New Cold War getting Hot in Ukraine, Merkel-Hollande-Putin Peace Talks, John Boehner playing Secretary of State inviting Netanyahu to Speak to Congress

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GradRocketsFlyingDATELINE: 07 February 2015

The Ukraine Crisis
How did We Get there to Here?
A Broad overview on how the US Media misinforms

These are dangerous days. The unsteady armistice since autumn 2014 was broken in early January by a Ukrainian offensive started by an ovation of Grad rocket-launched barrages into the outskirts of the Separatist-held city of Donetsk. You probably didn’t see it on US media. The night barrage fell all across a neighborhood with scores of civilians killed. The Separatists, with a lot of hardware and volunteers from Russia retaliated with a shelling of Ukraine-held city of Mariupol.

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Click on the cover. Now also available in print.
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Now a full-scale battle rages as once again it is grad-missile pointedly shown to the Ukrainian regime—that president Obama himself openly admitted he helped to form—that firing up the military options will not lead to peaceful political solutions. Initiate a civil war with the Novi Russians and they will hit back, hard.

The American media makes it look like the Russians and their Ukrainian Russian allies start these things, but as my book A New Cold War explains, the aggression has been step-by-step first initiated by NATO ever since President Clinton began breaking agreements made at the end of the last cold war not to advance NATO one step eastward towards Russia. Just look at any NATO strategic assets map and you’ll see that on both Russia’s northwestern Baltic and southwestern Caucasian-Georgian already are or are trying to become NATO members building bases right on its border.

NATO's steady and planned encroachment of Russia started decades before the Ukraine Crisis.

NATO’s steady and planned encroachment of Russia started decades before the Ukraine Crisis.

The largest prize is Ukraine, with the longest border across Russia’s soft underbelly. And also, it had Crimea as part of Ukraine. So all you needed was to put in by manipulation or by force a new government of US-NATO puppets in Kiev that demand and see Ukraine get on the fast track to NATO membership and in so doing you cross a red line. President Vladimir Putin in 2007 drew that line about NATO’s encroachment on its frontiers in a speech delivered in Munich to NATO leaders. He warned that if NATO tried to convert Ukraine, rather than keep it neutral, there would be military, economic and political consequences.

Well, I can’t say it about Obama, but I can say this, President Putin draws a red line and “means it.”

You dedicatedly uninformed people by the US Media, do you want to really know why the Russians took back Crimea? For two strategic reasons: the first, Ukraine can’t join NATO if it is under a border dispute with a non-NATO member. Two: the Neo-Liberal/NeoConservative strategic goal behind converting Ukraine to NATO had always been the Crimean peninsula as the strategic prize. You see, if, one day Kiev joins NATO it might break Russia’s lease on its naval and army bases in what is a Ukrainian Peninsula in name only. For three centuries or more the Crimea has been a Russia province inadvertently incorporated into Ukraine by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in 1956. He liked to sunbathe in this most Russian of Rivieras and being Ukrainian born, foresaw no war-triggering potentials in his border shift. Of course he believed the Soviet Union would never collapse like it did, leaving a very Russian and strategic peninsula outside of Russia’s borders in another country.

In short, what NATO coveted, was to take Crimea indirectly, shoo the Russians off those bases and deny their Black Sea Fleet Russia’s one warm water port. No Russian leader, Putin or otherwise, would have stood for that.

Crimea is now Russian and will remain so.

Donbass soldiers.

Donbass soldiers.

The Russian separatist movement in the Donbass region (Donetsk and Lugansk provinces) IS NOT a mess Moscow wanted or sought. The new Ukrainian, pro-NATO (and pro-fascist) regime that took down the last government in a violent putsch pursued its ethnic hatred of Eastern Russian Ukrainians as a policy of “Ukranianization” with massacres of Russian Ukrainians.

These threats from fascists come to power in Kiev pushes deep national buttons in any Russian man or woman living in Ukraine or in the Russian Federation. They had a holocaust too, you know, delivered by fascists in the past, encroaching on their borders, the great-grandfathers of today’s NATO soldiers, invading through the Ukraine. The Jews lost six million in their Holocaust, the Russians and other Soviet peoples lost 27 million in theirs.

Can you Americans, who got off relatively easy with around 400,000 dead and one-million wounded in the Second World War, conceive what a horrendous loss 27 million dead, plus 14 million wounded, is?

The Battle of Moscow, winter 1941-42. The greatest battle in history. 7.5 million engaged, 2.5 million casualties.

The Battle of Moscow, winter 1941-42. The greatest battle in history. 7.5 million engaged, 2.5 million casualties.

It’s not just Jews who freak out when fascism raises its ugly head. Naturally, when openly threatened, the Eastern Ukrainian Russians rallied, and prepared to defend themselves, declaring their breakaway state of Novi Russia, because Kiev didn’t want them as part of their brave new Ukraine. Kiev “did” want the heavily taxed Donbass coal mining and heavy industry because the Donbass Russians were the most productive people in Ukraine, without which Kiev’s derelict economy would collapse. Though the Donbass folk first petitioned Kiev about staying in the Ukrainian Union with greater autonomy, to choose whom they wished to trade with, the thousands killed and the cities and towns terror shelled for nearly year by Ukrainian regular army and fascist-militia forces has just about made unity impossible now.

DonbassCivilianBombingsRussia did not seek it, but partition of Novi Russia can only be the next step.

One of my Facebook readers, Bruce, stated the obvious question today, “Come on u guys!! NATO didn’t send troops into Ukraine, Russia did.”

It’s obvious because it’s the kind of predictable conclusion only someone in America listening to the mainstream media can really make, because so much of the sequence of what is happening in Ukraine is specially and mindfully “left out” with the intention of propagating a false narrative.

So, for you enlightenment, I will resume my broad overview I started above about how the Ukrainian crisis got to this new Cold War crisis point and how the US media has let you down. For more details, please refer to the links to earlier and more comprehensive articles at HogueProphecy. Here we go…


Hi Bruce. I understand your point, but it is a little more complicated than that and the US media is not reporting how the events of 2015 are the culmination of broken agreements by the US with Russia at the end of the cold war and a redefinition of NATO as an aggressive force encroaching on Russia frontiers. The putsch that overthrew the legally elected government of Ukraine in February 2014 was led by factions in the Maidan revolution that are neo-Nazi and US dignitaries were caught on the phone plotting and picking who would lead the new regime. (Click on Victoria Nuland and/or John McCain)

If these guys had six key cabinet posts in "your" government, wouldn't you form militias to defend yourself from  Svoboda "national guards"?

If these guys had six key cabinet posts in “your” government, wouldn’t you form militias to defend yourself from Svoboda “national guards”?

Their Washington-approved new regime stuffed the cabinet with neo-Nazi SvobodaParty members and it was clearly the agenda of this puppet putsch to take Ukraine on the fast-track to NATO membership, a thing Russia had said it would not allow as far back as 2007. (Click on Neo-Nazi cabinet makeup of the Kiev regime that triggered such a call to militias in the Russian-speaking Ukrainian east.)

"Right Sector" Banner.

“Right Sector” Banner.

Putin drew his red line, the US crossed it by establishing it’s promoted government in Kiev. This regime’s first order of business was not reconciliation with millions of Russian speaking Ukrainians. They declared Russian language was now no longer one of two official languages of Ukraine. You will not hear in the US media about the preparation to “Ukrainianize” the Russian Ukrainians. Right Sector neo-Nazi militias began massacring Russian civilians in Odessa, Mariupol and Lugansk regions.

The referendum held by Eastern Ukrainians in April 2014, petitioning for more autonomy was answered with a Ukrainian army attack, launched exactly one day after Vice President Biden came to “advise” the new prime minister in late April 2014. (Click on the nepotism of Joe Biden.)

Ukrainian soldier with American accent hiding face to reporter in Mariupol.

Ukrainian soldier with American accent hiding face to reporter in Mariupol.

NATO advisors are beginning to appear in the Ukrainian ranks. YouTube footage shows Ukrainian soldiers with very British and American accents wishing to hide their faces from cameras in Mariupol patrolling the streets after the January shelling. Long before that, Academi (AKA Blackwater western mercenaries numbering nearly 1,000 were working in tandem with Right Sector and Svoboda militias in some of those massacres. Dmitri Yarosh, head of Right Sector very publicly stated that his neo-Nazi militias were there to ethnically cleanse Ukraine of “Muscovites”, the N-word for ethnic Ukrainian Russians. Is it any wonder that the men of the Donbass formed militias to defend themselves? So, yes, eventually, after fighting pretty much on their own the Novi Russian separatists are now getting help from Russian troops on leave and a whole lot of heavy weapons, artillery and tanks are being “lended” to them from Russia.

Yarosh, head of Right Sector, orchestrated the violent overthrow of the elected Yanukovych government in Feb. 2014.

Yarosh, head of Right Sector, orchestrated the violent overthrow of the elected Yanukovych government in Feb. 2014.

You won’t be told this by the US media that Putin has initiated ALL attempts to negotiate a peaceful solution. Yet he’s met with a military response, and being the black belt in Judo, he answers military force with a well-timed counter-blow to strategically make it clear that the military route will never succeed.

Poroshenko with Secretary of State Kerry.

Poroshenko with Secretary of State Kerry.

You probably don’t know this but the current phase of heavy fighting began in January with the Ukrainian president backing out of the Minsk agreement and launching a winter offensive. What our media likes to focus on now is the Novi-Russian and Russian response to that foul-up of a Ukrainian offensive. You have to also understand that Ukrainian President Poroshenko, as I have forewarned in my many articles on this matter (see Poroshenko), is notorious in Ukrainian politics as a corrupt oligarch known to agree with all sides. It’s not surprising that one day he’ll say Yes to Putin for peace, then go home and say, “Yes! Let’s go to war!” to Yarosh and Right Sector, his patrons. He is a two-faced, political whore in the worst sense.


The above is only a quick overview of what’s going on in the Ukraine situation. To get a better blow-by-blow account I suggest you read my HogueProphecy articles that are archived at my website or read the following book about where all of this could be going next, click on Nostradamus.

DonbassTankwCrossedFlagDATELINE: 07 February 2015

The New Negotiated Agreement
Resolving the Ukrainian Crisis
Doesn’t “Minsk” Words

Now Amazon's Number One bestseller in Prophecy. Click on the cover and see what all the buzz is about.

Now Amazon’s Number One bestseller in Prophecy. Click on the cover and see what all the buzz is about.

The last several years of world politics has been under the malefic spell of a series of Pluto-Uranus Squares since 2010. In layman’s terms these promote leaderless revolutions (Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring) butting heads with an unrelentingly stubborn and uncompromising Establishment. Gridlock in US Congress, a technocratic dictatorship in Brussels ignoring the pain of regular Europeans on the streets as they dogmatically pursue Austerity programs that save banks and hurt regular people. That the Supreme Court in the USA could judge in favor of Citizen’s United and thus grant corporations more powers than people through making their mountains of money equal to Free Speech, is just what a Pluto (Establishment) negatively squared the people (leaderless rebellions on the streets of the world) would create.

The last of these squares will be in our skies until early May 2015. In the meantime the schisms it creates bear interesting new avenues that I would expect the corporate media in the West, especially in the politically illiterate networks of America, would overlook. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande met this Thursday with Ukrainian President Poroshenko in a three-way discussion of peace talks. US Secretary John Kerry was in Kiev at the same time, but mysteriously, he did not participate in these talks.

MerkelandPutinInstead he used Thursday to stand before the world press with Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk for a round of bellowing Russia bashing, horse-facing around, for which he’s become famously turgid. In short, America’s top diplomat as is often the case bull-horns and rattles war’s saber, spilling invectives about Russian troops and units crossing the borders into Eastern Ukraine but never, consistently never, does he show us the hard evidence from US intelligence sources which must be onto any move, seen from space like Russian bears muzzling out honey. The only “evidence” given in the press conference is a squinting Yatsenyuk, pulling off his glasses and offering them to the press so they can see the Russians for themselves.

Yatsenyuk with Kerry.

Yatsenyuk with Kerry.

Poroshenko seems to be on a different course from his Prime Minister, and the US is rattling sabers and sent Kerry to negotiate an arms deal whilst Merkel and Hollande fly to Moscow after meeting with the Ukrainian president on an errant of peace.

Do I see a schism here?

Kerry didn’t come along, and British Prime Minister David Cameron, Washington’s number one ally in Europe, stayed in London, dutifully keeping out of any peaceful negotiations the whole time.

British deference to America aside and predictably accepted, the rest of Europe may be, at last, fomenting a little rebellion against the sanctioning dictats of Washington that started up this new cold war. It has been equally hard hitting to the European economy as it has to Russia. It’s easy for the US, though. They do little trade with Moscow but upwards of half of the EU’s trade is—was, until the sanctions—with Russia.

Friday night (6 February 2015), Merkel and Hollande met privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to haggle out a new agreement on ending hostilities in Ukraine and apparently they’re finding a political solution “without” US involvement. Much of the agreement sounds like a rehash of what Putin has been trying to negotiate more than once in the Minsk talks. These meetings seem to repeat themselves every time Poroshenko gets pushed by his right-wing benefactors to launch another failing offensive against the Russian separatists, such as in autumn 2014 and again in January 2015 with the current and quite powerful retaliatory response trapping nearly 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers in a shrinking pocket.


This agreement at the time of this writing is a work in progress. Today (Saturday) Hollande called for “quite strong” autonomy for Ukraine’s eastern regions while speaking on France 2 TV. He also stated his believe that the Russian Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lugansk need “rather strong” autonomy from Kiev.

“These people have gone to war,” Hollande explained. “It will be difficult to make them share a common life [with Kiev].”

Mother and child, killed in Donetsk by Ukrainian terror shelling, summer 2014.

Mother and child, killed in Donetsk by Ukrainian terror shelling, summer 2014.

It’s interesting that Hollande is revealing so much and Merkel is not. Is there a schism within a schism here? Hollande is hopeful of success, whereas Merkel publicly expresses doubts this current agreement will hold.

Yet as to autonomy working, I would predict that the terror shelling of Eastern Ukrainian cities, that pushed over a million people into refugee camps in Russia, that killed more than 5,000 people and wounded 10,000, mostly civilians, ever initiated by Ukrainian army offensives have killed future unity. Indeed, before the Maidan Revolution gained momentum on 29 November 2013, three months before the Kiev putsch, and five months before the civil war began, I predicted the following as the either/or fate of Ukraine:


2014, like 1914, sets in motion the breakup of long-held political frontiers. The Ukraine faces such a moment. Either civil war or a civil breaking up of the Ukrainian union along the Dnieper River is in its future. The Ukraine must split into northwestern and southwestern halves, the former dominated by native Ukrainians with more ties to the West and the EU; the latter, including the Crimea Peninsula, has a Russian majority seeking deeper ties with “Czar” Vladimir Putin’s co-prosperity sphere. Watch also the “Near Abroad”, the term used in Russian foreign policy for independent nations that are former, break away Soviet provinces. Some of these breakaway provinces will seriously consider reunion with the Russian Federation. Belarus is next, no later than in 2018.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 5:
Reading for Regions and Nations
(Subsection: The Great Ukrainian Divide, Toasted by a White Russian)

There’s no going back. It’s just a question of how long autonomy will build a bridge to complete breakaway independence of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Mitterrand (left), Hollande, who is also "left" but we see him here (right).

Hollande, cartoon portrait.

Francois Hollande went onto reveal more details about the joint document under negotiation between Berlin, Moscow, Paris and Kiev. RT (Russia Today) reports him saying it will feature a 50- to 70-kilometer demilitarized zone on each side of the current line dividing militia-held and Kiev-controlled territories.

My work in prophecy has already anticipated this DMZ concept as a reprise of the barbed-wired borders between East and West Germany during the last cold war. It would appear that we are well on the way to an echo of the past in an East and West Ukraine with Russian and NATO troops once again facing each other eyeball to eyeball across a demilitarized zone, North Korean style.

Netanyahu and his cartoon bomb, harranging for war before the United Nations General Assembly.

Netanyahu and his cartoon bomb, harranging for war before the United Nations General Assembly.

DATELINE: 07 February 2015

Speaker of the House John Boehner
Now Plays Secretary of State
Inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu
To Speak Before Congress

This is definitely not a good sign for what’s coming in the next two years of battles between the Republican controlled US Congress and the Executive Branch controlled by Obama and the Democrats. Never in US history has a Speaker of the House invited a head of state to the US to speak before Congress without first informing the President and asking permission. This act is beyond the US constitutional powers of the Speaker to make. It is a serious, historic affront to proper diplomatic protocols. The Speaker of the House cannot apply to himself whenever he wants, powers entrusted to the president and the executive branch. We have constitutionally arranged a three-tiered government system that includes the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court. Each has certain constitutional powers to trilaterally check and balance the others. For this system to work, each branch of government must stay within its own limits of power.

BoehnerFrowningBoehner’s invitation is a new low in an ever-degenerating Republic of the United States. Back when I recorded the following for Predictions 2015, my forthcoming epic on things to come in the next 30 years because of actions committed in this new year, I wrote:

Now to the future as I record it from 17 November 2014. Pluto in “establishment Status Quo” Capricorn tugs tenaciously its end of the rope while Uranus the Revolutionary all hot headless in Aries bites a bleeding lip and tugs back in stiff-lined stasis. When the 114th Congress convenes in early January 2015, the square will only be a degree apart from perfect hell through February, going exact in March and will not be through with its deadlocking ways until AT LAST the square relinquishes its hold on us for good in early May 2015.

February 2015 begins with Jupiter opposed the Sun so beware of politicians being overconfident. They’ll make even grander-than-usual promises they can’t keep. Look out for the first very arrogant and self-righteous ideological rants… There may be some other planetary help to soften the deadlock, but I doubt it. Diplomacy of the peace-making spirit might have the energy to initiate new enterprises on 22 February when Venus conjoins with Mars; however, this conjunction exudes sexual magnetism on high in an individual’s chart. Perhaps the Charles Dudley Warner phrase, “politics makes strange bedfellows,” might apply to a few randy Senators and House of Reps snuggling under the covers of public “snarkiness.” Will someone “please” hit the gavel and restore order?

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter One:
The Stars War, the Empire Strikes Out
(Subsection: The Pluto-Uranus Square—Last Call)

NetanyahuEyes Netanyahu will go ahead and make perhaps his last plea before a joint session of Congress on 11 February, to save his campaign to get America to do the heavy listing and heavy bleeding in a war against Iran. This adds insult to the US-Constitution’s injury. Not only is a head of state invited without asking the Executive Branch but that head of state is lobbying US Congress to bend to the will of Israeli foreign policy. I predict this circus won’t play well back in Israel and Netanyahu could be soon voted out of the Prime Minister’s seat after the 17 March election.

This by far could be the most important election in the history of Israel. For Predictions 2015-2016 recorded sometime in mid-December 2014 my Oracle defined the election and it future ramifications in the following:

That election will be a referendum on Israel’s future course, staying with democracy or descending into Apartheid and fascism…

Predictions for 2015-2016, Chapter Eleven:
An Ice-SIS Cold Armageddon in the Middle East,
(Subsection: The National Socialiing of Israel)

Read the many interesting astrological twists and turns possible when Israel goes to the polls on 17 March, and much more about this pivotal year by clicking on Prophecy.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.


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  1. Paul
    Posted 7 February 2015 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    John, I’ve following and writing about the situation in the Ukraine region as well. I would have to say your summation of the situation is right on. Russia appears to be fully justified in their actions thus far. There is much here that we in the West, especially the US, are not being told by the corporate media. Obama failed in his efforts to drum up an invasion in Iran and Syria. However, they appear to be a little more care in how they dribbling out their propaganda here.

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