President Trump Predictions: When the War with Iran could happen. Netanyahu lobbies to become the Black-Shadowed Catalyst of an Iranian Holocast committed by US Bombs. I Celebrate the Heretic Seed in every Heart that Flowers forth a New Humanity. Nostradamus Acronyms and Let us Enlighten Up in these Surreal Times

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click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it's out.

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it’s out.

DATELINE: 13 March 2017

Nostradamus may have dated when a War with Iran will still possibly happen and it is soon: an Excerpt from the forthcoming President Trump Predictions

Here is an excerpt from Chapter Twelve: Destroying ISIS all the way to Iran and World War III through the Back Door?


Since the spring of 2007, I have been closely watching events between Iran and the US related to an astrological configuration that I believe Nostradamus was using in this following quatrain to give us the potential war windows in our near future for a sudden and explosive clash erupting between Iran and the United States in the Persian Gulf.

4 Q67

L’an que Saturne & Mars eƒgaux combuƒt,
L’air fort ƒeiché, longue traiection:
Par feux ƒecrets, d’ardeur grand lieu aduƒt
Peu pluye, vent chault, guerres, incurƒions.

In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.

Click on the cover to read more about this important book and how you can purchase either an eBook or Printed Edition.

Click on the cover to read more about this important book and how you can purchase either an eBook or Printed Edition.

In my first edition of Nostradamus: The War with Iran, I used events in June through July 2006, to pin this as a date for wars in the Middle East when Mars transited across Saturn in Leo. To me, Nostradamus’ heat waves, hidden fires, wars and raids described the escalating Iraqi insurrection against US occupation, the apogee of the Wahhabist Sunni extreme terrorism of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s al-Qaeda in Iraq that was terrorizing both Sunni and Shia Iraqi Muslims during a sectarian civil war with US forces in the crossfire. Abu Musab was so vicious that operatives of the leader of al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, gave US forces the location of his secret safe house, killing him US jets dropping two, 500-lbs bombs. Later on, in Nostradamus and the Antichrist, I chronicled how his death under dark fires of the Mars-Saturn in Leo transit in 2006 had begin the destruction of al-Qaeda in Iraq and out of its ashes an even more vicious terror organization would rise from its survivors, ISIS and the Islamic State.

Global warming of the planet has made the climate in the Middle East drier than chronicles of that ancient region can remember, exacerbating “little rain” and “hot winds” of high summers in record temperatures, helpful to light bellicose tempers. “Wars” and “raids”—read surprise attacks terrorists—are the consequence. During that summer of 2006, Mars-Saturn in Leo transit, Iraqi Sunni and Shia death squads on hot-as-hell nights broke into houses, slaughtering dozens of people. At sunrise, relatives and bystanders would discover scores of bodies in the refuse and garbage piles all across the city. Death was taking humanity out with the garbage at a rate of 3,000 a month in Baghdad alone.

Abu Musab’s death seemed to fulfill two important milestones to be considered as a serious candidate for Nostradamus’ “Mabus”, his third and final Antichrist. First the name (M)abu(s) and an easy mixing of letters of “Musab” revealed the name “Mabus” using Nostradamus’ laws of anagramming. Secondly, he had died early in his reign of terror and immediately, just a few weeks later, Nostradamus’ “long comets,” in modern words thousands of missiles, began falling across Northern Israel from rocket batteries in Southern Lebanon in the July War of 2006. These were fired by Hezbullah forces overseen, armed and trained by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Hence in my mind, it ties the astrology and clues of this prophecy to contemporary times with Iran in the mix. Iran plays its part in visions Nostradamus wrote about an Arab henchman. He is an Islamo-fascist antichrist figure dying at the beginning of his wars that some verses indicate would then drag and rage on either 25 or 27 years. This war of the Third Antichrist could ultimately drag the US and Russia into a direct military confrontation long “after” the Cold War of 1948-1989 had ended.

In the end, what is uncertain is which of these relatively rare astrological transits of Mars and Saturn being “equally fiery” are on target, 2006 or a few other windows down the next few decades. Moreover, did these planets have to pass through one fire sign together or be in separate fire signs together?

In the first edition of Nostradamus: The War with Iran published in the spring of 2007, I looked ahead at the next war window:

It is going to be a long time before Mars and Saturn will equally burn together in the same fire sign or simultaneously in two fire signs. Mars will enter Leo when Saturn is in Sagittarius on far off September 2015. They will not share the same fire sign until the following year. Retrogrades of both planets make for the next rare and unusually magnified interlude of equal fire signs of war from March through May 2016 and again from August through September 2016. It is possible the scenarios of war with Iran written in this book in the spring of 2007 may better reflect a US-Iranian conflict joined in battle nearly a decade from now.

Whatever the time, the action foreseen takes place in a dry climate, apparently at the peak of summerlike conditions. Out of the skies falls the “long comet.”

Nostradamus: The War with Iran, pg. 123
Chapter 5: Hidden Fires Burn with Heat

The August-September 2016 window did not see that war erupt. It did experience a significant turning of the tide in the Syrian Civil War where once again Iran had a major stake and influence. Hundreds of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards act as advisors to the Syrian government’s side helping fellow Shia President Bashar al-Assad’s army. Tehran helped augment his forces with its South Lebanese allies, Hezbullah. Pitted against them are many of the same surviving and resurrected terrorist players and forces that ran amok in Iraq in 2006, incorporated in the rag-tag Free Syrian Army (NSA) that comprises al-Qaeda affiliate terrorist organizations like al-Nusra as their most effective fighting units. Hezbullah, Iranian and Syrian government units also combat forces of the Islamic State lead by Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a chief disciple of the assassinated Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in 2006. During the August-September transit, the Siege of Aleppo, lasting for four grim and violent years, ended with a Syrian government victory. US diplomatic and military support of the NSA had been effectively marginalized and the Obama administration in its final months in office lost the power to influence events in Syria.

The void was filled by diplomatic efforts of the Syrian government’s Russian allies. They worked with the Iranians and the Turks to create a shaky but surviving general ceasefire between government and moderate Syrian resistance forces. This transit of Mars and Saturn equally fiery marked the turning the tide of war, narrowing the fighting to a showdown with Syria and its allies against al-Qaeda and Islamic State forces still occupying large tracts of Syria and Iraq.

Astrological configurations like this often mark the prelude before important moments in history. For instance, this transit ended exactly on the day the Aleppo siege ended. Two weeks later, on 16 October 2016, the new phase of the war on Islamic State began with the battle for Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. It soon developed into a titanic street by street slog between ISIS forces entrenched in the booby-trapped city against Iraqi and Iranian-backed Iraqi militias, and Kurdish Peshmerga with 1.5 million civilians trapped in the crossfire of what has become one of the greatest urban battlegrounds since Stalingrad in World War II.

The Mars-Saturn, equally fiery window in astrology returned in January through March 2017 and will threaten heightened danger for a sudden explosion of warfare for the hot winds of July through early September 2017 in the desiccating Middle East, paralleling the descriptions of the quatrain above.

Let’s look at what happened in the first transit starting January 2017. Mars entered fiery Leo, thus reigniting martial passions in the world with Saturn in equal fire agitation during its long, several-year transit of Sagittarius. It prompted a new round of Trump’s saber rattling, now as a US president, thumbed down in ireful, twitter-pated statements launched back and forth between “The Donald” and Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei. At the time of this writing (5 March 2017), I predict the war of words will continue to escalate the danger up through 10 March 2017 when Mars passes out of Aries into Taurus.

The last time Saturn spent upwards of three years transiting Sagittarius was from 17 November 1985 until 13 November 1988. On a geopolitical scale, it influenced the period when Arab terrorism transformed from a secular, pro-Palestinian liberation focus into an Islamo-fascist and religiously extreme worldwide movement, forged and birthed in the mountain battles of Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. By 1988, the Arab elements of the Afghan Mujahadeen under the command of the Saudi Usama bin Laden were turning into al-Qaeda.

Religious extremism is always a potential negative effect of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. It must be remembered that evangelical American Christian groups and movements like the Moral Majority gained significant political influence in US domestic and foreign policy legislated by the US Congress and Reagan Administration during the transit.

The current Saturn-Sagittarius transit dipped into being 24 December 2014 to 15 June 2016, with one last retrograde dip back into Scorpio for a few months until it progressed into Sagittarius on 19 September 2016. It will stay in the sign until 20 December 2017. The transit started at the end of 2014 marking the next major yearlong wave of Islamic State conquest that significantly included heightened attacks of European and American targets and the founding of satellite Islamic States. The ISIS black and white lettered flag popped up in the Egyptian Sinai region, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and a New Jersey-sized Islamic State enclave in Northern Nigeria run by Boko Haram, pledging allegiance to Caliph al-Baghdadi.

Saturn is a ruler of karma getting better or worse if lessons aren’t learned or dangers extinguished. The 1985-1988 transit presented the world with al-Qaeda. The 2014-2017 transit renews al-Qaeda’s spread in Syria and Yemen with a sudden global expansion of its serious competitor and successor, ISIS, the new and darker-shaded, black-flagged successor of extreme Islamic terrorism. It has achieved what al-Qaeda couldn’t, a working pirate country, forming a government, a police force and armed force, plus a treasury, and tax collecting capability. Islamic State is a fully functioning state and like all other states, it can get itself in a war with neighboring states, which in this transit will reach its climax.

Trump’s administration began just as the astrological influences of religious extremism are reaching a fever pitch, and a showdown developing in the Middle East against Islamic State. Reports leaking like blood through bullet holes in the media walls made of censorship already tell of whole Iraqi divisions being taken out of the Mosul fight for “rest” and “refitting,” if you will, in the first three-month stage of combat. Rumors of 5,000 dead and more than 10,000 wounded come from Iraqi news sources requiring a pause in the fighting at the end of 2016 so that two to three Iraqi divisions can lick their wounds and gather thousands of replacements.

With Jihadist black Saturn passing near Trump’s natal Ascendant in April, expect some significant increase in US involvement in the war against ISIS. He has already lifted Obama’s ban on talking about what extent US special forces are less “advisors” and more directly involved, by the thousands, as boots on the ground fighting ISIS in Mosul and elsewhere in Syria. Perhaps a US led, Kurdish attack on the ISIS capital of Raqqah in eastern Syria is next, scheduled for April and May 2017, coordinated with Russian military air and ground support.

Trump will play a dangerous, potentially incontinent game of Uranian upending shifts in strategic focus after Saturn’s tarrying with harmonious Trump Mars/Ascendant trines fade by late spring. On the one hand, he needs to collaborate successfully with the Russians and their allies the Iranians to defeat ISIS. On the other hand, Trump could be co-opted by neoconservative, and Israeli Zionist pressure in his own cabinet, perhaps from his own Jewish son-in-law advisor Jared Kushner, to push Iran too hard to renegotiate Obama’s Iranian peace agreement that come July 2017 something stupid and hot headed might be entertained, then escalated. Suddenly one day, the Iranians and Americans that share the battlefield fight against ISIS in Iraq, find themselves the next day shooting at each other “and” ISIS, because of a military incident in the Strait of Hormuz or the Persian Gulf. One can’t rule out a surprise attack from Israel flying over Saudi airspace into Iran over the Persian Gulf

Mayhem making Uranus, hot and bothered in Aries, just loves to let slip the dogs of nasty surprises most people hate! Uranus will be sitting in a trine harmonious for either war, or a breakthrough political solution with Iran near, or right on Trump’s Mars/Ascendant natal position when Mars is equally fiery in Leo from late July into August. Don’t forget the solar eclipse passing over American pitting Saturn’s religiously and politically intolerant fire, in opposition with Trump’s Gemini-Sun-Uranus conjunction (prepare for presidential egos for a huge, upsetting surprise). Brace, Mr. President for tsunamis and earthquakes you never expected, and wars suddenly exploding in your face into military disasters.

Seeds of high summer military hijinks were planted when Mars the “god of war” and catalyst of combative new beginnings entered Aries on 29 January trined Saturn in the third week of February when Trump met Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel visiting Washington. The trine’s “war is good” vibe had Netanyahu play his warmongering old game of lobbying US presidents to fight and die for Israeli foreign policy advantages. He had tried that propaganda ploy on President Obama most vigorously in 2012. When snubbed, Netanyahu went as far as lobbying his war “shtick” against the Obama’s peace initiatives with Iran before the US Congress, upending diplomatic protocol by not even seeking an invitation to visit America as a foreign head of state from the president.

Netanyahu might have had a better chance with Obama’s successor, poisoning the well of potential good will between America and Iran. He volunteered with suppressed passion, his cunning “Iago” council of paranoia to Trump’s “Othello-me anything and I’ll believe you” temptation, exaggerating descriptions of Iranian threats to the region, to the world, hoping he might steer Trump like a star struck eight-year old he can be, with an almost childlike emotional investment in anything Israeli leaders say, can never be wrong.

Netanyahu has his “Zion” eye on warming up to the same, overblown blather about Iran being terrorist fundraiser and protector number one that fell on large, deaf Obama ears. It’s an odd argument, because Iran, being a Shia nation, only aids Hezbullah on Israel’s border. So Netanyahu’s cry of threat is self-serving a self-centered Israeli worldview. Perhaps Bannon, no friend of Zionist fundamentalism will counter Kushner and caution the president in council to watch Netanyahu horse trade with global tensions in Israeli’s favor and the spilling of American blood.

All other Islamist terrorist threats come from Sunni Muslim sources such as al-Qaeda and its affiliates and Islamic State who view all Shias as apostate Muslims worthy of slaughtering if they do not covert by the Sunni Salafist word view. Secondly the chief terrorist financiers of al-Qaeda and ISIS remain the very Sunni fundamentalist Saudi Arabians, whose Wahabbism is just a few shades lighter black than ISIS. Along with the Saudis are other “Sunni” Sheiks financing and sending fighters to ISIS from their Sheikdoms of Qatar, U.A.E. and Oman along the Persian Gulf. Perhaps they would also like to see the enemy (Netanyahu) of their enemy (Iran) be a “friend” convincing Trump to fight a war with Iran for their strategic advantage for Iran is equally a threat to theirs and Israel’s regional hegemony these days.

If Netanyahu did plant a seed in Trump’s brain, the infernal “harvest” of combat could come in July-September when Mars and Saturn are again “equally fiery” in Leo and Sagittarius, respectively, just as the Nostradamus quatrain had warned.

Maybe this time it is the window for that war. It’s certainly the last time Iran war stars loom over the skies of a Trump presidency, first or second potential terms. The next threat is in far off 2025 and 2026.

Trump’s last chance arrives when Mars enters Leo on 21 July 2017 while Saturn is in retrograde in Sagittarius and remains there until it enters Virgo on 6 September. This time period is especially ripe for boats playing chicken with shots fired between Trump’s navy and the Iranians around 20-28 August when Mars trines Saturn. Watch closely indeed for an explosive conflict potential when Saturn turns direct course during the trine on 25 August!

This new book will be released in the spring.

This new book will be released in the spring.

This trine in war’s favor starts the day after American’s mainland is overshadowed by a great eclipse on 21 August that, as we’ve accounted for in the previous chapter, can bring a life-altering upheaval to the president and a string of natural disasters for America, perhaps even a “seismic” event of sudden war breaking out in the Middle East. Perhaps a terrorist attack on America comes as a counter-attack by Iranians sleeper cells activated by a shooting war in the Persian Gulf as late as end of August into the first days of September when Mars in Leo passes over Trump’s natal Mars conjunction of his Leo Rising sign. Transiting Mars over Trump’s Natal Mars conjunction has the potential to gin up the president’s high-energy octane outer expression aspects to impulsively and precipitously react to an incident in the Gulf between Iranian gunboats and US Navy ships that leads to the naval disaster alluded to in Nostradamus’s prophecies. (See the third edition of Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse)

I cannot even rule out this war precipitating a backdoor confrontation with Russia over Iran, that unravels any attempts to befriend and reconcile the “great brothers” of the North, the “Eagle Kings” as Nostradamus also calls them, just as his short countdown for nuclear war runs out as soon as November 2017! Neo-liberal and neoconservative elements in the CIA, NSA and Department of Defense, plus plants in his own cabinet that Trump so naively appointed have Iran and Russia on their list for regime change and some of these shadowy hawks have convinced themselves that nuclear conflict, if it would happen, is winnable.

There is, though, a good chance that President Trump is only pushing the Iranians to get a better nuclear deal that doesn’t allow them to begin stockpiling uranium or rebuilding centrifuges to manufacture weaponized uranium for a far longer probationary period than Obama acquiesced to.

In Trump for President, I figured and augured the following when he was still around a year out from winning the election:

This book documented Trump's alternative future victory over a year before it happened. Click on the cover and get a glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

This book documented Trump’s alternative future victory over a year before it happened. Click on the cover and get a glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

I sense that Trump’s stump threats about what he calls “the world’s worst deal Obama ever made” with Iran don’t indicate a precipitous derailment of the deal is forthcoming in his presidency. A Trump Administration will diligently police the terms that prevent Iran from building atom bombs, bad as they are, “and” get American business interest back inside Iran. Trump understands that America backing out of the agreement now will only economically isolate the US just as the rest of the world is welcomed back into Iran’s potential profitable markets. Business ties create bridges of mutual interest and profit. The more interconnected the world becomes; the less likely there will be wars. I sense Trump intrinsically understands this.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter 11: President Trump’s Foreign and Alien Policies

Still, powerful warmongers lurk his own government, the Iranian and especially Netanyahu and the Israeli government. They want threats laid down in the first round of negotiation to become a real attack on Iran. For the Iranian hawks, a military menace would crush all future moves to moderate and reform the Iranian revolutionary republic. Neocons in Washington and Zionist supremacists in Jerusalem might hope to put the president in a political pickle where he cannot dial back forces set in motion once events go out of his control.

If Trump’s intuitive instincts should suddenly slip or begin channeling the tricks of the war industry, he might resemble the idiot presidents, prime ministers, kings and emperors of August 1914. Next come Trump’s guns of August 2017 doing what they did. European alliance deals were supposed to keep a Europe armed to the teeth from fighting a world war. In Trump’s case a negotiation bluff is pushed in earnest by hawks on all sides dragging Trump exactly were he doesn’t want to find himself, a pawn of regime change adventures, stepping into a Russian bear trap in his heart of hearts he sincerely doesn’t want to trigger, while stepping on the hated Ayatollah Khamenei’s throat.



Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out soon after Inauguration Day.

Click on this cover image and read more about this new book coming out soon after Inauguration Day.

President Trump Predictions is a whopper of a book now, over 100,000 words by the time it’s finished. I hope to have it to you before March ends, but I can’t say for certain. That’s why I hope you’ll email me your wish to receive three personal announcements: when it is an eBook at Amazon; when it is released on Nook, Kobo, iTunes and other distributors you prefer to support rather than Amazon; and lastly, when I have this book available in a beautiful trade-paperback edition sold by Lulu.

All you need to do is Contact Me at this link and put in the subject line just one word: Trump. You are then on the list. Thanks.

DATELINE: 13 March 2017

Netanyahu, Israel’s “Darth Sidious” is Dead Serious about Wiping Iran Off the Map—“Think Amalek!”

Now a few more words about “Nutty Yahoo” the Prime Minster of Israel and the way Iran is made to appear dangerous to Israel’s future existence. This back and forth with Roger prompts an illumination of what I meant above. His comment had a lot of typos. I only corrected a few for your reading clarity. I left the funnier typos like “oof” for “off” because, in a way, because when somebody gets off of you there’s an oof moment:


For sure your right on john, iran has got a lot of missiles and they are always threatening Israel by wanting to take them oof the map eventualy its gonna end up in a big war cant keep on going like that all the time thats probably were world war three will began.

Be aware, Roger and everybody, of Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. He has been selling a warped and indecently clever propaganda with the intention of getting Americans to fight and die in the cause of a Zionist Supremacist foreign policy.

He’d like you to be distracted from the fact that for a half-century and counting there’s only been one rogue nuclear power threatening its neighbors in the Middle East, and that is Israel. The statement about Israel being “wiped off the map” by Ahmadinejad, the former president of Iran, was mistranslated from Farsi and has since been intentionally twisted by Netanyahu out of context for effect. You can read about this story in Nostradamus: The War with Iran. Netanyahu has turned the mistranslation as a threat of a second Jewish holocaust caused by Iran dropping a few atomic bombs it does not have on the citizens of the Jewish State.

After creating this “false flag” myth, Netanyahu’s offices sent a communiqué responding to the threat Iran’s government never made, saying “Think Amalek.”

If you understand biblical threats from the Old Testament, go to the First Book of Samuel (1 Samuel 15:1-4) and read about what the Hebrews did to the Amalekites:

Samuel said to Saul, ‘The LORD sent me to anoint you king over his people Israel, Now listen to the voice of the LORD. This is the very word of the LORD of Hosts: “I am resolved to punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel, how they attacked them on their way up from Egypt.

[The channeled Yehovah speaks of the people of Israel, led by Moses out of Egypt during the Exodus; how the Amalekites treacherously ambushed the Israeli rearguard. Perhaps the view written by the victors is a bit one-sided, like any white American account of the necessary evils they needed to commit against the “red savages” who raided their wagon trains of settlers—not invited of course.]

Go now and fall upon the Amalekites and destroy them, and put their property under ban. Spare no one; put them all to death, men and women, children and babes in arms, herds and flocks, camels and asses. 1 Samuel 15:1-4 (circa 1050-1010 B.C.E.)

Netanyahu is saying Israel will wipe out every man, woman and child, including every animal and raise every house of the Iranian people like the ancient Hebrews did to the Amalekites, the Canaanites and so on.

Irony aside, me it is not karmically surprising that America and Israel are so closely bound and march hand in hand when it comes to aggression against Israel’s neighbors in the Middle East. America was the main cause, the mother if you will, of giving the modern Jewish State its birth in 1948 through US pressure in the United Nations.

Israel and America have a dark karmic connection. They are the only nations who have successfully gotten away with committing holocausts on other races. Hitler tried it and was rightfully destroyed for it. We Americans nearly wiped out the Native Americans and are still getting away with it.

Read your Bible with open eyes. Ancient Israel successfully eradicated entire races of people who were already living on “the Promised Land” that they declared, like an ancient version of ISIS today, is their land because their prophets say so, and who can argue with “holy” holey men? If God says crimes against humanity are virtues, who are you to question God? If you are not one of us with “our” only God, you will be wiped out by God’s blessing.

Netanyahu, sitting on a nuclear arsenal of 200 to 500 nuclear weapons is the ONLY leader who can wipe out any Middle Eastern nation off the map.

Iran has no nuclear weapons. And if they did finally build a few, they could never match Israel’s atomic and thermonuclear arsenal. The false argument you’ll hear is that Israel needed a lot of nukes because being so territorially small just a few Arab or Persian nukes would be enough to take out Israel’s current population of six million Jews. We won’t count the 1.6 million Israeli Arabs who would die too, as they aren’t equal citizens in a “Jewish” State, any more than Jews were equal citizens in that other national socialist state called Nazi Germany. My father was an Army Air Corp trainee in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1945—long before civil rights took hold. When Hurricane Camille flattened Biloxi and the environs in August 1969, he told wife and kids about the racism down there that he witnessed first hand and assured us that the official death toll of 259 was much higher than reported because they wouldn’t count black people as people.

You think I’m being harsh about Netanyahu and Israel? Consider this fact: there are no nukes pointed at Israel by its neighbors. There’s no nuclear threat. But here’s Netanyahu telling almost 83 million people in Iran that he’ll wipe them off the map, exploiting the translation error by the Iranian press team of President Ahmadinejad.

In Nostradamus: The War with Iran, I wrote:



Click on the cover and receive information about the book and how you can purchase the eBook and/or Printed Editions.

The new millennium dawned with Israel considering Iran its greatest threat. A future war between Israel and Iran may depend on a mistranslation of Farsi into English. On 26 October 2005, the IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) released an article on Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s keynote speech for the World Without Zionism Conference held in Tehran, entitled Ahmadinejad: Israel must be wiped off the map. It was picked up by news agencies all around the world characterizing Ahmadinejad as a head of state using language even Adolf Hitler never uttered in his most threatening official state speeches before the Second World War erupted: he issued an outright threat to Israel’s existence. He laid down the gauntlet for a second Holocaust, or so it seemed.

The editors at IRIB may have instead published a historic snafu when they were at pains to find an English equivalent to a phrase that does not exist in Farsi for, een rezhim-e eshghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.

They chose to translate it as, “the Imam [Ayatullah Khomeini] said that this [Israeli] regime occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e eshghalgar-e qods) must be wiped off the map of history (bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad).”

If US President George W. Bush could have a cultural brain fart heard around the Islamic world, calling his war against al-Qaeda a “Great Crusade”, the editors of IRIB spilled an overtly lime-soured, over-cooked Iranian rice dish of cultural insensitivity before Israel and the Western world when they chose the English phrase wiped off the map.

Do not use an English idiomatic phrase for physical annihilation when you mean politically disappear. You do not understand how that comes across to Westerners any more than they understand what the word Crusade means to Muslims, or Holocaust means to Jews. What Ahmadinejad in essence said at the end of his speech was a culmination of his belief that Ayatullah Khomeini wanted Palestinian Arabs and Jews to eventually live together drawing up a constitution for a novel political state. The Jewish State would hence disappear as a “political” reality, not its Jewish population disappearing into the ovens of a Second Holocaust. The correct translation of Ahmadinejad’s concluding line as supported by both Western and Iranian linguist experts in Farsi should read, “The Imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.


Now then, one doesn’t have to agree with this man’s hope. I don’t, but let’s get it straight; Ahmadinejad was not talking about killing a single Israeli Jewish citizen. It was a political change he was talking about.

Netanyahu’s response was brutal and not representing the statement as it was meant and he well knows it! You could say, for considering a world where Israel disappears “politically” into a new state, Netanyahu threatens a nuclear, holocaust, against every living Iranian man, woman and child. It is ugliness incarnate what he’s threatening.

It seems we become what we hate. The victims of holocausts can become the same victimizer.

His threat to Iran is clear. He wishes to unleash a holocaust upon them. I have written about this hidden danger extensively in my book Nostradamus: The War with Iran–Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse. Now that the danger of this war has risen again, and the astrology is pointing to this summer as a new window for it, according to Nostradamus’ astrological dating shown in the previous article, this book is more important to read now than ever before.

For further quotes from Second Samuel about Amalek, access my HogueProphecy series on the subject by clicking on Amalek.

DATELINE: 13 March 2017

I Celebrate the “Heretic” Seed in All of You of a New Humanity

Now everybody, can you “Hack” it? Can you “grock” the way future humanity will celebrate this little understood word for going astray? It came up in a Facebook conversation I wish to share:

bravo! finally the truth about Russia and the U.S., the U.S. is fanning the flames of fabricated Russian interference in order to justify their next horrific move. they now have the entire country believing this unfounded fiction.

tania what on earth are you talking about? It’s obvious russia was involved. ah the confusion is obvious in this one!

show me the proof, how do you actually know that russia was involved, just because everyone decided to say it, does not make it true. read what John wrote. he’s absolutely right.

Tyranny is ever hoping that you, Joy, and me and everyone will be so gullible as to take whatever person presuming authority over us says without skeptical inquiry. When I look into this habit while meditating on it, I recognize a false innocence, a blind faith that masks a fear of standing alone as a majority of one.

It is so much easier to be a sheeple, in a herd, blindly following someone playing shepherd. When your intelligence awakens, you can’t be part of the herd anymore and the herd becomes afraid of you. You will be truly a “Heretic.”

Did you know that ancient word’s root is related to the black sheep that does not follow the herd? It moves on its own path.

I celebrate the Heretic seed in each of us, for there is where a new humanity will be born inside each of us. He will be a rebel and we will not think words like “rebel” or “rebellion” are negative anymore. Today people rebel “against” something. They are reacting not responding to a situation, a dogma or tradition. The new humanity will be a rebel “for” something. He won’t react, he will respond to our traditions by dropping them and taking his or her own path to truth.

I didn’t discover this by myself. This black Scorpio “sheep” followed his heart and strayed away from the “Sheeple” world herd as the 1970s were drawing to a close. No shepherd found me, or saved me, thank goodness. In October 1980, this heretical sheep crossed paths in India with a rebel named Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, (later “Osho”) and ever since we walk the path through life as fellow travelers of the rebellious spirit.

DATELINE: 13 March 2017

Did Nostradamus use Anagrams as Acronyms?

I often get emails from readers trying to turn Nostradamus’ anagrams into acronyms. For those uninitiated, an anagram is defined as “a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as cinema, formed from iceman, or anagrams are “ana’s gram” of truth.

Sleuth-saying detectives of all wordplays Nostradamian often make the mistake of decoding Nostradamus’ verbal enigmas into English. For instance, take Mabus, the purported name of Nostradamus’ third and Final Antichrist, our contemporary and a subject I cover comprehensively in my book Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. I’ve received many a letter with MABUS spelled out as (MA)y (B)e US.

Very creative. Very wrong.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies. Find out also just exactly "what" is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies. Find out also just exactly “what” is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.

Nostradamus never used languages he didn’t speak or write, English being one of them.

With this in mind I did get an interesting letter from a Nostradamus sleuth:

Is there any hard and fast rule, which dictates that Nostradamus’ three antichrists have to be identified with only anagrams? I’ve always thought that Napoleon’s name was hidden in an anagram, although Hitler’s name was portrayed as both a thinly veiled anagram and a play on words. Is their any rule forbidding the third antichrist from being identified with an acronym?

According to a number of sources, ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s real name is Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali Muhammad al-Badri al-Samarrai; the initials of this name are IAIAMABAS. Despite the near exact similarity of the last five letters to Nostradamus’ moniker for antichrist no. 3, I have seen little if any reference to this coincidence online or elsewhere – am I missing something perhaps?

Hi David, thank you for your interesting letter.

There is no rule forbidding acronyms, unless you are trying to make up something in a language Nostradamus didn’t know, like English. if one thinks he is saying IA IAMBABAS (I am Mabus) that’s very imaginative but not Nostradamus. JSMABAS would have gotten my attention if it was a French acronym for Je suis Mabus (I am Mabus).

I’ve seen Nostradamus very rarely use acronyms. Still, when they appear, he’s usually trying to spell out the name of a future country we associate through its acronym, such as Alus Sanguinaire = l’usA bloody = the “l” being an abbreviated “le” with the “e” silent because of the “u” vowel. Thus the English translation is “The Bloody USA” because English puts the adjectives before the noun.

Since Nostradamus was powerfully visual in his prophecies, he might have seen “USA” on the jets in future wars high over the Middle East.

You have come across something interesting with your acronym for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. I can’t say for sure it was Nostradamus’ intention because it doesn’t fit his usual pattern of using acronyms.

Even his famous anagram for the Corsican-born despot Napoleon PAU NAY LORON spelled out like an acronym isn’t one at all.

It’s an upper-case anagram for NAPAULON ROY = King “Napauleone.”

That’s the Corsican spelling for King Napoleon before Napauleone Buonaparte respelled his name in proper Gallic fashion, Napoleon Bonaparte. The letters show up in Century 8 Quatrain 1 all in caps like an acronym, yet they actually stand for three villages in S.W. France, Pau, Nay and Oloron. The rest of the quatrain indicates many clues to the three villages hiding the name of a person very similar to Napoleon. Even Hitler’s famous Nostradamian word mask “Hiƒter” (Hister) hides the man behind an archaic geographic name of the Ister or Hister, what we call today the River Danube, alongside which he grew up in, Linz, Austria

Good investigative work, David.

DATELINE: 13 March 2017

Enlightening Up in Surreal Times

I love to joke and I love receiving them. Sometimes my dear readers think their “funny” is self-apparent in their correspondences and are taken by surprise when I’m not “laughing” along. Case in point was my Facebook friend Samudro. Maybe we can end this string of articles today with a good laugh at ourselves, thanks to Samudro’s and my misunderstanding.

Dear John. Lighten up buddy. Can’t you tell when someone is joking? Of course calling someone [Trump to be exact] a lunatic because they’re born on an eclipse is a word play joke. Why did you take it so seriously and start projecting your morals on me? The times we are passing through are so surreal they are enough to take the ‘universe is a simulation’ theory as a real possibility.

I can tell when people are funny. That’s the problem, your delivery about your comments in the Facebook thread the other day about Trump being a seductive psycho and a lunatic sounded more ambiguous than humorous in your delivery. I think you’ve been hanging out with German sannyasins for too long. LOL!

(For those of you who aren’t yet initiated into the world of Osho sannyasin jargon, Osho in his daily discourses used to end them saying in his deadpan dry delivery, “And now… It is time for prayers…” What would then follow where wickedly funny jokes, no holds barred. He was wonderfully politically incorrect. As Osho had a sizable number of German sannyasins (disciples) a lot of his jokes dwelled on the theme of how German’s being so serious by societal conditioning didn’t get the punch lines of jokes; ergo, my teasing of Samudro hanging around with Deutsche devotees getting some of their “ernst” uber earnestness in his comedic writing attempts.

I especially enjoyed Osho’s toilet jokes. They were often loaded with a deep flush of spiritual meaning.

For instance, here’s my favorite, because when I heard it I at last understood why Osho was going to be my spiritual master. All the other gurus were just too serious to fly all the way to India for an initiation.


Two very hippy, hippies, where walking down a country lane.

One hippy asked the other, “have you sssit in your pants?”

No… Said the other.

(Osho had this adorable lisp whenever he said “sh*t”. Back to the joke)

The two hippies walk a little farther and the first one asked, “Are you sure?”

“Quite sure,” said the other.

They walked a little more and the first one said, “Come on, take down your pants and let me have a see…There, I told you! You HAVE sssit in your pants.”

“Oh,” replied the other, “I thought you meant today.”

Laughter would flood Buddha Hall from 2,000-plus men and women disciples from all over the world, in our tented, stone floored gathering place in the Ashram for morning and evening discourses in Pune, India. When it subsided, Osho with impeccable comedic timing would smile and say, “People have their own understanding.”

So I replied to Samudro’s Facebook loving complaint saying:

Hey Samudro, I’m light and fine. Have a little patience with me. I have tens of thousands of Facebook friends and many of them are cuckoos. They say all kinds of hilarious things when they’re dead serious, like you calling Trump a “seductive psycho” or a “lunatic.”

So here’s a few more of my “Morals” I’m going to lay on you. Moral One: never assume the person you are writing to has to play your editor when your inner editor has “gone to Goa” and is out to lunch.

Moral Two: never expect another human being to understand your communicated intent if you presume you’re “funny” is obvious but your missive misfires, like the Chicken who crossed the road laying an egg.

If you want to tell a joke, make sure no one can mistake it as anything else.

I do not foresee a successful career in stand up comedy in your future unless your next girlfriend is an emoji J. But I’m here to help with an editorial example.

Take your last sentence (Please!).

I think you’re trying to make a “yuk yuk” again but your joke laid the “turd” in “turgid” for me.

Here’s your “joke” again:

The times we are passing through are so surreal they are enough to take the ‘universe is a simulation’ theory as a real possibility.

(cricket sounds…cricket sounds…more cricket sounds…)

Here’s how you make that statement funny:

Now take these times! PLEASE!

They’re so surreal, I heard Picasso went back to painting realism just to be different.

How do I know Picasso’s still painting? I heard the CNN talking head, a woman named “Fred,” say so.

She didn’t give her source, so like a good, patriotic American, I know it must be true.

But don’t worry folks, I heard theorized by another uncorroborated but trustworthy source, my friend Samudro, that the “universe is a simulation.”

He told he once shared a park bench sitting between Dr. Albert Einstein and Dr. Robert Oppenheimer. They pressed Sam hard with facts and figures proving the universe IS a simulation.

“So what was it they said that made you a believer?” I asked.

“Oh it was nothing they said. They made me a believer before they even said ‘hello,’” Sam replied.

“Why is that?” I pressed.

“Simple,” shrugged Sam, “I had already recognized that they were a pair a’ docs!”

Are You Receiving Your HogueProphecy Bulletins?

hoguewrappedYou probably don’t know that your spam block programs or your server’s security programs are letting robots decide whether you get the online bulletins you freely choose to read. For instance, if you are already a subscriber to my free HogueProphecy Bulletins, you were sent eight bulletins in December and two more in January. If you received nothing from me then your robot programs are blocking me.

Please check your spam files for lost articles and customize your spam parameters so that it doesn’t mindlessly erase what you had a mind to read from me. The best way to ensure you get my bulletins is to resubscribe. I suggest you use Gmail. The other older big business server systems like AOL and Yahoo are more apt to dump e-Newsletters. Just go to this Resubscribe link. It’s very easy to rejoin.

I put out this message in earlier article sendings and already hundreds of Hogue readers have resubscribed. Welcome back everyone!

I hope this message helps rescue hundreds more of you from the clutches of mechanical, arbitrary censorship.

Click on the cover to purchase this printed edition. Or, go to and get the eBook version.

Click on the cover to purchase this printed edition. Or, go to and get the eBook version.



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