Trump wins South Carolina and Nevada and will win Super Tuesday. Jeb Bush Out. A Marco Rubio Prediction from 2011. Cruz Control out of Control in the South. Clinton versus Sanders Predictions. Is Trump Mabus, Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist? And Finally, Hogue ahead of the Times about the New Cold War, got Blacklisted by FOX TV for same about anticipating 9-11.

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The following six articles were written and documented the day before the Nevada Primary except for one inserted and dated update from the day after the primary.

DATELINE: 22 February 2016

Hogue Foresaw Trump Victory in New Hampshire and South Carolina—Nevada will be next and Predictions for Super Tuesday

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

In the golden-haired afterglow of Trump’s “huge” victory in New Hampshire on 9 February, MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell aimed to deliver his show’s entitled “’Last Word’ with Lawrence O’Donnell” pontification about the oncoming Trump tsunami win.

“No one saw it!” He concluded.

What ignorant hubris! What a subtle cop out. Blame everyone for not seeing it coming. Don’t blame yourselves, Mr. and Ms. News anchors and news pundit-heads.

There were people who saw Trump as a serious candidate very early. I was one of them. We anticipated this Year of the Fire Monkey, celebrating tricky outsider revolutionary movements in politics. Moreover, astrologers and futurologists like us remain ahead of current event trends, I so contend. News anchor “cry baby” journalists like O’Donnell remind me of the usual stuck-up guys and gals I’ve encountered in TV and Newspaper mainstream news over the past 29 years of filming 100-plus television interviews and documentaries. They have built in prejudice for prophecy interpreters and forecasters. Like all prejudices, it’s sustained by a dedicated ignorance of the topic.

In 1999, I recall being approached by King-5 News’ weeknight people-interest show Evening Magazine about Nostradamus. The reporter on the phone warned me that he was very skeptical of Nostradamus and his predictions.

I replied, “Really? And what do you base that investigative reporter conclusion on? What translations of Nostradamus’ prophecies have you read? Have you indeed read any of my books or those of other Nostradamus scholars to weight your judgment objectively?”

The voice on the other end of the line answered a bit pained and embarrassed, “I’ve read some articles in the National Enquirer.”

HogueWBloodMoonbyCynthiaCampbell“The National Enquirer? Really? A yellow-journalistic rag? Is that it?! Did you parents work so hard and sacrifice so much to put you through college and get you a degree in journalism and this mediocrity of investigative reporting is what they get for it? Shame on you!”

I paused and then told him I’d be happy to do the interview, warning that he had better be well prepared or, “I’d have him for breakfast right on the air.”

Prejudice is lazy. It hides behind stereotypes, like, young black men are more likely to commit crimes; or, white men can’t jump; or, Jews are all sneaky businessmen and women. Last but not least, anybody who writes books about prophecy are kooks and only write for the National “Perspireror.”

It’s like an unconscious barrier akin to what women experience as that glass ceiling. Being an investigator of prophets and prophecies doesn’t make you an investigator worthy of equal respect just like you don’t pay a woman as much money doing a man’s job.

Journalists have this prejudice about prophecy experts. You’re just not heard the same way. You’re told that your field is not as credible and people who don’t even read the topic lay this out to you. But that doesn’t stop the so-called “Objective” blowhards in broadcasting like Lawrence O’Donnell from stepping up to the prompter to declare that “No one” foresaw the Trump campaign coming.

“No,” I would reply. “You are the ‘one’ who had your head up the teleprompter where the intelligence doesn’t shine, Mr. O’Donnell, and here’s the objective, documented proof.

These predictions before you were set down and sealed in early October 2015. Many of you have already read them in Trump for President—Astrological Predictions:


Read a free sample of this Amazon bestseller in Prophecy/Divination, click on the cover.

Trump must sustain his lead early and strong in the Iowa Caucus (1 February), the New Hampshire Primary (9 February), and the primaries in Nevada and especially South Carolina (20 and 23 February). The New Moon at 19 degrees Aquarius trines his delegate-expanding Jupiter 17 degrees Libra on day of the New Hampshire Primary. His Natal Mercury is trined transiting Neptune in Pisces as well. In short, that means the Trump message received by the widest audience can produce the most ballots and victory.

Trump in Iowa came in second place in a tight race against Ted Cruz. Actually, Trump probably would have won that too, if Cruz hadn’t tricked a few thousand Ben Carson voters to vote for him after spreading the false rumor that Carson was backing out. Whatever the cause, I wrote four months before this happened that Trump would start winning early as he did shortly after Iowa in the New Hampshire and a few weeks later in the pivotal South Carolina Primary. We’re on the eve of the Nevada GOP Primary and this is also what I wrote four months earlier:


So far the accuracy is “Hooooge!” Click on the cover, if you don’t mind.

On the Nevada Primary day, the Sun in Pisces will trine his natal Mercury—another potentially positive impact for Trump’s populist message if it doesn’t fly off the tracks into self-defeating negativity.

Watch the fortune potential of Saturn’s sextile transit with Trump’s Neptune at birth. This is how he wins the Republican nomination and early:

From sextiling-in-transit Trump’s natal Neptune in the autumn of 2015, Saturn advances through Sagittarius to positively magnify all of his lucky aspects of expansion and original ideas inherent in his Sun-Jupiter trine. Perhaps it can catch the imagination of enough voters to bring on an early and perhaps even unstoppable lead in the opening two months of primaries. That is, if he can generate a popular blitzkrieg balloting in the Trump column in most of the state caucuses and primaries that the Republican Party have front loaded in the opening round of their primary season in hopes of gaining an early and consistent front-runner by early March, clinching the nomination by mid-April.

Notice I said “most” of the caucuses. I am on record saying caucuses are his weak spot, but I don’t think Nevada is going to be one of them. We’ll see.

UPDATE 24 FEBRUARY 2016: Donald Trump one a landslide victory in the Nevada Caucus taking upwards of nearly 45.9 percent of the vote with Marco Rubio coming in a distant second (23.9 percent0, Cruz third (21.4 percent) with  Carson and Kasich in the distant polling cellar at 4.8 and 3.6 percent respectively. Trump broke that 30 to 35 percent ceiling and showed his competition that even if you could gather your voters behind one man–rather impossible given the egos involved–Trump could still beat you. Exit polls show Trump beating the opposition handily with people of all persuasions: conservatives, women, angry voters, outsider lovers, evangelical Christians and most significantly Latino voters. Trump took the latter group by 45 percent! That fulfills another forecast in my Trump book:

“I’ll make a prediction about many of you reading this, starting a little less than 11 months ahead of Election Day, that you can’t imagine will be what you will do on 8 November 2016. I’m talking about those of you who go livid at any mention of Trump—especially those disgusted with his disrespect of women, Muslims and Latinos, or think he’s an all-American Antichrist. By November 2016 that xenophobe, nativist-posturing racist may not be so bad a choice. The Democrats will roll out an Establishment Clinton insider—more of the same, and “same” isn’t working anymore for you. Yes, it would be great to have a woman become president. That would be “new”—as new as having an African American as president for eight years.

“How did that work for you? Not true as advertised?

“The gathering troubles and turmoil of the next 11 months will wear down your snap reactions like they were the plummeting value of your US dollar. Financial survival has a way of changing one’s mind 180 degrees. Your future employment has become uncertain, or perhaps by November it’s already evaporated. That might make you think the unthinkable, especially where no one is watching, when you mark and mail your ballot, or close the curtains in your voting booth. At the moment of a very private decision, you might rearrange your priorities and join the crowd who counter, ‘We need jobs, not political correctness.’”

Now I return you to the article published back on 22 February:

Consider the following and positive astrological ally Trump will have when Saturn’s sextile with Jupiter in Libra starts influencing the early weeks of the campaign. Mr. O’Donnell, four months ago I even dated when it would start:

Click on it, all-reddy.

Click on it, all-reddy.

A Saturn in Sagittarius sextile with Jupiter in Libra begins making itself positively felt in Trump’s campaign around 13 February. It keeps building right through the peak of the Republican primary season, right through Super Tuesday (1 March), approaching a one degree, near-exact sextile from 5-to-22 March. It will lose some forward momentum afterward, going retrograde yet staying put one degree from exactitude through mid April.

I predict all possible fortune or failure in Trump’s run for the Republican nomination will depend on his positive application of this sextile. Successful politicians often find this aspect in their birth chart enabling them to strike a balance (Jupiter in Libra the Balancer) between expansive optimism in political promise peddling, tempered with more saturnine caution and prudence. It’s the sign of the long haul campaigner. This is the best time for Trump maturing his game, playing politician to win an early and large lead over Republican competitors while keeping his eye on the prize of the presidency

February through April 2016 looks good for Trump getting even fierier with positive results. People are just going to get more frustrated in 2016. They hunger to support those candidates giving voice to their catharsis against all patronizing establishment politicians running for president. Trump might remain that voice if he can avoid the pitfalls of Saturn in Sagittarius. He should be on the lookout for his natal Mercury squares sabotaging his cause with the curse of more hubris and ego than even Trump, the Leo-Lion Ascendant handler, can’t whip into submission.

In layman’s terms, depending on whether his smooth operator or volcanic bombast personalities are dominant, the Trump tsunami can either flood out and early the other contenders or dry out, petering out, losing momentum if Trump gets mad, or sidetracked into obsessive vendettas.

So far I don’t see that “Bad Donald-Duckian Rage Monger” arising in him. Victory is an elixir against negative Mercury traits. Moreover, the busy skies over the early months of the election have Square of Pluto in Capricorn (establishment) Uranus in Aries (outsider rebellion) back in the mix. This time the Establishment is “Trumped” by the rebellion, not like Occupy Wall Street experienced during earlier visits of this square in 2011 through 2015.

No leaderless rebellion breaks against a suppressive, armored police phalanx of authority. The authorities, the Establishment Republicans, are divided, headless and diluting their power in a four-way fight between Rubio, Cruz, and lesser-numeraries Kasich and Carson, to be that currently losing ticket, the anti-Trump alternative.

The square doesn’t end until April Fool’s Day. Thus I predict no resolution is amalgamating all four into just one contender against Trump until this circus enters April and “The Donald” starts piling up a delegate lead that can’t be bested.

DATELINE: 22 February 2016

Predicting JEB Bush’s Bye Bye

You know a campaign is on life support when a politician doesn’t use his hot-potato-headed brother, the former US president, in his campaign, then finally rolls him out before dwindling public gatherings to talk up the supporters. Trump, ever playing the kid in this RNC campaign version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” keeps almost innocently blurting out the obvious truth no one wants to mention: why does “Jeb” avoid bringing up his family name? By the time we get to South Carolina’s do or die primary Jeb is best remembered for the 800-pound gorilla in the room named Bonzo by me and some wags, who we “Voldemort” nary a mention.

Campaign posters yell JEB! without his own last name “Bush” stamped on them because JEB wanted y’all to forget GW Dubiya was his brother. We are told by the “Peon-dits” of mainstream media that Jeb is shrewd driving out of the “Bushes” his old “Ma” Bush, and Bro because South Carolina in past primaries has been good for the father, George Herbert Walker Bush (1988), good for the eldest son G.W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. Why not load up your mouth with “Bush-shot” and fire it off at’em. You’re polls might hit the mark above a dismal stasis of 10 percent.

Lots of retired veterans and active duty servicemen and women populate the Palmetto State. The “pawn-dits,” therefore, will remind you every night as the primary approaches just how fondly remembered is President G.W.

Yes, you remember, the guy who got thousands of them killed and tens of thousands wounded and injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s that guy who followed the God speaking in his gut, invaded Iraq on bogus intelligence, and had no working plan for managing eight years of bloody occupation and civil war. Afghanistan turned into “Vietnamistan.”

It wasn’t bad intelligence this time, just no intelligence inside the head of the gut-feeler in chief in the Oval Office. Why were they in “Vietnamistan” to begin with? Destroy al-Qaeda or wage over a decade-long stalemate with the Taliban who hadn’t attacked little ole us—“U.S.” Bush had a mission to creep moving from hunting down Al-Qaeda to throwing money down a Pashtun pit, nation building Alpha Beta’s.

The soldiers came to Jeb’s South Carolina rallies, cheered and for the most part, voted for Donald Trump who trampled Jeb winning the veteran and active military service vote. This is another example of how the news pun-ditto heads on TV just don’t get the times that are a’changing. For anyone who was not pulling a Lawrence O’Donnell, you only had to see the trend growing four years ago when the most popular Republican inside the US military culture was former US Air Force doctor and future Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Why were service people in his camp?

Paul wanted the bring the troops home and extract them from the American Imperial adventures that have had them stuck in Middle Eastern quagmires for decades with no end in sight. Apparently a majority of US troops and veterans agreed with him.

I see Trump feeling the same love. Yes, he’ll out-do the chauvinism on the stump, but if you listen carefully, he doesn’t want more deployments into Middle Eastern quicksands. He gets that our soldiers don’t want to be abroad running an empire. Jeb Bush doesn’t get this any more than his brother, who, until the last desperate weeks of campaigning in South Carolina, was persona-non-“mentioned-ah” by his younger brother.

Trump is right to point out, and often, how Jeb Bush didn’t respect his family’s name in politics. He couldn’t print “that” name—his name—on posters. It hints that he too saw it as political poison. He’s a “Bush,” a brother of of G.W. Bush—the man who brought us terror attacks on the homeland on 11 September 2001 before he chased that with military quagmires. Jeb can protest, but Trump spoke the uncomfortable truth in the South Carolina debate. The primary votes gave their final reckoning, the GW effect helped reduce Jeb’s poll standings from 10 percent to an actual ballot count of only 7.8 percent. His brother and even his beloved Ma Bush couldn’t save this limpid and limping campaign.

It is very tempting sometimes to second-guess a prophecy. Most of the accurate predictions I cast down for the record go against my personal views, hopes and wishes. For years, I’ve often been on written record heard on recorded national radio shows saying the Jeb Bush would run against Hillary Clinton. Most of you have heard that at the expense of listening to my qualifier: this choice is not yours but “theirs”—the corporate money. I also mentioned on Coast to Coast AM on 17 August 2015 my hope that the Year of the Monkey being so outsider-friendly would nourish an alternative future that was growing that would throw a monkey wrench into the spokes of Corporate America’s plans. I continued to say on Coast to Coast on 22 October 2015, 13 January 2016 and 10 February too, that Jeb Bush was going “bust.” He was outtah-there! Thanks to a good Donald Duckian “Trumping.” Yet I did weaken a little and left the option open that the money powers would somehow keep Jeb’s hopes alive despite all prophetic trends and reason. I said as much on my 10 February appearance and I wrote as much for the record in early October when I composed the following for the Trump book:

One scenario I foresee, though quite a long shot, given Trump’s potential under his Gemini Sun to suddenly shift gears and lose interest in campaigning, is three oligarch, one-percenters left standing a month before the presidential elections. Competing wings of the multinational corporate CEOlygarcy back two of these. The other is Trump, gone corporate rogue. The mainstream political party cartels will pass through the ritual of primaries that ultimately picks Clinton and Bush’s replacement as their nominees (although I would add the impossible, if not for the corruptive power of corporate money manipulation, that somehow has Jeb Bush as that GOP puppet).

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions, Chapter Seven:
Trump’s Astrology on the 2016 Campaign Trail

Now, Jeb’s protégé, Marco Rubio is the new puppet getting the funding and trying out strings attached to corporate interests for a nomination at the RNC Convention in Cleveland in July. Both he and Cruz aren’t playing the astrology very well. The opposition to Trump is dividing and diluting their powers as long as the Pluto-Uranus square is active up to, ironically, April Fool’s Day, 1 April 2016. If Trump opposition can’t rally around one candidate until after the square is over, then they’ll all be going to Cleveland trying to find a few empty seats in a Trump Convention with The Donald doing a victory run.

Trump is set to do exactly what my book said and what I elaborated on several Coast to Coast appearances. He’s winning big, winning early with many delegates in his pocket even during proportional primaries through Super Tuesday. The corporate puppets need to become one puppet and that’s not going to happen before Super Tuesday or the end of March.”

DATELINE: 22 February 2016

My Marco Rubio Prophecy from 2013 and is Ted Cruz Control out of Control in the South?

Listening to Ted Cruz’s defeat acceptance speech after coming in third in the South Carolina Primary shows me why a “Liar”—I mean, a “Lawyer”—will not win the presidency in this year of rebellion. This is the year of outsiders saying the Establishment’s new clothes don’t cover its nakedness. Cruz used his slippery lawyer’s reasoning to depict his descent from winner in Iowa to second-place winner in New Hampshire to third place winner in the campaign-defining South Carolina Primary as a road to “victory.” In so many words, he was essentially arguing that, “We won a gold medal and did even better winning the silver and now we’re on a roll because we won the bronze (applause, applause, applause…).

As Arizona Sue, one of my Facebook friends and astrologer, aptly pointed out, Cruz has bad planetary aspects revolving around manipulating the truth. I wrote out her abbreviated astrological information for more clarity:

John just some thoughts for you… both Trump and Cruz are [Chinese Year of the] dog years…I see the archetype of the crafty fire monkey more in the Cruz chart…Uranus conjunct Moon in 1st House and Pluto on Ascendant…then there is the buzy aspects to Capricorn-Mercury…plot plot he does…was a master debater in college…Scorpio-Mars conjunction Venus…to me he is the trickster. Pluto in 12 House…. Uranus in First…he presents the Kokopelli Libra mask….TA-Saturn in Eight House….other’s formidable foe—lawyer. Trump is Bam-Bam.

Bottom line is, the mind of Ted Cruz is tricky, scheming and the fact is, he was lying, outright, in some of his declarations, I’ll just give one example out of many: declaring that Trump was for Obamacare. I’ve been monitoring the presidential campaign season carefully and I can’t recall ever hearing or seeing Trump in his rather redundant, slogan-filled rants—which I’ve almost memorized—saying he was for OB Care. Cruz control of the truth is slipping out of control. Rubio and Trump are taking him down on the web Cruz weaves to deceive and it’s impacting in the demographic he must dominate to win between now and through Super Tuesday: college-educated evangelical Christians going to Rubio, and working class evangelicals going to Trump.

From what I saw and heard in his South Carolina bronze medal “victory” speech, the crazy Cruz from the 2012 presidential run is floating to the surface once again and it does not bode well, even in his home state primary in Texas for him on Super Tuesday. Cruz is the most unloved candidate by the GOP Establishment in this Celebrity Presidential Apprentice reality show. Not one Republican Senator has endorsed him. None of his co-workers on the Senate floor not even fellow Tea Partiers. That’s quite telling how much he’s unliked.

Cruz hadn’t crossed the Rubicon in South Carolina, but in the Southern primary fight, the “Rubio” will cross him and poll ahead of him. Several years ago, I made the following prediction about Marco Rubio’s future in the 2016 election cycle:

Tea Party leaders who don’t shun their principles will run their own candidate for president against the Republican establishment.

At this point, nearly two years out from the 2012 elections, the timeline isn’t well defined enough for my oracle to declare who will be the Tea Party candidate. My senses tell me the candidate will eventually be someone like Rand Paul or Marco Rubio.

Predictions for 2011, Chapter Three:
Big GOPocalyptic Faustian Deal!
(Published 21 December 2010)

Follow the money folks. Bush’s corporate backers crapped out on his gamble. They’re taking their chips into the Rubio casino now. Trump and Rubio will crowd out Cruz and watch the New Yorker of German-Scottish heritage fight the Cuban American Rubio in a second Mexican American war, so to speak, over immigration.

DATELINE: 22 February 2016

Clinton-Sanders Predictions for South Carolina and Super Tuesday

This article stream is heavy loaded with GOP candidates, so on the eve of the equally important and campaign-defining South Carolina Primary for Democrats I want to make a few forecasts about who will win this and in Super Tuesday. My oracular view is unchanged. Hillary Clinton finally found her voice and her campaign rhythm with her victory in the Nevada Caucus last week. She is effectively framing Sanders as a one-dimensional candidate. I’m not saying this is accurate. Politics is about perception over fact. She’s changing the perception just at the right moment, coming into South Carolina with a large lead—a large firewall of African-American voters.

She’s going to win big in South Carolina this Saturday and three days later, she’s going to carry all six of the Southern states out of the 11 up for grabs on Super Tuesday.

It takes no Nostradamus to predict that Sanders will win Vermont, his home state, but I think neighboring Massachusetts is up for grabs and going to be close.

Sanders will win close elections in Colorado, and perhaps even take Oklahoma or Minnesota, although I sense Oklahoma might be a surprise Clinton victory. Clearly though, the South is Clinton country and with Super Tuesday, she begins inexorably pulling ahead of Sanders and not looking back, even though it may take more months ahead to win the race because Sanders isn’t backing out.

DATELINE: 22 February 2016


The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist. Now there are Five. Click on the picture and read more.

Is Trump Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist? Can his name be derived from Mabus, the anagram hiding the Antichrist’s name?

Simon sent this in before the South Carolina victory of Trump. I’ve left it in upper-case “shout” mode as it was sent in my inbox:




First off thanks for the try, Simon. PAU NAY LORON spells out Napaulon Roy, not Napoleon Bonaparte, so, it isn’t accurate what you say. Napoleon was from Corsica, which has strong Italian influences in its dialect. Napaulon is an approximation of the Corsican spellings for Napoleon, which is Napauleone with the redundant e’s missing. Roy is old French spelling for roi or “King.” So “King Napoleon” is what he’s intending here.

To make your Trump attempt work, you’ve gone beyond the pale stretching letters like R in “A” and so on. It doesn’t fit in the laws of Nostradamian anagrams. Certainly there are three possible letters for MABUS in TRUMP. The b can be derived from an upside-down p. You’re correct about that. The M stays the same as does the U. So then, you have MBU of MABUS.

I love your imaginative attempt to turn the S into the Gothic ƒ in Hiƒter, but it’s flawed. Look at the original spelling used by Nostradamus in Century 2 Q62: Mabus. There’s no fancy letters.

If he spelled it Mabuƒ then I’d say you were brilliantly on to something. It would have fit the laws of anagram: Mabuƒ would be ƒump or Tump with only the missing R to replace to complete the puzzle.

Problem is, you just can’t use an R as an A. The letters have to be legible when reversed or turned upside-down, according to the rules. He spelled Mabus in normal Latin letters. No other anagrams show Nostradamus turning an S into Gothic form to make a T. Only the Hitler anagram used it and did so by adding the “T” in Hiƒter alongside it as a nudge. Otherwise he never nudges an anagram.

Scott contributed this Mabus decoding:

MABUS = Marvin Bush

Now that is an interesting theory, Scott. The younger brother of Jeb and G.W. Bush being Mabus. His name would fit the rules. That doesn’t mean it’s the right candidate. There’s no hint in Nostradamus of a career insurance operator becoming an Antichrist—more likely he’d be involved in an “Anti-Trust” suit. Many other elements have to converge.

Some fan with the handle “Millennium Prophet” reminds us of this important Third Antichrist prophecy:

Yes, the 3rd Anti-Christ is certainly walking the earth today. The key quatrain is the 1999, and SEVENTH month (July). During that year, the 3rd Anti-Christ was busy communicating (“skies”) to the infidels. This then led to 9/11 and all the terror events leading up to today and beyond.

Yes, I concur. Century 10 Quatrain 72 famously describes the World Trade Center attack, as does 6 Q97 and 10 Q49, all three of which I explain word-for-word in great detail every clue, anagram and linguistic possibility in my new and expanded edition of Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. Here’s an excerpt from the chapter Jihad Messiah opening with the 9-11 attack:


Effrayeur is a dreadful word.

In French it means: to frighten, to alarm, to terrify. It lunges from the Latin formido: dread, terror. It is sudden, throat grabbing fright, unexpected and disturbing to the core. It soars on the wings of an airline jet roaring through soft blue autumnal skies over the narrow valley streets and manmade canyons of New York—an outrage of noise that guides one to look upwards and see its source devoured by the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Violence! Instantly rejected in the vomit of hot acid fuel spittle, fireballs, thunder and the after note of human shock and horror declared in ten thousand expletives of disbelief from those who witnessed it.

Effrayeur is Lord of the Skies the moment perception is raped by accident becoming terrible intent. It comes casting its lengthening swift shadow over towns and valleys of the Garden State, soaring across green waters of the Hudson, accelerating.

The Lord of Terror comes down from the skies, heralded by ovations of disbelief as now millions of New Yorkers and hundreds of millions of people around the world, in tight lipped or gaping horror before television screens, beat bewildered and unbelieving hearts. Terror charges in, turning slowly on the wings of infamy, engines screaming at full thrust to perform a macabre disappearance into the South Tower of the World Trade Center as if solid steel and glass were a vertical surface of water and a 767 Boeing passenger jet was an Olympic diver entering that surface in a perfect dive with nary a splash. In an instant the perversion of physics is erased by fireballs and the disbelieving screams of millions, in public, standing upon balconies and streets around New York, or viewed on televisions in private homes, bars, restaurants, TV shops and offices. In that moment of outrage and alarm, terror, set free of hijacked planes, seized hearts in public and private places across half the planet as all in that moment understood these planes crashing into buildings were no accident but a brazen attack on the United States.

Pre-order Here

Click on the cover and pre-order the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies.

Click on the cover and pre-order the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

DATELINE: 22 February 2016

The Mainstream catches up with the Visions of John Hogue written Years ago about the New Cold War. Accuracy gets you Blacklisted on FOX TV.

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

I got a letter today from Brett in England. It has taken about two years for the mainstream leaders and their medias to recognize what many of you reading my bulletins about the civil war in Ukraine since February-March of 2014 already read. I consider the Ukrainian Maidan Revolution and subsequent bloody civil war the moment a new cold war had begun. It is also when we begin Nostradamus’ countdown to two timelines that potentially see that new cold war potentially flare up nuclear hot either around November of next year (2017) or in far off 2027.

What with the developments in the Middle East in the war against ISIS in Syria and the uncoordinated wars the US, NATO, and Turkey wage on one side with Russia backing the Syrian government forces with its air force on the other, a miscalculation is highly possible. In an instant one could even fathom Russia at war with NATO and the US. So now, AT LAST, the world leaders and their homeys in the lame-streaming media are starting to talk “Hogue”—that is, they’re telling you what I warned you two years in advance: there’s a new cold war on and it could go very very hot. What they’re still not aware of is that the first of two time windows is upon us—18 months away!

Hope this email finds you well. I have been invited to this debate next month [Brett gives the advertisement details]:


As world powers negotiated a fragile ceasefire in Syria, many observers believe Russian military involvement has succeeded in propping up the Assad regime. In recent years, Putin’s intervention in Syria, the annexation of Crimea and incursions into Ukraine are bold and wilful policies which have alarmed the west.

Amid tense negotiations, Nato has accused Russia of “intimidating its neighbours” and “undermining trust and stability in Europe.” In response Prime Minister Medvedev warns of a “new cold war”. Is Russia just protecting its national interests, or is it risking a “proxy war” with the US which might further destablise the region? Is Putin achieving a geopolitical coup in the Middle East, seemingly outmanoeuvering the US, UK and France at every available opportunity?

Join the debate with the Guardian’s Moscow correspondent Shaun Walker, former British Ambassador to Russia Tony Brenton, and Russian opposition activist Vladimir Ashurkov. Chaired by the Guardian’s Mark Rice-Oxley, with more to be announced.

Running time: 90 minutes, no interval.Hanni


Your eBook about “a New Cold War” was years ahead of its time!

Yes, Brett. Thank you for what is a rare acknowledgment. Please feel free to promote me, my website and A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce. That book is the most important one to read of anything I’ve thus-far composed. The overview to the debate sounds interesting. Too bad I wasn’t invited, but prophetic people aren’t respectable people, especially ones like me who are regularly accurate.

Did you know that FOX TV over here in America blacklisted me after 9-11? I used to appear on Hannity and Colmes and also did around a half-dozen Fox nationally televised prophecy-themed documentaries. The most significant was one I filmed at the end of 1996: Prophecies of the Millennium with Tony Award winning stage and Oscar nominated actor, Edward James Olmos, as host.

It's what comes "after" the final blood moon that this book covers. Click and read a free sample.

It’s what comes “after” the final blood moon that this book covers. Click and read a free sample.

I inspired a CGI episode of a hypothetical terrorist attack on the World Trade Center that brought both towers down in an explosion. It aired in early 1997 and again on FX (Fox) Channel two weeks before 9-11-01. Afterward that, none of my contacts returned my calls or emails. Years later a TV producer I did documentaries with in the past told me how I was blacklisted for being too accurate about 9-11.

When you’re making predictions that don’t come true, you can become famous like Ed Dames or Dolores Cannon because you’re entertaining and safe. But if you are accurate, you scare people. The mainstream shuns you. Eventually TV companies put you on air only because mounting social media pressure (where I’m well read) only echoes louder in the void of your absence on the air. Even then, they’ll edit out what you accurately predict and only piece a patchwork of your sayings out of content that keeps you comfortable with their agenda.

Two cases in point. How could readers know that on all but one of the many documentaries I did prior to 2012 and the big Mayan Calendar shifting date of 21 December 2012, I was filmed taking the theory that Nostradamus had anything to do with the Maya apart. I was filmed saying the Mayan Calendar phenomenon was all a lot of New Age Chicken-Little-ism and that nothing would happen on that date. Except for one line and a few seconds on the Mayan Calendar episode in the series The Nostradamus Effect, the final cut of years of 2012 shows left my statements on the editor’s cutting room floor.

My one surviving 2012 comment was used, taken out of context as a joke. I’m calling the whole 2012 thing another “sky is falling!” Chicken Little moment. They used it in an entertaining, emotionally impactful way without using the footage where I explain “why” it was Chicken Little reincarnated. This is how television trains people to be stupid while wrapped in a belief that they have been informed.

Second case in point concerns the recently released History Channel two-hour production, the very beautifully shot Nostradamus: 21st Century Predictions Revealed. I’m on it as a counterpoint to Mario Reading and his indexing-dates-the-future theory that every Nostradamus quatrain hides its date for fulfillment in the index number.

I was filmed being asked my view on his theory and I explained on camera in a few words why it was comprehensively flawed because of a fundamental misunderstanding of Nostradamus’ ordered chaos of a mind. I said there are indeed patterns in the prophecies but they are random. Some of the index numbers do date the quatrains, but mostly they do not. Nostradamus will piece together many quatrains in a larger puzzle using word-bridging patters and words that could tie verses together that are scattered out of sequence throughout his ten-volume magnum opus Les Propheties (The Prophecies). He does this patchwork puzzling a lot with his Third Antichrist predictions. The messiness of patterns is not a ruse hiding some all-encompassing order. The chaos is the order.

Perhaps one of my enduring successes being in this field for over 30 years and still going strong is I think due, in no small part, with understanding that Nostradamus had a severely dyslexic mind. If you can “speak dyslexic” you’ll have a lot more success deciphering his prophecies. You do the opposite of what Mario Reading has done: seek the patterned chaos. There is no centralized order in his prophecies.

It must have been a good critique because they didn’t use it. I think it would have been great to have it in the documentary and I wished they had sent my answer to Reading so he could respond to my points. Then I would respond to his responses. That’s the kind of documentary people want. I’ve been fighting for the production of such a documentary since I started doing TV back in 1987.

Not just governments censor. The media does an even better job blocking the full picture from audiences giving you soda pop knowledge made of fizzy junk calories. I stopped counting how many times I was told by producers to dumb things down because they generally believe you are all too stupid to grasp these themes clearly and deeply.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

That’s why I write my visions in books and here at HogueProphecy so that there’s a documentation of the real John Hogue out there, not the Hogue-bytes on TV arranged around other guests like punch lines serving their trains of thought and often not my own.

I do these television shows not so much for the sake of getting my messages out. At best, that happens only in fragmentary sound bytes. What I hope these shows “show” is the “presence” behind my eyes and between my words that engages. It hums in my deep voice and my hypnotic pauses of silence and the gestures of my hands. Those who notice what’s behind the video veil seek out my books and they receive in turn the real Hogue and his unfiltered visions of the future and interpretations of other seers.

So, with that said, Brett, good luck at the debate, whether you are a witness or an on-stage player, and if you can make people aware of this important book. Who knows, if enough people read it, it just might save their future.


A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.



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