A World War III through Iran Reading and how to Stop it. Birth of US Embassy in Jerusalem: A Shockingly dire Astrology “Life” Reading for the Future of Israel. How to Interpret Nostradamus—Lesson 2. Gulf Stream Running Amok and Dating the Next Hawaiian Volcano Eruption. Finally, Osho’s Prophecy for 1970-2020: Either a Spiritual Movement Sweeps Earth or Irreligion and Rampant Materialism destroys Humanity.

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Lava rivers in Hawaii’s first major eruption since 1924. Source: USGS

DATELINE: 21 May 2018

POTPOURRI FORECASTS: Trump Administration Blind’s Climate Science Further. Net Neutrality Ends unless You Act. Many Nations have Novichok Nerve Agent. Brace for Memorial Day Florida Floods. Malaysian Flight 370 Mystery solved? And the First major “New Moon”-induced Hawaiian Steam Eruption: What’s Next?

Flat global warming US Government Earthers defund climate science atmospheric watchdogs. In short, the future of climate science is now decided on what President Trump sees as weather outside his White House window. NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System (CMS), is a program that tracks rising levels of greenhouse gases carbon and methane, proving manmade tampering with the atmosphere matches the heating up of the planet’s atmosphere. If you are a government that’s made climate change denial your policy, you must silence such services to the world and the public and hide your heinous act behind the excuse of saving the meagre $10 million annual budget the CMS uses. It’s a small pittance spent to alert the world of planetary climate change dangers that will damage the world in tens of trillions of dollars! But hey, climate change ostriches dwell in the White House with heads in sand.

The journal Science called the shut down the latest suppression of fact in a “broad attack on climate science” by the Trump White House. The Daily Mail added, “Experts say the program was integral to measuring emissions and making sure the—US is complying with the Paris climate accord regulations.”

When denial gains political power it uses it to bury the nation’s collective head where the sun never shines. I don’t see a tiger about to eat me, says the government man with his hands safely over his eyes. That’s what the Trump Administration just did to all of us in the second most Earth gassing and polluting nation on Earth. We are a nation of “Ignore”-ance.

Now to further news of the British Government’s unraveling case against Russia poisoning a couple in Salisbury UK with Novichok nerve agent. Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson fomented furiously that ONLY Russia had Novichok to purportedly poison former Soviet double agent Sergei and daughter Yulia Skripal. They did so early on despite the poison specialists at Porton Downs laboratory saying they couldn’t identify the nerve agent used as Russian.

Theresa and Boris are “bad enough” as the cartoon duo from Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons caricatures. May breathlessly and Boris rambling rumbling proclaim that only Russia has such agents, delivery capability and motive. They have yet to explain or prove why the Russian government would try killing a double agent Sergei Skripal during the Soviet era living in England for 18 years when eight years a prisoner in Russia he could have had an “accidental” death and disappearance.

Since I stated in my Skripal article that many nations possess Novichok, governments are coming forth to admit as much. For instance, Milos Zeman, the President of Czech Republic, has admitted his country had a different strain of Novichok in its labs than that discovered in Salisbury UK. Currently Der Spiegel reports that the German Government labs in Berlin received strains from a Russian source back in the mid-1990s and passed the formula and ingredient samples to all other member nations of NATO including the United States that admit they have stocks of Novichok. That adds another 29 Novichok harboring countries to the list!

British Prime Minister Teresa May(Day!) and the Foreign Minister, Boris (the Bozo Clown) Johnson’s claims of Russia being the only source is just one of many of their statements unravelling about the Skripal poisoning case as I forecast would happen. (See Novichok). Yet there’s Boris before the cameras sometimes waxing in earnest like he’s doing a rumbling version of “Cardinal” Gary Palin screeching, “Confess…CONFESS!” at Russia in his sad, Monty Python-like version of his, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” bum rush to sanction, with no evidence. Such is the growing looniness of Western world leaders who shoot their mouths or their missiles off first before collecting evidence.

One wonders if they’ll someday launch World War III on an untested hunch.

Now to Scotland’s “Uk!” moment with the House of Commons

A looming constitutional crisis between Scotland and UK Parliaments may be step one in reengaging what I’ve long foreseen since 2013 is a future breakup of the United Kingdom. I began accurately predicting Scotland gambling on an independence referendum that later happened in September 2014 “and” the people of Britain voting for Brexit in June 2016.

On 15 May 2018, the Scottish Parliament voted 93 to 30 to reject the EU withdrawal bill causing a UK constitutional crisis. Scotland is at loggerheads with the British House of Commons set to debate that bill towards the end of momentous May. The Scots, the Welsh and Northern Irelanders voted against Brexit in June 2015 and remain staunchly against leaving the European Union.

Brexit if a hard version goes through will break up over three centuries of United Kingdom rule. Wave bye-bye to the British Union Jack flying over Britain as “Britain” is still on track to be one of many states, governments, economic models and institutions of our faltering civilization destined to disappear.

Now a word about your Internet’s future.

The FCC is set to end Net Neutrality on 11 June 2018

This week, a glimmer of hope. The Senate voted to pass a bill to override the FCC from doing that. The bill now goes to the House of Representatives for a vote this “milestone” May. Google all and any petitions out there to support stopping the FCC. Try Change.org for one. Email your representatives in the House of Representatives. If you support Trump and love your small business thriving online—especially in Red State rural areas that are most vulnerable—and not being slowed down to an “out of business” speed, write Trump in the White House and remind him this is not how to make American Great again for his core voters that put him there. Don’t veto this bill!

End this monstrous move to turn the Internet into a class system where you are the serfs of surfing the Internet, where rural areas get less service than the urban areas, where your websites everywhere are denied access to corporate networks and your speed of search hobbled by elite specially interests that steal your internet access and bandwidth speed.

Click on this link and check out my newest book release in eBook and Printed Editions.

Click on this link and check out my newest book release in eBook and Printed Editions.

Make the future I’ve foreseen becomes your reality. You can read it in Predictions 2018: Plus, the US Midterm Election Forecast. I foresee Net Neutrality being eventually restored to the people but with a caveat. A greater obstacle to free use of the Internet commons will remain lurking—something cyber fascist, something I’ve named Adolf Algorithm.

Now to a prelude to Hurricane Season forecasts.

In the above book, one of the ten prophecies put the world, and especially the Southern US Gulf States and Florida, on notice that you are about to face the Big Wet hurricane season of 2018. It will be sometimes unorthodox, like mostly Floridians will face soon. Hurricane-like rain flooding not coming from hurricanes, starting around next Wednesday. Florida will experience shortly after the third and through the fourth weekend of May a sustain subtropical moisture flooding sky. Hooray! Your drought will end, but brace for a flooding impact up to and beyond Memorial Day weekend.

Now at long last, a solution to the Malaysian Flight 370 disappearance mystery… READ THE REST>>>Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 6 articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare belonging to Wave Two of May’s three waves of articles while contributing the financing needed to relaunch a new HogueProphecy.com this summer. Put Wave Two May 2018 in the memo line.

DATELINE: 21 May 2018

Melodi’s Tarot Reading about World War III inspired an Important Oracular Message about how It can be Stopped

On 9 May, good friend and long-time Hogueprophecy reader, Melodi Grundy in Ireland sent me the text to her world card reading while I was working on the May Articles 2018 Wave One of the three planned for this momentous month in history. Melodi in her email stated that she knew I was in the midst of writing what became an epic, 11,152-word article on the far-reaching consequences set in motion by Trump abandoning the Iranian peace deal, to which I replied:

Hi Melodi…Yesterday I took the transcript of Trump’s historic announcement and inserted comments that flew out of me like a flood in two hours of writing. My initial reply ended up 5,317 words long! I’m cleaning it up and expanding it further… My days begin at 10 am and end around 3 am. My energy is good. I take “complete stop” sitting meditations in-between 2-hour sessions and I will step out into the luminous sunlit evenings of this northern clime on long and deeply meditative walks in the countryside that sustain my being in the cosmos. In short, I sustain a harmony by balancing the witnessing of intense concentration of the mind with the witnessing of “no mind.”

On “impulse” this morning I did a card reading for a forum I’m on (first in over a year) and asked the question:

Will there be a Third World War in the Next Two years?

I good question indeed. Trump’s decision has taken the world a whole lot closer. But then, at the edge of an abyss is often where breakthroughs happen. Consider the myth of Frodo at the crack of doom.

I’m just copying my forum post for what I got, I hope this is wrong; but it has me concerned—[signed] Melodi in Ireland

Thanks for sharing it with me! I’m further inserting my comments and will publish both as a feature article for Wave Two of articles in May.


Will there be a Third World War in the next two years?

OK, I wrote this once already (took 20 minutes) and it went “poof” so I’m going to do it again but it may be shorter and to the point.

I did a simple card reading with 8 cards and the above question, I didn’t ask about nukes or other stuff, I just ask the one question.

Card One: FORTUNE—this has come up before in world readings, usually it is about money, fortunes, luck and has often signified the fate of great fortunes and/or money.

Economics is the key. In the next two years, which your reading covers, global economics will experience a major, era-changing upheaval with the Fiat system. The Fortune card represents humanity’s financial and economic system in peril from its systemic flaws, neglected and ignored. When systems start cracking people should start “acting” responding or systems like Fiat fall down. Such a situation can be followed by war. Or worse, wars are used as a distraction to avoid facing economic breakdowns coming, or political deadlocks brewing.

Card Two: THE STARS—making connections, patterns forming, things coming together—can also be “reach for the stars and/or even a Space Connection/Space Weapons/Race etc.

Or ICBMs descending out of the stars to hit cities, a fulfillment potential of Pastor Bartholomeus’ prophecies I introduced in A New Cold War back in April 2014. This contemporary German contemporary of the French Nostradamus foresaw people harnessing the power to take stars from the sky and throw them down on cities.

The power of “stars” is fusion.

He might be trying to describe thermonuclear ‘fusion’ weapons. That, at least is the worst-case scenario potential.

Remember, nothing is set in stone, because life is dynamic, alive, it is changeable. Even stones are alive and change, though slowly. The future can change because we are ever a consciousness observing the perpetual change around out periphery of being. Even publishing the danger of nuclear war read by many thousands is already affecting a change in the future.

Card Three: MOTHER—a maternal energy, a strong women leader, protective energy (including protectionism) and female-identified countries like Mother Russia, Britannia, Columbia (Canada or the US), etc.

This is Mother Russia, the Hope of the World as Cayce foresaw. I’m seeing now more clearly that Putin and Russia are the hope of the world. Not because of their politics but because Russia knows what catastrophic loss is. They are still haunted by what happened to them in 1941-1945. It’s the “other Holocaust” that few in Western cultures are taught about. We know about the Holocaust that tried to wipe out Jews of Europe, but this holocaust was far greater in loss of human life, the one Hitler unleashed on the Russian Slavs. If Hitler had won, he intended to cull 40 million more Russians beyond those he killed in his invasion of the Soviet Union.

In the end Soviet Russia nearly lost half of all the people killed in the Second World War: 27 million people, with 14 million injured and wounded and 6 million captured and taken to Germany for slave labor or crowded into concentration camps. Only 2 million of these slave laborers survived.

Yes! The Russians know something about catastrophic war and it has made them the last people on this planet prideful and blind enough to make war a perpetuated DEATH business like Americans have. The American loss of life in its four-year engagement in the Second World War, though terrible, would only match what the Russians lost in the first month of the Nazi invasion in June 1941: 400,000 killed!

It is America’s turn to be the catalyst of evil in the world because it’s people have let themselves descend into ignorance and surrender their rights to a new corporate-based fascism rapidly overtaking this country. Read this well, for this author may disappear with a knock on the door one night.

Russia knows catastrophic war and it is Russia that will do its utmost to prevent this war from happening by remaining stalwart and rational as America’s leadership is going mad.

What else can I call American leadership?

The gullible president is in the clutches of John Bolton—I rest my case on this certifiably insane chief of the NSA. Bolton’s words were stuffed into Trump’s pouting mouth on 8 May when the US was taken out of the Iran nuclear deal. Trump, the blind channel is channeling the madness of “king” Bolton.

Card Four: THE BEAST—raging and angry emotions, things going totally out of control; anger, jealousy, rage, hate, violence etc. and it is a DRAGON, which can mean Asia or other Dragon identified places (Wales for example/King Arthur)

The dragon is also Earth’s kundalini being stirred at the end of this grand cycle of ages. There is more energy coming to all life on this planet. There are far too many using that energy to fill the psycho-sphere with mind noise and emotional repressions. The Mind Plague, as I call it, is on. That’s why more acts of madness, mass shootings, etc. are happening. People who are more unconscious but psychically vulnerable are acting crazy. Our leaders are acting crazier than usual.

A-Spiritual-Rebel-Cover-125x188-thumb-33kbMeditation is the only cure and sustaining antidote. That is why I promote it so much to my readers. Meditation is the Noah’s Ark of Consciousness that Osho was foreseeing as a core need for a new humanity awakening to balance out the majority old humanity that seems hell-bent on auto-suicidal behavior in our near future.

Putin, I’ve discovered, is a meditator. His meditative path is through the martial art of Judo. He’s perhaps the only major world leader who even knows one wit about the “medicine” of Meditation for modern-mad mankind. Have you ever noticed how calm and even serene he is under pressure? He’s centered. He doesn’t act on impulse. In such times, a world leader like this can potentially bring to balance the madness of other leaders because in his case, meditation teaches him “response” ability.

Card Five: DEATH—usually means a final ending of something but can also mean DEATH itself.

Back we go to the hidden blessing of a human civilization faced with death at the edge of the abyss of nuclear war and global warming. Humanity is also facing the end of fundamental but systemically flawed structures of civilization such as economics, religion, ego-based and identity-toxic education. We must break free from the prehistoric past, the caveman’s view of Nature needing further conquering. Today Nature is no all-prehistorically powerful. Nature has been hit, vanquished. She’s on the ground and modern “caveman” men and women are lost in an ancient habit, kicking Mother Nature to death, at their own peril.

The Death Card also brings death to organized religions and the death of all their variations in dogma of an imaginary friend called “God” through a spiritual rebellion that has meditation as its core witness of the world in you, in me, in all people. God belief has made humanity hate and fear the natural and feel guilty.

The priests of religions are God’s mafia on Earth, keeping you down in fear, in schizophrenic divisions separating Earth from its equal divinity with the heavens. How else can you mindlessly destroy Nature if deep down you haven’t believed what the priests tell you and use and abuse this Earth because it is the place of devilish sin rather than your home to tend to and cherish? Without Earth’s roots, your tree of divine life reaches for the divine stars and will fall.

God is a Dead dream—your nightmare.

Drop the nightmare.

Let humanity live its innate “Godliness.”

Godliness only needs us to turn in and recognize what’s already there, always, EverNow.

Card Six: THE WARRIOR—usually a strong person who is a defender, but the actual card shows an experienced warrior in full armor, weapon drawn and ready (but in the stand down position) he is defending a military camp—can mean WAR or WARRIORS/SOLDIERS in this sort of context—also DEFENSIVE WAR… READ THE REST>>>Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 6 articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare belonging to Wave Two of May’s three waves of articles while contributing the financing needed to relaunch a new HogueProphecy.com this summer. Put Wave Two May 2018 in the memo line.

DATELINE: 21 May 2018

14 May 2018, a crossroad for Israel’s Future when a US Embassy in Jerusalem “The City of Peace” was opened and thousands of unarmed Palestinians Fell to Live Israeli Ammunition on the 70th Anniversary of the Birth of the Jewish State

“Whadda great day!” exulted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the ceremony opening the US Embassy in Jerusalem on the birthday of the Jewish State.

It all depends which Semite you are how great that day was. If you are a Jewish Semite in a Jewish National Socialist state, as Israel is rapidly becoming, for now, things never have been this good. You’re in the heyday before the fall that Aryan national socialists enjoyed back in the mid-to-late 1930s. Then came an apocalyptic war that their racism ignited. The same is looming for Israeli Semites.

Southwest of Jerusalem in the largest Semite ghetto prison called the Gaza Strip and just a few miles east of Jerusalem’s embassy ceremony in the Jewish army occupied Palestinian West Bank region, there erupted the bloodiest single day of Arab on Jewish Semite street riots since 2014. Israeli soldiers killed over 60 Palestinians mostly in Gaza demonstrations along the barbwire-strung border of the Ghetto prison crowding two million Palestinians in an open urban prison. Of the over 100,000 people amassing on the heavily guarded border, Jewish Semite military snipers with order to maim, killed 60 and over 2,000 wounded. As far as details are coming out from the Gaza hospitals, those Jewish Israeli guns killed 7 minors (1 of them a girl). Of the 2,771 reported injured so far, 1,359 people were shot using live ammo. Of these, at least 130 are in critical/serious condition so expect the death toll to greatly rise, because Gaza’s hospitals are under a blockade. Medical supplies are specifically blocked by the Israeli Army and Navy, closing all access.

The Israeli forces don’t differentiate between shooting at women and children, or members wearing the Red Crescent that, just like the Red Cross, a civilized force never fires upon. A total of 225 minors and 79 women were reported injured. One paramedic was killed and 17 others were injured by Israeli snipers playing target practice on them as they tried to save the wounded.

The vast majority of these killed and injured were unarmed and peacefully demonstrating at least 300 meters from the line of Israeli Army defenses. Though a handful of Palestinian youths and women were flinging rocks and slingshots, none of which came close to hitting any Jewish Defense Forces soldiers, live ammunition was poured into the civilian masses all the same in this despicable, overkilling reaction.

But hey, 14 May, US Embassy and Israel’s birth day, is a great day for Zionist supremacists, like all the seven Friday’s before it that’s killed now over 130 and injured 12,000 Palestinians with once again nary a single Jewish soldier getting as much as a hangnail from clearing the hot bullet cartridges out of the breach of his or her gun.

This seventieth anniversary of the birth of the Jewish State has birthed a dark future ahead.

Thus I now compare the birth chart from 70 years earlier on 14 May 1948 with the planetary aspects of 14 May 2018 and what it has “birthed.”

Here is a brief overview of what I found… READ THE REST>>>Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 6 articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare belonging to Wave Two of May’s three waves of articles while contributing the financing needed to relaunch a new HogueProphecy.com this summer. Put Wave Two May 2018 in the memo line.

DATELINE: 21 May 2018

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Click on this link and read a free sample.

How to Interpret Nostradamus—Lesson 2

There are between 20,000 to 50,000 one man or one-woman websites out there around the world. That’s at least 20,000 to 50,000 serious amateurs and published “professionals” laying out their interpretations of Nostradamus. The question for our lesson today is: how do you judge who among these are real professionals?

There is no Nostradamus U, no universities granting one a diploma. Since Nostradamus never sought or gained a diploma for what he did, he is essentially no different as the catalyst of all this 4.5 centuries of debate than his interpreters—all of which, including Nostradamus himself, were amateur experts. Nostradamus’ “hobby” was foreseeing the future and playing with all the occult divination books and tools he collected on his many journeys throughout France, Spain and Renaissance Italy in search of botanical, medicinal and occult knowledge.

The tools of media gathering have advanced, but we are all essentially like him, doing the same, a hobby for some—a hobby that turned into a 30-year study for others, like myself with over 150 Nostradamus-related appearances on documentaries produced on four continents and a writing career of 46 published books and counting. Now who would have predicted that? J

Nostradamus became seen as an “Expert” like a handful of us Nostradamian amateurs morphed into when he began publishing his hobby into highly successful, widely read almanacs, produced each year from 1550 to his death in 1566. In 1555 he produced a serialization of “The Prophecies” his magnum opus where most of the prose and verse prophecies we’ve been reading derived.

What made him an “expert” was the popular interest in his visions and the test of time aided by what he started, the Nostradamus interpretation business, alive and thriving to this day.

Indeed it has never been better. The world is full of “sooth” Sleuths and sleuthsayers, the clear majority of which have not been tested by time and events. I’m one of a handful publishing my articles and books on Nostradamus since 1983 (35 years and counting). Maybe a few of you reading this at the beginning of your interest may accomplish the same 35 years hence.

For what it’s worth, I’m a survivor. I’ve seen many a popular author come and go, mostly on average in three years’ time. I’ve lived through two generations of Nostradamians and can only say that being a surviving translator of Nostradamus is among the few professions where age and experience can make the wine of your interpretations at least more intoxicating and alluring.

I would say the same thing about anyone who is an avid reader of people like me. They become more experienced through trial and error. They embrace at first Nostradamian scholars that initially inspire and sound like their insights are breakthroughs, I know I did when I started reading Nostradamus seriously in 1974 after finishing senior year in High School. But when I look back at what I read in the beginning, it sort of looks like what Emily and Bert once shared on my Facebook public page in an exultation of the inexperienced being inspired by an unseasoned “expert” on Internet named after a dam-building rodent:

Check out “Naughty Beaver” on YouTube if you haven’t already. He does AMAZING Nostradamus clips and shows his extensive research through Nostradamus. It’s his prediction that world will end according to Nostradamus if you map out his quatrains with what’s going on in Earth and in Space. All these people giving out dates are false profits as there are no dates. There are only key markers to have an approximate timing of end days. Certain key events have to align themselves perfectly to know the end. According to him there is still plenty of time. However he did predict things will get worse than they are now in 2 years. 2020 is a marker for another world news worthy event. Even in star trek the world doesn’t end till 2060.

Excellent analysis…thanks!

Hi Emily. Thanks for sharing this and thanks, Bert, for your comment.

As someone who studied the original sixteenth-century works of Nostradamus over 30 years, your comment about the “Naughty Beaver” gives me a chance to illuminate what happens when people “Leave it to Beaver” to sort out Nostradamus.

Yep! There’s trouble with the Naughty “Beev.” LOL… READ THE REST>>>Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 6 articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare belonging to Wave Two of May’s three waves of articles while contributing the financing needed to relaunch a new HogueProphecy.com this summer. Put Wave Two May 2018 in the memo line.

DATELINE: 21 May 2018


Source: RedAndr, self-made used map from http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/image/2minrelief.html

Earth Day platitudes as the Gulfstream Current is Running A.m.o.c.

My Oracle is most compassionately intolerant with our Earth Day 2018 celebrations around the world. Every 22 April for decades becomes the Easter-cum-Christmas “holiday” to gather together on 22 April of each year to make show protest for a few hours on one day every 365 days against the parasitic war of humanity against its only, fragile home in the Universe. Merry Earth day everybody and a happy new year. Go hug a tree once a year. Gather your children to rallies and parties and meetings where rather than our kids learning the well-meaning and intended teaching lesson—to love and be aware of the Earth and to be its guardians, gardeners caring for Mother Earth—this Mother Earth Day just becomes another Mother’s Day, a once-in-a year gesture of robotic, ritual caring.

This is what we’re unintentionally teaching our children, to be one-day wonders when loving mothers and loving the Earth. A child is still in touch with its innocent intelligence, recently removed from the whole blissful existence, not to train innocent intelligence upon our hypocrisies. Even if they can’t wrap their lips around saying that big hypoo..christy…word like the giant grownups that dominate their world, they feel its essential meaning wordlessly. They see mom. dad and all the other mom-and-dad sheeple giving one day to their grievances and hopes and promise to politicly fight for their lives, their children’s lives and the life of humanity on this fever-stricken, and human abused planet.

The rallies end. The children are gathered up with their parents. They watch us taking them back to our polluting cars for a gas guzzling drive home. They watch mom make steaks or meaty hamburgers for dinner. They might as well drive a “stake” through the heart of Mother Earth’s ability to keep the climate in balance. Meat, poultry and fish will be consumed on Earth Day and all the other 365 days. Pass the meat plates with the platitudes about fossil fuels and oceans being fished out, and cow and pig farts being the number one contributor to Global Warming requiring we drop eating them to save every child’s future.

The children are watching us and learning from us that if you want to get along in life, if you want the giant parents and people to love you, you must pretend like you are them for that love to keep coming. With time you kids forget your childish game and become the same hypocrites.

True, there are always those rebellious few children who grow up activists for changing human behavior to save humanity’s future, but they are few, and you Sunday Church, or Easter Holiday, or Christmas Earth Day worshipping parents are minion, like the Christians who forget about Christ’s teachings seven days a week except when they’re dozing off Sunday morning in Church. Or worse, they’re like most of your Earth Day celebrators. They “Easter Bunny” Christians only go to Church once a year to touch base with heaven over hell fears at least once a year. Or you’re like Santa Claus Christians, going to church once a year on Christmas Eve to placate your imaginary friend for adults called “God.”

You have made the Earth you live on, this Earth in peril, your Imaginary Earth—a dream soon to become Global Warming’s nightmare because your vigilance is only a one-day wonder throughout an entire year, and you don’t change your lives to save this planet. You don’t rise and change your Earth raping governments and nations.

If you don’t rise in an Earth Revolution, ever Goddamned Earth Day, 365 a year, you will fall into a warming Dark Age with a world on fire.

But soft! In yonder hypocrisy aches!

My Oracle sees through this automatic virtue reflex and does not fault any of us. It knows why we do this. It is programming. No one is at fault because to be at fault, you and I need to be “present” and “fully conscious.” Sleepwalkers are not responsible for themselves.

So you aren’t to blame.

You’re just not “there” here and now and bringing your full potential for intelligence and love to the challenges of life at hand.

A very significant development was reported on Earth Day, 22 in this year of 2018… READ THE REST>>>Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 6 articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare belonging to Wave Two of May’s three waves of articles while contributing the financing needed to relaunch a new HogueProphecy.com this summer. Put Wave Two May 2018 in the memo line.

DATELINE: 21 May 2018


Osho’s Prophecy: In the next 50 Years (1970-2020) either a massive Spiritual Movement Sweeps the Earth or Humanity is Destroyed by Irreligion and Rampant Materialism

Here is a prophecy from Osho. He is not today known for his prophecies, but I foresee the future will know his breathtaking accuracy. This, along with his era beginning spiritual revolution that has made a clean break with all past traditions of human enlightenment, will outlive the current and puerile misunderstanding of his teachings that make him the star player in the present day rage of interest about his life, his works and controversies, the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country. It spent more time obsessing on the sensational rise and fall of the Oregon Commune of the 1980s under the rule of its Judas, its betrayer of the master and disciples, Ma Anand Sheela, and her gang of conspirators.

As an “insider”—somebody who lived as a resident of Osho’s Oregon Commune, I recognize that this documentary created by outsiders would overlook the real magic of what attracted all those people you mostly see in the background as supernumeraries in its Sheela saga.

It would be like a documentary filmed by outsiders 2,000 years ago that fixated only on Judas Iscariot’s crimes and punishments that pushed the disciples and thousands flocking to Jesus Christ as background crowds to the more familiar rise and fall of the “Judas” story.

Outsiders only see what outsiders do—miss the intimate moment by putting up walls, by remaining on the periphery of the heart of what’s happening.

Sheela was exactly that, by her own admission in the documentary but the documentarians lost the thread of the next important story. If you dropped meditation, and meditation was the claimed core reason why all those people were around Osho, let Sheela shuffle back to Switzerland and sort her self-destruction out. Why not explore just what Osho and that “meditation” was that she missed, that she indirectly tried to destroy?

A-Spiritual-Rebel-Cover-125x188-thumb-33kbYou can read much more about my insider’s view of life with Osho in the first publication of several prophecy/autobiographical books planned, A Spiritual Rebel’s Manifesto: Climb Aboard the Noah’s Ark of Consciousness. For now I want to introduce a side of Osho that even many of his sincere devotees don’t know about. His role as a future visionary of a new humanity that could be born out of an evolutionary crisis, that, when he started talking about it in the early 1970s, seemed far off.

That was then. The looming deadline is our “now” and we are all “here” on its threshold.

It is a crisis of evolution with an open-ended future we have yet to give birth to or kill in the actions born in the eternity of the present. The deadline of time and mind’s making is very near.


Now a handful of people will be of no help in matters spiritual. Unless a mighty spirituality is born, unless a mighty and massive spiritual movement sweeps the earth, making its impact on millions of people, it will be impossible to save the world from the mire of materialism. It will be a very, very momentous moment in man’s life; the coming fifty years are going to be fateful and decisive. Either religion will live, or stark irreligion, all that is against religion, will live. These fifty years will also decide about Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, Rama and the rest of them. All these luminaries will be on one side of the scales while on the other side will be the large crowd of insane politicians, materialists and other ignorant people bent on deluding themselves and others too. They are in huge numbers, while only a handful of people will be on one side of the arraignment. And in fifty years’ time the decision will be made.

The struggle that has been going on from time immemorial has reached its moment of decision. And looking at the situation as it obtains at present, there is not much hope. But I am not disappointed because it seems to me that very soon a simple and natural and easy way can be found which will revolutionize the lives of millions of people spiritually.

A few individuals can be of no help in the present times. In olden times it was enough if only one person became enlightened. Now this won’t do. In view of the tremendous explosion of population taking place in the world, a few individuals cannot do a thing. Now something tangible can be possible only if, commensurate with the huge population, hundreds of thousands of people are influenced and involved in spiritualism. And it is possible as I see it. If a few people form a nucleus and begin the work, then India can play a significant role in that momentous fight. No matter how poor and miserable, how degraded and slavish, how misled and misguided this country has been, yet this land has some well-preserved treasures with it.

Down the centuries such people have walked this land that their light, their fragrance, their longings have left their vibes in the air, have left their imprint on every blade of grass here. Man has of course gone wrong, but the dust of this land still remembers Buddha’s feet walking it. Man of this country has gone wrong, but the trees still cherish the memory that Mahavira had once stood in their shade. Man has really gone wrong, but the seas surrounding this country still know a different voice they had heard in the past. Man has no doubt gone astray, but the skies of this country are still full of hopes. Everything is there, only man has to come back home.

Of late, I have been constantly praying with the hope that collective explosion in the lives of millions of people may be possible. And you can be of great help in this endeavor. Such explosion in your own life will have immense value not only for you, but for all mankind. With this hope and prayer that you will not only light your own lamps, but that your light will help other extinguished lamps to be lighted, I bid you farewell.

I am grateful to you for having listened to me in peace and with such love, and I bow down to God sitting within each one of you. Please accept my salutation.

Osho, In Search of the Miraculous Vol 1, Ch 8, Q 2
(Excerpt, translated from Hindi)
First title ‘The Mystic Experience’ (Jin Khoja Tin Paiyan),
Discourse given at a meditation camp in Nargol on May 5, 1970.

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