Putin withdraws Russian Troops, The Donetsk Referendum, Mariupol Victory Day Massacre, the Odessa Massacre, a planned Ukrainian Civil War to start a New Cold War, Svoboda, Right Sector and US NeoConservative Fascism Uncensored and on the march and lastly, Is Obama Nostradamus’ Antichrist named Mabus?

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People lining up to vote in Donetsk 11 May 2014.

People lining up to vote in Donetsk 11 May 2014.

DATELINE: 11 May 2014

Putin withdraws Russian Army
From Border of Ukraine
Eastern Ukrainians go ahead with Referendum

On 7 May, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin announced he would withdraw Russian armed forces back from its long border with Ukraine as a gesture to lower tensions with the Kiev government. He also suggested to ethnic Russian majorities in Eastern Ukraine that they postponed their referendum vote on the question of greater autonomy of Ukrainian states within the Ukraine. He called on all parties to engage in an, “Open, honest and equal dialogue” as the only possible option.

E-UkraineVotingBallotBoxesThe US press is suspicious that this is some ruse as their reports echo communiqué’s printed by the US State Department. The US press seems derelict in their civic and democratic duties, laid out in the US Constitution to be a “free press”: free to ever question and be skeptically inquire into “anything” the government does or propagates as fact.

The press narrative continues to be written by neoconservative voices like Victoria Nuland, Secretary of State John Kerry and other State Department public relations agents. You are being told that a minority of rabble-rousers in Eastern Ukraine worked up by Russian Federation agents are pushing the majority towards separation from Ukraine. You’re also told out of Kerry’s horse-faced mouth that sympathetic Russian-biased news agencies like Ruptly and RT (Russia Today) are propagating lies about the Ukrainian interim government having fascist leanings, and actions.

E-UkraineReferendum-votinglinesIf you don’t watch these stations and see for yourself—if you don’t search for these reports on YouTube, Facebook, where you can see a whole lot of raw footage about what’s happening in Eastern Ukraine leading up to this referendum, you’ll just be drinking Mr. Kerry’s Kook-Aid propaganda. Is it enough to be skeptical of what you are told since corporations have their plants in the Supreme Court who are dismantling your freedom of speech with a wrecking ball and handing that power over to corporations becoming by warped law “citizens” and money becoming now “free speech” since October 2010?

Is it enough to be suspicious of “anything” CNN, FOX, MSNBC or the US networks report when over the last decade they’ve all been monopolized and truth compromised by multi-national corporations that censure anything questioning their agendas and world view?

Even the New York Times—that has had to retract a number of erroneous reports about Russian involvement in Eastern Ukraine, stuffed deep in back pages—report about the Russian Army withdrawal with a photo catching Putin in a meeting looking up pensively. I saw the actual video this frame was snatched from. The New York Times must have worked a while to find the right frame to make him look weak for their propagandizing pleasure.

Important questions for all of you to consider when—if—you actually make a skeptical inquiry and look at the footage I’ve mentioned. If Putin is playing games, moving troops back and orchestrating a militant Russian separatist movement in Donetsk, Slavyansk, Mariupol and Lugansk, you’d think those referendums wouldn’t go forward today, wouldn’t you? He’s called them to postpone, right?

You wouldn’t see thousands of people in lines stretching around the streets of these towns and cities standing for hours waiting to vote, even under artillery and mortar fire, if they were brainwashed Putin-bots, would you?

Prime Minister Yastenyuk flashing that Nazi salute at a Svoboda ralley.

Prime Minister Yastenyuk flashing that Nazi salute at a Svoboda rally.

I’ve been watching developments in the eastern Ukraine even before the Maidan revolution overthrew the elected government of Ukraine on 22 February. I’ve observed eastern Ukrainians on television and in mass rallies express their concerns that this new “interim government” is peppered with fascist and neo-Nazi cabinet members. They saw what your media wouldn’t let you see, the Nazi-saluting Prime Minister Yastenyuk. That would be a sour picture disturbing the State Department narrative that the violent takeover the the Maidan regime, prompted by violent actions of Right Sector skinheads, are somehow a fair and balanced set of people, not zealous nationalist threatening ethnic Russians and Jews to “Ukrainianize” or else.

I’ve actually “listened” to what message the people in Eastern Ukraine generally want this referendum to send. Today they have stepped into dangerous streets with a reported 70 percent and 80 percent voter turnout in most eastern cities, like Donetsk, Mariupol and Lugansk. Towns like Slavyansk, however are below 70 percent turnout because the Ukrainian army is shelling it. People are afraid to be massacred by a mortar round while they cue up to speak their mind. Yet they still come out to be counted.

This referendum is a statement from Ukrainian citizens who happen to be mostly ethnic Russians, that the want to remain in Ukraine but with more autonomy from the Federal Government. They desire more of a say in how their taxes are spent. The eastern areas are the industrial heartland of Ukraine. Did you know that Kiev taxes these states much higher than all the rest? Did you know that for every four billion dollars worth of taxes are to Kiev, only one billion is returned to the eastern states in aid and services?

They want what early Americans wanted, “taxation with representation”. They don’t want to leave Ukraine and become part of Russia, though you’d never believe that if the US corporately owned press is your only source of State Dept. Kerry-fied information.

If one actually watches President Putin’s comments unfiltered, he has never supported annexation of eastern Ukraine into Russia. Obviously events on the ground there prove that he doesn’t hold Ukrainian Russians on a leash. Except for the Kharkov region, all the other eastern Ukrainian states went ahead with their referendum. They do this despite the US State Department categorically decrying it is illegitimate as they continue to bless the Maidan regime’s ongoing crackdown there. (Did it not resume the day after Joe Biden, the Vice President of the US visited Yastenyuk and shook that hand that flashing the Nazi salute in the picture seen here?

Even at this moment as I write this, people cuing up to cast their ballot are being gunned down in cold blood. In other cases the crowds thronging to express themselves peacefully by ballot come in contact with paramilitaries in Gestapo black uniforms and hoods that storm-troop into balloting stations, blocking any further voting with a pointed barrel of  Kalashnikov assault rifles.

I received the following comment from Chris a few days ago on Facebook, and wish to share my reply:

It looks like Putin has backed down.

The Western media bubble would say that he backed down. I would say he never intended to invade. The neocons “wanted” him to invade. He had to show the world that he could invade, but like the good practitioner of the martial art of Aikido that Putin is, this move away from the border leaves the fascists in Kiev and their US-NATO handlers no enemy to swing at, no Russian bear to bait and trap.

When you swing at nothing, your own violence sends you sprawling. And who is there to pick you up and dust you off? Your fascist proxies in Kiev will be unable to sustain a united Ukraine that’s broken, and now you own it, neo-Nazi government and all.

Putin the master of Aikido will now wait and let time unravel the mess Ukraine will become. The most positive result of all this will be another bailout of Obama like Putin did last year when NATO nearly got itself bogged down in a war in Syria over a chemical weapons attack that Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker had exposed as a false flag. Now that the Russian “Bear” is not going to take the neocon bait, Obama will need the Bear to find a political and diplomatic solution for Ukraine. Once again I’m sure Obama will take credit, saying his geopolitical blunders are some kind of device to get a negotiated solution.

After thinking about it a little, I agree with you. It’s a good a chess move. It’s like walking away when someone is taunting you, but if the ethnically Russian part of the Ukraine is being slaughtered (as in the recent fire) then won’t the violence just get worse now that they (Ukrainian “govt”) know Russia won’t roll across the border and destroy their cold war era armor?

A part of me actually wanted to see the Russian’s intervene, but I know that would have made things much, much worse, but as I said, what now for the people there?

It’s the right move, and a very hard move that only a “real” leader can make. Putin may be the closest thing to a modern Czar, but he’s going to be remembered as one of the greater Czars of Russia. He sees the trap being set. Though people in Eastern Ukraine will be massacred, a true leader must make hard choices, see the bigger picture. Putin must protect “his” people, in Russia, from this very ugly trap set by Western leaders, especially the US leader, who has fallen under the fever spell of neoconservative fascism.

With no Russia taking the bait, the US leaders will have to explain the monstrous doings of their “new friends” of the Kiev junta going on in Eastern Ukraine. The atrocities will forever sever the east from the west in feelings of bad blood over spilled blood, chiefly spilled by neo-Nazi elements in the Kiev government that the US can’t control.

Moreover, consider the chess master’s calculation. If no Russia invasion comes, the business community in Germany and elsewhere in the EU—who do not support the sanctions, who are set to lose from sanctions hundreds of billions of euros a year—will force their politicians to back off from US pressure to sanction Russia back into a Cold War.

Perhaps we’ll see the Syrian scenario of last year play again as US war mongers loose support from allies and even other NATO members for Russian sanctions like they backed away from a US push to pummel Syria with air strikes back in September last year?

Putin will save Obama’s reputation like before, by sending Lavrov with the same errant of peace he sent to Kiev before the Maidan putsch—before it was ignored and that putsch overthrew the elected government in Kiev. Putin will promote the only thing that can be promoted: a UN-monitored election where the people of Ukraine can decide whether they wish to stay in a federalist union with provinces holding far more local autonomy, or the people agree to divide the country into an East and West Ukraine.

E-Ukraine-BloodOnPavementDATELINE: 11 May 2014

The Mariupol Victory Day Massacre

Each year on The 9th of May, “Victory Day” is celebrated across the Russian Federation and across many independent states, including Ukraine, that once were part of the Soviet Union. It marks the Soviet victory against the Nazi Regime of Adolf Hitler, which had attacked the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941 in the greatest “Pearl Harbor”-like surprise attack in history. Upwards of four million German and Axis-allied forces with 4,300 tanks, 600,000 vehicles, 8,000 artillery, 4,389 dive-bombers and NaziAbouttoShootRussianWomanattack planes, stormed across 1,800 miles of Soviet frontier in the biggest invasion in history. If ever there was a theater of war that closest resembled biblical Armageddon in our past, this was it. The Soviets in the first months suffered the greatest land battle defeats in military history. Even the men and material lost or captured in German defeats coming later in the Second World War couldn’t rival the initial losses suffered by the Red Army, caught off guard by Hitler’s surprise attack of an ally. He sprung the trap on a huge but backward army handicapped by having its brains, its officer corps, decimated by the Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin in his 1937 purges.


Despite unheard of losses, the Soviet people endured, fighting the Germans to a standstill just miles before Moscow, aided by their natural toughness and Nature’s ally, the Russian winter. They eventually took back German occupied lands and destroyed the fascist forces in the ruins of Hitler’s capital, the Battle of Berlin. Fourteen million Soviet citizens were injured. Twenty-seven million were killed! Yet, on 9th May 1945, the day after the official date the Western Allies celebrate VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) a great military parade was held in Red Square before the Kremlin in Moscow. Ranks of soldiers carried many hundreds of divisional and regimental banners of the German Wehrmacht and the SS forces—symbols of steel helmeted legions of Nazi-saluting invaders—who so brutalized their people were thrown at the foot of the tomb of Lenin, to become war trophies of what Russian people call to this day the Great Patriotic War.


Every 9th of May the celebration is held all across former Soviet lands. Even this 9th of May, thousands of Ukrainian citizens in the eastern provinces braved threats of violence from Ukrainian nationalists to walk down city streets like those braving people’s parades along the tree-lined streets of Mariupol.


One would think the US might have counseled Prime Minister Yastenyuk to hold back his army assault, at least for that day, because so many families and children might be in the parades. No chance.

As you will see videos below, chronicle the atrocities that happened in Mariupol on 9 May where parades of unarmed men, women and children were shot at by Ukrainian troops. You will see people killed before your eyes in cold blood.

We aren’t Mickey Mousing with you at Hogueprophecy.

Disney Corp. doesn’t run our news outlet on Internet. You’ll see uncut, unarmed men standing in the street being gunned down by Ukrainian soldiers, one by one.

But don’t believe me. Watch these videos of the massacre:

Mariupol Shootings
Voters in line for Referendum
Ukrainian soldiers firing on unarmed people
Victory Parade shooting
Unarmed demonstrators shot down on camera in cold blood
RT reporting on the previous shooting of unarmed civilians

I want to share another Facebook conversation concerning May 9 Celebrations. It concerns this photo of the Soviet troops dragging and about to throw the Nazi regimental banners with their Swastikas into a heap before the tomb of Lenin. I hope this passage will be illuminating concerning the “Occult” crimes of Adolf Hitler and why we owe the former Soviet people our thanks on 9 May.

It is so sad to see a very ancient and sacred symbol tainted and abused by people with no real understanding of its meaning. I suspect if anyone can ever revive its public use it will be the Hopi or the Hindus (it is a sacred symbol for them too) but as for Germanic Heathens/Pagans I think it is best to use alternative versions of the symbol for at least the next generation or two (and they exist) though as more fascist groups figure this out and start using them, soon those may be lost for our use as well, at least in public. But, you can’t control other people, only make the wisest choices possible for yourself.

Blame Hitler for misusing the “good luck” symbol of so many ancient cultures. It is one of his many unknown crimes against humanity the history books overlook. But understand that what you see in this picture from the first May 9th parade in Red Square in 1945 are a presentation of the dishonored flags of Nazi regiments responsible for an attempt to kill off the Soviet peoples because they were deemed subhumans for eradication by Hitler. Those flags flew over regiments and divisions of the Waffen SS and regular German Wehrmacht divisions that unilaterally invaded a people in a surprise attack and in 3 years murdered 27 million of them. That the Soviet people could survive such a “Pearl Harbor” hammer blow attack of German and Axis forces and recover then push the invader back into his heartland layer and destroy him in just three apocalyptic years is a miracle of human guts and heroism.

The Battle of Moscow.

The Battle of Moscow.

Celebrate their May 9th “Victory” because without them, we all would have lost our war with Hitler. These people endured the fiercest and greatest battles of the Second World War. For instance, the greatest battle in history was fought before Moscow in the autumn and winter of 1941. Seven million men on both sides were engaged. The death toll alone was double the entire number of men fighting in the Western Front battlefields of 1944 in France! Before that battle, the Russians had lost 250,000 killed and 650,000 captured at Kiev in August 1941 and another 250,000 killed and 630,000 captured in the Vyazma-Bialistok German panzer encirclements of October 1941 that initially launched the Battle of Moscow. (Most of those Soviet captured eventually starved to death.) Yet the Soviets manage to recover and push the Germans back, before Moscow, before Leningrad, before Stalingrad, and at the great battle of thousands of tanks and the hornet’s swarm of air fleets at Kursk.


The Nazi siege of Leningrad was broken after 900 days. One million citizens died–that’s one out of three people! Mostly from starvation. It’s possible another million undocumented refugees also died.

Compared to the Eastern Front, we of the West were a peripheral part of the Second World War. Your Western historians won’t say this, but it is true. The Eastern Front was the titanic epicenter of WWII. Add to the Soviet losses those suffered by Germany and its Axis allies and you have a little over HALF of all 60 million people killed in World War II expiring on the Eastern Front. It was upon that Armageddon on the steppes of Russia that our future was decided. Remember those men lowering the flags of their enemy (our enemies) into the cobblestones of Red Square. Thank them for saving your future.

Living on this side of the water (the Atlantic), I am well aware of this background, but many people are not. By taking on these symbols and celebrating an SS division only a few days before the serious fighting broke out; the “right wing” in Kiev pretty much screamed “bring it on” and it has happened.

And yes, I do blame Hitler, but his copy-cats are now using (in places like Greece) alternative forms of the symbol that I used to be able to include in knitting charts or weaving. Now, not so much though this Ukrainian one leaves nothing to the modern imagination.

Hi Melodi, the Kiev Putsch is trying to bring back the days of Stephan Bandera who was a kindred spirit with the Nazis when it came to his racist brand of nationalism bent to purge and massacre any Ukrainian, who was a Jew, Pole or communist Ukrainian or ethnic Russian. They use these variant Swastika symbols in the same wrong and criminal way as did Hitler. I would just contend that these people today using the symbols are more than copycats, they are a return of Nazism. They use the symbols because they would have been Nazi collaborators had they been alive in Hitler’s day. Who knows, maybe they’re reincarnated Nazis. I’ve been warning people for a quarter century about the clear and future danger of a return of fascism in the 2020s. Here it is.

Hitler had actually predicted it for our times. I am working years now on a special book that will explain this.

Ukrainian2TorchesBurningDATELINE: 04 May 2014

The Odessa Massacre
And a News Video
You Won’t See
On Western Media

Dear Americans, watching your boob tubes broadcasting an electronic CNN/FOX “Iron Curtain” network filtering news about this developing Cold War in television snow jobs. What would you think of your government in Washington DC if it had ordered its police to stand down and allow a militia of hooligans and American Nazi Party Skinheads to be transported by the thousands to start a riot in a neighboring city, after a mass torch lit, Hitlerian, rally in the capital? What would you say if the government sent those neo-Nazis to charge through and destroy a tent city set up by, let’s say, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York? On the other hand, let’s say Washington had blessed their bus ride up to Boston where they could beat to death men and women at a Tea Party rally, before burning down their camp and stage with Molotov cocktails (cloth wicks dipped into bottles filled with gasoline)?

Ukrainian ultra-nationalist throwing Molotov cocktail into Odessa's Trade Union building where dozens were trapped by mobs and burnt to death.

Ukrainian ultra-nationalist throwing Molotov cocktail into Odessa’s Trade Union building where dozens were trapped by mobs and burnt to death.

How would you feel if unarmed and peacefully assembling Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, once flushed out of their gathering place or camp by fire and armed mobs of neo-Nazi’s yelling Sieg Heil! sought the safety of a nearby stone and cement Union Hall, hoping that the city police would at last do something to restore peace and order—but they had “other” orders from Washington? They let neo-Nazis surround your building and begin to throw Molotov cocktails through the windows setting the building on fire.

What would think about a government’s response to those perhaps sharing your sympathies for either the Tea Party or the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators encouraged those neo-Nazi mobs trap people with your political views inside that building so the smoke would suffocate and the fires would burn them to death?

Right Sector storm troopers setting fire to trade union building.

Right Sector storm troopers setting fire to trade union building.

Oh, not all of them. Some managed to fight their way out, running through a gauntlet of thugs beating them to an inch of their life only to be arrested and dragged away by those same idle police. A dozen unfortunates couldn’t get down the stairs and chose to jump out flaming windows to fall hard on the stone street below. What would you think of a government in Washington that let police, fire and EMT units just look on as the few Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street demonstrators who survived their flaming jump out of windows, lay there crippled and helpless and the only people who answered their cries and outstretched hands replied with knives, clubs and Neo-Nazis slogans finishing them off?


This is what happened on Saturday, 3 May 2014 in the city of Odessa, Ukraine, to what had been for months, a throng of peaceful demonstrators camped in the square petitioning that a referendum be held to decide on a new Ukrainian government giving the union of Ukrainian western and ethnically Russian eastern provinces more autonomy within Ukraine’s borders. They were not “Russian separatists” or “Russian militants” as the US media, aping the US State Department memos identify them. The way the US media initially reported the massacre one would think the fire just broke out, the people who survived their jump just were finished off somehow, we don’t know who killed the Russian militants or why they entered a building that was set on fire by someone and just managed to get in the way of somebody’s pistol shot or baseball bat swing like a harp seal baby on the pavement.


Your American media reads their copy from State Department communiqués, unchecked, blindly about this and about your US diplomats and a US Senator, even, gone gladly to shake the hand of people called anything by your press but what they truly are. No, they aren’t “duly elected”, freedom-loving leaders of the US backed Ukrainian regime. There was no “election” of these thugs, unless you call a Molotov cocktail a “vote” or a bullet from a sniper a “ballot”. Democ-hypocrisy by torch thrown into a government building by a mob ignoring agreements to have a national election to sort differences was what brought this interim government into power with its many neo-Nazi and ultranationalist.

"Right Sector" Banner.

“Right Sector” Banner. Note the Celtic Cross bandanas, a widely recognized unity symbol of white supremacists worldwide.

The US-backed street-thug cabal in Kiev on Friday night had no qualms letting a mass rally of thousands of Nazi-saluting Right Sector and Svoboda militia units carrying torches reminiscent of Nazi Party rallies in Hitler’s Germany march up and down the boulevards chanting Ukraiyenyia Slava! (Glory to Ukraine! otherwise known as their Sieg Heil! chant). After the rally they loaded buses on their way to join the other Right Sector units already gathering or busing down from Kiev to Odessa, itching for a massacre of demonstrators camped in this usually mellow and picturesque city of mostly ethnic Russians.

Prime Minister Yastenyuk flashing that Nazi salute at a Svoboda ralley.

Prime Minister Yastenyuk flashing that Nazi salute at a Svoboda ralley.

Now then, my point to you Americans is this. If you were sympathetic to demonstrations of the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street but didn’t take an active part, yet you saw your government allow neo-Nazis free reign to kill, burn and massacre anyone out there in your streets sharing your views, wouldn’t you think you could be next? If fascists were sitting in cabinet posts holding immense power, overseeing your FBI, your police forces, your justice department’s “new” interpretation of your laws that now take an extreme view against your free speech, your rights, would you not be frightened enough and made mad enough to organize, arm yourselves—seek assistance from a neighboring country even—because your government has decided you are scum to be cleansed from the land?

Now, I want to show you a video from alternative media sources that will show you the events of the last several days illuminated with a grim and neo-Fascist torchlight your US President and US Secretary of State and the echo chamber US media does not want you to see:



A Note about this footage. Be aware that its editor has spiced it up with a black sounding background music one hears when watching documentaries about Hitler’s Nazi rallies. The film editor to persuade you to make that connection presents it like that. You may agree or disagree with that musical association, but I wanted to forewarn you about this embellishment. Play it without sound and it looks ominous enough.

In addition, some of the subtitles stretch the translation for effect. You’ll see English subtitles saying “Sieg Heil!” when the Ukrainian Fascists are yelling what should be translated as “Glory to Ukraine!” Still, their intent is similar to the Nazi chant “Hail Victory!” (Sieg Heil) in this footage.


Torchlit rally in Kiev prior to the Odessa Massacre, Bandera’s picture leads the way.

Warning: You’re going to see the massacre uncensored along with some earlier atrocities committed during the Maidan Revolution. You will witness it as it is. You will see that huge and quite ominous Ukrainian fascist rally in Kiev, held on the eve of the massacre in Odessa. You’ll see the neo-Nazis holding up banners of Stephan Bandera and other leaders of the Ukrainian fascists parties that worked with the German SS units to kill Russians and Jews by the tens of thousands in Western Ukraine during the German invasion and occupation of the Soviet Union. They also murdered tens of thousands of Poles. Look for the emblematic Viking in pamphlets displayed at the end of the video. They honor the memory of many Ukrainian Nazi collaborators who fought alongside the Gestapo secret police and SS divisions against the Soviets.

OlehSpeechHandupYou’ll see Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of Svoboda, whom I’ve depicted in past articles as a virulent anti-Semite and ethnic Russian hater. This is the human “thing” that your Senator John McCain avidly sang the praises about. You’ll see all the photos of that in the video. You’ll see the militiamen in black from Right Sector that the police let run freely, terrorizing Russian populations, that your media and your government choose not to mention.

SvobodaPosterThis militia belonging to Svoboda and Right Sector Parties was also called upon by the Geneva Agreement supported by EU and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and US Secretary of State Kerry to lay down their arms and disassemble, with amnesty for all participants and all prisoners on both sides released. The new Prime Minister Yastenyuk in Kiev ordered Svoboda and Right Sector to keep armed and THAT, you American Boob-potato-Tubers, is what led to all those native Ukrainian Russians holding onto their weapons and keeping barricaded government buildings in Mariupol, Slavyansk, Donetsk and other cities in the eastern provinces. Your government and press pretend otherwise. All you need to do is look at these Right Sector people in this footage to see why the Russians really are under violent threat and need to defend themselves.

Svoboda's Nazi-style rune symbol.

Svoboda’s Nazi-style rune symbol.

All of the symbols you’ll see, and historical figures hailed in the rallies, in this video are daily broadcast to the Russian Ukrainians. Daily the Ukrainian TV and radio brands them all as terrorists and militants. A real threat of subjection and murder is meant by it. Is it any wonder the call for autonomy, secession, and even calls for Russia’s armed forces to intervene in the Russian half of Ukraine is spreading?

Peer with sharper gaze beyond your mainstream media propaganda at those alternative media sources of raw, unedited footage proving there’s much more than a Vladimir-Putin fomented separatist agitation going on in the eastern Ukraine. The movement is widespread, popular, and mostly generated by the Ukrainian Russians on their own, finding themselves pitted against a government that has no good will or intent for their future in that country. Moreover, they see “you” Americans backing “your” government backing their oppressors. It’s simple to prove their assumption is onto something. The first government military and militia crackdown happened the day after CIA chief Brennan visited the Ukrainian Prime Minister Yastenyuk. The most recent and bloodiest crackdown began the day after US Vice President Joe Biden, bidden by Obama, visited same Yastenyuk.


You Americans cry democracy and the right of people to vote but they see you “doing” and aiding Fascism in their lands.

Ignorance makes you culpable to these crimes. Open your eyes. Become your own investigative reporter because journalism is all but dead in your own land. Because of this, you will soon reap your own dark era of fascism, soon, unless you wake up.

SvobodaManChainDATELINE: 02 May 2014

Hogue Prediction for 2014
About Ukraine:
The West is giving Birth
To the Darkest of two Alternative Futures

At least 40 people have died in the last 24 hours, as Ukraine begins its descent into ethnic and sectarian civil war that may soon make it the new “Syria” of Europe, devouring itself with the death of hundreds of thousands. Ukrainian army and right wing militias ring the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk. Attempts to raid the demonstrators by air saw reports of two to four attack helicopters shot down. There’s fighting in the streets of Ukraine’s southern port of Odessa, which happens to have a sizable ethnic Russian population in the mostly Western Ukrainian region.

Odessa has been mostly quiet during the last several months of revolution and counter-revolution. No longer is that the case. It is the consequence of the skinhead fascists of Right Sector announcing this week that they were marshaling and heavily arming their militias, busing them from their strongholds in the western provinces and Kiev to beat and shoot down any pro-Russian referendum demonstrators in Odessa. Flames consumed the union trade center where 38 people were burned to death or jumped to their deaths. Those that survived the fall were set upon by Right Sector mobs and murdered.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

In Predictions for 2014, my oracle back at the beginning of the first demonstrations in Maidan Square, Kiev, in November 2013 made this prediction about two choices the Ukrainian people had in the new year of 2014:

2014, like 1914, sets in motion the breakup of long-held political frontiers. The Ukraine faces such a moment. Either civil war or a civil breaking up of the Ukrainian union along the Dnieper River is in its future. The Ukraine must split into northwestern and southwestern halves, the former dominated by native Ukrainians with more ties to the West and the EU; the latter, including the Crimea Peninsula, has a Russian majority seeking deeper ties with “Czar” Vladimir Putin’s co-prosperity sphere. (Predictions for 2014, Chapter 5:
Readings for Regions and Nations
 (Subsection: The Great Ukrainian Divide, Toasted by a White Russian)

Click on the cover to read more about this new eBook.

Click on the cover to read more about this new eBook.

Today (2 May 2014), two of the three sides involved in this stupidity have pressed for civil war. Side One consists of Obama-Kerry Neocons in Washington, DC. Side Two are their allies, unelected technocrats in the EU and NATO. Side Three is the Ukrainian interim government that violently overthrew the legally elected Yanukovych government in February by fascist Putsch rampaging out of flaming streets. Now that government, as I detailed in my Article posted on 28 April 2014 (click on NATO), stands in power, thanks to US and NATO interests casting a blind eye to the ultra-nationalist and racist policies against Russians and Jews that dominate the new cabinet.


You’ll notice that I specifically did not include the ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the above. That’s because they belong to a national movement demonstrating by their thousands across Eastern Ukraine for a national referendum wherein they can have a say about making their provinces more autonomous from Kiev but still exist within Ukrainian sovereignty as a first choice. The second choice is complete independence from Kiev. The first is actually the more preferred choice of a majority of ethnic Russians, but Ukrainian army tanks and right-wing militias, beginning today, are committing atrocities that can only make choice number two the only choice left.


You will rarely hear or see the right perspective about that popular movement shown to you by the US propaganda-cum-press. What you’ll hear, even today, is President Obama in his press conference with German leader, Angela Merkel, call the Kiev Junta the “duly elected” government…


First off, Mr. President, the Ukrainian people didn’t elect them. This gang violently seized power from the streets. Moreover, your delegations from Washington of US political leaders like McCain and Ambassador Nuland who encouraged the violent overthrow.

You’ll also see Obama with a straight face call the national movement across Eastern Ukraine—rivaling in popularity the western Ukrainian movement he’s sided with, for neoconservative reasons—a “Russian insurgency” fomented by Russian spies, as if the people living there don’t see what threats are spewed by the new junta in Kiev threatening their rights and their lives.

I have watched this empty suit called the US President dutifully read his prompter with a straight face blaming the other side of this Ukrainian crisis for doing EVERYTHING his side did to send spies, foment separatists and establish the Kiev junta that Washington and Brussels backs. You can read how this is factually so by clicking on these four Hogueprophecy article streams: Maidan Square, Ukrainian Civil War, Neocon Conspiracy and all the Skull and Bones in Kerry’s closet promoting the Ukraine crisis.

This is the evil of blindness wielding immense power while making decisions upon false premises in 2014 just like leaders did 100 years ago. That started the First World War in 1914!

Your future is now threatened by a Third World War your idiotic leaders can’t see coming even as their every myopic act makes it more and more so!

You have to make them see.

It is time to understand a deeper evil that even good men succumb to through stupidity. Obama remains one of the four most likely candidates that find their names hidden in Nostradamus’ code name for his Third and Final Antichrist. This “Mabus” figure may be the one hardest to recognize because on the surface he is a good man with a dark unconsciousness driving his hand on the wheel of power towards global disaster.

Check out the overview and table of contents of A NEW COLD WAR: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce (the Expanded Blood Moon Prophecy Edition). Click on Advance Order to see the overview page and reserve your copy now.


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DATELINE: 02 May 2014

Is President Obama
The New Front Runner
For Nostradamus’ Antichrist?

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The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist. Click on the picture and read more.

After Nostradamus’ prophecies about Climate Change, his visions of not one but THREE Antichrists in his future—the third candidate alive in our present—are the most important topic discussed by Nostradamians and fans around the world. This eBook explores all the ins and outs of understanding the codes and prophecies hiding the name and actions of this Third Antichrist. It also aims to redefine what is truly evil, how this evil is in all people and how you are best empowered to recognize it inside yourself and break free of it. Also, it examines how the most likely personification of the Antichrist does not mean he will be a new Saddam Hussein, or, Osama bin Laden. This book proposed that perhaps the most dangerous “evil” hides behind a nice man or woman as leader that we all find has an engaging personality. Beware the sleepwalker-sweet talker with a power of oratory—someone who seduces us that he is a change we can believe in, with his calls, like, “yes he can” be all we want to believe that new politician audaciously hopes he can be. Find out more who this man, code named Mabus, may be.

Mattias Stormberger (c. 1754-c.1820)

Mattias Stormberger (c. 1754-c.1820)

DATELINE: 02 May 2014

Ukraine and the New Cold War
Foreseen becoming World War Three
By Mattias Stormberger “The German Nostradamus”

Click on this cover below. See the expanded “Stormberger” edition of this book. Know his vision. Know that the Ukraine crisis might make it a reality you must prevent for the sake of your future existence and the existence of our human race. It was what I talked about for two hours on 26 March on Coast to Coast AM. I rarely write with an alarming tone about tomorrow—only when future history’s alarm is about to ring and I see you being caught unprepared!

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Click on the cover.

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Curiously, I was just listening to John McCain on Seth Meyers say emphatically that there would be no war over Ukraine.

HOGUE: McCain is a senile warmonger who, after his friend John Kerry, is a key catalyst in this unfolding madness. It serves his ever more enfeebled brain to make emphatic statements that suit what he wants to believe. History is full of foolish miscalculations like these. Take for instance the Japanese high command during the Midway Island Campaign. Their entire strategy for seizing the Midway Islands with an air and sea invasion in June 1942 depended on emphatically assuming there would be no US carrier fleet alerted to their presence and waiting to ambush their four fleet carriers from a position in the Pacific northeast of their Midway attack. Why? Because they assumed no western barbarian could decode their secret communication codes in Japanese.

US naval officer Joe Rochefort and the rest of his non-Japanese team had broken their code a month before the attack. The US fleet was waiting exactly where the Japanese emphatically believed they wouldn’t be and therefore didn’t have any contingency plan. And the rest is history, the Battle of Midway turned the tide of the Pacific theater of World War II towards the Americans and the long and painful defeat of the Japanese Empire ensued.

Such is emphatic stupidity, Mr. McCain.

The US and NATO are forcing Russia’s hand for a military incursion if the massacres and violence increase. Believe it, they will invade if the violence intensifies. What’s worse is the Western leaders and media will make the Russians react to their actions in ways that fit their illusions that Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine. The US leader sends his CIA chief and his Vice President to Kiev and both lead the day after to military crackdowns, encouraging the Western Ukrainians unleash their militias and commit violence. They let it happen to bait the Russian bear.

A passive-aggressive US president plays passive aggressive with the Russians indirectly, allusively. The US leadership and his neocon handlers hope Putin will be forced by political pressure from Ukrainian atrocities and from Russian pressure at home to save ethnic Russians from harm. The passive aggressive Obama can then do as he does now, float over his own responsibility for this crisis and just point a finger at the Russians coming across the border.

This is the Stupid existing among Western leaders 100 years ago in 1914. The same “formula of fool” that started the First World War!

I honestly think a threshold has been crossed today with all the violence there, and I am not so sure that they will stop and reflect. Steven Harper says that we are sending military to Poland on top of the CF-18’s he announced were going a couple of days ago. Since he has by-passed Parliament in making those decisions and acted outside our protocols, I rather think minds are already made up. I understand the UN Security Council was meeting on Friday, yet there has been no media reports on this.

HOGUE: Russia Today (RT) had a full report of the emergency meeting. The Western media where out to lunch on that one. What was said at the meeting was ominous. The world is very close to a military confrontation between two nations that stockpile 90 percent of all the nuclear weapons on the planet. Obviously McCain, Kerry and Obama “emphatically” presume that no atomic weapons will be launched as they rapidly bring this crisis forward to a NATO-Russian clash.

I also read somewhere that Putin had said that the attacks on pro-Russians meant that peace was not on the cards.

HOGUE: How can peace have a chance when the Western leaders are so dedicated to trash every errant of peace with violence, as they did on 22 February when they let the fascists overthrow the elected government? That act freaked out the Eastern Ukrainians because threats against them from that new government are apparently real. That’s why the people of the east started to occupy government buildings and gather in their thousands in the streets to protest the Maidan Putsch and the Russian-hating fascists who led it.

I don’t feel good about this. I have felt for sometime that the Muslim scare over the Olympics was done to keep people from the rest of the world out of Crimea and to detract from what was really planned.

HOGUE: The Olympics were a great success for Russia. Yet I watched the US news make a cold war style mockery of it. That’s why this move on Ukraine seems planned. The neocons have been looking to restart the cold war ever since the last one ended in the early 1990s. They tried a Cold “War on Terror” with Bush. That failed. Now they want a New Cold War with Obama. It’s a neocon ploy, Obama is drinking the neocon Kook-Aid and everyone involved is running this narrative with “wishful thinking” as if they were the Japanese high command going to Midway on a hope that wishful thinking is a good strategy!

I place all of this at the feet of the American government and their minions.

HOGUE: Every country lives long enough to replace its “white hat” wearing illusions with a black-hatted reality.


You should see if C2C will let you on for an hour, I think we need an update from you. I have a bad feeling about what’s happening in Ukraine.

Yes, the massacre in Odessa, if repeated elsewhere will pressure the Russians to invade. That’s the trap the neocons are setting. They are creating the violence, the terror in the eastern Ukraine encouraging the Interim Government using fascist terror militias. At a certain point the people there will be turning to Russia for help. Russia will then invade to restore order. Then NATO will invade western Ukraine and there you have it, the new East and West Germany of a new Cold War. Hopefully that’s as far as it goes; however, the quality of the leadership in the West is so substandard right now, a full-scale confrontation between US, NATO and Russian forces is a real likelihood, maybe even before this month is out.


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