Falling Empires, Trump separating Kids from Illegal Alien Parents and what “Lies” underneath. Plus, Read the Future of Julian Assange; and finally, Why all Politically Polarized Hogue Readers need to Read Hogue’s Newest Book on Hillary Clinton

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DATELINE: 30 June 2018


“Thumbs Down”—painting by Jean-Leon Gerome (1872).

Falling Empires, Past and Present and Trump’s Immigration Crackdown: A Tale of Two Faces of US Fascism dolled up with Red- and Blue-Faced News Porn

A number of readers have enquired what I have to say about the outrage of illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents and being put in concentration tent camps along the Mexican border by the “get tough”—some would say “get racist”—immigration policy of President Trump.

Before I answer, read this compassionate caveat carefully.

Any controversy you place before me comes fact-deprived by your media. It doesn’t matter what right or left leaning ideology drops your enquiry on my lap. You place it before me because of what I do over the many years and over 1,000 articles that HogueProphecy contains and counting. You read HogueProphecy and aren’t afraid to have your fact deprivation provoked. You want a toot from my oxygen tank of original takes.

I’m thinking you are not a person who likes to be railroaded by the Left or the Right on a path to a train wreck on tracks that ideology has unbolted. That’s why I hope, for your nation’s future sake, that you will bear with me as I try to take you all the way to the end of this article through to a full-bodied and unique answer about immigration crackdowns, of which only fragments of understanding have led you to this page to encounter the deeper story.

I’ve been inundated by pictures of children in cages from the left-leaning blue liberal perspective. From the right-wing red conservative mindsets comes shots of what look like Mexican American children just let through the boarder brandishing .45 caliber pistols.

But the best chest-beating weeper-keeper comes from one of America’s premier weekend news magazines, one for which I’ve been a dedicated reader and subscriber since the early 1980s.

That is until this year.

The time has come to let go of a mainstream news icon. I’ve filed a mountain of their articles and pulled copies of their better-written international edition all the years I lived abroad. All good things come to an end. When a good thing goes bad, the end leads to a good and new beginning. A void to be filled by something better. Time Magazine has crossed a red line beyond balanced journalism that informs me rather than aims to wank my emotions to keep me interested in turning pages that, over the decades, like Newsweek about five years ago, Time too has grown prohibitively costly while its pages of content grow ever thinner, like Trump’s hair, requiring implants.

The Time Magazine has come. The money I’ve spent on it can go to subscribing and donating to better sources of alternative media belonging to what will be the future Fourth Estate of free press and real journalism. The mainstream version that Time belongs for iconic measure is making a rapid descent into a cretaceous space. Mainstream media’s Cenozoic Age has ended with its iconic networks and publication behaving like a wooly mammoth stuck in a tar pit, the more it struggles to get out of its wallowing fix, the more it sinks into a fossil-fed future.

The decline and fall of the current Fourth Estate (a free press) of the Republic of the United States is in that tar pit of jet blackness. Time for a replacement to rise from the bones of its fast-approaching extinction.

The news media is the only profession mentioned by the US Constitution as a critical pillar of objective fact for keeping the United States Republic’s citizenry well and dispassionately informed of what their representatives are doing in their name.

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution states (note my underline): Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Today, I would like to compare Ridley Scott’s brilliant metaphor for the decline and fall of the American Empire to that of his sword-and-sandals epic movie Gladiator. In it there’s a repeated line—a slogan really, very similar to emotionally powerful slogans bounced about in this late, great Imperial American decline and fall that actually mirror the Roman-cum-American mob’s emotions without actually saying anything of substance. The actors and actress wearing the “good-guy” white hats, or better, white togas and pallia, pass along the following, sentimentally powerful but content-impoverished hot potato line throughout the flick.

“There once was a dream that what Rome…” muttered the dying Marcus Aurelius (played by the actually dying Richard Harris), a philosopher Emperor of Rome wanting to restore Rome back to a Republic, apparently clueless to why that was as possible as putting toothpaste back in the tube. It seems he’s gone dotard here.

A Republic, like the one dreamed of by American’s founding fathers modeled was never intended to morph into an Empire. Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the other crafters of the US Constitution modeled their Republic of the United States on the Roman model, not the chaos that was the Greek Democracy of the Athenian State. When Athenian democratic chaos spread, it took a fascist dictatorship of Pericles to restore law and order. The framers of the US Constitution felt the Roman Republic model with its house of Senate and Plebeians (the model for the US Senate and House of Representatives) had a better chance of keeping what was a democratically-leaning US Republic filled with enough constitutionally framed checks and balances of power in a three-tiered system of Executive, Congressional and Judicial Court branches to sustain enough order in a purposefully messy-made system that would not require, or grow a desire in the populace, for an ordered tyranny.

Successful tyrannical states run efficient governments, devoid of human compassion and all the mess that happens in relationships in community. Orders from above are obeyed, or you’re shot. If politics is local, so was Roman Republican democracy capable of sustaining it until Rome’s conquests beyond the Italian Peninsula made a balance of freedom’s mess with law and order too difficult to sustain.

In the end democratic politics is local and human where totalitarianism must run a vast territory with millions of people and the huge military forces to sustain it like a well-oiled, dictatorial machine. Thus came the Roman Emperors in the first century BC followed all the way to Emperor Marcus Aurelius two centuries later in the 180s AD projecting the impossible dream that was Rome like a slogan. (A dream by the way which is purely a figment of Hollywood filmmaking’s overactive imagination.)

I’d like to slightly alter that slogan from the movie for better illumination:

“There once was a dream that was [America],” bewails Russell Crowe playing Roman general-turned-gladiator Maximus the Spaniard, pointing his sword at the roaring crowd of 50,000 Romans in the Colosseum awaiting his death-defying feeding of the Roman mob’s need for violent entertainment, their “bread and circuses.” Are they not similar needs to that of Americans in their “imperium”?

Click on this link and sample this new book about moving beyond political parties to political community.

Click on this link and sample this new book about moving beyond political parties to political community.

The American colosseum hides inside any number of viewable virtual devices. The American mob sits in front of their flat screen “colosseum” TVs for dozens of hours a week, stuffing themselves with the bread of ordered pizza losing themselves in the “circus” of their virtual cop, war and murder movies. Like ancient Roman marble couch and column potatoes they cheer on their favorite Avengers and X-Men like they were flesh and blood Gladiators, only they’re now made of light and shadows cavorting and killing each other on American mob cellphones, their TV screens, their virtual reality eye-and-brain microwave goggle machines.

The Roman mob had an insatiable need to lose themselves in a world of fantasy entertainment, some spectator’s emotional release to forget their wretched lives as citizens of the world’s largest empire and ancient superstate. And we Americans as a mob of spectators rhyme the need of blood and circus like Romans. We’ve even put them into our TV colosseums. We sit back and get our kicks again in the “Hollywoodized” version of Second Century AD in Gladiator. The American mob watches Rome’s gladiators become “their” Gladiators in any virtual reality viewing device they have handy.

After a lot of bread and bones broken and the circus of blood satiated, Maximus the Gladiator repeats the late emperor’s once-upon-a-time fairy tale slogan, “Once there was a dream that was Rome…”  Then he drops to the Colosseum floor dead after killing Aurelius’ twisted son, Emperor Commodus in single combat.

I must log this aside. I’ve got to say something about actor Joachim Phoenix’s interpretation of Commodus. It is a masterpiece in character study. He’s the movie’s heavy full of many disquieting shades of character, not all of them negative and even the negatives not completely sourced to his character but sourced to the evil of good men like his father Marcus Aurelius, who neglected him and did not love him.

Thus falls Commodus in the climax of the movie. Commodus, the almost great, who Phoenix managed to play only almost completely evil. He gives us a more authentic human evil, that which is a mix of virtue and vice. Commodus is portrayed in twilight zoned-out ambiguity as an almost-man living somewhere frightened like a child of the dark. A lost soul cowering inside his heart between committing ethical or evil deeds.

Bravo, Joachim Phoenix!

Perhaps our movies shape our minds to filter out the gray areas of character that make all good men sometimes evil and sometimes evil men good. Remember, Trump authentically loves his kids even though his government puts kids in concentration camps. Never forget, Adolf Hitler, like Trump, is that rare politician that actually fulfills his promises to his voting base whether voters who didn’t vote for him like it or not.

Even Hitler in the end had moments of vulnerability we all share. During the middle of the Second World War’s orgy of human slaughter that he unleashed, a German general caught an unguarded moment with Hitler in his mountain retreat of Berchtesgaden. He witnessed Der Fuehrer quietly crying like a child standing over his dead pet canary in a cage.

“Is Rome worth one good man’s life?” asked Lucilla (played by another favorite actress of mine, Connie Nielsen). She’s an image of regal tragedy, standing over dead Maximus after letting him go, helping him pass away to the Elysium Fields where at the threshold of death he sees visions of reuniting with his murdered wife and son fulfilled. She measures her withering stare at the assembled Praetorian Guards, Senate and Roman mob in the Colosseum. Is Rome indeed worth this good man’s life?

“We believed it once…” she adds to the assembly including Derek Jacobi’s Senator Gracchus, the obvious successor to Commodus who lies off camera in the dust, as dead-as-a-whore’s hangnail.

Cue the slogan one last time: “There once was a dream that was Rome…” says Lucilla with a low-voiced authority to Gracchus, “Make us believe it again…

He didn’t, by the way. Gracchus is as historically fake as a lot of fake news these days. Just a fictional character, as fictional as the pipe dream of restoring Empires to Republics when only their complete destruction from economic and military overreach usually does the trick.

Gracchus might know what she’s getting at, but the extras playing the Roman mob, who hadn’t read the movie scrip, haven’t a clue. But they can do what all ancient or modern mobs of crumbling empires do best, take up a slogan, turn its meaninglessness into a mirror made of sentimental anticipation, wherein they can project their projections upon.

How else do you get mobs of people blindly marching behind a candidate Obama chanting “Change we can believe in”?

Where else to you don a red baseball cap as red as drinking the red Kool Aid and march behind Trump chanting “Make American Great Again”?

“He was a soldier of Rome. Honor him,” commands Lucilla. Roman General Maximus-turned-gladiator, servant turned slave of Empire is carried out of the Colosseum into the sunset, like so many servant-slaves of Empires ancient and modern.

Yes, we in America’s Empire also honor our troops too, bury them and forget that the Republic for which Lucilla dreams can be restored in Rome is the same dream of resurrected “republic” that many Americans dream today. But the American “mob” has been too busy being entertained to notice their republic being given away to the Caesars of corporate empire. Because of empire, Rome had its own immigration controversy. It had its own illegal alien “barbarians” flooding over its borders, sometimes welcomed, and at other times violently blocked from entry, with children separated from their parents.

Empires, ancient and modern, seem to attract that problem and share a schizophrenic immigration policy too. Before we confront the “barbarian horde” phobia of present-day White Americans we must remember that at one time Rome also was wide open to welcoming and absorbing many different people’s and their gods and cultures. Those who today feel that America should continue this open-door policy, for one thing, are themselves illegal aliens ALL, unless they are Native Americans who never asked or wanted us here. We came anyway, destroyed their great empires, nations and cultures nearly wiping them out.

Now many Americans of this modern Roman Empire, half the country that voted for Trump, want a wall—a Hadrian’s Wall if you will—to keep what they perceive as “the barbarian hordes” out of what they view, whether it is true or not, as an overcrowded land, finite in employment and resources. Trump is giving his supporters their “Hadrian’s Wall” moment, literally on the Mexican border along with his “get tough” solution to too many barbarians crashing America’s imperial gates.

Where is this going in the future…?

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341px-JulienAssangeOpenHands-Srce-Cancillería del Ecuador

Source: Cancillería del Ecuador. © Creative Commons.

DATELINE: 30 June 2018

Assange passes Milestone, Six Years Exiled to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London: What is his Future?

Six years ago in this month of June 2018, the founder and chief editor of WikiLeaks, and friend to all brave whistleblowers questioning power and exposing the ugly secrets of the powerful against humanity, stole away in the night from where he had been held under house arrest to seek asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

In those six years, the accusation of a sex offense issued from Stockholm Sweden, demanding Assange’s extradition for questioning over the matter of unconsented and unprotected sex with his Swedish date in August 2010 legally ran out on its statute of limitations. The Swedish prosecutors didn’t have to let that happen. It was well within their usual practice in EU law to travel to London and interrogate Assange in London at the embassy with his lawyers present.

The fact that they dilly dallied and avoided doing that for years until the statute of limitations running out forced a team to visit Assange, is telling. Perhaps Assange was right, and this spurious case of sexual assault was not only declared in Swedish court to slander and discredit Assange, perhaps if he traveled to Stockholm he would have been grabbed and extradited to the United States as he feared.

What else stops the Swedish prosecutors FOR YEARS from doing what they regularly do, visit people of interest in a crime in the EU country in which they currently reside?

The accusation was a ruse to get the Swedes to extradite him into the hands of American “Justice” (read “torture, like that inflicted on one of Assange’s published whistleblowers, Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning who was put in solitary confinement for prolonged periods causing mental sanity strains because he (later she) was stripped naked, denied clothing from the cold and human contact.

I don’t like the term “Whistleblower.”

Rather, I would call people that unmask the abuse of power that WikiLeaks publishes “Lamp Lighters”—such as WikiLeaks publishing the actual agreement Democrat candidate for President, Hillary Clinton, forced the Democratic National Committee to sign, effectively buying her candidacy and rigging the Democratic Primary election process long before it even began so that Bernie Sanders’ progressive movement hadn’t a chance of winning the party’s nomination. You can read Clinton’s full “contract” put on the Democratic Party, her offer of money paid for influence trading “that the DNC could not refuse” Don Corleone “Clinton” style in my newly released book What Really Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton: An Astrological and Prophetic Assessment.

Anyway, Assange was well aware of the deep and dark-state powers he was exposing. He made his decisive decision to break his house arrest and flee to the Ecuadorian Embassy as a political refugee to avoid extradition. And as time passed from days to months to a half-dozen years, time and events proved his move correct. There was no sexual assault case in Sweden. It was dropped as the statute of limitations ran out. The reason for his being held in house arrest evaporated.

Scotland Yard can declare they’ll arrest him for breaking bail, but they could just as easily call his exile to a small room in the Ecuadorian Embassy “time served” especially when, as it turned out, he broke bail for no case from Sweden, who didn’t pursue it.

No case? No house arrest.

Why then does the British Government go on wasting millions of pounds sterling keeping a 24-hour watch on the Ecuadorian Embassy? Why are they poised to arrest Assange as soon as he takes one step out of the Ecuadorian Embassy if it isn’t a pretext to send his ass, which hasn’t seen sunlight in six years, strait into the hands of the US “in-Justice” system?

I know this system first hand.

The decades may change but the same type of ugly people that would bend the US law to have something “happen” to one while one is waiting for a trial are the same in the 2010s as I found them in the mid-1980s. They can bend the law and delay for a decade your right to a trial while you rot in a high-detention jail cage. The same Feds who later admitted they had no case against my meditation master for immigration fraud once he was sent packing from America, hinted to Osho’s lawyers if he fought their spurious case against him for immigration fraud something might “happen” to him.

Osho was forced to take an Alfred Plea against his will, pressured by his lawyers because of the latent threat. He literally had a “taste” of such a threat earlier. As we later found out, Osho was poisoned by heavy metals put in his food during the 12 days he was shuttled around by aircraft through the US penitentiary system for fleeing a “secret” indictment that got him arrested without a warrant.

I ask you, reader, how can you be a flight risk from an indictment your lawyers are told nothing about by the Feds, no matter how often they press about it?

Why are you arrested without a warrant for taking a chartered Lear Jet out of the United States? All you’re doing if you fly out of the country with no indictment known is finding out later outside of the country that a “secret” indictment was unsealed after you left. That means you’ll never get a US visa of any kind in future. Of course if you’re not ever planning to come back, then it is not a problem.

I mean, Osho is a brown-skinned Indian man in America, Enlightened Master or not, he got the wog’s version of American justice, white man’s American golden rule of justice. The honkeys with the gold run your brown or black butt into any jail for any reason they like. Osho saw that first hand being shuttled around what he alluded to be a Revenge, rather than “Justice” system. He later commented that almost all the thousands of people in the American jails he passed through from coast to coast were only filled to the bursting point with African and Latino Americans. He said his fellow prisoners were so kind to him. They all knew who this celebrity prison mate was. They had TV in jail and Osho and our Oregon Commune (that Netflix recently showed in a highly popular, six-part documentary Wild Wild Country) was the number-one news story broadcasted across the Planet Earth back in 1985. You’d never know it now, the way the news has buried that reality, hiding it from historic memory. Our video archives are the evidence.

Osho arrested and in chains. He was later poisoned by talium while incarcerated without a warrant by the Reagan Administration. He was eventually released but the poison aged him 20 years in four and he died in January 1990.

Osho arrested and in chains. He was later poisoned by talium while incarcerated without a warrant by the Reagan Administration. He was eventually released but the poison aged him 20 years in four and he died in January 1990.

Osho was shuttled by Federal Marshals in wrist, waste and leg irons “for his safety” from jail to jail, apparently to get him lost in the system so his lawyers didn’t know where he was so that they could first put him in a cell with a man dying of highly contagious herpes. The man recognized him from the TV news and told him about it, advising he bang on the jail door until they put him in his own cell.

They did this. Gave him a rotten mattress without sheets or pillows that he rolled up to make a pillow so he could sleep on the cement floor. The symptoms of a low-grade radiological poisoning surfaced later across the side of his face he slept on, indicating that it had a radioactive isotope rolled inside the mattress far enough away not to kill him. If he had slept on it laid out, the isotope would have been close enough to his head to possibly and quickly cripple or kill him, making it look like death by natural causes of a frail Indian mystic while incarcerated.

The next day the jail keeper came in again taking that rotten mattress out like he flung it in, like it had something in it he didn’t want to stay close to for any longer than necessary. That’s when they brought him food for the first time. A slice of toast with a sauce over it, an odorless, tasteless substance (this was the Thallium poison agent). Osho bit into the odorless tasteless sauce on the sliced toast and it made him feel sick. Osho didn’t eat the rest of it, or anything else they offered. But it was enough. He aged 20 years in four and died on 19 January 1990 from its affect.

I am very concerned that Assange cannot long remain in that Ecuadorian Embassy much longer. He must move soon. His life depends on it…

Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 3 articles from today for a donation of $5.00 to $10.00, as a PDF attachment I’ll send. Put June 2018 Articles in the memo line.

DATELINE: 30 June 2018

WRH-Hillary-Cover-300x450-70kbLove Her or Hate Her, here’s why What Really Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Must Read

The comments of my readers are catalytic. Your life force is felt through the words in a way that can bring from my heart an effortless answer touching the heart of your questions.

Here’s what Vavi inspired with her comment from 22 June 2018:

I am anxiously looking forward to reading your assessment and insight into the North Korea meeting and potential outcome. I’ve just begun reading the Hillary book [What Really Happened Hillary Rodham Clinton], which I purchased on Amazon, and am only reading it because of your keen insight into the human psyche as well as politics. I have never liked the woman and would not waste my time reading about her except that this one is written by you, and I trust your judgment.

I’m very touched that you and many other readers would take up this book. It was equally a difficult but important book to write because I had to get empathically into her psychic space. It was a dark journey. Hillary is the “heart of darkness” for the so-called “resistance” movement that’s doing more to destroy opposition to Trump than turn the Democratic Party into a “noble” answer to Trump, a body of people with intelligent alternatives. Over the decades of political forecasting I’ve presciently warned all sides of political polarization that you can’t win playing the game “anybody but (Bill) Clinton” like the Republicans did in the 1996 Presidential Election. And I say to my Trump-resistant “anybody but Trump” fomenting friends, trying to win back the US Congress in the coming midterm elections is not assured if all you can campaign for is what you are “against” and not the American people—ALL of the people, left or right leaning—a cogent, nationally uniting campaign of what you are “for” as an alternative.

It’s a lesson Democrats should have learned from the Republicans in 1996 but so far haven’t. And now the country is more divided than in 1996. Even the corporate news has staked its ratings claim on politically tribalistic stances denying you any news of what Red state Americans really feel if you only watch MSNBC and CNN, or what Blue-state Americans want if you only watch FOX news or read the Drudge Report, etc. It’s like one half of the country denies the existence of the other half.

Because I’m not a part of this myopia of both sides I can tell you that polls in Red States have seen a surge of support for Trump at an all-time and significant high, while CNN will not tell you how their ratings have taken a swan dive caused by Trump bashing fatigue as Russia-Gate dies out with a whimper and is replaced by a new ratings cycle—I don’t call them news cycles anymore—called FBI-Gate.

This does not bode well for Democrats gaining any significant advantage in the new US Congress voted for coming this November 2018, and Hillary Clinton has been and continues to be the core source of political negativity that will not gain you what you hope if you want to take over the US Congress and at last impeach Trump out of office.

Click on this link to sample John Hogue's new (47th) book!

Click on this link to sample John Hogue’s new (47th) book!

That is why especially my Blue-Democrat leaning readers need to examine this book I’ve just released on Hillary Clinton. You need to understand who is at the very heart of what’s threatening to make you losers in the upcoming midterms. Hillary is actually the architect of losing her own election and taking a wrecking ball to a coherent opposition party to the Republicans and Trump. That she and her many shadowy supporters still in government service, as well as in the FBI, are throwing her political mediocrity on mythical Russians rigging the election needs to be exposed and my book does this with solid, and documented evidence.

Hillary Clinton’s myths need not become facts in your future.

Thus I have written this book to help you understand her heart of your darkness in the Trump resistance movement—to really understand what really happened to Hillary Rodham Clinton. I don’t want her deep denials to become yours. If they do, all you resist concerning Trump will come to nothing positive. For instance, if you keep being tricked by the myths of Clinton, you could actually still lose seats in the oncoming midterm election, not gain the House or the Senate.

What happens after that?

Revolution and/or civil war.

I don’t want that. You don’t want that.

That’s why you need to understand where Hillary the Pied Piper in a jump suit is taking you to drown your future.

This book is also written for my readers who are red-Republican leaning. I am sharing an opportunity to understand a truth beyond their hatred of this woman’s flaws—as I must look beyond them myself, being that I was once a delegate in Washington State for her election back in the 2008 Democratic Primaries.

This book on Clinton. This article you are reading. All are intended to help create in you all a noble opposition that’s not disempowered by identity politics but empowered by a truth that transcends the stuck space of left-blue and right-red retarded political thinking. I don’t want any of you to be encamped in ego’s polarities.

Yet it is fundamentally necessary that you all first understand how we got to this mess of a place. Understanding can possibly help you forge a new way, a new movement, a new kind of revolution that this American democracy needs, and it need not be violent. But it does need an abandonment of comfortable thought imprisonments that the Hillarys and the Trumps do put inside our minds and hearts. Hillary does it by design. Trump does it from innocent ignorance. This book presents a character forecast on Hillary Clinton. I consider it a prelude to my third and final book and character examination of Trump in my forthcoming President Trump Predictions. I hope to have it finished before the year is out.

It is amazing how much you are able to write so knowledgeably about countries, culture, politics, history, religion—whatever subject you are writing about. Even though you have spent many years writing books and articles so voluminously, you still found (and find) the time to research the background and history of current events. You are truly amazing!

Thank you. This is the culmination of many decades of travel, perfecting research skills and being essentially a man of the future—someone who sees humanity as one family, not divided by the borders of mind and ego misery that every society tries to shape people and control them with. Since the Cuban Missile Crisis shook me at eight-years-old, I’ve been on the path of becoming fully aware of the world, its past, present and its future history.

I don’t hate anybody. Everyone I know, including my “self”, have the potential to be fully awakened and disappear like a dew drop into the oceanic Truth and Ecstasy. This is just as true for you reading this as it is for Hillary, Trump or Adolf Hitler. When I savagely expose and sometimes even make fun of the foibles of a man or woman subject of my books, it is not done to belittle them. It is done to look at the mechanics of identification to misery. It is that identification-misery that fuels the seemingly endless cycle of rebirth and death and rebirth again, ad nauseam. Let illumination jump off a misery-and-fear-go-round that one into freedom’s bliss and eternal life this moment.

I want this moment for Trump, for Hillary, for Adolf Hitler and even for “you”, reader. My books and articles are devices to provoke and shock my readers out of their society-imposed mindsets, phony moralities and phony theism and atheism stances.

I deconstruct Clinton to deconstruct the chains of egoism Clinton believes are precious chains of gold. I do this to illuminate my readers’ ego chains too especially when people like Clinton try to tangle you up in her own chains and drag you away with her towards her sad destiny. I want something to happen beyond mere Democrat or Liberal opposition to Trump. I want to also help take Trump supporters to something beyond their blind faith in his blind faith that he can do all the impossible things he promises. I want all of my readers of all political identities to gain a glimpse of what life might look like beyond all identities and expectation.

That is why I write to you. I love you all. It doesn’t matter if your comedy is Bill Crosby tainted, or your revolution is Hitlerian sabotaged. No one is rejected. The future of religiousness, beyond the dead religions under which spell you are currently afflicted sees no sinners. Only the sin of unconsciousness as the impediment to the only virtue: your innate, birth-given, innocent intelligence and Enlightenment.

From everywhere vastness opens, and from everywhere, the depth…. Look into a flower, and there is the abyss. You can fall into a flower and disappear. It has happened. It will be absurd, but it is true.

You look at a beautiful face with and there is an abyss in beauty, and you can be forever and forever lost; you can fall into it. Everything becomes a door, everything! With your intensity of look, all the doors are open for you.

Osho Yoga: The Alpha & Omega)

John Hogue in a still from Vision TV's new series, "I Prophesy".

John Hogue in a still from Vision TV’s new series, “I Prophesy”.

Books by John Hogue



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