Tropical Storm Lee and 7 Temblors of September 2011


First, I would like to welcome all the thousands of new readers of that caught the cyber-traffic tsunami generated by recent events, such as Hurricane Irene and my recent three-hour interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM.

The theme of this article — the bulk of which was first posted on 26 August a few days before the Coast interview on 31 August — is pertinent enough to deserve an insert of updates today, 03 September. My “oracle” foresaw seven earth-shaking events for the month of September. That is meant literally as in a major seismic event as well as metaphorically in the realms of politics, the economy and the climate shift.

I would like to launch today’s update with what appears to many of my readers to be a fulfilled prediction I logged and published last year on 21 December 2010 in my annual e-book of prophecies, entitled Predictions for 2011. It was one of the rare occasions that my oracle posited a specific time window for an event that might be fulfilled by the deluge of flooding rains testing the levies of New Orleans emanating from Tropical Storm Lee. Here is the presage:

New Orleans, it’s good your levies have been rebuilt for they will be greatly tested near Labor Day, August 2011. (Predictions for 2011, Chapter 10, Alarm Bells Sound the Unsustainable)

I predicted the levies would hold and I still say that will be the happy outcome. Even though I went on to say rains may also visit Houston, Tropical Storm Lee looks like it will slowly lurch towards the northeast and inject its tropical floods into a low pressure front that will carry its remains across the Atlantic states for what I predict will be another round of floods to rival Hurricane Irene’s visitation last week.

I am hopeful that Hurricane Katia will sharply turn towards the northeastern Atlantic and only reach out to brush the Atlantic states inundated by Irene with her tendril, nebulous fingers before brushing Nantuket Island for a heavier invasion of the Canadian Maritime provinces.

Now, what follows is the 26 August article with my inserts today in red:


We approach what may be the most volatile month of the year. My oracle calls it the month of seven seismic events. These are not just natural disasters of earthquakes and tsunamis. There will be quakes in human habit shaking the foundations of nations and economies.

Today I will briefly define each of them, but before we go forward into next month’s earth-shaking events, August still has some life in it as a month to remember in a year to remember that my oracle foresaw would experience the intensity of the quickening of climate change and history redoubled from intense 2010.

August started with the S&P depreciating US credit credibility, sparking a plunge in stock exchanges across the world. Rumbles of a default looming for Italy and Spain added more EU “eeeyoooos!” of market anguish.

Then came the mid-August economic yo-yos in global stocks rising and falling hundreds of points.

Then months of Syrian unrest escalated to what I will predict today is the Middle East’s second “Sunni Awakening” – though unlike what happened in Iraq. In Iraq, such a political awakening lead to a pacification of sectarian civil violence.

The Syrian Sunni majority is a sleeping giant finally mad as hell and not willing to take it anymore from a dictatorship run by the minority Shia Alawite clan of Bashar al-Assad. They take to the streets across the country now, bullets or no bullets pumped into their bodies by the Alawi controlled army and secret police stopping the momentum heading for a climax in September.

Then events in August played their astrologically prophetic part influenced by the year-defining square of Uranus in Aries 90 degrees Pluto in Capricorn that suddenly pulled down Muhammar Gaddafi’s regime in Tripoli, Libya.

The regime evaporated! The consequence of this is a classic Uranian aftermath: something murky and at any moment going to turn a topsy-turvy twist for unexpected good or evil. At the time of this writing Gaddafi is out of power, yet he commands diehard forces firing rocket-propelled ambushes in an urban guerrilla war in Tripoli.

Could any more volatility stimulate this most kick-backed of all summer months? In August, history habitually goes on vacation taking a summer break on the beach, working on that a tan and tank top or bikini Okie stripes.

Then the US eastern seaboard shook rattled and rolled from its first significant quake in 114 years, centered outside of Washington DC and felt across 22 states.

Church and State, Washington DC style, suffered symbolic phallic damage to match its leadership loss in credibility. The city’s main cathedral where heads of state pray and eulogize their departed and/or assassinated presidents got the heads of their shafted spires snapped off by the 5.8 temblor. Even Washington’s biggest marble wang, the Washington Monument, needs some structural engineered limestone Viagra to close a five-foot crack splitting its tip. No tourist will be climbing up this great white shaft. It will be closed indefinitely. If Hurricane Irene does not flatten its erection with her big blow, soon you will see this quasi-penile symbol of political power set in a sling of scaffolding and like the government it represents, it will become a political symbol of structural default needing repair.

The symbolic male member all cracked up. Now what more Mother Natured wickedness comes this way?

A feminine archetype to close August with perhaps the storm of a lifetime for 55 million people crowding the heavily populated coasts of North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, New York City, Long Island and New England. Here comes Hurricane Irene to finish August off with a punctuation of natural catastrophe!

2011 – The Year of 12 Catastrophes
I think I first called 2011 the above on an appearance on Coast to Coast AM in April. Up to that point, each month in 2011 had endured one significant as well as historically unique economic, political or natural disaster that in any other normal year would be a year-defining annual event.

In January 2011, a great cyclone and monsoonal flood inundated Queensland and much of the eastern Australian outback. See Queensland flood.

In February, natural disasters swung into political disasters for dictators as the “Arab Spring” sprang, taking down Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, the most heavily populated and culturally influential Arab state. See Egyptian Revolution.

March endured the great Japanese quake, tsunami and resultant nuclear disaster at Fukushima. To me that is one disaster with three hydra-headed dimensions of catastrophe. See Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

On came April and a US tornado season that up to that time was unusually quiet. Suddenly it exploded into the most deadly outbreak of tornadoes in over 60 years, with EF 4 and 5 tornadoes a half mile in diameter killing hundreds of people especially in Alabama and also in Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. See tornado.

Then came May and the historic floods rolling down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers vying for first place in the disaster sweepstakes with the EF5 tornado that flattened Joplin Missouri. See Mississippi flooding.

Then came the climax of months of great fires in the US southwest and Florida along with a biblical, triple-digit heat wave spread across much of the central, southern and eastern United States in June. See heat wave 2011.

Then came July and the Watts-ington riot over lifting the debt ceiling – a purely man-made political-economic disaster that along with a looming banking crisis in the EU shook US credibility economically and may have started the Second Recession. See debt ceiling.

Now we are at the tale end of August and it would seem the trend for monthly unique and historic disasters is in a three-way competition between the S&P stock market plunges, the East Coast quake, or another welcomed dictator disaster with Gaddafi’s regime collapse in Libya. However, I think all of this could be shouted down by the shriek of hurricane winds and the thunderous breakers from storm surges flooding the east coast from North Carolina to Manhattan and Long Island New York. Hurricane Irene will be the eighth of 12 catastrophes coming in the year 2011.

UPDATE 03 September 2011: In my opinion Hurricane Irene did become catastrophe number 8. The flood waters in Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey are still ongoing to at last receding from their highest levels. Already with nearly 50 dead and counting, Irene has earned a birth in America’s top-ten most expensive natural disasters, with an estimated property loss of between 10 to 12 billion dollars.

Hurricane Irene is just the kind of storm I warned readers of my prophecies for 2010 and Predictions for 2011 would mark Mother Nature’s third world war on human abuse of the planet:

Mother Nature sent a message in 2010, a historic uptick of climate disasters with some significant earthquakes and tsunamis thrown in. But human beings in 2010 lent an ear and more credence to corporate fossil fuel funded propaganda campaigns. A comprehensive Pew poll released in October 2010 discovered only 57% of respondents think there’s evidence of warming (down from 71% in 2009 year), and just 36% think it’s because of human activity (down from 47%).

Indeed that trend will continue in 2011. The human race will descend into deeper denial of climate change just when the first signs of catastrophe draws near…

They will forget about 2010 when faced with even worse climate violence in 2011. They will simply blink at the new norm.

In 2011, we enter year two of World War Three, Mother Nature’s war on us. This isn’t some pagan voodoo threat. The natural world is ill. It’s fighting back madder than ever in 2011. Her fevers will be hotter this coming spring and summer, her chills colder this winter, her flood of monsoon tears and cyclonic rages will redouble from what was seen in 2010.

Predictons for 2011
The Final Chapter: Alarm Bells Sound the Unsustainable

The way this year is going, I wonder if more than 12 catastrophes are coming. I reflect upon this especially after regarding what upheavals could potentially come next month, September 2011. While writing the draft of this article yesterday, the producer of Coast to Coast AM phoned in inviting me to do a three-hour interview on the last night of this month (Wednesday 31 August) with George Noory on this very subject. What follows is a brief overview of what I am going to describe as September, the month of seven “temblors” or “quakes”. In effect there could be seven potential shakeups in politics, the Middle East and/or the global economy ending with a seventh and literal earthquake event at the end of the month that could rival March 2011’s Japanese quake and Pacific tsunami.

I caution that a majority of these shakeups are not so-called “acts of God” like real earthquakes and tsunamis, but acts of human lack of insight and outright stupidity, so these can be tempered down or altogether avoided if more consciousness, patience and understanding is applied. Astrologically speaking, September is once again overshadowed by a very powerful square of Uranus (ruler of revolution and chaos) with Pluto (ruler of generational ages, business, structure and when the degenerate — systemic failures). Both planets in square aspect continue moving backwards in the sky in retrograde motion at the start of September, meaning forward progress is difficult, though introspection into why things are breaking down is made easier. For those who are meditators, who follow the way of the subjective science of self-observation, retrogrades are a great opportunity to look in and understand how the mind, both the individual and collective mind in us, ticks or dysfunctions. However, in the outer world mechanically motivated by blind hubris and programmed habit, this aspect tends to trip up forward progress as it will do in the first half of September.

Then, on 16 September, Pluto (order and economy) takes the mass mind forward out of retrograde whilst Uranus (change and upheaval) remains moving backward on exactly the same day when Jupiter (ruler of higher mind and spirit or religious extremism) returns to its trine (harmonious aspect) with advancing Pluto. Expansive, big-picture loving Jupiter will stay in this trine through 2 December 2011.

Here is a rare moment when I can say something positive about cosmic forces that can aid those open to realizing intuitively what is wrong with the world and how to fix it. This is the force that can turn an American nightmare back into an American dream, if the polarized parties of the Left and Right can see their active part in ideological posturing. Capricorn is about getting down to brass tacks of reality. Structures that work. Engines of industry and politics that seek shared values rather than polarity.

Lord Buddha once said, “The Truth is that which works.”

Jupiter transiting the sign of the new Aquarian Age, trined Pluto in Capricorn is showering down upon our heads, be they heads of states or yours or my noggin, that same message.

The truth is that which works.

Seek that truth, and the seven temblors potentially waiting for the world in September 2011 may be greatly modified.

Here they are:

Temblor One – The United Nations Declaring Palestine a State
The United Nations will hold its annual general assembly in September. A motion will be heard to have the entire assembly vote to declare Palestine a sovereign state. This would include lands disputed by Palestinians and Israel in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as well as the Gaza Strip. Such a vote could take place sometime after 13 September through 22 September.

Such a move to push Palestine into statehood reality, devil take the consequences, is typical of a Uranus square Pluto Square, pulling the rug out from under decades of political maneuvering and political foundations embarked since the end of the Persian Gulf War in 1991. The so-called roadmap to Israeli-Palestinian peace will reach a dead end, requiring a new path, or worse, the two nations drive off a cliff.

To what abyss in which the two nations might fall is uncertain. Uranus-Square-Pluto with Jupiter mitigating it by trining Pluto might conjure an unexpected positive result. The UN just declaring Palestine a state could nullifying a process that has been going basically nowhere since the late 1990s. It could force the governments of Israel and Palestine into a fast track peace process because of the consequences waiting in Temblor Six, below. Jupiter’s aid in Pluto until early December might bring a window in time for level headed people to come together now that a State of Palestine exists, to make it work because the alternative is too catastrophic to countenance.

UPDATE 03 September 2011: One of my facebook friends sent me an New York Times article from April this year (see New York Times) which reminds us that the UN Security Council must first offer a recommendation for Palestinian Statehood before the General Assembly can vote on that statehood. The US has no veto power in the General Assembly but could use its veto power to stop any recommendation coming from the Security Council. What indeed will President Obama advise his Ambassador to the UN to do? That will be the subject of a future article. There is a very dangerous but potentially historic opportunity to change the gestalt (the perception and reality) and bring peace or war into a fast track over the Palestinian question.

Temblor Two – The Euro Bank Crisis
One of the reasons why this smoldering shock to the world economy did not happen burst into flame in August is because it was “August” — the time Europeans, leaders and led, all generally put business on the shelf and go “out to lunch,” off the wagon and into vacation mode for a month.

Then September comes. The tanned come home from the French, Italian and Spanish Riveras, Biarritz, the sunny spots on Aegean islands. The bronzed procrastinators park their sailboats and suntan lotion returning to their offices and financial institutions where a big bad Euro ass-a-dragon banking crisis is poised, claws clenched, waiting.

Temblor Three – The Return of the Great Recession
In August I listened to the talking heads of Bloomsburg and CNBC have bobble headed ideas about there not being a second recession coming to the US. Part of the problem is they selectively ignore Europe in the equation of a potential US downturn. They selectively ignore the consequences of climate change undermining food prices with crop failures. They ignore the consequences of Hurricane Irene flooding New York and Wall Street. They will have to face these shocks in the aftermath of Irene, in September and factor them into their calculus.

Temblor Four – 2011 Hurricane Season Peaks
Hurricane Irene is the first of several large hurricanes about to visit the United States in a hurricane season that, like the historic tornado season, started quiet and came on late like Godzilla with a hemorrhoid.

In Predictions for 2011, my oracle voiced concern for the next hurricane hit coming around Labor Day in early September, which is the peak month for storms. Another threat spins towards New Orleans and perhaps Houston this time. The oracle was concerned for Haiti as well. The split of Uranus going backward as Pluto goes forward on 16 September makes the latter half of the month particularly violent in hurricane events for the Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico all the way to floods and typhoons in China and Southeast Asia.

UPDATE 03 September 2011: Barack Obama exploited yesterday — the most quiet day in the sleepy summer news season — to announce he would not use his executive order powers to uphold EPA limits on air pollution between now and 2013. Once again he shows himself to be a tool of big business interests, a Neville Chamberlain of climate change appeasement, when it comes to forestalling the oncoming climate shift. He has doomed 2012 to be twice as violent in climate disaster as 2011, just so he can once again hope for concessions from the corporate world, that, like Hitler before them, they will not uphold in 2012.

The Atlantic Seaboard is still in the cross-hairs of new hurricanes, as is the Gulf, as is Houston and Haiti, as this following prediction from my e-book of last year warns:

Haiti, although you suffered heavy rains and cholera plagues in 2010, there was no vast hurricane “Katrina” blowing your tent cities to sea and bringing walls of water off the denuded mountains you raped from your Mother Earth for firewood. (Do I sound harsh? As long as we make apologies for stupidity, it will continue.)

People of Haiti, you won’t be spared in the Hurricane Season of 2011. You will be visited by Mother Nature’s call for help, screaming in the winds of tropical storms crowding the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean in such frequency and intensity not experienced since the catastrophic 2005 Hurricane Season that broke the levies of New Orleans and scrubbed the Mississippi coast down to house-foundation bone with Hurricane Katrina.

Houston, you will be visited. Your fields of refineries clutched, clawed by superstorm winds and oceanic surges. (Predictions for 2011)

Temblor Five – Syria in Urban Civil War
Gaddafi’s regime has fallen. Syria’s regime is next and it could come as soon as September or at least begin its collapse next month with all the politically earth shattering consequences to the Middle East in regards to religious civil conflict between the majority Sunni and minority Shia sects of Islam. The Alawi Shia regime is allied to the Persian Iranian Shia regime as conduit for money, weapons and thousands of Iranian-built missiles stockpiled north of the Israeli border in Lebanon by the Shia Hezbullah. The latter fired thousands of these rockets at Israel during the Lebanese War of 2006, the same month-long conflict wherein Hezbullah checked an Israeli counter attack into South Lebanon.

NATO may aid the fall of the al-Assad regime, like Gaddafi’s Libyan “Reich,” with air strikes logistically made possible by US military support. The Obama strategy worked in Libya. My oracle has said for months now that there could be military action in Syria. Perhaps it is coming in September. This leads to the next unnatural earthquake in the Middle East:

Temblor Six – A New Arab-Israeli War?
In Predictions for 2011, my oracle had boldly stated that peace between Arab and Israeli is closer than ever before since the Partition of Palestine in 1947 started the first of many wars to come that launched the creation of the Jewish State of Israel (1948) and the Palestinian diaspora. However, I have also reported over the years that there is still one big Arab-Israeli regional war left in the unsettled hearts of Middle Eastern Arab and Jew. This final catharsis of bloodletting may at last exhaust an altogether inhuman cancer of suppressed anger from the hearts of both. Then, as a consequence of one last and completely wasteful brawl, the next four years will see the clenched fists, exhausted at last, as cousin Jewish and Arab brothers and sisters who call Abraham their Semite ancestor, relax and sign a treaty of mutually assured survival and prosperity.

The push to UN sanctioned Palestinian Statehood could open the conflict with a Palestinian civil war. The jihadist leaning party of HAMAS controls the Gaza Strip. The secularist, conservative Fatah, controls the West Bank. A new Palestinian State would parallel the dysfunctional outcome of another partition from 1947, that of India into West Pakistan, India and East Pakistan.

Statehood brings and East (Fatah controlled West Bank) and a West (HAMAS controlled Gaza Strip) Palestine, with all the same consequences that brought a civil war in the early 1970s fought between East and West Pakistan.

Iran will side with HAMAS as they do not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

A collapse of Syria will isolate Iran’s other ally, Hezbullah, who might then, prompted by Iran, start a new Lebanese war with Israel, only this time with rockets that can reach all the way down range to Tel Aviv.

Israel will not reply to this war of several fronts with the restraint of the last 30 years.

They cannot.

One of the biggest shocks of 2011, may be a short, sharp and very violent Arab-Israeli War this September through October.

As I write this, Israel is preparing to call all military reservists on full-time duty this September. The blows in retaliation from Zion under Uranus-Squared-Pluto skies could be surprisingly decisive. This may include a full-scale urban battle to destroy HAMAS making the Gaza Strip the “Stalingrad” of the Middle East.

Then perhaps, they all can talk of peace.

Temblor Seven – Earthquakes caused by Comet Elenin
Comet Elenin slowly transits in and out of our Solar System between 2010 and 2012. In that process its approach and egress aligns with the Earth and the Sun five times. Three alignments have already taken place with historic seismic consequences to those living along the Pacific Ring of Fire, the most seismically active regions of Planet Earth that encompass the Eastern and Western coastlines of the Pacific Ocean. The first two seismic events took place on the exact same day of the alignment, the third just a day or so off but close enough to mark Elenin’s influence.

The first Elenin lineup “event” happened in the Southeastern edge of the Ring of Fire with the magnitude 8.8 Chilean Quake causing a Pacific-wide tsunami on 27 February 2010. Next, the 03 September 2010 alignment stirred a quake on the Southwestern part of the Rim, breaking up Christchurch, New Zealand in a 7.2 magnitude temblor. Then on 11 March 2011 the alignment saw quake activity move to the northwestern flank of the Pacific Rim with a magnitude 9.0 Japanese quake and Pacific-wide tsunami.

Elenin makes another alignment on 25 September.

One quadrant, the Northeastern, remains unvisited.

I do not rule out another quake hitting Japan, closer to Tokyo this time, but I am also most watchful of California for this round. I expect there will be a significant quake and possible tsunami along America and Canada’s quadrant of the Pacific Ring of Fire as Elenin makes its closest pass to Earth on its way towards a transit around the Sun.

I do not subscribe to the idiotic rants of end-of-the-world theorists one can watch on YouTube these days coming out of the mouths of Australian Larakins of the loon or “former NASA employees” who sound less like scientists and more like janitors employed by NASA who sniffed a little to much floor detergent before becoming the next Chicken Little.

You are not going to be able to reach out and touch Elenin as it goes by. I doubt you will be able to see its smudge in the sky with a naked eye as it will pass dozens of millions of miles away from us in its flyby. Still, with that said, there IS something about the force of gravity we do not yet understand that has more to it than the mere pull of mass influencing our planet and our lives. Three seismic hits out of five is already something more than chance. Further seismic events, will not cause an end the world, but they may end the hubris of “Scientism” that does not question theories about gravity or open its mind to what Astrologers have known, even though they as yet do not have the scientific evidence to prove it. The he stars and planets, like our full Moon, exert subtle influence in our unconsciously lived lives.

It is time to awaken our sleepy souls from the slavery of cosmic forces in these ever more stormy and catastrophic times. Meditation is the way to do this. Click on Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.

UPDATE: 03 September 2011: There are signs that Comet Elenin may be breaking up as the Sun’s gravitational pull and solar flares fry and stress its unheavenly dust-and-ice-ball body. Perhaps there be a reprieve from earthquakes and tsunamis on 25 September and then later at the end of November? Deep down, I will admit to this prescient hope, that Elenin will only be good 3 out of 5 line-ups for seismic activity. We will write more about this later in September.

If what you read there resonates with you, Contact me and ask for information about the meditation techniques that I use to awaken the blissful inner eye of the storm witnessing the coming hurricane of history.

John Hogue
(26 August 2011)

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  1. Swami Utsav
    Posted 21 September 2011 at 5:18 pm | Permalink

    Hi John,
    Excellent write up and details on the line up of happenings this year.
    I guess, somewhere- due to the extra focus on usa and canada- the attention on the other worrisome areas of planet earth is missing. Areas like India China and countries in this belt- that are stupidly producing huge populations and fuelling so called economic growth with its resultant burden on an already ill mother nature and earth.

    I guess by now you must have heard and read about the 6.8 richter Earthquake that hit 5 countries and reports are still pouring in on the actual cost in human and socio economic due to the inaccessible terrain and loss of power and transmission. It was so strong that deaths and damage is being reported from india, china, tibet, bhutan and nepal. The after shocks being felt as far away as new delhi. actual reports are just starting to pour in as relief officials are just reaching and setting up camps in this himalayan terrain. . .

    Hi Utsav, I did. It is the subject of my current blog posting from 21 September 2011.

  2. Lois S. Ward
    Posted 18 September 2011 at 6:04 am | Permalink

    GREAT Article and also great information on Coast to Coast. That is where I first heard you!

    Thank you, Lois. I’ve been doing Coast since 1994. Back then Art Bell and I used to do 5 hour marathons from 10 pm Pacific to 3 am.

  3. rbateman
    Posted 8 September 2011 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    Keep you eye on the Solar birdie (heads up, if you prefer). It has a song to sing and lyrics to hum.
    Just in case Elenin is NOT a classical broken-up comet 3 days away from close encounter of the Solar kind.

  4. rbateman
    Posted 8 September 2011 at 7:27 am | Permalink

    The side-by-side pics of Comet Elenin 2000 X1:
    Comets move rapidly in relation to the fixed stars.
    The Left hand side image is tracked on the comet, therefore the stars are streaked in the direction of Earth’s rotation.
    The Right hand side image is tracked on the stars, therefore the comet is streaked (and not as distinct or bright).
    This apples to oranges comparison is compounding any fading unnaturally. Also, the images are not labeled with the location of the instrument. Were they space-borne or Earth-based? Good science images come in a format called FITS (friendly image transport system) that has a lot of information contained in the header, like exposure time, intrument aperture, filters, observatory, etc.
    The only thing I can tell you from these jpegs (being an amatuer astrophotographer) is that the comet has apparently been heated and reflective volatiles driven off.
    I won’t hold my breath that it has broken up. The jpeg images are not sufficient proof of this by themselves. I hope it has broken up too, John, but I too have my doubts.
    They are as follows:
    1.) The Sun has been popping off X class flares, 3 day to go before perihelion with the comet. Not unusual in a normal Solar cycle, but the behavior of the lackadaisacal Solar Cycle 24 does not support dramatic and sustained outbursts. The Solar Wind is slack, as also the Jet Streams on Earth.
    2.) Seismic has definately picked up in intensity on Earth.
    If Elenin is wreacking havoc, there isn’t anything to either prove or disprove it.

  5. Ada in SB
    Posted 5 September 2011 at 6:20 am | Permalink

    Hi John,
    Really enjoyed you on coast to coast and am glad to see you are getting the recognition you deserve. I have been following you for at least a decade and have always been thankful to have the benefit of the accurate brilliance of your gifts that you so kindly share with humanity.

  6. Isaac George
    Posted 5 September 2011 at 2:30 am | Permalink

    Hi John,

    Great update! Have you seen the transit chart for Sept.25-27th? Comet Elenin notwithstanding, these dates are loaded with cosmic pressure points. Let me know if you want me to email you a copy.

    All the best,

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  • […] Friends, Just to refresh the memory, my oracle described September as the month of seven earthshaking experiences — literal and metaphorical — as in natural earthquakes as well as climate disasters political and economic earthquakes. (Read the article by clicking on September 2011.) […]

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