Hamas in Gaza Strip, Hezbullah in Southern Lebanon and some Taliban Afghani terrorist organizations.

The IRGC is an “Iran” within Iran.

It is the Islamic Republic’s “Imperial” or Pretorian Guard “and” the organization is an economy inside the Iranian general economy. The IRGC is an Iranian version of a Russian Matryoshka (little matriarch) or “nesting” doll. You lift the doll and discover another, smaller painted wooden doll is inside. Lift that doll and smaller dolls keep appearing until the last doll is a little baby.

The political construction of Iran is like that. The first and largest but thinnest layer of “doll” is the pretend Iranian democracy that has democratic elections and a parliament. The next doll is the IRGC, an elite government “and” armed force that watches the democratically elected government and the regular army that is the outer doll.

Lift the IRGC doll and underneath is a smaller, black-robed and turbaned political unit of Islamic clerics that decides how “democratic” the other layers can be. This is the Council of the Islamic Revolution. The IRGC is its gatekeeper and defender. Pull that doll up and away and underneath the council is the last little doll, the “baby” core with the most theocratically dictatorial power. It’s one black robed cleric, the Supreme Leader, who now is the aged Ayatollah Khamenei, the only cleric to hold that post since the Islamic Revolution’s founder, Ayatollah Khomeini.

The IRGC leadership on Friday the Thirteenth officially replied to the US Treasury’s statement calling it “an act of war.” Currently the IRGC has stationed thousands of their elite special forces scattered across the Middle East on alert. You will find them embedded and providing military advice and assistance over the last six years to the al-Assad’s Syrian Regime in their war against ISIS jihadists or those belonging to al-Qaeda. For a dozen years or more, Iranian Revolutionary Guards man Hezbullah’s rocket batteries pointed at Israel and helped their Shia Lebanese brethren build an effective defensive system that checked all Israeli infantry and armored advances into Southern Lebanon in the Lebanese War of July 2006.

They far outnumber US advisors and Special Forces units currently on the ground in Iraq as the Iraqi Shia-controlled government is an Iranian ally. Iranians IRGC officers have trained and some even lead Iraqi Shia militias in the reconquest of Northwestern Iraq from ISIS. The Iraqi regular army consists of Shia, Iranian-sympathetic soldiery.

If the US comes to blows with Iran in the near future, the US presence in Iraq as embedded air, artillery, Special Forces and military advisors will be compromised. Thousands of US personnel will find themselves be surrounded by Iranian led, hostiles.

Nostradamus seems to have breathtakingly detailed in his prophecies what a war with Iran would look like. It sounds like a US naval disaster in the making in the largest and bloodiest war the Middle East has ever seen. The religious radicalization of the region would follow with a renewed wave of Islamic jihad advancing west into the Arab states all the way to Egypt and perhaps all the way to Jerusalem too. The Saudis and Israelis would be dragged into the war, then China, and then Russia.

Here we have the dangerous potential of a second path o a nuclear, Third World War while US/North Korean brinksmanship, leading to the same, is ongoing.

As I see it, the Congress is going to toss this deal-breaking hot potato back into Trump’s fleshy hands. Although he’s voiced in tweets that he’s “very close” to backing America out of this international deal, maybe its only a deal maker’s bluff and he’ll just leave it in place. Back before he was president, I mused about that possibility:

Just when Trump’s view of the Middle East seems as dangerously skewered and arrogantly blind-sided as his predecessors in the White House, he turns the tables on us…

Furthermore, I sense that Trump’s stump threats about what he calls “the world’s worst deal Obama ever made” with Iran don’t indicate a precipitous derailment of the deal is forthcoming in his presidency. A Trump Administration will diligently police the terms that prevent Iran from building atom bombs, bad as they are, “and” get American business interest back inside Iran. Trump understands that America backing out of the agreement now will only economically isolate the US just as the rest of the world is welcomed back into Iran’s potential profitable markets. Business ties create bridges of mutual interest and profit. The more interconnected the world becomes; the less likely there will be wars. I sense Trump intrinsically understands this.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter 11: President Trump’s Foreign and Alien Policies
(Documented in early October 2015)

So far he seems to understand what’s a risk, but who can easily anticipate what that mind ruled by the planet of surprises, Uranus, conjoined with his ego ruler the Sun in Gemini, will do next?

Click on the cover and read a book written in April 2017 that reads like it was written today about Syria and North Korean flashpoints possibly causing a nuclear weapons crisis.

Click on the cover and read a book written in April 2017 that reads like it was written today about Syria and North Korean flashpoints possibly causing a nuclear weapons crisis.

In no region of foreign policy is Trump more prone to blind impulse than in the Middle East. Consider his launch of 58 Tomahawk missiles into Syria in early April 2017? Syria had not attacked the United States. No US citizens or assets were threatened. As I laid out in my book, Trump Strikes Syria: And North Korea, the evidence points to Trump jumping to conclusions over what was a false flagged chemical attack. The source of the report he apparently never questioned came from Idlib Province (Syria) by eyewitnesses—terrorist militia, to be exact—people affiliated with the same terrorists who slaughtered nearly 3,000 Americans in Trump’s beloved New York City on 11 September 2001: al-Qaeda.

I will be watching far more carefully the US-Iranian developments than your mainstream news because I don’t have left or right wing, or chauvinist blinders on my eyes. In the meantime I invite you to read a book I hoped would see its potential future had passed without event by now, but it seems Nostradamus’ war with Iran may still have some prophetic legs for a walk out of our near future. Let us prevent that through first knowing the real background to how Iran and the US got into this potential mess. This book is my effort to do just that so that we all can do our parts in helping the future incline towards peace and reconciliation rather than war with Iran.

DATELINE: 17 October 2017

320px-Flag_of_KurdistanC-free.svgIs a New War Rising out of the Ruins of ISIS over Kurdistan Independence?

What I’ve been telling you since 2014 has happened. The defeat of ISIS has come, starting in the summer of 2017 and will be complete by winter. Now let’s hope I’ll be wrong about the second half of that prophecy. It will only lead to a new war where the “victors” fight over the territorial and crude oil spoils and the one success story of stability, the Kurdish province of Iraq, will be the first casualty.

Every criminal international act has some accidental and unexpected positive side. The unilateral and unsubstantiated reasons why President G.W. Bush invaded Iraq and the American’s occupied it until the last units were ordered ignominiously to withdraw to Kuwait under cover of darkness in December 2011 by Bush’s successor, President Obama, did leave behind a stable Kurdistan, the northern-most province of Iraq. It obtained a level of autonomy the other embattled and sectarian strife-driven Sunni and Shia Arab regions did not enjoy. Kurdistan was at peace, undergoing an economic boom. No Muslim on Muslim civil war. No presence of al-Qaeda terrorists and Shia terrorist organizations, fighting each other, killing thousands of civilians. The Kurds of Iraq are not Arabs, but cousins of the Persians of Iran. However, unlike Iran, they are Sunnis and not of the Shia sect and unlike both their Iraqi and Iranian neighbors, their interpretation of Muslim Sharia law is far more moderate and secular, especially when it comes to women’s’ rights.

Kurdistan had been a rare oasis of peace, stability, religious tolerance, and prosperity. The Peshmerga Kurdish militias were also good fighters. In the early stages of the Islamic State’s invasion out of civil-war-torn Syria in June 2014, the Iraq Army ran, abandoning $25 billion dollars of US armor, artillery and arms to the ISIS fighters. Except for the hard fighting Kurds, no one could stop ISIS except an overextension of their supply lines and the fact that they were so few in number and even though they scared off and scattered four divisions of Iraqi Army, the drive to take Baghdad was out of the question. The Kurds were something Iraq needed most: a second front where ISIS couldn’t spare a single jihadist for the final push and conquest of Baghdad. Add that too to the list of Kurdish positives.

One would think that the US military and political presence returning to Iraq in August 2014, returning to the mess they had made, would favor the one out of three ethnic groups that had their shit together. Initially it looked like it. The Pentagon under Obama ignored the sovereignty of the Shia dominant government in Baghdad and awarded the Kurdish fighters heavy artillery, tanks and armored personnel carriers to fight ISIS without Baghdad’s permission. This emboldened the Kurdish leadership in their capital of Erbil to believe the US favored their forces and supported their desire for independence from the rest of Iraq. Moreover, thousands of US “advisors” used Kurdistan as a jump-off point to embed themselves and direct militias of brother Syrian Kurds of the YPG militias in Syria. Clearly US strategic interest there centered less on destroying ISIS, like the Russians embedded and the Syrian Arab Army took as top priority. The US-YPG intension was to retake the areas of Syria held by ISIS east of the Euphrates because these possessed most of Syria’s oilfields.

The US war industry considers a quagmire in the Middle East a “business opportunity.” The Iraqi Army—mostly Shia—left their weapons on the battlefield in 2014 and ran like chickens. No problem. Sell them another $35 billion dollars worth of weaponry and make them formidable enough to push ISIS back all the way beyond Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq by 2017. The US provided mountains of shells and bombs to enable the Shia Iraqi Army to show their distain for Sunni Muslims populating Mosul with indiscriminate carpet-bombing of a city with 1.8 million mostly Sunni civilians trapped inside being used as human shields by ISIS. On average, kill a single ISIS fighter, US and Iraqi airpower would blast through and annihilate 100 innocent Sunni Iraqi civilians.

In my earlier articles reporting on the Battle of Mosul, I warned that the death toll could be catastrophic and that fact would go mostly unreported in the US press. I told you that 50-to-100,000 civilian deaths should be expected. The Iraqi government so far is admitting to 40,000 killed. The bones of the rest are still buried under the rubble of a completely destroyed city, I wager.

Buy hey, look on the bright side. Think of how much money those American billionaire war profiteers are raking in, those death and misery dealers living in their mansions circling the District of Columbia and the US Capital, making that area of the United States the densest populated by US billionaires. Think of all the bullets and bombs it took to kill 10,000 ISIS soldiers and 50-to-100,000 collaterally killed people. I just can’t wait for the ordinance orders we’re going to get from Baghdad to replenish their arsenal.

Let’s move on like satiated flies launching from corpses buzzing off to the next military situation. The Kurds of Iraq had a referendum on 25 September 2017 to vote for independence. A total of 91.3-precent of the Kurds in the region voted in favor for it. Kurds also held votes in regions they reoccupied from fighting ISIS for two reasons. The reason being that Dictator Saddam Hussein savaged and “Arabized” the regions of Nineveh and Kirkuk areas, originally provinces with a Kurdish majority. The Kurds want to reclaim their lands and property. They pushed back ISIS and occupied much of that territory. In the case of oil rich Kirkuk, they came in force in the summer of 2014 at the high-water mark of the ISIS invasion from Syria. They dug to defend Kirkuk, while the Iraqi Army was nowhere in sight, and in flight. The Kurds saved the oil rich Kirkuk region from being occupied by ISIS. They remained there as a way to stake their claim for Kirkuk to return to Kurdish control and end what Saddam Hussein had started, his violent “Arabization” to Kirkuk.

Remember, a flood of US arms helped the Peshmerga do that. What has sowed the seeds of the next profitable war has made millions helping the Peshmerga. Raked in billions more when the $25 billion profit spent arming one Iraqi Regular Army that ISIS scared away, required Baghdad order up another $35 billion to replace the lost hardware. Think of the millions paid to finance US advisors taking their time over two years to train this “new” Iraqi Army into a formidable force. Then imagine a mountain of Baghdad’s petrol dollars from oil profits showered on US war industries to keep the new ordinance and bullets flowing when the Iraqi Army was stream-rolling over Sunni civilians and jihadi fighters alike, reconquering Iraq.

Now this new “made in America” military monster machine can answer the Kurdish referendum vote with a violent incursion into the Kirkuk region, pushing them out of there as well as in Nineveh province. Baghdad has the US arms it needs to “tame” and punish the Peshmerga militias and all Iraqi Kurds, making them submit to the new Baghdad regime that America helped replace Saddam Hussein and not even talk about giving the Kurds autonomy let alone their dream of independence.

The Peshmerga commanders consider the Iraqi government’s “invasion” and occupation of Kirkuk an act of war. The Kurdish leadership in Erbil is splitting over the Kirkuk occupation and there’s talk of a Kurd-on-Kurd civil war coming, a divide-and-conquer opportunity that I believe the American arms dealers have enabled the Iraqi government forces to exploit. I would not be surprised to see Baghdad’s Shia-dominated Arab government launch a full-on invasion of Iraqi (“Sunni” and non-Arab) Kurdistan.

If that assessment is accurate, then Iraq will have come back full circle to the same Iraqi Kurd on Arab civil war waged in the terrifying years of Saddam Hussein’s rule over Iraq from 1979 to 2003. This time it has a greater sectarian dimension, being that the Shia Iraqis are in the majority and in power in Iraq as a satellite of the Shia Iranian regime that would like to crush any thought of Sunni Kurdish independence because of the threat of losing their northwestern provinces populated by Kurds in their own independence movement.

If this is where we’re going then you will see again a long and bloody civil war pitting Kurds against Iraqi government soldiers—not representing Saddam but representing the puppets the US occupation put in his place. This time, unlike the last civil war, a new death manufacturer has taken over the war market. Under Saddam the Soviets profited and armed the Iraqi Army and indirectly armed the Kurdish Peshmerga with Soviet military hardware. Now the combatants on all sides can murder each other with mostly US weapons, with the US perpetual war business rolling in the cash.

Unlike the last Kurd on Iraqi Arab civil war, this one could spread across the Middle East and engage the entire 35 million Kurds that occupy Iraq, Iran, Syria, with half of them making up the majority population in southeastern Turkey. For now the Turks have ended all flights into Iraqi Kurdistan from its airspace. They see the YPG Syrian Kurds as an enemy to be defeated, and those regions of Syria to be occupied by the Turks, whether US Special Forces are in their way or not.

As I long documented here at and in my recent books, the death of ISIS may yet only create a wider Middle Eastern War that could drag in the nuclear superpowers Russia and the United States into a direct confrontation.

For further information on what comes next, please read the following books:

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named Mabus

Click on the cover to read more about this important book and how you can purchase either an eBook or Printed Edition.Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. And yet, America's greatest prophet, Edgar Cayce foresaw the Russia would become "the hope of the world." Can world war III be avoided? Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce.

DATELINE: 13 October 2017

Las Vegas shooting memorial. Photo: Rmvisuals, ©Creative Commons.

Las Vegas shooting memorial. Photo: Rmvisuals, ©Creative Commons.

My Las Vegas Mass Shooting Report

First I want to welcome everyone who read my very brief “Prophecy Flash” news communiqué written about 45 minutes after America’s deadliest mass shooting had happened in Las Vegas and subscribed to my Free HogueProphecy Bulletin, patiently waiting for this report. I promised to deliver it as soon as I could ascertain and confirm all details and thus forecast the prophetic trends.

I couldn’t disclose this back on the night of 01 October, but one of the reasons it took so long was because I was about to push off for a documentary interview. The mass shooting started a few hours before I was scheduled to catch a shuttle off my island in the Pacific Northwest heading for SeaTac International Airport. I was flying out early that morning to the twin cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, to do a television interview for a brand new prophecy special that will most likely be broadcast this spring. I cannot divulge more, because of the contractual gag rule, but if you are a member of my Free Newsletter List, you’ll be the first to be told what it is about and when it will air.

I can tell you this, it felt like I gave one of my best television interviews in 30 years; moreover, it is not solely focused on the usual theme: Nostradamus. That makes me quite happy because sometimes fame typecasts you. If you become the “go to guy” for all things people find most popular on television, like stories and controversies about Nostradamus, you’ll find the majority of 200 interviews you do on four continents since 1987 are about the sage of Renaissance South France. The fact is Nostradamus stands as only one of dozens of ancient, modern, Eastern-Native-and-Western prophetic traditions and seers I specialize in.

I’m grateful for all the interest in Nostradamus for he is captivating me for over 30 years and counting. With that said, I’m also happy that sometimes my fame with interpreting Nostradamus helps me get on camera to share something you might not have known about in this mysterious topic of prophecy.

When I can show-and-tell some other subjects hiding in my deep toolbox I feel like actor James Doohan must have felt, overjoyed when on rare occasions this Canadian-born voice actor could sneak out from under fame’s typecasting as Star Trek’s Scotty to display his many vocal-corded talents. For instance, Doohan was involved in the initial creation and development of Klingon and Vulcan languages. Many of the male voices in Star Trek: The Animated Series were James Doohan creations as where Sargon in the live series episode Return to Tomorrow, M-5 in The Ultimate Computer and more.

It took me 12 days to file my mass shooting report after tuning out all the fake news noise, the neurotic conspiracy theorists, and the assumptions based on projected imagination—my own and others—rather than fact about what happened. To be clear, I have sympathy for how this can happen, how imagination runs wild when facts are coming up so thin and nebulous about just who Stephen Paddock was and why he did such a crazy thing.

The aura of any inquiry has to watch it isn’t carried away by the irrational insanity that caused the killing of dozens and wounding of hundreds. Sometimes there is no simply answer; sometimes there is no answer. At first, I was very much tempted, like anyone at the start, to follow the slippery path of assumptions of motive based on initial observations.

When searching for motive you may uncover more about yourself, how your mind filters according to its misunderstanding, rather than what really went down. For instance, one could look at the target of all that shooting, those 22,000 people crowded in an open field below the sniper’s crosshairs perched on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel at the end of the Las Vegas Strip. The target was a country music venue enjoying the final hour of the weekend-long Route 91 Harvest Festival. One could assume without more skeptical inquiry that the sniper was some Antifa, anti-Trump madman because below him was a demographic gathering that on face value represented Red-State American stereotypes as voters for Trump.

One could misread precedent and remind the liberal media outlets what they chose to ignore during the Charlottesville riots that most of the violence against a white supremacist march was initiated by hooded and black clothed hoodlums of Antifa, an extremist left-wing movement. One could strengthen one’s myth, if not fact, remembering that if an angry “Blue” democrat in June shot up a “red” Republican congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, VA, a copycat in Las Vegas could repeat it on a grand scale. It seems logical—as logical as a mirage shimmering on an asphalt road in a desert covered by a pool of water looks like it can quench your thirst.

Hey, there’s a pond out there… Let’s have a drink… Where did it go?

A mirage can trick your common sense.

The human race for most of its ill-assumed civilized existence used common sense when watching the sun, moon, planets and stars wheeling from horizon to horizon over Earth. They honestly fooled themselves into thinking God—another unproven, personified hypothesis—had created a universe with the Earth shaped like a slightly curved disk at its motionless center, over and under which the universe spun around and around. How else do you explain ships and people sinking out of view over the horizon unless the flat earth is slightly curved like a shield? How else do you explain why the ground is standing still and the stars, sun, moon and planets are ruling around and around in the sky? Case closed, right?

The Las Vegas Sheriff’s department and journalists can initially misread a time discrepancy, like a spinning universe, as some cover-up for an unarmed Mandalay Bay security guard playing an enabling an accomplice in the shooting, right? Next come You-Boobs-Tube cries of conspiracy buffs of a “false flag” incident, never questioned as based on a false understanding.

Often times what looks like a sophisticated conspiracy is just human error, or the sum total of actions stemming from a mediocrity elected into ultimate power by a clueless voting public. I find it remarkable that conspiracy theorists about 9/11 actually believed a dim character like President G.W. Bush and his ideologically blind neocons had the intelligence to get away with an elaborately faked 9/11 terror attack.

I mean, really, radio controlled empty jets and towers. Over 100,000 people working and passing through those towers each day, and nobody saw any suspicious demolition crews gutting the interiors placing their charges? Even if they could strip out and re-drywall and repaint whole offices at night leaving no evidence, not one pencil, table or chair out of place, you don’t think a janitor or two, (or two hundred) or a few thousand New York workaholics burning the midnight oil into the night would have noticed or heard all the banging and noise?

I mean, really? G.W and his gang keeping all of that secret? The guy and his cabinet that went to war in Iraq with no occupation strategy to match there being no grounds for an invasion in the first place because there really were no the hidden WMDS?

One could also put into question whether the more likely possibility was in play. Was 911 a conspiracy of omission rather than commission by the Bush people, that is, they saw al-Qaeda was going to do something and let it happen? Or, is it possible they did stare at all those reports sent to Bush and his cabinet from the CIA and NSA over six months detailing al-Qaeda’s evolving threat of an hijacked airliner assault on the United States and just didn’t have enough collective brain cells to tie together to dots?

(Oh! My brain hurts, President Gumby of Monte Python comical idiocy.)

Intuitively speaking, I do not think Bush and his people were that stupid. I laid out the evidence in Nostradamus: The War with Iran quoting 11 years of evolving, neo-conservative manifestos that definitely point to Bush and his neocons needing a “Pearl Harbor” event to speed their agenda to overthrow seven earmarked rogue regimes in North and East Africa, the Middle East and North Korea.

I will grant the following possibility. The Bush Cabinet in 2002 to early 2003 overlooked many indications that Saddam Hussein “didn’t” have nukes and “wasn’t” a threat. Did they do this on purpose or, were they under the influence of seeing only what fit their agenda? They could have been blinded by their neocon need for a tie-in with 9/11 and overthrowing Saddam Hussein, the first on their hit list of rogue leaders. Perhaps the same collective myopia was in play leading up to 9/11.

If you are a neocon and are under the hypnotic suggestion that you need a “Pearl Harbor” event to hasten your agenda, and that suggestion is tucked away in your subconscious and forgotten, you might be unaware of your biases when going over evidence. This is a classic psychological problem for people with strong ideological views to notice, like neo-Liberals or neocons. Awareness of the filtering can become as blind as blind religious faith.

Look at all the books written by fundamentalist religious types that take their selective picking and choosing of scripture to build their conclusions first. After that, with conclusions sealed in their minds a sacrosanct, they start picking and choosing only evidence that strengthens that blind belief.

Perhaps Bush and his top leadership just blocked the warnings of an al-Qaeda’s planned attack from their minds. Just ignoring it with a convenience, for which they were unaware.

We’re not talking about Buddhas (awakened ones) here. Politicians are among the most unconscious people living amongst us. It is a testament to our unconsciousness that we allow them to run countries when we shouldn’t even allow them to run a bath.

Despite the indicators that this was the more likely conspiracy of selective inattention, one cannot rule out the obvious power of an idiot for a president, enabled by his ideologically blind cabinet to simply and honestly miss the warning signs because they were merely incompetent.

Be skeptically aware of any charismatic fool on the Internet, all the way to the paragon of goof, Alex Jones. that never doubts his or her mind’s ability to turn prejudice into punditry, or assumptions into absolutes. Otherwise you’ll be more than one demon-worshipping, end-times Christian fanatic on radio and YouTube that sees demonic possession as the cause of Stephen Paddock shooting people in the Vegas massacre. That was the wildest claim I had to check out in my dozen-day investigation.

Why did I say a Christian could be a demon worshipper?

Who else obsesses more and mentions Satan’s name more often than Jesus Christ? The evangelical, bible bashing, fire and brimstone preacher is more fire and brimstone than love and forgiveness. Such a mind is obsessed with sin and evil. It tries to personify evil to assuage a need for a simple answer in the same way such a mind personifies the divine mystery as “God” not knowing it is a childhood habit returning to their conscious mind to make God their imaginary friend and Satan an imaginary bogeyman.

Superstitiously unlucky Friday the Thirteenth was a “lucky” day for my investigation’s findings. I could finally write and share them, thanks to the last pieces of the forensic puzzle being put together on Friday morning in a press conference presented by an emotionally combative Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo with assistance by the calming element of FBI Special Agent on the case, Aaron Rouse.

Here first are my findings about the facts. This will cover the “who, what, when, where…” of the basic investigative report mantra, leaving the “why” and its prophetic significance for my conclusion…


To read the “who, what, when, where” and most important, the “why” Steven Paddock fired on all those people plus receive full access to two extra articles, please donate $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Friday Sepetmber 2017 in the PayPal memo line. When I see your donation confirmed I will manually send you a fully illustrated PDF file attached to the email address you have used.

Arjuna_looking_Osho_initiation-129kbHere are the titles and brief excerpts from the two extra articles, one of which is Part One of a new, serialized eBook series that you can access with your donation. It is followed by a very special “birthday” report and message to my readers of a significant shift coming in what I cover concerning the future and why this important change in direction in my work begins now.

My Las Vegas Mass Shooting Report (The Conclusion)

On the night of 1 October 2017, Stephen Paddock had finished his methodical preparation for mayhem. He had managed to stockpile an arsenal of top of the line and highly expensive guns and ammunition. He had 23 rifles, a handgun, four DDM4 assault rifles, three FN-15 rifles, and one AR-15 assault rifle. To feed them rapid-fire death he had an assortment of full metal jackets, special magazines that could spray 75 rounds before popping another one in the gunstock. He had set two of his rifles on bipod to steady his aim through a pair of premium telescopic sights. Twelve of the 23 rifles were outfitted with bumpfire stocks that turn a semi-automatic rifle into a bullet-spraying, fully automatic death eater… please donate $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Friday Sepetmber 2017 in the PayPal memo line. When I see your donation confirmed I will manually send you a fully illustrated PDF file attached to the email address you have used.

Hillary Clinton

(The “Serialized” Edition, Part 1)
By John Hogue


Tricks and Treats of the Twelfth House

Hillary Rodham Clinton won more popular votes than any Electoral College loser in US history—almost three million more votes than Trump. Now she’s currently engaged in an even bigger losing battle of her life, a Nixonian fight to restore her legacy that never was. She could have achieved this legacy of becoming the first woman president of the United States except for one weak link that I foresaw and documented not once but twice during her two attempts in 2008 and 2016.

I contend with accurate forecasting documenting the problem often years before it manifested that Hillary Clinton herself was the cause of her fall, not Russian hackers, or a plethora of other outside causes and people she currently rails against in a crusade to restore some historical legitimacy. The problem is in her afflicted stars, her astrology. In my reading of her Birth Chart I discovered aspects at birth foretelling a woman of destiny challenged by a remarkable lack of political acumen or the ability cultivate the right advisors…. please donate $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Friday Sepetmber 2017 in the PayPal memo line. When I see your donation confirmed I will manually send you a fully illustrated PDF file attached to the email address you have used.

Born Again, Each Moment, 37 Years Ago Today

“The most important need of humanity today is to be made aware that its past has betrayed it; that there is no point in continuing the past—it will be suicidal—that a new humanity is absolutely and urgently needed. And the new humanity will not be a society in the old sense, where individuals are only parts of it.

“The new humanity will be a meeting of individuals, where individuals are the masters, and society is to serve them. It will have many different aspects to it. It will not have so many religions; it will have only a religious consciousness. It will not have a despot God as a creator, because that implies the slavery of man. It will have godliness as a quality of ultimate achievement—a quality of enlightenment. God will be spread all over—in everything, in every being…” please donate $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Friday Sepetmber 2017 in the PayPal memo line. When I see your donation confirmed I will manually send you a fully illustrated PDF file attached to the email address you have used.


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