TrumpCare vote tabled, British Parliament Terror Attack, Israeli Air Strikes on Syria, Mosul Battle Bloodbath, Neo-Zionism using the Anti-Semite Card, a paraplegic cure and America in the “Outer Limits”—a President Trump Predictions excerpt

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!PROPHECY NEWS FLASH!: 06 April 2017


One cannot say Trump isn’t decisive, but is he right? Has he blindly followed US intelligence that is politically, rather than factually, inclined? Did the Syrian Government launch that gas attack on Idlib; or, did they hit a weapons dump that also housed one of the MANY Syrian rebel chemical weapons factories they do possess?

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DATELINE: 01 April 2017

Some Good Future News! The Days of Paraplegics are numbered: The Cure is but a “Thought” Away!

This is no April’s Fool joke. Eight years ago, Bill Kochevar of Cleveland, Ohio, was riding on his bicycle in a driving rainstorm a safe distance from a mail currier truck. The driver was not aware of the cyclist. He suddenly braked to deliver a package and Kochevar crashed headlong into his vehicle receiving a severe spinal injury, paralyzing him from the shoulders down.

Since then, Kochevar has relied on others to do the simplest actions, like being turned in his wheelchair every few hours, drinking water, eating food, but there is a neuron light at the end of that severed spine.

The Lancet published the first successful achievement of a human brain being able to move a paralyzed limb by a mere thought. Josh Davis in his IFLSCIENCE! article reports, “The incredible results were achieved by inserting 96-channel electrode arrays into the region of Kochevar’s motor cortex that is responsible for arm and hand movement. These arrays then record the brain signals created when Kochevar thinks about moving his right hand, and sends it to a brain-computer interface. This decodes the information contained in the signals and then passes it on to electrodes in his arm, which then electrically stimulate the muscles.

“To prepare himself for the full procedure, Kochevar first used the implants in his brain to control a virtual reality arm. For four months he trained with this so that the computer would recognize which brain signals corresponded with which movements, such as twisting the wrist or gripping the fingers. Only then did he have the full 36 electrodes implanted into his upper and lower arm.”

The researchers from the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine tell us that the technology is only in its first stages. The future, they believe, is now open to a day when paraplegics will enjoy a brain-to-muscle Wi-Fi connection using miniaturized electrode implants in the brain and in the muscles inserted under the skin.

Before “Superman” actor Christopher Reeves died of complications from an equestrian accident that tragically rendered him paralyzed from the neck down, he brought unprecedented national attention and helped advance research into healing paralysis. Reeves had managed to miraculously bring movement back into one of his hands before he died. It was then that I had a vision of all paralyzed people of the world being healed by the mid-twenty-first century. The experiments on Kochevar are the first big step toward that fulfillment. There will be another breakthrough from a different scientific approach. Genetic engineering will literally “seal” the fate of paralysis using stem cell technology. An injection of one’s own renewed cells will stitch together what had been thought impossible; the neural material of the brain and spinal column will be renewed. Spinal columns will reattach.

The crack in the door of that genetic breakout is already showing light a few years back in experiments that achieved a regrowth of olfactory brain cells.

It will happen: the end of Alzheimer’s, the Parkinson’s disease that debilitated and carried off my own mother. A complete cure for all forms of paralysis is but a few decades away!

DATELINE: 01 April 2017

Obamacare lives on, for now

I want to share this observation from “TrumpCare: Is the “Price” Right?” It is the seventh chapter in my forthcoming book President Trump Predictions, which I hope to have released before Trump’s first hundred days are over. The “price” in question is former Georgia state congressman and an oncologist, Dr. Tom Price who is Trump’s new HHS cabinet head running HHS (Health and Human Resources). He has long purported to have prepared a plan for the replacement of President Obama’s so-called “Affordable” Care Act. Here is the excerpt:


click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it's out.

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it’s out.


Get your headache around it.

Get your heartache around it.

Does “trump” care?

Obama was handed a mess of an economy by Republicans under Bush.

Trump was handed a mess Obama made out of the oxymoron, “Affordable” Care Act that was written by lobbyists of big pharma and insurance company hacks. Not doctors, not nurses, not people who need care. The moneyed interests wrote Obama’s ACA bill, and he didn’t even flinch a pinch of penury for handing all the Americans over to the special interests that would feather their financial beds whilst removing feathers from your sick bed’s pillow. Your premiums heralded the new “care” by rising on average 40 percent. The door to a new era of health care opened with a dud, a blind web sight in a web site that didn’t work. You can bewail Trump’s initial missteps as a president, but he hasn’t, at the time of this writing in late March 2017, passed a legislative dud—just yet.

Rather, the first attempt of what I believe will be many rounds over the next two years to compose a workable healthcare plan, was rendered a congressional still birth, when Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tabled the AHCP (American Health Care Plan) plan that neither any Democrats, nor enough moderate and no hard right conservatives Republicans, would vote for. An ominous sign of things to come for Trump, whom I’ve predicted would ultimately find the greatest political resistance to his agenda from the Washington Republican establishment. His chief strategist Steve Bannon, ever the “slash and burn the establishment” revolutionary at heart, had pushed the president hard to drive through the health care vote so he could “keep a shit list” of political enemies who voted against it. (Source: Daniel Politi, Slate 24 March 2017)

Speaker Ryan advised the president that that wouldn’t be a smart political move. Don’t make enemies of the Republican congressmen and women you need to get anything passed in the future.

Trump listened. For now, Bannon, his relentless honey badger, had to back down.

I foresee an ultimate irony. This President Trump’s plan, whatever it is, and whenever it finally passes, will be harder to pass than Obama’s initial plan and take far longer. Obamacare will probably die out in less than two years because of its unsustainable, systemic financing flaws, before a replacement is ready.


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DATELINE: 01 April 2017

The British Parliament Terror Attack happened on the First Anniversary of the 2016 Terror Bombing of Brussels. Will there be a new attack next year, same day? Did Nostradamus foresee where?

The recent terrorist road-kill attack on 22 March 2017 on London’s Westminster Bridge laid low three pedestrians and seriously injured 50 others. Khalid Masood, the jihadist driver then rammed a security gate, charged up the threshold of the main entrance to British Parliament, stabbed a British policeman to death before being fatally gunned down by security. This was the first successful lone-wolf ISIS attack using a compact car rather than a massive truck like that used last year in France mowing down people on the ocean esplanade of Nice on 14 July, and the intentional crash of a large cargo truck into a tented, temporary Christmas shopping mall in Berlin last December.

A dedicated HogueProphecy reader thought there might be a prescient connection to a prediction in Century 1 Quatrain 22 of Les Propheties (The Prophecies) of Michel de Nostradamus (d. 1566).

The Parliament attack happened on the one-year anniversary of a devastating double suicide bomber attack in Belgium where three jihadists, wrapped with explosives detonated themselves at the Brussels Airport in Zaventem and the underground Maalbeek metro station, killing 35 and injuring 340—62 of which were critical.

The reader is concerned about a third attack on the third anniversary happening in the places mentioned by Nostradamus in this quatrain from Century (Volume) 1:

1 Q22
Ce que viura & n’ayant aucun ƒens,
Viendra leƒer à mort ƒon artifice:
Auƒtun, Chalon, Langres & les deux Sens,
La greƒle & glace fera grand malefice.

That which will live without any senses,
Will come to injure itself to death through artifice:
Autun, Châlons, Langres and the two Sens [two “directions”],
Hail and ice will cause great evil.

I had to edit the reader’s English grammar for clarity: “That’s two years in a row I have woke up to Icee attacks on March 22. Does c1 q22 hint at chemical weapons? And since they have adopted 22 March as their day of terror, we should probably brace ourselves on March 22 in the years that come.

“You have to excuse me, because you are the only outlet for this stuff. I would never post this anywhere. Autun, Châlons, and Langres seem to be cities on the Seine. And then Nostradamus adds: ‘from both sides’; and also, could the number be important? Like the 3rd year in a row? Brussels, 22 March 2016; London, 22 March 2017; and perhaps, Paris, 22 March 2018, from both sides of the Seine…a germ attack?

“It’s probably a good thing I’m wrong a lot.”

MY ANSWER: I am going to comment on this issue in my next article stream at the end of March. Given your feelings about not mentioning such things as geographical locations, I will keep your comment anonymous. Nevertheless, I will honor Nostradamus who gave the future 650 geographical locales for his prophecies, the highest of any seer in history. I think he wanted people living in those places in the future to be on their guard for anything happening that they could prevent. Therefore I will share your observations to readers living there and all around the world.

Your slant on this, I think, is a good one to share. I am all for warning people of potential prophetic dangers so that our attention and awareness will make these potential futures wrong. That is the business of HogueProphecy, we encounter when and where the dire potentials of tomorrow concern us and can be positively influenced by us.


Click on the cover and receive this story of prophecy’s great epoch changing cycles rebooting in our lifetime.

The indexing of the quatrain could be one of Nostradamus’ infrequent masks for a date. As many of you know, I’m critical of my good colleague, Mario Reading, for falling into the trap of thinking Nostradamus’ disordered and dyslexic rendering of the future is a smokescreen in code that hides an ordered, index-dated history of the future. There are indeed random patterns in Nostradamus’ stream of conscious chaos style, but that’s it. I only consider quatrain indexing as dates mostly for what has already transpired. The Brussels/London connection to terror on 22 March 2016 “and” 2017 is possibly one of those rare future-dated candidates.


Click on the cover and read my most personal account about prophecy medium work and those of us in this field who warned the world that the terror attacks on the World Trade Center were coming.

First, let’s play the al-Qaeda/ISIS terrorist numbers game. Both jihadist groups seem to commit their crimes against humanity and religious tolerance on dates that numerologically reveal hidden nines, elevens and sevens. For instance, 3/22 = 7. The number 22 is the sum of 2 x 11; yet, Nostradamus’ indexing has numbers 1 and 22. Eleven is still a possible hidden sum meaning for 11 X 2, with 22 X 1 negating the Century 1 giving us just 22 (sum of 11 X 2). If there is a third attack on this anniversary it would be the third (3) 22 (11 X 2); the third attack on a an 11th day in March the third month. Do you all remember what that would be diabolically celebrating? The Madrid train station bombing on “3/11” of the year (NAME) that happened exactly 911 days after the 9/11 attacks on New York.

Note that three attacks (Brussels-London-and potentially in the Future) would not only match the “3” standing for the third month of 2004—March for the Madrid “3/11” bombings in the year 2004—but 3 bombings in 2016-2017-2018, plus the “3” for March in Madrid 2004, gives us “6.” And what is the number “2004” added together? 2 + 4, equaling “6”!

Hopefully I am just being overactive in my number crunching passion but check this out. The numbers in the year “2016” added together equal “9”. The numbers in “2018” added together equal “11.”

What began in Brussels 2016 (“9”), bridged by London, passing through numerically neutral 2017, closes the circle in 2018 (“11”). If I’m onto something there will be another “9/11” in Europe and the location is alluded to by Nostradamus’ verse.

If this quatrain had been listed as Century “3” Quatrain 22, I would think it was only dating the London Parliament attack on Wednesday and we could say we’re done with this tragic prophecy. Nevertheless, clearly the locales are in regions of France so the above numerological interpretation, and the tragedy it potentially entails, hovers over France next year on 22 March 2018 (the sum of the third year in a row being “11”) making it THE THIRD 22 March attack in a row: 22 is 2 X 11, three times! “2” three times is “6”; 11 three times is “33”; or, 3 + 3 + 3 = “9.” Turn the “6” upside down the three elevens become three “nine elevens.” The numerical harmonic continues to vibrate a potential terror danger.

Where would it happen?

The cities of Autun and Langres aren’t on the Seine. Châlons is on the Marne River.

johnhoguenostelection2016stillMaybe Nostradamus is playing with a similarly-spelled town on the headwaters of the Seine named Laignes (like Langres).

Sens probably covers the usual Nostradamian double entendre for sens = “sense,” in French as well as meaning: “way and direction.” Thus “both sides” or “both directions.”

The second meaning of Sens is a location. The city of Sens is about 12 miles south of the Seine on its tributary the Yonne River. However, the riddle, “and the two Sens,” might mean Sens the city and the larger Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Sens and Auxerre that comprises the department of Yonne (where Sens the city lies) and the region of Bourgogne (Burgundy) as a general region target of terror.

But wait… Never overlook a classical allusion as the real clue.

Sens is named after the tribe of Gauls called the Senones. They lived in what are present day regions of Seine-et-Marne, Loiret and Yonne.

Seine-et-Marne is the eastern part of Greater Paris. Thus, in his ever geographically and linguistically convoluted way, Nostradamus may actually be indicating Paris, the convergent point of the Seine and Marne, as the target for a future terror attack on 22 March 2018.

Let’s refresh our memory of lines one and two of this quatrain:

1 Q22
Ce que viura & n’ayant aucun ƒens,
Viendra leƒer à mort ƒon artifice…

That which will live without any senses,
Will come to injure itself to death through artifice…

One could describe a machine, like a bomb or a massive truck running down people in a terror attack, as a thing that lives without senses. It is used as a weapon destroying itself by thoughtlessly following its own motive machinations. Either the French towns listed in line three will be affected directly by its demise; or, it points to same happening in Paris because of the play on Sens (Senones): “between the two Sens.”

Line four:

1 Q22
…La greƒle & glace fera grand malefice.

…Hail and ice will cause great evil.

Nostradamus’ use of hail and ice came up in his “Third Antichrist” quatrain (8 Q01) as a possible description of the elements of a chemical weapons attack.

Hold that thought.

Perhaps a different kind of dead yet living thing is implied, like chemical warheads or hail and ice is literal climate consequences of a nuclear war that brings on a sudden climatic change, if not a new ice age.

Lifelike-though-unliving things like thousands of missiles in a nuclear exchange could cause this. Any of today’s nuclear cruise or intercontinental ballistic missiles can senselessly drive themselves via the artifice of rocket engines and homing devices to their target and death and, if numerous enough, can send enough dust and smoke boiling out of flaming and flattened cities into the stratosphere causing a nuclear winter.

One thing is certain, people of France, be extra alert every 22 March that comes in the coming years while Islamo-fascist terrorism is active in the world and we yet live in a time when nuclear war may not be imaginable, but is still quite possible, any moment, as long as atomic weapons of mass destruction continue to exist.

DATELINE: 01 April 2017

Israel penetrates Syrian air space to bomb Hezbullah weapons convoy. Syrian anti-aircraft missiles launched, one Israeli jet nearly shot down—what’s next, an Israeli-Syrian War?

At Hogueprophecy we train your attention to future trend-setting incidents that have potentially significant, life-on-Earth changing consequences, such as what was lightly covered on the mainstream news happening overnight on 18 March 2017. Israeli airstrikes penetrated deep into Syria hitting a purported Hezbullah convoy rolling eastward near the city Palmyra recently liberated from ISIS by the Syrian Army and allied Hezbullah militias coming to their assistance from Southern Lebanon.

Palmyra is just slightly south of the center of the Syrian sovereign landmass. Is it any wonder that Syrian Army anti-aircraft missile batteries, purchased down, though Israeli Defense Force spokesmen proclaimed their Arrow anti missile system destroyed the Syrian missile first.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is one of Netanyahu’s most right-wing, pro-Zionist extremists on his cabinet. Lieberman got on Israeli Public Radio a day or so after his offensive attack on Syria and threatened, “The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation. Israel’s security is above everything else; there will be no compromise.”

Israel’s security is above all international laws, civilized behavior and clearly the nation that Pan-Zionism built, being the only rogue nuclear power in the Middle Eastern region, can get away with any bullying outrage against anyone else living in the region because it has the apocalyptic power in its pocket waiting at any moment to annihilate its non-nuclear neighbors. There will be no peace until there are no nukes in that region.


Because what else would sober the Israeli national-socialist Jewish State for engaging in real negotiations with the Palestinians and other Arab neighbors? As long as they have “the bomb” who needs negotiation?

Max Blumenthal is an award-winning Israeli investigative “Jewish” reporter. I stress his ethnicity because he represents a lot of Jewish citizens of Israel who do not like what their Zionist-supremacist government is doing to other human beings in their name, under their flag. Blumenthal has been a brave champion exposing the Israeli State’s crimes and abuse of the Palestinians living under forced Israeli occupation in the West Bank and the walled in Palestinian “Ghetto” known as the Gaza Strip. He questioned why would Israel’s leaders penetrate deep inside Syrian airspace and suddenly destroy the convoy of those who are taking ISIS out around Palmyra, at a time when Iraqi and US coalition air and ground forces are pressing ISIS in Iraq in the epic battle for the city of Mosul?

Blumenthal thinks the timing of the airstrike is telling.

The Free Syrian Army is effectively defeated since their siege of Aleppo had lifted late last year. Al-Nusra (the al-Qaeda militia) is in retreat as is ISIS on both fronts in Syria and Iraq. Mosul, Iraq, will be retaken and the ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria is about to be attacked by US and Kurdish Syrian forces out of the north, and Syrian government and Russian advisors from the West out of Palmyra. The end game for the Syrian Civil War may be in temporal sight—I predict about six months away.

In short, the sovereign nation of Syria is winning this civil war.

Well, says Israeli intelligence and its military leaders, that can’t happen!

They don’t view Syria as a real country anyway. Al-Qaeda and ISIS aren’t enemies but “friends” of Israel because they try undermining the Assad regime. This is yet another round of the ancient Middle Eastern bait and switching game called, “The enemy (ISIS/al-Qaeda) of my enemy (Assad’s regime) is my friend.” Israeli strategic thinking wants the Syrian Civil War to drag on and on, come what millions it kills, injures and throws out as castaways.

They’re only “Arabs” anyway.

Israel seeks the destruction of the Syrian state. ISIS and al-Qaeda could help do that. Arabs? Schmare-abs! They aren’t considered equal humans to these Zionists in Netanyahu’s regime. They dream of a greater Jewish State of Israel expanding someday beyond the occupied West Bank, deep into Syria, cleared of Arabs, giving the Jews “Lebensraum” (living space) all the way to the Euphrates River deep inside Iraq.

A Zionist-Supremacist doesn’t deem Arabs as equal human beings compared to the Jewish Race, the “Chosen of God” that God himself declared should rule his “Promised Land” or so their prophets alone claim is what the voices in their subconsciously racist noggins have told them is so, when the mad minds of men pretend to be a deity.

Beyond what is fundamentally a racist motivation, in practical terms, the death of Syria as a country weakens and isolates Hezbullah, Israel’s one real military threat on its northern border. Through Syrian ports, Hezbullah, based in Southern Lebanon, receives Iranian manufactured missiles and military advisors from Iran.

Israel already endured one major rocket war with Hezbullah in July 2006, and got their own ground forces bogged down and checked by sophisticated, well dug-in Hezbullah defenses in depth. They constructed this impenetrable defense in depth thanks to the training of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards present on the firing line. Iran gets help from Hezbullah to fight a proxy war with Israel.

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.

In Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus, I explained in detail how the spider’s web of complicated and contradictory alliances of Arab vassals of the US pitted against the vassals of Russia and Iran supporting the Syrian State in its civil war could rebel and drag the nuclear superpowers into a thermonuclear confrontation as early as November 2017.

I strongly suggest my readers become informed of these dangers. You can do so by reading the Mabus book and A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

You may then know just how dangerous and likely is a nuclear confrontation in our near future. Put pressure on your Western leaders to find a peaceful solution. They were most eager to manufacture, since April 2014, the new “Cold War Two” with Russia, but are clueless about how it can become World War Three in an instant. It may be only one Syrian anti-aircraft missile launch away, requiring a full Israeli military response.

DATELINE: 01 April 2017

Neo-Zionism ever uses the Anti-Semite Card when Honestly Criticized

This interchange with Shiloh, an Israeli Facebook friend, predates the related article posted above by a few days. I used this interchange as an opportunity to take Shiloh and all my readers on a journey all the way back in ancient times to the origin of a biblical myth that spawned Arab-on-Jewish hatred.


You are not aware that ISIS is an American proxy army? Also, Iran and the USA have held very close back door ties before that of the hostage taking. The US was supplying arms for a good year before the hostage release. Its all a show.

Are you “aware” that you are seeing all of this from a Zionist Supremacist point of view, Shiloh?

That was quite ignorant John Hogue. The facts dont come from your anti-Semitic view. The gov’ts including our own are the problem along with the US State dept. The information about ISIS comes from very anti-Zionist sources that are kosher!! I would expect better of you.

An “anti-Semitic” view? You are leaving some Semites outside of that view, Shiloh. Maybe you’re not aware that a whole group of brother and sister Semites are excluded from your mind.

First off, I see you behaving less “kosher” and more Zionist than you want to see. Look at the picture you use to represent yourself on my Facebook page. An unfurled Mogen David flag in its full nationalistic glory. Zionism gave birth to its dream of a state run and populated by one race of Semites, indivisible, with Truth and Justice only given to them—and not the lesser folk, their Semite neighbors. It is called Israel. To wave that flag in my face is to proclaim your Zionism, Shiloh, whether you are aware of this or not or protest that you aren’t a Zionist.

To me Zionism is a form of Fascism. A “Jewish” state is just another National Socialist mindset like a “German” state that identifies itself politically in racial terms. Thus it is all too predictable that Zionists answer any criticism by calling a critic anti-Semite rather than address the issues.

If I’m anti-Semitic, what then are you to the Palestinians and to your other Arab neighbors?

They are also Semites. Aren’t Jewish Semites being anti-Semitic when they persecute Arab Semites?

The way Israeli Zionists are treating the Palestinians in Gaza is a variation of what Jews suffered in a concentration camp. Gaza is the new Warsaw Ghetto. They are walled in, under guard, blockaded by land and sea, and when the Gaza ghetto dwellers manage an occasional uprising, the Zionist Supremacist Jewish State of Israel behaves like the German nationalist state in 1944. They unleash a brutal overkilling, crushing the rebellion, murdering thousands of civilians and laying waste to the Gaza ghetto.

A racist mindset treats another race in criminal ways unflinchingly. The unspoken, unquestioned premise of racial purity is on their side. They are chosen by destiny or by God. How can their actions be crimes against humanity, if the humanity of the victim is less human than theirs?

I’ve seen Zionists use EXACTLY the same rationales as Heinrich Himmler, head of the Gestapo and the SS did, when excusing war crimes as a necessary evil dedicated to create a greater good.

What else is possible if you are a German programmed by Hitler to see yourself as a so-called “Master Race”? The Jews become your straw man scapegoat for all your ugly faults?

What else is possible if you are a Zionist programmed by thousands of years of biblical propaganda to think you are the “Chosen people of God”? God does not choose your cousin Semite brothers and sisters the Arabs, so your priests and prophets proclaim.

Arabs become “your” scapegoats, your Juden untermenchen.

Shiloh, racism is like a psychological blindness. We can’t see it, when we are programmed to “be” it by our religions or society. Anti-Semitism only persecutes Jewish Semites in your mind even as you persecute your Palestinian Arab cousin brothers and sisters who are just as Semitic as you are.

I love ALL Semites, Jews and Arabs. Because I love all Semites, I can never support the politicizing of races for any National Socialist end, whether it is Nasser of Egypt promoting “pan-Arabism” or if racism comes from a minority of Jews in power in Israel promoting pan-Zionism. Both mindsets are anti-Semitic to the other Semites. As long as both sides of the Semitic race are locked in this Abraham conspiracy of hate, you have one future, fulfilling the Jewish and the Arab (Muslim) versions of their Apocalyptic prophecies. Your racial hatred will consume you both.

DATELINE: 02 April 2017

Mosul Battle Bloodbath

The battle for the most crowded western half of Iraq’s second largest city of 1.5 million, is shaping up in every way to become what I predicted in my first Mosul report. In it, I told the tale of my Uncle Ken Hall, serving as a US Army medic in the only large-scale urban battle waged in the Pacific Theater in the Second World War. It was fought across the sprawling greater metropolitan area of Manila, capital of the Philippines, between General MacArthur’s US forces against 15,000 entrenched and suicidal Japanese naval auxiliaries and marines. The city was destroyed and an estimated 100,000 civilians were killed, caught in the crossfire and also murdered in willful massacres committed by the fanatical Japanese marines. Nothing like that scale of urban fighting has been seen since February 1945—until now—until the Battle of Mosul, entering its sixth month and second, bloodier phase.

There are a few very brave war correspondents getting deep into the combat zone. They’re not usually members of the US media by the way. US correspondents like delivering their “coverage” from a safe place with Mosul somewhere over the distant horizon. You know Mosul is there because the flames choking the horizon with smoke make a nice background for the US reporters’ close-ups. Many Iraqi reporters and RT’s Murad Gazdiev are the bravest, documenting quite a different story than what is usually broadcast by America media or declared by US Pentagon officials to the press. I recall one defensive Pentagon spokesman describe the bombing attacks by US and coalition jets against “ISIS” targets as the “most surgical air strikes ever before attempted.”

See this report: Murad Gazdiev. Watch the whole segment if you like, or jump to Gazdiev’s report starting at minute 2:18.) Check out some “Real” news about the Battle of Mosul in this RT YouTube feed. Hear and see what US “surgical air strikes” really look like. Click on: Surgical Airstrikes. You’ll hear and witness surviving civilians bear describe how brutal and un-surgical these airstrikes really are.

The fight for the core of the older, crowded eastern half of Mosul has begun with hundreds of thousands of civilians still trapped inside. There are several reasons for this. Iraqi government ordered civilians to sit tight. If some try to get out the ISIS fighters break their legs or shoot them in cold blood before the battle rolls over their neighborhoods. It is only then that survivors can run away as “liberated.” US jets and Iraqi piloted US-manufactured attack helicopters sealed off most of the escape routes. They fired rockets and dropped heavy ordinance in a number of intersections turning them into impassable craters preventing ISIS “and” civilian survivors alike getting away. The power of the bombs have nearly blown down the buildings surrounding many an intersection and perhaps all that could huddle inside in that densely populated city.

I’ve heard and seen about fifty accounts from survivors emerging from the rubble of their neighborhoods after the Iraqi and coalition ground and air forces destroyed or “liberated” them from a neighborhood. The shell-shocked non-combatants repeat accounts of a common ISIS practice. Jihadists break into a house packed with cowering civilians trying to hide from the shelling and bombing. No one is to leave or they will be shot. The ISIS soldiers then climb onto the roof, starting a firefight with advancing Iraqi forces.

When they’re sure the US helicopters and jets overhead have seen them and targeted the position, they leave just in time before US missiles obliterate the house and all the people inside. This has happened hundreds of times over the last two months! Along with the Iraqi Army taking hundreds of casualties per day, tens of thousands of civilians may be buried under the rubble of US bombed neighborhoods.

Here is a compilation of raw footage of the fighting from both sides, ending with a UN and Airwars report on a significant rise on civilian deaths: click on Arab Stalingrad.

As this article goes to press overnight on 2 April 2017, it looks like the mainstream Western media had at last begun reporting excessive loss of civilian life after a coalition airstrike killed an estimated 200 to 500 civilians in one bomb run alone early in the last week of March. First the US military spokesmen made a pathetic stab at blaming the complete collapse of the building on ISIS detonating the structure. Then they said coalition missiles hitting the building full of ISIS fighters next door collapsed it.

Then…and so on and on…

By mid-week such claims quickly evaporated like the lives of those actually bombed by US jets as more footage of the scene and survivors’ reports confirmed the massacre was just one larger punctuation to the slaughter of hundreds of civilians every day.

The Western press tells us the Iraqi forces ordered a halt in the fighting to assess their rules of airstrike engagement. I wouldn’t be surprised if the real reason is the same that stopped fighting in late December. The Iraqi units suffering heavy casualties need a break to rest and reinforce depleted divisions once again.

If indeed a tapering down of airstrikes is in the works, that will force the Iraqi armed forces to expose themselves to direct, close quarter fire. Civilian deaths might taper off a bit as military casualties will skyrocket.

The oldest and most crowded part of Mosul is next for assault where ISIS will make its last stand amongst a human shield of 650,000 civilians trapped inside.

Here are the most recent YouTube reports from Murad Gazdiev about the mass killing of civilians by coalition airstrike. You’ll see how CNN and other outlets in America played around with the facts, denying airstrikes happened until facts outweighed the misinformation campaign:

DATELINE: 01 April 2017

President Trump Predictions excerpt: America’s OUTER LIMITS segment from the Chapter: Oh Say can you Idiocracy See?

Click on the cover to check out the book and Contact Me Now. Just put one word in the email subject line—Trump–if you haven’t emailed me already, to get on the list to receive a personal notice went his book is finally published.

I’m deep in the rough drafting process and this book just gets more interesting and expands its scope, not only about what is coming in Trump’s future, but what is also ahead of us in what has become Trump’s America for better and worse. Now this book is easily going to match some of my larger tomes in size. I think it will come in around 150,000 words now. That, of course delays the release but it will be worth every word, especially as my “muse” and “oracle” has inserted a lot of satire and humor into a book of good and bad news for America’s future, and the world. (Hang on! Everyone!) And don’t forget to laugh. Laughter is sacred. Comedy? Divine!

As Dante Alighieri would tell us, even though life as a comedy can be a little too Dante Al-Dente for us spaghettis in its pot. So, here’s one of the satirical moments just fresh out of my pizza oven of a brain. Enjoy, and get on the list if you haven’t done so. Thanks everybody who has! Thanks everyone who will.

An Excerpt from President Trump Predictions:

Chapter Two:
Oh Say can you “Idiocracy” See?

Enough of Merle Streep’s speech getting her golden shower of praise at the Golden Globes (I meant champagne, of course), let’s get back to the Washington DC Cirque du “so… HEY!”

The wrong clown won the election!

Our strings were meant to hang up and dance into the White House another wooden-headed, long-noser “Pinocchio” politician.

It was time for “Barbie” to be president, not Donald J. “Ken.”

We chose Action Barbie! Watch her dance the plastic fantastic around the truth with cool accessories. She can dress the pants off Putin! She’ll dump Ken for G.I. Joe, war bucks, no-fly zones over Syria! Russia on the run! HA!

My fellow American couch potatoes. Lend me your gaping, vacuous, TV-dazed eyes and numbed idiocratic ears. Are you aware the TV just lost its technicolor? The screen went black. A white occiloscoping line rolls over a black field whipping across the TV screen like Arnold Schwarzenegger on cocaine doing a rope exercise “to pump you up!”

It has replaced the reruns of Beevus and Butthead for some of you, and Cops for others—even those watching Jackass. Time to fumble for your remote embedded somewhere between your couch pillows and your butt crack.

Suddenly you freeze. A voice speaks to you out of your television.

You blink and listen as its low and authoritative tone cuts through the high-pitched wine of the broadcasted oscilloscope:


There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to lie louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make our lies softer, we will tune them to a comforting whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We will control the Left. We control the Right.

We control the Mainstream Media!

We can roll the image of American reality, make it flutter. We can change the American focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal Fascist clarity.

For the next hour, sit quietly (or else!) and we will control all that you see and hear and think. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set! You are about to participate as drones in our great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and thievery, which reaches out of our corporate minds and into America’s OUTER LIMITS!

(Cue the music!)

dahh! DAAAH! DAT! Duhhhhhhhh!!


As you can see, my formative years were indelibly skewered by that Cold War era, Scy-Fy classic TV show. It first famously scrambled our black and white television screens in September 1963 all paranoid and prophetic in an interlude between the world-changing Cuban Missile Crisis and the world-changing Kennedy Assassination to shortly follow.

Now the TV image clears for “tonight’s episode” in vivid black and white. Out of the shadows of Washington, power brokers come the bald and bilious “aliens” of the Deep State machinating their plans to invade and take over the Earth. Hillary Clinton was their first choice. They had brain dirtied her with their mindset for which she was eagerly hypnotized to follow.

But then came that orange-faced, cherry-blond rogue alien, also a creature from Planet Onepercenter. Being one of them he was not so easy to program. The Trump was an aberration, an exile landing on the Earth in the Space Ship Celebrity. He gained disciples, started a Miss Universe cult and soon minions of couch potatoes across America—before they started wearing those stupid red baseball caps when he ran for president years later—avidly drank in his reality show (with a case of Budweiser or two) like innocent children imbibing fluoridated commie water. (I also drank fluoridated water when watching the two-seasons of the Outer Limits. I still have almost all my teeth and no cavities—but that’s another story…)

Donald had “trumped” the gun and the Clinton puppet, fouling the Alien invasion schedule, talking up ending the new cold war they “Obamanated” in the last president’s term, before shipping him back in a state of up-ended hibernation on a Hawaiian golf course.

Peace with Russia? Actually use the military to defeat ISIS?!! What does this Changeling Trump think wars are for? How do we sustain hegemony, anally retain fear, and manufacture imaginary enemies if no real enemy is left, so that we can control the couch potato populii?

How can we keep droning our media trance signal of dread and distraction without drone wars? Peace is NOT our profession. It’s perpetual war with its perpetual, fantastic profits!

All the same, Trump was becoming more isolated and some of the Deep State Alien programming was getting through his blond-ambitious somnambulistic mane, which often worked like tinfoil to block out our programming. He has let some of the alien programmed corporate drones sit at his cabinet table in the White House…READ MORE ABOUT THE BOOK HERE.


Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out soon after Inauguration Day.

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out soon after Inauguration Day.

(click on the cover)


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