Is War with Iran Imminent? A Resumption of the Ukrainian Civil War: a Nuclear War Threat and a Geopolitical Chess Game. A Pence Presidency, can it happen? Hogue Premiers new Series on American Heroes Channel: How the World Ends. Madonna Meltdown is Cannon Fodder Feeding her Enemies and Time to strike the “Dumb” in Readers’ Dumbstruck by Hogue’s stance about Global Warming

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UkraineDonetskShellingDeadBodySnowDATELINE: 12 February 2017

WARNING! This is what you really should be concerned about: A Resumption of the Ukrainian Civil War can get Russia and America back on track for World War by November

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

One of my jobs as a futurist and forecaster is to alert you to future trends in current events that your Internet and Mainstream media sources can’t anticipate. If they could, they rarely present those trends in a balanced and objective way because they’re fanning the passions of misinformation that actually feed into something that is, after planetary climate change, the more immediate and unexpected danger. The US Military Surveillance Industrial Complex ties to co-op Trump into doing what a President Hillary Clinton was eager to do, contain Russia and China in a very aggressive version of intensifying the new Cold War that’s been going on since late April of 2014.

At this present time, the most important book I’ve written for you to read is A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce. It collects a handful of documented seers down through the centuries that foresaw, detailed and dated the advent of the First and Second World Wars. All, except one, predict with equal detail and dating a Third World War that catches humanity off guard because at that time leaders and their news networks are promoting geopolitical myths based on denial of realities. The West, lead by the powerful influence of the American Surveillance and Military Industrial Complex, is in search of resurrecting their successful business model that perpetuated for decades a cold war containment of the Soviet Union to be repeated against the Russian Federation that rose from the collapse of the Soviet Empire. What Washington billionaires are seeking is a cold and perpetual war business model that will generate for them similarly incredible profits as the last cold war did.

The world-war prophets like eighteenth-century Stormberger, sixteenth-century Nostradamus and others, see this second cold war going unexpectedly hot. Nostradamus gives two timelines; a short and long countdown to this unplanned for nuclear confrontation. The new cold war began with sanctions and NATO encroachment on the Russian frontiers in late April 2014 at the onset of the Ukrainian Civil War. What prompted this civil war was the overthrow of a Russian-sympathetic Ukrainian government by a neo-Fascist US and NATO supported new regime. Vladimir Putin countered it by grabbing the predominantly Russian-ethnic province of Crimea, taking it back into the Russian Federation because Moscow read rightly that the pro-NATO Kiev regime’s next move was. This US-NATO puppet regime would eventually end Ukraine’s lease on Russian bases in that strategic peninsula where their Black Sea Fleet has the only open access to warm water ports to their allies the Syrians and the rest of the world.

NATO’s encroachment and containment policies with Russia have been active since the Bill Clinton administration broke the verbal agreement made by US President George H.W. Bush and the last Premier of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev not to expand NATO east to the Russian frontiers. In 2007, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation declared in his speech before the G-20 in Munich, that there were “red lines” the US and NATO should not cross. Do not encroach into Georgia or Ukraine, or Russia would consider all options in retaliation.

NATO and US involvement in Georgian President Saakashvili military incursion into disputed South Ossetia, was countered by the Russian Army in August 2008, routing Georgian forces, pushing them back into Georgia and occupying that country for five days, making a point to Europe of temporarily cutting off their oil and natural gas lines coming through Georgia from Azerbaijan.

Obama talked red lines. Putin is a decisive doer when he draws lines you dare step over.

Then came the US manipulation of the Ukraine, Maidan revolution that set up a puppet neo-Nazi regime that threatened violence and war against eastern Ukrainians who are ethnic Russians. The latter started forming militias and prepared to defend themselves. They voted for autonomy in the Ukrainian union of provinces. Kiev responded by sending neo-Nazi militias on a crusade of massacre and terror alongside the Ukrainian regular army forces that systematically shelled civilians in sieges of cities in Lugansk and Donetsk. The Russian army answered by allowing thousands of their soldiers to “volunteer” to help their Russian brothers in Donetsk and Lugansk successfully push back two Ukrainian offensives. Both led to two negotiated ceasefires, the Minsk I and current Minsk II agreements. Minsk II was brokered by the French and German leaders. Obama and his then Secretary of State made a point not to be involved. The latter had been holding for roughly two years until patterns of behavior in Washington, Moscow and Kiev suddenly showed me telltale signs that forces in the US intelligence and Pentagon are now in play to subvert the new President Trump’s overtures of peace and reconciliation with Moscow and Putin.

Consider what happened in the days following last Saturday’s first-ever, hour-long phone conversation between President Trump and Vladimir Putin. A testing of the waters with action followed their very positive first meeting:

1.) Trump slightly loosens sanctions against the Russian intelligence services.

2.) Shortly after that, a few days later, President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine suddenly moves his heavy artillery, armored personnel carriers and heavy tanks into the demilitarized zone kept relatively peaceful for the last two years. He has openly broken the armistice agreement with a major military provocation. Ukrainian armored forces and heavy artillery batteries began shelling the suburbs of Donetsk, a city of one million people with indiscriminate artillery, heavy mortar and Grad missile barrages on unarmed civilians like happened before the Minsk agreements. The Novi Russian Ukrainian forces fire back in defense, prompting the US and EU media one again to play their old propagated claim that everything that’s happening is Russia’s fault without showing you the actual footage that clearly indicates the Ukrainian forces have resumed military action. They hope you’re boob-tubed brain has atrophied and you won’t be capable of asking a simple question: why would Putin open negotiations with Trump and immediately restart the civil war when Minsk I and the more successful Minks II were his initiated diplomatic efforts to bring a political solution to a problem no military move can fix?

PutinRussianFlagsdouble-headedEagles3.) Rather than take the bait, Vladimir Putin instead responds to the moderation of sanctions offered by President Trump by discovering and revealing something my intuition had already told you was the most likely Russian connection, if any, to the hacking of the Democratic Party emails in the summer of 2016. I had sensed—and recorded on these HogueProphecy pages—that a Russian double agent working for US Intelligence made it look like the hack was coming from Putin and the Kremlin, even though it hadn’t. The double agents of the CIA conspired to set the Kremlin up for the hacks coming from other non-state sources.

4.) Then came the Kremlin’s announcement that they had arrested two moles working inside the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, formerly the KGB in Soviet times).

One can be sure that these “moles” are not spies planted by Trump. They were working for the previous president of the United States. Obama had taken up the neoconservative and hawkish attitudes of former Secretary of State, and almost president, Hillary Clinton, to prosecute and aggressive espionage and military containment policy against the Russian Federation. Trump wants to pursue a strategic police that is 180-degrees from Obama/Clinton’s. So here’s what I think the four “gestures” mean in this new post-Obama/Clinton chess game with Russia:

MOVE ONE: phone conversation between Russian and American presidents set in motion the negotiation process that might lead to both lifting sanctions and improving the global economy, while coordinating and working together to completely end hostilities in Syria and Iraq by destroying the Islamic State.

MOVE TWO: Intelligence circles in the CIA, NSA and Pentagon who serve the industry of perpetual cold wars against Islamic State and the Russian Federation for profit and world hegemony see warming relationships and collaboration between Russia and America as bad for business. If successful, Trump and Putin shut down their most profitable war markets in the Middle East; and furthermore, ending the cold war with Russia destroys their greatest market of all.

Peace is very bad for business.

They’re not going to impeach or assassinate Trump just yet. Rather they’ll try to co-op him by creating “situations” that take escalation of tensions and conflict beyond any leader’s control. Operatives in US intelligence have, to my mind, activated their allies in NATO to get Poroshenko of Ukraine to resume hostilities. He knows he can’t win a war with Donetsk/Lugansk Novi Russian separatists because Russia will just surreptitiously funnel in a countering force of tanks, artillery and soldiers to fight side by side with the Novi Russian forces and check Ukraine’s offensive a third time.

What Poroshenko and US war-for-profit interests are hoping for is a Russian military buildup that will cool President Trump’s negotiations with Putin, making any coordination against fighting Islamic State harder to achieve. Thus these interests sustain the two current cold war containment business models ringing Russia and Islamic State throughout the Trump era like it did through Bush and Obama’s tenure.

CHESS MOVE THREE: This comes from Putin. Obviously all the raging in Washington about Russian hackers had this former KGB colonel and current Russian President shake down his own intelligence services. In short, all the noise from Washington has lead to Putin’s investigation of his own security operatives in the hunt for any moles that might be working for the US Military and Surveillance Industrial Complex that is dead set to first contain and unlimately overthrow the Russian Federation like it did the Soviet Union. Not right away of course, and not without allowing enough proxy little wars to burn and build huge arms deal profits.

The “Deep State” needs enemies to distract the American people. Keep them focused on bogeymen that are real, manufactured by the CIA or just made up entirely. Keep the fear alive and uniting the American people against existential and presumed threats requiring new weapons manufacturing and arms races that shower immense profits on a chosen few bellicose oligarchs of this power behind the power elites in Washington.

Putin, by discovering moles and showing them on television is sending a message to Trump: You have people in your own intelligence service that are not working for you but for their own strategic/economic ends. Warning! They’re out to sabotage you, me, and Russia and America becoming friends.

Russia and America were destined to become friends, so foretold Edgar Cayce, America’s most famous prophet, in readings delivered in 1934 through 1944. That US friendship would help Russia become, “The Hope of the World.”

That “hope” is a Russia that can bring peace to the Middle East and not be fooled by those in shadowy centers of real power behind their leaders in the West who think they can make a new cold war that doesn’t turn hot and apocalyptic this time.

DATELINE: 12 February 2017

People Pensive about a President Pence Potential Scenario

I’ve been on record saying that either a future with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump ran a high chance of not seeing them finishing their first term in office. Both were destined to weather scandals, health issues and impeachment, with one providing an additional horror potential: Clinton might have ended her presidency by destroying American and human civilization in a nuclear confrontation with Russia as early as this coming November.

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it's out.

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it’s out.

That scenario fortunately has been cut way back, but as my forthcoming book President Trump Predictions will show, the Nostradamus short countdown clock for a nuclear war no one expected, except a few of us seers, is still ticking. Trump’s way to war with Russia is detailed in Chapter Twelve of that book, entitled: Destroying ISIS all the way to Iran and World War III through a Back Door? The good new is, it will be harder for the Military Surveillance Industrial Complex to get Trump to play along than it would have been with Hillary Clinton.

What’s more likely is Trump’s impeachment by a bipartisan crusade to get him out of there. So Vice President Mike Pence becoming President Pence is a real possibility “if” Trump does not survive his first two years in office.

Robert has given word to what many of you have asked:

Hello John: You need to do the future for Pence…After the removal I predict that Pence will be much worse! You can bet money on it!

If that future happens Pence as president would pursue a domestic and foreign policy that mates Moral Majority Christian fundamentalism with Hillary Clintonian-hawkish neo-liberal and neo-conservatism. The danger of an eagerly pursued and direct military confrontation with Russia would be back on the table, now with a religiously Christian apocalyptic undertone added.

Al-Qaeda? Meet “Al-Christian” jihad Mike Pence.

ISIS? Meet “Christ”-IS.

DATELINE: 12 February 2017

Madonna is No Warrior. She is Emotional Cannon Fodder Fertilizing the Victories of her Enemies. Don’t be that Loser, my Friends

On the day after Trump was inaugurated the Women’s March to Washington took place. I was watching live on CNN (The “Clinton News Network?) when Madonna had taken the stage. CNN suffered a rare lapse in “Disney-fying” the news by making its so-called “live” feed a time delay, often of minutes to protect you from seeing and hearing real life until they can quick censor and edit. Apparently they made the mistake of running Madonna live. She hurled three F-bombs at Trump supporters and talked about how she wanted to bomb the White House. A pale Poppy Harlow on CNN pulled Madonna off air and made her apologies to the “Mickey Mouse” minded Democrat drones that were watching by the million.

Hopping Mad Donna’s verbal bomb throwing prompted the following interchange on my Facebook page. This is a more elaborated verison of what I said in the original discussion:

I can appreciate Madonna’s speech. Madonna’s anger is more honest.

So is Trump’s honesty generating more anger.

An idiot can be honest. There’s a place for honest catharsis, Christine. Madonna has a lot of anger. She should dump it in private. That would help her immensely. If she cleared that negativity in private she might be able to come to protest in a positive and centered way, empowered. She could then light real fires that burn lies rather than burn bridges to all those in a collective body that she presumed to tell to go F-off.

I suggest the same for you and anyone else who hates the new political reality. Cathart but do it in private. If you say “F*CK YOU!” in people’s faces, Christine, do you think those who differ with you will act like a Buddha in return?

You’ll get negativity back. And the circle of ire and anger will only grow.

I say, yes, be honest, but be intelligent too. Madonna suffers from having an exhibitionist egomania. I mean, what in the world was she doing days before the march posting on social media a photo of her shaved pubic mound to the world with the corporate Nike symbol made of henna stained on it like a fake tuft of pubic hair remaining? In her caption she tells girls to shave and shave alike the Nike shoe symbol as some symbol of the Women’s March. What is in her head? Girls slavishly shorn of their maiden hairs displaying the stamp of a corporate symbol on their most private parts?

Demonstrators at that march complain about Trump being a narcissist. What about Madonna?

She’s hurting this movement by being the feminine “Trump” with Trump’s equal ambition to get attention. Until she gets her heart and head strait, I suggest you don’t invite her to speak at the podium of these rallies. I mean, can you imagine Gandhi or Martin Luther King shaving their pubes for peace and sharing photos, then throwing F bombs at power?

The truth is that which works.

Madonna doesn’t work for your cause. She gets the attention, and you lose winning over people who voted for Trump. You need to find common ground with them to make your movement successful. Half the country is not with you. And without half the nation, this country is once again faced with what Lincoln mused about prior to the civil war: “A house divided cannot stand.”

Build bridges rather than build the egos that act like bitches. If being a bastard or a bitch worked I’d say, go for it. It doesn’t work.

I personally make an effort to not express negative emotions, although it is difficult. Madonna probably does more harm than good by expressing her anger, she is a warrior by nature, but just like Trump, she is revealing how much anger is in most peoples’ hearts. It’s important as you say to NOT express the anger openly, but there’s no denying the existence of the anger. Transforming any negative emotion is the act of a saint, and most people aren’t saints, we can only refrain from expressing. It’s not Trump’s expression of negativity or his narcissistic outbursts that are the problem. It’s what he does to all of us with his power. If he continues as he does so far, he will unleash a million Madonnas, and eventually civil war. Maybe we can hold our breaths until the 2018 elections. If we can vote the republicans out of office, there will be hope again.

Saints are also useless. Extremes are polarizing. Goody-gooody people are just as unhelpful as people vomiting their negativity in public. What is needed is a “real” radical idea in these polarized times—Equilibrium. A balance and measured personal power. Rage is disempowering. Fear also is disempowering. Phony saintliness is disempowering. Be centered, neither nice or angry. Bravery of a warrior is based on finding a balance with one’s fear “and” courage potential. Then decisively act.

Madonna is no warrior; she is emotional cannon fodder feeding her enemies. A true warrior is centered. He or she shoots straight, timing their sword blows with maximum effect. A true warrior wins the battle of mindset before combat is even engaged.

Wars are won or lost before battles are fought. Madonna’s public rages are like the blind charges and hurling attacks made by armies of defeated men, who surrendered the strategic initiative before they fired the first shot and got themselves encircled by superior maneuvering on the battlefield by their adversaries.

A successful warrior does not “fodder” the enemy’s chosen battlefield. He or she picks their battlefields. He or she picks the ground for a fight. Madonna stepped up to that podium during the women’s march on Washington the day after Trump was inaugurated and was already “defeated” by Trump before she even opened her mouth.

Nothing is more pathetic than a loser railing against the victorious. Her movement lost because it was badly led. The Clinton corporate machine suppressed the living heart of the Democratic voters, the Sanders movement. Your “army” of Democrats then marched behind a leader whom the majority of you did not trust. You chose the lesser of two evils. That’s always the choice a loser’s mindset makes. Not only did you choose the lesser of two evils but also the lesser of two campaigners. Trump chose the right battlefield states. Hillary Clinton did not, and handed Trump victory in the Electoral College before the “battle”—the 8 November 2016 Election Day—was at last engaged.

Ms. Madonna, the better campaigner won—Period.

Time to lick your wounds, stand up and face your mistakes without blaming the victors. Face it; you are a bob-tailed loser, buzz-cut pubes and all.

Now work towards becoming a winner.

First step, rage with all your being, but do this raging in private.

I have a wonderful Osho meditation for you, and anyone reading this passage.

Go in privacy into your bedroom. Get down on your knees with a pillow placed before you. Take another pillow in your hands. Beat the pillow on the floor with all your rage. Murder that pillow! Put all of your hatred and rage into hitting that pillow for 20 minutes.

First you will feel silly. That’s OK. Just go on acting like you are pillow-beating angry. At some point you’ll feel the real core rage rising from your belly and it won’t be acting anymore.

The Pillow Beating Meditation is SO beneficial! We all have murderous rage in us and we suppress it to remain capable of coping. Here’s your chance to let it all out on a harmless pillow and it will have exactly the same satisfying power that murdering a real enemy would give, only there’s no bad karma. No one but a bag of cloth and bird feathers is the victim.

You will feel a tremendous release of creative energy and intelligence that had been trapped by the suppressed rage. You’ll be cool and centered and from that place your communications and your demonstrations to the world will have compelling power.

On came Betty H. next. She gave me what for with her own Madonna meltdown.

It is all about GREED!!!!!!!!!!! These tyrannical leaders will do all they can to create havoc on this earth and kill everything. Many like Trump are power hungry and support greedy industry! He and those who think like this greedy pathological liar is the worst type of terrorist! If you support Trump you support terrorism. Delusional Donald has been in office 4 days and he is trying to dismantle every good environmental policy that is in place. Madonna is a saint compared to Trump! At least she is honest unlike Trump! You have the audacity to mention Madonna being angry, I have seen more anger coming out of the orange dick head more than I have seen of anyone! Nothing is wrong with anger, it is when it is used in a violent way and that is Trumps plan, to continue violating humankind and animal kind! Trump is using the most powerful job in the free world to butcher everything on this planet! And to that Nostradamus has foreseen the death of this nation and mother earths inevitable death if Trump rules this country! The world does not need more Histers!

Betty, you are also speaking the emotionally disempowering language of the defeated here. You’re not centered any more than Madonna is. That is why Trump is in power and those you voted for are out of power and all your use of !!!!!!!!!!!! in the world does not help you to win your cause even one exclaimed stroke.

If I were fighting you as a warrior, I would use your weakness to emotionally gush and flummox to my advantage. I’d hit you hard where you’re not thinking but emoting mindlessly, draining your aura. That’s what Madonna’s use of the F-bomb was doing to her, and by association, all the multitude of women and men demonstrating. She was giving the opposition the power to discredit her sincere protest gone vulgar and collectively judgmental against all those who disagreed with her. She empowered her enemies.

Already I see how emotion has fogged your understanding of what I said and your meltdown if I were fighting you, makes you look weak and childish to my calm and collected warrior stance.

I’d strike your walls of powerless !!!!!!!!!!!! put together.

Then I would point out how your anger has unbalanced you and made you misread what I said. You go back and look.

I said Madonna, you or anyone doesn’t need to be angry.

Not at all.

Be angry. Cathart! You need to so you can come back to your center and learn how to fight TO WIN your fights. I’ll write it again, be angry but be angry in private. Then come to this fight with Trump centered.

Do the pillow beating meditation 20 minutes a day for 21 days.

If you do it with totality, you will be transformed.

Consider the great rebels of the past. Gandhi NEVER came to the fight in anger. Martin Luther King never came to the fight emotionally upset and spewing his bile in public, like you and Madonna do. They succeeded where you will go on failing, because they were centered and resolved their emotional reactions harnessing their emotional power to a great political and oratorical affect that influenced masses of people to change the world for the better.

I’m giving you these pointers, Betty, so you can be a winner too, but I’m also giving these pointers and this pillow beating meditation to give you something far more important than winning “or” losing.

oshoseyesThe first revolution and the only revolution that matters, is the inner-revolution that makes you free of anger, fear, and conditioning by your “suiciety” as my teacher Osho used to call “Society.” The pillow beating meditation is just one of many I could freely share with anyone reading this to start your spiritual rebellion and liberation. Just Contact Me and write on the subject line: Meditation. I will send you links and information that can start your inner revolution.

What I’ve just offered is really all you need to receive form me. It is my greatest treasure that I bestow it upon you. Nothing that’s free has value. So I am “charging” you the time it takes to decide you want this information and the time you’ll take to be decisive in that wanting by writing me the email with “Meditation” in the subject line. My price is your “Yes” to commit yourself to this inner revolution, the only one that matters.

Hitler! (Betty’s one-word caption to her picture I’m describing below)

Is your picture of Trump doing his “Your fired!” finger in the air look for promoting Celebrity Apprentice isn’t working. It could be argued that your “Trumped-up” Hitler got into power because you don’t know how to empower yourself.

I can assure you with absolute certitude that if progressives don’t begin to process of looking at themselves and taking COMPLETE responsibility for getting your projected “Hitler” nightmare into power, your movement will die with a whimper like the Christian Democrats in the Weimar Republic whimpered to silence before the rise of Hitler in the early 1930s. You have a great opportunity to look at your anti-Trump movement and turn it into a pro-America movement.

A loser has a habit of identifying with what they are against. This is a subtle slavery. You empower Trump by being anti-“Trump.” Become masters of yourselves. Empower your narrative and ignore Trump like Trump powerfully and effectively ignores the press.

Tell America what you are for. What will you “do”? How will you protect people’s health care and civil liberties. Don’t turn your ideas into a contrast that keeps advertising your enemies. BE THAT POSITIVE CONTRAST with nary a word about Trump. If you go on living in F*ck you mode, your F*cked.

Betty then posted the meme with a Monkey being handcuffed by human hands with this Albert Schweitzer quote: “Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living beings, humanity will not find peace”

To which I replied: Nice but phony words.

I’m not here to cuddle any of you but to help you rise to the challenges of our times and find a positive warrior path to success.

Always start from your reality. No matter how hard that is to face.

Reality one: Betty, you have no compassion for Trump. Your very stance, by you words filled with emotional outbursts and condemnation for the man, clearly tells me that Trump is not accepted by you as a “living human being” worthy of your compassion.

It is easy to be compassionate to your friends. Real compassion arises when you see that deep down you are not less in the dark than your enemies. You then see that you are one with all. That even Hitler is like you. When you look deep into things you become aware viscerally and energetically that you “are” everyone else you love or you hate.

Stop being this little, victimized-identified monkey in your picture, Betty. Beware of the martyr’s ego; it is no different than Trump’s ego—just passive-aggressive. That goes for all who give this picture a “thumbs up.”

There is an ego trait in us that loves to feel good about being a slave, a martyr, a masochist. Even victimhood feeds the ego. Have compassion for the monkey “and” the men who bind her. You are both equally in the dark feeding a cycle of sadomasochism. Seeing this as it is happening in you, through a meditative self-observant witnessing, an understanding awakens that can break you free of being a masochist unconsciously in search of a sadist.

By your definition Trump is no warrior. You’re pathetic Hogue.

Eric, warriors win. Your movement has lost. I’m trying to help you become a winner against Trump. Your verbal brush-off of my efforts to help is illuminating. It shines a light on you escaping and avoiding an encounter with what I have said to Christine and to Betty. It’s you shutting down, Eric. Off-handed rejection is a gesture of fear.

Failure is familiar to us. We gain some weird and unconscious consolation being losers. But when Existence offers us a chance to succeed, it is surprising what can emerge from our subconscious.

It is a fear of Success.

Success and victory can be frightening possibility to behold. As long as you are a loser, you can surrender your responsibility to fate, unfair society, and everyone you fought against except critique your “self.”

If you have a true “yes” to being successful in any endeavor, there can be a subtle threat of fear hiding behind it, ready to sabotage your success.

Success requires your complete “response” ability. You can blame failure but you cannot blame Victory on others.

In victory you stand alone. In defeat you are consoled by a multitude of fellow losers who never risked facing the fear and the responsibility of success.

I speak from experience and happily toss this pearl before you. How you digest it can be illuminating. It can help you be a warrior. Whether Trump is a warrior or not is not the point. Are “you” ready to rise, to fight the centered fight, and put an end to your emotional meltdowns in public and your lazy brushoffs that comfort and ammunition to your enemies?

DATELINE: 12 February 2017

war-with-iran-cover-200x133-12-5kbRead Nostradamus: The War with Iran The Time is now More than Ever

I was hoping after we all passed Nostradamus’ astrologically dated time window of August/September 2016 that we put the highest likelihood of a US-Iranian war forever behind us. The initial actions of the new President Trump would hint that he’ll make good some of his most threatening campaign promises. He used his powers of executive order to place economic sanctions on Iran for test firing their regional ballistic missiles, an outright affront to the nuclear agreement Obama made with Tehran.

Trump made it clear that he thought the agreement was one-sided and the worst deal he ever saw made. He’s soon to post a second carrier strike force on station to patrol the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf out of which 20 percent of the world’s oil and natural gas is shipped. Washington and Tehran are now playing a game of provocation and bluff, with the Iranians trying to probe just how much they can poke the blond buffalo in the White House, who is not at all speaking softly, but rather bellowing-bellicosity, while carrying a big bomb stick.

Will this be gunboat diplomacy, Trump style? Is Trump in the near future actually going to tear up the agreement and demand harsher terms, staring through the bomb sights of an overwhelming airstrike threat as his first “offer” in this negotiation?

I have a whole chapter dedicated to this issue in my forthcoming book President Trump Predictions. I’m completing it in the next month. In the meantime my book on Iran is available now. It is a must read for all Hogue readers because it may anticipate a potential future we must avoid. A confrontation Nostradamus foresaw in detail. Trump has reactivated this potential future playing a bold and dangerous game of businessman’s brinksmanship. If he should slip, Trump will “melt” and “sink” a fleet of US ships “in the Arabian Gulf.” That’s what Nostradamus and other sixteenth-century contemporaries called it—what we call the “The Persian Gulf.”

Read this overview of Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse that you will find posted on the sales pages of all print and eBook distributors:


The true measure of a book of prophecy is found when the lengthening passage of time from its publication sees its forecasts only gain credibility as if they were written ever in the present, catching the trends of current events years ahead.

This is such a book, first released two years ago in October 2012 and reissued now just when it seems a thawing of 33 years of enmity has begun between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran. This last chance at peace was anticipated in its pages. Will the birth of hope for that peace dissolve at last its lurking shadow of horror: a war foreseen in the utterances of prophets too horrible to fulfill?

All eyes today look to US and NATO forces eventually finding either excuse or just cause to fully enter the bloody quagmire of civil war in Syria, yet the visions of the 16th-century Seer, Nostradamus warn that Syria is not even the main event. Iran is next and in all of world-renowned prophecy expert John Hogue’s 30 years of studying Nostradamus’ prophecies, he has rarely seen so many clear inferences and warnings that oncoming war is at hand. Nostradamus’ astrology has dated it for the mid-decade. The prophet’s verses of foresight describe the future naval clashes in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz called by their 16th-century names. The Iranian flag’s abstract red tulip symbolizing Islamic martyrdom is described as is the US Navy Jack belonging perhaps to a fleet that will be “melted and sunk” and sent to the bottom of the “Arabian” (Persian) Gulf.

Is it the US Navy? Is it the Iranian navy of “Ishmaelites” charging out of bases along the shores of “Carmania”, the 16th-century name gives describing for the Iranian coastline of the hotly contested Strait of Hormuz through which 20 percent of all the world’s oil exports pass?

If there is war with Iran, oil production and transport will be disrupted. If the fiat global economy has not already busted its own balloons of phony growth before 2016, Nostradamus forecasts the use of a new and terrible weapon—the “Money Weapon”—to render valueless Armageddon’s checkbook.

No one reading this right now, no one living on this planet, will be immune to the consequences of this war. See how Nostradamus has nearly come into the clear with his cryptic visions hinting openly about what lurks in the shadows of the Future’s possibilities so that we can forestall this greatest of Middle Eastern wars from happening in the eleventh hour with the light of peace and human intelligence.


Order the printed edition HERE. Here also is a list of all the eBook distributors. Click on your favorite:

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DATELINE: 12 February 2017

Hogue on Premier Episode of a Brand New AHC Channel Series

I play a major part in the premier, opening episode of American Heroes Channel’s new series How the World Ends: (Episode One) Nostradamus. It will air at 7 and 10 pm Sunday night (2 February 2017). Check your local listings. It will be sandwiched between another two-hour series I did several years ago for Discovery Channel: Nostradamus Decoded (5 and 8 pm).

I filmed my Nostradamus episode at the end of June last year. I’m currently working on two more TV productions this month with a third waiting in the wings. I’ll keep you posted when these will air. It takes no Nostradamus to predict that the way current events are quickening us on a journey into a revolutionary future, my appearances on television and social media will only increase.

I had a real good taping of the Nostradamus episode of the How the World Ends Series. I hope the final version will retain that magic in the final edit. Either way I’ll do a review of the show for you when I can. I won’t tell you what we did, but I’m hopeful they’ll end with an inspiring “alternative” vision of Nostradamus that indicates this world coming to an end in the distant future grants future humanity an unexpected “blessing” and opportunity. Many of you veteran Hogue readers probably can guess from my hints what I’m talking about.

DATELINE: 12 February 2017

Global Warming and being Dumbstruck about Hogue’s Stance on it: Time for your “dumb” to be lovingly “struck”

John, I have followed your blog for several years now, and have purchased several books. Needless to say, I have enjoyed following you as you “peer into the future”. However, I have always been dumbstruck by your willingness to give credibility to the “climate warming” meme. Over the past dozen years or so, there have been several scientists that have come forward with proof that the data has been manipulated. Now we have a very prominent NOAA scientist gone whistleblower. Here is the link in case you missed it: I am interested in hearing your take on this. Furthermore, there is strong and irrefutable evidence that temperatures are cyclical rather than a result of mankind’s abuse of the environment. If you do some further study, I think you will find that we are entering a mini ice age (hopefully mini). What say you?

Hi Dale! Thanks for reading my books and I appreciate your comment/question and criticism. You can read the conclusions to my 25-year study about whether we are heading for a new Ice Age in the final, large essay in my book Ten Predictions 2016 and the Fire and Ice Prophecies.

The link you gave doesn’t actually look at the science. Rather it presents look at two radio hosts on The Blaze who don’t even know the difference about what heats the climate, CO2 or Ozone. They said Ozone (wrong). These two semi-science literate good ole boys are not a good “first impression” supporting your critique, Dale.

Their four-plus minute presentation rivals the Russian Hack story: a whole lot of sound and fury, accusations flying like cat hair, but not a smidgen of evidence to back these claims. This is the right-wing-nut version of the Russian Hack Left wing-nut, story. A lot of bluster for political advantage and no facts.

Fact: Dr. John Bates disagreed with his superiors about releasing the NOAA report when they did, before the Paris Accords. Non-Fact, the two hosts on the show accuse NOAA of giving shoddy evidence that The Pause after 1998 where global temperatures plateaued was actually false. That is not what Bates said and the script they were chuckling and chortling over was taken off Google. These guys don’t even cite the interview Bates gave, or the tabloid wherein it was published. I explain why The Pause is false in the final essay of the above book. You all should read that book. As the essay is a timeless conclusion and nearly half the short eBook, I suggest you all look beyond the ten predictions for 2016 and read my important finding.

Now then, Dr. Bates was overruled by his superiors at NOAA. That’s a fact. Those reasons that The Blaze boys on radio overlooked are reported, see links below.

Here’s another FACT, Dr. Bates does not claim global warming is a “hoax” or not caused by human fossil fuel emissions. He has doubts that global warming is speeding up. Again, that’s the shock talk good ole boys of radio making that claim.

Bates has NEVER claimed that Dr. Thomas Karl and his team of scientists had intentionally selected data and corrections with the intent of exaggerating global warming. On 7 February 2016 in an interview with EE News, Bates explicitly stated his actual concern: “The issue here is not an issue of tampering with data, but rather of timing of a release of a paper that had not properly disclosed everything it was.”

In the Snopes article (see link below) that takes on all claims of tabloid reporter David Rose’s article with facts and sources, Dr. Karl pointed out that Bate’s only role in the global warming paper was to organize the internal review process, during which time there were no such conversations regarding their use of ERSSTv4 ever took place. (ERSSTv4 stands for the sea dataset used by Thomas Karl and his colleagues — known as Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperatures version 4).

Even the David Rose “whistleblower” article has Dr. Karl explaining the same:

“[There were] no discussions, nor emails to me. Dr. Bates was asked to coordinate the internal review of the paper (I am not sure who made the request) since this was normally handled by Tom Peterson, but he was one of the authors. The responsibility of the coordinator for the internal review is to identify an individual within the [National Centers for Environmental Information] who could review the paper and pass those comments back to the authors for their response. In our case, there were no comments by the reviewer.”

Neither John Bates nor David Rose returned Snopes reporter Alex Kasprak’s requests for a rebuttal to the above.

Now that you’ve seen a couple overweight radio show shock jocks be your source for this report, I would like you to read that Snopes article NOAA Scientists Falsely Accused of Manipulating Climate Change Data: A Tabloid used testimony from a single scientist to paint an excruciatingly technical matter as a worldwide conspiracy.

Now back to you, Dale. I see that you are honestly “dumbstruck” by my stance on Global Warming over the years. I have had this stance since 1973 when I was a junior in high school. It is the talent of those who can anticipate the future that they will be quite ahead of you and most others in what they see. You’ll be understandably attracted to my glimpses of the future that you harmonize with, however, the real test is staying open to those visions from an accurate oracle that “go against” your views. That’s the real test for you and any other dedicated reader of me over 30 years.

I seek to make my readers “dumb struck” so I can “strike” what is “dumb” in their misunderstanding. I only do this to lovingly help my readers.

I say to you, Dale, and to all others similarly “dumb struck”: Climate change is happening because of human influence through the use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Age began a few centuries ago. Even Dr. Bates is not a climate change denier, he’s just upset about a procedural issue but apparently when his accusations are questioned doesn’t want to speak. I won’t speculate why.

I will say this, 98-percent of the scientific community accepts this fact in the data collected.

Those handful of scientists, ever dwindling, who deny global warming being human-made are invariably lone-wolf loose cannons, or openly financed by fossil fuel industrial interests like those paid scientific hacks for the tobacco industry who spent decades on TV proclaiming that cigarettes didn’t cause cancer.

I say unto you! Eventually truth hatches out. You can politicize it. You can spend $900 million dollars a year trying to spread misinformation, like the fossil fuel moguls the Koch brothers, that climate change isn’t human induced. In the end, nature doesn’t care what you or I think. Nature will respond to “the reality” and all will be made to suffer for it.

You, Dale, will be made to suffer the consequences of denial of the scientific fact. I wish it were not true but I foresee you and me, all of us, will suffer the consequences of what heating the world’s atmosphere and oceans can do to our lives.

A giant human potential lies asleep. That potential to rise up and change this future and alter what we use to fuel our civilization. Remember this, all sleeping giants eventually are awakened, by deep shocks if necessary, by “Pearl Harbor” events. It is good, in a way that Trump is feeding climate change denial and suppressing the science. He is hastening the “Pearl Harbor” moment in the next two years. The shock of the disasters to befall America are now necessary to awaken the sleeping giant of American potential. It is terrible what will come but it is also “good” that it should come to shock you, Dale, and me and all Americans to face THE TRUTH. The climate is warning. We are the cause of it. We are the problem. Now these shocks might wake us up to become “the answer.”

[Dale replied to the first round and here is my response.]

I know you are a busy man, so I appreciate your response. I should have stated, that although I am a doubter of “Global Warming”, I do believe that mankind has had a hand in ushering in “Climate Change”, at least to a small degree. I find it interesting that those that were pushing the “Global Warming” message, have changed their message to “Climate Change”.

I use both terms but the record shows I use “climate change” as a bridge to taking people to what it really is, “Global Warming.” The former term is becoming PC. I’m not PC. The truth is never PC.

One way or the other, I believe (especially when one considers the players), that the impetus for all of this is profit related….i.e. a carbon tax.

Yes, a carbon tax is one of many laws with teeth and international scope that must be enacted. I’m on record calling the Paris Accord a sham. If Trump drops America out of it, it is no great loss because an international accord without legal teeth and economic consequences is just a very bad joke that leads the world onto thinking something constructive is going on to curtail the heating of the planet. It is not. But if Trump leaves it at that, then he’s setting up himself for personal tragedy and collective tragedies for the American people in the coming two years because the globally warmed natural disasters coming are going to be “biblical”, I’m sorry to say.

I still find it interesting that there have been multiple experts that have come forward with information that indicates a manipulation of the data. Why, if therewas no profit motive, would these people be manipulating the data?

Check your premises, Dale. Dr. Bates is one scientist out of thousands at NOAA having a dispute and it isn’t even against climate change, just a procedural problem. Clear the fog of “dumb” out of your critical thinking and you won’t be “struck” in surprise at what I’m saying. There are exceedingly few scientists refuting what the world scientific community understands. Many of them are employed to do so by fossil fuel interests seeking an unscientific finding—like cigarettes don’t cause cancer, because if the truth can’t be suppressed about what we’re doing to the planet, they will be out of business. They are fighting for their lives and life styles while they are destroying our future.

Scientists are human beings. Some will apply their talents for money to perpetuate a fraud. (Cancer vs. cigarettes, all over again.) Only this time the planet’s ecosystem is threatened with a kind of planetary “cancer.” You, Dale, and all those you love are threatened by fake science from fossil fuelers.

I guess, based on your aforementioned time-line, we won’t have long to wait. If this is a legitimate threat to mankind, we can only hope that those who are in a position to bring about positive changes, are able to do so.

The danger is, global warming is like an avalanche. It moves slowly. The pressures build, and then suddenly the avalanche is rolling down the mountain and all one can do in its path is ride it out until it is through.

The time we can stop this avalanche in its creeping stage of rising temperatures is running out.

Trump is playing on the edge of the snowdrift, believing there’s no avalanche danger. When he’s rolling down the mountainside with it, and America and the world coming along for the ride, stopping global warming will no longer be the issue. Adapting our civilization to survive in a climatologically harsher world will be in play. Much will be left to ruin. Many of us won’t make it.

At a certain tipping point, humanity may not be able to stop this avalanche of planetary warning that could last for centuries.

Thanks for writing. Sorry I have to leave this at such a scary place. But there it is and here we are tampering with the balance of nature that for the past 10,000 years has been balanced and gentle enough to let us become civilized. Now we’re heading back to the epochs of a “Hard” Earth.



If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


GLORIA: Congrats on your TV shows! I see you becoming even more “mainstream” and “household name” – I just do. And I can’t wait cuz it’s not just the things you say, but the way you think that needs to be out there 🙂 Lately people have been influenced to just fill in the blanks, and there’s been so many blanks. We need to share how thoughts are formed, and I’m just saying, through your writing that’s just one huge factor that I really do appreciate 🙂 You go girl!!

HOGUE: Thank you, Gloria. My “inner girl” is all motherly aglow and goddesslike. I understand what you mean. I’m “great-full” you recognize this in what I do. The ultimate “blank” is the “unconsciousness” under which most people live their lives as sleepwalkers. I try to “fill” these blanks with another possibility. The potential of awakening.



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