Je suis Charlie, Charlie Hebdo attack, 2015 Predictions of Terror attacks in Europe, Four Hogue interviews for New Years: Coast to Coast AM, Rita Louise, Alan Colmes and Jeff Rense, plus Meditation and the Antichrist of Personality

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Now Amazon's Number One bestseller in Prophecy. Click on the cover and see what all the buzz is about.

Now Amazon’s Number One bestseller in Prophecy. Click on the cover and see what all the buzz is about.

DATELINE: 08 January 2015
(Updated 09 January 2015)

Cartoonists Drew first and Funny
Then al-Qaeda-affiliated Terrorists Trained in Yemen  Attacked them
Will there be more EU attacks in 2015?

On 7 January 2015, two heavily armed gunmen with submachine guns burst into the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris and massacred 10 employees including four cartoonists and chief editor Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier. They later took time from speeding out of Paris to jump from their car, ambush and shoot dead a French policeman. Early the next morning a female policewoman was shot dead and the garbage worker who came to her aid was also shot in the face and presently lies in hospital in critical condition. That drive-by shooting was a coordinated attack by an accomplice. All tolled these are the deadliest terror attacks committed in France since 1961 when it was waging the Algerian War.

By the end of Wednesday, France was on full terrorist security alert with 90,000 police and soldiers on the hunt to arrest and or shoot down brothers Said Kouachi and Cherif Kourachi. We are told they had been identified from an ID card that “somehow” slipped from Said Kourachi’s pocket into the getaway car. They were on US Homeland Security  no-fly lists and French intelligence apparently was watching the older brother Said (Arabic for “sword”) who received weapons training and served as a jihadist soldier fighting in Yemen for al-Qaeda in Arabia.

On 9 January they were cornered in a printing press facility near Charles De Gaulle International Airport and were shot down by French police teams when they charged out of the building, guns blazing like Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.  In the meantime their associate Amedy Couliably who shot down the French policewoman, stormed a crowded Kosher deli in the eastern Paris suburb of Vincennes, killing four and holding 20 hostage. French Swat teams coordinated their attack into the deli just as the other two terrorists were shot down. Couliably bonzai charged the police on video camera footage now seen around the world,  dropping him with a hail of gunfire and stun grenades at point blank range.

In 2011 Charlie Hebdo magazine with tongue in cheek, “invited” Muhammad to be their “guest editor in chief” and had him write, “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter”. Soon after, the magazine’s website was hacked and the offices were firebombed. Cartoons had been published showing Muhammad in his birthday suit.

The two gunmen were caught on cellphone cameras by witnesses on a roof exiting the building firing their guns indiscriminately while yelling that Muhammad was avenged and “God is Great!” in Arabic. Reports tell us that both men had returned from Syria where it is believed they learned their terror trade and presumably number among the over 500 French native and naturalized citizens believed to be fighting for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

While writing and undergoing final edits of my book of Predictions for 2015-2016, I documented and sealed the following predictions on 5-6 December 2014. They will appear in Chapter Five, The Tower of Babeling Brussels under the subjection: “Nostradamus, ISIS and ‘Those of Babel.’”

In 2015… The number of suspected EU citizens traveling to the Middle East to join ISIS could be in the thousands. Some of them are coming home to apply their infernal trade at least on a scale of the 3/11 Madrid subway train bombings or the 7/7 al-Qaeda bus and subway attacks in London. I would expect the most vulnerable time for such is August through September, especially the former month at the peak of summer holiday season.

Ever since the 9-11-2001 attacks at the dawn of this disturbing century that collapsed the great twin towns of the World Trade center in New York, Islamic terror organizations have played with the math of dating attacks using nines, sevens and elevens. This may not be any more than the repetitive trait of humans repeating the past in some circumstantial harmonic habit expressed numerologically by these numbers, or its conscious, as I believed the first al-Qaeda attack on the US in September 2001 was.

Note the number of yesterday’s attack happening on 1-7-15. Since the terrorists were living in Europe, think of this calendar number sequence with the day first and you get “7” “11” 5. Now, add the full year and you get 7-11-2015. Add 2 + 5 it equals 7 and the sequence reads 7-11-17. Alternatively, you can add “20” + 7 + 1 + 1 + 5 equals 34, thus 3 + 4 equals 7.

Perhaps these represent the shared numerical harmonics of this most recent date of terror inflicted on a European city to that of Madrid’s train stations bombing on 3/11/2004 (3 + 2 + 4 = 9) on the 911th day after the twin towers fell in New York. All the sevens echo the 7/7/2005 (2 + 5 = 7) attacks on double-decker buses and subways of London.

I hope my Oracle got the date wrong above, but I don’t think what happened at Charlie Hebdo offices is the end of this, only the beginning of lone wolf attacks as ISIS fighters start sneaking home, setting themselves up in terror cells. In the forthcoming book I explain how Nostradamus in his cryptic words of Century 2 Quatrain 30 points to “those of Babel” as a double entendre for the source of the next major terror attack in 2015 and the target symbolized by Brussels, i.e. the European Union. The ruins of Babel are in modern Iraq, thus the attackers are former European citizens converted to ISIS extremism who had fought there in 2014.

I explain in the book how the EU parliament building seems unconsciously at least, designed to look like a modern smooth glass and steel version of 16th century paintings of Nostradamus’ contemporaries illustrating the Biblical tower of Babel. Moreover, this wicked metaphoric pun, if on the right track, describes the rabble of ministers and technocrats as babbling assembly of confusion.

Stay tuned for reportage that is more prescient and get on the advance list to receive this and a full, comprehensive forecast on all and most everything of prophetic interest for 2015.

Amedy Couliably’s accomplice and perhaps his wife, Hayat Boumeddiene, is still on the loose. She either slipped out of the Deli during the chaos or wasn’t there. The French President will lead a huge “Unity Rally” scheduled in downtown Paris on Sunday as a vigil for the slain cartoonists and police. All wait to see if the demonstration will be attacked. Stay tuned for further updates at Hoguepophecy.

DATELINE: 05 January 2015

Hogue on Coast to Coast Midnight-to-1 am PST 1/2/15

I had the honor of being one of four forecasters interviewed by George Noory on the New Years Prediction Show for 2015. I recommend my readers download the show and have a listen. Check it out HERE.

The Coast website posted the following overview of the four-hour show:

In our New Year’s Day tradition, four prognosticators, in separate hours, shared their predictions and insights for the new year ahead, and beyond. In order of appearance: psychic Joe Jacobs, numerologist Glynis McCants, prophecy expert John Hogue, and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna. First up, Jacobs assessed 2015 as a good year for business expansion or starting your own business, though fuel prices could shoot up again. The worst months for bad weather and natural disasters are January, August, and October; there could be earthquakes sometime before March in the Southern California area, and flooding in China in the August-September time frame, he predicted. The future is like a train track laid out on the road, but ultimately there are choices– you can speed up or slow down, or you can take another road, Jacobs remarked.

Glynis McCants noted that 2015 (2+0+1+5 = 8) is an “8” year, which means it’s going to be about politics, money, and the economy. As the (figure) 8 goes round and round, she foresees the stock market having a cyclical downturn. One of the big events of the year will be the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare in June, she cited, and whether it’s a state issue. After the court ruling, she predicts Obama will be forced to work with Congress in coming up with a new solution to his plan…

John Hogue sees 2015 as a year when it becomes clearer that the days of the American empire are ending, as economic power shifts East, and US citizens redefine what the American Dream means. He characterized 2015 as the “year of the spark” where all the elements are laid out for an explosion. Like the Michael Brown/Ferguson incident, “it’s one of those mass mob psychology forces, a tsunami of discontent, and this is how revolutions begin,” he said. Hogue also pointed toward early December 2015 as being a key time, when a world meeting on climate change takes place in Paris, but he doubted that leaders would take strong enough actions.

In the last hour, Vincent Genna predicted 2015 will be a particularly difficult year, with people’s troubled and divisive energies feeding into global problems. He foresees another tsunami hitting Japan, along with a brutal winter season in the US, and devastating tornadoes and hurricanes following later in the year. Further, he envisions earthquakes along the western seaboard, possibly in Washington, Oregon, or Northern California, as well as an uptick in rare or formerly cured diseases.


John Hogue in a still from Vision TV's new series, "I Prophesy".

John Hogue in a still from Vision TV’s new series, “I Prophesy”.

JACOBS. I see similar issues with quakes in March, however, as I note in the forthcoming Predictions 2015-2016, it is September that reads dire for seismic activity and not just earthquakes. Political and economic quakes are coming. Oil prices will stabilize and by summer begin a surge towards $80 a barrel.

The new book above is but a taste, a prelude to the epic outpouring of prophecies coming in this larger edition coming out end of January. Click on the cover.

The new book above is but a taste, a prelude to the epic outpouring of prophecies coming in this larger edition coming out end of January. Click on the cover.

MCCANTS. She’s spot on about 2015 being an Eight year. That means eight house issues of finance, banking, monetary reform (or lack thereof) inheritances, etc., are the big focus of this year of a last chance nudge of Saturn back in Scorpio (ruler of the Eight House) for three months this Summer to begin the economic reforms that will avert a Greater Depression coming shortly. She’s also spot on about further pressures to reform Obamacare coming in 2015. This is a subject I cover in the new book in detail, along with the future of the 114th Congress in 2015.

GENNA. I do not see a tsunami hitting Japan in 2015 but I concur with Genna that more seismic action is set to happen on the US side of the Pacific’s Ring of “earthquake and volcanic” Fire. Still, the big superquake in not coming to the West Coast until on or within two years following August 2017. This topic will be the subject of a small forthcoming book to be published in 2015.

There will be an uptick in pandemic dangers, another serious flu outbreak at least as bad as the N1H1 from several years back. Nostradamus may have astrologically dated the time of the next pandemic potential window in time. All of these subjects are covered in comprehensive detail in Predictions 2015 which will begin downloads either at the end of January or in early February.

Get on the advance donor list to receive the limited offer (ending the moment the book is completed) of the Expanded “Fire and Ice Prophecies” edition of this book. Check it out at this link: Prophecy.

DATELINE: 05 January 2015

Just Energy with Rita Louise:
A New Year Prophecy show filled with lots of laughs and a little enlightenment

I love doing shows with Rita, because like me, she can tackle intense and dark issues like prophecy and yet can insert the comedic and the absurd in the same way I try to sometimes in my writing. Click on Rita Louise to listen in to the YouTube show we did on 1/1/15 before I was on Coast.

DATELINE: 05 January 2015

A Reader’s concern after Hogue’s appearance on The Jeff Rense Program 12/30/14

The email coming from a concerned fan gives me an opportunity to address something I rarely have a chance to share with you all.

Dear Mr. Hogue I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. After the Coast to Coast AM prophecy broadcast, I listened to your interview with Jeff Rense. I went to his site and found links to unbelievably anti-semitic websites. I don’t think you should be associating with people like that.

Hi Leslie, thank you for your concerns. The problem with the world is that we do not speak to each other. We are slaves of our prejudices. Moreover, scratch anyone’s thin veneer of civilized personality—and I am including yours, Leslie, as well as mine here—and underneath is the savage. Compassion therefore dictates that if I am welcomed to be on a radio show, if the host will allow me the time to share my views, I will do so if my host is a Zionist or a Palestinian, a liberal or conservative, a racist or humanist. My work is available for all sides of any issue to examine. Empathy for humanity doesn’t work when one closes down and shuts doors.

Moreover, in your follow-up letter you were concerned that my association with appearing on more controversial shows would turn people against me and away from my works. My answer to that is this: Truth is not a popularity contest. Truth is not usually embraced by the largest amassed humanity. Truth is ever a moment when a human being stands as a “Majority of One” against the mass point of view or points of political correctness. The so-called decent people have their own prejudices as much as the so-called bad people. If either of these labeled people wish to invite me to talk to them, I will talk and share my experiences. I will counter them right deep in the den of their prejudices.

Perhaps I can help them. Perhaps I can help “you” look at your issues and how your culture has programmed you like all others to behave not as a complete and undivided, indivisible “Individe-ual.” All of us are forced from childhood on to see the world through a filter of its conceits, myths and identities. We are told as tender children to dirty our mind with labels like we are Chosen of God, or we belong to a master race or that one set of sons of Abraham are bastards (not us, of course) and the others are legitimate (yep! Has to be us), and on it goes, this “Misery-go-round”.

I understand your concerns and I do appreciate your letter, yet love cannot close doors because love is part of All, of The Whole. So my door stays open even if daily people slam doors in my face. I will even do a radio show with Satan if it could help him understand a different kind of living beyond “sin” which means, “to forget the divine.”



I’ve always wanted to help Satan see how he could really piss off God and perhaps in the encounter help Him to be a better Deity. It’s an idea I got from sitting at the feed of Osho, my meditation teacher. He used to hope he was going to Hell because that’s where all the juicy intelligent and creative people end up. They could convince Satan to turn Hell into a Club Mediterranean. That would make all the dry boned and holier than thou people endlessly repeating their Praising of the Lord, their Allahu Akbhars to God droning on “forever” think of sneaking out of that dead place of dried mummy saints for a holiday on the Beaches of Hades where there’s music, dance, laughter and celebration. What could be more stinging to the holiest of holier than thou Gods than human beings laughing and celebrating eternity that does not require all this fawning and Hosanna-ing “forever” stroking God’s delicate ego. God? Take a break from your throne. Come down to Hades Beach for a vacation.

Meditation is my solution for Sin (forgetting one’s divine harmony). Meditation is a tool for repentance (which means “to re-member”, come together as a oneness.)

Osho in Nepal.

Osho in Nepal.

This science of self-observation helps one take off the filters of culture. It helps one see the savage underneath and helps one arise from the habit of being a slave of one’s thin coat of personality that coats over a soul in the ego white wash of labels like Jew, Hindu, Skinhead, Arab, theist or atheist. These are all borrowed identities reflected in the soul’s perfect mirror-like consciousness. We are not these reflections. We are that mirroring awareness.

That at least is the hypothesis. Meditation has no belief systems. It explores. It questions. Belief is a state of sanctioned blindness made religious. Meditation is science. It seeks “to know” not to believe, not to have that blindness of faith sustained by one’s borrowed identities, religions etc. These are chains put on our souls. They are made of nothing. We make them real with our life force feeing them. Shine a light of awareness on this habit in motion and the hypothesis suggests that awareness and understanding alone can end the habit. The chains become what they really are, nothing at all. Just something we “do”—not who we are or “are-less” we be.

PIX (1) Epilogue-oshos-eyes

If you’re interested, I could share links and information about the meditations I use and my teacher. If you have a “yes” for this, just click on this Contact link and put in the subject line: Meditation. And I’ll freely send the information.

DATELINE: 05 January 2015

Your Facebook Responses and Reactions about my Appearance on Alan Colmes Fox Radio show 23 December 2014

Alan Colmes used to be part to the dynamic left-right cross-firing duo in Fox Network’s Hannity and Colmes show. Now Shaun and Alan have separated ways but Colmes still provides a fast-paced interview show that expresses a very rare progressive-leaning take on current events on Fox Network’s generally right of center shows.

The following comments were made just prior to the show on 23 December through 28 December. As you can tell in the first dramatic comments, there’s no moderate take. Either there’s love or hate working in people’s visceral reactions to my announcement of my end-of-the-year show Alan Colmes. Here’s a brief overview of what we talked about:

Bold Predictions for 2015
By Prophecy Expert John Hogue

Tuesday [23 December 2014] on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Nostradamus and prophecy expert John Hogue about some of the predictions he has made about the state of politics and the world in 2015.

Alan and Hogue talks about who will be running next year and eventually win the Presidency in 2016, what technological advances we’ll be hearing about, and why Hogue has deemed 2015 “the year of last chances.”

You can listen to the show free on this page, click on Alan Colmes. Now my Facebook Friends’ comments and reactions.


Ill definitely tune in for this!

Wouldn’t watch him if you paid me…

Why is that Paula?

HOGUE: Had a number of trolls phoning in. Then the dogmatic fundamentalist Christian passing judgment on my work yet never reading a word of it. Barroom philosophers.

Yikes, well I am sure you gave them something to think about even if they would not admit it.

I did. I gave back as good as I got. I think what I learned to do next time is just stop the back and forth and just tell everyone listening on the air this: “Here’s my problem with what’s going down right now. Tell me how you would feel if you were being judged and condemned for the work you do in life by someone who hasn’t even experienced your life? How can I respect someone who passes criticism on my work who has never read my work? If this were happening to you, would any of you, out there, listening to us, have respect for this attacker? [I was speaking about a particular phone-in fellow, not Alan Colmes, who sort of stole the show at the end.]

Ohhhh no, John …. you got stuck with a call from MISTER DOPPLERSON, the impervious fundy of fundies! (who also thinks that Alan Colmes is the spawn of Satan). For some reason, Alan Colmes takes his calls regularly, and seems to enjoy his vitriolic tunnel-visioned solopsistic bubble-boy Christian extremist rantings – maybe because said troll is a kind of slow-speaking Westboro Baptist Church poster boy for ignorance and fear. Alan plays intellectual salugi (keep away) with him. But as expected, you spoke with your usual articulate intelligence. I thought you were perfect.

Thanks, Dinah, for the helpful background about Dopplerson. (The “son of Doppler?” Hmmm…I wonder if he was wearing a tinfoil helmet to keep out the radar waves.) I wasn’t sure if my points got through the show and turgid rant of that myopic fellow. It’s a shame that Colmes went for the sensational rather than the educational path, because there were a number of things we needed to talk about, such as the future of Israel, Palestine and the Ukraine. But he let this kooky guy steal the show. I have a show in January with Colmes. If this Dopplerson calls in again, I will say on the air that Alan can choose. Either cut him off and do the interview with me or I’ll hang up on the air and let Dopplerson rant all he likes.

I share your frustration that Alan chose Mr. D’s typical and expected shenanigans over your ability to give more of what you had available. He chose the fast food of conflict, the low-hanging fruit (do I have a food thing?). Ordinarily, I enjoy Alan hitting the troll balls back, and that he doesn’t pre-screen his calls, but he missed giving us the chance to hear more of you. BUT – be assured that you were just wonderful to listen to, and I’m sure that many who tuned in who did not know of you came away with a real appreciation for how you work. You gave an elegant description of getting out of your own way to allow that that is both bigger than and also very small to enter your awareness. You also touched on astrological concepts that naifs and newbies could “grok”. If you don’t mind a suggestion, John, I would tell Alan BEFORE your next scheduled show how you feel, so that he can somewhat restructure the show around your needs. The usual deal is that his show is like an open house for whoever wants to drop in. But it should be different during a guest’s time (not “Get the Guest”). People don’t want cray-cray Mr. Dopplerson to steal your air time. Be well, and Happy Festivus!

Thanks again, Dinah, for the detailed feedback. I was going to send Alan an email about this today. Happy Festivus to you as well.

[Later in the day I wrote:] Message was sent…and received with positivity and support. Looks like things will be better in the next round and I’m looking forward to it.

John, I missed the radio broadcast, and bloody pleased I did given these comments! I have given the likes of Fox, CNN, etc.; for the better part of the last decade, a very wide berth… Never watch, never listen. Nevertheless, I’ve no doubt your subtle disdain for this chap was not lost on those of us possessed of intelligence. I am in the process of ordering both of your latest books online, and greedily await their arrival. Oh, as an aside, I’ll be listening to both of your Coast 2 Coast airings for early New Year (Jan 2015). For now, sending and wishing you and your sweet Mother… Happy Christmas Cheers, and a very profitable New Year.

Thank you, Gail, for your kind words and for ordering my 2015 books, the long and the short, that’s available now:

Ten Predictions for 2015 and the Future of Richness. A quick and comprehensive look at the New Year 2015

Yes Dinah I agree John is always articulate and brilliant. Even in times of conflict on the air always a quality of compassion in your voice John. As I listen to your words they try to lift humanity up into a greater awareness and I do believe they succeed (even those and pardon me….stuck in “idoit mode”). Having your own radio program/station might be an option too depending on your busy schedule of course. Happy Holidays John and hope you can get a little time for R & R this season? You certainly do deserve it. Are you singing anywhere this year? Hope so.

Ardyth, I don’t know it it was a typo or not, but I like your “Hogueism” for “Idiot”. Not only is it a wickedly brilliant anagram: “Idoit”, it is so true that we do Idiocy. Maybe I’ll get some down time in the new year. I worked straight through Christmas bringing in the important final chapter of Predictions 2015-2016 entitled, Armageddon Globally Warmed:

Hi John, no sadly I am just a poor speller with no spell check! But don’t tell anyone. Make sure and get a little down time for the New Year. All the best to you John, so enjoy reading you all year.

Somehow those who deny the right of Israel to exist seem to me to not be real Christians.

Hi Beer. It is also unchristian to deny the right of Palestinians their freedom from occupation, don’t you think? There are a significant number of Palestinians who “are” Christians too. Can there be a way both communities can have the right to exist and live in peace? Isn’t that what your “Prince of Peace” preached?

John, your reply comes across as being one of racial and religious bigotry. I will be leaving your ranks now.

Beer, if you could construe such a misunderstanding out of my statement that Jews and Palestinians equally need to live in peace and have safe and secure political states wherein they can achieve this peace, then you’re really coming in here with a wrong mind set to find anything right about me or my Facebook community. So, thank you for the short time you were with us, and just remember, we have not closed the door to you, you are closing it on us. I don’t think this is how Yeshua would have handled this.

[Beer unfriended and blocked me] Oh well, Beer’s bailed. Kind of reminds me of one of my favorite country music songs with some minor alterations: And he left me, like the bubbles in his “Beer.”

Tiny bubbles … hiya John! Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love. Neither this nor that

Hiya Vicki. At least a few “Beer Troll” comments left us singing. Now I must share the actual lyrics of that song: “And she left me, like the bubbles in my beer.” There’s another Country favorite: “You can’t have Kate, and Edith too, yo-da-lady-hoo! You rascal you!”

LOL! I know, better to sing than snarl! Or dance. You can sing, I will dance. at some point, we should try to meet up for idle gossip.

Personally john i think that you do a hell of good job in what your doing don’t forget those who judges condemn their own selfs in the long term and those who criticize are the ones that dont know much i learnt that by experience has a musicien in my own area 30 years of music ive been critisise ive been love and i tell my self those who critisise me can they do just has good, well half them dont even know a note of music its easy to talk about others but they should look in their own back yard they mite fine some skeleton in there own closet take care for now and i wish you all the best for 2015.

Thanks Roger. Musing the Musical language, which is higher than words. I was an opera singer by trade once, long ago. So I’m savvy to what you said.

I just found the link. I am listening now.

I’ll be airing a second show on Alan Colmes when Predictions 2015 is published.

DATELINE: 05 January 2015

Dark Matters:

The Mindfulness Craze
And the Antichrist of Personality

Before we get to Lynn’s comment, a little background is needed. She’s talking about my appearance over a year and three months ago on Art Bell’s re-launch into Radio called Dark Matter. It triggered quite a storm on Art Bell’s and my Facebook communities. You can read more about my take on what happened answering Bell point for point by clicking on Art Bell. Also click on Dark Matter for the follow-up article and for the unexpected surprise climax, click on XM Radio. Now to her comment:

Hi, Just am listening to your interview with Art Bell of 10/8/2013 and appreciate all the hard work you do – and appreciate especially that you stick your neck out about it. Gary Renard says in one of his books, (I paraphrase) that predictions are not set in stone, that we all have free choice, and that we can change our destiny – even the world’s destiny by making correct choices. Do you think that is possible? If so, then can you think of a way to encourage people to make better choices? War just is so stupid.

Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

Yes, I agree with Gary. The future is not written in stone at all. It is made up of infinite future timelines born out of individual and collective actions. One need only read the hundreds of predictions of Nostradamus when properly translated from Renaissance French and you’ll find even this giant of prophets giving us alternative futures we can choose to engage. Now then, my idea of helping people seek better solutions requires a conscious understanding of how ego and predictability work to make us predictable. One has to understand that there’s no “antichrist” as such as a person. It is “Personality” itself that is Antichrist. What people call “Character” I call ego and personality “Caricatures” imposed over our suppressed intelligence and soul.

One has to crack out of this shell to breath into the light again. I would offer to you “Meditation” as my egg cracker: it is the Science of Self-Observation. It is not a religion. Meditation is a technique of making one more self-aware of what’s going on inside one’s programmed and conditioned personality and subconscious.

Meditation is not this new Mindfulness craze going on. That is yet another New Age fad that seeks to bring you tranquility without understanding. It pushes your stuff deeper under a new kind of “spiritual” mask. Persona, the root Latin word for personality, means “mask.”

Meditation does not, as I understand it, give you tranquility. Tranquility can be a byproduct of understanding, but Meditation is far more. There is no goal in meditation, but there is understanding and the glimpse of what is beyond good and evil, life-death, right-wrong, belief-disbelief, hope-hopelessness and it makes one aware of something beyond dualities of the mind because it is beyond mind and therefore inexpressible words, like those applied here. Nevertheless, once you become even for one second aware of what’s beyond the veil of duality, meditation becomes your path and bliss is your destiny.

If you wish to explore the techniques I use just Contact Me. Put in the subject line just one word: Meditation. I will freely send you links and information about the teacher and techniques I’ve been applying to this path since 1980.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


Two points: 
1. The Palestinians should refrain from lobbying all those missiles into residential Israeli areas. And quit putting their own people at risk by launching those attacks from schools, hospitals, homes etc. It is like they are asking for trouble. 

2. As far as choosing or not choosing your future. A play is written. The actors have some free will to change the ending as written. They chose before the play starts who they are going to play and what is going to happen. For karmic or learning purposes.After the play starts the actor may go off script.

Some choose to be in that “bastard” group to evolve faster or again for karmic reasons. They don’t know, in their present mind, that they chose what kind of life to live and what lessons they agreed to learn. If you knew your future what is the chances you would want to go through with it all as intended?

Doug, thanks for the effort, but consider this, if you really knew how the cosmic game is rigged you would have evolved out of it.

Suffice it to say, the fact that you’re still playing this game with the rest of us indicates you don’t have a full understanding to impart the above “enlightenment” as “The” reality.

Now to the Palestinians and Israeli Jewish state. First, such a state is a National Socialist construct. Secondly when you occupy a land, and concentrate its people into ghettos, you tend to create a climate where the ghetto dwellers will rebel against “your” tyranny. German National Socialists were asking for that kind of trouble when they walled in the cousin Semites of Palestinians in what was the Warsaw Ghetto.



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    John, what is your thought about Charlie Hebdo and False Flag?

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