Las Vegas Shooting! Trends to Tune into: Serial Climate Changed Disasters, a US-Russian potential collision soon in Syria over the Corpse of ISIS, Hogue’s Revelations about Chemtrails, Hogue shares his Journalism Secrets, the Future of the Climate, and finally, the More We Know, do We Really Know Anything?

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Las Vegas Mass Shooting in Progress

About 10:30 pm, Mountain Time, 01 October 2017, Country Music singer Jason Aldean and his band were playing the last song at the Route 91 open air concert at the Harvest Festival when a blaze of automatic high-powered rifle fire poured down. It possibly came from a sniper or snipers in a room on the twentieth floor of the Mandalay Casino and Hotel on Las Vegas Strip. The gunfire sprayed thousands watching the concert with bullets.

Reports are coming in that hint that many lost their lives and many others are seriously wounded. Many more were injured in the stampede of thousands trying to escape the deadly stitch of rapid-fire gunfire. This appears to be a significant terrorist attack—by who is, at this time, unknown, though I have just heard as I post this that one gunman is down. There are a number of bodies scattered on sidewalks outside the concern grounds. Possible shooters reported at the Tropicana Hotel, although this could be mere rumor.

I will be giving my full HogueProphecy report and what prophetic significance this shooting may have as soon as I can ascertain and confirm all details. If you’re new to Hogueprophecy and wish to get a notice when my report is posted, please join my free newsletter, the HogueBulletin by clicking HERE.

This new book is available now. Click on the cover and read what seismic events and other natural disasters may be coming in the next 5 years.

This new book is available now. Click on the cover and read what seismic events and other natural disasters may be coming in the next 5 years.

DATELINE: 30 Sept 2017

A new Era of Serial Climate Changed Disaster: The Aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

I have a friend in Florida, inland of Fort. Lauderdale. When Irma came crashing across Florida, its northeastern quadrant did a lot of unexpected flooding and wind damage throughout her area with a plague of waterspouts and tornadoes. My friend Gloria was lucky. Only minor property damage. During Irma’s assault she was giving me reports through the storm. This is her reflection during the post-hurricane Irma cleanup:

Recovering from the anticipation/reality/aftermath of this hurricane is a multi-faceted compromise to a new beginning. I’m not forgetting those who have suffered or passed on from it, many of which could’ve easily been avoided, you know? Just utterly HEARTBREAKING, irresponsible thoughtlessness – Also, if one was able to watch TV, (plus just remembering the memories) of 9/11, triggering PTS in an already PTS-laden zone of destruction. And not to forget we were already suffering with Harvey victims and donating time/money to that. Sometimes the real trauma begins once the adrenaline fades. The effects of the shadowing [Great American] Eclipse magnifying a void of blank canvas yet to be re-painted – can feel like walking thru a continuous wall of jello. Very slow-mo in thoughts, emotions & physicality, which can be deceptively peaceful until the mind pushes forth hidden issues.

Wow, beautifully written, Gloria. Thank you. So descriptive of what is the most important part of this story that the news never really reports because they’re ratings whores. This is the real story: the Aftermath and recovery. It’s the story also overlooked by the news going on in Houston. I’m disgusted by the way Houston and Southeast Texas has been almost completely blacked out in the news. It is, in many ways the larger disaster than what took place in Florida, affecting millions more people. But because a sea of flooded houses is more static than seeing the Florida Keys looked like a rag doll savaged by a dog, it doesn’t pack enough “action” for ratings.

The people surviving the infrastructure devastation of the next Category 5 storm Hurricane Maria have gotten more “ratings” attention. Still there’s a problem. The humanitarian, industrial, infrastructural and ecological destruction is so complete that the press’s logistical capability to do their disaster porn finest work is a bit stymied to say the least.

We’re mostly seeing them not getting much farther than the suburbs of San Juan to do their triggering of people with leading questions getting those great shots of sobbing on camera in the wreckage of their ruined homes, etc. And Puerto Rico! What a shame for ratings! If more than a few reporters could get cameras into the denuded hills and mountain towns, wow! The disaster-porn shots would rival the aftermath of an atomic attack.

Imagine the hours upon hours of ratings fixes, getting people to cry over shots of endless human habitats flattened and leaf-stripped jungle canopies of the Caribbean’s most mountainous island—biblical in their ravage. And we’ll generally just “enthuse” the shock without pouring cold scientific water on the passions talking about Global Warming and human pollution being the cause of these more frequent and devastating storms.

Then again, Puerto Rico has a dubious ratings-hiking friend in the media’s need to find something else to blame all on Trump when they’re not blaming the Russians for faults of the US nation, like Germans used to blame the Jews for same in Germany. I speak of this weekend’s scoop, that Trump’s FEMA is not getting aid to the Puerto Ricans as fast as they should. I would agree that the “positive hyperbole” of Trump officials reminding us too often what a “fantastic response” FEMA is making needs to be stuck back in the book from whence it came, Trump’s “The Art of the Deal.”

Then again, listening to former Obama FEMA officials disparage the Trump Administration for its slow response, I find politically slanted and not genuine. To be fair, no president or administration has faced anything like what just happened to Puerto Rico. Not even Katrina and New Orleans flooding can compare. As I said on the eve of Maria’s landfall, you have a bankrupt power company putting “band aid” hurricane prep on an ancient power grid about to take a bullseye.

This is like a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor hitting humans with their infrastructure “pants” down. Like waves of Japanese planes sinking the US Pacific Fleet on 7 December 1941. You have waves of Nature’s stormy bombers called Hurricanes Harvey, then Irma, then Maria, making their bombing runs. One flood-bombing run on the forth-largest metropolitan area in the US (Harvey on Houston). Two runs on the US Virgin Islands (Irma-Maria). Two runs on Puerto Rico: an Irma sideswipe and Maria right on target.

In my previous article on the eve of Maria’s landfall on Puerto Rico I declared that we had entered a new abnormal of global warming. We will not endure hurricane seasons where the storms begin to give no one pause to plan for recovery or time to complete recovery of serially assaulted regions.


Now, with the multiple visitations within weeks of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean by two Category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria, these mark the start of something I have been anticipating in my writings set down 27 years ago. I began writing about the phenomenon in Millennium Book of Prophecy recorded and dated 1990, and finally printed in 1994 for HarperSanFrancisco Publishers. Today, to dubiously celebrate a new milestone in global warming, I will call the phenomenon “serial disasters.”

…The days are beginning to end when people suffering one devastation, from which they can recover because years of relative weather peace allows it. Reconstruction and especially economic recovery, takes time, and now the storm events won’t give you the time.

Consider the first and significant pattern of climate behavior emerging in this hurricane season. Puerto Rico already suffered $1 billion in damages from a glancing blow from Irma a few weeks ago. Here comes Maria with the island’s most populous city San Juan in its bullseye. The struggling US Territory in decades of economic free-fall has already filed for bankruptcy. The infrastructure is falling apart. There was a desperate referendum for statehood in June to start in motion a process of becoming the 51st state, gaining access to funding that could possibly stave off complete economic collapse before the hurricane season of 2017 really took off. Now comes a Category 5 hurricane that could turn Puerto Rico into the first failed “state”-cum-territory taken down to its bare knees by natural disasters.

…This is the way of the future for many countries to come.

This is when the warming world begins to strike the follies of humanity in more rapid visitations until they are too rapid to repair and allow civil and economic recovery to the destroyed areas. The mounting devastation will cause a strain on the US economy so great that it could cause an economic depression from natural disasters.

…Rather than rebuild, the millions living in the serially assaulted Caribbean Island nations and US territories, the outlying and easily flooded lands of Southeast Texas and Southern Florida, the wind-blasted keys ground down again and again to the foundation bones by storms, will not rebuild. The millions who once lived there will become global warming’s refugees. They will have to move far inland, to higher grown under calmer skies—if there are any.

A Milestone Global Warming Report…
( 19 September 2017


No president, not Bush or Obama preceding Trump, would have done much better because this is far bigger a problem. It is a financially strapped, systemically corrupt Puerto Rican government elite, and the island’s FEMA officials relying on truckers and supplies being moved by private drivers. How can they drive? There’s no gas. These drivers have had the roofs blown off their own houses, their rigs are damaged.

The FEMA officials did not station their resources well. Puerto Rico in its bankrupt state, neglected by the mainland because it has “US Territory” status, which means it doesn’t get treated with the same priority as Florida or Texas, and on top of that, being an island far to the southeast in the Caribbean. San Juan, Puerto Rico is over 1,150 miles out to sea from central Florida, far and away from the mainland and its freeways and trains. No presidential administration can get the supplies there fast and furiously enough like they did for Texas under Harvey and Florida under Irma’s violence.

It is hard for people to grasp the enormity of the destruction in Puerto Rico. Nearly 3.8 million people across the territory lost all power, lost forests, lost bridges flooded out by torrential rains cascading in feet off steep mountainsides. Despite Trump’s stupid move to temporarily suspend non US-flagged cargo ships from landing in San Juan’s damaged ports—even if he hadn’t—ships couldn’t move the needed aid into debris covered hinterlands. No one yet can clear the roads so fast like we saw in the Florida Keyes because there’s no “road” across the coral reefs and islands from Florida to Puerto Rico. The rolling stock and supplies of thousands of National Guardsmen and armadas of heavy equipment have to tread 1,000 miles of water. Before that happens one has to crane load supplies, drive the heavy equipment, and aid vehicles into the prepared vessels that make the slow journey over the oceans to deposit them from port farther away than central Florida.

This isn’t Hollywood movie time, folks. It takes time to mount an ocean-going aid campaign. Military ships have to be prepared, most of them are based in far off Norfolk, VA, New Jersey, and New York states. Some things take slow, ocean-going time to gather off the shores of that powerless, air-conditionless, sun-blistered island. And afterward the line of supply across vast tracts of ocean will remain one lonely cargo ship after another covering vast distances and not an eight-lane freeway all heading trucks one way across land. Add to that the disruption of staging areas closer to the disaster that are themselves needing ocean support from the previous two serial hurricane disasters, the Southeastern Texas ports and those of Florida and South Carolina.

This is not a repeat of Bush’s tardiness getting to Mississippi and Louisiana after Katrina in 2005. This is 12 years later in a world 12 years hotter with oceans 12 years warmer feeding an assault of three Cat 4 and 5 hurricanes. Katrina in 05 was alone. Handling three storms in as many weeks larger than Katrina at landfall is the new abnormal. And if we think the old ways of gathering aid are going to work, think again. Trump is right, though ineloquent explaining it. This logistical headache is unprecedented. Now, I await the day when it will finally sink in to the President’s head, that Global Warming isn’t a hoax.

I see him doing it, but I also am concerned that he’ll come around to it and bring America into the forefront fighting this planetary war Mother Nature is fighting against human parasitic stupidity too late for this nation to ever take a leadership role in the world’s needs and affairs again. That role will go to China.

DATELINE: 30 Sept 2017

North Korea is one Flashpoint but keep your Eye on the Fall of ISIS in Dier ez-Zor Province as the other: A Potential Collision of US-Russian Vassals

Last week, US embedded special forces with the Kurdish YPG militias have pulled off from fighting what’s left of ISIS fighters holed up in the ruins of al-Raqqa, their once self-proclaimed capital of the Islamist State. They’re moving southeast in force to seize a higher priority than defeating the most evil Islamo-fascist soldiers in history. They’re in a race to grab the Syrian state’s richest oil fields on the east bank of the Euphrates River before the Syrian Government forces with Russian special forces embedded liberate those oilfields from ISIS for the sovereign nation of Syria, which is winning this battle and soon will win the Syrian Civil War.

YPG artillery, mortars and mobile rocket batteries have been firing on Syrian government forces more than once while they’re fighting pitted battles with the remnants of Islamic State forces. The Russian Air Force claims it has killed upwards 2,000 ISIS soldiers from airstrikes in the last half of September. They did so preying and pouncing upon them from the air, chasing fleeing ISIS armored and supply columns pushed out in the open desert from behind human shields in liberated cities and towns of eastern Syria around the Euphrates river region.

The Russian falcons flushed these Islamo-fascist rats out of the cover of the regional capital of Dier ez-Zor. The final death throes of ISIS has become a massacre from the air blasting their armored “assets” driven by jihadist “assholes” rapidly finding their asses turned to desert grass, in an ongoing turkey shoot. Yet, there’s danger that YPG and Syrian Army forces shrinking the black ISIS pocket of control will collide into direct conflict.

Click on the cover and read detailed, day-by-day forecasts of world events, seismic potentials and economic trends through May 2018.

Click on the cover and read detailed, day-by-day forecasts of world events, seismic potentials and economic trends through May 2018.

A few weeks ago the Russian Military warned that if further artillery and rocket fire pummels Syrian Army units from YPG control areas, they will be bombed from the air. I would add this note, that a number of the artillery batteries used by the YPG are actually US manned mobile batteries. While everyone’s holding their breath over North Korean tensions, they are overlooking the prophetically anticipated incidents that could happen when September ends tomorrow in a new month of October. That’s when American vassals misbehaving against vassals of the Russians could cause a military incident that potentially drags in the nuclear superpowers into a direct military confrontation in Syria before North Korea even lights its first apocalyptic candles.

In my recently released book John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions… I entitled next month’s detailed forecasts OCTOBER: the Earth Shaker. The reason is this: October’s stars bring a new month vulnerable to far more dangerous astrological influences indicating seismic upheavals in the world, in America, not to mention earth shaking political and economic potentials. I hope you will check out this book of the most detailed day-by-day astrological forecasts taking you through October 2017 all the way through to May 2018.

DATELINE: 30 Sept 2017

A Word about “Castles in the Clouds” called Chemtrails

Yes, there are conspiracies happening across our world that we should watch and expose. With that said, the needle of real conspiracy is often buried in a hay bail of Internet ginned up bunk. Hogueprophecy is here to aid in illuminating what is simply bovine fodder and not for human consumption. The Chemtrail conspiracy is one of these silly loads of hay.

This will be the first introduction of illumination about what simply doesn’t work about Chemtrails being real. I’m sure it will trigger letters and your letters will be a welcomed catalyst for further and loving deconstructions of this false conspiracy, for your clarification. The less “hay” in the way, the easier it is to discover real needles in the haystack of real conspiracies.

We start with this interchange with someone I met at the meet and greet following speaking as a guest of my good friend George Noory’s at his live stage show version of Coast to Coast AM, produced by my friend Tom Danheiser. We had a packed house with 1,000 attending. And I hope to do it again with George and Dan soon.

Enjoyed seeing you in Everett, July 29. Always enjoy hearing you on   CoasttoCoastAM. I would like to know what you think the “chemtrails” are if not chemical. Thank you for your time…

johnhoguenostelection2016stillTHIS ENDS TRENDS TO TUNE INTO—PART ONE

Finish the climax of this article and find out about what happens next, plus reading an additional three compelling articles remaining by donating $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Trends 2017 in the PayPal memo line. When I see your donation confirmed I will manually send you a fully illustrated PDF file attached to the email address you have used.

Here are the titles and brief excerpts from those three extra articles that you can access with your donation. At the same time your donation keeps thriving to provide you with a unique, online news agency that explains current events matching prophetic trends in these intensifying times:

My Open Journalistic Secret: I collect the “Motes” and ignore the “Beams” of News Network Hypocrites

Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

Yeshua (30-33 c.e.) Matthew 7: 1-5

This is one of my favorite quotes from Jesus Christ, aka Yeshua, his birth given name before Imperial Rome rendered Christianity unto Caesar and Romanized a Christian religion unto this day. No Yeshua religion yet exists, but this imperious “Christianity” takes its place. “Christians” (a derogatory pagan-Roman put-down for what they judged as a cult of “little christies”) became the only religion in history that never prays or meditates to their founder’s true name. Rome gave him that name doing what Romans did best, absorb religions into their Imperial pantheon in ways that have long survived their long lost empire… $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Trends 2017 in the PayPal memo line.

Prophecy, Science and the Future of the Climate

John Hogue predicted this stuff pretty accurately – but a caution, I think we need to be careful about the whole “climate change” thing in term of science – of COURSE, the climate is changing we live in a planet and the climate is always changing – it is also a very-very bad idea to pollute and destroy Mother Earth. To question to what extend the wild climate change is a variation of what the Earth is doing and what is directly the result of human action isn’t denying anything – the climate/weather isn’t a “liberal” or “conservative” anything – it has always been dynamic and changing; the question is simply how much have human beings affected or altered trends that may be occurring anyway. I just cringe when articles say things like “experts know that we won’t have an ice age because of man-made global warming” that to me, is just asking the Gods to start laughing and their sense of humor isn’t always a great outcome for mortals…. $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Trends 2017 in the PayPal memo line.

The More we Know, the More we become Aware of Knowing No-thing at all

I’d like to finish my articles today debunking one of the deepest conspiracies of unconsciousness: that we know everything there is about something. I got this letter on 7 September from Moriah. I share it with you because it is rare that readers writing in anger, when encountered, have the courage and insight like Moriah to see they were wrong. Still, she held onto one more “wrong” that I had to lovingly illuminate. It is good that we all read this together and understand together that we are Moriah and Moriah is every one of us and then love and accept ourselves in a peaceful, witnessing “suchness….” $5.00 or a little more HERE. Put Trends 2017 in the PayPal memo line.



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