War with Iran! The American Astrological Reckoning on Inauguration Day, 20 January 2021. What Makes Trump the Evangelical Christian Chosen One? Hogue’s Britain Brexit Election Fulfilled, Why this happened. The Many Ways Global Warming Could Suddenly End. Impeachment Choke. Kim Kimchee North Korean Predictions and the last Prophecies for 2020 tendered on New Year’s Eve 2019 including a last-minute EMERGENCY REPORT on US-Iran tensions suddenly at an all-Time High and why!

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George Noory Live: Everett Here We Come Again
The Historic Everett Theatre, Everett, Washington
Saturday, September 26, 2020 – 5p-8p

  • Radio To Stage – Enjoy The Grand Experience!

Join us on Saturday evening, September 26, 2020 for a show like no other as we take over the beautiful Historic Everett Theater for a jam packed night of fun and conversation.


  • Bigfoot Expert, Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology – Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum
  • Investigator & Author of “Missing 411” – David Paulides
  • Expert on Mysticism, Prophecy, & The Occult – Rogue Scholar John Hogue
  • John will do readings for a few audience members picked at random
  • Live Band…………………….…Audience Participation
  • Meet & Greet to immediately follow the show
Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, Chief of al-Quds IRGC Special Forces Assassinated in DECAPITATION strike by US Attack Helicopter Strike in Iraq this Thursday 2 January 2020. This means WAR with Iran.

Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, Chief of al-Quds IRGC Special Forces Assassinated in DECAPITATION strike by US Attack Helicopters in Iraq this Thursday 2 January 2020. This means WAR with Iran.


(UPDATE 2 January 2020)

Click on this link and go to my page expanding upon this important book and how you can receive a speciall PDF expanded edition for supporters of Hogueprophecy.

Click on this link and go to my page expanding upon this important book and how you can receive a special PDF expanded edition for supporters of Hogueprophecy.

The hair-trigger I mentioned on New Year’s Eve has just been pulled! US helicopters have assassinated a major figure in the Iranian Military and Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Major General Qassem Soleimani, of the al-Quds forces, Iran’s elite foreign legion.

He was pivotal in the creation and organization of Shia Muslim resistance to al-Qaeda and ISIS fighting alongside the Syrian Arab Army and the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Shia militias during its terrifying conquest of large parts of both countries during the 9 years of the Syrian Civil War.

It is THEY, not what the US mainstream press and President Trump boast, who are the forces that defeated these Saudi Arabian, American and even Israeli supported, trained and armed insurgents.

In the coming days as the clouds of war with Iran descend like a pall of smoke turning Middle Eastern day into night over faming oil installations, ships, and Iraqi cities across the Persian Gulf region, I will be showing you the Pentagon documents admitting that ISIS and al-Qaeda had become US, Saudi and Israeli “Frenemies” used strategically to turn Syria, Iraq and Lebanon into failed states. I will show you statements by Israeli Mossad that openly approved of using ISIS in this way to divide and destroy Syria. Thousands of Syrian rebels whom the US trained and armed since the Syrian civil war began in 2011, flocked to ISIS’s ranks!

America just unilaterally decapitated the commanders who did most of the fighting and their soldiers most of the dying to keep ISIS from spreading across the world.

To a majority of the oppressed Shia minority across the Middle East and South Asia, this assassination of Soleimani is like killing a great hero, equivalent to America’s General MacArthur. Killing him with his top lieutenants “and” the chief commander of Shia Iraqi militias this Thursday is like killing General George S. Patton! The thousands of US troops stationed in Syria and Iraq, plus US diplomatic corps in Baghdad’s Green Zone, I am certain, will be the targets of the Iranian security council, now convening in Tehran as I write this, planning their retaliatory response. You may soon see Americans having to fight their way out of Iraq and many will not make it out.

For decades I’ve seen this potential war coming and now it is here.

Some talking heads out there will tell you this action by Trump is done to distract attention from his impeachment trial with a full-scale war.

I see Trump as the wide-open channeling pawn manipulated for that weakness of psychic unawareness to do the bidding of the neoconservatives and neo-liberals he’s be told to pick as his “advisors.”

Like a wrote in the last article above, just a few days ago, these dark forces of the deep state almost got Trump to push the button on a war with Iran back in June 2019. I signed off my last article on 31 December 2019 sharing my premonition that this time they’d “advise” him successfully to start this war.

Now it is here.

Oh yes, the precedent of presidents under impeachment threat was discussed in my first wave of articles for December 2019—Clinton in 1998-1999 timing his military strikes on Somalia, then Afghanistan based al-Qaeda bases, and finally during the House Impeachment investigation with country wide airstrikes across Iraq’s military installations.

That’s just one example. The Yom Kippur War during Nixon’s Watergate woes in October 1973, another. World leaders and forces make precipitous moves when US presidents are under threat of impeachment. The Egyptian/Syrian surprise attack on Israel almost ended with a nuclear confrontation with the US and the Soviet Union.

I don’t think Trump or especially his handlers that lead him the finger stuck in his Third Eye blind have “only” escalated tensions between the US and Iran to distract from his impeachment.

It’s more than that.

It’s the economy stupid.

The economy is about to collapse. It could collapse on its own before Trump and his handlers get him reelected. So here’s my Oracular sense of what’s at the unconscious roots of this will to power through war with Iran.

Mask the collapse of the economy by starting a war that cuts oil production by 20 percent, sends the whole world into the Great Depression that “is” coming anyway, but now you can blame the war and the Iranians for making that happen. People in national crisis will rally behind the president, or so his handlers hope.

Stay tuned to Hogue Prophecy as I help you anticipate what is coming and why, and if it cannot be averted, at least this unique take on future trends can help you understand the Future’s heavy blow.

Your lives all around the world are about to be greatly changed by only the first of many travails coming in the Roaring 2020s: Decade of Destruction or Transformation!

DATELINE: 31 December 2019

The Dying Tecumseh. Sculpture by Ferdinand Pettrich. Smithsonian Museum.

The Dying Tecumseh. Sculpture by Ferdinand Pettrich. Smithsonian Museum. Public domain.

An Astrological Reckoning! The Planets gathering over the United States on the Day the Next President is Inaugurated, 20 January 2021

Click on this link, and read a free sample of John Hogue's newest book!

Click on this link, and read a free sample of John Hogue’s newest book!

Towards the end of the year I had a conversation with my friend, a reader in the new Human Design tradition and Human Design commentor extraordinaire, Chetan Parkyn on Facebook on some interesting astrological events that will give birth to whomever wins the upcoming 2020 primaries-to-presidential election when the last one standing swears the oath of office on Inauguration Day 2021. There is quite an astrological kerfuffle coming on that day. And we were trying to untangle the cosmic significance that these cosmic forces might have on influencing whomever is inaugurated president on that day, weeks after the year 2020 has spent its prophetic potentials.

Source of Trump/Stallone Rocky III photo: @realDonaldTrump/Twitter.

Source of Trump/Stallone Rocky III photo: @realDonaldTrump/Twitter.

We were in a growing comments thread about Trump’s Rocky Balboa tweet Trump left with an illustration but no comment. Just a shot of the younger head of Trump’s “residual self-image” stuck on the body of Sylvester Stallone with his “guns “readily gloved for a boxing match taken from a Rocky III poster. If this were the Matrix, this lean, mean Adonis from “Queens” is jacked into his Matrix role to fight the impeachment threat of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. I would make her residual self-image a younger version of her blinking head stuck on the body of “Super Girl,” accent on the “blue” in her superhero tights, rippled and ready. (Fortunately that image is only in my head and not on Trump’s tweet.)

The media, especially the anti-Trump sectors, were left scratching their heads to make “Hey?! What the hell is this ratings” hay out of it. So were my Facebook readers trying with hilarity and askance-looking comments trying to divine it.

Click on the cover and check out John Hogue's newest and most topical book!

Click on the cover and check out John Hogue’s newest and most topical book!

Many were generally asking, Why does Trump do these unexplained and unexpected things?

My answer: Trump’s Sun in Gemini (with an organ-grinder’s monkey named “Uranus” on his back) squared Neptune in Virgo in the US Birth Chart (Scorpio Rising). In layman’s terms, Trump is one of 330 million Americans locked in a delusional relationship. Virgo in the US chart is the ruler of the US boom-bust economic cycles. Take that then to watch when after the next presidential election, a few weeks or months later Trump booms go bust if I’ve read right my Saturn in Capricorn slipping into Aquarius on 18 December 2020.

This might have already happened on 20 January if Trump is inaugurated for a second term. Chetan read my observation and thus replied, “Yes and Jupiter follows 3 days later….Aquarius and beyond…..!”

That launched me down the following essay that I took from Facebook and expanded to share with all of you:


Yes indeed Chetan, and did you see the wild-ass-astrological stuff that’s going to be in the birth chart of the next US presidential term of office when the recipient—he or she—is inaugurated on 20 January 2021?!

Sun 0 degrees Aquarius! Jupiter 7 degrees Aquarius and Saturn 3 degrees Aquarius. And all of this leans towards civil-upheaval stuff because these three Aquarian-transiting planets are playing with a square of Uranus (in its Fall) in Taurus while Uranus is conjunct the short-tempered, impulsive side of Mars.

This is a sign, not of “Revolution” because real revolution is yet to happen in human history. What we do instead is have “React-illusions”. A lot of reactive upheaval is ahead for the next term of a president also elected during 2020 the year of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction—the year that has seen most presidents since 1840 suffer the Curse of Tecumseh.

Tecumseh was the battlefield commander of the Indian confederation of tribes that were defeated at the battle of Tippecanoe in 1813 against US (read white honkey) forces commanded by William Henry Harrison. Tecumseh’s older brother, the prophet Tensqúataway and leader of the confederation upon news of Tecumseh’s death was alleged to have cursed Harrison with these words, “Harrison will die, I tell you! And after him every Great (White) Chief chosen every 20 years thereafter will die. And when each one dies, let everyone remember the death of my people.”

The Prophet Tensqúataway. Source of the Curse.

The Prophet Tensqúataway. Source of the Curse. Public domain.

Harrison was elected President of the United States in 1840. He died of pneumonia not long after delivering his Inauguration Speech catching a chill in a driving winter downpour without wearing his hat so people could see his greying head.

Thus began the 20-year culling of one “Great Chief” after another every generation.

Next Lincoln (assassinated, elected 1860), next elected in 1880, Garfield (assassinated), next elected in 1900, McKinley (assassinated). Then came Harding in 1920 (heart attack).

And if you survive the first term of election you could die in the next term after: Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected an unprecedented third time in 1940 and again in 1944. He then died in office (brain aneurysm) in April 1945.

We come to Kennedy (1960): assassinated.

Then Reagan 1980 (nearly died from an assassination attempt).

Wags and skeptics point out that one president died in office who was elected in a year ending in zero just ten years later in 1850, Zackary Taylor, from food poisoning. What they either don’t know or choose to ignore is the curse’s astrological background. All of these presidents dying every 20 years after Harrison and including him had run their election campaign under a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that happens every 20 years in years ending in zeros. The 1850 election of Zackary Taylor did not have this conjunction in play.

In ancient times no one would ever pick leaders on this conjunction, rather they would take this as a time to meditate, reflect and atone. We moderns have lost that sensitive, cosmic understanding.

With this said, something changed in the curse with Reagan surviving assassination. Some would like to hope that it was broken. Indeed I would like to think that.

However, my “Oracle” does not.

The curse has changed its generational target. I do not rule out a “Great” presidential “Chief” dying in office elected in the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the year zero of 2020 but I sense now that the American democracy itself is in the crosshairs of curse.

From the “Chief” dying every generation, it turns its evil on the “tribe” called Americans and their freedoms.

In 2000, Gore is merely politically assassinated by the partisan US Supreme Court that wouldn’t allow a Florida State recount and I know why. In the coming year, after the media and everyone moved on into the G.W. Bush era, researchers went through a warehouse full of Florida ballots from the 2000 election. Long and laborious was their work, counting the ballots of Florida one-by-one. It showed that most Republican counties has not correctly counted Democrat votes for Gore.

He won Florida! By 20,000 votes!

This is what the Supreme Court had suppressed.

They have since given Americans three astrologically afflicted presidents where all the men, Bush, Obama and Trump, are overshadowed by a Sun-Square-Neptune aspect (self-delusion par excellence).

Bush under this square of gut-delusion feelings looked the other way when Usama bin Laden sent hijacked jets into the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon, with a third on its way to take down the Capitol Building dome if it hadn’t been for passengers of Flight 93 trying to wrestle back the jet from the al-Qaeda terrorists. Bush, the man who “talked to god” then dragged America into military disasters and quagmires in the Middle East from of which it cannot free itself to this day, at the cost of thousands of US lives and $6.4 trillion. He has unwittingly channeled from his imaginary belief in God the collapse of the US economy coming in 2021 and the rapid decline and fall of US empire.

After Bush came Sun-Squared-Neptune President Barack Obama

It played upon a “womanizing fetish” in him, sublimated sexual perversity. He had won the woman hard to get in his wife. But the urge remained.

He took this sexual twist of delusion into his political life. He had turned the American people into his object of political wooing successfully winning the 2008 election. But like all those under the delusion of this sexual fetish, once you’ve won the “woman” impossible to get, the feeling’s gone. You kick that woman to the curb and resume the hunt.

During that election Obama had soldiered a lobby of the people online, 8 million supporters ready to pressure legislators of the left and right to aid the advancement of his promised changes.

Under Sun-Squared-Neptune, he KICKED them to the curb and never used this asset to strengthen his hand after winning his first term. Instead he started trying to woo the Republican leadership not two weeks or so after he was inaugurated. Those white guys made it quite clear at their dinner conference with Obama that they didn’t want the black man in the Oval Office and they would do all they could to suppress and destroy his agenda and get him voted out of office by 2012!

Many a politician abuses his or her sexuality wooing voters but Obama’s aspects with his birth chart having a Sun-Neptune Square made him react to this threat by trying harder to win the Republican white guys over. He would waste his political capital chasing a political alliance with the Republican leadership in the first two years of his first term.

A man who wasn’t under this delusional aspect would have thanked the Republican leaders for the warning and spent the next two years strengthening his base while he had the House and the Senate along with the Executive Branch in his political control. But that didn’t happen. Instead he WASTED his political capital trying to win these people over to him. They were upfront and he was heedless to this. Blinded by his delusional wooing game. And that effectively made his agenda, his dream of change, a gelding by the midterm elections when the Republicans regained some power.

Then came Donald J. Trump…

He took a wrecking ball to Obama’s agenda and could do this because Obama had laid that option open by ignoring his own supporters when trying to woo “a woman” or Republican leadership that not only said “no” but MEANT “no”!

Of the three, Trump is fortunate. He has not the curse of the Sun-Neptune Square in his birth chart. He has it in his election night stars on 8 November 2016. He has it, as I mentioned above, in his relationship with the American people via their country’s Birth chart. Trump will try to win a second term on 3 November 2020, during a year of atonement, under Jupiter and Saturn’s oncoming conjunction.

We will see how the Curse of Tecumseh turns.

DATELINE: 31 December 2019

What makes Trump “the Chosen One” of Christian Fundamentalists?

Stop Laughing and Start Understanding—while your Freedom still has Time to be Saved, and I don’t mean by Jesus

If the pattern of emails I got from pro-blind believers of G.W. Bush is any indicator, if Trump wins a second term, they will lose faith in him sometime in the sixth year of his eight year stay in office. But the danger is, that when both parties have screwed you, the next step is magical thinking for a miracle.

The opposition to Trump is completely blinded by its hysterical hate what is sneaking up behind him: The rise of the Christian Dominionist movement, what I call chISISt—a Christian version of what Islam has endured with ISIS.

They believe climate warming is not something to stop but to hasten, for they believe it will bring the foreseen destruction of the Earth which then means Jesus will return to save them from themselves.

Trump’s Vice President and Secretary of State are part of this movement. Trump is considered by a large number of the 40 million Christian evangelicals as an unbeliever emperor being used by God for their sake. He is a replay of Cyrus of Persia from the old Testament who restored the Hebrew kingdoms after their Babylonian Captivity.

The liberal secularists are blind to why Trump is chosen. Not because he’s religious at all. And here’s the most important mistake Democrat strategists and pollsters make in 2016 and again in 2020. They do not take seriously the real swing vote Trump has waiting to act again to save his second run, the Christian evangelical vote that’s even more engaged in 2020 than they were in 2016.

All laughing aside about their kooky beliefs, Trump “IS” rapidly advancing their agenda by transforming the US courts seating hundreds of judges at all levels that are pro-business, pro-corporations “AND” pro-Christian Dominionist. This is a significant threat to secular law in the United States and will, in the next four years, add a Christian doomsday fundamentalist intent to the corporate fascism overtaking the largest military industrial complex on the planet that denies Climate Change exists and believes that the US military Industrial Complex is destined to be a weapon of God against the Chinese and Russians in the final battle of the End Times.

Here’s what I think will happen in a future if Trump gains a second term. Bloomberg is the only man who can prevent that. If the liberal leaning press give him the cold shoulder and the Democrat voters don’t rally around him, Trump will win.

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction that takes out presidents every 20 years elected in a year ending in zero (first time 1840) will not see Trump finish his second term. Mike Pence will replace him, the shadow leader of the Christian Dominionist movement.

And then you will have in power chrISISt: a fascist, doomsday-expectant cult with its hand on the US weapons of mass destruction and mass denial of global warming, who believe God will use them to fight the Battle of Armageddon with those they choose to believe are evil, staring around the year 2022.

DATELINE: 31 December 2019

Hey Shakespeare! What the Heck Happened when Love’s Labour Party Lost?!

What do Liberals from Britain in December 2019 to America’s Democrats in November 2020 need to see to Snap out of the Loser Syndrome

My comments were inspired by a long and rich discussion that followed a thread after my friend and journalist Subhuti Anand published his article at his Facebook page, entitled: UK Election Victory for Boris Seeing Rays of Sunshine amid the Storm Clouds.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn definitely poked the corporate buffalo, but let’s look at the full picture, without taking sides either way.

Corbyn committed some fatal mistakes. He didn’t see this election as the stealth Brexit referendum. He trapped himself as a man that in spirit is against staying in the technocratic dictatorship of Brussels sprouts in the EU. Corbyn had to pretend something he is not to keep the warring factions of Labour together.

Add to that, Corbyn ignored the primary law of politics, as the science of the possible. Socialism, whatever its merits, was impossible for Britain to embrace at this time. His timing sucked and because he had to play nice to all sides of Labour’s many factions, he did not stand up and fight the Zionist-Israeli lobby in Britain that falsely accused him of anti-Semitism for his support of the persecuted Palestinians in that Apartheid-descending state.

He couldn’t fight back because he was politically compromised. To stand against these lies from Jerusalem’s Zionist-Supremacist government would have defended the truth and lost him power leading Labour. For all of his many faults, BoJo (Boris Johnson) better understood political realities and moved forward to victory.

I personally love Jeremy Corbyn, but there it is. Political reality. He lost, because he couldn’t work it out. He lost because he hadn’t anticipated how to counter the attacks that such a bold man MUST face from the Corporate media machine’s level of maligning that has infiltrated and hastened the current de-evolution of the once fair and balanced BBC.

It is simple though hard for many I read writing their comment on that post-election thread to confront. If all the blame is put upon the folks who defeat you, then you do not learn how you contributed to your own defeat.

Labour catastrophically lost in Britain, just as liberals in America are currently setting themselves up for a loss in America in 2020 with these self-wounding Russia Gate, Ukrainian Gate and now Impeachment-GATE actions.

You blame your enemies for defeating you, when indeed you let them defeat you. Learn how not to be losers, then you have a chance to win in the political game. To which the minority responses to my comment were generally:


Well said.

Thanks. I would only add that when you don’t listen to your Labour constituents, a majority of which voted to get “out” of the EU in June 2016, and you go against them for three years trying to remain in the EU, your constituents WILL turn on you.

Look at the political map of Parliament constituencies across the UK. What had once displayed a lot of red Labor constituencies upon it have turned Conservative blue, even in working class Labor bastions for over a century. Democrats in the States ignored and neglected their working class white voters in the rust-belt states in 2016. Trump rightly pointed that truth out, and that’s why he won the electoral election in those states in November 2016. A party that doesn’t honor its supporters, like Labour in the UK, and the Democrats in the USA, set themselves up for catastrophic elections in December 2019 (the United Kingdom) and coming up in November 2020 (in the United States).

I will end by sharing an interchange with Chetan Parkyn that is a major theme of my forthcoming book, The Roaring 2020: Decade of Destruction or Transformation.

The Age of Democracy is drawing to an end …. masses cannot be relied on to know truth. The dawning of the Age of Personal Responsibility (aka Aquarian Age) is arriving …. soon! (For some it’s already here).

The age of “Mob-ocracy” is definitely drawing to an end. For anyone who is in the moment, it has arrived, the age of Response “ability” that is neither Labour or Conservative.

With a donation of only $5.00 or a Little More, to sustain Hogueprophecy. Put December Two in the PayPal memo line. I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal.


DATELINE: 31 December 2019

The Many Ways Global Warming Could Suddenly End

DATELINE: 31 December 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Smile… say Cheesy!)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Smile… say Cheesy!)

Impeachment Choke

DATELINE: 31 December 2019

You know how it is. When a “Bro-mance” breaks up, you crop the picture. You cut the guy standing next to you for whom you once had a Blond and “Orange” crush.

You know how it is. When a “Bro-mance” breaks up, you crop the picture. You cut the guy standing next to you for whom you once had a Blond and “Orange” crush.

Beyond Kim’s Christmas Present:
Where is his Nuclear Missile Program “Really” Going?
The Ultimate Military Response to US Sanctions,
Used as a Weapon of War.

DATELINE: 31 December 2019

happynewyear-oldmanbabyAND FINALLY FROM THE YEAR 2019:
The Last Prophecies Tendered
For New Year 2020 from Old Man 2019

DATELINE: 31 December 2019

US Drone shot of the flaming Iraqi Shia camp, considered a sovereign force by the Iraqi government, which is Shia, that was also supported by the Iranian government, the chief bastion and defenders of the Shia Muslim minority in the world. Source: US Armed Forces

US Drone shot of the flaming Iraqi Shia camp, considered a sovereign force by the Iraqi government, which is Shia, that was also supported by the Iranian government, the chief bastion and defenders of the Shia Muslim minority in the world. Source: US Armed Forces

The Year 2019 Ends, Handing 2020
Another Flashpoint Incident
That could Bring on a US War with Iran!

With a donation of only $5.00 or a Little More, to sustain Hogueprophecy. Put December Two 2017 in the PayPal memo line. I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal.


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