The US-North Korean road to Peace born on the Singapore Summit: An Astrological Forecast. Astrological Forecasts for the Hawaiian Eruption in June. And Finally, John Hogue Publishes his Forty-Seventh book: What Really Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Prophetic and Astrological Assessment

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DATELINE: 14 June 2018


US Government picture. Public domain.

What will be “Born” Astrologically from the US-North Korean Summit?

Click on this link to sample John Hogue's new (47th) book!

Click on this link to sample John Hogue’s new (47th) book!

On 11 June 2018 around late morning, I began drawing a preliminary astrological forecast about what I expected would be a highly successful “first date” between two master gamers of chaos, North Korea’s “little” Kim Jong-Un and President Trump-the-Donald Deal Maker, of the USA. I was up until the following morning until 4:30 am (Pacific Time) watching the Singapore live news feeds of Trump and Kim, hours after they began measuring and vibing each other out, with guarded satisfaction I might add, during in a series of all-day meetings before they sat down to sign to the tune of photo shutter castanets of the world media what was little more than a pledge of intentions that gave birth to a baby process without treaty teeth, as of yet. If this baby can be carefully reared, encouraged and grown, this toddler of testament will become the process towards ultimately ending the Korean War, denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and bringing a 2,000-year-old Korean civilization out of over 70 years of unnatural division.

There are predators behind both parenting leaders who would see this child as prey to their special interests. This is especially true about predators lurking behind the US president belonging to the corporate wolf pack of US Military Industrial (and Neo-conned) Complex. They would cripple and then murder a Korean Peace because it is bad for US warmongering big business.

Yes, Trump is a peace dreamer, the Trump of the moment. One of this unpredictable Gemini’s many facets and personalities. The personality closest to his big and innocent heart. I saw that persona engaged in his interactions with Kim. This one is the truest of many Trumps we see: the innocent eight-year-old Trump, the “Hey the Emperor’s naked!” kid Trump. Yes, I’m aware of other Trumps that tell tall tales of “truthiness” but given the bi-polar nature of his Sun Sign of The Twins, Geminis are the most comfortable of the twelve Sun Signs with living a fluid, mutable, and most naturally comfortable with contradictory truth. The Trump persona we saw on the day of the Singapore Summit on 12 June is closest to his innocent intelligence.

Most of us grow older but psychologically speaking, most human beings suffer societal programming that renders that childlike and true intelligence suppressed for the rest of their lives all the way to the grave with a retarded maturity of someone between seven and 14 years old. Trump was at the truest “persona” of his many personalities on 12 June, thanks to astrologically favorable aspects. It is in such moments when Trump makes an unconsciously motivated but impactful contribution to US Presidential History. He spontaneously drops a bomb of truth, essentially spot on, as only a child can be, unconcerned and unaware of the details that adults use to obfuscate essential truth and keep themselves lost in trifles.

You’ve known those moments when Trump channeled that precocious eight-year-old he admitted himself and publicly is his truest nature when he called Jeb Bush in the campaign “low energy” and Hillary Clinton “crooked” or said to the CNN reporter “You are fake news!”

All true, as only a childlike innocence in its core knows. Until Trump I do not recall seeing the power of innocent understanding jumping out of the mouths of mega-egoist politicians that lie and steal and cheat all the way to sitting in the Oval Office.

Innocent moments sprouting out of a man destined to become president has impact before and after he’s elected. Jeb Bush’s truth was exposed, and his lackluster campaign deflated like a raspberry blast of a balloon full of hot air. Hillary Clinton’s crookedness had more to do with her election loss than her lies about Russian hacks (See What Really Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton). We are now talking about what is Fake in news only because of Trump’s moment of innocent clarity famously uttered over a year ago in the collective face of the press.

Trump had a similar eight-year-old moment of clarity when he stood against an assault from over 1,000 members of the “Fake News” press corps in a large auditorium in Singapore after the summit successfully ended. The level of ire loading press questions emphasized the negatives over what was a historic day that opened the door to a lot of good news in the future. That didn’t matter to them, especially from the most virulent members of the US press. It didn’t matter if they were liberal or conservative correspondents of the corporate, war-and-conflict-friendly US press corps. Good news is bad for ratings. Peace was an alien concept in that room, a bastard and unwanted bundle of joy, presented by a president at best uncomfortably tolerated by true conservative and hysterically hated by the liberal media.

A childlike intelligence can feel it in that room and Trump’s child personality that day gracefully read it right. How DARE the one American President be “The Donald” that can shake hands with a North Korean leader, start a peace process, and not a President Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Senior, Clinton, Bush Junior, and Obama?

Kid Trump, immature Trump, had done what all the “adult” presidents, those clever and hypocricital political professional “grown-ups, failed to do in 68 years-and-counting: conceive a “baby” dream that might grow up to be one of the most significant diplomatic breakthroughs for peace in modern history.

Peace is alien to an adult ego but close to a child’s heart. Trump was in his heart when he shook hands with Kim Jong-Un. It is a big heart that sometimes can power through all the man’s many faults of mental incontinence.

What do the stars say about the future born of Trump’s heart and Kim Jong-Un courage. Will it survive…? Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 3 articles for a donation of $5.00. I will download it directly to you as a PDF attachment.  Put June Too 2018 in the PayPal Memo line.

DATELINE: 14 June 2018

Astrological Forecasts for the Hawaiian Eruption for June 2018

Think flood and then ask when floods will end. Think about the Planet Neptune in its lesser-known but significantly “oceanic” role in Astrology as “Earthshaker”-tsunami maker of water “or” lava flows along with its better-known role as ruler of deep tides of your unconscious diving into deeper tides of collective unconscious mind to sound in the depths of a cosmic unconscious, Universal Mind.

Since the eruption began last month around 3 May, six weeks have passed, the Big Island’s Kilauea volcano has let loose a flood of lava through its unique subterranean grid of lava tubes. Satan’s subway has rolled out fast-moving liquid lava, impatient to sludge and slip along for over thirty miles east-northeastward, coming up to the sunlit streets of human neighborhoods through rupturing earth and asphalt fissures and exit vents hurling magma fountains in 23 places-and-counting to take a lava-stroll like a horror movie blob smothering all it touches, rolling over tree, field, bays, roads and human habitats, dressed in crusted coats of cooling basalt covering nearly 700 houses, hotels, barns and outhouses so far.

The Big Island so far has gained 400 new acres of coastal territory and in one place transforming picturesque Kapoho Bay into Darth Vader black-and-smoking Kapoho Peninsula. Thousands have been evacuated from land shook by over 12,000 quakes in six weeks—most of which were minor, but dozens have rattled nerves at the 5- and 5.5-magnitude range after the largest initial quake of nearly magnitude 7 rock and rolled the Big Island in the biggest temblor since the mid-1970s, causing the rising lava pools in Kilauea’s main calderas of Halemaʻumaʻu and Puʻu ʻOʻo to suddenly drop out of sight, down two caldera bowls—like they were flushed down lucifer’s toilet to resurface 36 miles down a sewer-seismic lava line of 23 new cracks and volcano cones along residential areas to add new ground constructed there by lava flows since 1960.

As with May, June will have its Kilauea steam-induced blasts sending ash clouds miles into the air of what will be a wetter than normal month. June’s eruption phase begins with inexorable currents of magma but for now I sense a slowing down or consolidating of flows over the new land it made in the last six weeks. The good news is that most of the new fissures and slant cones are going quiet. Yet I will watch the future’s potential for further volcanic awakening by observing the aspect of Neptune with the New Moon on 13 June, the First Quarter (Sun Square Moon) on 20 June (Solstice eve) and Full Moon on 27 June to gain some understanding if the current of lava flow decrease will continue or lead to a quiet face building up reserves for a new flood of lava later in June…

Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 3 articles for a donation of $5.00. I will download it directly to you as a PDF attachment.  Put June Too 2018 in the PayPal Memo line.

DATELINE: 14 June 2018


New Book by John Hogue—Number Forty-Seven and Counting:

A Prophetic and Astrological Assessment


Hillary Rodham Clinton won more popular votes than any Electoral College loser in US history—almost three million more votes than Donald Trump. Now she’s currently engaged in an even bigger losing battle, a Nixonian fight to restore her historical legacy that almost happened through no fault of anyone but herself—or so world-renowned Nostradamus expert, Futurist and Political Forecaster John Hogue contends.

In this unique and thought-provoking book, Hogue proposes that Clinton could have achieved her legacy of becoming the first woman president of the United States except for one weak link Hogue had anticipated early and documented not once but twice prior to her failed campaign attempts in 2008 and 2016.

This book will show that her failure wasn’t caused by Russians, or a plethora of other outside impediments and people she currently rails against in a crusade for some historical redemption. The problem is in her afflicted stars.

Alongside its astrological investigation this book delves deep into documented evidence rarely mentioned by the US corporate media—the credibility of which Hogue excoriates—that puts into question the Russian hack scandal’s credibility. The finger of fact points in the direction of Clinton’s political machine itself as the source and not Moscow.

Let this book’s unique blend of prophetic and factual investigation take you into what “really” happened to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“She fell like Alice in Wonderland,” writes Hogue. “She got lost down a rabbit hole of missed opportunities and self-sabotaging fantasies. In the future she will pass beyond obsessions with Putin’s man spread and dream of a run for president in 2020, where she will ultimately confront the “Snooki” Effect.”

“John Hogue is unique. He’s one of a kind.”

George Noory, Host of “Coast to Coast AM”

“A brilliant and very knowledgeable astrologer.”

Whitley Strieber, author of “Communion” and “The Coming Global Superstorm” with Art Bell

Read the Introduction into Chapter One for free Here.

Purchase the eBook edition for the low price of only $2.99.

Printed editions will be published by end of the week.


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Of the Twelfth House

That Thing You Ever Undo:
Your Destiny

The Curse of Hillary Clinton’s
Albatross Necklace

That Devil Donald made me Trump It!

Feel the Bern, Blame the Bern

Post Popular-Vote Sour Gripes
And Russian-Hacking Fantasies

Hillaryus Trump Possessed
By Clinton’s Ghost Presidency

Hillary Clinton 2020
~Man Spreading~
And the Snooki Effect



Books by John Hogue



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