Hogue’s Must Read, early Democratic Primary Predictions. A new Syrian-Turkish War. Bloomberg Looming Big for Super Tuesday. Coronavirus Prophecy and Perspective. Doomsday Clock Adjustment. The Pluto-Effect on Political and Economic Boom-Bust Cycles. Climate Alerts on: Ocean Rise Acceleration, Atmospheric River Storms, Antarctica’s Doomsday Glacier plus Record January Heat Waves open the 2020 Decade. And Finally, the Little Tree that Saved My Life

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DATELINE: 25 February 2020

559px-New_York_City_Mayor_Mike_Bloomberg_at_Midtown_Comics2The “Celebrity Apprentice” Debates:
Afterwards Who will be “Hired”?
Who will hear “Your Fired!”?

I’ll launch this marathon wave of articles on many different subjects of interest with a few words about the Democratic candidate debate held in Las Vegas, Nevada, last Tuesday, inspired by a dedicated Hogue reader:

I am curious to hear what you think about how Sanders is doing, will get a big lead, or is there about to be a big shack up around super Tuesday, does Warren still have a chance, and is Joe Biden DOA?

Warren and Biden are DOA (“Debt” On Arrival). Their financial backing is moving to other candidates. Biden’s to Bloomberg, Warren’s to Sanders.

Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar are the last mini-me candidates left standing but Buttigieg’s perfectly rehearsed and slick to the point of phony performance in debates and Klobuchar’s girlie “please like me!” audition to become class president is running thin as are their finances.

Also, while I only viewed it for a couple of minutes, I am curious about your objective opinion about Bloomberg’s first debate was it goo, or bad like the media is saying.

For openers I would say this. These media debates and assessments of what they do are of more interest to the bubble-headed news people in their bubble of fake reality than to voters at this stage of the game.

The novelty has worn off.

The meanness of the personal attacks is putting people off who want to hear less about what past life mistakes these people made but how they’re going to defeat Trump and lead the nation in a new direction. People are starting to suffer from chaos fatigue, and this plays well ultimately for Bloomberg (chopped liver/stunned mullet charisma and all).

Bloomberg got steamrolled by the sheer childishly mean attacks by mostly millionaires who hate the richer billionaire. (What hypocrisy). It was expected. Bloomberg is the outsider in this classic, tribal, rich democratic, hate-money stance.

If he wins he’s not going to do it by being another “look at ME!” debater. Frankly his stunned reaction at these attacks might once again in the long run grow his stature as the adult in the room, if there are enough adults in the audience to recognize that his shock at these attacks is sane when an adult is attacked on all sides by a childish, envious man child or woman child immaturity. His mistake was he came to talk about what he was going to do and not join in the hazing of others until he was forced to at the end.

What I see in these debates is the Democratic Party’s version of “Celebrity Apprentice” and like the show, Trump is always the winner. Keep this reality show going, and the reality will be Trump’s re-election and “your fired!” rather than “fired up” to win.

I did notice that when Bloomberg is given a chance to speak policy he got some of the loudest crowd cheers of the debate. I got a sense that a lot of the audience wanted to hear what he had to say like I did, and instead got this play-school dust-up of the immature, both on stage and from the MS-“DNC” moderators who seemed more interested in fighting for air time to be seen asking rather than delivering substantive questions.

Bloomberg will do better in the South Carolina debate after this political mugging and gang-banging in Nevada. Towards the end he started to get his bearings and give some good shots back at Sanders who the moderators gave pretty much a free pass.

As time goes by and the field finally loses its excess baggage, these debates will become more substantive, despite themselves. When that happens Sanders is going to be pressured to explain the math behind how he can make his financially Polly Anna socialism work and why a millionaire with three houses can be a socialist, among other structurally unsound issues that lurk as the unstable foundation of his policies. If it is just him and Bloomberg, he’ll have to face the facts, the just-the-facts man opposite him. His vague responses will grow old.

This thing is heading by end of March into a two-horse race, Bloomberg vs. Sanders with Sanders in the lead. It will be a battle between the liberal Democrat 30 percent vs. the centrist Dem. 70 percent. In primaries the left is more galvanized to vote so that’s going to make this close.

Sanders’ heart attack that happened in Vegas back last October didn’t “stay” in Vegas.

As an energy dynamo myself, I recognize this man is a dynamo of the highest energy order. We dynamos getting older do not feel the ageing of the body like less energetic people because we are tapping into a higher energy beyond the body. This happens to me when I’m writing, giving readings, doing radio/TV interviews or public speaking. It happens to Sanders when he’s channeling a crowd. The body’s aches and pains disappear. An ageing dynamo has to learn how to pour the flood of his energy without breaking the ageing vessel.

I worry about Sanders. Details are not forthcoming from his campaign about the status of his heart’s ventricular ejection fraction—a measurement of his post-attack ability to pump either a healthy or diminished volume of blood per beat. His face color has changed since the heart attack. I call it “hypertension” purple”, especially around his cheeks when he gets mad.

Somebody has to say this. At Hogueprophecy, we talk about all the 800-pound gorillas of sudden and unexpected destiny-changing potentially waiting for their moment to spring that most people and the media ignore.

DATELINE: 23 February 2020

Des Moines, IA, where the Primary Season began with a Shadow APPocalypse, partially financed by Pete Buttigieg. Photo: Phil Roeder, ©Creative Commons.

Des Moines, IA, where the Primary Season began with a Shadow APPocalypse, partially financed by Pete Buttigieg. Photo: Phil Roeder, ©Creative Commons.

Hogue’s Opening
Democratic Primary Predictions

Here we go again, my fourteenth attempt at picking the person who will win the presidency by the popular vote of the American people. Once again I seek to expand my winning streak from 13 to 14 and 0, starting when Nixon beat Humphrey in 1968. The stakes are higher than all the other nail-biter presidential cycles of the last 20 years concerning where this nation is going—going down, mostly towards oligarchic fascism. I’m going to try to help readers laugh all their fears away, gain new insight into their red-and-blue shades of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and laugh partisan angst off the map.

When things get REALLY bad, it’s time for me to get funny. So 2020 Presidential Election Cycle?

Here we go…

The official race to the “Mad” House (oops, I mean the “White” House) officially began this February 2020 with the Iowa Caucus (3 Feb.) followed by the New Hampshire Primary (11 Feb.). The purview of this article is to forecast who’s in and out or surging by Super “dooper” Tuesday when an initial big dump of 1,344 of approximately 3,979 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be gathered from Alabama, American Samoa, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia,

First a few prescient thoughts about early casualties of “Warrens” dropping out of this political battle. I’ve long written that former Vice President Joe Biden was a non-starter becoming president, being that he rivals Hillary Clinton as a bad campaigner but with a difference, Biden never had the corporate big money support the Hillary “Corp” and the “pay to play” favoring Clinton Foundation has. Moreover, Joe is by far the “oldest” campaigner in a field that must top the charts with the most geriatrically aged candidates in presidential election history. There’s Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, age 78, three-term New York Mayor and super-billionaire Michael Bloomberg just turned 78. King “Donald” of Trump in the White House is 73-and-a-half, already! But what Joe Biden lacks in years, being 77, he doesn’t lack in dotage, sorry to say.

He’s the only guy acting his age. The others seem 10-to-20 years younger than their orbits around the Sun indicate, including Elizabeth Warren who is age 70. But then, it is early in this race. A lot of ageing may catch up with Biden for the other seventy-somethings as the stressful campaigning battles on.

Even before the Nevada caucus landslide victory of Bernie Sanders, I predicted Joe Biden’s campaign is effectively over after being dealt the politically mortal blows of fourth place in Iowa and fifth place in New Hampshire. As I write this he’s coming in on a very embarrassing second in Nevada.

He’s lost what few cash cows he has, compared to the Clintons and I know from my sources these big donors are trying to sit grandpa Biden down, hold his hand and carefully explain to him that, politically speaking, he needs to shuffle off to political retirement with some grace. Biden is bleeding establishment and centrist Democrat supporters to the looming little-Mikey bloomin’ Bloomberg, whom I have already cautioned you all is “the” dark horse (born in the Year of the Horse in 1942) and the only possible candidate that can go mano-a-mano—New York hobbit-sized “oily”-garch” mano-a-mano—against the six-foot-three orange, umpa lumpa oligarch elected in 2016 in the “crazy” Year of the Monkey.

Biden should bow out now, but I predict he’ll keep fighting and embarrassing himself beyond Nevada, beyond South Carolina on 29 February. He’ll take this to his last hurrah and hope of a national recovery on Super Tuesday, 3 March.

Now to US Senator of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

I’ve written for years that 2020 was her window of destiny to actually become the first woman president breaking that famous glass ceiling. Unfortunately I have pointed out her serious gaffs that makes her a better local rather than national candidate. She fell too easily into being the bullied foil of President Trump calling her Pocahontas because she used her purported Native American heritage to open doors from college onwards. Rather than brush it off and moving on, Warren proved she was less Native American than the Scottish-Germanic Herr Trump thanks to undergoing genetic testing.

What killed her destiny, however, was her more recent set up with CNN to record her scathing attack in public of Bernie Sanders during an “off mike” moment in an earlier debate late last year. Her campaign started tanking after that. One chance in a lifetime has passed. Warren will not break that ceiling for women in 2020. That CNN open, “did you just call me a liar!” Mike-gate sent the glass ceiling of woman-power identity politics crashing on her nervy political head.

Bad showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Nevada’s count putting her a distant fifth in the silver state’s Sander’s landslide will continue a leftist Democrat diaspora of support flocking to Sanders. Warren, like Biden, will limp on after Nevada, mortally bleeding financial support, to South Carolina but definitely after Super Tuesday it should be clear that her race to the White House crashed and burned by early March.

That leaves my Oracle commenting on the surprising early surge of Amy Klobuchar, US Senator of Minnesota and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend Indiana. Klobuchar is another candidate in the current running that won’t break the glass barrier, sorry to say.

But Pete…

Now there’s a man from nowhere that has some very interesting handlers and backers Klobuchar could only dream she had. Pete B, Wall Street Pete, former Naval Intelligence officer in Afghanistan Pete, with deep ties to the CIA Pete with some interesting endorsers from the surveillance industrial complex. Conflict of interest Pete being a major donor to the Shadow App disaster of the recent Iowa caucus Pete, who has a lot of his recent and current advisors associated with the Shadow company “Pete.”

How does an unknown mayor of the fourth largest city in Indiana with only 100,000 people if you exclude the Notre Dame football team, end up in a virtual reality tie with Bernie Sanders in Iowa, and finish a close second in New Hampshire?

A new pretty face, a charming poser boy of US business-imperial interests. I give you an open channel for the CIA, NSA and surveillance industries to pour their policies into. I give you a guy who has virtually no foreign policy plan if he becomes the next president of the United States.

Pretty harsh claim?

If you don’t want to check my sources above, here’s what an overview of what my sources above and linked below from and The Grayzone say that backs Pete’s “Butti” as their political property.

You start with the snafu of the Iowa caucus, the Shadow App, created by four former Hillary Clinton staffers to which Pete donated over $21,000 dollars to have built and used (conflict of interest, anyone?) and the CEO of Shadow is married to a Buttigieg strategist.

No wonder Pete gave an early, and prescient-seeming declaration of victory in Iowa while Shadow was crashing all cyber connections for days of recounting. Did he and his Butti-geek chief strategist get insider information from some Shadowy source? Let me stress again, Shadow has Hillary clinging operatives all over this Deep Stated mess. Such operatives and their mistress were caught red-handed by WikiLeaks rigging the primary elections against Sanders in 2016.

Well, this APP-solute crash in Iowa kind of stinks the same rigged way.

The Nevada caucus had the same Shadow APP in place, but Iowa gave them time to dump it and arrange a more secure option. Thus Buttigieg’s butt as I write this on Nevada caucus day has fallen to an astronomically distant fourth place.

Here’s how deep Buttigieg’s roots go to the Surveillance deep state. Samuel D. Finklestein of the Grayzone reports Buttigieg recently became the top recipient of donations from staff members of the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, and the Justice Department. Moreover, CIA agents fill the Buttigieg campaign’s list of National Security endorsers to the tune of 218 experts of espionage as his “foreign policy and national security professionals.”

Nahh… Butti’s not a CIA spook, even though Grayzone wrote that “among Buttigieg’s most notable endorsers is David S. Cohen, the deputy director of the CIA from 2015 to 2017, and a former Treasure official under George W. Bush.”

The Buttigieg campaign protests that Pete never was a CIA agent However, Grayzone reports that “according to military documents that have gone mostly under the media’s radar, it does appear that the former mayor worked alongside the CIA while serving as a high-ranking Naval intelligence officer during his short stint in Afghanistan. [His unit] operated under the watch of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).”

Now, I’d like to see pics of Pete overseeing US and Afghan auxiliaries shouldering their guns to smack off fields full of poppy head bulbs with switches but opiates used for heroin from Afghanistan has only increased under Butti’s and US occupation. And the CIA’s dark association with drug cartels to finance its shadow (APP?) operations in South America comes to my mind.

Things that make you go, hmm… Like US imperial interest in calling it quits soon in Afghanistan but as US soldiers depart they will be replaced by US “contractors” the euphemism for “mercenaries” that the CIA will hire. Some of them might be guarding the mineral mines.

Yep. The Afghanistan quagmire will go on. It’s only going to be privatized in the near future.


For booty, Butti. And you know it.

According to an expose in Vogue Magazine by Nathan Heller, he describes Buttigieg showing him “into a living room…in front of a huge resource-and-mineral map of Afghanistan.”

And if you’ve heard the derogatory label “Wall Street Pete” here’s his key endorsers from Wall Street, the vice president of BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager, Matt Kaczmarek. AmazonWatch named BlackRock “the world’s largest investor in deforestation.

Grayzone says Karen Mathiasen, former acting executive US director at the World Bank thinks the world of him as our next president and gets her endorsement.

Political comic and satirist Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight observes Pete’s connections to Spooks, coups, and opiates-to-Afghani precious metals, acting as gopher for US military industrial complex and darling of international banking, as remarkably convenient.

“He’s endorsed by the persons who steal the resources, the people who invade to help steal the resources, and the people who economically pressure the countries TO LET US STEAL THE RESOURCES! (Laughter!) This guy’s a one-stop shop for imperialism!”

Grayzone writer Sam Finklestein concluded his article musing, “Perhaps the most reasonable conclusion is that they see Buttigieg as an empty vessel. Opportunistic and unmoored by ideology or political goals beyond advancing his career, Buttigieg is the ideal candidate for those who seek to maintain existing hierarchies.”

Which at last brings me to the subject of Bernie Sanders.

I called him in articles during 2016 a Paper Revolutionary tiger.

And so he remains.

But so he will also remain in the entire Democratic Primary cycle up to his unseating by a majority of over 700 superdelegates once again. Not up front like in 2016 but pouncing on Bernie bird from behind.

They patiently wait in 2020 like buzzards on a tree. In comes Sanders into the buzzard lair, the Democratic National Convention, with perhaps the highest plurality of votes but not enough to win the first ballot.

Buzzard delegates hunger for a brokered second ballot.

They swoop in to pounce on the paper revolutionary and swing the second ballot to a centrist “status quo” candidate.

Counterpunch hints of rumors rife after Biden’s early campaigning decline makes Bloomberg the new centrist hope, come what bad performances in debates in the future that the DNC committee, stuffed with Clinton operatives, will rig the rules to vote once again, from the second to the first ballot!

I’m even hearing word that Superdelegates will begin voting “before” there is a first ballot officially cast at the Convention.

There’s even “scuttled-buttigieging”, scuttlebutt testing the airwaves hinting Hillary Clinton will become Michael Bloomberg’s vice presidential candidate. Hillary’s camp defers to Mikey, and Mikey’s camp leaves “all options open.”

This potential if more than a rumor has some direfully intriguing prophetic possibilities.

Michael Bloomberg in my Oracle’s view is the only man who can beat President Trump in 2020 with or without Clinton tagging along. But if she does become his Vice President and they do win, that brings Hillary Clinton’s presidential destiny back to life again if old age or tragedy should make her take Bloomberg’s place.

My oracle has considered her a strong possibility as America’s first woman president as far back as 1998 when I first began publishing articles or mentioning it on radio or television interviews. I have equally explained as early as March 2007 in my article Hillary Clinton’s Albatross, how she could and would sabotage her campaign becoming president in 2008, and again publishing warnings in June 2015 that a sure bet winner can trip over her hubris and lose in 2016.

If she becomes Bloomberg’s Vice President, Hillary the crappy campaigner will not be in charge. She’ll be side-kick to one of the slickest and sophisticated political campaign machines I’ve seen since Richard Nixon’s campaign against Humphrey in 1968, back when I began predicting presidential elections by popular vote.

This election is happening once again in the rare Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Every 20 years since the election year of 1840, every candidate winning running in a year ending in zero during this rare conjunction has died in office mostly by assassination up to Ronald Reagan in 1980. He narrowly survived his assassination. Gore in 2000 was assassinated by the Supreme Court not allowing a state-wide Florida recount that would have proved he won the state.

Here we are 20-years later. We have one old fart, Biden, going down, but two formidable old farts Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg soon to become the final Democrat candidates in this race.

Bloomberg will be 79 years old a few weeks after the Inauguration Day ceremonies would make him president on 20 January 2021.

President Franklin Roosevelt was elected for a third term during 1940’s Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. He died of natural causes in his fourth term.

Roosevelt was an Aquarian, like Bloomberg.

Indeed the latter Aquarian if president might be a karmic echo to Roosevelt during times of great depression, threat of world war and catastrophic climate change.

Roosevelt died in office at age 62.

Bloomberg, though hale and hearty for his age, will become president 17 years older, soon to enter his eighties. Thus, whoever ends up his Vice Presidential candidate, is highly likely to become a President of the United States. Hence I call Hillary Clinton the Queen of Buzzard superdelegates preying on more than Bernie’s paper revolution.

Clinton may get her destiny’s wish through the back door, free of her own terrible campaigning skills.

DATELINE: 23 February 2020

In November 2018, Turkish Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) led by US APCs, as joint patrollers of the Turkish Syrian border. At present, February 2020 is marked by a new military crisis. Washington has encouraged the Turks to invade the Syrian Province of Idlib, directly clashing with the Syrian Army. Today 49 Turkish soldiers were killed and many more wounded in a similar Turkish armored column set ablaze by Syrian air strikes, that Russia supports, and if need be, Russia will directly strike Turkish forces. Photo: US Army.

In November 2018, Turkish Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) led by US APCs, as joint patrollers of the Turkish Syrian border. At present, February 2020 is marked by a new military crisis. Washington has encouraged the Turks to invade the Syrian Province of Idlib, directly clashing with the Syrian Army. Today 49 Turkish soldiers were killed and many more wounded in a similar Turkish armored column set ablaze by Syrian air strikes, that Russia supports, and if need be, Russia will directly strike Turkish forces. Photo: US Army.

From January 2020’s Iran Crisis
To February 2020’s Syrian-Turkish War!

According to the many mentions of Syria, like Iran, in the prophecies of Nostradamus, both places are trip-wires to an escalation of conflict across the Middle East that could ultimately see warring vassals of four nuclear powers in country (the US and Israel against Syria and Iran’s allies Russia and China) potentially pulled into a rapid escalation that leads to direct conflict.

Last month the US Drone assassination of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani had the most recent escalation potential only broken by Iran’s very accurate cruise missile retaliation fired directly from Iran, targeting for the first time ever, US bases in Iraq. However, they only destroyed US military drone hangars and equipment. They answered Soleimani’s murder with an act that did not seek to kill, though 30 or more US troops were wounded mostly suffering concussions from the blast waves of dozens of Iranian missile strikes, but no deaths.

The Iranians broke the escalation from one murder to another. Trump got that message and backed off because he does not want a war with Iran even though his advisors do.

With the new month of February we have a new flashpoint.

The last bastion of al-Qaeda affiliated terror militias in Syria’s Idlib Province has become the next clash point of nuclear superpower fools rushing in.

The Sochi Agreement brokered by Syria, Russia and Turkey in September 2018 and updated in October 2019 has not yet seen Turkey separating al-Qaeda elements from non-terrorist, anti-Syrian regime rebels who are willing to negotiate a peace with the Syrian government. By the end of 2018, the Turks along with the Russians policing Idlib were supposed to have helped disarm and clear off the two major transport highways from terrorist militia control so that transport avenues to rebuild, feed and fuel Syrians living in Aleppo Province could receive direct shipments of vital goods and materials from Syria’s coastal port of Latakia.

Five months in, the Syrian government lost patience. The Syrian Arab Army this February has advanced to do combat with the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist militias and clear them out of half of Idlib where the highways lie. Turkey, fearing a huge flood of refugees toward its border camps from a province containing three million Syrians, started a military buildup that has become a serious military skirmish with Syrian forces.

Into this fog and chaos of war put generally on hold for one year and five months thanks to the Sochi Agreement (See Syrian Civil War Showdown in Idlib put on Hold) had begun, activating a spider’s web of tripwires, of clashes with different terrorist militias allied with Jabhat al-Nusra, plus equally hard-to-identify anti-Syrian regime Turkic, Assyrian and Syrian Arab factions. Thus blunders into Idlib the Turkish Army, with hundreds of tanks, armor personnel carriers and mobile armored artillery vehicles in Turkey’s fourth invasion of Syria during its nine years of the Syrian Civil War.

By the second week of February Syrian artillery mistakenly shelled a Turkish military convoy killing dozens of Turks. The Turks fired upon those Syrian artillery units setting them ablaze, killing dozens of Syrian Arab Army regulars

Syria’s ally Russia, a military and diplomatic presence in country, is trying to broker a ceasefire while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan publicly rails at Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in some of his most bellicose threats for a widening war (every bit recently encouraged and emboldened by his phone meetings with President Trump and especially his Deep State, warmongering advisors, like the Rapture and doomsday cultist, the Christian Nationalist Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

It seems Erdogan is playing Russia and America off on each other. Ever the bellowing bello-caustic strongman, he first vowed to drive the Syrian Army out of Idlib by force unless it leaves the province by end of February. Then by mid-February he chased that threat with demanding they leave immediately or face destruction… Finish this article and get full access to TEN more articles by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 23 February 2020

Painting depicting Husayn ibn Ali (the first Shia Caliph of Islam) embracing the corpse of Qassem Soleimani he dragged from the blazing motorcade, destroyed by US Drones. Painting by Hassan Roholamin, http://farsi.khamenei.ir © Creative Commons

Painting depicting Husayn ibn Ali (the first Shia Caliph of Islam) embracing the corpse of Qassem Soleimani he dragged from the blazing motorcade, destroyed by US Drones. Painting by Hassan Roholamin, http://farsi.khamenei.ir
© Creative Commons

US Assassinated Soleimani
Either on a BOGUS misread of Intelligence
“Or, Something Else…”

“All the indications are that it was Daesh [the Arabic acronym for ISIS],” said Brig. General Ahmed Adnan, to the New York Times reporter Alissa J. Rubin. Adnan is the Iraqi chief of intelligence for the federal police at K-1. “I told you about the three incidents in the days just before in the area—we know Daesh’s movements.

“We as Iraqi forces cannot even come to this area unless we have a large force because it is not secure. How could it be that someone [meaning Kataib Hezbollah] who doesn’t know the area could come here and find that firing position and launch an attack?”

Though the US military holds to their story that it was Kataib Hezbollah (KH) militia who did it, there isn’t any motive. Moreover no Shia KH militia are anywhere near Kirkuk. The scene of the incident is deep within a Sunni area of Kirkuk Province. KH Shia militia have not set foot in that region of Kurdish Iraq since 2014…! Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 27 February 2020

5 February 2020, Italian police and medics screening airline passengers returning from China at Milan’s Malpensa International Airport.

5 February 2020, Italian police and medics screening airline passengers returning from China at Milan’s Malpensa International Airport.

Coronavirus Forecasts that make the Distinction
Between Pandemic Hype and Context
Plus explaining why we’re having
A Stock Market Plague Rally

Now to the Coronavirus stock market correction.

I am more optimistic that China will bring its economy production back on line sooner than most people think. Forecasters who think otherwise  forget that Hubei Province and its chief city of Wuhan, are one small part of the greater Chinese economic powerhouse. People everywhere else in China may be wearing masks and undergoing a lot of mettlesome disinfection procedures but outside of Wuhan the levels of infection are greatly lower. Nearly one third of the Chinese workforce is already back to work. The rest will be back to work, outside of Wuhan and Hubei Province, between now and end of April.

But the current stoppage will shutter through the global economy’s production and delivery chain and possibly make March into especially April economically chaotic for product delivery and slow down the economy. I’ve already forecasted in my previous article waves that April could be one of two warning signs that the economy is not a boom but a very fragile and growing fiat “bubble” exposed to a bust. Now I can see what will trigger it, the coronavirus disruption and hysteria is the catalytic agent for the slowdown “rehearsal” to recession… Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 26 February 2020




2020 “is” potentially the Election Cycle when an Independent Candidate can become President—That is, if he Masquerades as either a Republican or a Democrat

I was asked by one of my Facebook friends on the 18 February 2020, this question:

In 2016 you said that 2020 would be the first general election where an independent candidate could win the election. Do you still see that astrologically?

Yes, in an ironic way. Bloomberg. He has the potential. He’s an independent playing the only masquerade an independent, like Sanders, also can play, pretend to be a Democrat or Republican. Infiltrate the two-party duopoly-mafia cartel.

Bloomberg is the closest thing to a vision I had of a man playing that game, winning, and then when president, declaring himself an independent wedge to break the two-party duopoly.

I’m not supporting or against this situation my Oracle visualized. I’m simply seeing the political realities of the time.

Ron Paul understands this move and openly admitted it. He’s a third party Libertarian who masqueraded as a Republican congressman otherwise you don’t have public access to the media and the nation who willfully shun third party candidates… Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 February 2020

Members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists also include elder statesmen, peace and human rights activists such as seen here: Ban Ki-Moon (right) former United Nations Secretary-General. Mary Robinson (center) former Irish president and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Jerry Brown (left) Governor of California from 1975-83 and 2011-19 who holds the executive chair of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists also include elder statesmen, peace and human rights activists such as seen here: Ban Ki-Moon (right) former United Nations Secretary-General. Mary Robinson (center) former Irish president and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Jerry Brown (left) Governor of California from 1975-83 and 2011-19 who holds the executive chair of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Doomsday Clock
Now 100 Seconds to Midnight

“I am Shiva, destroyers of worlds!”

That was what Robert Oppenheimer, the chief scientist of the team that created the atomic bomb, reflected aloud after seeing the first test firing at pre-dawn on 16 July 1945 near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Being also a scholar of Hindu scriptures he was reciting a passage from the epic Hindu poem, the Mahabharata. And in later years when atom bombs evolved into greater destroyers of worlds, hydrogen bombs, Oppenheimer would often protest softly in interviews with the press that we Americans may have not been the first people to create such terror weapons. A variation of such are described in the Mahabharata, a word which translates into “The Great Indian War.” (See my article about it: Mahabharata A-Bomb)

There were these missile-like “rods” that hurled the power of the sun on earth burning to a cinder thousands of soldiers and war elephants. The survivors would become ill with what sounded like radiation sickness, with hair and nails falling out. And the land under the bomb’s ferocious solar flash would remain sterile.

That was 5,000 years ago… Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 February 2020

The coasts (red) after a 6 meters (19.5 feet) sea level rise. © Creative Commons.

The coasts (red) after a 6 meters (19.5 feet) sea level rise. © Creative Commons.

Data shows Ocean Rise
Accelerating since 2013-2014

It started in 2019. A new data trend in climate sciences. Some might call it terrifying for our future. I call it a trend to express the reality of what challenges an accelerating climate disruption throw before us.

I love reality!

It never hurts me. Ever.

The only thing that does harm to me, bringing me pain and suffering of an existential intensity is holding onto my illusions and expectations demanded of Existence. Pain is caused by chasing after dreams rather than realities.

Do not misunderstand. One can have a “vision” of a better world, but if there is an expectation that this “should” happen, even if the vision is the most beautiful one can dream, this illusion cannot be forced on the world or others. If reality is faced by me, you, everyone, face to face, moment to moment, one therefore becomes responsible for that Vision. Only in this moment of attention in reality can one be “able” to “respond…” Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 February 2020

Source, NASA-GOES.

Source, NASA-GOES.

The New Climate Abnormal:
Atmospheric River Storms

I can speak about this from firsthand experience. After my corner of the world, western Washington State, was inundated by the wettest January in local record of the hottest January in global history. On came February hosing my home on Whidbey Island about 40 miles north of Seattle with a chain of storms pumped to bursting with subtropical moisture drawn deep south near the Hawaiian Island chain. Cry me a river of rain pouring like a stream from a fire hose for three-and-a-half days and three nights of steady, unrelenting torrents. It was perfectly timed too. My house had a carpenter ant problem requiring a construction crew pull out two walls, wide open to nature for a very wet and dripping rebuild. Fortunately the intrepid men had buttoned up my place before the deluge ended, punctuated by gale force winds… Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 February 2020

GlobalWarming-IcewallfallingCLIMATE ALERTS
Fire meets Ice
Underneath Antarctica’s Doomsday Glacier

I spoke earlier about the little known “unknowns” that scientists can’t measure or factor into their big data, what the climate crisis will do to carbon sequestering engines of Nature, like the forests absorbing (eating) CO2, the permafrost of the Arctic lands and submerged permafrost along the Arctic continental shelves ringing the Polar Sea packing away gigatons of Methane, and even more powerful-greenhouse heating gas when released in the atmosphere. For scientists, these natural carbon storing engines are not data black holes but data “black swans”—the unexpected. The incalculable to what harm they can do until we artificially heat them up enough to do it… Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 February 2020

Antarctica, the ice-covered continent having a record-breaking heat wave. NASA.

Antarctica, the ice-covered continent having a record-breaking heat wave. NASA.

Hottest Temperature ever Recorded in Antarctica
And the First Month of the 2020s Hints of another
Hot Record-Breaking Temperature Tsunami
Decade to Come

Common Dreams clearly delivers its reports with an openly left-wing “Progressive” slant. Although I often find left-wing political solutions to climate change as idiotic and ineffectual as right-wing political denial, progressives do get that the danger is real and they do publish the accurate science about it, even though sometimes one has to clean off all the chest beating, virtue signaling, Greta Thunberg shaming woke-ishness.

They at least understand what I have understood since 1973 when most green progressive activists were either in diapers or were a twinkle in an overpopulating world’s eye. That world is about to be vastly changed… Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 February 2020

Martin Luther hammers his 95 theses to the door.

Martin Luther hammers his 95 theses to the door.

Watch these windows of Boom meeting Bust of the American Republic in tandem with its Economic power when Pluto transits its Natal Position in the final intense Degrees of Capricorn

I would say to astrologers among my readers, and all of you who read me anticipating the great travails of death and rebirth coming, watch the near-about-to-exact conjoining of transiting Pluto with the natal Pluto of the US Republic’s birth chart in Capricorn at 27-degees.

I will now walk you through these swings of transiting Pluto lurching forward and backwards and forward again in the next few years, like a Ragnarök wrecking plutonian ball… Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23 February 2020

Arjuna_looking_Osho_initiation-129kbAND FINALLY:
The Fate of the Little Tree that Saved My Life

Trees can even convey messages to one, in their own way. If one has rediscovered the lost and luminous innocence one brought to this world of ego and division, only to have it buried under a mask, a persona, a personality. But the language of trees is ever yours. The language of being that which “communes” with animals, even with the sky and the mountains. It is the still small voice of IN-nocence that meditation, a state of “NO” mindfulness. Empty, open, witnessing, one can recover the lost innocence of communion even with all animate and inanimate things. And in some cases, even a tree can save your life… Get this full article and 12 Months worth of articles now for $60 or a little more.


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