Minsk Agreement will be derailed, Right Sector will restart the Ukrainian Civil War, Inhofe’s Fake Russian Army Photos and suffering US Winter Blizzards while Global Warming heats up the Arctic

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DATELINE: 14 February 2015

Confront the Real Face of Fascism in Ukraine

Here’s the face that will launch a full-scale Civil War in Ukraine in the spring of 2015. He is Dmitri Yarosh, the leader of Right Sector, the most “ultra” of ultranationalist, neo-fascist parties lurking in the shadows of the Kiev regime that President Obama has openly admitted had sent his state department agents, such as neoconservative maven (“F*ck the EU”) Victoria Nuland, to influence choosing its current leaders such as Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. We know this because her conversations with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt where wire tapped and broadcast all across the Internet and YouTube, including her notorious potty-mouthed remark about the European Union.

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Yarosh and Right Sector are the dark neo-Nazi heart of the Kiev regime that the US has supported. What you’ll not be told by US corporate media sources is the pivotal “king-overthrowing” role they have played and could play again.

In A New Cold War I wrote about what actually brought the current regime into power at the violent climax of the Maidan Square Revolution in downtown Kiev in February 2014:


The standoff between Maidan demonstrators crouched behind flaming barricades constructed of cast-off tires pitted against the ranks of shield and club wielding riot police, dragged on through a frozen autumn into a frigid winter. By February [2014], tensions came to a head. Ukraine was a national and economic basket case, ready to implode. No longer was it able to pay for Russian natural gas imports and the EU became worried its own imports might be siphoned off the Russian pipeline that transits Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s government had actively negotiated with EU counterparts for a shared aid program worth $16 billion euros from each side to keep Ukraine going through the winter of Maidan discontent. On 21 February, Russian diplomats and EU mediators, along with Maidan leaders and President Yanukovych, signed a political deal pledging to restore the Ukrainian constitution drafted during the Orange Revolution. Reforms would be completed by September 2014 with early presidential elections held no later than December 2014. It was agreed to allow the Council of Europe to stand with the opposition and investigate accusations of government corruption. The Yanukovych administration would veto the state of emergency, grant amnesty for all protestors arrested since 17 February only as long as protesters would vacate all public buildings, give up their weapons, and dismantle barricades on the Maidan Square.

Dmytro [Dmitri] Yarosh, skin-headed leader of the ultra-nationalist “Right Sector” Party responsible for most of the violent clashes with riot police in the Maidan, rejected the agreement out of hand. On 22 February, Yarosh gathered support from other right wing elements in the mob of protesters and threatened to violently unseat Yanukovych from power. Skinheads set on fire the houses of pro-Russian parliamentarians and leaders. Right Sector thugs broke into Ukrainian Army depots and armed themselves. The police abandoned their posts guarding the Presidential Palace.

Snipers positioned on the roof of a burned out government building being used as a Right Sector’s headquarters began shooting down demonstrators “and” police alike. So said Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet in a phone conversation picked up by IBTimes with EU High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. Paet cited surgeons working on the dozens of wounded as his sources. He later denied the opposition was involved. Daily Beast published video and photos implicating the Russian trained Ukrainian Security Services. Russia Today televised videos of Right Sector members, armed with sniper rifles, firing from the roofs. Hennaidiy Moskal, former deputy head of Ukraine’s main security the SBU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported in the Ukrainian newspaper Dzerkalo Tizhnya that “snipers received orders to shoot not only protesters, but also police forces. This was all done in order to exacerbate the conflict, in order to justify the police operation to clear Maidan.”

If he’s right, Yanukovych’s bungled false flag incident backfired. He and other leaders of his government then escaped the country and death threats by fleeing to Russia. The opposition took up power and to this day the Interim Ukrainian government, has not begun any official investigation into the shootings that may have claimed 70 to 100 policemen and demonstrators that were shot down by snipers. One must ask, if it was Yanukovych’s snipers, why not prove it? It could only legitimize their coup.

A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce
Chapter 3: The Great NeoCON of a Second Cold War


A provisional government under ultra-nationalist Prime Minister Yatsenyuk (the US State Department’s choice) took their places in the Ukrainian Parliament. There was no “election” as President Obama often kept saying in press conferences. The legal government and the peace deal were taken out with a sniper’s bullet and torch lit parades of Right Sector militia throwing those torches into the houses of the legal government’s leaders.

Elections did follow thereafter with President Poroshenko joining Yatsenyuk with a super-parliament majority. The US-embarrassment of half the provisional cabinet being members of neo-Fascist organizations like Svoboda were discretely crowded out of the government when Poroshenko came to power, yet Right Sector won seats in Parliament, and it is important that people in the West know that Dmitri Yarosh and his party were key financiers of Poroshenko’s rise to power. He owes them. He owes them a war with the ethnic Russians they want to purge out of Ukraine, to purify the races.

Just as Right Sector had been the violent catalyst of the Putsch, Yarosh’s militia forces went on a rampage in Eastern Ukraine at the onset of the civil war (April 2014). There were massacres in Odessa. Unarmed Russian Ukrainians retreated to an office building that Right Sector militia surrounded and set on fire. YouTube raw footage shows men and women jumping from flaming windows several floors from the ground. Those surviving the fall are being clubbed to death.

Further massacres were reported in Mariupol, Slaviansk and near Donetsk and Lugansk. Yarosh was commanding his troops at the front and openly declared his zeal to liquidate the Muscovites from Ukraine—meaning, anyone who is an ethnic Russian citizen of Ukraine. These generally populate the areas in the east that, understandably, armed and braced themselves for the right wing militia attacks of Right Sector and Svoboda who were the spear point of the Ukrainian Army during the first phase of the civil war (April-September 2014). The “Donbass” separatist forces, with the aid of Russian volunteers and much Russian Federation hardware “volunteered” to defend fellow Russians under attack and terror shelling of their cities, beat the Ukrainian Army and its fascist militias in the late summer of 2014.

This forced Poroshenko to come to peace talks with Vladimir Putin hosted by President Alexander Lukashenko of  Belarus in the capital of Minsk.

The tentative ceasefire held into winter. Prisoners were exchanged but the sides honored no other points, and another 1,000 people were killed by more sporadic terror shelling mostly from Kiev’s artillery. (There’s thousands of hours of raw footage online to expose how Kiev daily shelled hospitals, crowded bus stops, bread lines in Donetsk and Lugansk, with the direct purpose of killing civilians, often with banned ordinance such as phosphorous and cluster bombs.)

Yarosh and Right Sector had had enough with this ceasefire and Poroshenko relaunched his offensive in January 2015. It was severely repulsed. Off he went once again to Minsk. And here we are, with me writing this piece just before the Mink II ceasefire is to begin at Midnight (Moscow Time), getting its first test.

Minsk II would be the third attempt by Putin to bring an end to the fighting with a diplomatic solution. Minsk I and recently with the help of the German and French leaders supporting Putin’s ideas in Minsk II, basically follow Putin’s original peace plan that he and his Foreign Minister Lavrov tried to get Secretary of State John Kerry and the Kiev government to accept before hostilities escalated in April 2014 into a full-scale civil war. The Russian peace plan has both sides honor a ceasefire and withdraw their heavy armor and artillery from the front. There’s Amnesty for all combatants. A prisoner exchange and a political dialogue would ensue with the goal of reforming and federalizing the Ukrainian government. This would allow its different provinces to chose more autonomy if they liked. In this case the Donbass states would stay in Ukraine (as their leaders have consistently wished to do) but have the freedom to decide whether they shift their economies and politics eastward to Russia rather than westward to the EU. The agreement respects the fact that Ukraine is really two nations, one half more western-centric, the other, Russian-centric. There’s no rational reason why this can’t be peacefully sustained.

Except for Minsk II’s additional idea of a 40-to-60 mile demilitarized zone overseen by the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), the plan is virtually Putin’s peace plan.

The Minsk agreement forged this week by the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany could end the civil war with a peaceful, political settlement. Dmitri Yarosh will have none of it.

He declared on his Facebook page, Friday, that his paramilitary forces and militias WILL NOT stop fighting when the ceasefire is enacted Sunday.

It’s not an idle threat. The Western media won’t tell you this but Right Sector’s put a bullet through peaceful agreements, broken ceasefires and threatened violent overthrow and death for any Ukrainian past or Ukrainian “present” president who sues for peace with Russians.

Poroshenko is president because Right Sector and Yarosh bankrolled and politically endorsed him. Yarosh has overthrown presidents before and his armed, Nazi-saluting thugs can do it again.

I am therefore afraid my interpretation of predictions of Nostradamus, Stormberger and other “world war prophets” has not been overturned by hopeful moves towards a peaceful solution. It might take a few months of incidents to completely break the ceasefire down yet by the spring the Ukrainian Civil War will now become far more violent. In addition, this terrible new cold war that Washington and Brussels has set in motion will lurch ever closer in the year 2015 to a nuclear crisis not seen since the 1962 Cuban-Missile Crisis. That’s why its so important that people read what the prophets say about what could be coming next and how we can still take humanity off this catastrophic course. Click on Nostradamus.

I so want this peace agreement to succeed but it can’t unless the real rot in Ukrainian politics is exposed—the rot that the US President and State Department sustains in power in your name, American citizens.

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Click on the cover. Now also available in print.
Click on the cover to find out more.

America, you are backing an ultra-nationalist and even fascist regime in Kiev. It’s a fact I’ve been warming you all about for a few years now, and I’ve received a lot of very angry responses and calumny for telling you this hard truth. I go on anyway because I love Ukraine. Inside this body of many ethnic interactions, I also number among my genetic ancestors the people of Ukraine.

For Ukraine to have a chance at rebuilding itself and restoring its economy, Right Sector and Svoboda must disband or be crushed because these bullies are holding a gun to the head of all Ukrainians be they western and eastern citizens.

There are not a lot of positives to glean from this gathering tragedy except one. Any reasonable human being with an open and rational mind can now see that Putin’s peace plan has been endorsed. Therefore there is no reason why the Russian President would commit some incident that would resume hostilities in Eastern Ukraine after winning the peace deal he wanted.

If Ukraine descends into a new round of civil war, it will be because neo-Nazi militias of Svoboda and especially Right Sector keep fighting after the ceasefire starts this Sunday. Once again, this champion of fear and hate crimes will wipe his goose-stepping boot off on the thrown and scattered pages of a peaceful resolution and the Nobel Peace Prize-winning president of the United States will look on and do as he always does with fascism—nothing—except tacitly tolerate it to advance his own agendas.

DATELINE: 14 February 2015

Fake Evidence of Russian Army in Ukraine

US Senator Inhofe (R-OK) is not “Okay.” He’s furious. The photos received from a Ukrainian delegation of low-level first year parliamentarians, some academics and an officer from the Donbass Volunteers (read—neo-Fascist militias fighting in Eastern Ukraine). The officer’s name is “Semen Semenchenko” and he ejaculated with certitude that he was handing Inhofe the “smoking” T-72 tank barrel evidence, pictures proving that the Russians were invading Eastern Ukraine in force. There they were, a traffic jam of war hardware, whole armored divisions of tanks and armored personnel carriers are rollin’ down the roads of Donbass to aid the separatists and kill Ukrainians in “cold blood.”

Cold… That’s an important word.

Inhofe has issues with objective science and weather. He is the chairman of the Senate Environment Committee that will work diligently to stifle any bills reaching the Senate floor aimed at reducing global warming CO2 emissions. Science doesn’t agree with Inhofe’s very subjective faith-based belief systems. He believes with all the qualified ignorance that that word hides that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by scientists.

So I say again, Cold… Mr. Inhofe, what’s cold in these photos of Russian armor? It’s February in Russia and the Ukraine, the COLDEST time of the brutal Russian winter, usually. Why are these soldiers on tanks in summer uniforms, driving down sunny roads with summer foliage all luscious and green in “cold” February, hmmm? That should have caught your attention, senator.

I guess Inhofe’s rational mind was switched off by blind zeal to find means—any means—to pass legislation that could arm Ukrainians to the teeth, widen the civil war, and deepen new US-Russian cold war tensions. Inhofe is an influential political player in crusading for climate change denial on the one hand and perpetuating a cold war that only exists in neoconservative and neo-liberal think tanking to new lows of reason in Washington. He wants to deny funds to science so he can fund conflicts in the world that the prophecies I’ve collected suggest will very soon escalate bringing the world to the brink of a thermonuclear war.

In this way Inhofe is a far scarier man than our last subject, Dmitri Yarosh, because the senator has the power to hasten the first and create the second most dangerous potential future threatening the further existence of the human race. Inhofe can cut off government support to lower fossil fuel emissions, avoid planetary global warming, “and” work to trump up some false flag evidence to finance the second greatest danger, a new cold war with Russia that could have its first Cuban Missile Crisis in Ukraine by 2017, so says Nostradamus. (Read more about why it could happen as early as 2017 by clicking on Ukraine.)

Anyway, I’m happy to report that the Ukrainian delegation made Inhofe look like the very dangerous fool that he is when the pictures were posted and in hours were vigorously debunked as shots taken back in 2008 when Russian war hardware rolled down the roads of South Ossetia in the Georgian Five-Day War in sunny August 2008.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

DATELINE: 14 February 2015

US Northeastern States buried under Snow,
Yet there’s not enough Snow in Alaska to start the Iditarod Dog Sled Race

While many of you in New England are buried under six feet of snow with another foot on the way this weekend, we living in the Pacific Northwest have hardly any snow on our mountains except the white islands of snow atop our handful of volcanoes. I’ve based my operations here since 1986. I’ve never seen so little snow as the aggregate result of having a winter that wasn’t. I look out my window and the little scrub trees are blooming flowers and its 14 February. It’s in the 50s (Fahrenheit) when it should be ten degrees cooler. The sun’s shining when this ought to be the gray days of Seattle’s winter monsoon.

The situation is even more dramatically winter-less farther north in Alaska where the starting point of the famous Iditarod dog-sled race had to be moved from Willow, north of Anchorage at latitude 61, all the way up to Fairbanks sitting at latitude 65. Apparently there isn’t any snow these days unless you line up your dogs and slays in a town only five degrees of latitude south of the Arctic Circle!

Yes, all of you in the eastern two thirds of the lower 48 states can ask, where is global warming as you often do and I will explain again and again that your great car-burying snow drifts, your relentless blizzards and Nor’easter hurricane-like storms are an attribute of global warming’s onset changing the planet, the only world where you live.

Have you not over the last two decades heard me say on Coast to Coast AM, Dreamland with Whitley Strieber and other shows to prepare for record-breaking snowfalls caused by global warming?

Have you not read me more than once in these photonic and electronic pages explain that a hotter atmosphere is a wetter atmosphere. Moisture is the fuel of storms. The more the atmosphere can contain, the stronger the storms become, summer, fall, spring or winter. The more the tropics send humid air up the jetstream to the temperate zones, the more Arctic blasts descend southward on the winds of a melting polar ice cap, when they collide over you from the plain states to the northeastern Atlantic states, you will be buried under record-breaking snowfall.

Have I not told you to “enjoy” the snow while it lasts? By next decade you’ll be asking me where the snow went, because the polar ice cap in the summer season will have melted completely away by then. The Arctic shivers you feel in Boston are replaced in polar regions by the fever shivers of record breaking high temperatures right now.

USA TODAY reported the reason why husky doggies are running on rock and gravel if they would risk starting the race on 7 March in Willow. “Over the past 50 years, wintertime temperatures across Alaska increased by an average of more than 6.3 degrees, due to man-made climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency reports. Overall, Alaska’s temperatures are rising twice as fast as those in the lower 48 states.”

Most of you who write me derogatory letters about global warming hale from the little blue-purple island of average below normal temperatures in this NOAA Land and Ocean Temperature Departure map from Average Jan-Dec 2014:

Your blizzards are mere little islands of blue-purple in a sea of pink-to-red heating temperatures around the world. Open your eyes to take in this bigger picture and you can then join those of us who work towards being part of the solution rather than a ranting and misinformed part of the problem.


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