New John Hogue Books Planned for the Year 2017

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Here is The Great American Eclipse, one of up to nine books I have planned or currently have in the works for this protean year of 2017. Now that I successfully cared and helped my mother liberate herself from this world, my energies can return fully to the production of books for you, with your support.

Last year under the final throes of full-time care-giving I miraculously managed to create and publish for you three books: Ten Predictions 2016 and the Fire and Ice Prophecies, my epic expansion of Nostradamus and the Antichrist, and my most autobiographical work sharing many secrets about my life and medium work in Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11.


Click on the cover and read more about this important book.

Now prepare yourself for NINE new books in 2017! See a brief description of them below.

Donations have been thin this month but I’m hoping we’ll have a turnaround as January shifts to February, because we’re about $1,000 short of our minimum needs. All we need is ten of you who can donate $100 or 20 who can donate $50.

Are there just 40 of you who will step up now with $25 and you keep us financially afloat? If you have been helped and illuminated by articles here at Hogueprophecy and books please donate HERE.

This is what your investment will help bring into the world in the year 2017:

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it's out.

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it’s out.

President Trump Predictions

At the moment I’m three weeks engrossed with daily and diligently outline/roughing this book which began small and is now going to be a large, detailed, and one of the most unique books coming through my typing fingertips. Like with my first and highly accurate forecasts in Trump for President: Astrological Predictions, this book will try to do what few, I think, have achieved in any genre. I’m going to find “Insight’s” middle way to shine a fair and balanced light on the man who is becoming, for better and worse, a catalyst for the new era of revolution whether he knows it or not. Brace yourselves for EVERYTHING undergoing change, including all your concepts of left or right, conservative or progressive political mindsets.

This book documented Trump's alternative future victory over a year before it happened. Click on the cover and get a glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

This book documented Trump’s alternative future victory over a year before it happened. Click on the cover and get a glimpse into his presidency from the most fair and balanced forecast book on Trump.

Great Saturn’s cycle is coming to its climax in the next ten years. All the systems of politics, social stances and religious dogmas you have known for 500 years will all break down before they can be renewed. Trump, mostly unknown to himself—and you who freak out about him, mostly unknown to your “selves”—have set this evolutionary travail into motion. This is the most challenging book I’ve ever tried to get out of the way and let come through, and I promise it will be the most positively challenging one you have yet read coming out of me.

I’ve been testing my ideas and am happy to announce that this book may help many of you find a positive way to be a part of this great change coming and celebrate thus what Chaos will give birth to. It will help many of you see a different way to petition, demonstrate and communicate with your new president in ways that can best help you “and him” make his sojourn of two or four or even eight years in office a mostly positive one for all.

I can’t tell you exactly when this book will be published, but I’m aiming to have it get to you sometime in February. Please go to this page to read more about the book and get on my notification list when it’s available by Contacting Me at this link and putting one word in the subject line: Trump.

P2017-2018-Cover-thumb-125x188-36kbPREDICTIONS 2017-2018:
Years of Crisis and Breakthrough

Once the new Trump book is finished, I “at last” give the long delayed “Predictions 2017-2018” my full time. Prepare yourself for the largest download of pure forecasts and predictions you have yet enjoyed in any of my biannual almanacs of the future thus far. I cover nearly all and everything possibly coming in every corner of the world in the next 24 months. The new time frame for these forecasts begins on 20 March 2017 all the way to 20 March 2019.


You will encounter as many fundamental and complete breakdowns of old political, social and economic systems as were witnessed a century earlier in the year of the great Russian Revolution of 1917 and the collapse of a European-centric world with the fall of 500-year old empires in 1918 at the close of the First World War. This led at last to 1919, the year of the Versailles Treaty that redefined a new and alien modern world that was not the end but a prelude to even greater whirlwinds of change yet to come.

Although the details will not be the same, we are, in essence, about to embark on a roller coaster ride of upheaval and change as significant—if not more significant—than 1917-1919. This book has been delayed the most by care-giving for my mother in her final days, but strangely enough, the delay has locked it into a time window of tomorrow that is better timed for your benefit than what I had originally planned.

If you haven’t already done so, please donate $12.50 or a little more to get on the list and receive a PDF download of the donors only, expanded edition with the essay “We are All Made of God Stuff” included as well as other extras. Just put 2017 in the memo list at the Paypal donation page, or email me at:

Put 2017 in the subject line.

I don’t know when it will be finished but I think it will be completed in March or early April.

For the Real New Year: Spring 2017-to-Spring 2018

While working on Trump2, I’ve laid out the aspect foundation for a revolutionary astrology book idea that breaks us free from the arbitrary and unnatural way we celebrate the solar year. In this book of 12 months of astrological predictions, I take you back to the future, to a more natural understanding. The birth of a year ought to be celebrated at the time when winter ends and life returns to the world every spring. The book divides the 12 months into three-months times four seasons, restoring the calendrical year to a natural sequence. The new humanity coming will rework their calendars to honor this natural life cycle of a year. Have a taste of how time will be set right by reading this book.

I’ll have this short but informative out in March or early April 2017.

BabaVangaWithRosebunchBABA VANGA:
Prophecies and Myths

Many Hogue readers have been waiting for my take on this blind Bulgarian prophetess and I will produce for you at last my conclusions that attempt to separate the many myths about what she predicted and present what is truly her accurate visions of our times and not the propagation of Internet pretend prophets.

Estimated release date: Summer 2017.

ZombieProphecies-CellphoneHandCemeteryTHE ZOMBIE PROPHECIES

Zombies are real. The Zombie Apocalypse is also real. It has been foreseen. The problem is, we have a fundamental misunderstanding, natural to the mindset of zombies, not to recognize “who they are.” This short book will illuminate us and reveal why humanity, especially in modern times, has had such a fascination with playing zombies at Halloween and spending billions of dollars watching Zombie movies. It’s because their time has come and it is time for us to recognize once and for all who they are and how we can prevent their auto-suicidal future.

Estimated release date: Halloween 2017.

StPetersVaticanHitbyLightningTHE LAST POPE: And the Coming Age of the Holy Spirit

This year I hope to bring in two long-awaited epic books into the world. This is the first one. It is a large-scale expansion of my bestselling 1998 book The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome. The new edition will completely update the papal prophecies of medieval Irish Saint Malachy up to and through Pope Francis, along with including the most accurate but rebellious Catholic prophets of the past millennium and their take on the Catholic version of the Apocalypse. Their understanding is in many ways quite different from the Protestant view, although no less illuminating in its End Time slant.

“Apocalypse” in Ancient Greek means “lifting the veil”—enlightenment. We cannot clearly see what’s truly waiting beyond the barrier of “this side”—if at all—until it is lifted. Some rebellious seers of the Catholic faith, such as near contemporary to St. Malachy, Joachim de Fiore, might have spied a glimpse beyond the veil of a new evolution of Christ’s message that may not correspond to what is popularly anticipated when a “new heaven and a new earth” comes.

I hope to have this book out later in the year.

American-Eclipse-Cover-thumb-125x188-22kbTHE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE:
Earthquake and Tsunami—21 August 2017

Total Eclipses seem to trigger seismic events upon the lands their shadows touch. On 21 August this year, the lower 48 states of America will have a solar eclipse draw its mysterious shadow line over four of the United States’ five most active seismic and tsunami-generating quake zones. Are the prophetic tales that America is the reincarnation of Atlantis true? And are we about to suffer for our arrogance the same fate of the advanced Atlanteans who witnessed their island empire destroyed by earthquakes, tsunamis and natural disasters? What will really happen, if anything, in the weeks and few months following America passing under the shadow of the Moon?

Watch for this short but powerful book coming out later this spring.

HitlerColorSwastikaNurnbergflamesTHE PROPHECIES OF ADOLF HITLER

“I have not come to praise Hitler but to bury him!”

This the first line of this book of final lessons yet unlearned at a time when Fascism is returning in a new corporate form. It is time to learn what may be the most important history lesson about Adolf Hitler’s from a source left altogether untapped, his accurate and documented predictions which, unfortunately for us, make him the most significant and important prophet of the Twentieth Century.

This book has been in detailed outline form since 2005. Major publishers like Samuel Wiser almost picked it up for international publication but in the end all lost their nerve.

I’m sure this book, being such an original new take on this popular topic, will be misunderstood by some as pro-Hitlerian. It is not!

The problem stems from people being conditioned to believe that the gift of prophecy is divine and therefore only good people make great prophets. Not so, as this book will document. Evil genius can also see accurately into the future and few evil men have done a more chillingly accurate job than the greatest mass murderer in History.

This dark prophet of tomorrow even anticipated things one would not expect from the evil mind of the father of Nazism and the Holocaust. For instance, Hitler was way ahead of the times predicting the danger of global warming. He anticipated the New Age movement, as well as committed a number of subtle and heretofore-unknown crimes against concepts of the Superman, genetic engineering and eugenics that may have delayed their positive advent for centuries unless we begin seeing them beyond the way Hitler poisoned our attitudes about that future.

Hitler documented his visions in speeches, in his book Mein Kampf and in hundreds of transcribed conversations with intimates in his inner circle during the halcyon days of his rapid conquest of Europe when it was believed in Germany his every word should be recorded for posterity because it came from the next great world conqueror rivaling Alexander the Great or Napoleon Bonaparte.

In speeches and Mein Kampf are documented visions of a man confident his enemies wouldn’t read his predictions. Hitler had no qualms about sharing his secrets in the clear how he would come to power, exterminate the Jews—an additional 40 million Slavs– to create an Aryan Eurasian empire out of what was western Europe, Britain and the western half of the Soviet Union. He described in great detail what that alternative future would look like. This book will bring his vision back to life so that we can be reminded why it is so important to stop such men from being successful.

This book asks today’s readers not to make the same mistake people did before World War II. Hitler was not only predicting how he would and nearly did overthrow the world’s democratic nations. He foresaw how his movement would rise again in a new form and that time is upon us.

This book will be out later this year. I have long bided my time, waiting for the moment to release it. That moment has come.

DistantFutureRoadwithBlueNeoWallsA FUTURE BEYOND DEMOCRACY:
The Future of Politics in the next 1,000 Years

This is the first relatively short but potent installment of many future prophecy manifestos planned that takes one important theme and looks far into the distant future at its evolution from today, down through the next 700 to 1,000 years. What we proudly hail as “Democracy” and an end all of political evolution is actually not the end but only the beginning of five major evolutions of human politics over the next 1,000 years.

I have a treasure trove of distant future prophecy books to share with you in non-fiction and fiction formats that will take you into future ages in detail and with breathtaking scope that I contend no prophecy watcher or forecaster has ever attempted. To make this so I need your support. Please Donate whatever you can to this important and unique work coming through me that opens a window to all of your potential tomorrows. Thank you.

I’m excited also to announce that I will release in print ALL of the eBooks I’ve published since 2008 this year.

Thanks again for your support!

Now here again is a list of all the new eBook distribution choices you now enjoy with the new year:

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies. Find out also just exactly "what" is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.

Click on the cover receive the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies. Find out also just exactly “what” is the Antichrist Unconscious, the core conspiracy set against our bliss and happiness.


Trump-Clinton Polls Tighten

Trump Apology

Orlando Terror Attack
Ataturk International Airport Attack
J Krishnamurti: Identification-Source of all violence
Athabasca Oil Sands will burn up the Sky
“O Can the Duh,” Canada about my O Canada Parody
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I predict: Hillary Clinton Democratic Nominee
Christopher Hitchens, part-time Intellectual Fraud
Is Trump Mabus
Future of the Paris Climate Change Agreement
Bernie Sanders Prediction
Iran Deal Implemented
The Paris Terror Attacks
The Third Intifada Future
The Russians in Syria
The Immigrant Invasion of Europe
Bernie Sanders ascending
Hillary Clinton fades and rebounds
Donald Trump Predictions
The Third Greek Bailout
The TPP Passing
The Grexit Referendum
ACA Here to stay?
ISIS Dirty Bomb
Hillary Clinton for President?
Dolores Cannon Fodder
Future of the TPP
Dog’s Anus Jesus
San Andreas the Movie, and Nostradamus
Nostradamus World War Two Prophecies
British Election Prediction Success
Baltimore Riots
Nepal Quake
The Future of Israel under new Netanyahu Government
Iran Deal on nuclear program
São Paulo Drought
Hogue Astrology Predictions 2015
The Grexit
ISIS Refugee Threat
No snow no show for Iditarod?
Minsk Agreement
Ukrainian Civil War Ceasefire
Inhofe’s Fake Russian Photos
Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack
Cuba Embargo lifted?
The Interview and North Korean Sony Incident
Freedom from the Grid
The Russians are Coming
Arctic Blast
Iranian Nuclear talks
Ferguson and the American Intifada
One Bird Flu over the Global Human’s Nest?
Swine Flu Makes Pigs Fly
EU Parliamentary Elections 2014
New Libyan Civil War
Ukrainian Election Equals Maidan Three Revolution
Putin Pivot to China
Deal of a Century
Net Neutrality Threatened—what you can do!
Antarctic Ice Shelf Meltdown
New Cold War
Obama Mabus?
Russia Victory Day Massacre
Mariupol Massacre
Odessa Massacre
Donetsk Referendum
Hogue on Coast to Coast AM sounds WWIII Alarm
The Grand Cross Crisis
RT (Russia Today) the Facts and Western Fantasies
Ukrainian Fascists Rule Kiev
Right Sector, the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi terror
Svoboda (Ukrainian National Socialist Party)
John Kerry Exposed
Shostakovich, Music for our times of Stormy History
Obamacare Prophecy Fulfilled
John Kerry Skull and Bones Ukraine
The Coming Revolution of Decentralization
The Crimea Breakaway
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
Ukraine Crisis
Nostradamus Mabus Antichrist Prophecies
Four Blood Moons and Israel
Polar Vortex
Nostradamus Predicted US Defeat in Iraq
Fukushima Prophecies
Iranian Peace Talks
Hopi Prophecies of the Great Purification
Nostradamus Syrian Prophecy
Sylvia Browne Remembered
Senkaku Conflict
The Future of Politics
Prophecies for 2014
Obama Care Scare
Storm Flood Prophecies
US Debt Ceiling Crisis Ended by Women
Pope Francis Prophecies
Syria Joke Diplomacy of John Kerry
Egyptian Revolution
Ayn Rand Prophecies
Obama Snowden Job
PRISM Scandal


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.



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