THE HOGUEPROPHECY REPORT 10 July 2023: * The NATO Summit of Fate (11-12 July 2023), An Astrological Assessment * Wagner PMC Mutiny Report and Update * Edgar Cayce Prophecy Update: Either “Russia is the Hope” of the World, or Russia is the “Last Hope of the World”; and finally, * The Piscean Age is Ending the Great, 2,000-Year Age of Belief Systems

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DATELINE: 08 July 2023


Optimus Prime (left) says, “It’s good to see you Bee,” (right) at the gate of the Transformers The Ride-3D at Universal Studios, Hollywood, California. Photo, prayitno, Los Angeles USA, © Creative Commons.

(11-12 July 2023)
An Astrological Assessment

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

The upcoming NATO Summit will be held in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius at the LITEXPO complex where all kinds of venues take place. Perhaps the most well-known of these is the annual Comicon Baltics convention where these car-morphing behemoths, these “Defenders of the Universe” can be found standing outside the main door. Bee was there at some point. Not quite as grandiose looking like he usually is when standing around doing nothing at Universal Studios. In Lithuania, his gunmetal gray parts had been more exposed with less yellow Chevrolet Camaro surfaces showing. Although he did manage to retain the front of the Camaro’s distinctive radiator grid, albeit upside down, thrusting out like a proud chest with the headlights positioned where a man’s areolas should be.

Uh-hemm… Anyway…

The summit will see at least 22 of the NATO 31 members attending. The main topic will be the huge country called the Russian Federation, whose frontier is not more than 20 miles east from Vilnius, capital of dinky Lithuania. The Russian Federation so far has quite successfully waged what it calls its Special Military Operation, fighting NATO on the countryside via NATO’s proxy, Ukraine, for nearly 17 bloody months and counting. I might add, the war is extremely one-sided in the Ukrainian blood spilt, and military hardware destroyed to such an extent that NATO nations are emptying their stocks of ammunition, artillery shells, and must confront the flaming Leopard tanks they sent to Ukraine to light the battlefields like bright beacons of defeat. NATO by the end of summer will have run out of the donated armored fighting vehicles to trash and pile in Russian minefield wrecking yards of war. Undaunted by reality, Ukraine is mustering its fourth call-up of men who now play hide and seek on its streets with SBU press gangs, ganging up on them, often giving the men their first taste of combat, beating them senseless before dragging them away for a month’s inadequate training. Finally, they enter the battlefield and usually don’t return alive or in one piece.

Ukraine is at the breaking point “and” so is the union of NATO nations about to suffer same. I would even say that the NATO alliance is in crisis. I claimed and posted in earlier articles back in 2022 that this year stands for Century 2, Quatrain 22 in Nostradamus’s indexed verses where his anagram D’Arton is NATO in code: ARTON = NA(R)TO, drop the one junk letter “R” and you get NATO. Then I claimed that this prophecy marks the year 2022 as the beginning of the end of NATO because of this war it is losing by proxy in Ukraine.

The word “Proxy” war might come along with the NATO members passing the place where Transformer “Bee” used to stand next to the main door as they go inside the LITEXPO complex, but there’s a fifty-fifty chance that it won’t walk out two days later.

The word “Direct” war might be coming out.

That makes the decisions made on the scheduled 11 and 12 of July 2023, the most far-reaching and significant of any NATO summit since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization came into being just three days after April Fool’s Day in April 1949. Back then it had a reason for being, being that the year launched the First Cold War. When that Cold War ended, officially in December 1989, this defensive alliance has ever since been trying to defend itself from irrelevance after its opponent, the Warsaw Pact, disbanded. So, in that tried-and-true European habit of marching to folly and disaster, this time led by the USA, NATO broke its promises to Russia and expanded and advanced its forces right up to the Russian frontiers like Napoleon Bonaparte did, like Adolf Hitler did, to a great loss of Russian and European lives.

Ukraine was Russia’s most significant “red line” not to cross.

They crossed.

So far, the Russians have destroyed the tacit NATO force, its largest in the alliance, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, that it had trained for eight years since 2014 when the US State Department of Barack Obama picked the who’s who of Ukrainian Nazis to form an unelected government after committing the bloody Maidan Coup of heavily armed Ukrainian Nazi militias that overthrew the democratically elected government. Once in power these new Nazis threatened to resume what Ukrainian Nazis did back in the Second World War as Nazi Germany’s largest contingent of non-home-grown fascists, murder hundreds of thousands of Poles, Jews and ethnic Russian Ukrainian citizens. In spring 2014, militias of such hooligans emblazoned with swastikas and SS runic symbology advanced on the Russian speaking oblasts (states) of Eastern Ukraine, Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk.

Pogrom was their mission. It is the Russian word for clearing whole oblasts of unwanted Jews during the Tzarist times. Now it became a clean out of Russian Ukrainians. Luckily, Russian Crimea was able to vote for secession by referendum and became part of Russia under its direct protection. The Russian Ukrainians in Donetsk and Lugansk, together known as the Donbass Region, had to stand and fight. And now they have fought nine long years and counting. Russia at last made a direct entry into the civil war in February 2022, quickly establishing a land bridge to the isolated Crimean Peninsula. By autumn 2022, the two Donbass oblasts—plus the Russian majority Oblasts of Zaporozhye and Kherson—joined the Russian Federation.

The NATO trained Ukrainian Army of 150,000 men was all but destroyed in the first six months of Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) who’s goal was to protect ethnic Russians from harm, demilitarize Ukraine, and de-Nazify it as well and keep NATO forever out of Ukraine. I will elaborate again on what President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation said not long ago on 13 June 2023:

We were forced to try to end the war that the West started in 2014 by force of arms. And Russia will end this war by force of arms, freeing the entire territory of the former Ukraine from the United States and Ukrainian Nazis. There are no other options.

Let everyone on both sides let that sink in. You cannot erase and deprogram Nazism’s rise once again in Europe, once again threatening a world war, without completely demilitarizing and de-Nazifying all of Ukraine like all of Nazi Germany after its utter defeat. And I predict that to de-Nazify Ukraine like Germany will require Russia occupy ALL of Ukraine, up to the Polish border, next to which is Ukrainian Nazism’s heartland—their version of the German Nazi heartland of Bavaria, if you will—that is Western Ukraine. And Russian arms will have to stay there—Russia will have to remain a Protectorate of what’s left of Ukraine—until the deprogramming of Nazism is complete in a generation’s time of 20 years


August 15, 2018. Celebration of the Polish Army Day, Warsaw, Poland. President Duda of Poland looks on (center). Duda in the summer of 2023 has designs to get tacit support at least from NATO for the Polish Army to occupy Western Ukraine. A move that could see little left of the Polish Army to march past him by Polish Army Day scheduled on 15 August 2023. Photo: Kancelaria Sejmu. © Creative Commons.

The summit participants will have to face those among them, the Polish, Baltic, and perhaps also the Czech and Slovak delegations’, who desire to “pull an Iraq coalition of the willing” trick, in this war with the aim of occupying Western Ukraine, bringing it back into Poland once again. Because their advance is an offensive act, the “defensive” NATO alliance technically can’t officialy endorse this major escalation or be called on to come into the conflict because of Polish and Baltic “offensive” acts. The Russian reply to this invasion will be a full-force tearing the Balts and Poles to shreds in short order, but that would not be an attack on NATO unless they advanced into Poland which the Russians have no intention or interest in doing.

NATO has already sent thousands of its own troops to pretend to be Ukrainian soldiers to die in the war. Perhaps hundreds of NATO’s finest officers have been killed in-country, many in command-and-control bunkers directing US and NATO missiles and air defenses that the Russians annihilated with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

The NATO proxy war is running out of men. It has seen not one but THREE Ukrainian armies it helped train and arm thrown into the Russian “meatgrinder” to a loss possibly exceeding 350,000 Ukrainian killed. Ukrainians often die at a ratio of seven, and sometimes ten, Ukrainians extinguished for every Russian killed. The Ukrainian cemeteries across the grieving land cannot absorb the fresh flood of soldiers’ graves.

Ukraine’s much ballyhooed “counter-offensive” after a half-year of delays finally stumbled forward like a herd of camouflaged sheeple without well trained officers and non-commissioned officers to shepherd them into a slaughter. They couldn’t even reach the first of three Russian defensive lines in Zaporozhye and the Central Donbass before Russian guns set ablaze hundreds of NATO tanks AFVs (armored fighting vehicles) with catastrophic losses of men, somewhere around 25,000 of the 30,000 initially engaged, including the destruction of 2,500 military vehicles tanks and AFVs in only one month and three days!

The counter-offensive has all but petered out with a wounded man’s whimper on the Zaporozhye front. All of NATO’s whistling in a graveyard of hopes were invested in that last push of a soon-to-collapse Ukrainian armed force. The Russians, after watching this NATO summit’s upcoming decisions, may launch their own counter-offensive into Kharkov region, perhaps Sumy, perhaps into Odessa and maybe near Kiev from the north out of Belarus. Maybe they’ll do it while the summit is convened. Russian forces are already methodically advancing West out the northeastern Kupiansk region.

In two days, 11 and 12 July, decisions will be made that could affect every life on Earth. So it seemed prudent that I provide for my readers what Nostradamus would call a Judicial Astrological Reading (what we call today a Political Astrological Reading) on the aspects both positive and negative sparkling brightly over the LITEXPO’s Euro-trashy modern-architectured halls crammed with NATOids passing where Bee once stood. They could use a few “transformers.”

I begin by introducing the positions of the Sun and Moon, then inner planets ruling individuals) followed by a list of the outer planets (ruling the world that individuals interact in).

The Sun, the astrological ego essence of the two days is in the Cardinal (leadership) water sign of Cancer, 18 degrees on the 7/11, 19 degrees on 7/12. The key phrase of Cancer is “I feel.” The key words that Cancer feels strong about are domesticity, sensitivity and tenacity. NATO’s home and hearth are under strains that need to be domesticated. The mothering out of problems will be needed, done better under this sign by women leaders than male leaders in NATO delegations. Warning, the Sun is Cancer is a dreamer. So much of what NATO has done, how it has driven itself in this proxy war, is guided by highly emotional fantasies, not realities on the ground, ever projecting what it wants to believe about Russia. And it will be tempted to dream deeper under July’s Cancerian Sun sign.

The potential dream is that fatal European flaw that destroyed an army of twenty European nations in 1812 invading Russia, killing about a million people. Nearly 130 years later, 32 million Europeans and Russians would die after Europe once again invaded Soviet Russia in 1941. Many of the NATO members back then were Hitler’s Germany, leading Axis allies Italy, Hungary, the Slovaks, and Romania, and a volunteer fascist Spanish division, into the initial invasion. Later, Germany’s SS Nazi units eventually amassed volunteers joining from nearly every corner of Hitler’s European Reich not already engaged, as many as Napoleon’s 20 European allies. Once again all Continental Europe were represented in the invasion then occupation of Soviet Russia. The mistakes of Napoleon recorded were unlearned by them. Nevertheless, they repeated similar delusions as in 1812, dreaming of a different outcome. They marched and drove their tanks towards their utter destruction and defeat by Soviet Russia in May 1945.

Under a Cancer sun, expect emotions to run very high in my reading of this two-day summit, a fateful gathering of NATO in Vilnius, Lithuania, not only under the influence of the Sun in highly emotional Cancer, but with the ruler of Cancer, the Moon, adding to it as it transits through 13-degrees of fixed and stubborn earth sign Taurus during the two days. It starts at 0 degrees Taurus on 7/11. By the end of the summit the following day, it will have advanced to 13 degrees Taurus.

The Moon in Taurus is most powerful as it is in a state of Exaltation and if enough positive aspects support it, a steadying of emotions is possible. It will bring up a desire to launch new projects, perhaps the NATO delegations will be in the mood to alter the course of this war. Dare I say peace proposals to the Russians will be coming after this summit?

Then again, these coming two days of destiny are besotted with a full spectrum of emotional astrological aspects that could drown out the good vibrations and Exaltations of the Taurean Moon.

True North will play an important role with the Moon in Taurus, as we will see, being that at 0 degrees Taurus is magnifies in conjunction the powers of the Moon. True North in astrology works like your destiny’s compass trying to find its true direction. I just heard Scott Ritter say on Ania K’s interview that this summit could be NATO’s “last war summit.” It could be a turning point. We will see.

If emotions run so high and expectant and so attached to intended outcomes, what force of rationality therefore will counterbalance an irrational dreaminess?

Mercury, the messenger of mind’s thoughts is also in Cancer at 29 degrees on 7/11 and 1-degree Leo on 7/12. Will it help the Sun in Cancer bring about balanced ideas to the table?

Diplomacy, by any other astrological name is Venus!

Will the assembled at LITEXPO be cool and collectively centered? Will they be seeing the other person’s point of view with enough compassion and understanding to bring compromise and balance?

Venus is in ardent Leo’s fire sign at 26 degrees on both days. Diplomats at this summit will be dramatic, theatrical, more actors than negotiators, playing the political propagator in this fixed Leontine sign in their passionate points of view. Romantic projections about Ukraine might dress and hide the buck-naked truth. They might be possessive of their point being taken over compromise. Will the powerful exaltation of a Taurean Moon find aspects to cool the dramatics down a bit?

Speaking of passions, martial passions, wishing for new starts, a new direction of policy in this war, and ways to dial it back, perhaps compelling the Russians to some freeze of the conflict, let Mars be your planet for all those potential dreams.

Mars, God of War, the explorer, the “take a jump” planet will stand with spear and shield on guard at 0 degrees Virgo in the sign of discernment, healing, harvesting whatever we plant, whether sweet or bitter the karma. If surgeons tend to be born with Mars in Virgo, what result can we expect from Mars in this war’s dressing station, leaning over his “operating table” trying to patch NATO together for two days in mid-July?

Now we move from the personal planets of the inner solar system to the transpersonal planets of the outer solar system. The focus changes. How will the world’s influences support or sabotage one’s personal beliefs and desires when merely studying “you” now expands to a study of “you” against, or in harmony with, the world?

On to the first outer planet. Time for either optimism, generosity, bounty, giving of the higher mindedness and higher education of the spirit, or all its mean and lower minded opposites.

It all depends on what Jupiter will aspect.

It is 10 degrees Taurus on 7/11 and 11 degrees on 7/12. Can we hope for the positive and expansive influence of Jupiter plotting this summit’s “true north” in Taurus conjoined perhaps by a cooler and collected emoting influence from the Moon in Taurus?

Saturn in Pisces at 6 degrees on 7/11-12 necessarily provides what dreamers resist: a Reality check. The karmic planet is passing through Pisces, the most karmic of signs. It is the ruler of the nine-tenths unconscious motivations of our one-tenth lived conscious lives. Media also, and mass communication does it influence as a collective messenger through the expression of culture and art forms. Will media be the message propagated or the reality faced? Our lives are like a movie that we either watch and learn from or get unconsciously lost in its dream world—its nightmare.

The delegations of NATO with Saturn in Pisces are as stuck as a body can be with this sign and planet when it comes to confronting and dealing with the demands of the present. NATO’s leaders are driving forward into this summit looking in the rearview mirror. This war is a testimony to an alliance that has sought expansion and become a karmic slave of expansion when reason for being an alliance is living a lie. It protests too much that it is a “defensive” alliance, denying every karmic and very offensive, step down the last 30 years to this World War III threshold.

NATO for “defense’s” sake advanced east to the Russian frontiers projecting an illusion that the Russians are now closer and closer, becoming more menacing as it they have advanced West when indeed it is you, NATO, being the menace, the aggressor gathering more and more Eastern European nations and their armies into your “defensive” alliance as it offensively advances right up to Russia’s backyard.

Saturn is in retrograde during this summit. Time for a hard review of your mistakes. Take responsibility for your actions and their karmic reactions for a change.

Russia didn’t deindustrialize Europe, you NATO Europeans did it to yourselves and the US, the boss of you, blew up Nord Stream pipelines, the source of your cheap and affordable natural gas coming from Russia.

You are under their repressive Saturnian control now. The US hegemon took away what cheap, naturally gassed resource from Russia that made a prosperous Europe possible. From riches to rags will Europe go whilst under the black hand of Saturn’s grim game. Mere vassals are you now, not sovereign nations anymore. The American hegemon has your collective spines framed on his trophy display wall!

Saturn tells the Truth to karma.

Saturn is only a grim reaper to those who can’t face fact, and up to now can’t empower themselves by taking responsibility for problems they’ve caused. For the Russians, who are taking responsibility for themselves in this war, Saturn is a friend. Saturn is always your friend in life if you face REALITY, learn from your mistakes and let go of your illusions about other countries, facing them as they are, in fact.

Which brings me to the Lord of Genius, Surprise and Chaos.

Uranus is 22 degrees in Taurus on 7/11-12. Time to start your long journey towards generating a new kind of peace agreement on humanitarian principles that advances “beyond the needs” of NATO.

Time to do something no European leadership has succeeded in doing since the Great Northern War of the early 1700s. Drop your myths about Russia, your Russian racist beliefs, your lust to break it up and exploit its people and resources like Charles XII of Sweden tried, then Napoleon tried, then Hitler and now you, NATO, are trying the same thing, and you are losing.

Uranus like Saturn is also asking you to make a reflective and retrograde move, away from the Russian frontiers. Why not take seriously for a change the 17 December 2021 delivery of Russia’s proposed draft agreement for a completely new security architecture. The Russians on the eve of this proxy war presented a completely new concept of mutual security in Europe rather than the NATO model that seeks its security at the cost of Russian security, the reason why you’ve advanced into a potential World War III with Russia over this fundamental point that the draft agreement specified as its cornerstone: “There can be no security for anyone if you seek security at the cost of the insecurity of others.”

Yes, you’ll have to think the unthinkable, Peace over European and Russian lands at the cost of NATO not being needed anymore. Think of this Uranian ingenious idea: Security for all achieves a peace for all that no longer needs a NATO in the name of Security, marching East to war.

Be warned, Uranus is in its detriment in Taurus.

For years now the ruler of Aquarian humanitarian revolution, and individual sovereignty, has its power turned against it to revolutionize new ways to take all freedom and sovereignty away from human beings.

Can you not see the darkness of totalitarianism descending on all democracies? It even unconsciously aims to threaten supplanting human intelligence by A.I. You the living are to step aside and make way for the Artificial Idiotic “intelligence” of soulless things who in the end result can only eradicate living human beings to achieve their usurpation of the Earth.

Revolution stands on its head with this square.

The powers that be are revolutionizing their ability to surveil privacy and crush what Uranus cherishes most if not in detriment, a world where everyone is equally unique and respected.

The Western democracies are such in name only. The former Communist hegemon the Soviet Union has died and been reborn as the Russian Federation which has more free speech than can be found in America. For example, I’ve been in the media since my first TV interview back 1987 that led to hundreds of interviews and documentaries broadcast across four continents. In Russia I can say what I think on many a Russian documentary in which I’ve appeared.

Not so in America these days.

American media reminds me of the now extinct, communist Soviet media. I’m being shadow banned, censored outright, or told by some shows to either self-censure what I really think, or not appear on their show.

Okay, it is time for a “Come to Neptune” spiritual revelation for NATO in the coming summit. This alliance is a prisoner of a past long dead, trying for 30 years to find a reason for being by constant and militarily threatening growth eastward up to the lair of the Russian momma bear who has no interest in coming all the way west to prey on your European civilization.

NATO, “you” are the predator.

Come to Neptune everyone, in Pisces 27 degrees and retrograde during this 7/11-12 summit.

Which brings me at last to the farthest outlying planet Pluto, 29 degrees Capricorn and how it influences the 500-pound gorilla in this summit, the core power that makes NATO exist, at the cost of rendering every other member as a mere vassal of its hegemonic interest. The “King Kong” United States right now is nearing the end of experiencing seven direct and retrograde passages of Pluto over its Natal position at the birth of the nation on 4 July 1776. One 248-year orbit of Pluto around the Sun defines the first American epoch.

When it comes down to it, no decision at this summit will proceed if the United States doesn’t approve of it. A new orbit of a new American epoch will start by first witnessing the collapse of the US dollar reserve currency hyperinflating the cost of hegemony to the point that this Atlas will drop his “sphere” of hegemonic “influence” completely by 2025. NATO as you are a “vassal-lating” part of that “sphere,” you are living on borrowed time.

And now with the introduction completed of our stellar cast of the solar system, we will begin our examination of the aspects starting with Conjunctions that magnify combined energies. We’ll follow that with Oppositions/Complementaries, as I call these, not just the tug of war between polarizing forces but also their potential positive role as opposites that attract and therefore can see energies dancing together rather than at odds. Then we look at the most important sign for growth, conscious suffering and transcendence, the Squares. We will give the semi-positive Sextiles a break and reach to the top, for the highest Trines, these most harmonious but equally these most “take things for granted” aspects.

For me, all aspects in Astrology have positive and negative potentials. For instance, if a square pains and travails, it is also the growing point of giving birth to a new evolution. If Ginger Rogers is at first in opposition to Fred Astaire’s wooing, a shared love of dancing by the end of the movie turns the two into perfect complementaries. Magnification of conjunctions can magnify the bad as much as bring power to good. And last but not least, give me Trines galore! Everybody wants their charts stuffed full of them. However, most everyone I’ve studied during my private readings, if their charts have to great an abundance of them along with few oppositions or squares, often they talk about how life seems easy and good but a bit boring and lacking in challenges. They can’t seem to poop or jump off the dunny. That’s when I start helping them make friends with the so-called negative aspects in their charts that are best suited to make them grow.

So with these unique astrological caveats in mind, we now begin by examining The Conjunctions… Complete reading this and get full access to all ten articles by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 08 July 2023

2023_Vilnius_summit_logo-SRC-Gitanas Nausėda-FREE

Part Two:

(11-12 July 2023)
An Astrological Assessment

The summit’s Grand T Square denotes a further loss to your hegemonic power through it is coming. Your vassals of NATO are all arguing at the summit, maybe they do it behind locked doors, but it isn’t pretty. And Uncle Sam the big 500-pound Gorilla when frustrated always doubles down on showing his superiority even as his power is slipping away.

You escalate this war, perhaps.

That’s the biggest temptation coming out of this oncoming mess of a NATO summit… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 26 June 2023
(UPDATED 08 July 2023)

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Lessons Learned?
While Russian Red Lines
Are soon to be Crossed
Causing accelerated Escalations

Wagner PMC (Private Military Company) was set up by Russian Military Intelligence, the GRU. Prigozhin is a figurehead only. He’s the businessman front the GRU set up like a CIA private military contractor that gives the Russian government some plausible deniability when it is used for “special operations.” Prigozhin made a ton of money playing this role of military contractor to the Russian Ministry of Defense, making the Russian equivalent of billions of dollars since 2014 when Wagner was set up.

“Think of Prigozhin as General Dynamics, like Lockheed or Raytheon,” added Johnson, “He is that kind of military contractor.”

Johnson said that Prigozhin did something extra, he cut side deals where the Wagner PMC could make money “outside of the Russian Ministry of Defense.”

Case in point, a Syrian Warlord paid mercenary money to Wagner to get his hands on a Conico oil field that was controlled by the Kurds. US forces guarding that oilfield found themselves being targets of a Wagner military operation. The US command based in Qatar with a joint air operation center stationed there call up their Russian opposites in the Syrian theater asking, “Are those people attacking our outpost your guys?!”

“Nope! Not our guys,” replied the Russians.

US air assets then came roaring in bombing and strafing the Wagners, killing a whole lot of them. I recall the incident, initially wondering if US jets killing hundreds of Russians would light the Middle East on fire. It didn’t and now I know why. Given what Johnson has revealed. He then pointed out that that incident was the start of Prigozhin’s bad blood boiling down the years against the Russian armed forces Chief of Staff, Gerasimov, and Shoigu, the Minister of Defense… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 08 July 2023


The official description for this photo says, “Escorted by Ukrainian officials, IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi together with his senior staff and the IAEA expert mission team tours Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant and its surrounding area during his second official visit to Ukraine. 29 March 2023.” Yes, he was escorted by Ukrainians, but they are Russian Ukrainians who worked the plant and are no longer supporting the Kiev regime that seeks to harm this plant and irradiate millions of Ukrainian and ethnic Russian “former” citizens of Ukraine. Photo Credit: Fredrik Dahl, IAEA ImageBank, © Creative Commons.

Either “Russia is the Hope” of the World
Or “Russia is” the Last Hope for the World

Pluto rules generational eras of time. It constructs the stage wherein all other astrological planets, the Moon and Sun are but the players. The stage changes as we pass into each of the twelve signs. An America birth in Capricorn brings about a travail and hopefully a rebirth or a “coming home moment” to the virtues of the US Constitution and democracy.

The next transit of Pluto happens in a retrograde motion over its 1776 natal position this October 2023. The Seventh and final, pass over Natal Pluto in Capricorn happens in October-November 2024 (during the presidential elections no less) before it will then leave Capricorn for Aquarius in December.

If ever there were astrological signs of a second American Revolution or reformation available, this is it! Hopefully it can be a peaceful end to the Deep State. I doubt it, but I hope for it. But it will be more like a repeat of the unhinging of the French, rather than the orderly process of the American, Revolution.

We could literally have the time frame in place revealed here when the revolution might happen… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 08 July 2023


Vornbach (Lower Bavaria). Monastery Church of the Assumption – high altar (1730) by Franz Joseph Ignaz Holzinger: excerpt – allegory of faith. Photo: Wolfgang Sauber, © Creative Commons.

And Finally:

The Great, 2,000-Year Age

Neill Barrett further wrote: “As I recall, years ago Senator Jim Inhofe brought a snowball into the Senate and declared, ‘Where’s the climate change??!!’ One of the conservatives (he’s also a former Marine) in my online gaming group has looked at the changes in the weather and said the same thing. Like in that video clip I linked you to, it looks like misinformation is winning out. It looks like one of our painful transitions in the Aquarian Age is moving away from belief systems, because that’s one thing that gets in the way of talking to conservatives about this…”

This is my answer… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

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