The Notre Dame Fire and Nostradamus. Did He foresee it? Time to Tune out All the Internet Noise and let an Experienced, World-Acknowledge Expert suggest an Authentic Prediction about the Notre Dame Fire and Its Future Consequences

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Notre Dame on fire in the initial stages of the blaze. Source: Wandrille de Préville © Wikimedia Commons.

Notre Dame on fire in the initial stages of the blaze. Source: Wandrille de Préville, © Creative Commons.

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DATELINE: 30 April 2019

The Notre Dame Fire—Article One:

Did Nostradamus Astrologically and exactly Time It?

What caused this fire on 15 April 2019 that mutilated perhaps the most revered and visited Christian Cathedral after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome? Not since the last time the whole world was shocked by the 911 terror attacks in New York watching the two towers fall to terrorist hijacked airliners turned into missiles has there been a sudden spike of worldwide interest in what Nostradamus had to say about something.

Had the sixteenth-century French seer also foreseen Notre Dame erupt in catastrophic flames?

Just like the September 11, 2001 attack on the towers, the worldwide media and Internet watching it live was soon ablaze in its own fire cloud of speculation. Anybody playing “expert” well-known and unknown tweeted or posted a free-for-all of articles and slapped-together YouTube documentaries bending Nostradamus verse about the future to their will, if not to Nostradamus’ actual message.

I have regarded long the circus of moth man and woman forecasters online drawn to the Notre Dame fire, yet I’m not a fool who hastily rushes in to be consumed by conspiracy theory or burnt by prophetic projection. I know my readership is patient and intelligent. They will expect me to take my time and apply four decades of experience to get a grip on what is objectively known about this fire and then bring to bear what I know about interpreting Nostradamus without going off half-cocked for the sake of website clicks or “likes” on Facebook.

I will go out on a limb when interpreting what Nostradamus may or may not have foreseen about Notre Dame ablaze, but not until my “prophetic” knowledge is satisfied by a preliminary detective exploration that also requires a deep linguistic background in the original texts of Nostradamus mostly lacking in the world of Nostradamus “experts” at this time. I contend that they do not present their views carried by skills for forecasting balanced with skeptical inquiry. They’re investigations lack the depth that only comes after decades of study seasoned by long experience. Only then can anyone have hope that what they say has any weight of substance. That’s how someone in this field can perhaps present the best interpretation of Nostradamus than anyone else alive at this time.

So here we go.

My presentation today has evolved into three articles about the Notre Dame fire. We will take three steps that will include cutting through the Internet “crap” that’s been hitherto published about it in the name of Nostradamus. Then I’ll take you on a journey through Nostradamus’ personal attachment to this cathedral named after his family and how one can unveil the clever ways he masks his already fulfilled verses about burning cathedrals in his prophecies. Finally, we will face a study of “Ladies” to find a great “Dame” who is not born of flesh and blood but hewn over eight centuries ago out of stone and ancient oak that fire has scorched in a vision written 463 years before it happened—or so I claim. There very well may be a prophecy about this fire, published around 1556 and up to the moment I began speaking in the media about it, not a single “expert”—amateur or otherwise—had discovered it.

Most important, we conclude my three-article presentation today weaving facts about the blaze you may have never heard of yet with Nostradamus’ vision of the fire of Notre Dame setting off a firestorm of scandal and perhaps marking a new era of Christian travail.

For your sake and mine, I’ll cut to the chase and present only two examples of the many breathless Internet publications I’ve read. All were hastily published as the fire in the church was still glowing hot. These two articles chosen are good enough, especially because of their amateurish mistakes, to stand as the most likely source for most of the hundreds of copycat declarers who have seized upon one Nostradamus verse in particular as “THE” prophecy about the fire—though I contend that to do so, they have to project upon this verse their lack of experience in this field as interpretation, spurious at best, while overlooking what is actually written by Nostradamus in that verse. To a man and women they have completely missed recognizing before their noses one of the prophet’s best astrologically forecasted dates in a most remarkable prophecy in itself . It has nothing to do with the cathedral fire but everything to do with whether humanity has a future.

So for today I will only pass my review on UK astrologer Jessica Adams of and her online click accelerant, the author quoting her, Chris Ford of the Epoch Times. Her misread verse is Century 1 (Volume One) Quatrain (Q)51 from Nostradamus’ magnum opus Les Propheties de Michel de Nostredame (The Prophecies of Michel of Our Lady). Yes, Nostredame is the Old French spelling of Notre Dame. He first published this verse in 1555 in the first serialization of the complete work.

Here is the original verse in Old French, followed by my translation:

Chef d’Aries, Iupiter, & Saturne,
Dieu eternel quelles mutations?
Puis par long ƒiecle ƒon maling temps retourne
Gaule, & Italie quelles eƒmotions?

Head (Constellation/Sign) of Aries , Jupiter and Saturn
Eternal God what changes?!
After a long century his malicious time returns,
France and Italy, what turmoil (violent agitation)?!

The usually hidden conceit of our modern mindsets is to first search for a prophecy that captures the shock and awe of the moment, like a fire in Notre Dame. We will look for the easy way out. We’ll move on what we know, even if it isn’t very much about the many events in 4.6 centuries Nostradamus has exhaustively covered with hints of his chronicle going on far beyond our lifetime to visualize potential events stretching to the year 3797 A.D. and beyond.

So it goes that happily uninformed authors online seize upon a verse without question sounding remotely present-day while the fire in the burning church and the public interest is still hot. I declare and will therefore prove that this is exactly what Jessica Adams has done. She even made light her joy at all the hundreds of clicks-a-second her first article had in the opening of part two published the day after.

“At one point this website was receiving 500 visitors a minute,” wrote Adams, “and I now have almost 8,000 of your questions and comments in front of me. Thanks to all who passed on their brilliant insights into the Nostradamus quatrains or verses. Now, what is next for the Dame, reborn?”

These three articles are my answer: a compassionate lesson for the English Dame, the “lady” Jessica Adams, in how not to get caught in your own projections, misreading a prophecy of Nostradamus that has made her a pied piper for thousands of readers stumbling down the road of wrong.

I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen someone take their first step down that road grabbing one word out of context and building an entirely goose-chased, goose-bumpy interpretation.

That clutched word happens to be the last word of 1 Q51 that she translates as “emotions.”

French President Macron said the word in his first tweet to the people as the fire raged, “Notre-Dame is aflame. Great emotion for the whole nation. Our thoughts go out to all Catholics and to the French people. Like all of my fellow citizens, I am sad to see this part of us burn tonight.”

Eureka! we’ve found the thread!

Adams jumps on the modern French meaning for emotion (not plural, by the way) not even knowing its older French connotations that Nostradamus more likely used in this context. These would have the Old French eƒmotions leaning towards the modern French Agitation violente, what is better translated in English as turmoil.

Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance of other meanings of the Old French eƒmotions, even the possibility of looking through all the applications of that word throughout Nostradamus roughly 1,500-plus verses and prose prophecies is not necessary when Ignorance leads the way. It makes it so easy to just free associate any way you like without the boundaries of knowing what words mean.

How else can one believe Macron’s “Emotion(s)” makes this about modern France and Italy?

Italy therefore in Adams’ mind and writing must stand for the Vatican in Rome and the trials of sex scandals there. Moreover, because Adams obviously never read through the entire Old-French original texts she wouldn’t know Nostradamus never applied “Italy” to the Church of Rome in the way she applied it.

Cordially calling all Nostra-novices!

Before you rush to publish an article, risk losing clicks. WAIT!

Expand your horizons back into the past. Go back 4.6 centuries and encounter what might include a lot of other events that our modern-day narcissism may have overlooked. Stay the impulse to satisfy authors-feeding-readers looking for a quick Internet fix before the next computer-click-or-finger-flip of a cellphone page idly marvels upon a new and all-too-forgettable distraction.

If we get this wrong, if we don’t look at other possibilities beyond Notre Dame, then we do a disservice to truth and to Nostradamus. We make him either more amazing than he actually was (oooh! He foresaw that Notre “damned” fire! Cool!), or worse. Prophetic genius gets paint-rolled over by a white wash of mediocre fantasies in 1 Q51, broadcast around the world. This verse then becomes world famous about anything but what was its important revelation.

That revelation is clearly dated as well. It is about a return of a malicious figure harboring bad times—in “our” times—in a message that is far more significant than the one Adams slap-dashed over it with her idea of a burning cathedral in the center of Paris with neither a word about fire or a cathedral existing in the original prophecy.

Many a well-meaning Nostra-novice author makes the mistake of relying on bad-to-terrible translations of Nostradamus. Nothing can save the structure of an interpretation, no matter how beautiful, build upon a shaky foundation of sand. Case in point, Jessica Adams relies on The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus: The Millennium Edition by British author Ned Halley from the early 1980s.

I learned early on a hard lesson. You can’t choose what is good opposed to bad translations unless you become yourself a proficient translator. At my level of experience, Halley gives a less-than-average translation. For instance, I wouldn’t add qualifiers like he did to quelles mutations taking it beyond its simple and direct meaning, “Eternal God, what changes?!” Not this wordy version adding words that aren’t there: “God Eternal what changes can be expected?”

A good translation finds a balance between what sounds better in French, but not so good in English like “God Eternal.” A translator tries not to switch words if clarity is harmed. However if meaning is not harmed by switching to the preferred English format then go ahead with what reads better in English, like “Eternal God.” Otherwise, “God Eternal” sounds pretentious and turgid in English, like “Holy Smokes!” becoming “Smokes Holy!”

One must avoid having to add words for clarity if at all possible. If you are forced to add some don’t add words that frame food for thought with empty calories of meaning like “God eternal what changes can be expected?

Halley added these extra words based on a misunderstanding of what Nostradamus is actually saying.

Leave Nostradamus as brusquely shocked as his pen intended him to be.

It’s not a “what’s going to happen now?” moment.

This is one of those rare times when Nostradamus is sharing shock or wonder or horror about what he’s seeing in the future set down in 1555. It’s like he’s gasping at the breathtaking changes the way we might do if we watched how different the world would look 464 years from now in the year 2483.

We’d put our shock and awe in an exclaiming question like “what wonders?!” or “what horrors?!”

The translating horror I’m facing, that one NEVER commits, is Halley changing the last two lines into future tense so that they match his junk phrase misunderstanding added to line two: can be expected. That’s a linguistic Bozo no-no that makes a clueless Jessica Adams’ interpretation suffer.

Next, Halley’s translation drops words out of line three completely changing the meaning of Puis par long ƒiecle ƒon maling temps retourne, to, “Following a long century, evil will return.”

The personal pronoun son (his) is missing as is temps (time). The adjective maling is translated as a generalized evil when its use here is more specific about the times of an evil malicious being returning. Once again the full potential of maling qualifying the personality of this man is overlooked by a careless translation.

Son maling temps retourne, “his malicious times return,” evokes times that return where either the same man or a similar man is treacherously clever, mischievous, sly. A return of such a man and his time stirs up all dimension of meaning behind the word malicious (maling): he is a great liar who can perhaps seduce a nation or the world to do evil.

These are the traits of an Antichrist.

It would seem this prophecy painted over by a bad translation begetting a wrong interpretation is related to Nostradamus’ Mabus/Third Antichrist verses that give his unique take on the biblical Antichrist being three people who take the world three steps towards Armageddon. Their names are hidden in anagrams. The first Antichrist is PAU, NAY, LORON (8Q1) otherwise decoded as NAPAULON ROY (Napoleon King).

The second anagram is more in the clear, to the point that many people alive during his malicious times recognized who it was. The Second Antichrist is Hiƒer. His name appears in five quatrains. The Gothic “s” hints of the missing “t” in the name of “Hitler.”

The Third Antichrist is our contemporary. The early twenty-first century is when he emerges. His code name is Mabus. I’ve been on the trail of anticipating who this figure is since 1983 and have published my findings in Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. I will soon update the 2016 second edition with a third edition covering new candidates. In short, the leads point to a Middle Eastern, Arab figure also called “the Arab Prince.”

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, MBS or M(a)B(u)S = "Mabus" the code name for Nostradamus' Third and Final Antichrist, the "Arab Prince"?

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, MBS or M(a)B(u)S = “Mabus” the code name for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist, the “Arab Prince”?

A new and formidable candidate has emerged out of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince—and soon to be King—of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman. I have already shown in the following Mabus article how the names Muhammad and bin Salman easily hide in the code name Mabus if one is aware of Nostradamus’ rules of fashioning word enigmas and anagrams. The Western press like to reduce his long name down to the acronym MBS. Even this fulfills one of Nostradamus’ word games. Restore the two missing vowels and MBS becomes M(a)B(u)S!

I translate line three of 1Q51 thus: “After a long century his malicious time returns.”

The emphasis and meaning of Nostradamus is now restored. It is more than about something vaguely alluded to as merely bad. It is a return of times that remind one of a malicious historical figure, not something but someone already known from before—a repeat of his evil in a new guise returning.

Is it a man like Napoleon returning as Hitler?

Is it a man like Hitler returning as Muhammad bin Salman?

I contend that those questions are answered by the right reading of line one of 1 Q51:

Chef d’Aries, Iupiter, & Saturne…

Head (Constellation/Sign) of Aries , Jupiter and Saturn…

It has an astrological dating in it that Adams, an astrologer no less, has completely missed.

This quatrain is one of Nostradamus’ famous astrological verses. To have any chance correctly decoding what it dates in line one, you have to have a consummate skill in Mundane or what is also called Political Astrology. You first harness a detailed study of history with a carefully developed skill in correctly identifying future trends. Then you apply these with the astrological ability to read cycles of history, the destiny of nations and the life cycles of religions, etc. You have to spend years acquiring an ability to draw composite charts between nations, or between a leader and his relationship with a nation, and so on.

To be normally astrological, to read one person’s destiny, is like being an astrological soloist. Political Astrology requires one become a conductor of a symphony orchestra as well as a composer of the piece conducted. You are also the one writing out the parts in the orchestral score.

Political Astrology to me is a Symphonic Astrology where one writes, scores, arranges and conducts a reading of the destiny of the world.

Armed with a knowledge and sixteenth-century language you take a careful and thoughtful look at the way Nostradamus gives word to his astrological prophecies in writing. Sometimes they’re nearly in the clear like line one of 1Q51 or hidden in a cleverly constructed verbal line.

Here he’s writing about a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aries:

Chef d’Aries, Iupiter, & Saturne…

Head (Constellation/Sign) of Aries , Jupiter and Saturn…

A seasoned political astrologer would take up an ephemeris of the centuries past and future and mark ALL the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the sign of Aries—especially those recorded in the last 464 years.

Do that and you will find exactly what “long century” Nostradamus is writing about and perhaps which two of the three antichrists he’s alluding to and when malicious times of the past Antichrist return with the advent window of the next one. You won’t reach for a wrong straw in the dark like Astrologer Jessica Adams and think the century is “long” because Nostradamus is somehow forgotten how to count and is dating its end nearly 20 years unto the next century, in 2019 when Notre Dame unmentioned burned unseen in this verse:

Head (Constellation/Sign) of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn
Eternal God what changes?!
After a long century his malicious time returns,
France and Italy, what turmoil (violent agitation)?!

“What we have here is Chiron indeed at ‘the head of Aries’ at just three degrees of the zodiac sign,” exults Jessica Adams.

“The sun, burning orange at sunset in Paris as Notre Dame fell, is also in Aries, in this astrological chart set for Monday 15th April 2019 at 5.50pm, Paris, France. The shock of the moment is shown by Uranus at 2 [degrees] Taurus, making an almost exact semi-sextile to Chiron. In fact, this is a line-up which could only happen once every 80 years. The Moon is at 3 Virgo, exactly quincunx Chiron.”

All true, astrologically speaking. That all happened at 5:50 pm Paris time on the 15th. But so what?

Nostradamus doesn’t mention Chiron and Uranus. He didn’t even know they existed. Chiron was in Aries but that’s off the prophet’s clearly written astrological subjects, Jupiter and Saturn. They should be in the “head of Aries” the day Notre Dame went up like a forest fire.

Are they?


Jupiter is 24 degrees Sagittarius and Saturn is 20 degrees Capricorn at 5:50 pm, 15 April 2019, Parisian time.

They’re not even in the same sign, let alone in Aries.

Misunderstanding has no boundaries when untrammeled. It soldiers on.

“Evil did return to us,” explains Adams. “The ‘long century’ is really interesting here, because this is of course the Millennium and we are now at the year 2019. Nostradamus was seeing a vision of something that was not just about the building, but the structure.”

What did she just say?

A building is a structure. She doesn’t finish the final thought of that paragraph. She leaves her meaning hanging.

Back to the “long century.” As I said earlier, I think Nostradamus knows how to count to 100. Otherwise why are all nine out of ten volumes of his book, still completely intact, containing the planned ten “Centuries” of 100 verses each?

He even explained as much in his Preface to the prophecies his 100-verses-times-ten-Centuries plan.

The riddle of the “Long century” has to have clues in this verse and Nostradamus has given them as Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in the Head of Aries. A century is lucky to have two rare events of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aries or in any other signs because the conjunction only happens once every 20 years.

Twenty-six years ago I published my discovery of two Jupiter-Saturn-in-Aries conjunctions that frame a similarly bad time returning at the end of a century. I set my findings down in 1995 and had them published by 1997 in Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (Element Books).

I hadn’t looked at the following passage in all these years until I conjured it up for this article. It is far more presciently accurate than I would wish for all of our sakes, including Jessica Adams:

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aries takes place only twice in the twentieth century: 21 December 1939 through 21 March 1940, and 14 February through 2 March 1999… The dating implies that the bad times similar to those of World War II return again at the end of this century. With the new millennium comes the new challenge of an exploding birth rate and plummeting food and water reserves, added to the uncertain ecological consequences of global warming. If 1999 does not see a dramatic global resolve to change ourselves and tackle these problems, Armageddon may yet visit us in the 2020s and 2030s.

Click on the cover and check out this most comprehensive prophetic detective story. A 36-year search by the author to track down who Mabus will be.

Click on this link and check out this most comprehensive prophetic detective story. A 36-year search by the author to track down who Mabus will be.

Do you see it? Nostradamus may have framed the time of the Second Antichrist with the emergence of the Third. Given Nostradamus’ habit of seeing the future through the eyes of future Frenchmen and women, the first Jupiter-Saturn conjunction happened just before Adolf Hitler (Hiƒer) successfully invaded France on 10 May 1940 and conquered it by 25 June 1940. The evil terror of the Third Antichrist thus emerges as a malicious echo sometime after the next, rare Jupiter-Saturn conjunction ends in March 1999!

In Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus I’ve collected many verse and prose prophecies that point to the 911 terror attacks launching what he calls a 27-year war of the Third Antichrist (8Q77) that has seen the best candidates up until now fulfill the fate of Mabus (2Q62) soon being annihilated causing the unraveling of the world of people and animals. Whether he either causes this unraveling, or the times of his return have the unraveling as a backdrop, 2Q62 might allude to the Sixth Mass Extinction caused by human overpopulation and overuse of fossil fuels that even threatens an unraveling of the human civilization as soon as the 2020s and 2030s.

So what exactly was Nostradamus getting on about calling what is apparently the twentieth century mention in the verse as a long century?

A century is 100 years. It cannot be longer or shorter than that. I feel the term is relative to how we experience time.

I am reminded of Albert Einstein’s whimsical way of answering in the simplest of unscientific terms those lay people he met who asked him to explain how his Theory of Relativity works. In short, he used to crack a joke, that goes something like this: Do you notice that when you’re with your wife for an hour the time drags on forever, but when you’re in the arms of your mistress the same hour is too short?

The twentieth century was “long” because it was a beastly 100 years filled with a long, hard slog through Russian, Nazi and Chinese revolutions, a Great Depression, the rise of fascism and more violent little and large wars than any other century experienced. Let’s not leave out two World Wars murdering 80 million and wounding 360 more, and 45-years of imminent destruction if the Cold War that followed at any moment suddenly became nuclear hot as it nearly did three times. First the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) and second, Yom Kippur War (1973). Few are aware how close we came a third time in 1983-1984. President Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech scared the Soviet Politburo into considering a first strike on the US. They initially believed Reagan, speaking before a gathering of evangelical Christian ministers well known for believing Reagan was the last US president before the Battle of Armageddon had lost his mind and was preparing the US for his planned nuclear first strike on the Soviet Union. Later on when a Korean KAL airliner strayed off course deep into Soviet airspace and was shot down as a presumed spy plane World War III came awfully close.

Many historians believe that all the events and progress taking place in the twentieth century—whether good or evil—was equal to all that history took to record in the previous 19 centuries. That would make it seem long, even to Nostradamus who apparently had to comment on the twentieth century more than any other, if would seem.

This Head of Aries/Long Century verse is about the Antichrist Hitler defining bad times of the Twentieth Century with the Second World War. I contend that his malicious time has come back in in the early twenty-first century. There’s no Notre Dame theme here. The malicious times and spirit of the Second Antichrist Hiƒer return in the guise of the Third and Final Antichrist, Mabus. Someone as bad as Hitler, perhaps it is MBS, will play catalyst and be one of the earliest casualties consumed by a worldwide conflict returning again shortly after the year 1999 finishes the long twentieth century.

Thank you Jessica Adams for being the catalyst for my Master-Class lesson on how to interpret Nostradamus. Every hit was meant with love. If next time you want to write about Nostradamus, I would  be happy to offer my help.

Now I turn briefly to the second example of mistaken interpretation of Nostradamus, Chris Ford and his article for Epic Times (18 April 2019).

Great pictures, vivid production design, ladled with an ample amount of familiar ignorance of sixteenth century French, seasoned with projections magnifying those of Jessica Adams because he is quoting her article extensively in his own, one amateur spreading the inexperienced misread of another to a wider audience.

Chris Ford wins my Nostra-rotten Tomato Award for his goof writ large.

Look at the title of his article. What do you see that’s glaringly wrong?

Notre-Dame Fire and Its Supposed Prophecy Written by 15th-Century French Astrologer.

Do you see it? If you’re dyslexic like me “and” Nostradamus, you might miss it. May you be lucky to have an editor with a normally-wired brain who can save you from rotten-tomato embarrassment.

I’d blame it on some copy editor getting the title wrong, but Mr. Ford repeats the same mistake in the text.

Nostradamus is a SIXTEENTH-century French astrologer.

I guess Chris Ford can’t count his centuries any better than Jessica Adams.


In my next article about Nostradamus and prophecies about the Notre Dame blaze, we’ll examine a REAL prediction about a flaming cathedral. I’ll show you how he hides his cathedral clues as an “Ancient Lady.”

DATELINE: 30 April 2019

Nostradamus and Notre Dame as he might have seen it on 15 August 1555 when he traveled there for a royal audence with King Henri II and Queen Catherine de Medici to explain his prophecies. Etching by I. Silvestre Wellcome.

Nostradamus and Notre Dame as he might have seen it on 15 August 1555 when he traveled there for a royal audence with King Henri II and Queen Catherine de Medici to explain his prophecies. Etching by I. Silvestre Wellcome.

Nostradamus and the Notre Dame Fire—Article Two:

Nostradamus Deeply Identified with Notre Dame Cathedral. His most Famous Burning Cathedral Prophecy will help us look for Real Clues to track down if He also foresaw the Notre Dame Fire

The Fire of Notre Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris) on Monday, 15 April 2019 has provided one of those days where one will remember what they were doing the moment they heard the news.

In my case, the moment I prompted my Twitter page. It was for anything but the image I saw: that column of flame in the initial stages bleeding a spray of fire out of the iconic heart of Paris with its Christian apocalyptic brush of flame.

Catholics will certainly remember, Protestants and the other 300 sects of Christianity maybe less. Every French man, woman and child will certainly remember what they were doing, and a few eccentric authors like myself who have clocked a lot of past lives seeing that beautiful cathedral abide through many storms and changes of human history in its long life. Indeed, the last time I was inside Notre Dame (Our Lady, the Virgin Mary’s cathedral) was in August 1991 in the company of my then French lover and still great friend Nadine Joyau (and fellow Osho disciple: Satgyan). We had returned from my pilgrimage to Nostradamus home Salon-en-Provence among other places of sightseeing. We had also taken a fast train through Auvergne for a holiday in Dordogne where we walked through and admired the Ice Age Era cave paintings of Lascaux.

Back to Paris and to Notre Dame we then went. Satgyan fought the Battle of the Bistro just near Notre Dame’s two bell-towered shadow. She chastizing in profusive French the thievery of charging me $8.00 for a tall glass of Perrier! Only “Our Lady of Paris” can echo the shock of others about what price it is today!

My moment of seeing the fire was late morning (Pacific Time) on April 15 when I first beheld a Twitter picture still of the blaze. I was searching for what I expected would be the big news in Europe that Monday: mass rallies of tens of thousands of demonstrators launching the Extinction Rebellion movement over the Channel in London aiming to peacefully shut down services throughout the downtown government district near Trafalgar Square and White Hall applying widespread non-violent civil disobedient sit ins. That story would have been my follow-up to my climate change crisis article, parts one and two, published on 30 March (see The Burp).

Instead of demonstrators I saw Notre Dame’s spire burn like it was a wooden stake without a martyr lashed to it, surrounded by hundreds of fleet of flame.

I witnessed myself crying out in a low deep moan, “Oh noooo!” as if I was beyond myself and slightly behind my left shoulder regarding “John Hogue” gaping at the computer screen. The sonorous cry seemed to come from more than just my memory in this life but memories of other lives lived around that cathedral. That last entry into Notre Dame for me in August 1991 may not have been my first time through the great doors into the vaunted interior.

I have a book planned for you all that will delve into a ten-year detective story surrounding at least one of my personally-confirmed past lives as a Frenchman who roved the streets and great church of Paris during one of Notre Dame’s and French Catholicism’s darkest times, the French Revolution. In that life I fought as a cavalry officer in the French Revolutionary wars in the Rhineland regions under one of France’s greatest military minds that wasn’t Napoleon Bonaparte but his rival, General Jean Victor Moreau.

Serving directly in Napoleon’s Grand Army came later when the French Revolution ended in the first modern Fascist dictatorship of the First French Empire when Dictator Napoleon Bonaparte restored Catholicism in 1799 and literally crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I in 1804 inside Notre Dame. I wasted that life fighting and leading men in desparate battles in his wars of conquest. I died in Russia, in 1812, as one of countless casualties in the greatest one-day slaughter of men in the nineteenth century, at Borodino, 75 miles west-southwest of Moscow. I can imagine my young widow may have prayed for me and grieved in Notre Dame at the news that I was one of 49 French generals cut down in that apocalyptic battle.

French troops assaulting the Grand (Raevsky) Redoubt during the Battle of Borodino, by Louis-François Lejeune.

French troops assaulting the Grand (Raevsky) Redoubt during the Battle of Borodino, by Louis-François Lejeune. Public Domain.

Nadine (Satgyan) wasn’t her and so far has no need to grieve my death but we did suffer more than once getting lost in Paris in 1991, the city of her birth. This happened on our long walks through central Paris. I would then take over telling her, “I know my way around Paris, I’ve lived many more past lives here than you.”

We laugh about my reincarnation joke to this day. I had phoned her immediately after I saw the twitter feed of the fire. After absorbing the blow we later laughed again about her getting lost in Paris as my guide once we both got over the shock of the sad news about Notre Dame. When tragedy hits the sooner one can laugh about life, the better for the healing


Nostradamus. Woodcut, public domain.

There’s a rumor spreading across social media that I may have first enjoyed seeing “Our Lady” towering over Paris in another hot and scorching August back in 1555. Back then the ocean of urban spraw of the Paris we know today with its metropolitan area teaming with 10 millions was a less-than-whopping 160,000 souls of a far less populated and far more climatologically stable Earth. That made any traveler’s first glimpse of Paris in August 1555 a more modest urban hovel dominated by Notre Dame, its two tours looming more stupendous and alluring than today.

Well, what I can say for a fact is that the person in incarnated question, whoever he might be today if he’s fool enough to go through another round on the wheel of life and death, loved Notre Dame. It was his family name. It translates exactly, in Old French, to the cathedral’s name and people spelled it just like the family Nostredame. Michel de Nostredame when graduated a scholar changed it to its Latinized form we all know so well: Nostradamus.

Paris at last stretched out before the weary and anxious prophet, summoned from Provence to explain his prophecy about King Henri II of France’s potential death in a jousting tournament on 15 August 1555. The date of Nostradamus’ arrival happened to coincide with the Assumption Day of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Either by intent or chance good omen, Nostradamus reached the southwestern approaches of Europe’s second-largest metropolis on the feast day of his sacred namesake Notre Dame. Following the lead of other self-fulfilling omens he lodged himself in the Inn of Saint-Michel near Notre Dame Cathedral.

His son César wrote that his father was worn out by the journey and had taken little money with him. Somewhere between the time of saying a prayer of thanksgiving at Notre Dame Cathedral for his safe arrival and dragging himself through a labyrinth of congested streets back to the inn, he had made the acquaintance of a trusting stranger, Jean Morel, who lent him two rose nobles and twelve crowns.

Early the next morning none other than Anne de Montmorencey, the Grand Constable of France, summoned the exhausted Nostradamus from his hotel room. Such was Queen Catherine de Medici’s urgent desire to see the prophet that she had summoned the Commander-in-Chief of all French forces to escort Nostradamus for a prompt royal audience outside of Paris at St. Germain-en-Laye.

Click on this link to examine what's been called the smallest and most comprehensive look at Nostradamus, the man, and his most jaw-dropping prophecies.

Click on this link to examine what’s been called the smallest and most comprehensive look at Nostradamus, the man, and his most jaw-dropping prophecies.

Nostradamus did keep his head. Unfortunately for King Henri II he did die as detailed by Nostradamus in a jousting accident four year later in 1559 launching Nostradamus’ life and “afterlife” career as the world’s most well-known and controversial prophet.

Nostradamus had visions of famous churches, which in the slang of the time any one of which was called Nostra dame “our Lady”, or La dame antique (the Ancient Lady) or La grande dame (the Great Lady) and so on. There is even one Nostradamus verse—one of his most famous and chilling—that speaks of a “Ancient Lady” succumbing to a great fire. But is that or any other reference in his 1,500-plus prose and verse predictions actually pin-pointing his namesake, Notre Dame de Paris, as the victim of of that terrible fire the whole world watched on 15 April 2019?

Let’s find out…

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DATELINE: 18 April 2019

The roof of Notre Dame as perhaps its namesake Nostradamus foresaw it 463 years ago in a vision of "the Dame in the glowing hot coals and wood embers" by night that followed the late afternoon fire that had initially erupted in great columns of fire and smoke to at times completely obscure “Our Lady of Paris” so that she "will no longer be in sight."

The roof of Notre Dame as perhaps its namesake Nostradamus foresaw it 463 years ago in a vision of “the Dame in the glowing hot coals and wood embers” by night that followed the late afternoon fire that had initially erupted in great columns of fire and smoke to at times completely obscure “Our Lady of Paris” so that she “will no longer be in sight.”

Nostradamus and the Notre Dame Fire—Article Three:

It Looks Like Nostradamus not only DID foresee this Fire, but perhaps a resulting Scandal!
That is, if I read my “Ladies” Right

The last time I looked at this prophecy in 1997, I wrote, “Very specific details drawn in the misty ink cloud of octopus poetry.”

Here it is:

5 Q65
Subit venu l’effrayeur ƒera grande,
Des principaux de l‘affaire cachés:
Et dame en braiƒe plus ne ƒera en veue,
Ce peu à peu ƒeront les grans fachés.

Suddenly arrived, the terror will be great,
The principal players hide the affair:
And the lady in the hot coals will no longer be in sight,
Thus little by little will the great ones be angered.

Now I’m not so sure. The march of events since then might shake the dust of dried octopus ink off a possibility. It all depends on who, or “what,” the lady is.

The significance of such an event in Paris, of a cathedral also much beloved by the punning prophet. How could he not have seen it? That’s what many readers ask.

How could so many writers like UK astrologer Jessica Adams, and Internet amateurs with large followings of folk who will believe anything the internet says about Nostradamus’ prophecies overlook this verse?

I’m a hard man to convince but 5 Q65 has elements in it that “could” be about the Notre Dame fire, even though unlike London’s  “Ancient Lady” standing for St. Paul’s Cathedral in the Great London Fire of 1666, the city of Paris is not named. I’ve checked in my unique computer database, my Nostradictionary as I called it, at all algorithmic possibilities, especially those programmed to follow Nostradamus’s word patterns. I looked for “Church”, for “Great Lady” for “Ancient Lady” and especially just all the many mentions of the core word—“Lady”—in my search as well as any other possibilities, all of which were French, Latin, Greek, Bretagne, Occitan or in Provencal, the languages used by the prophet from Medieval and Renaissance French to find if the French dame—the word for “Lady”—has the missing “Notre” left out on purpose as Nostradamus could do. His codes and nebulous poetry are a conscious device to protect the future from people who might read it clearly and make it worse.

So, with that said, here again is Century 5 Quatrain 65, carefully taken apart line by line, along with another non-Nostradamian prophecy from St. Malachy’s papal succession forecasts that “could” allude to the Notre Dame blaze in a novel way.

I also have transcribed from French television a fascinating interview and discussion that may suggest, early on in the investigation what, as Nostradamus says, little by little angers great ones.

Officialdom is already trying to frame this fire as an accident caused by a short circuit. Anything is possible, but the expert in medieval architecture interviewed is no amateur Internet expert. He’s a man who for the first 13 years of this century was master architect of Notre Dame Cathedral. His sincere and no-nonsense comments find the short circuit story of government investigators proffered even before any investigation had started, questionable about electrical problems being the cause.

He should know. This man oversaw the rewiring of Notre Dame during his watch to the highest modern standards…

Gain FULL ACCESS right now to all THREE ARTICLES on Notre Dame and Nostradamus with a donation of only $5.00, or a little more to sustain Hogueprophecy. Put Dame April 2019 in the PayPal memo line. I will send a PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal.

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