Hogue’s Big Fat Greek Prediction Fulfilled, the Prophecy of Gaddafi, Nostradamus, Those of Babel, and an ISIS Refugee Bomb infiltrating the EU through Italy

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DATELINE: 22 February 2015

Hogue’s Greek Predictions Fulfilled

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

A few quick articles for this weekend, as I am in the final few-weeks rush to produce what is now a 120,000 word epic book on the events of this new year and how they will influence the next 30 years of future history. 2015 is “the year of last chances” to end inertia and procrastination when dealing with either reforming or replacing systemically flawed systems and fossilized thinking before an unraveling of the civilization ensues. We can soften that blow now, in this year if we take the first step, which is half way to the solution of our problems. It’s like jumping into cool water for a swim. One can tarry on the edge and spend a lot of energy prepping oneself psychologically and physically for the initial shock of the plunge. Once you jump in, you acclimate, the water is soon fine, and you begin swimming forward. That’s where we are today and that’s what Predictions 2015-2016 will be about.

The Greek people after hovering for four years in EU bailout purgatory took a jump at the end of last month. They had a snap election, threw out the Euro-austeritycrats running Athens and replaced them with the first of what I predict will be a domino effect of left leaning, anti-austerity parties taking over governments. First it was Syriza in Greece. Next will be a coalition of leftist parties in Spain in their forthcoming election in 2015. That’s why the Germans who basically run the banks and print the euros as a kind of Deutschmark with the “Deutsch” struck off, have slammed their fist down on any renegotiation.

ACHTUNG! Stillgestanden!!

Zuh payment of zah Greek debt ville not be eeezzzed! You vant some money to actually shtay “in country” to hilf za people get outah deep economic depression? Forget it! DAS IST VERBOTEN!

The German banksters don’t care that austerity doesn’t work, as I long ago predicted they wouldn’t. It is Wahnsinn! (Madness.) You don’t destroy the middle classes, invoke crushing debt payments that literally suck the money out of a country, then think a people suffering 25 percent unemployment with the youth workforce at 50 percent, can make the living that pays the taxes that pays off the debt. Duhhh…

But then, these are the souls programmed to identify with being “Germans,” and, as every national collective identity has its flaws, the German nationalistic flaw is to look very efficient and rational on the surface, but deep down go all blonde-bobtailed Nazi in the 1930s and take on the whole world in a war. Hitler’s logic was objective enough when he told his generals in 1938 that they had to move forward their plans of conquest from 1943 to 1939.

Yes, Germany wasn’t ready to fight a world war but their enemies were far less ready, so let’s hit them with lightning fast attacks. Of course you have to keep this war short and fast otherwise Hitler’s other logical alternative, which he so clearly prophesied, would happen. On 22 August 1939, in a secret conference with his generals at his alpine retreat at Berchtesgaden Hitler warned that they must prosecute a short and fierce war or everyone sitting in his living room including himself and Germany at large would be annihilated.

Now, these Bundesbankers who said “no” to any of Greece’s articulate and rational offers, are no Hitler, but they are playing a Hitlerian “all or nothing” game. This is the line their logic descends. Rather than a quick war, they deliver a quick rebuff of a little EU member, Greece, as a strategy to put fear in the other struggling countries, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal for instance, not to try what itty-bitty Greece tries. Cut the Greeks out of the EU and euro monetary unions is far easier to weather, they reason. Let the Greek people be sacrificed and sent to economic Hades. I think the bankers hope in their darkest of unconscious hearts that Greece will completely collapse and Syriza will be replaced by some hellish neo-Nazi regime and that that will scare the crap out of anyone else trying to bug out. Let that be a lesson to the others not to even think of renegotiation of their totally-Tectonically harsh, hobnailed goose-stepping austerity bailout.

The 25 January election put Syriza into power by a clear landslide as I predicted (click on Syriza). I also predicted they’d get an extension on their loan pushing this final decision or default of Greece closer to the 20 July, the complete default drop deadline. They’ll get a four-month extension on their loan until the end of June. Good astrology at that time might make for a positive solution and a more equitable payoff of debt that leaves enough money for the Greeks to really recover. However, I predict the Germans will not budge and like Hitler, they’ll assume all their plans can work if one factor they have not foreseen or prepared for doesn’t happen. With Hitler, it was waging a long war. With the little Hitlers of German banking, it is assuming that Greece leaving the EU and the euro won’t basically crash the euro and plunge Europe into a depression this summer.

There’s another convenient assumption: that Greece’s “Grexit” won’t start an avalanche of departures, an Espania-exit, a Portu-gone, an Ire-land-bye-bye and an Italianexit. As I predicted a couple of years ago, Greece will be going in 2015 and waiting in the wings of a Germanic NEIN! is a Russian DA! There’s also a “yes” from China. Beijing is interested to investing in the southern EU economic basket cases cast out one by one into the Teutonic cold and into their sphere of a warm and embracing influence.

Watch Russia and China come to Greece’s aid when it abandons the Euro Monetary Union between now and 2015. Russia will set up a naval base in Greece. Both Russia and China will shore up the Greek economy.

Predictions 2013-2014, Chapter 6:
2013-2014: Towards a Greater Depression?
Subsection: EuroPeons and Trickle-down Bailouts
(Predictions documented 15-16 May 2013. Published 13 July 2013)

The thread of revelation that most news media misses in this tale is the lack of humanity running through the Troika’s austerity bailout plans. People are just statistics to them, objects to suck dry what wealth remains. Most people won’t put their finger on this spiritual sore. I touch upon it as the catalyst for the other struggling countries in the EU to revolt, even if Greece’s exit looks every bit as horrible as the cold-hearted German bankers hope. Deep in the German heart there still lies the Nazi Hun who hangs a village to suppress the partisans. It doesn’t work. It’s wrong to use fear. The Greeks and other southern European people made mistakes, they’re hurting. They need help not an economic hanging.

So far my prediction about Greece has missed one important point. Greece’s new government did not ask to erase their debt, as I predicted. They simply asked to lower the payments and delay the complete payoff until their economy can get back on its feet. A very rational and humane request.

So, Germans in your banks, listen. Hanging Greece out to dry, swinging on the economic gallows as an example to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and perhaps even France and you will only be repeating your dark past history in a new way. You will only enrage the partisan politicians and partisan political movements to vote austerity governments out, like they did in Greece. On a variation of a theme proffered by Cleavon Little playing the hip black Sheriff to Madeline Kahn’s Lili von Shtupp in Blazing Saddles, you’ve got four months to stop “making a Teutonic spectacle” out of yourselves. Du, doo-doo, “do” make some humane arrangement with Greece or see your monetary union begin to crumble as I predicted in would:

The Sun sign of the EU is eight degrees Scorpio. This uniquely ties the EU to the United States for its super-national identity is exactly conjoined the US Scorpio Ascendant (outward reach and expression). Like the US, this transit of Saturn through Scorpio brings a tremendous opportunity to reset and reform the EU experiment to avert a nasty setback resulting from its greatest mistake so far. The establishment of a euro monetary union hasn’t lived up to its own set of standards or reformed its contradictory rules before inducting new members not ready for prime time economics, fiscally unprepared or stable, like Greece.

I am certain that the EU will endure the hard years ahead and survive. I can’t be so sure the euro monetary union will survive. Indeed, for the sake of Europe, this questionably planned and structured attempt at financial union needs to go back to the drawing board. It has failed. Saturn’s passing through Scorpio crossing over the exact Sun sign eight-degree position three times in 2013 through 2014 “prompts” the EU breakup and reset rather than postponement.

Predictions 2013-2014, Chapter 6:
2013-2014: Towards a Greater Depression?
Subsection: EuroPeons and Trickle-down Bailouts
(Predictions documented 15-16 May 2013. Published 13 July 2013)

DATELINE: 22 February 2015

ISIS, Nostradamus and the Refugee Bomb thrown at Italy

There’s talk on YouTube about Qaddafi’s prophecy, that he foresaw what would happen if he were toppled and Libya became a hotbed of terrorism in a failed state, that the terrorists would use it as a springboard into Europe via Italy. It’s all true. Exactly four years ago to this day, I forecast Gaddafi’s death and how Obama’s NATO-driven lead from “his behind” doctrine would destroy Libya and turn it into a haven of terrorists:

I predict Gaddafi is going down violently, like Ceausescu in 1989, “Romanian-style”. The question is, how long will it take and how bloody will it be?

(John Hogue: 22 February 2011)
Nostradamus and the Fate of Gaddafi

Seven months later, Gaddafi was brutally killed by Benghazi militiamen just like the Romanian dictator by a gang of rampaging militia only they didn’t just line him up and summarily shoot him. They tore out handfuls of Gaddafi’s hair implants, beat and sodomized him with a iron rebar, before one last bullet in the forehead from his own gold-plated stolen pistol put him out of his misery. In my 21 October 2011 article assessing his death as it may have been foreseen by Nostradamus, I anticipated the civil war coming initially as a clash between the western Tripolitanian and eastern Cyrenaician tribes splitting the country in half. I held hope that the civil war would burn itself out sometime in 2013 and that a democratic resolution and new government could rise from the ruins. Yet, I felt that was more hope than accurate prophecy so I added this caveat:

I wonder though if this new riddle from Nostradamus may warn what is coming next in Libya and the Arab revolutions because it may be naming the provisional Prime Minister of Libya here in a quatrain indexed 1 Q56 in Nostradamus’ prophecies:

Vous verrez tost & tard faire grand change,
Horreurs extremes & vindications:
Que si la lune conduicte par son ange,
Le Ciel s’approche des inclinations.

You will see, sooner and later, great changes made,
Extreme horrors and vengeances:
For as the moon (of Islam) is thus led by its angel,
The heavens draw near to the reckoning.

The crescent Moon is the sign of Islam. The new Libyan flag has a white crescent in the middle black stripe of its red, black and green tricolor design. The Angel Gabriel is said to have appeared to Muhammad who helped him found Islam. The name of Gabriel in Arabic is Jibril. The Prime Minister of the provisional government of Libya is named “Jibril.”

Nostradamus and the Death of Gaddafi
(Hogueprophecy.com, 21 October 2011)

I would not put it past Nostradamus to make a wicked pun that announces an apocalyptic future for Libya at the trumpeting of Jibril (Garbriel’s) horn, as it were. Rather than end by 2013, the civil war is only strengthening. Egypt is openly and militarily backing the secular (yet undemocratic) General Hifter, warlord of Tobruk and now comes the black, bat shadow of ISIS over the Libya.

This week, media outlets of the Islamic State unleashed an act of psychological terrorism, warning that their associate jihadists in Libya’s mayhem of a failed state are soon to unleash a tsunami of refugees in a wave of boats, 500,000 to be exact, to overwhelm the shores and human aide capacities of Italy in particular and Europe abroad. ISIS pours human misery as human fuel to feed the rising Islamaphobia across the EU. If this exodus weapon sets sail it will fulfill the prophecy of Gaddafi for embedded in the multitude will be jihadist cells who will use Libya as a jumping off point to invade and terrorize Europe.

In predictions for 2015-2016, my Oracle had already anticipated this exodus of terror coming from Libya:

In 2015, Libya has descended into being the closest point of terrorist embarkation to Europe. The terror cell may already have infiltrated Europe masquerading as Muslim refugees pouring into Italy from Africa and the Middle East. EU security experts consider the sea route to Italy from Libya the most dangerous doorway for jihadists to infiltrate Europe. Thousands of EU citizens traveling to the Middle East have joined ISIS. Some of them are returning home to apply their infernal trade at least on a scale of the 3/11 Madrid subway train bombings or the 7/7 al-Qaeda buses and subway attacks in London.

(Read more about possible dates and further details, including Nostradamus’ clear prediction about EU terror events in the subsection Nostradamus, ISIS and “Those of Babel”in Predictions 2015-2016. See how he may actually give us a word link tying the fates of Italy, the EU capital and ISIS in Iraq in some major terror attack not seen since 11 September 2001.

Libya’s western half is out of the Benghazi government’s control and become a den of Islamic State adherents in the southwestern quadrant and around Sirte along the Libyan coast, the former stronghold of Gaddafi’s tribe. Kill Gaddafi and you have turned his tribe into converts of the Islamic State. That’s the result of President Obama’s “Lead from Behind” (leading by his behind) doctrine. In other words it takes an ass to strategically think up these military blunders that ruin nations.

In my forthcoming and massive book of predictions about 2015, I make my final forecast assessment of Barack Obama, answering the important question: has he come too soon to his destiny and acted too late to salvage it? You can read my conclusions in Chapter Four under the subsection: All the President’s Memes.

Now Amazon's Number One bestseller in Prophecy. Click on the cover and see what all the buzz is about.

Now Amazon’s Number One bestseller in Prophecy. Click on the cover and see what all the buzz is about.



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  1. Bhagawati
    Posted 22 February 2015 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    A brilliant conclusion and prediction of the imminent future with regard to the “Greek Predictions Fulfilled”. A must-read for Angela Merkel, Wolfgang Schäuble and the entire banking mob particularly in Germany and the EU – and yes, the US of A. too.

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