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DATELINE 20 December 2014

The Young-“Un” little Kim Hacks Sony:
From Satire to Cyber Warfare
To a Future Military Incident We go?

It’s such a weirding world in which we live and “dumb” might rhyme with a goofy prophetic “doom.” Are we living in the idiotic days when a movie satire staring, written and directed by comic Seth Rogen and actor James Franco, about two knuckleheads pressed by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, actually leads to the resumption of the Korean War?

There is a certain silly symmetry about a walking, talking cartoon character dictator of the last Stalinist state left standing from the last cold war creasing his mini-me jumper suit in a rage over a comedy movie about himself. I don’t know, maybe its because the actor playing little Kim, (Korean actor and comic Randall Park) looks a whole lot more manly sans the real dictator’s baby fat.

Then there’s the ironic outcome if hacks from Pyongyang lead to military whacks from Washington wonks. I mean, and why not? Dr. Evil Junior attacked a movie company, already! Them’s fightin’ malware!

Little Kim Jong-“Toon” masquerading as a human being, like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit could lose in the near future. He’s Tom-and-Jerrying up for a Tex Avery-style, eyes bugging out, cartoon meltdown, ratcheting this up to a war that could at least spell regional doomsday to the Korean peninsula over of all things a Seth Rogan movie. But then, it makes irrational sense, Rogen being none other than the man who directed and acted with Franco in a comedy about Doomsday as it will be experienced by actors in Hollywood: This is the End (2013).

Well, readers, I’ll be keeping you apprised of the prophetic possibilities, post haste. Just remember folks, if you can’t laugh at doomsday, what can you laugh at.   🙂


DATELINE 20 December 2014

What is really behind US restoration of Diplomatic Relations with Cuba?

America under Obama will end the US Cuban embargo.

John Hogue

Predictions for 2009, Chapter 8:
Coming to the End of the “Tail” of Two Partitions
(Published 24 January 2009)

December 17, 2014 was a busy day for historic changes. Along with the European Parliament declaring a non-binding resolution to recognize the Palestinian State (see article below), President Barack Obama in a rare act of boldness announced he would begin the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba by executive order.

Obama’s second term is vexed by what the future will call a string of bad advice, launching the world into a new cold war on one hand while closing loose and anachronistic ends from the last cold war. America broke diplomatic and economic relations in 1961 after Cuba, under Fidel Castro coming to power had declared the Caribbean Island nation a communist outpost of the Soviet communist bloc in the Western Hemisphere. The USSR and US almost ended the human civilization over Russian missiles placed there a year later during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

From 1961 onwards Cuba remained unrecognized by, and economically isolated from, the North American superpower up to and decades beyond the official end of the Cold War in 1989. The US should have lifted all sanctions and diplomatic disconnection decades ago. It only served to sustain the Castro regime under Fidel (now retired), and his younger brother Raoul, making Cuba, after North Korea, the last Cold War communist nation left standing nearly a quarter century after the frosty face-off of American Eagle and Russian bear had ended.

Why now has America softened its stance? Why now is Obama engaging in high-level political discussions renewing ties? It is expected that next year the US embassy in Havana will be reopened, economic and travel sanctions will be relaxed and the US State Department will review Cuba’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism. The new Republican controlled congress coming to power next year might keep the trade embargo alive for another year or two. Yet, I predict that maneuver is just playing with the hot heads of the influential swing-voting old-age Cuban expatriate community in South Florida. While younger Cuban Americans approve of the new opening, Republican candidates are mollifying the older Cubans who escaped Castro’s communist island to set up Little Cuba in Miami. They’ll be strung along up until the swing state of Florida is in the new Republican candidate for president’s pocket. Then watch after November 2016. Time is against the older block. Time and corporate forces eager to get a piece of the Cuban action will pretty much completely end the embargo by no later than 2017.

Of course, Obama in his announcement on 17 December 2014 ever spent the bulk of his speech in his usual habit of warming up to a topic by expressing the obvious. In his patronizing prep were the reasons listed and retold since 1961, that sanctions don’t work to change policies but only hurt the little guy and give regimes excuses to bear down on the little people even more. Funny how he doesn’t extend that understanding to Russia right now as he also had prepared in Congress—that very same day, even—a motion for new economic sanctions on Moscow). What happened since the 17th reflects back to the last article as if Seth Rogen had written a comedy of missed signals coming from the White House and State Department talking press heads. First the State Department reported the sanctions were not yet signed, and then they were signed. No, they were prepared for the president to sign. Nope, now he’s got the power to sign them or not. Ah! Thank god it’s Friday (yesterday). Obama signed that little dingus into law, got on Air Force One and by the time you read this he’s soaking up rays in billionaire digs on a Oahu, Hawaiian beach for the next 17 days. He’s nice and warm there while the new cold war gets a little colder.

Obama let a little too much truth out between the lines when he said on the 17th press announcement that no one else in the world is sanctioning Cuba but the United States. What he didn’t say is that, for a very long time now since the last cold war’s end, Cuba has been a source of trade and tourism for everyone but America stop losing out. Moreover, what is motivating this gracious change after more than a half-century of Cuban pariah status is the isolation America now experiences from other “American” nations, such as those Northern Americans across one border in Canada, along with Central and South “American” nations across its southern border too.

In the cold war battle of wills via embargo, America lost to Cuba. It’s America’s weakening political status in the Americas that ended the standoff. Washington blinked because the Chinese are filling the economic and political void and its fellow north and South Americans upset with America’s anachronistic cold war shunning of Havana. The isolator is being “isolated” by a Western Hemisphere that more often looks to Beijing for trade and economic advantage. Time to poo or get off the pot, Washington or its hasta la vista, baby.

The other hidden motivation of Obama’s old cold war house cleaning is that he has a new cold war to manufacture on false narratives as a president who history will later say consistently picked the worst foreign policy advisors since G.W. Bush.

DATELINE 20 December 2014

The World will catch the Recognizing Wave
Recognizing the Palestinian State

The kind of events greatly defining the approaching New Year just can’t wait to spill over into the final weeks of 2014. You will soon see as almost a regular occurrence changes in the status quo of a world order established 70 years ago at the end of the Second World War that starts shifting the axis of power away from a mono-polar US hegemony to a multi-polar world. It deeply affects the future of closest US allies like Britain and Israel.

Eventually when a nation plays bully even against the weakest of victims, there comes a time when one push too many is rewarded by an unexpected though deserved shove back. Sometimes it comes from the victim. This time it’s coming from the world. The Israeli Netanyahu government’s shameless massacre of thousands of mostly civilian Palestinians in its most recent war on the Gaza Strip has started a political groundswell. I predict in 2015 it will become an avalanche of states choosing to quietly put aside resistance to deliver a soft-handed sanction of the Jewish State committing crimes against humanity whilst hiding behind the memories of heinous crimes committed against Jews in the Holocaust.

The smokescreen over time is at last fading and now Israel must face the consequences of its actions. That’s what the world’s nations will be saying, first in non-binding resolutions to declare a Palestinian State. If the a majority of Israelis fail to get the message and by 17 March parliamentary elections do not establish a government that will seriously move to resolve Jewish-Palestinian problems in a two-state solution, look out. If instead, the new government moves towards what I call the National Socialization of Israel with the aim in mind to purge Palestinians from a Jewish State for Jews only, then watch in 2015 those non-binding resolutions replaced by binding resolutions, such as that already established by Sweden. Watch also pressure being put on the United States to catch the wave or face another political wipeout that is only another stumbling step away from hegemonic center of the world.

This year of axis shifts of world orders from West to East in a year of last chances to reform monetary, economic, financial and banking systems has seen my Oracle take me from a planned 40,000-word book on Predictions 2015-2016 to what will most likely be an 100,000-plus epic on this coming New Year. On top of my increasing responsibilities as a caregiver to my aging parent, this book’s greater scope and editorial labors will delay its release a little further into January, I think. Yet I am excited about how rich the tale of this tome about tomorrow is developing. I hope you’ll consider getting on the donor’s list to receive a PDF download of the expanded edition of Predictions 2015-2016. The offer for the extra chapter on the future direction of Climate Change will end when downloads begin so I hope those Hogue readers still sitting on the fence will now take the opportunity in the extra time added to get on the list by donating $12.50 or a little more HERE. Once the book’s ready, I’ll download it in the order I received your donations using the email address you used at Paypal. Be sure to send donations with a Gmail, AOL, and Hotmail sever address, anything except EarthLink, MindSpring, Telus, Charter or Frontier. Thanks.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.


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