Chicago Trump Rally Riot: a Prophetic Wild Card changing Everything. Predictions for Super Tuesday Three. Hogue’s “Trump for President” forecasts nearly 100-percent accurate. Hillary Clinton, Intellectual Lightweight meet Christopher Hitchens, part-time Intellectual Fraud. And finally, the Power Outage Poets of Puget Sound

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DATELINE: 12 March 2016

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Predictions for Super Tuesday Three, who wins Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and Florida? The Chicago Rally Riot Wildcard

Forecasts covering the first two months of the primary season in “Trump for President” are nearly 100 percent accurate. Will that continue? (Read a sample of them by clicking on Super Tuesday.)

Last week I further predicted how Marco Rubio stooping to out trump Trump in personal attacks would backfire:

Trump had played the bully with more finesse. He was naughty but very entertaining, following the strengths of his natal birth chart, that aloof and airy Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus the Unpredictable when it comes to counterpunches…

Rubio runs the danger of appearing more like a man-child than a man. At least Trump’s bully performance looks manlier. His Leo-Lion ascendant gives it swagger. Can one imagine little Rubio’s breathless, baby-faced fight with a Vladimir Putin could get any traction in those lifted shoes if he were president? Or, would Putin give him a grin and pat him on his head: “There there, my boy, now let’s take your lunch.”

I mean, is it me or is all this rising Rubio interest promoting him as actually presidential, a standard bearer to the GOP establishment, anything more than the spin doctoring of billionaires abandoning Rubio’s mentor, Jeb Bush, and looking for a new puppet to tie their strings of money on?

Rubio’s polling was harmed by his attacks and he openly and publicly admits he made a mistake because on Super Tuesday Two (8 March 2016), Trump took Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii, Cruz won Idaho and Rubio had such a low voter showing that he won zero delegates.

On comes Super Tuesday Three on the Ides of March 2016 and a three-strikes your out for Rubio if he were not able to win his home state of Florida. Governor Kasich of Ohio could win his own winner-take-all foothold in this race. He could join Ted Cruz in delegate grazing. Neither man would win the 1,237 delegates to take the nomination before the convention, but they could force an open or brokered convention where Trump despite a sizable lead just short of 1,237 delegates is sidelined for a corporately acceptable nominee.

He does have one obstacle set against clinching Tuesday’s elections. Dark astrological aspects favor Trump uttering something so outrageously extreme that it could perhaps turn voters against him. The passage from Trump for President, was documented in early October 2016. Take especial note of the final sentence:

February through April 2016 looks good for Trump getting even fierier with positive results. People are just going to get more frustrated in 2016. They hunger to support those candidates giving voice to their catharsis against all patronizing establishment politicians running for president. Trump might remain that voice if he can avoid the pitfalls of Saturn in Sagittarius. He should be on the lookout for his natal Mercury squares sabotaging his cause with the curse of more hubris and ego than even Trump, the Leo-Lion Ascendant handler, can’t whip into submission.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign of the higher mind, philosophical virtues and higher religious consciousness. Trump’s potentially darkened square aspects if activated might mar the populist magic—go negative only, for negativity’s sake—and toy with angry words of religious extremism.

Trump has toyed with exactly that in Thursday night’s eleventh and final televised Republican Debate when he was asked to clarify his religiously extreme position on Islam. He made it clear that not only radical Islamists but also the entire religion and its believers harbor a lot of hatred for Americans. Add to that his incite-the-mob minded statements at his rallies about wanting to punch protesters are now seeing them punched on camera. Friday night a riotous throng of thousands of protesters successfully shut down a Trump rally in Chicago through acts of violence and intimidation. Many were Latinos waving the Mexican flag, reacting to Trump’s statements about illegal immigrants. Many were Muslim American youths denouncing Trump’s generalization about Islam hating America. Many were young ruffians carrying Bernie Sanders placards. The evidence is clear to anyone looking at the social media streams that left-wing action groups like Move-on-dot-org organized them.

I recall a Latina hurling expletives at a shaken, white gothic-dressed kid standing alone with his Trump sign being interviewed. She was so obnoxious that even the Fox reporter told her to stop using fowl language because they were on national television. Later, the reporter came to her and gave her a chance to express her views. The Latina could hardly speak English and sheepishly admitted that she didn’t want to talk about her reasons for being there and retreated. She was probably an illegal alien.

An interesting pattern developed. When the most violent rabble rousers were singled out by the press for an interview, whether they were black, white or Latino, many didn’t want to talk about why they were threatening others and tearing Trump posters out of supporters’ hands, ripping them apart. Why?

It doesn’t get fair press that many protesters disrupting Trump events are also throwing punches and violent. At the very least, Trump’s bully speech has incited a mob of real bullies to step beyond mere protest. They are using violence to shut down the first amendment rights of Trump and his followers to peacefully assemble. The Ferguson “black lives matter” activists that were vociferously present ought to reflect upon their intent to banish and scatter Trump supporters as being no different than riot police banishing and scattering Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Left-wing extremists are no better than right-wing white supremacists.

It all plays into the fears and nativism of the rank and file Trump supporters. The Latina who doesn’t want to be interviewed becomes the poster girl in the eyes of white prejudice for the hundreds of Latinos dressed in the colors and waving the flags of Mexico on the mean streets of Chicago. Does this not play into building walls rather than breaking them down?

Will Trump’s indelicately forthright and extreme utterances under Sagittarius’ sharp-arrow barbs shot into the air—where they fall, he does not care—hurt his chances of clinching the front-runner spot next Tuesday 15 March? Maybe not. Positive aspects richly counterbalance Trump’s astrological negatives. This is what I predicted about mid-March primaries in early October 2015:

A Saturn in Sagittarius sextile with Jupiter in Libra begins making itself positively felt in Trump’s campaign around 13 February. It keeps building right through the peak of the Republican primary season, right through Super Tuesday (1 March), approaching a one degree, near-exact sextile from 5-to-22 March. It will lose some forward momentum afterward, going retrograde yet staying put one degree from exactitude through mid April.

In layman’s terms, Trump’s sextile is at its most powerfully positive influence exactly over the skies of Super Tuesday Three. Thus I predict he will win winner-take-all Florida, and a majority of proportionally dispensed delegates by handily winning North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri. Trump faces a squeaker-close contest in Ohio against Kasich but he only needs to win one more vote and take all 66 delegates. His stars favor a major victory that will put Kasich and Rubio out of the race. Cruz will finally get his one-on-one contest with Trump, but it’s too late. I think the following prediction from five months earlier is going to stand by April First. Trump won’t have the magic number of delegates, but he’ll have a lead that no one will surmount going into April:

I predict all possible fortune or failure in Trump’s run for the Republican nomination will depend on his positive application of this sextile. Successful politicians often find this aspect in their birth chart enabling them to strike a balance (Jupiter in Libra the Balancer) between expansive optimism in political promise peddling, tempered with more saturnine caution and prudence. It’s the sign of the long haul campaigner. This is the best time for Trump maturing his game, playing politician to win an early and large lead over Republican competitors while keeping his eye on the prize of the presidency.

Trump made the balancing shift during the final scheduled Republican debate on Thursday. By not counterattacking, Trump changed the debate’s previously “little boys will be abusive” tone of the debate making it more substantive about issues than any other Republican debate. He started inviting all Republicans to unite with him and come together. It appears he will—he has—won early and won big as predicted. Ironically, just as he tempered down his bombast, left-wing rabble-rousers filled the void the next evening when thousands thronged the mass Trump rally planned in Chicago forcing it to be postponed.

This is one of those wild card moments. An incident redefines a course-changing act of consequence. When leftists responded to random acts of violence in Trump rallies by pouring in to shut down Trump’s and his audience’s right to assemble. They are becoming the thing they hate. Violent suppressors of free speech.

I saw a sea of Bernie Sanders posters in their hands. Sanders did not step up today and strongly disavow their behavior; rather, he called Trump a liar for presuming he or Move-on-dot-Org had anything to do with organizing protests. Trump’s opponents seized on the demonstrations to gather undecided Republican voters to cast a vote with them and against Trump’s incitements to violence.

I predict the mobs that aim to silence Trump and break up his rallies have just handed him and his supporters a mantle of the oppressed. The hundreds of Mexican flag waving protesters disrupting the Chicago gathering are Tequila thrown into the fires of Trump voters’ nativist passions. They’ll presume a large portion of these rioters were illegal aliens. Indeed that may be the truth. I predict the undecided will rise up now and vote for Trump in greater numbers than ever before on Tuesday.

You left-wing mob of fools may have just handed Trump this Tuesday a lock on winning enough delegates to become the Republican nominee.

DATELINE: 12 March 2016

Oh, Intercourse the Penguin! (Monty Python)
Oh, Humphrey the Trump! (Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment)

An accurate forecaster presents the alternative potential futures that have a chance of “trumping” sure Destiny’s bets. My book on Trump had voiced concerns of voter confusion and dilution of delegates tossed to too many candidates as a way to force a brokered solution by the establishment Republican leaders at the RNC Convention in Cleveland in July—thus Trumping trump and picking their own corporately blessed poster boy puppet. In my last Hogueprophecy bulletin I pulled a quote from my Trump book about them rolling out Mitt Romney at the convention. Look how he tried and failed to stop Trump a week or so ago with his inaccurate list of Trump’s business failures.

He IS the face of the Establishment that ordinary Republicans hate. Trump won more support and more states bringing him closer to a pre-Convention clinch of 1,273 delegates. At least in one thing Mitt Romney is consistently accomplished. He knows how to lose and he times his loses to his opponent’s great advantage.

Now, I must admit a little trepidation at my Oracle’s bold prediction in the last article that Trump could win ALL the states on Super Tuesday Three. The stars favor it, but if I’m going to be wrong it’s going to be in Ohio. Kasich can win but he has no chance of clinching the number needed to be the nominee. He can duck gum this race to death. Perhaps Romney’s ilk can even convince Marco Rubio to stay in the race even after being a major loser in his own state primary. He could rally with Cruz and Kasich. The three of them would engage a future where my alternative “Diluting the delegates” prediction laid out in my Trump book could actually prevent Trump from clinching the magic number of delegates to make the RNC Convention his three-day long infomercial for a Trump presidency aired on national television.

Where could that future take us?

Answer: Back to a future and a karmic echo called the Democratic Convention of 1968.

I’m reminded of what I said answering Kevin’s comments last week:

Trump’s Gemini super-Kryptonite (throw out Trump untruths / innuendos / call American’s stupid for following trump )… enters the picture …….. Mitt Romney …. Let’s see if Trump takes the bait and drives over the cliff with Romney in tow with him…

Hi Kevin. This Romney move against Trump looks a whole lot like Hubert Humphrey in 1968. I think it will only increase Trump’s voters and if they somehow take the nomination away from him, he’ll go third party and take the Republican Party with him. Hillary would then win a landslide not seen since Nixon beat McGovern in 1972.

In short, here’s what happened in 1968. The anti-war movement in the Democratic Party was like Trump in the GOP today. It ran against the Pro-Johnson, pro-Vietnam War establishment. President Johnson won the New Hampshire primary but by such a small margin that he saw the writing on the wall and got out of the race. Senator Eugene McCarthy won four primaries becoming the “Trump” of anti-war voters. Robert Kennedy competed with McCarthy for the same voters, got into the race and won three primaries before he was assassinated. The rest is turbulent history on the floor of the brokered Democratic Convention in Chicago that picked pro-War, Johnson surrogate and his political shadow, Hubert Humphrey, while outside raged the anti-Vietnam protest that became the infamous Chicago police riot.

The rank and file Democrats wanted the war to end, the establishment ignored them, rubbing Humphrey in their faces. This led to Republican candidate Richard Nixon becoming the next president in one of the closest election contests in US history.

The Democratic Party was severely damaged but it survived this scenario. I’m not so sure the Republican Party would survive a denial of the Trump movement. I have said in predictions recorded in books and articles since late 2009 that the Tea Party is a real third party movement choosing to marry into the Republican Party. I consistently saw a schism coming. This year may be it if Trump is denied the nomination. The GOP will fracture in 2016-2017 if Trump is denied his due. Then again, if he is accepted and he loses a landslide against Clinton, a definite possibility, the GOP establishment might live to unite the party to victory in the next presidential cycle of 2020.

DATELINE: 12 March 2016

Trump Predictions and Observations from My Facebook Page

Donnie put up this poster of Trump as Captain America (above) on my Public Facebook page. It inspired a lot of strong reactions pro and con. It also inspired my following comment and comparison to another “Captain” poster from the past:

Hi Donnie, mythological posters have a power to persuade. They walk a fine line though, as my example of a similar themed poster from the past has at least in appearance many things in common. The hero also carries a banner. Captain America, meet the man Nostradamus foresaw would be “The Captain of Greater Germany”:

Thank you John!!’ I wish more people could see what’s going on!

That’s an interesting poster John thanks, but that’s the propaganda that the mainstream media is pushing and I don’t trust the Democrats or Republicans, Trump is a risk but he’s not a lying politician, and I don’t believe he is the next Hitler, I don’t believe he is a warmonger and I think he’ll work with other countries, I don’t completely agree with his deportation and building the wall. We just need to keep the Clinton’s and the Bush family out of Washington

Yes, Donnie, the astrology of Trump as I’ve researched it would generally trend towards the positive of what you are saying. He’s not a Hitler. The astrology indicates that Trump in his core is a positive man, not a servant of death and destruction. His biggest challenges come from hidden issues in his subconscious that taint his ability to channel. Moreover, this natural born medium side of Trump can go off track rather dramatically if he’s activated it with biases and bad research. There’s many more details I give in the book about what triggers this “tilt” in his intuitive genius and how he can become more aware of it and be a better medium.


Like always, you are awesome John Hogue, I have talked to you in the past about the subject of mabus, I’m trying to think of the name of the book I have of yours, where it has the quatrains and your commentary, an awesome book.

Thanks Donnie. By the way, that book would be Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. I’m preparing a new and expanded edition for release on 30 April. You can pre-order it right now. Click on the cover go to the preorder page and read the overview too:

Click on the cover and pre-order the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies.

Click on the cover and pre-order the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

Mr. Hogue … your prophecy of Mr. Trump is right on!

Thank you Marie. So far, my recorded forecasts written in early October of last year about the first two months of the campaign have had an accuracy of nearly 100 percent. We shall see if that holds. The diluting power of the malefic Pluto-Uranus square in the first two months is also engaged. The potential of Trump having to wheel and deal in an open convention is high. Especially if the square makes him go over the top with strongly held views, light on knowledge and bad research.

For instance, his statement that the Islamic Ummah (community of 1.3 billion believers in Islam around the world) somehow collectively hates America. This statement has some truth but it is too sweeping and simplistic a statement to capture the nuances of many Muslims around the world who do not hate America but are critical of American foreign policy’s many outrages committed around the world in Muslim countries over the past 50 years.

In my book on Trump’s future as a president I forecasted him achieving much in foreign policy trade brinksmanship with China and Asia; however, his myopic and jingoistic views concerning the Middle East are, let us say, even more All-American wrong headed than his predecessors in the White House. A Trump military crusade in the Middle East will invite great disaster.

TRUMP 16′,make AMERICA great again! ! ! ! ! !

America has always been great and still is.

Click on the cover and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on the cover and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Not under obummer.

These are the effective political bromides of recent times. Yes we can! Make America Great again! Change we can believe in! A future we can believe in, etc.

They are effective because the words in themselves are meaningless. The voter projects his or her feeling or idea of what they mean upon these empty but flowery slogans. I’m speaking modern politics 101 here. I’ve read the father of the modern political campaign: Adolf Hitler. He was the first to define these politician tricks in his book Mein Kampf. Use the power of a simple slogan-turned-projector screen, such as Hitler’s “Germany Awaken!” and you can seduce the mob mind, the crowd mind, to follow you and vote for you. A million people can imagine what they think Germany is and what “Awakening” in a million ways and then fall under the populist suggestion that “the Leader” means what he or she thinks he means.

I would vote for Hitler.

You’re joking, right? Well, if you aren’t then consider this. Did Hitler make Germany great again, Scott? He nearly destroyed it. Turned it into a bomb cratered lunar landscape and killed one in ten Germans: 7 million.

Scott replied. Apparently he is serious about it. Declaring he was a German and still here. I replied to him in German waiting to see just how German a man named “Scott” really is. My German response essentially stated that we all keep coming back to be the cannon fodder of fools and foolishness until we evolve our spirit beyond these repetitive patterns of living Stupid.

I’ll finish this stream with a Cruz supporter named Teresa. She left us a link about how polls show Clinton would easily beat Trump in all November scenarios. Sanders too. Here’s the link: Clinton. Now the reactions and responses:

Hahah hahahaha hahhahahs hahab. RIGHT…

Every poll says the same thing. How could he win? He funded all her bad deeds.

I would not be too attached to any poll about the November election at this time. A lot of things could change people’s views overnight in the next 8 months. In the forecasting field one must stay alert for what I call “prophetic wildcard moments.” In my Trump predictions book I wrote at length about how those who find Trump repugnant now, for perhaps all the right reasons even, might vote for him in November if, for instance, the economy falls into another Great Recession; or, the country is rocked by more than one Paris-style ISIS terror attacks this summer.

The following morning I added: “Well now, I wrote the above about prophetic wildcard moments a few hours before one shook up the political race: the Chicago Anti-Trump Riots. These protesters may have handed Trump all the states up for grabs on Tuesday by galvanizing sympathy for Trump and his voters. Candidates going negative on Trump only made his polls rise. Going negative on his voters only makes his movement stronger and gains more support.

DATELINE: 12 March 2016

Hillary Clinton, the Intellectual Lightweight, meet Christopher Hitchens, who sometimes was something worse

A Hogue reader, Marco (not “Rubio”), wrote “Christopher Hitchens, the essayist, classified Hillary Clinton as an intellectual light weight who puts on airs of a heavy weight.”

Perhaps. I want to share with you all a story coming from friends of mine who I did later work with in the same Press Office in later years at the Osho Medication Center in Pune, India.

I was a fan of the late Hitch but I also know he sometimes played something worse than the intellectual lightweight. He’d write a scathing article about a subject he never studied or write about people he never interviewed. Case in point, his review of Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s) ashram in Pune India in the late 1970s. You can read it in a chapter entitled “No Eastern Solution” from his book God is not Great.

Krishna Prem in the late seventies.

Krishna Prem in the late seventies.

Hitch had come to India and appeared at the ashram’s press office where an acquaintance of mine, Krishna Prem (aka Jack Allanach), was the head press officer who worked along with Swami Vadan. The first of many lies in Hitch’s chapter would have you believe he bravely donned the “orange garb” of an Osho Neo-Sannyasin swami “in order to make a documentary film for the BBC.” He wrote that he would investigate “the celebrated guru” and his orange-clad disciples with, “a standard of fairness and my mandate was to absorb as much as I could.”

First off, we have two witnesses here, Krishna Prem and Vadan, the former attesting that Hitch certainly wasn’t wearing sannyas orange but regular street clothes. The two briefed Hitchens for an hour or so about daily ashram activities, meditations, and therapy groups. When mid-morning teatime came, Krishna Prem noticed Hitchens’ hands were shaking. He asked if he could get something for him.


The Shree Rajneesh Ashram in the 1970s.

“I have a little confession to make,” said Hitch. “This is the first time in ten years I haven’t downed a fifth of scotch by this time. What I really need is a drink.”

Apart from the bar at the Blue Diamond Hotel,” Krishna Prem said, “I doubt if you’ll find a bottle of scotch for miles.”

Hitch muttered “some in my room… So, if you chaps don’t mind, I’ll toddle off now and come back tomorrow.” He scooped up the ashram literature he’d been offered and added, “Enough homework to keep me busy until then.” Then he left.

He didn’t turn up the next day, or the next. “And by the third afternoon,” observed Krishna Prem in the letter he addressed to Hitchens, sending a copy to his publishers in 2007, “It was apparent you weren’t coming back at all. So much for absorbing as much as you could.

Osho giving a darshan talk in Chang Tzu Auditorium, early 1970s.

Osho giving a darshan talk in Chang Tzu Auditorium, early 1970s.

“Secondly,” Krishna Prem continued, “you say [in your chapter] we were urged ‘to part with all material possessions,’ and that this money went to purchasing a ‘fleet of Rolls-Royce motorcars.’ Absolute fabrication. How deeply you delved into the Pune commune is clear from this single statement. Where was the fleet housed on that overcrowded six acres? The only time there was a Rolls-Royce on that property was at the very end of our first stay in Pune when, following an assassination attempt by a Hindu fundamentalist, we imported a metal detector and an ancient bullet-proof Rolls. The fleet came a lot later, in America.”

Krishna Prem goes on to take the chapter apart for its many more falsehoods and lies. If you wish to read his letter, click on Christopher Hitchens.

People are mixed bags. Hitch was a great writer. I even wrote a generally positive obituary in these Hogueprophecy pages about him after he died of Cancer in 15 December 2011. (For the full article, click on Hitch.)

The light of genius can sometimes cast a dark and demonic shadow. When it came to Hitch’s atheism, I saw this rational thinker descend into the realm of the righteous, and irrational evangelical zealot. The same thing happens to comedian Bill Maher. The mind set with either a pro- or anti-religious dogma is still under the spell of “religion”-ego trips. A wall of blindness shuts down Hitchens’ eyes as much as Maher, when they categorically pontificate that there is no God, as if it is a proven fact. You see the same dogma lower its boom in the eyes of evangelical theists like Rev. Pat Robertson and Rev. Hal Lindsey when they declare with equal blindness of faith—not fact—that God exists.

The evangelical ego of theists and atheists has a shared habit. They have to avoid themselves, their fears. You have to pick up the brochures with your shaking alchy hands and get out of that ashram and back to your hotel room as fast as you can and find your religious insights in a fifth of scotch. And then you write it all down and betray your otherwise brilliant work on other topics by letting bias, not facts, have its sway. You end up missing an opportunity of a lifetime, encountering a guru who is not a theist, not an “atheist”. He’s something more.

I directly experienced Bhagwan (Osho) as a living, breathing Truth moving beyond the pettiness of the religious-and-anti-religion programming under which we are mostly enslaved and spiritually as much as rationally retarded.

I spent years sitting at his feet under his instruction. I’ve done the therapy groups and meditations Hitchens can only falsely fantasize about in his book of lies. I had “Bhagwan” (the Blessed One) and a life shared with him. Hitch only had “brochures” and BS to go by.

“Finally,” wrote Krishna Prem to Hitch and his publishers, “I find it odd that of all the supporters of organized religions on the vast Indian spiritual scene, you pick the one man who consistently criticized the religions for the damage they have done – through promoting blind belief, blind faith and generating blind fear – down the ages. Osho’s attacks on Mother Teresa of Calcutta (is that where you got the idea for your book?) and her boss, whom he called “The Polack Pope”, are well documented. His series of talks in America so often focused on the dangers of Christian fundamentalism that today they seem prophetic. Among the last series of talks he gave in public, two titles come to mind – Christianity, the Greatest Poison and Zen, the Antidote to All Poisons – as well as a series illustrating where Nietzsche and other atheists missed the boat, God is Dead: Now Zen is the Only Living Truth.”

When one pushed Christopher Hitchens’s “God” button, this brilliant reporter let hatch out an intellectual fraud. The hidden coward emerged; moreover, he was a serious alcoholic and chain smoker and sadly, both addictions riddled him with cancer and snuffed out his life too soon.

DATELINE: 12 March 2016

Langley-BrassBoyPower Outage Poets of Puget Sound

We be-firred forested islanders north of Seattle got rolled over by infinite air molecules sucked by a low pressure passing over Canada’s Vancouver Island using the Cascades and the Olympic mountains as walls of granite draw, sucking gale force winds that make the power lines snap to the rhythm of the forests’ wind dance.

DrewKampionYellowMy friend Drew Kampion (former editor and one of the creators of Surfer Magazine) and my neighbor until he moved to the Whidbey Island windy highlands, is usually up at wee hours each morning putting together his Drew’s List, an Island-wide online classified ads program-cum-online network.

At some point when rains were horizontal and the lights were winking with black oblivion, he posted this little poem to all the 8,000 members:

Almost Alert!

I can see the writing on the wall, folks!

The lights are flickering, the cats have been washed off the roof.

Our neighbors just floated by in a very large tureen …

Just to let you know.

I’m working away here, seeking sufficient closure to post

before the power goes out from some giant mudslide.

So, if it does, know that I’ll post as soon as the power is back.

And it’s already still on!


WhidbeyStormCloudsI read it the following sunny morning when the power resurrected from the dead and was inspired to pitter-patter poetry back on my keyboard:

I love the descriptions in your letter. Especially the cats. The weather reporters were saying that much of the Puget Sound (and us up here too) was getting seven-tenths of an inch an hour! And then the winds came washing all wet nebulous away, polishing the cold light of pellucid stars.


The power in Langley winked off and on at least twice in the wee, wee-wee, hours before dawn. I know, because my surge protectors began squeaking during the first one, and at the end of the second, my fridge eeeked when goosed with electrified delight before taking a first breathe of “Frigidaire”…

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.



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