Syrian Missile Strikes! Prepare for a “Thawing” of this New Cold War with Weapons of Mass-Minded Confusion. Plus the UK Skripal Novichok Poisoning; the Outcome of the Trump Trade War with China foreseen 2 Years, 5 Months before it Started; Newsweek being News “Weak”; And finally, Memories that Define us can Sustain and Grow the Enlightenment in us.

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Click on this link and read a book written in April 2017 that reads like it was written today about Syria and North Korean flashpoints possibly causing a nuclear weapons crisis.

Click on this link and read a book written in April 2017 that reads like it was written today about Syria and North Korean flashpoints possibly causing a nuclear weapons crisis.

DATELINE: 16 April 2018

Trump Strikes Syria on Friday the 13th! Unlucky Stars could Foretell an Unraveling of the Best Laid False Flags

In this first article about Trump’s attack on Syria on Friday the 13th 2018 (Pacific Time), I’m laying down the foundation of initial facts that I know. Especially the information and non-politically approved questions you won’t hear offered on Western mainstream news networks. Moreover, I’m not a corporate lackey. I get my funding from my readers and not from the military industrial complex or US corporate oligarchs. It’s not nice to question Daddy War bucks. But that’s what consistently does and I presume that’s why you are reading this to get some fresh air in your intake of the usual eye-witless corporate news.

Click on this link and check out my newest book release in eBook and Printed Editions.

Click on this link and check out my newest book release in eBook and Printed Editions.

Here’s the basics: President Trump “trumpeted” on US news outlets at 9pm (EST) 13 Friday 2018 that US, UK and French air and missile assets launched anywhere from the US statement of 105 to the Russians saying 103 tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria. Their missile platforms consisted of US naval frigates, B-1 Bombers, as well as wing-fired British and ship-fired French cruise missiles, most of which were launched well off Syria’s Eastern Mediterranean coastline over international waters. This was done to punish the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad for an alleged chemical weapons attack earlier in April of civilians trapped in the last, shrinking enclave in rebel-held al-Douma, east of the capital of Damascus.

The Pentagon briefing held by Department of Defense and former Marine General “Mad Dog” Mattis followed Trump’s “bomb-blastic” announcement saying initially that a wide range of chemical weapons research, development and storage facilities were targeted across eastern Syria. Over the next 24 hours, news network maps depicting dozens of little missile blast explosions across Syria were replaced with maps showing only three facilities struck by this swarm of missiles. The Russian Defense Ministry reported there were eight targeted sites.

Over the last 44 hours I have tracked down a lot of raw footage checking against what was broadcast by Syrian government and Russian TV sources of many US missiles being blown to bits by Syrian missile defenses. I can only conclude that a whole lot of footage shows many US cruise missiles “didn’t” reach their targets. The Russians Defense Ministry declared that none of their advanced S-400 anti-missile systems stationed in Syria were used. The Syrian Government stated that all destroyed US missiles were shot down by antiquated Soviet era Syrian missile defenses.

When propaganda trumps critical reporting it’s what you don’t see or hear said on TV that hints what really happened. For instance, you don’t see the 24-hour US cable networks spending the same hour after hour time coverage of this story through the day following a story as potentially big as the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

I’m certain if indeed dozens of Syrian command centers and installations had been obliterated, Pentagon targeting maps on TV wouldn’t have undergone a rapid scale down of the target hit. We would have seen no end of posted satellite images or the footage of wreckage rerun for days to celebrate the potency of American military might. I have yet to see any Pentagon briefing drone footage showing us Syrian installations being obliterated by cruise missiles like I saw during the Gulf War in 1991 and recently when US and NATO jets were taking down Libya’s infrastructure in 2011.

What I did see randomly broadcast on Saturday morning was one half-destroyed medical research center outside of Damascus. One hundred and five cruise missiles fired, a third of which must have targeted this little cluster of buildings if the US was only targeting three sites, yet no one was killed.

Trump may have done more that tweeting out an imminent attack that gave the Syrians and Russian time to evacuate installations and command centers. I’m tracking a story that Trump might have directly informed Putin and his Syrian allies the strike was indeed coming in three days. The Russian Defense Ministry declared afterwards that no Russian S-400 missile defense systems were fired. This is the most advanced anti-missile defense system in the world and apparently no US missiles targeted them.

Did Putin give Trump something for warning in advance?

One could say the cautious Russian leader does not want to reveal just how accurate his system is until Russians are fired upon. Only then would you reveal your “trump” card to US intelligence then finding countermeasures. Still, Russia wants to sell its S-400s on the war market. You only get customers by testing your armaments in these proxy wars of superpowers. The important difference here is, this is the first proxy war where US and Russian forces face each other eye to eye, rather than test their weapons through proxies. No, there won’t be any firing of the S-400 unless the US and its allies are stupid enough to engage Russian forces stationed in Syria and patrolling Syrian waters.

Click on this link and sample this new book about moving beyond political parties to political community.

Click on this link and sample this new book about moving beyond political parties to political community.

Honesty I don’t see the evidence coming from the Pentagon or viewed from the ground to back up 103 to 105 cruise missiles making destructive mayhem out of Assad’s purported chemical weapons research, manufacture and storage network, or his command and control centers. Before noon (Pacific Time) on the following day of the overnight attack, the US network coverage rapidly retreated to other ratings-rich, supposition and punditry richer, stories about former FBI Comey’s release of a new tell-all book, or a return to another recycled new wave about Trump’s Bimbo-gate.

Move along couch potatoes. Nothing to show here about Syria.

Move along you boob-tuber potato heads to FBI boobs and silicone boob shots of porn stars and call girls Trump may have bedded back in far off 2006. Sex sells ratings where Syria does not. Operation Desert Stormy Daniels trumps a US missile operation causing a Syrian desert storm.

What was not being said or shown the Saturday morning after was scant damage hinting that the Syrians must have shot most of the US missiles out of the sky. The Syrian Government claims they downed 73 of the 105 missiles fired. The Russian Ministry puts the number at 71 of the 103 fired. Even a chief source for Western media reports over the years “inside” Syria gives the Western media narrative grief. Rami Abdul-Raman, a reporter for the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights located in his suburban home in far off Coventry, UK, a Syrian citizen who hasn’t set foot in Syria for years. Raman gets his information in country—greedily scarfed up by Western media—from his cellphone. Even someone so biased in favor of the Western narrative, a man funded by them to propagate his stories from at best spurious sources he can’t vet, reported that at least 65 missiles were shot out of the sky by the Syrian government he hates.

Only three Syrian civilians received injuries according to the news wires. Surprising, since many of the US targets were facilities near heavily populated, urban areas of Damascus and Homs.

How do you fire so many missiles you confidently declared all hit their targets when film footage of missiles being hit in the sky indicates otherwise and there is so little collateral damage?

Why isn’t Rami Abdul-Raman receiving cellphone calls from his contacts reporting civilians being carted into hospitals by the hundreds from a release of chemical agents in purported Syrian government chemical weapons facilities targeted?

Something else I haven’t yet seen on the news, the evidence that a chemical weapons attack happened in al-Douma warranting the strike. The French president and British Prime Minister might parrot US claims of footage showing Syrian attack copters dropping barrel bombs on rebel strongholds even if that footage comes from al-Qaeda media sources.

What is most significant to me is that man in Coventry, that matrix of anti-regime reportage, Rami Abdul-Raman, has reported from his sources “inside” the terrorist held al-Douma that the building in which an al-Qaeda affiliated rebel command center had been attacked was hit by conventional barrel bombs. The top floors occupied by the headquarters who as usual had collapsed. That would of course have compromise the hundreds of civilians living in apartments below it.

In the days that followed one often saw on Western news channels jihadist militias and civilians running away from the target site in cloud choked city streets as “evidence” of a chemical attack.

Has anyone tested this assumption, literally with scientific instruments that can detect nerve or chorine-gassing chemical agents?


What I see is a lot of smoke and dust obscuring men running in the fog of war, a bomb blast, down al-Douma’s streets and here’s why. If they’re sprinting through a pall of chlorine or nerve agents their lungs would seize up falling down gasping. Notice how many aren’t even covering their mouths or eyes. They’d eyes would be burning and even going temporarily blind from chlorine.

Nope. They’re running through smoke and dust from a conventional bombing and while the fear and adrenaline is high, you can even do that in the first stages of smoke inhalation. I know this first hand. I used to be a bush fireman. I know how one can run full speed for hours fighting fires through smoke even thicker than I saw in al-Douma. You may collapse later from the smoke inhalation but chlorine gas constricting your lungs is immediate. There’s no shot of anyone in the smoke dropping to the street gasping for air.

But hey! All three missile firing governments cited from the same script only this much evidence: they attacked because of what the media on the ground broadcast.

(Yeah! Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist media!)

Something I don’t understand here. Explain it to me like I was a small child. Why would the Presidents of the United States, France and the Prime Minister of Britain launch an attack trusting as their only “qualified” media sources those affiliated to jihadist terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans in New York on 11 September 2001, and hundreds more in several terror attacks across Britain and France?

Trump, May, Macron of France are playing “useful idiots” to Islamic jihadists.

Then there’s the Pentagon briefing held shortly after Trump announced the missile strike. General Mattis doesn’t present one iota of objective evidence categorically proving a Syrian government attack, only the same scripted litany of empty words of “absolute confidence” that it happened.

The press just nods like retards and let that go by. No skepticism at all. No hard, sanity-seeking questions, such as, why would the Syrian Government do EXACTLY what will cause the Western powers to obliterate what’s left standing of Syria when they are winning this bloody, seven-year civil war?

What is Assad’s motive?

If there’s no motive, there is no crime.


Every time Assad liberates major cities from al-Qaeda affiliate terrorists, sending them packing in buses to Idlib in a rout, here comes a supposed Syrian government chemical weapons attack on civilians.


At victory’s door Assad has a brain fart not once, but several times over the years of conflict when total victory in his grasp.

“Oh! I must be winning. Let’s gas civilians so The Donald, Theresa the Mayday! Mayday! and that French pastry President Macaroon can bomb the living crap out of my near victorious regime! You know, I’m just about winning this one, I’d like somebody to please launch a cruise-missile up my mass-murdering ass.”

What was the hurry to retaliate for al-Douma?

The scientific investigators from the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) were literally flying into Damascus on 13 Friday to start their investigation in al-Douma the next day, 14 April.

Just “who” was this rush to missile strike intending to disrupt?

Potential answer: The OPCW investigation into the facts.

American, Brit and French accusations fly first.

Ultimatums rush in second.

Third: launch impulsive military attacks.

If you’re lucky, you disrupt an OPCW forensic investigation by destroying enough evidence to keep your unsubstantiated claims alive.

Why else does the attack across Syria go forward shortly after the OPCW teams had arrived in Damascus and were checking into their hotel?

Here’s the concern of missile launching leaders: What if the evidence doesn’t support your perfect storm of hearsay over facts?

Can’t have that!

So, what do you do?

Obliterate the evidence.

Keep forever this BS story alive as a myth—a weapon of mass-minded destruction.

What comes next?

Astrologically speaking, Trump, May and the Macaroon from Paris couldn’t choose a worse day to go cruising with missiles bombing Syria.

It happened in the last degrees of a Mercury (mind-scrambling) retrograde in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, the God of War, prone in this case to blindly pursue a mindless impulse to commit an act of war with the cause yet unsubstantiated because it may be fake.

Not only did missiles fly on unlucky Friday the 13th, but Mercury in Aries was negatively squared Mars the God of War in Capricorn on that day. (Read: the reasons for attack were woefully ungrounded).

The US birth chart Sun Sign in Cancer, its ego sign, was in opposition to Mercury in Aries while Mercury (the Mind ruler) was going “Full Retard” ahead with missiles because of a T-Square with Mars!

Astro babble aside, in layman’s terms: brace for karmic consequences in the near future.

This time the OPCW are not packing their bags and going home. They’re going on with their snooping around al-Douma and after that I expect they’ll take another round through all the Syrian chemical manufacturing and storing facilities the US in command of the strike claimed to have targeted. I can see the Pentagon relied on the OPCW’s list of places they regularly inspect. That’s what they’ve been regularly doing in Syria since the Syrian Regime agreed to gather and destroy all their chemical weapons arsenal, a fact the OPCW confirmed and signed off in 2013. Since then the OPCW as per their responsibilities according to the Chemical Weapons Convention ratified by 20 nations since 1997, continue to monitor, investigate and report to the world Syria’s compliance. From what my sources tell me, the Syrians have been positively compliant. For instance, that pile of rubble so often broadcast as the only evidene of 105 missiles hitting all their targets, the purported civilian facility outside of Damascus, had received a positive report as recently as November 2017 from the on-site inspectors of the OPCW as clean of any trace of chemical weapons manufacture.

(Oh dear! We must bomb to ashes THAT!)

Astrologically speaking, the political fallout of what I call “The Missiles of Friday the Thirteenth” isn’t going to favor Trump, May or the deflating pastry cream puff that’s the French President playing kid Napoleon.

I predict the grounds for attack this time around will be exposed and the tall tales will unravel. In the immediate future, the consequence of the T Square implies Trump is heading for trouble in Congress and May on Monday 16 April will face the first of several sessions of a riled House of Commons demanding face to face why they weren’t consulted before shooting her mouth and her missiles off.

I perceive why Theresa May was a fool rushing in.

She knew Parliament would vote her request down, including many members of her own Conservative Party.

Shoot first and do political damage control later; however, I predict the Syrian strike marks the beginning of the end of her minority government.

Macron the Macaroon is facing the same pressure to present evidence to a French Senate packed with his own supporters who once were deep in his pocket. Now this wannabe Napoleon in his own version of Bill and Ted’s totally bogus missile adventure will see his support wiggling out of his pockets and slipping through his fingers.

What’s next farther down the future timeline?

From missile-driven bombs to more “bombshells” we will go.

Watch this chemical weapons witch and cruise missile hunt politically hit home, targeting perpetrators and fabricators in high offices.

I also expect at least two more major missile strikes on Syria between now and end of summer 2018. Missiles will be let loose by America to punish and degrade the Syrian Government when it has nearly liberated the last two outposts of Islamic jihadist left in Syria. Al-Qaeda terror militias are preparing to make their last stand in the city of Dar’aa and Idlib Province. That’s when the world may see Russians threatened to defend their soldiers and Syria with S-400 missile defenses. That’s when Americans could start directly killing Russians, thus potentially requiring a counter missile attack on US ships and air bases from which the missiles and warplanes originated.

Today I’m investigating reports that a Syrian general has leaked the Syrian government discussing retaliatory action for the 13 Friday attack that might include a regional ballistic missile attack on American military bases in Kurdish-held portions of northeaster Syria or based in al-Tanf in the southeast. British bases on the island of Cyprus may also be targeted.

The commander of al-Quds Iranian militias and special forces are considering waging a guerilla war against 2,000 US military personnel occupying east Syria and 6,000 inside Iraq.

Click on this link and read what seismic events may be coming in the next 5 years.

Click on this link and read what seismic events may be coming in the next 5 years.

I can say this and have often warned you about it over the last few years. The Nostradamus predictions show the Western leaders are planning a great war against the east. A year later the shooting starts. I contend that those plans were considered under a great and rare eclipse over the United States in August 2017. A year later makes the war likely to begin and include Iran in the mix on August 2018. With extreme hawks like Pompeo of CIA becoming Secretary of State and America’s most irrationally virulent war monger becoming NSA advisor to Trump, August may be the closest we come to a Nuclear crisis since 1962.

One final note…

Don’t be conned by the footage broadcast by jihadist ER units of al-Qaeda, the White Helmets. You won’t see the footage I’ve broadcast at Hogueprophecy of these darlings of the Hollywood Oscars faking rescues with mannequins or aiding al-Qaeda firing squads killing prisoners or dancing in the streets with the killers afterwards.

I want you to notice something in videos of victims over the years. Each time your media take you step by step closer to World War III, you only see civilians purportedly gassed.

You NEVER see jihadist soldiers gassed.

Ask yourself, why would ANY chemical weapons attack of the Syrian government not kill or injure a single enemy combatant out of tens of thousands engaged?

It’s an urban battleground. These jihadists and the civilians are hunkered down on top of each other. They should be lying dead or dying together.

Think people. Watch. Wake up.

Your future depends on you being more alert to cons that could cause Armageddon by accident. If ever there was a time to wake up and rise up in your millions in a new peace (and journalistic TRUTH) movement, this is it.

NEWS FLASH! As the article goes to press it looks like Israel is getting into the missile attacking game. Syrian missile defenses have purportedly been activated. RT reports the following. Stay tuned to further updates by either joining my Free Newsletter or visiting my Facebook page:


Syrian air defense systems have been activated in response to a missile attack apparently targeting Shayrat Airbase in Homs province, state media SANA reports.

Up to 10 missiles were destroyed by the Syrian Armed Forces, a military source told Sputnik. The Syrian air defenses managed to intercept some of the projectiles, according to a SANA reporter. Meanwhile, the Al Mayadeen news outlet is claiming that all the projectiles were intercepted and inflicted no physical damage or casualties at the targeted Syrian base.

The Pentagon has denied initiating strikes or conducting any other military activity in Homs province. “There is no US military activity in that area at this time,” the Pentagon’s spokesperson told Reuters. The same information was also shared with TASS news agency by Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon.

According to yet unconfirmed reports, the missiles entered Syrian airspace from Lebanon, which may indicate that the Israeli Air Force could have been involved, Al-Masdar News reports, citing a military source. The outlet’s reporter also published several videos allegedly showing the launch of interceptor missiles.

DATELINE: 09 April 2018

Hysteria in the UK and EU about Russian poisoning takes the World a Big Step Deeper into a New Cold War—but here’s what the Mainstream Media hasn’t told

I thought the last six months of Russian hysteria in America was goofy enough. Then comes this poisoning of a former Russian KGB agent Sergei Skripal (67) and his daughter Yulia (33) in early March. Given the state of eye-witless, news reporting in our times the sequence of events I describe may be subject to further factual update. Yulia with British visa in hand, flies in from Russia on 3 March 2018 to visit daddy. As far as I can tell, father and daughter had emerged from the father’s flat in Salisbury, UK, around 4pm on 4 March 2018 to go for a drive into town. He closed his front door apparently sprayed with a poison. They visited a cemetery, drove to an eatery and shared a pizza. They took a walk afterwards seeking rest on a park bench to digest said pizza and at some discovered by an off-duty doctor and nurse passed out in a coma on said bench. Yulia Skripal was foaming at the mouth with her eyes wide open.

They were both rushed to the Salisbury hospital in critical condition. Twenty-one members of emergency services were tested for exposure including two officers with minor symptoms of itchy eyes and wheezing. Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey was taken to hospital in serious condition after being detailed to investigate Sergei Skripal’s house. The hospital released him from care on 22 March.

By 5 March hazmat units sealed the house and set up their investigation. Rumors from leaks to news media outlets had it that the Skripals were victims of weapons-grade nerve agent in a Russian state sanctioned gas attack on British soil using Novichok. It’s more lethal that military VX, manufactured by US and British militaries during the Cold War.

I found it rather amazing how in the following weeks, I saw British scientists in full hazmat suits talking to completely unprotected officials and soldiers while still wearing their gas masks. All were on camera caught standing a short distance from the crime scene casually talking.

The incident wasn’t 24 hours old before the news media in rush to seize the best ratings that can were jumping to conclusions along with British MPs and all the way up the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson that the Kremlin was gassing civilians on British soil. This gossiping by people in power warranted the spokesman for Porton Down in the ensuing weeks after the attack to frequently show up on camera contradicting all unfounded speculation from press to the British Foreign Ministry. He stressed that evidence confirming exactly what kind of Novichok it was and were it was sourced could delay the final report for weeks, months even.

Novichok or not, to this day, only three little victims actually died as casualties of the investigators. The hazmat unites had sealed Sergei Skripal’s two pet guinea pigs and cat in an air tight. Somebody told them about the pets and about ten days ago, they broke in to find the guinea pigs had died from thirst and the cat in a “distressed” state. It wasn’t made clear if the cat’s condition was due to dehydration and starving rather than the suspected nerve agent. I’m only speculating here but clearly the kitty had no way to exit the sealed house to touch its paw on the doorknob sprayed with poison. Thus I have my own “unqualified” opinion the kitty wasn’t a victim of Novichok. I’m also mystified who told them about the pets as Skripal lived alone and wasn’t talking just then… Or… Maybe he was?

No matter, both cat and guinea pigs were taken to the investigation’s headquarters at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down for examination before all three were incinerated.

Porton Down officially had no evidence to present yet the UK government of Prime Minister Theresa May declared that their categorically almost assured condemnation of the Russians Novichok choking the Skripals!

Their evidence?


She just gave what was essentially a big definite “maybe.” An almost absolute certitude that it was Novichok from Russia and direct from Russian President Putin himself.

How can certitude be “almost certain”?

She delivered evidentiary dud of a bomb shell eight days after the attack on 12 March, before an emergency assembly of the House of Commons.

This is potentially serious British bull (dog) shit, folks.

This is something you don’t gin up and spit out with a lit lighter at Russia until you back that up with Porton Down lab work all can study.

You don’t ignore an important fact that the Russian Federation signed and ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1993, effective in 1997. Moscow gave the policers of this agreement, the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) free access to investigate and officially declare that all stockpiles of chemical weapons, including Novichok, in the Russian Federation had been destroyed since 2013.

I’d like to ask an absurdly necessary question about Novichok using a children’s ditty most of us learn from woodchucks…

How much “Novichok”
Does a wood chuck, chuck
If a woodchuck, should chuck, Novi-chok?

Answer: you wouldn’t have time to upchuck the Novichok, my little furry, buck-toothed friend.

Just touching Skripal’s doorknob with your bare paw would immediately send agents into your nervous system that would involuntarily retract all skeletal muscles. Suddenly you can’t breathe because your diaphragm muscles stop functioning, followed rapidly by heart failure or suffocation as your lungs drown in your own bodily fluids.

If weapons-grade Novichok was on that doorknob you’d be one unlucky little rodent, dead as that doorknob in less than a few minutes, along with your wood-chucking daughter attending to your sudden sickness, grasping your hands and dead a minute later.

There would be no trips—on your own power at least—to the Pizzeria, no ability to share a pizza with your dad, take a walk, sit on a park bench and then pass out from Novichok’s purported, deadly influence.

Your corpses would be found at the Skripal threshold, not hours later and miles away in the center of Salisbury, UK.

How does one define “deadly” when the comatose rise from death’s hospital bed?

Since early April, Sergei and Yulia Skripal are awake, talking and rapidly recovering. Yulia should be released from hospital in a few more days.

Great news!

Why therefore had the British Foreign Ministry denied Yulia’s cousin Viktoria Skripal a visa to visit the recovering cousin and her father?

Why did Yulia get her British visa with no problems but her cousin cannot. Moreover, a taped phone conversation the two had the other day reveals that this British tall tale of Russian poisoning is just going to get weirder and weirder… Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 4 articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare to support this Spring. Put April 2018 in the PayPal memo line. I’ll personally send the fully illustrated PDF attachment via the email used to donate Thank you for your support.

DATELINE: 08 April 2018

The Outcome of the Trump Trade War with China Foreseen in October 2015, 2 Years and Five months before it started

Sometimes in the prophecy field an article about one of the hottest topics of the day writes itself like it was published for today, two years and five months ago.

I composed Trump for President: Astrological Predictions in October and published it in December 2015. It not only expected the potential upset victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton over 10 months before the US Presidential Elections, the final third of this book presented a detailed look into what a Trump Presidency would potentially be like. In my chapter about his foreign policies moves, I foresaw Trump becoming that very odd politician who does what he promises while campaigning—for better “and” worse.

The bestselling author of The Art of the Deal intended to shake things up with the China-US trade deficit. In his first Chinese negotiation move I foresaw him threatening big tariffs and demanding moon from Beijing for affect. Bluff would be met by bluff. Then you temper demands and make a deal that’s really possible, and what you really want.

It is shocking to see how spot-on much of the following observations and predictions have become from far off October 2015 when illuminating what Trump has initially unleashed on the Chinese. I say then as now; this potentially boldest gamble might make or break Trump. The brackets are added today for clarity.

Business dealings will be at [Trump’s foreign policy] core. No doubt about that. Trump predicted in his book Time to Get Tough Making America #1 Again in 2011 that the strain of a trade deficit imbalance with China draining $300 billion each year out of the US economy perpetuated by the Obama Administration could send the US economy into a crisis of no sustainable profit returns “by 2016.” In Trump’s view, Obama practices “Pretty Please Diplomacy,” dealing from weakness. At the time of this writing (9 October 2015) Obama’s “legacy” global trade deal, the (Trans-Pacific Partnership) needs, and I predict will attain, ratification by the congresses and parliaments of 10 of the 11 governments invited. US congressional approval is all that stands in the way of passing the most secretive trade deal in history. I predict it will hurt the US economy and hasten the bleed out of jobs overseas enough to prove Trump prescient about 2016 as the year for some economic end time for the current so-called US economic recovery. Indeed if he’s still in the race for the White House by autumn 2016 during the advent of a new recession he’ll hang that stinking dead albatross of a trade deal around the shoulders of whomever the Democrats nominate. I believe it will be Hillary Clinton—and the stigma could be enough to win him the presidency and the burden to change America’s fortunes.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter 11: President Trump’s
Foreign and Alien Policies

ASSESSMENT 7 April 2018:
Trump still in the race by Autumn 2016 did exactly that and the albatross hurt Clinton, the nominee I had foreseen, in the states he needed to pull out an upset Electoral College victory because the heavy-industrialized-turned-Rust-Belt states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania were hurt the most but China-US trade deficits and TPP trade deals being considered. Trump carried all states but Illinois to beat Clinton and take up the burden to change America’s trade deficit woes.

His ideas about trade with China and other arenas are straightforward and clear from long experience since Trump’s financial recovery from near bankruptcy in the early 1990s witnessed in the ensuing decades his businesses, hotels and development holdings go international, spreading beyond New York, America, and expanding overseas. He will be the strictly businessman’s president due to his twenty years and counting as a seasoned negotiator with European, Indian, Russian, Australian and East Asian governments.

If there is a war with China after he’s in office from 2017 through 2019, don’t expect any shooting. It won’t be military in nature. A Trump Administration will threaten to wage the kind of war previous administrations didn’t have the audacity or spine to risk: a full-scale trade war with China.

“Here’s the solution,” wrote Trump, “Get tough. Slap a 25-percent tax on China’s products if they don’t set a real market value on their currency. End of story. You think the Chinese wouldn’t respond constructively? No businessman I know would turn their back on the US market—and the Chinese wouldn’t either. But it would help close the outrageous trade deficit driven by China’s cheating.” (Time to Get Tough Making America #1 Again)

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter 11: President Trump’s
Foreign and Alien Policies

ASSESSMENT 7 April 2018:
On 3 April, Trump made good his threat. He announced 25 percent tariffs on some 1,300 industrial, technology, transport, and medical products. Beijing met bluff with bluff. It targeted 106 American products, including automobiles, chemicals and a heavy hit on agriculture with same.

Like Trump, Xi Jinping of China doesn’t act on his bluff, just yet. He keeps the hope of negotiated settlement alive. I call this the Bark and Barter phase of this prelude to a Trade War. Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 4 articlesGain FULL ACCESS to this and all 4 articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare to support this Spring. Put April 2018 in the PayPal memo line. I’ll personally send the fully illustrated PDF attachment via the email used to donate Thank you for your support.

DATELINE: 09 April 2018

A News”weak” low reaches a Comedic High in an Article about Trump’s planned Memorial Day Parade

I was happy to discover that comedian-actress Marla Frees is a Facebook Friend. Forgive me Marla for not noticing. Blame it on Nostradamus, which means “Our Lady” in France. Nostradamus was a cross dresser behind the doors of his secret study, but sometimes I feel like “Our Lady” the old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many Facebook friends—heaps! Thousands!! Ahhhh!—that she didn’t know “who was who.”

Anyway, Marla picked up on a Newsweek article bemoaning the money soon to be dumped into a major military parade set for Memorial Day in May by President Trump. Bottom line, the “weak” news report mused that the money would be better spent feeding all the homeless vets.

A lot of passionate comments in favor of that—giving Trump the gladiatorial “thumbs down” for his parade idea—were tendered, often untenderly, to say the least. The excoriating by a chorus of “NAY” will most likely roll like water off Trump’s bleach blond “Donald” duck tail. Either one, actually: the one on the neck and the larger one pointing accusingly at the press over his forehead.

But soft, what “spite” beyond yonder cellphone screen breaks?

Why am I about to razz Newsweek as News”weak” beyond the worthy question that the article musters?

“What shakes spear, William?” cries Romeo?

Well I’ll tell you what I told Marla and her friends on the comment stream on her Facebook page:

Hi Marla. Love your comedy performances. This is a little off the main, and important, subject everyone is discussing here about wasting money on parades rather than feeding homeless vets.

Has anyone noticed that the parade picture in this article displays French tanks and soldiers in the Bastille Day Parade in Paris and not American soldiers?

It reminds me of CNN putting the name “Switzerland” across a map of Germany one time.

I’m not trying to take away from what all of you are talking about, just shining light on a new level of comico-tragic lack of journalistic awareness of the article’s authors who can’t tell the difference between a tank painted by Givenchy, or the tricolors aren’t stars and stripes, or that kepis are on the heads where Kevlar US helmets usually sit. Oooh la la!

Just whose unfed homeless vets is this baguette-busting parade budget photo illustrating? And this is NEWSWEEK. Cheesh! LOL!


hahaha John Hogue, you had me at “a tank pained by Givenchy “

I thought the same thing. The point is the parade. Might Vs right? Tanks vs children and people marching? And the biggest con of all, a parade on Veterans Day. That’s the most brilliant blatant diabolical egregious hijacking of the honor of those who’s shoes our President should shine, not try to wear.

thank you for stopping by John, and being amused by my batons, used in many a parade through the heartland of America

You are most welcome, Marla. To “Brie” or not to “Brie”, that is “la question.” Therefore I brae the following:

You know, being a prophecy watcher is a serious business that needs some serious comedy interjected into it. I mean, if you can’t laugh at doomsday, what “can” you laugh at?

That’s why I strive to publish every book funnier than the last. What we call “comedy” in our day, the future humanity will call “prayer.”

What else but a good joke takes you for a moment into the “gap” of laugh that is Zen?

That’s what Osho, my master, taught me. No one told better toilet jokes with a straight face to make a spiritual point.

So I look at this Newsweek photo of a French military parade standing for a US parade and I wonder if the one brain cell activated of the Newsweek editor was trying to close a circle long left open about French fries since we invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003.

I recall how Queen Marie Antoinette was misquoted about hunger in the streets of France when she was incorrectly quoted (as Newsweek often does) by the press, having her say, “Let them eat Cake” if there was no bread. Maybe the News-“weak” editor with his faux US-cum-French military parade was trying to say, incoherently pictured, to our poor US vets, “Let them eat Freedom Fries.”

Now to a comment reacting to my funny:


The relevance of the photo is that it was a French military parade that gave Trump such a hard on he had to have one himself…since porn stars, hookers, and Playboy Bunnies, have already been checked of his fuckit-list.

Thanks Jim, I understand, but it’s still worthy of a News-weakling because the Newsweek folks were not courageous enough to put a US military parade picture up on their article, for the ire-full buttons they might push among veterans who might like that Trump is going to have a big parade to celebrate them, even those who are starving.

My view is this: half a news story is ever “half-witted.”

In the ever deeper Red vs Blue polarization of this country, I yearn to see the media report far better on “both” sides of any issue, especially if I don’t get the other side’s view, or worse, as is happening more these days, American simply don’t hear or want to get the “other” Americans’ point of view. I can’t think of a better manure of mindset that germinates civil war in our near future.

Your point and my comment about it will be expanded in the article (you are all reading now). I will try to do for my readers what the Newsweek article failed to do, show both sides of this issue. As I am not one who only speaks to my political “color” of Americans, I know a lot of veterans are proud to have a parade that rivals the grandeur of the French Bastille Day parade. Whether that is a good thing, a patriotic thing, or another sign of the encroachment of the new cycle of Fascism I’ve long written about and warned is coming for 25 years, are all things I cover. Thanks Jim for inspiring that with your worthy comment.

Jim is worthy for most comments. ☺️

I care deeply that we have this amazing opportunity with this gift of 45. He has taken a mag light to the boil on the ass of America that has needed to be lanced, drained and healed. As uncomfortable as I all is, we know it is here for reasons that just keep being revealed.
I out the narcissistic wound. The Kia no one wants to be stuck in. So as we talk about parades let us bring light to scraping off the goo on the boot of any Battalion.

Yes, Marla. Trump is a phenomenon I’ve been trying to get my prescient head and humor around for two of three books planned. He’s less a conscious man and more an innocent eight-year old (his own, and I would say honest, definition of himself) who plays the kid in The Emperor’s New Clothes story. “Hey! the Emperor’s naked!” becomes kid-Trump’s right call, “Hey! you’re fake news CNN!”

Inelegant? Yes!

But there’s a lot of truth in it that I’ve experienced first-hand being in and around journalism for over 30 years and also being a “guest” on CNN and FOX, in the latter appearance flustering Sean Hannity.

I’ve experience the media business on four continents from the inside and from my experience I’ve never seen its “truthiness” more “fakeyness” than today. So there’s Trump, all his psychological warts exposed, being a catalyst for real “change” for better “and” worse that Obama could only, and charmingly talk about. In happens in cycles of history that you get leaders like this that are unconscious catalysts for shattering paradigms, left-right-or-center that are rotten and stuck.

Such catalysts of upheaval don’t know what they’re doing, like a centipede can’t walk after the rabbit in Aesop’s Tales asked him about how he walks on 100 legs without falling. In my most recent wave of articles I explore how Trump’s “Bull-in-a-China-shop” diplomacy has actually led to movement about the Palestine issue, immigration, and even his “Rocket man” manhandling of another bluffer-in-chief, Kim Jong-Un, has at least scared more level heads to move the Koreas closer to a negotiated peace than any president before.

Trump’s shocks for all the wrong motivations, have stirred up the crap in the human fish tank for all the fishies to regard and clean.


When I was in NZ this time last year I saw the international version of CNN … whoa! A whole different experience. As though no one at home got the memo of ignoring Trump. All the other countries had plenty to say by one sentence or an attitude that would incite tweets if watched by the president. I was most stuck by the coverage of Syria’s war, and gorgeous, inviting , seductive commercials with hijabs.

Yes, Marla, I concur. I had the pleasure of working with CNN International and was interviewed by Rosemary Church for the 500th year anniversary of Nostradamus’ birthday. It is a completely other world and echoes back to the Ted Turner golden days of CNN when they were far less fakey than now. It is hard to even find CNN International on US TV because it would show just how extreme the good news looks compared to the CIA poster boy plant, Mr. silver-foxy Anderson Cooper; or, Dimpy Doggish, Wolf “Blistered” American Bureau of CNN these days.


I love that you ruffled the Hannity, and witnessed the golden age of reds vision! You rock!

I would add something that’s even more Blue and Red politically incorrect. I know why the US media and US State Department of two administrations have it in for RT America and RT International because I’ve carefully vetted them for many years before using them as sources as per my journalistic modus oper-randiness needs. I’ll tell you and all your readers reading this the real reason the government is trying to pull the plug on them. They’re doing the most fair and balanced news reporting on US TV. How dare they!

But don’t believe me, folks. I suggest you do what I have done. Vet them for at least a year. And while you’re at it, check out Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight. Very funny politically comical rants.

Also watch News with Ed.

Yes, Mr. Ed has a show, Wilbur!

No, just kidding. It’s Mr. Ed (Schultz).

Yes, Russia Today has a “Russian” take on the world. They don’t hide that like FOX, MSNBC, CNN or the other US networks who think they are telling you “THE” truth and not simply an American slippery slant on the world.

I find I better understand this world by looking through the eyes of everyone living in it. We all have our ways of culturally filtering what is before us through our Blue liberal or Red conservative, or our Hindu or American or Muslim, or Russian, or Qatari mind filters. When I see how others see the world, the better I can regard my own filters and then be able to reach out, love and respect people I don’t agree with rather than make them things to bounce my pre-programmed, narrative bubble projections off.



Excellent I resonate with this deeply! Thank you.

The “Hannity” incident is quite and story and it’s all on tape…

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Clink on this link for a free sample read of this part autobiography, part prophetic assessment of Osho's Buddhafield Experiment. A must read after all the excitement about Netflix's docuseries Wild Wild Country.

Clink on this link for a free sample read of this part autobiography, part prophetic assessment of Osho’s Buddhafield Experiment. A must read after all the excitement about Netflix’s docuseries Wild Wild Country.

Although a mystic like Osho may, as I understand it, teach No-Mind, a witnessing eternal consciousness beyond the chatter of the mind, he was never an enemy of mind, just its misplaced position as master over us. This ultimate dictatorship under which all of us suffer whether you live in the so-called “free world” or not, stems from programing by society that makes us all victims of the wrong use of mind.

Osho used to say that mind is a terrible master but a beautiful servant of consciousness. That would also mean that thoughts and memories rightly applied to serve consciousness is a right thing to nourish.

Thank you Maneesha for posting on your Facebook this meditation from Osho about consciously collecting memories of such moments to help the full awakening of the soul:


“What we become depends on what memories we nourish because what we remember becomes part of us. When we think of something all the time, this thought brings about a change in us and it becomes our whole life. Hence, remember everything that you think is good and pure, whatever you think is important. And in life…nobody’s life is so miserable that there have been no moments of peace, happiness, beauty, love…” … Gain FULL ACCESS to this and all 4 articles with a minimum donation of $5.00 or whatever you can generously spare to support this Spring. Put April 2018 in the PayPal memo line. I’ll personally send the fully illustrated PDF attachment via the email used to donate Thank you for your support.

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