Turkish-Kurdish Syrian War and “Peace”? Chinese Trade Talks and Hillary Clinton 2020? Ukraine, Biden, Impeachment, and Trump. Iranian Tanker Attacked and Iranian Cruise Missiles in the Hands of Houthis. India-Pakistan Crisis Update. Extinction Rebellion and the Long Hot Summer of Climate Disruption 2019. Greta Thunberg—Cassandra of Climate Change. And Finally, a Word about Flat Earthers and Island Village Idiots

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Source: Eco Hustler.com.

Source: Eco Hustler.com.

DATELINE: Morning 11 October 2019

Hillary Clinton caricatured by Donkey Hotey. Source CC Creative Commons.

Hillary Clinton caricatured by Donkey Hotey. Source © Creative Commons.

The Future of the Chinese Trade Talks
And Talk of Hillary Clinton Running in 2020

I’m getting an intuitive feeling that the Chinese Trade deal will partially for now happen at least in what’s left to live through 2019, but more than this, it will be resolved successfully during the Presidential Campaign year of 2020 for best-timed political effect.

It has been my experience and even Nostradamus in his own tangled dyslexia of verbiage has also concurred, that prophetic intuition has a close relationship with a good “educated” guess. I’m one of the few forecasters out there with a very good track record of what our unpredictable President Trump does next because I don’t let my expectations or any negative judgments of him get in the way.

If I were to explain my intuition about Trump in an impersonator metaphor, I lean toward a Jimmy Fallon of NBC’s Tonight Show over Saturday Night Live’s Alec Baldwin.

Richard Evans as Isak the Zeon in Star Trek's episode: Patterns of Force.

Richard Evans as Isak the Zeon in Star Trek’s episode: Patterns of Force.

I once had a conversation about this on my island home in the Pacific Northwest with fellow Hollywood, CA., expatriate friend and well-known TV and movie character actor Richard Evans. Richard is best known for his roles in Payton Place, the movie Dirty Little Billy but mostly for playing “Isaak” the Zeon in Star Trek’s Patterns of Force. That’s the episode when Kirk, McCoy and Spock are forced to run around in Nazi attire. He also appeared in the movie adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s Islands in the Stream, starring George C. Scott. When I had time I’ve worked in some of Richard’s local theater productions and his independent films. I have a cameo at the end in his movie Shuffle and Cut.

Click on this link and see Richard's autobiography about his life, and his life in film and television. Quite a wild reading ride!

Click on this link and see Richard’s autobiography about his life, and his life in film and television. Quite a wild reading ride!

Anyway he and I were talking about Trump impersonators. He loved Baldwin’s approach to Trump, I didn’t and he was very intrigued to know why. We harbor opinions about movies and television often coming from opposed ends of opinion that both surprise and delight. He was quite surprised I didn’t like Baldwin’s version of Trump at all until I explained that Baldwin’s motivation is from a place of his personal and almost anally-pinched hatred for Trump.

Trump, I said to Richard, doesn’t have any self-hate, to a fault.

That’s why Trump doing his own lippy pout is relaxed—his other acts of unpredictability and outrageousness are relaxed in self-love No hate. No Baldwin hatred in him.

I told Richard I preferred Jimmy Fallon because Jimmy catches the inner core of Trump’s precocious and narcissistically innocent eight-year old mentality. Alec Baldwin is one of my favorite actors, and if I had a chance, I’d like to share this insight to make his Trump impersonation perfect, there is no blue-boohoo and angry Democrat living in the core of Donald Trump hating himself. In a way, Baldwin’s off-set, hateful impersonation of Trump says more about people who project their negativity on him than what’s really there. That’s why the so-called “Resistance” which Baldwin is a major player in, fails to anticipate Trump’s actions, moves, and ultimate successes when it comes to turning people’s negativity back on them, disempowering them.

Hate eats hate up.

Trump, for all of his faults doesn’t hate himself at all so he doesn’t eat the hate thrown at him offered. So where can such hate go, but back to its origin? And then what do you givers of hatred do with it? The haters lose. All 17 Republican candidates, then Hillary Clinton, then CNN, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow and her ilk, the Mueller people, those who foment an attempt to impeach and so will it go on until haters deal with Trump with compassion. The man responds to being loved. Find a way to be critical but constructive and compassionate. Heck! You might as well try it, because how’s hate working for you these last three years?

So here’s my educated guess why Trump may come through with a Chinese deal breakthrough. The eight-year-old inside of Trump, who loves himself, who will do anything to win and feel good, will somehow find a deal with the Chinese in time to have a positive impact on his winning a second term in office, delaying or moderating the onset of recession enough to postpone its worse impact before the Presidential Election of 3 November 2020. Of course if the Democrats stop trying to whip this guy only to turn it into a political self-flagellation, like they’re about to do in this impeachment caper (see articles below) they could win.

Then again…

I see that Hillary Clinton is maneuvering her political machinery, her corporate contacts and DNC, FBI, NSA and CIA plants to offer up her third attempt to become president of the United States in 2020. I feel like I’m in a new prophetic horror film where a zombie politician that just cannot die rises from her grave again in a new movie called “The Night of the Living Politically Undead.”

I delivered these observations about the possibility of a 2020 Clinton run on 5 May 2018:

Personally, as a forecaster successfully predicting the presidential elections won by popular vote 13 times in a row, I believe Hillary Clinton means it. Her career is over. If she runs in 2020, she’ll turn 72 on 26 October, just eight days before the election held on 3 November. I do not foresee her either physically or mentally capable of making a third run.

I am concerned her revisionist crusade plays to all the most negative potentials of Clinton’s afflicted astrological aspects with birth planets, like Mercury (mental state), Venus (diplomatic capabilities) and the natal Ascendant (how the world perceives Clinton’s presentation of herself). These planets reside in her [Scorpio] Twelfth house, a place prone to subconscious sabotage by squares with Mars (energy) and Saturn (limitation) in Leo.

Given these aspects, if she doesn’t snap out of this obsessive crusade of blaming others while fantasizing how she ran a flawless campaign in 2016, this myth can only warp her sense of reality further. By 2020, that mind may have declined to a depth of delusion rendering it incapable of getting back into the political game.

What REALLY Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton:
An Astrological and Prophetic Assessment
Chapter Seven
Hillary Clinton 2020
~Man Spreading~
And the Snooki Effect

Click on this link to sample John Hogue's new (47th) book, and illuminate with documented evidence in this informative and sometimes satirical prophetic assessment of how Clinton lost her own election without Russian bots or Snooki having anything to do with it.!

Click on this link to sample John Hogue’s new (47th) book, and illuminate with documented evidence in this informative and sometimes satirical prophetic assessment of how Clinton lost her own election without Russian bots or Snooki having anything to do with it.!

To me, she is the darkest heart and psychic source for all that is negative hysteria and myth thrown at Trump that has the unintended effect of making him stronger and his opposition delusional and weaker. Clinton has been pepping for her relaunch by appearing on many talk shows of late, doubling down on imagined conspiracies, renewing her rants not substantiated by fact or evidence to a new low, now she is saying she did win the election, implying electorally and by popular vote but that Vladimir Putin and the Russians stole her election electorally as well.

In another passage from the book I said this about the electoral myth:

In all the 13 times and counting I’ve publicly called the winner of the popular vote, including by what margin, only two times did I have to offer up a caveat—a potential of a destiny-derailing, self-inflicted upset. There was only one candidate in two out of 13 tries capable of screwing it up. She earned my logged caveats beginning long before the 2008 and 2016 presidential elections.

No, it wasn’t because somebody in Moscow paid for a handful of ads on Facebook, broadcast mind you in none of the swing states deciding the Electoral College victory of Donald Trump.

Where did I get that revelation?

Here are the facts you can find on record and under oath from the Senate hearings that CNN (the Clinton News Network) won’t report. Russian bots only trolled deep blue democrat regions, like the District of Columbia, Washington DC. Now why waste .003 percent anti-Clinton adverts out of all the political ads engaged in 2016 on unshakeable Clinton voter regions?

No, Clinton didn’t lose because Russians hacked the DNC (Democratic National Committee) emails starting in June up to the most shocking revelations released by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks on 22 July 2016, just a few days before Clinton’s coronation at Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia, PA (25-28 July). It was an inside job, a download by thumb-drive-will-travel direct to WikiLeaks sent inside the DNC by a Democrat aide. The most likely source I shall explain later in my debunking of the Russian hack story.

Sorry Hillary, it wasn’t the fault of some upstart Democratic Socialist Senator hailing from Vermont playing Democrat for a day until all the days of the DNC primary were through.

What REALLY Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton:
An Astrological and Prophetic Assessment
That Thing You Ever Undo:
Your Destiny

Now then, whatever way your opinions about the Mueller Report on Russian Collusion goes, Robert Mueller, before Congressional hearings, under oath, declared he had no evidence of collusion. To have an opinion that Trump did collude is not evidence and as I recall in this country’s US Constitution any citizen is innocent until PROVEN guilty by evidence, thus Mueller’s opinion is legally a non-starter. And thank goodness! What if I had an opinion about any of you reading this, dragged you through the talking heads of MSNBC, FOX and CNN for two years, based not on evidence but just my feeling, my opinion, my gut, that you colluded with Russians? I think I’d hear each of you reading this protesting that there is no evidence and you are not guilty.

That’s our enlightened system. Everyone is innocent before proven guilty and if Mueller couldn’t prove it, according to our enlightened laws, even the most hateful, in your opinion, are protected by fact, not hearsay.

So now Trump Derangement Syndrome has dragged the noble opposition to waste political capital from Russian wild collusion goose chases to Ukraine. If this goes to a Congressionally voted impeachment investigation, full evidence of former Vice President Joe Biden’s nepotism will be entered as evidence. Moreover, in a further article posted below, I will take you step-by-step through what he was doing back in 2014 and I can see this impeachment proceeding may very well hand Hillary Clinton a run for president in 2020, because Biden will go down as collateral damage thus making Clinton the only person with the political support of the Democrat Party machine to make a viable, centrist run, once the “hunger games” of wannabe far-left candidates eat each other in the early stages of the Democratic Primary Season (politically speaking) leaving one leftie to face a centrist in the final debates, and it may very well end up Clinton if Biden goes down.

I also caution you to remember, the Superdelegate scam is still alive and well. They’re waiting to throw the vote to Biden at the DNC convention in the summer of 2020. With Biden gone, they can equally throw the nomination to Clinton.

Consider this, with Biden ultimately being the most damaged by this impeachment snafu, one can only wonder if the Machiavellian Mrs. Clinton is waiting to fill his shoes. Maybe she’s even “helping” that along. Never underestimate the deep state contacts of this woman and the Clinton Foundation. Byzantine is their business.

UPDATE, Late Afternoon of 11 October 2019:

Just hours after I drafted the above article the news is in. Looks like President Trump thinks he’s reached a “very substantial phase one” deal. The next wave of tariffs due to start on Tuesday next week (15 October) have been cancelled. That means a tariff increase of 25-to-30 percent on $250 billion in Chinese exported goods are gone.

Trump is going to take care of his flyover red states, his farming base with the Chinese agreeing to $40-to-50 billion purchasing US agricultural goods. Trump added that currency issues have been solved and that they made progress on a US stickler, Beijing stealing US intellectual property. Wait for those issues to be worked out in “phase two” he added.

The DOW jumped 319 points at the news, as did Nasdaq gaining 106 points the S&P 500 32 up points.

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says there’s “almost complete agreement on financial services” and in turn the Treasury department will decide whether to drop calling China a currency manipulator.

“There was a lot of friction between the US and China,” said President Trump, “And now it’s a lovefest!” Adding that the deal was “a great thing for the world.”

Back to the Biden/Clinton angle. When asked about the Chinese investigation into $1 billion dollars that Biden senior and son Hunter Biden received the President shrugged it off and said, “China can do whatever it wants with Biden.”

If I might mangle a classic movie title “Hunt for Red October” I would add that this month just became “Hunter” Biden is in for a Chinese “Red” October.

I am going to present in my Ukrainian article waiting for you to read down today’s list of articles a number of clear, documented elements to the Joe-Hunter Biden story in Ukraine. If the Mueller investigation wasting $70-plus million dollars over two years of searching for Russian collusion had had their hands on this information, Mueller wouldn’t have looked old, tired, confused and a bit flustered before his final appearance in Congressional hearings before retiring—the president would have been impeached and thrown out of office. This development with China will see them assisting in the fall of House Biden to House Trump and especially House Hillary Clinton’s political advantage.

Now let’s turn to an immediate issue, the Turks, eating their “Kurds” and whey too precipitously.

DATELINE: 17 October 2019

The Turkish-Kurdish War that Hogue Long Ago Foresaw Coming: Where will it go?

The Kurdish people ever suffer a strange faith of being trusting and loyal to those, like America, who come to their aid and sometimes even tacitly support their dream of being one country. But these non-Arab, Aryan cousins of the Persians (Iranians), these “Poles” of the Middle East, a majority population the size of France of 40 million people without a nation, spread into the quarters of Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, are ever trusting pawns of the greater strategic games of the region.

The thoughtless words mused by President Bush Sr. after Saddam Hussein’s debacle in the Persian Gulf War (1991), that the US would support an uprising was read by the oppressed Shia Iraqi 60-percent majority in the south and the 15-percent Iraqi Kurds in the north, as a green light to rise up against their masters, Saddam’s 25-persent Sunni Muslim minority that controlled the army and government.

Bush Sr. was just, as usual, all talk. The rebellion was crushed by the Sunni forces of Saddam that included hundreds of thousands of Kurds being cast into the mountains fully exposed to the harsh weather and snows of the last months of winter. After an estimated 300,000 Kurds and Shia had been murdered, Bush sent the US forces to at least protect and set up ten refugee camps for what was left of the Iraqi Kurds.

That turned out to be a good thing for the decades to come. Iraqi Kurdistan became the closest thing to an independent Kurdish state and the most stable, flourishing part of Iraq under US protection. If the US ever had a positive vision of what they were doing occupying Iraq, especially after they fully occupied it between 2003 and 2011, Kurdistan was it.

When ISIS arose out of darkness in Syria and invaded and occupied much of the Sunni areas in northwestern Iraq. The Kurds came to their aid preventing their advance further east into the Kirkuk region, and their own Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurd’s of Iraq thought their sacrifice and help had earned them the right to reclaim many of the cities, lands and oil fields that Saddam had “Arabized” during his dictatorship, such as Kirkuk. They were severely chastised by the Shia dominant Iraqi armed forces aided and armed by their thousands of American advisors and observers. The Americans had returned to Iraq once ISIS had nearly reached the approaches of Baghdad in the summer of 2014. ISIS did not in part achieve that goal of taking Iraq because the Kurds were fighting them like tigers on their northern and eastern flanks. No matter. Once ISIS was defeated, aspirations of true Iraqi Kurdish independence were crushed.

Move now westward to the Kurds living in the northeastern corner of Syria. America sent a few thousand troops into it to support the YPG (People’s Protection Units) not too aware or too caring to gasp that Kurdish Syria was also the base for the PKK (The Kurdistan Worker’s Party) with elements there and in Iraqi Kurdistan which had attempted for decades off and on to start an uprising in the Southeast corner of neighboring Turkey, where the largest population of Kurds are located in the Middle East. The Turks had ruthlessly crushed such rebellions and guerilla insurrections before and they intended not to see America create along its frontiers with Kurdish Syria what it created along its frontiers with Kurdish Iraq. Turkish strongman President Recep Tayyip Erdogan throughout the nearly decade-long Syrian Civil War (2011—) tried to turn Syrian territories along its border into occupied “safety zones.”

Though Trump can claim the United States defeated ISIS he denies the fact that most of the fighting was done by the Syrian Arab Army of the Syrian government, Hezbullah and Iranian militias and special forces. It is the Kurds that did the close quarter fighting that pushed ISIS back to the Euphrates River. Where American advisors stood off and died by the dozens, the Kurds fell by the thousands.

In the first part of October 2019 a new betrayal of the Kurds has begun. Trump never wanted US forces in Syria, was promised they’d only be there 30 days not a few years. The elections are coming and Trump is being pressured to make good his promise to his voter base from states that do the lion’s share of US fighting and dying in these “stupid wars” as he called them on the campaign trail in 2016. The impulsive eight-year-old finally pulled US forces out—or you would think. I think he clearly wanted them shipped out but the military industrial complex has other strategic and business interests. The Pentagon ordered the American armored columns flying their pretty US flags south towards the Euphrates river and the ruin US airstrikes made of its cities along it. Yet far enough away to be safe from what Erdogan can now unleash upon the Kurds without their umbrella of US military protection.

The Turkish Army began its invasion of Kurdish held areas of northeastern Syria. Erdogan says he’s expanding his buffer zone 30 to 50 miles deep into Syria. Like the Americans, international law dictates that both are breaking the law. They are invaders of Syria. Erdogan promises this is not ethnic cleansing of the Kurds but then says he’ll move millions of Syrian “Arab” refugees to occupy the homes, out of which he’s using the scourge of war to potentially flush upwards of 300,000 Kurdish out of those homes for the Arab refugees to live in.

Lots of Trump supporters in neocon corners of Washington are upset with him about the pullout. Including staunch allies like Senator Linsey Graham and former UN American Ambassador Nikki Haley. It would appear that the do-nothing US Congress who haven’t sanctioned any of these invasions and US occupations will now get in the House enough Republican bipartisan support to hurl crippling sanctions against Turkey for the incursion.

There’s already an impending flood about to break on the eastern frontiers of the EU by more Syrian refugees if Erdogan doesn’t get his 60 Billion Euros from Brussels to take care of them. He darkly warned just prior to the Turkish invasion of Syria that any EU sanctions, indeed any economic sanctions from allies (are you listening USA?)—will see him open up his borders to “download” 3.5 million refugees stampeding into the EU. He’ll just let them pass into economically recessionary Europe.

During the end of ages—and we are certainly entering one in the 2020s—you will see a symptom of the end in the shape of mass migrations like those that eventually took down the Roman Empire. Add to that the signs of epochal changes often come if a disruption of weather and an increase of crop failures and natural disasters of storm and drought. The global Climate crisis in the latter half of the 2020s into the 2030s will make the Middle East uninhabitable in the next 20 years, so, expect a few million refugees today to swell into hundreds of millions of people flooding Europe ten years hence. The EU, like the Ancient Romans will not be able to keep them out any more than the flood of Goths, Huns and Vandals came crowding in, changing the demographic of the Empire, overwhelming its infrastructure and perhaps leading to its ultimate change and collapse.

What took a few hundred years to take down Rome will take less than two decades for the EU.

There are many things to unpack in these developments. For one thing, this betrayal by US protectors of the Kurds, could lead to a great slaughter of them—though I would add these men and women militias fight like Aryan-Persian lions. The Turkish forces might also pay dearly because they aren’t fighting for their existence.

American abandonment will be viewed across the Middle East as dishonorable, as a treacherous act of bad faith. I’m getting reports from people who have American special forces embedded with the Kurds and the betrayal is breaking their hearts as they abandon their Kurdish brothers and sisters in arms to the Turkish steamroller. This will have blowback on the United States.

We tear up treaties. We abandon our friends to death and destruction. And our friends once abandoned will strategically abandon us. Rapid developments are happening. The Kurds are reaching out to the Syrians and Russians to have them protect them from a Turkish invasion. I hear that the Syrian Arab Army is rapidly moving in from the east and will soon embed themselves among the YPG Kurdish militia.

Screw freedom and democracy, the real reason why the US invaded Syria was to establish its own independent Kurdish satellite nation that would deny greater Syria, recovering from this terrible civil war the means to feed and rebuild itself, as the northeastern parts of Syria hold its only oil fields and some of its most fertile farmland along the Euphrates.

US policy slavishly follows Israeli strategic policy. We were there less for the Kurds and more to keep Syria weak and semi-destroyed for Israel’s strategic need to keep its Arab neighbor nations divided, weak and devastated. That’s why we invaded Iraq. That’s why for years the US aided and armed Islamic terrorist militias, along with the Israelis, in Syria. ISIS is our bitch in the dog fight there, as are the al-Qaeda militias in Idlib province, you know, al-Qaeda, the people who brought to the television nearest you on 11 September 2001, the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans. Talk about Kurdish life being cheap, our warmongering government gives bipartisan consort with American mass murderers too.

Another key issue in the US service to Israeli strategic needs is keeping a US military presence in Syria, especially around one of the main supply routes from Iran through Iraq into Syria at al-Tanf, to better block the flow of Iranian military supplies and men to the Syrian government and their allies, Hezbullah forces—the latter being a proxy of Iran, a deterrent to Israeli strikes on Iran that would be met with a thorough rain of missiles across Israel in retaliation from Hezbullah’s base in Southern Lebanon.

A link up with Kurdish and Syrian forces is a major development to the disadvantage of US and Israeli efforts to cut off Iranian support, for it now opens wide a northern supply route. The US forces that withdraw from the north will not be able to return without directly fighting Syrian forces. A greater danger lurks if Syrian forces and Turks clash in full-scale war. It sets up a very cynical option for Erdogan to play.

Turkey is a member of NATO. If the Syrians and their Russian advisors are fighting Turkey those turkeys in Ankara’s ruling government might demand NATO enact Article Five of the NATO Treaty, all stepping in to aid an attacked NATO member. Thus if the European members blanch the US could step in and bomb the Syrians—what’s left of their cities—back into the stone age.

It is a pretext that even President “Mr. Charm” Obama almost achieved at the end of August 2013 over a chemical weapons attack pinned on the Syrian government on rebel neighborhoods in al-Ghouta, E. Damascus, until it was discovered that the Syrian government DID NOT fire on the civilians. The parts of the rockets examined showed they hadn’t the range to achieve this from behind Syrian government lines. The terrorists that we aided and supported fired on their own civilians gassing to death 1,400 and injuring upwards of 7,000 with chlorine gas.

Ankara says it is their preemptive right according to the NATO charter to invade the frontiers of Syria because of the PKK potential threat. By the way, my Kurdish sources point out that the PKK hasn’t shot one round or made one incursion into Turkey throughout the 9 plus years of the Syrian Civil War along the Turkish/Syrian border.

Details… Details… The ultimate and cynical objective is to destroy Syria, keep it destroyed and unable to recover to the pleasure of America’s Israeli handlers in the Knesset who dream of expanding Israel into a Greater Germany (oops, I mean “Greater” Israel) all the way to the Euphrates River. The idea is a crack brained as Hitler’s dream of invading eastward conquering the Soviet Union to give Germans “living space.”

As I write this, there are some very fascist fellows embedded in the extreme right-wing parties of a government Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to form during this month who live for—and thus sacrifice Arabs and Kurds and maybe ultimately Iranians—for this Zionist Supremacist goal.

Now a prediction that’s more potentially positive for Kurds and Syrians.

Click on this link and go to my page expanding upon this important book and how you can receive a speciall PDF expanded edition for supporters of Hogueprophecy.

Click on this link and go to my page expanding upon this important book and how you can receive a speciall PDF expanded edition for supporters of Hogueprophecy.

I don’t think the Turks want a long and bloody war. I think once again the most unreported thing will happen again, despite the fact that in the last five years of MSM suppressing this, Vladimir Putin will once again play broker and peacemaker to sort all of this out and modify the death and destruction. People in America might find this particularly hard to believe but there is no world leader alive today that has tried to broker peace and be an arbiter for all sides than the Libra Sun Signed, “Mr. Balancer and diplomat” that is Vladimir Putin of Russia. I will be writing at length about his role in the coming first half of the 2020s as the world’s most dedicated peacemaker in my forthcoming book The Roaring 2020s: Decade of Destruction and Transformation.

Here’s an example of what I’m saying. Watch this recent interview between Arab journalists with Putin. You’ll be watching something you’ll NEVER see on the mainstream media that gives you a whole different look at Putin and the scope of his strategic, diplomatic genius. He answers some really hard questions about the Middle East situation that no US leaders have neither the guts nor the intelligence to easily answer: Russia will never be friends with one country against another.

Beware of US terrorist allies who will give the Kurds and Syrians “gas”!

Because of the Syrian government most likely coming out of this with the Kurds restored to Syria, this big achievement to unite this devastated land and end the civil war will be cause for another false-flagged gas attack run by the white helmets and Syrian rebels holed out in Idlib Province to draw US missile fire across Syria once again.

US intelligence agents of NSA and CIA are operating in Idlib as they have long been secretly aiding the arming of Syrian rebels that are affiliated with al-Qaeda. MI5 (UK intelligence assets) will be there to finance the sham that is the White Helmets, al-Qaeda’s showpiece happy-face of do-gooder ER units that actually set up these false-flag terrorist attacks in Syria for years.

Just remember this, when it happens. Whenever the Syrians are making great advances in ending this terrible civil war the jihadist friends of Israel, America and Saudi Arabia inside Syria are false-flagging once again—gleefully gassing the civilians they occupy and terrorize in Idlib for they are valued by these Wahhabis Islamic blasphemers less than the dirt to bury their stinking corpses with. In mainstream Islam, you cannot harm civilians or make them targets, according to one of the five virtues as a Muslim believer that this harsh fundamentalist Saudi Arabian sect, the Wahhabis, reject. That’s why al-Qaeda killed 3,000 American civilians. That’s why untold thousands of Muslims are killed by these same blasphemers of the Saudi Arabian heresy, openly upheld by al-Qaeda in Idlib Province and by ISIS, born out of the same dark womb of the Saudi Kingdom that receives so much US military support and weapons these days.

UPDATE, Early Afternoon of 17 October 2019:

Just as we’re about to go to press, some very good news. A five-day ceasefire was agreed to by Turkish President Erdogan in Ankara, Turkey today. He met in a high-level meeting with President Trump’s Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo to initiate the ceasefire immediately. It looks at last like diplomatic breakthroughs are about to happen between the leaders of the US and Turkey as they seem to be ready to open channels with Vladimir Putin’s diplomatic efforts to bring Russia’s ally, the leader of Syria, al-Assad, together with Russian regional and economic partner, Erdogan to at last forge a peaceful solution about the Kurds that will secure Turkey’s borders from PKK Kurdish threats as well as bring the Syrian Kurds back into Syrian’s multi-ethnic society. Peace and an end to the Syrian Civil War may be at hand.

To think, President Trump following his deep-seated disgust about all these “stupid wars” and starting to pull US troops out of Syria, initiating this week-long war, may actually end up bringing an end to a major conflict in the Middle East.

Who knows? He might do the same in Afghanistan next. He might fulfill these campaign promises to his base and win a second term being the peacemaker catalyst.

Then again, he’s going against the grain of the Deep State’s bipartisan desire for perpetual war. I’ve always said that THIS, and not Democratic efforts to shoot their political foot with Mueller reports and impeachment, is the way Trump either loses the election or will be run out of office in his second term by the Deep State. By going for peace rather than perpetual US quagmires so good for the war profit business.

DATELINE: 17 October 2019

Iran Tanker attacked in the Red Sea! Plus Iranian Cruise Missiles in the Hands of Houthis

I started full-scale writing on these nine articles Friday, 11 October so a number of my electronic devices were on giving me many parts of a symphony of news overload happening in that world-event-quickening day. When I saw my iPad to the left of my computer station mention and show that another supertanker had been attacked in the Middle Eastern waterways, I first thought maybe I had stumbled on an archived, earlier edition of The News with Rick Sanchez of tankers ablaze from the long summer of US-Saudi-and-Iranian tensions but this time it was an Iranian tanker, not in the Strait of Hormuz or the Gulf of Oman but way west in the Red Sea, just off the Saudi Arabian city-port of Jeddah.

Reports are sketchy. It appears that the stricken ship reported being struck by two missiles coming from the east—meaning from the direction of Saudi Arabia—piercing the supertanker’s reinforced double hull and thus puncturing the hold filled with over 1 million barrels of oil. That would take a massive explosion. Apparently the oil spill and fires were put out.

Tehran is cautious to say who had hit its tanker. Riyadh is silent. So is Jerusalem, both possible culprits taking the Iranian crisis back into a dangerous space since the region was calming down after the stealth drone and cruise missile strike claimed by the Houthis on Saudi Arabia’s ARAMCO oil installation several weeks ago on 14 September (See ARAMCO Strike). Although I do not rule out Israeli assets putting limpet mines on the Iranian tanker to stir up trouble in the region, false-flagging it on the Saudis, my sense is this is payback for what Riyadh publicly accuses, but really, to my satisfaction have not proven, that the attacks on Arabian oilfields and refineries were launched directly by the Iranians across the Persian Gulf on 14 September.

Trump’s new Department of Defense boss, the former Raytheon Vice President in government relations, a key US defense contractor, wants to send US troops to Saudi Arabia as requested by its king and crown prince, paid in full by the Saudi Royals.

And why not? Mark Esper, Raytheon’s “Daddy Warbucks” dealer in selling billions of US weapons to Saudis. Deterrents spell billions of dollars in profits so eagerly goes Mr. Mark Esper shipping US men and women along with the military cargo to Saudi Arabia, sending at present a total of 3,000 US military personnel—boots one the ground and tire treads on the Saudi airfields of two squadrons of US fighters. USAF Ground support too with a brace of Patriot battery companies punctuated by some THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Defense) batteries. They’ll guard the refineries and fields the Saudi armed forces either apparently do not guard at all or don’t know how to use the US defensive hardware they spent in the hundreds of billions to protect them.

RT reports appropriately, since they’re a Russian broadcaster, a “high-ranking Russian military source” claiming the most powerful US air defense system in the region that Saudi money can buy, supplying full radar coverage with “88 Patriot launchers—52 of which are the newest PAC-3 version—shielding Saudi Arabia’s northern border” along with “three guided missile destroyers, armed with 100 SM-2 missiles” patrolling the Persian Gulf, could not detect or destroy an attack Riyadh officials bellow came across the Persian Gulf from Iran.

Now then, the Russian Defense source concludes that “Patriot and Aegis air defense systems don’t match their advertised properties—they are inefficient against small-size aerial targets and cruise missiles. They’re simply unable to repel an enemy assault involving a massive use of airworthy weapons in real combat.”

Is that Russian propaganda?

Follow the facts dear readers. There were patriot batteries around the ARAMCO installations at Abqaiq petroleum facilities and the Khurais oil field, the largest Saudi field there is, the biggest target. On 14 September they couldn’t defend these biggest “hit me” targets in the kingdom. Three thousand US service people are steaming to Saudi Arabia to beef up the system with more Patriots, squadrons of US fighter jets and even a THAAD bit too many missile defense systems indicating the Russian, whatever his motive, is onto something.

US men and women are being put in harm’s way to take up the Saudi Arabian defenses against Houthis because Saudi soldiers can’t defend their oil installations.

The Houthis of Yemen have promised to strike again if the Saudi genocidal warfare continues. Reports are now coming in that 50,000-to-90,000 children have died mostly from Saudi air strikes, fueled by US Air Force tankers and guided in by US special forces since the war began in 2011.

Now we are directly defending the Saudis from Houthis.

US soldiers are now back on the ground in Saudi Arabia fighting a war that has been generally condemned as one of the worst war crimes against humanity since the Second World War. More than that, this is the first time US forces have put boots on the ground in Saudi Araba since al-Qaeda and Wahabbist pressures had them move their military assets out of the kingdom because such unbelievers were consider blasphemers by touching the soil of the land that contains two of the three holiest shrines of Islam.

This pollution, by the way, was one of the reasons why Usama bin Laden created al-Qaeda in the first place and declared a war of Jihad against the United States. That taint of US toe on holy land was why your US towers and Pentagon in New York and Washington DC were attacked with nearly 3,000 civilian deaths, and an estimated 10,000 more dying in the following decades from the aftermath of toxic building debris and smoke from the falling towers.

Putting US boots on the ground again will see them bombed in Saudi Arabia again by terrorists. My sense it the US presence will only increase in the near future and this opens up the US ultimately being attacked domestically once again for the same reasons as 11 September 2001!

Now to the press conference that was supposed to prove the Iranians launched this attack and not the Houthis as the Saudi kingdom claimed.

Hogue reader Allen F. asked: “Why isn’t the lettering on the outside of the cruise missile debris in Farsi ?

He has a good point so I looked into it. I’ve poured over all manner of short-range and intermediate subsonic Iranian cruise missile models and he’s right, they would usually be in Farsi. Of course if the Houthis received Iranian missiles they may have catalogued them their own way.

At first glimpse at all the broken missile parts, I thought these could be old Soviet weaponry that various Soviet-allied governments of North and South, then a united Yemen started stockpiling to abandon in the 1970s during the Cold War. The lettering before the serial number I saw said “MC.” This could stand for “MS” in Russian alphabet.

The tail section looks very much like a Soviet Russian Kh-55 or Kh56. It has a range of 3,000 km, more than enough to fly around the back of Saudi air defenses and “drop in” desert fashion, taking clueless Saudi Patriot missile batteries “from the behind.”

Here is a Kh-55 Soviet cruise missile. During the Cold War Yemen had been a Soviet ally possessing a very large stockpile of military ordinance, such as this mid-1970 Soviet model that very much resembles the broken parts and ID numbers presented as “Iranian” at the Saudi Press show.

Here is a Kh-55 Soviet cruise missile. During the Cold War Yemen had been a Soviet ally possessing a very large stockpile of military ordinance, such as this mid-1970 Soviet model that very much resembles the broken parts and ID numbers presented as “Iranian” at the Saudi Press show.

But I didn’t leave it there. I played devil’s advocate. What if the Iranians did this attack? So I spent hours going through some Iranian models comparing them to the debris presented. They could indeed by Iranian cruise missiles of the Sumar model, Iran’s first land attack cruise missile. This missile could do the kind of maneuvers and damage it did at ARAMCO sites if somehow Tehran delivered it to the Houthis.

It is interesting to note that these missiles were first manufactured in 2015, the year the Saudi-Yemeni war began. It is possible that the Iranians airlifted a lot of these to the Houthis in the opening stages of the conflict. Iran definitely was doing that at the onset of the war before the siege and Saudi/US assisted air patrols over Houthi-held North Yemen closed off that possibility of Iranian airlifts.

It would not surprise me that this Iranian IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) built missile had been smuggled into Yemen by IRGC naval swift boats along the remote south western coastline and somehow brought through holes in the siege lines through smuggling routes.

Where this gets silly with the blame game is that the US sends the Saudis their most sophisticated weaponry to blow away mostly Yemeni civilians. The Iranians counter that by having the temerity to send their best weaponry to the Houthis.

Like, “Duh!?”

Clearly it is a strategic message from Tehran to Riyadh saying, “You can’t win this war that you said would only last 3 months that now has lasted nearly four years. Your Qatari alliance in the fight has collapsed. The UAE is backing off. The Sunni Yemeni rebels you support pitted against the Northern Yemeni Shia Houthis are now fighting against each other “and” the Houthis. The Houthis have been armed with the means to hit Saudi Arabia “and” the US petrol dollar industry where it really hurts.

This is using deterrents.

Message: stop your stupid war and resolve this issue diplomatically with the Yemenis.

The response? A missile or two purportedly flies out of Saudi airspace and strikes an unarmed Iranian supertanker in the Red Sea of Jeddah. Maybe it’s Saudi. Maybe it’s Israeli. There’s no “maybe” about the consequences, we are back to the brink again. This seems to happen every fortnight to three weeks since the summer of 2019 began. Now we’re entering the autumn. The climate is cooler in the Middle East. This is the season for fighting wars. Where “fairs” this war-fare?

DATELINE: 17 October 2019


Public domain.

Follow-up Reflections on my Trump Fairy Tale

If you go back to hogueprophecy.com and peruse the opening of my  September wave of articles I added two extra free articles. The first is from 10 October reporting my progress on this new article wave for October. Scroll down to the second entitled Trump Impeachment: A Fairy Tale and a Prophetic Warning. It’s a metaphorical tale of a difficult “marriage” between Trump as president playing “the Husband” in a polygamous marriage representing the American people divided into the identity of two wives. One is blindly in love with her husband, she is the “Red Wife” who puts her faith and stands by her man as the country music song goes. The other is blindly hating the “Husband” she’s forced to accept, thanks to a shotgun wedding administered by the “reverend” US Constitutional laws enacted by the vote of the Electoral College. She is the slightly larger Blue Wife—larger in popular vote, but not in Electoral votes.

This fairy tale is my metaphorical way to bring you into the strange and unique astrological underpinnings of Trump’s election. It makes his Sun-Uranus (Mr. Chaos and Mr. Unpredictable Surprise) conjunction in direct inharmonious Square with the US Birth Chart’s Neptune in Virgo, the ruler in the chart of the nation’s boom-bust cycles. If is destined to take Trump and the American people into a journey through a boom going bust, economically speaking, before the next president officially takes his or “her” office on 20 January 2020.

Squares are only evil to those who live in ego. To those who work to evolve in life, to serve the truth, squares are the blessings of prickly growing points in your being reminding one to bring attention and to grow through them. Trump has survived two very “heeyooge” and rocky divorces. Perhaps three’s a charm with his current “first Lady” in the White House. Will that success give him the wisdom of squares to un-scare his scary relationship married to the polarized American people?

This will be a topic I’ll be writing much about in the coming year.

Here’s a reflection from a reader I’ll call “S”, about my September fairytale and my response to her:

President Trump hits back to be sure! It is the left that is so hateful. Turning from a Dem to Independent I honestly can attest to the left’s hateful derangement. I agree good and bad with Trump but he also is trying to cleanse the government corruption. Listening to a timeline Glenn Beck had on YouTube it is understandable the fear the left have and why they must bring Trump down. I am open to learning. But democrats are stuck in hate. Good and bad, I do believe he loves this country and wants to clean it up and make it better! If that is being blind, perhaps I am.

All true what you are saying. He’s actually quite a complicated man and with that Gemini Sun-Uranus conjunction he will do it his way, the way of being at ease with chaos and change. I seem to be one of the only well-known astrologers out there who have delved deep into his chart without prejudices for or against.

I just see the man, his virtues and his faults and the uniquely difficult and delusional relationship his Sun/Uranus is having, being that it is in a square with the Neptune in Virgo of the US Birth Chart. Neptune in Virgo is the source of the US economic boom-bust cycles.


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DATELINE: 17 October 2019


Conclusion of:
Follow-up Reflections on my Trump Fairy Tale

DATELINE: 17 October 2019

Vice President Joe Biden meeting Prime Minister Yatsenyuk of Ukraine in April 2014.

Vice President Joe Biden meeting Prime Minister Yatsenyuk of Ukraine in April 2014. Public domain.

Democrats in Congress going Ukraine “Insane”
Will Impeachment of Trump be the Outcome?

DATELINE: 17 October 2019

IndiaPakistan-GoosestepGuardsIndian-Pakistan Crisis UPDATE:

DATELINE: 17 October 2019

Source: CSIRO.

Source: CSIRO.

On Extinction Rebellion’s New Global Demonstrations
And the Long Hot Summer of Climate Disruption of 2019

DATELINE: 17 October 2019

Greta Thunberg
The Cassandra of Climate Catastrophe

DATELINE: 17 October 2019


Public Domain.

The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory:
My Answer to a Flat-Earther’s Wager


With a donation of only $5.00 or a little more to sustain Hogueprophecy. Put October One 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal.


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