Wieners Fallout, Missouri Floods and Tornado Diary, Part 3

While the corporate news networks wagged their Anthony Wiener on your boob tube, real news stories went limp and retracted from view into shorthaired shame. Twitterpated tweet sex scandals tweaked ratings over real reporting. Wiener’s sexting was re-membered in a two-week news recycling whilst any penetration into the facts of stories that potentially could change your life forever never finally came.

The flood of Wiener wonk nearly consumed all the talking-headed hot air of network attention as the second great American river flood of 2011 ongoing along the Missouri River and its tributaries raged. You may not have heard or seen footage of Nebraska’s Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant threatened by mounting flood waters, having had a fire that for 90 minutes shut down the cooling system that keeps radioactive rods from meltdown. ProPublica reports the crisis happened on 7 June. The day before, the Federal Administration Aviation (FAA) issued a NOTAM (notice to airmen) effective immediately closing airspace over the Fort Calhoun plant.

The FAA explained that the “no fly zone” was put in place because of the flooding danger, side stepping the fact that the Fort Calhoun was specifically mentioned in the NOTAM. When pressed, Jeff Hanson, a spokesman for the OPPD (Omaha Public Power District) explained that the FAA closed airspace “because of security reasons” that he could not reveal and that the flight ban over the nuclear facility is still active at the time of this writing (18 June 2011).

The nuclear facility is surrounded by flood waters. There is hope that redundant features protecting the facility from the rising Missouri, including an aqua dam and earthen berms, will prevent the swollen river from repeating the tsunami deluge in Fukushima, Japan, on 11 March that took down the water cooling systems of four reactors causing partial meltdowns in the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

By the way, earthquakes and floods so far do not take down water-cooled nuclear reactors whether in Fukushima Japan or Fort Calhoun outside Wichita Nebraska. Tsunamis of salt water or freshwater deluges of the Missouri can, however, take out the diesel pumps that keep submerged uranium reactor rods cooled by pumping and recycling a protective pool of water. Once that evaporates, the rods melt causing a potential nuclear disaster releasing deadly radiation into the atmosphere.

Nostradamus writes of dreadful globes that release man-made pestilences. He recounted two ports visited by a scourge of invisible plague never before seen. These are believed by many to be Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He further wrote a quatrain about “false dust.” This might be his 16th-century attempt at describing nuclear fallout. The area in question is clearly mapped out. Since nothing has happened there, this prophecy is about our future.

5 Q90

Dans les cyclades, en perinthe & larisse,
Dedans Sparte tout le Pelloponnesse:
Si grand famine, peste par faux connisse,
Neuf mois tiendra & tout le cherronesse.

In the Cyclades, in Perinthus and Larissa,
In Sparta, all of Peloponnesus:
A great famine — plague through false dust (fallout?).
Nine months it will last and through the whole peninsula.

This prophecy makes me think of another Wiener-whacked news item that impacts your life yet got little attention by the news until recently when all the sensation that could be squeezed out of Wiener’s news cycle had passed with his circus of a press conference announcing his resignation from Congress as hecklers embedded in the press corps ejaculated verbal abuse. While Wiener-gate had its final curtain call, the financial crisis of Greece, this worst of EU debtor nations, witnessed widespread and violent clashes between police and thousands of rioters in Athens as the pain of economic cuts to human services to pay off the crippling national debt cut to touch a deeper collective nerve. It made me think that tsunamis of water are not the only thing that can undermine support systems nourishing a nuclear power plant’s rod-cooling pools. A tsunami-like collapse of social order can turn the power off after an economic earthquake.

Here Nostradamus specifically lists regions of Greece under a nine-month famine caused by a “false dust” and a riot. He used a double entendre: connisse in the Old French implies the Greek konis (dust, ashes) and the Latin connissus (exerted, striven against).

I think of croplands of Japan surrounding Fukushima. They may go fallow for decades because of “false dust” — a kind of hidden pestilence — that makes livestock and crops inedible. In Nostradamus’ quatrain, a future false dust collapses the agriculture of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea, including Chios. Perinthus is a town in Northern Greece as is the Thessalian town of Larissa. The entire southern Peloponnesus Peninsula which climate change is steadily turning from a mellow Mediterranean to a parched semi-arid climate for farming will have its agriculture shut down by dust storms or radiological dust from some nuclear disaster.

The phrase false dust also hides a secondary meaning implying the kind of riots we now see in Athens mounting in intensity to take down social order in Greece for nine months when the people in desperation exert and strive against their government, first over contesting the payment of dept and later over food riots.

Water in flood has the power to take down the support systems of nuclear reactors in Fukushima and potentially outside of Omaha Nebraska. Water transformed and evaporated into air also can reach out an invisible tidal wave of tornadic winds at nuclear facilities that your mainstream TV news outlets generally overlooked in the great tornado outbreak across Alabama in late April 2011.

Kira, one of our readers who has provided us with a first hand eyewitness account of the aftermath of EF5 tornados ravaging her town of Harvest Alabama, passed along reports to me on 11 May 2011 that a tornado may have seriously damaged a nearby nuclear facility.

Ha! I didn’t think I would have anything else to add, but check this out! The Alabama nuclear plant located only one mile from the EF5 tornado path was compromised (not by the tornado) at the time of the pre-pocalypse. Click on Huffington Post

If that’s not a warning, then I’m a monkey’s uncle!!

Kira’s source who wishes to remain anonymous related that Browns Ferry nuclear plant west of Huntsville near the towns of Decatur and Tanner was indeed seriously damaged by the EF5 tornado that plowed through Kira’s town. The source went on to praise the men and women of the National Weather Service and their media partners. Without their accurate reports, a far greater loss of life would have happened.

I would also add that accurate tornado tracking aided the nuclear technicians at Browns Ferry. At this time when weather watchers save lives in ever more violent climate change, the US Congress in its retarded foresight is currently debating weather to eviscerate the NWS budget by 30 percent.

Kira continued her Tornado diary with the following posting on 14 May 2011.

Another thing to document. My subconscious is processing the pre-pocalypse now, and I had a very vivid dream last night. I was outside, at night, after the tornado, and the moon was new (as it was during the time the city was without electricity). The dirt road I am traveling is pitch black. The trees are black silhouettes against the enormous sky bejeweled with stars. I am mesmerized by the awesome beauty. I stare at the sky for a very long time taking in the sheer enormity of it. Then I remember my children, but where are they? How am I going to find them? How will I feed them? I start to panic. I begin to run toward the city, because I know if they are there no one will care for them. I know everyone is so busy doing their own things they will not stop for my children.

This was the whole dream. But it sums up my experience very well. And it sums up Pluto, doesn’t it? Incredible power, beauty, and complete blackness.

It is fascinating to me that my psyche is still trying to process these experiences. It was all much more traumatic than I ever expected.

Kira mentioned Pluto. In layman’s terms, this planet’s slow transit through the signs indicates in the language of predictive astrology the undercurrents of generational change affecting humanity en masse. In my 2011 prophecies, I defined this subtle-though cosmically permeating phenomenon thus:

Stars and planets wandering in and out of aspect can be a seer’s language, divining a future in cosmic poetry. Greek mythology plays a metaphorical role in astrology’s lingua astra. The farthest and slowest moving planet through the signs of the Zodiac is named after the Lord of the Underworld, the Greek god Pluto. The most distant planet takes up the role of the most impersonal effects on collective human history. Pluto is the zeitgeist of generations.

The Underworld of Pluto is what underpins or lies beneath the surface of apparent history, like invisible gravity keeps earth, ocean and human foot from flying off into space.

We live mostly unaware of the rotation of our planet, yet can’t live or go forward without it. Such is Pluto’s gravitas on the collective human mind. It’s an orbit of ages, like orbits of Earth around the Sun that we scarcely consider in our little day-to-day lives except indirectly when marking the changes of weather with the seasons. Yet, this force propels us, falling through space lap after lap around our star in a great annual circuit, invisible to our eyes.

Pluto’s 248-year orbit through the 12 signs of the Zodiac influences how individuals — high or low — are carried en masse into the orbit of humanity’s unconscious momentum into periods of upheaval, revolution, and breathtaking change, impacting the whole of humanity.

If man proposes and God disposes, that god is Pluto.

How history levels a reckoning beyond our best-made plans will have the particular mood and generational tone of the sign Pluto transits.

Predictions for 2011
From Chapter One: Coup d’état by Politicorp

On an apocalyptically lighter note, Kira relates in her final diary entry with my reply from 23 May 2001, her four-year-old’s playful pre-pocalypse therapy.

When I was young, I played pretending games like “Lost on Space” or “Star Wars” or “mermaids” by myself or with friends. Now, as the parent, I am watching Xander play pretending games, but his are called “tsunami”, “earthquake” and “tornado”. He stacks dominoes on the table and shakes the table until they fall, and sweeps his hand over the dominoes simulating water. Or he spins around “sucking up” things in the house and spewing out imaginary lightning. He’s 4 years old… Fascinating. Just thought you might like to hear.

Hi Kira,
I do. It is good. It is good he turns it into play. When I was growing up there was the Great Alaskan Earthquake in 1964. I used to build whole towns with blocks and populate them with my toy solders as townspeople. Then I would shake the table as a quake. I would send in rescue parties to retrieve the injured and collect the dead then rebuild the town.

It sounds rather morbid, but then, you have seen my chart. 🙂

The process was a very positive and creative way to process the intensity of quakes as a Southern Californian kid living in my own active seismic zone. There were a number of moderate quakes during my formative years and I also experienced one major temblor, the Sylmar Quake.

One time I had played this game and had put the blocks away. Then shortly after we had a 5.7 quake and I thought, “Darn! I could have had a real shake knock down my town.”

I rebuilt it and kept it up for about a week hoping to catch an aftershock. No luck.

I also used to build the Golden Gate Bridge with boards, string and shoe boxes. Ah but that is another story for another day.


John Hogue

(18 June 2011)

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