An All-American chrISISt Cabal seeks War with Iran. Is Good-Cop Trump about to Fire Bad Cop Bolton? What would a US-Iranian Battle in the Persian Gulf look like if it happened in our Near Future? Another potential cause for Mourning on US Memorial Days to Come?

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USS Abraham Lincoln. Source US Navy.

USS Abraham Lincoln. Source US Navy.

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Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.

Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.

DATELINE: 25 May 2019

The Prelude: The chrISISt Cabal seeking War with Iran

I heard a comedian once say that the duopoly controlling the American political system consists of two parties, the “Evil Party” and the “Stupid Party.”

I’m sure both spectrums of my readership are trying to pin this “tale” on the Donkey or the Dumbo parties as to who is evil or stupid. For me, a free-winged purveyor of future trends, I tend to get into this eternity of the present before making predictions with a view that illuminates a perception as if this present was being lived by a potentially more evolved and loving humanity; one that doesn’t act from political illiteracy of their rights, or allow corporations to pretend they are human beings without a revolutionary fight from we the living.

The humane view of this Oracularly perceived and potential future is one where love and awareness fuels its politics, not ego and stupidity.

To me, what is against this hopeful future-stance, existing in the moment, is the Antichrist. That Antichrist is named “Stupid” with a capital “S”.

To me, Stupidity is the ultimate evil, because to be stupid you have to be turned into a semi-conscious zombie in a state of constant distraction by the Rachel “Mad Cows” and the Sean “Inanities” of the world who think for you. Thus you ape-impersonate their parroted political views.

This “Oracle’s” more human and conscious political view flies free-of-left-or-right buzzard wings called “Dumbopublican” and “Dementorcratic.”

Where is this buzzard winging you with eyes-wide blinded by your corporate media propaganda organs?

To repeat insanities expecting a new outcome.

A new outcome to a new Operation Iraqi Freedom morphing into a new Operation “Iranian” freedom!

I’ve been writing about this potential US war with Iran since 2007. That’s when I produced a first edition, then a second edition in 2013, of my book Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse. I’m working on a third edition, but history is quickening so fast that I will share some of my updated views in these articles. We may not have time to read the new edition before this catastrophe in the Persian Gulf happens.

I will update it anyway, if there is a world left to study the accuracy of Nostradamus in prophetic hindsight. His willfully foggy verses tend to come into the clear when it really matters. And it matters with Iran’s future, mishandled, becoming a potential end of human futures.

If you belong to my readership, you’ll read this book and see how Nostradamus details everything that might potentially happen, naming names, identifying the US fleet that either is “melted and sunk” or melts and sinks the fleet of “Ishmael” coming out of the coast of “Carmania.” That is the ancient name Nostradamus uses to describe the current Iranian coastline of the Strait of Hormuz!

Brett G. from the UK is such a reader of my books. He has looked at the newsy noise and has asked me for a balanced perspective, clear of “messy-antics” and projections that are enough to make what hair stubble survives on the head of Alex Jones burst into flame, about whether war with Iran is about to burst forth.

Prophecy dictates an interpreter goes out on a limb. It is part of the forecasting job. You anticipate the unpredictable, the things you might not be aware are right around the corner of the future ready to jump and forever alter your present life. To do it right, I will go out on that limb equally balancing my reach in historical, social and linguistic knowledge necessary to unlock Nostradamus’ vision.

I won’t go Internet insane with a buck-toothed naughty beaver’s vision over-painting poor Nostradamus’ history of the future.

Thus states Brett:

From my twitter feed it looks like its time again to look at the Nostradamus Iran prophecy.

You are right, Brett. The USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Force has passed through the Strait of Hormuz and is making its imperial promenade up and down the Persian Gulf. A very powerful naval bully is looking for a fight—looking to push around a little guy secretly hoping that little victim won’t push back. All bullies fear that moment. It eventually comes to the pusher that he’s pushed on his big ass, in history’s sandlot boy battles.

You all are being punked into believing by the mainstream propaganda (oops, I mean) mainstream media that this is a last-minute US Naval deployment.

The US Navy had already announced the mission a few months ago. But here comes the Walrus, koo-koo-kachoo! The tusk-mustachioed NSA chief John Bolton ginning up the bellicose war mongering about that deployment in a truly outrageous rave that might even make Little Kim Jong-un of North Korea, quite a regional ballistic missile rapper, blush for its provocative tone.

Here’s an overview of the escalation of words talking us into an “accidentally on full purpose” US war with Iran.

First to be fair to Mr. Walrus John Bolton Moosh-tusks, there are people on both sides who would like to have a fight, not just the US military industrial complex. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have their share of warmongering Shia-fundamentalist Rednecks. They see this potential war from a military incident strengthening their political hand and domination in Iranian politics that could flush it completely of peacemakers and moderates, like President Rouhani. Such Iranian hawks seek war in Tehran as the neocons seek it in Washington, to place their own domestic populations in lockstep control.

In early April, Trump with Bolton and Pompeo writing the script for him officially labeled Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization. This is a first. Never before has a wing of another sovereign government been targeted as a terrorist organization. The Guards are an elite military and industrial core of the Iranian government and military—sort of a cross between the Roman Praetorian Guards, the US Marines, the elite Navy Seals, and the Green Berets of the US Armed Forces. They are also a military and civilian center of Iranian economic franchise. They’re Iranian Walmart “and” the Iranian military industrial complex all wrapped up into one.

IRGC assault boats doing fire training on dummy US carrier. Source: FARS News, Hamed Jafarnejad, 2015.

IRGC assault boats doing fire training on dummy US carrier. Source: FARS News, Hamed Jafarnejad, 2015.

They have units in all branches of the Iranian Armed Forces. For decades their special forces and military instructors have helped aid the Shia-Arab resistance to Israeli occupation of Lebanon known as Hezbullah (the Party of God). For starters, it must be noted that Hezbullah specifically wages war against occupation of Southern Lebanon when Israel invaded the southern half of Lebanon in 1982 in a gamble to destroy the armed militias of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization).

Hezbullah might use terror tactics of a guerilla insurrection against invaders but it ends there. Their strategic goal is to be free of occupation and/or the threat of such coming from Israeli invaders. If that threat should also put their allies supporting their resistance in danger, like the Shi’ite regime of Syria and Iran, they will help those who have helped them resist.

But that’s where the terror of warfare ends.

The most repugnant propaganda peddled by the Pompous Pompeos of neoconservatism is the big lie that Iran is state-terrorism central. The fact is, they are supporters of resistance against Zionist expansion of Israel, a nuclear power threatening its neighbors because nuclear weapons make them cruelly and bully-bold about it.

If you want to see which state is secretly supporting stateless terrorism like al-Qaeda and ISIS in worldwide terror acts for their own strategic interests, it is Saudi Arabia, a nation dominated by the Sunni Islam majority sect. Israel aids Sunni terrorist factions too, fighting the Syrian government and blowing up mosques and assassinating people inside Iran for decades. Add to this the US arming and training Syrian resistance fighters who had soon after joined ISIS and al-Qaeda in world terrorist actions.

Who therefore is the biggest state sanctioning terrorism? Saudi Arabia, armed to the teeth by the US military industrial complex.

Hezbullah and Iran’s IRGC units have successfully helped the Syrian Army nearly win a seven-plus year-long civil war against al-Qaeda and ISIS forces backed by the US and Israel.

But wait! What really is state-sanctioned terrorism?

Is not US drones flying over large tracks of North Africa, the Sahara nations and across the Middle East and Central Asia, striking villages without warning terrible and even criminal? Does that behavior not make the US and state that sanctions drone terrorism in the skies over a dozen countries around the world?

Does being stateless make you a terrorist?

Tell that to the people bombed by the Nazi state in the London Blitz in 1940-41. Tell that to the German civilians fire bombed by the US Air Force and RAF in Hamburg, Cologne, and Dresden incinerated by the hundreds of thousands.

What is terrorism if it isn’t two atomic bombs blowing up and death-irradiating 230,000 people in the last cities left standing in Japan in 1945 when the defeated Japanese government had been trying to negotiate an unconditional surrender for six months.

It is one of the greatest lies run by successive US governments and media that Iran is global terror central, aiding and abetting stateless attacks that make a domestic television-gaping audience assume Iran was behind a whole plethora of heinous acts that actually US Allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel had a hand in training, arming and perpetuating.

You want terror central?

Look to Saudi Arabia, a key US ally. That regime, our “friend” may have actually had a direct part in the 9/11 terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 American civilians!

Saudi Arabia is the source of Wahhabi religious extremism that religiously motivates all Salafist, al-Qaeda and ISIS stateless terrorism since 2001.

Saudi princes give financing and manpower for ISIS and al-Qaeda, but Washington DC doesn’t sanction the Saudi government for this or its medieval use decapitation and crucifixion of dissidents, the public whipping and beheading of women committing adultery, or anyone trying to convert a Muslim to another religion.

A carrier flotilla’s gunboat diplomacy has come to the Persian Gulf. The American Imperialists are trying to keep their reason for being hegemonic from collapsing in the only way they know, that actually will hasten imperial decline, disastrously.

They look for like-minded dominionists and they may have found some in Tehran. Iran’s hardliners, like Bolton and Pompeo, are there to play polarizing standoffs. Bolton and Pompeo want to bait hardliners of the IRGC in Tehran into more militant acts and provocative stances.

This is how you-ess-aye do it.

You push the threats, unilaterally back out of the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) nuclear peace treaty that prevents the Iranian nuclear industry to not do what all evidence since 2004 proves they never intended to do, build atomic weapons. In return economic sanctions had to be lifted. The EU signatories, plus the Russians and Chinese did this, but the US balked. UN monitors and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Administration patrolling Iranian installations have declared categorically that the Iranians were honoring the JPOA treaty.

A new American administration under Trump rewarded them unilaterally backing out of the deal because Trump and his neocon and neo-liberalist handlers didn’t like the Iranian honored deal. Now the US threatens to sanction the other signatories doing business with Iran, making it economically unsustainable for them to honor “their” obligations to Iran until Iran has enough with that and you force them to back out of the toothless treaty.

Tehran just threatened to do this if the EU nation signatories don’t put action behind their spineless platitudes of support as one EU company after another abandons their offices in Iran under threats of US sanctioning them..

Tehran recently gave European nations a two-month deadline to put up, man up, spine up or they’re partially leaving the treaty on 1 July 2019. Then you in Washington will say, LOOK! They backed out!. Even though you were the first to screw the agreement and betray trust.

Don’t worry. The mainstream US media won’t bother about time, sequence and details of your outrages. They’re puppets in your pocket and US Congress in these dark days is a bi-partisan supporter of hegemony.

What’s the affect intended?

You bring into Iranian leadership a reaction to your outrages in the guise of a new hardline commander recently taking over the IRGC, Brigadier General Hossein Salami.

This guy is no mere “cold cut” piece of meat.

“It really suggests they’re going to double down on confronting the US,” said Michael Maloof, former senior security policy analyst at the US Department of Defense speaking on RT about this new leader of the IRGC. “I think we’re about ready to enter a whole new phase of confrontation.”

Salami is “proud,” he says, to be called a terrorist by the United States leaders.

Maloof added that Salami’s appointment “shows Iran is fully expecting a greater military response, whether it’s from Israel or the US, or both. That’s why I think this appointment represents a harder line.”

“Watch for troop movements,” Maloof said, warning of possible clashes over the Strait of Hormuz, an important maritime global oil trade corridor in the Persian Gulf. “Watch for the potential of moving in Carrier Task Forces on or near the Gulf area. That will be indicative of a confrontation, and this is exactly what [US National Security Advisor] John Bolton wants.”

Enter a Bolton from the blue.

On 5 May 2019, the following official message was released to the world by the National Security Advisor John Bolton: “In response to a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings [from Iran], the United States is deploying the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the U.S. Central Command region to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force. The United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or regular Iranian forces.”

That announcement brings us a major naval carrier group sailing to the Persian Gulf, and a squadron of B-52 bombers. A few days later US Patriot Missile batteries were on their way to augment the forces already gathering. Bolton offers no details of what exactly the specified threat is to US forces. I will tell you why, because there are none.

This is Bolton replaying out his script to start a war with Iraq in 2003.

In short, this is a set up.

Bolton wants to provoke a military incident with IRGC Iranian naval forces in the Strait of Hormuz, the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

Already the four B-52 bombers, now stationed in the huge US airbase in Qatar, are patrolling just outside of Iranian airspace to make their “hit me if you dare” point.

I cannot tell you, and the mainstream media won’t tell you, how significant Bolton’s wide-open threat in his statement is. He’s given us the rules of retaliation when he said, The United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or regular Iranian forces.”

And maybe a proxy has given him his war already. The question is “which” proxy?

On 13 May it was reported that a United Arab Emirates (UAE) barge and two Saudi oil tankers were “sabotaged” off the UAE’s port of Fujairah off the Gulf of Oman, south-southeast of the Strait of Hormuz. Looks like they were hit by limpet mines attached by divers, but who are they? Who sent them?

The US press is pulling over our wits their speculation-over-facts game, like with Russia Gate, implying without any facts to back it up that the holes punctured in the aft portions of these ships off the UAE “may” be sabotaged by Iranians. Just today, 24 May, the Pentagon tells the press that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards did the deed. Of course, like Russia Gate, said sources don’t give us a Cuban Missile Crisis moment—showing us spy satellite proof that the Soviets DID have nukes stationed in Cuba. The Pentagon officials just press how certain their proof is, but they won’t show it. I know it comes from Mossad, Israel’s secret service—their website fronting their agendas,, was the first to declare the Iranians directly to blame.

This is no different than the Hearst News Paper empire in the late 1890s saying the Battleship USS Maine may have been blown up in Havana, Cuba, Harbor, most likely by a floating mine launched by the Spanish that no evidence is provided to prove it, just trust the Hearst papers.

It started the Spanish American War, but in fact, after the shooting started, thousands died, and America enjoyed the new status of a new world and colonial power seizing Spanish holdings such as the Philippines and Puerto Rico, a century passed and it was discovered that there was no mine but an exploding coal fire as the cause of the USS Maine’s sinking and great loss of life.

It was an accident.

The Saudi foreign ministry said this week that it also has proof the Iranians were behind the sabotage, however as of this moment Riyadh is all talk without evidence. And if evidence is presented to the CIA, it will not go public. That doesn’t stop the Saudis from asking the US to launch “surgical strikes” on Iran as a reprisal.

The Iranian IRGS does have special naval commando units. The Royal Saudi Arabian Navy has no version of special diver units that could sabotage their own ships to set up a false flag, but their next closest ally could, the Saudi “enemy of an (Iranian) enemy being a friend.” These “friends” have underwater teams, limpet minds and the Dolphin Class German-built U-boats to bring them up close to attach them upon tankers: Israel.

The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) or a special team of Mossad divers could venture forth from one of the three Dolphin Class subs they have always stationed in the Persian Gulf to set up a sabotage attempt that puts wholes in ships but doesn’t sink them. I cannot rule out a false flagged sabotage by Mossad or naval commando IDF units is being blamed on the Iranians.

What’s the motive for Iranians to do this?

It goes against all the caution they’ve shown when being baited by the Israelis, the Saudis and especially the Americans since 2006, to step into traps or do something that could measure up as an excuse their enemies beg for to start a war against them.

I foresee this sabotage caper is part of the setup to start a war, to “Remember the Maine!” if you will. Replace the Spanish with the Iranians or their proxies.

The Saudis blame the attack on the Houthis, who Iran supports at best indirectly. That means Bolton already has his Iranian “proxy” as cause for a retaliation as posted in his communique. How a Houthis boat anchored on the other side of the Arabian Peninsula in a completely blockaded Northern Yemeni harbor can somehow stream out of port, pass through the strait of Hormuz, drop divers, blow up mines and slip away undetected…??? I mean it requires an uninformed public dumbed down by a mainstream media propaganda organ to believe it.

Prophetically speaking, I consider an Antichrist has asked for a retaliation. This request from the Saudi government comes with the blessing of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia and Nostradamus’ most likely candidate for his third and final Antichrist he calls Mabus. This “Arab Prince” as he calls him in 5 Q25 wants a war with Iran, badly and has said so many times publicly that only a war destroying the Tehran regime is on the table for him. According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, if he gets the US to light it off there is a potential of 25 to 27-years of war set to unravel the world of people and animals (see prophecies 8 Q77 and 2 Q62).

The press calls Muhammad bin Salman, MBS.

Restore the missing two vowels and it gives us: M(a)B(u)S = Mabus!

On the same day of the sabotage incident Pompeo ratcheted up the, “we’re not looking for a war but look out!” rhetoric in London meeting with the new British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Hunt added, “We are very worried about the risk of a conflict happening by accident with an escalation that is unintended on either side but ends with some kind of conflict.”

I have no idea if the Iranian IRGC committed this sabotage or not. Facts are not being shown here. Holes in boats, in a hostile region, like the USS Maine blowing itself to bits in a hostile Havana Harbor, do not help us pause from making a rush to conclusions of any kind. But who in Washington will stop the rush to speculation that starts a war just like it started the Spanish-American War over a century ago that gave birth to American Imperialism?

How ironic if Arabian tankers become today’s cause celeb of the USS Maine, and end US Imperialism in a disastrous phony war?

By the time I published these new articles following my Nostradamus and the Notre-Dame fire article wave, the nuclear powered carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and its gunboat flotilla which has already issued from the Suez Canal zone, streaming around the Arabian Peninsula had  passing earlier this week through the tight opening that is the Strait of Hormuz. There is only a narrow two-mile wide lane for it to pass in waters filled with Iranian patrol boats. The media as usual just copied the reports the Pentagon gave them without question and passed it onto us. Before the flotilla entered the strait we were told that US (military) satellites have identified Iranian ships lurking there carrying ship-to-ship destroying missiles.


In each of my editions of Nostradamus: the War with Iran published since 2007 and 2013, I have detailed to you how the Iranian Navy, though not one with capital ships, does have dozens of corvettes and hundreds upon hundreds of smaller PT boats and even fast speed boat units armed with all kinds of small and major caliber, anti-ship missiles. These include Chinese-built silkworm ship-to-ship missiles.

The media would like you to think, like, “Oooh! They have missiles! Our Navy’s running into a new danger.”

A military set-up incident requires the public has no proper perspective. Fact check: Iran had these missiles since 2006, all the dozens of times carrier strike forces have promenaded in and out of the Strait of Hormuz putting on their imperious show since December 2006.

The Strait of Hormuz is a crowded place where bluffs could come to blows and if the Lincoln group does what other carrier strike forces do it will strut through and out and through the strait at least a few more times during its tour there. If there’s an incident, the situation could escalate beyond anything either side has planned for, especially the US side, which is hoping their best case/worse case military scenario is an incident requiring an Iranian-chastising military punishment in kind and appropriate size and then nothing worse happens.

These warmongers in Washington don’t like to plan for worse case scenarios, like a war the overstretched US forces around the world may find hard to fight, far from home, when there’s tensions also in the South China Sea and North Korea. And let us not forget Juan Guaido’s US backed but pathetic failure of a coup attempt that ended up “bat guano.”

I’m thinking of the Dr. Strangelove character Major Bat Guano laying a major bat Guaido as a neo-conned choice to overthrow President Maduro of Venezuela. So add Juan Guaido’s guano of an idea that could add a fourth conflict on the US military. Guaido is currently pressing his Washington puppet handlers to bring on full US military assistance to shoot things up in Caracas in round two of his koo-koo-kah-coup de quano état.

Hold on. The future is here! Let’s take this narrative about what’s coming next in the Persian Gulf showdown to a whole new level.

You won’t hear reported by the press what I’m about to tell you. It is something that only a prophecy scholar like myself that listens to Christian broadcasting and follows the speeches of Mike Pence and the biblical utterances of Mike Pompeo might pick up as prophetically intended to ultimately end your world as you have known it…

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DATELINE: 25 May 2019

Your Fired! US Missiles on Iran or John Bolton?

What EXACTLY is Going Down? Is there a US-Iran War, or a Frantic John Bolton Going Down?

As we go to press on 24 May 2019 a lot of indications are arising that we are very close to a full-scale war in the Middle East between US assets and allies and Iran’s forces and vassals. The US State Department on 15 May ordered all non-essential people to immediately leave Iraq and the sprawling fortress US Embassy in the Green Zone of downtown Baghdad, as well as the consulate in Irbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. The US Embassy in Lebanon is also moving workers and some non-essential staff. There is a threat of Iran already arming and preparing its Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and Lebanon (meaning Hezbullah) for attacks on these embassies and other US assets, such as several thousand US military personnel in Iraq. The source of this intel. are the Israeli and Saudi governments—two governments that are aching for US men and women to go to war and destroy their mutual Iranian enemy. Other sources in Iraq itself do not see any indications there is any ramp up of Iran-sympathetic Iraqi militias to harm American assets

Israeli intelligence has lobbied hard and successfully since 1990 for a war to take down their enemies, paid in full by US blood and treasure in Iraq, in Syria. In Nostradamus: The War with Iran I detailed and sourced successive Israeli governments from 2003 through 2008 pressing President G.W. Bush HARD to take out Iran too. They did this bald-faced lobbying while American troops bogged down in a quagmire of occupying Iraq where being killed and maimed at the ultimate price of 7,000 dead (if you add private US mercenaries and logistical contractors) and 30,000 wounded and injured.

No Israeli boys or girls gave even a hangnail to the cause, yet Jerusalem has no shame. And anyway, it’s such a deal! Rent a hegemon to do your fighting and bleeding for you, especially one who’s government and media are too dumb to see they’re being played, and furthermore are unable to inform American citizens that they in turn are being played to fight Israel’s wars with their children’s blood and their hard earned taxes. Israel’s current government is doing the lobbying again to dupe you Americans to march wide eyes shut into a future where you will experience the bloodiest war they have ever fought since the Second World War!

Ray McGovern, retired CIA analyst writing for Consortium News, sees press-aping-Pentagon parallels to news reports pushing for Iran war like they did in 2003 for Iraq. Even the same catalysts are in action, such as current NSA chief John Bolton when he was Third Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs in early 2003 under the Bush administration. Also involved are the same publishers-turned-propaganda organs such as the New York Times.

McGovern compares their recent front-page report with flaming US jets taking off a carrier deck at night as similar to the false urgency and powerful photos used to spook up the war fever at the home front back in 2003.

“An Iraq-War redux is now in full play,” McGovern wrote, adding, “The New York Times on Tuesday played its accustomed role in stoking the fires, front-paging a report that, at Bolton’s request, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has come up with an updated plan to send as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East, should Iran attack American forces or accelerate work on nuclear weapons.

“The Times headline writer, at least, thought it appropriate to point to echoes from the past: White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran, in Echoes of Iraq War.’”

McGovern added that later that day, 13 May, President Trump denied the Times report. He was talking to the press on the White House lawn around lunch time, calling it “fake news.”

I would interject that Trump, ever the showman, added that if Iran made these “bad, very bad” moves that he’d send a whole lot more troops than 120,000.

“Keep them guessing, seems to be the name of the game,” reflected McGovern in his article. “Following the Iraq playbook, Bolton and Pompeo are conjuring up dubious intelligence from Israel to “justify” attacking—this time—Iran.”

He’s talking about the source of Iran starting up its civilian nuclear weapons program, being from Prime Minister Netanyahu. He’s the fellow that played with cartoon cut-outs of Iranian bombs before the United Nations. He can’t actually back up his story of a hidden Iranian nuclear program “in secret” somewhere any more than conspiracy buffs saying Saddam Hussein ordered armored Iraqi convoys to roll into Syria with what I would call Saddam’s “magical unicorn” weapons of mass destruction as his regime was conquered by US invasion.

Netanyahu is playing nutty-yahoo with his cartoon bombs and bluster. He’s selling completely fake and mythological news. Indeed the CIA itself reported that Iran may have considered building a nuclear weapons program but scrapped any theoretical research and development by 2004.

Here’s another example of ratcheting up the war option.

On 14 May, the media reported an “Iranian” drone strike, so people would think it came directly from Iran, but then qualify it as a strike of Iranian proxies knowing full well the first impression will often be remembered, not the fact. The Houthis in northern Yemen managed to fly this drone deep into Saudi airspace and fire missiles damaging a Saudi Arabian pipeline. The press make it sound like Iran provided the drone. For one thing, I’ve already written extensively about Yemeni military capabilities to upgrade and fire airborne weapons with no Iranian direct assistance (see second Hogueprophecy article in the tread from 16 November 2017: Candidate for Third Antichrist, Muhammad bin Salman, begins his Takeover of Saudi Arabia. Saudi War with Lebanon imminent. War with Iran with US and Israeli Help Next?)

The crushing blockade of the Houthis-controlled part of Yemen has not only successfully brought 12 million Yemenis to the brink of starvation but it has made it impossible for Iran to ship ballistic missiles or Iranian drones by the dozen into Yemen. As my earlier article explained and sourced, the Yemenis have the capacity to build their own drones and augment and update the payloads of their extensive arsenal of Soviet-era scud missiles with at best, some Iranian advice by cellphone but little more than that.

Nevertheless, the mainstream news would have you think Iran is making these attacks, rather than the Houthis trying to counter-attack in retaliation to Saudi Arabia’s US-supported aerial campaign that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) estimates will, by 2020, be responsible for 233,000 mostly civilian deaths across Yemen since the Saudi’s started their war of Houthis annihilation in 2015.

The Houthis drone has nothing to do with being an Iranian answer to the gathering menace that is steaming up and down the Persian Gulf, but you are meant to think so. You are meant to believe this drone attack on the Saudi pipeline is an Iranian provocation requiring a full-retaliatory response from the USS Abraham Lincoln strike force which just entered the Persian Gulf a few days ago. The very same request the Saudis are pressing for.

Chief architect of the bellicose framing of this story is National Security Advisor to the President, “The Walrus” AKA John Bolton. He’s had a missile-sized hardon to drag the US into a full-scale war with Iran since he played a major role sexing up the false intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s WMDs by literally blocking any chance arms inspectors might enter Iraq to look for something that wasn’t there.

Just when it looked like there was a possibility to avoid a US invasion because the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) was ready to look for the WMDs, Bolton as President Bush’s Under US Secretary of State overseeing Arms Control immediately got on a jet to the Netherlands and demanded the OPCW head, Brazilian Jose Bustani, resign. The Intercept (published 23 March 2018 by Mehdi Hasan), retells the infamous story from early 2003 when Bolton few to the OPCW European headquarters, gave Bustani 24 hours to box up his personal things at his office, adding the threat, “We know where your children are.”

And Bustani meekly complied. He had not the spine to tell Mr. Bolton what to do with that threat and kick that walrus of war out of his office. No UN sanctioned OPCW inspectors moved an inch and the United State invaded Iraq in early 2003, where no weapons of mass destruction were found. If, however, we look beyond the thousands of body bags sent back to America and the homes of other coalition allies, what you can find buried under Iraqi ground aren’t hidden WMD but the graves of an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 Iraqis—mostly civilians.

Now there are signs Bolton’s trying to bully his way into a war again. But there is some hope. Not everyone has forgotten how Bolton played his last gullible stooge in the Oval Office, George W. Bush.

President Trump may be a mostly self-unaware medium channeling whatever denizen of the Deep State Washington Swamp that’s glowering before him, yet even he may remember. It would seem at least that Trump is hinting things in tweets and statements about wanting to talk with the Iranian regime rather than go to war. Pompeo is also purring like a big fat cat cornering an Iranian mouse how much America is not looking for a war with Iran. Just come to your senses Tehran and behave like “a normal nation.”

“Don’t get me started,” thinks the Iranian mouse to himself, weighing the outrageous hypocrisy of that statement, mindful that the hungry fat cat has Iran at the top of his regime change list…

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DATELINE: 25 May 2019

Photo of simulated test of china’s Antii-Carrier Missile. Iran is building their own prototypes for a “carrier destroyer.” China may provide Iran their own. Source,

Photo of simulated test of china’s Antii-Carrier Missile. Iran is building their own prototypes for a “carrier destroyer.” China may provide Iran their own. Source,

The Battle of the Persian Gulf. What it would look like if it happened in our Near Future—Another potential cause for Mourning on US Memorial Days to Come?

It is important to note that I’m publishing all three of these articles about a US war with Iran on the Memorial Day Weekend holiday, 24-27 May 2019. This is the day when Americans do a lot of vacationing and a lot less remembering all the men and women who gave their lives in all US wars. In this third and final article for the day, I want to give you a glimpse of what unexpected surprises may be waiting for what US journalist Peter Lavelle of CrossTalk defined as those in America “preparing a strike on Iran for non-specific reasons to deter non-specific threats.”

Pompeo and Bolton demand a Carthaginian Peace with Iran. In short, you completely submit to our will, surrender your government to our will, and you’ll have peace. And if you don’t submit you will have the peace of a mass grave for Iranians. Trump has already played a variant this week of his “his North Korean annihilation threat.” He thinks he’s talking to another potentate that speaks bluff and will come around for talks, saying to the Iranians, “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!” Trump has no clue who he’s dealing with in the Iranian leadership.

I have seen his chart and know he doesn’t want a war, but he may get one pushing the Iranians around and that will add thousands upon thousands of US service men and women to the butcher’s bill.

They won’t be filling Arlington Cemetery’s gardens of stone because they will be buried at sea, in the Persian Gulf.

Nostradamus has been warning of this in clear visions for 4.5 centuries. I’ve been gathering them for updated interpretations in soon to be three editions-and-counting of Nostradamus: The War with Iran since spring of 2007.

That brings me to an email I received a year ago from Dean sent to me on 22 May 2018. Dean has read my most current and Second October-2013 Edition of the book:

Thanks John. I’m reading your “war with Iran” and the detailed projection of how these air craft carriers are the horses verses machines guns of WWI, even read papers about it in military naval journals from younger officers since the Falkland war, raising the same concerns as u detailed. Good Job, fun but too real a read, I’m afraid.

Dean is talking about a hypothetical account about what a future naval battle in the Persian Gulf would look like. My story of combat in the near future is about a repeated mistake from the opening of the First World War. Whenever long-standing tactical doctrines remained untested for many decades, a false certitude of faith in theory can ignore the advances of military technology that go against the grain of it. Eventually there comes a real war where these tactics are actually combat stress tested and turn out to be dreadfully wanting.

The best example of this to date was a little over a century ago during the opening months of the First World War, August-September 1914 when 40 years of peace, plus rapid and deadly advances in weaponry made nineteenth-century tactics unsuited to face twentieth-century mass murdering on an industrial scale. I present the following passage from the book: the next 1914 moment perhaps in 2019 at the earliest.

Here’s an excerpt of what Dean read and what you can read if you help Hogueprophecy continue by buying this important book about our potential future.


An attack on the Iranian mainland would require you fly your jets to targets spread across a mountainous battle theater the size of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California put together. Just about every jet on the carrier in question that future day is laden with extra fuel tanks increasing the danger of fire. Ranging over the flight and hangar decks the little army of operation crews move in their ballet of tasks in an up-tempo dance choreographed by deck officers in brown jerseys. All are possessed by urgency in their jobs because of added intensity under fire. The crews pumped with adrenaline at war footing in Dante’s desert ocean’s inferno attend to their tasks ever punctuated by a chorus of intercom commands. Their bodies and limbs vibrate from a decibel thrum-beat din of whining jet engines, the crash-rush of electromagnetic catapults flinging F-18 Super Hornets and F-36Cs over the bow, afterburners thundering like Vulcan’s boom box, crackling with flame.

The [Iranian] submarine-born Sizzler [anti-ship missile] came out of the heat waves and mirages of water at subsonic speed, hugging sun-spackled waves at five meters.

To other sailors eyeballing computer monitors deep in the ship responsible for the carrier’s defense, it was a nasty surprise. They had tracked the appearance of an overwhelming assortment of sub and supersonic warheads at high altitude but not that sea hugging threat whose radar signature just appeared very close, several miles off starboard! RAM and Phalanx batteries on the perimeter of the flight deck whirred into action. The Sizzler’s radar system anticipated that too. Reaching its terminal velocity it suddenly banked violently into the sky; out of the Phalanx’s targeting envelope forcing the RAM missile already fired to make a course correction to lock on the Sizzler’s wild and unpredictable maneuvers at a speed faster than a depleted uranium bullet. Not fast enough for the one-second calculation it took for the pursuing RAM missile, one of the weapons of the carrier’s CIWS (Close-in Weapons System), to splash the Sizzler harmlessly a quarter mile off the starboard bow.

Several minutes before, when the Iranian submarine had launched its missile, three Iranian mobile truck units concealed in the rugged coastal mountains hugging the Persian Gulf had staggered a launch of three anti-ship-ballistic missiles, roughly five seconds apart. The moment the Sizzler was reduced to minced metal, the first ASBM made its re-entry from space, leveling out at high altitude over the Persian Gulf at fantastic speeds, tracking systems engaged in search of prey: the signature of a supercarrier several miles down range.

The boiling seas had scarcely calmed where the Sizzler crashed and exploded when the carrier’s CIWS robot batteries of Gatling guns and anti-missiles wildly spun into action.

It was a duel with death in a second. The ASBM approached the CIWS effective firing range of two miles at a terminal velocity of 2.5 miles a second. It took one second for carrier computers to target the ballistic gunslinger’s missile bullet then launch RAM missile batteries that blast it to pieces a mile above flight deck crews preparing, directing and launching jets.

One infinitesimal moment before, a conventional warhead and second stage of an anti-ship ballistic missile had been Zeus’ thunderbolt. In death it became Zeus’ shot gun blast of lightning shards, that—1.25 seconds after the RAM destroyed it—peppered the length of the carrier’s flight deck with a hail of metal fragments traveling at 9,000 miles an hour. If lightning could fall like rain it would send coruscating splashes of molten flame droplets spraying across the flight deck from stem to stern.

Torn bits of metal from the destroyed ASBM had become strafed lighting! Super Hornet jets exploded and their attending ground crews fell apart, diced and dead from the sheer force of the kinesthetic-energy rain of flight-deck perforating missile debris.

Before severed heads, limbs and torsos had time to drop to the deck, the CIWS had bagged the second ASBM streaking off course, its tracking system successfully jammed, its second stage and warhead shot to smithereens by Gatling guns, thankfully 3 miles to port and not overhead, sending up a great wall of spray away from the stricken ship.

The third carrier killer sliced through the flight deck at amidships twelve times faster than its approaching thunderclap at Mach 12. In that instant hundreds of sailors never saw or heard death coming, its kinetic energy at hypersonic speed adding far more explosive force to its conventional warhead. A great mushroom of fire rose higher than the carrier’s radar array, momentarily reflecting its sudden ascendancy in conning tower windows before they imploded. The flash blinded the bridge officers Iran war e-book montageinstinctively turning away from flying glass in the blast wave. In the symphony of fire, jets laden with bombs on the flight and hangar decks and satiated with volatile aviation fuel, incinerated their pilots and ground crews that were still standing in an overture of secondary blasts.

The third ballistic missile from space had cracked the 102,000-ton behemoth’s keel. With bulkheads melting, the Nimitz Class supercarrier began to settle into the “Arabian” Gulf.


This potential future, a future foreseen by Nostradamus who believed such futures could be avoided, is what made Dean say, fun but too real a read, I’m afraid. I wrote back to him this following essay:

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Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.

Click on this link, and read Nostradamus in the clear about a war between the US and Iran is a real and potentially history altering mistake.

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