To Predict political Futures, one must Transcend the “Progressive” and the “Conservative” mindsets

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I was on Coast to Coast AM this October. George Noory the host and I talked about several of my book projects. We started with the recently released eBook about the new pope, entitled FRANCIS and the Last Pope Prophecies of St. Malachy. He had just visited the US and during his week in country, I produced the eBook in record time releasing it on his final day in America giving mass in Philadelphia. I used the short form of eBook under 20,000 words to give readers a solid background about these mysterious prophecies that surfaced in 1595 that are attributed to the medieval Irish Saint Malachy (d. 1148), although I seem to be the only prophecy scholar in print who questions this source. The first 76 of the total 111 Latin mottoes punctuated by a 112th motto with a final coda are perfect prophecies. That’s simply impossible to achieve because unlike what many of you might have heard uttered by chest-thumping evangelical doomsayers, prophecy is a dynamic echo of actions committed in the present day they “foreshadow.” That vision sometimes look preordained is only a false reflection derived from prophecy wonks not understanding what fuels prophecy is our conditioned habit to be predictable, robotic biota walking and warring on this planet. No matter how hard the priests, politicians, and pedagogues try to turn us children into adult drones of predictability, it just doesn’t completely work.

Where the first 76 were perfectly fulfilled, the last 36 mottoes taking the succession of popes forward until up to the anticipated times of Judgment Day aren’t perfect, but no less is this prophet a fraud. Whoever he is, hiding under the name of St. Malachy, his accuracy hovers around 80 to 90 percent!


Click on the cover.

Anyway, if you haven’t looked at that book I hope you will because I intend it to be just a taste of what I have planned for all of you next year. Francis and the Last Pope Prophecies prepares you for the revamped and updated edition of one of my top bestsellers from the late 1990s, The Last Pope. You can get the beautiful and rare paperback edition of the 1998 edition by clicking on Last Pope Prophecies. My aim is to have it published around Easter 2016. Stay tuned for it. The first time I published it, the 140,000-word tome shot up to number one in all books sold at Amazon! I’ve only done that one other time just after the 9-11 attacks with my magnum opus interpretation of Nostradamus’ complete prophecies. By the way, for all of you waiting for an update of that bible of Nostradamus predictions, I plan to have the new edition back in print and in eBook formats two years from this December on the 20th anniversary of its first publication. It will be a new book for a new generation. You can get the rare 1,000-page 1997 paperback edition by clicking on Nostradamus.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

You know, I have so many book projects in various stages of research, development and final production that I don’t remember whether I also mentioned to George Noory and his audience my aim to produce a humorous yet informative little book on the number 666. That book was released just a couple weeks ago. You can check it out by clicking on 666. I’m especially proud of how it’s doing in the short reads in humor genre at Amazon. It’s in the top 20 most of the time and once nudged a short bio on Robin Williams standing at number two, and even raced ahead of Lilly Tomlin, one of my favorite comediennes. I have three humor books planned for publication next year. One of them is a songbook of my outrageous lyric twists on famous songs. I’m thinking of sending weird Al Yankovich a review copy to see what he thinks. I end Everything You Always Wanted to Know About 666, with my Doomsday Christmas Carol, sung to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas. Sing along with Hogue. It’s a real harpy hoot.

George Noory.

George Noory.

Last but not least, George and I talked about my political predictions and I mentioned to his audience of millions of listeners across North America, my labors on a book about Donald Trump’s chances to become the next president. This book of astrological examinations certainly surprised me with the many positive and downright lucky signs Trump was blessed with at birth. Yet he has some very seriously negative and potentially self-delusional struggles with his ruling planet Mercury.

I’ve read a lot of birth charts in my day. Trump’s is one of the most interesting I’ve encountered. Full of complexity and contradictions, both beautiful and sometimes potentially ugly, as well as signs of true and unorthodox genius. His chart solidly destined him to be a builder and developer. He has at birth all the aspects that are favorable to being in real estate and doing all the many other various business and promotional pursuits for which we’ve all come to know him. The big question my book will try to answer is this—can these graces and talents carry over from Businessman Trump to President Trump, if he should be elected?

Click on the cover and get on the announcement list.

Click on the cover and get on the announcement list.

He has a real shot at it. Those who underestimate this could be very surprised to see Trump not going away, but harnessing that visceral and collective angst and anger that so many people in America feel for anything “Establishment.” You see the same anti-Establishment passions harnessed somewhat differently by no less emotionally driven by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side of this presidential contest.

Dear readers, I don’t know how you’ll all receive TRUMP for President: Astrological Predictions when it finally comes out before mid-December. A whole lot of you will probably think I’m endorsing Trump as the next president, while a whole lot of other readers will think I’m tearing him down. In either case you do not perceive my true position about politics.

TrumpHairTouchI will explain further below when I answer this letter from Eugene. He wrote it after listening to my Coast interview and his letter exemplifies the disturbed feeling many people seeing the world through the mind filter called “Progressive” had with me saying anything positive about Trump. I would add that since the interview I have had a flood of new Facebook friends enter my polyphonic, kaleidoscopic Facebook social community who are conservatives and Christians and Trump supporters. I will probably upset the view through their Conservative mind-set filters when the book is published.

No matter. They are truly welcomed, as I welcome you all. Everybody is welcome. Just don’t be a troll or boring or a broken record when you write and you are welcome. Just yesterday I had a flock of conservative and Republican-leaning Christians become new friends laced. The day also included new friends such as a devout Muslim Pakistani, some Hindu East Indian friends and even a family of Argentinians living in Buenos Aires. There were a flock of Progressives too, matching the passions of the right-leaning friends with their left leaning views. Come one, come ALL!

If you can tarry long enough in my Facebook pages, I promise I will eventually upend all your cherished points of view, because I contend that my views come directly from the Future. The future is often not what we expect and hope it to be.

Take for instance, Eugene’s letter (I had to include paragraphs in this and the next letter, just so you all know):

John I have listened to you for years. I deeply respect your analytical mind.
I am a Progressive. I know after listening to you and buying a number of your tomes that you probably do not want to be categorized. Intellectual honesty is paramount in your world view.
That being said I know that you are very Conservative.
 My deceased best man and friend was to the right of Attila the Hun. We had many respectful conversations over the years generally coming to a draw. I have written this so you understand my heart.

Trump-RobertRedfordI just heard you on Coast. Trump scares me more than Nixon or Reagan. I considered both criminal in their own ways. We are hurting as a nation today by Nixon’s out right criminality and Reagan’s destroying of an economy that once benefited most of the middle class and lower class in this country. I am well aware that Clinton put the topper on the cake with NAFTA and Glass-Steagel and destroying the safety net.

I lived through Nam and and the 68 riots.
I worked some of the roughest areas of St. Louis for  30 years. I grew up in North St. Louis and St. Louis County on the outskirts of Ferguson. I met my wife 2 blocks away from where the Godfathers Pizza was burnt down. I sang at the Catholic Church a block away. I have seen the destruction of good neighborhoods by lack of jobs and businesses being shipped to China.

I have seen areas of St. Louis that looked like Berlin after WW II.
I played as a child in the forest of trees that became Michael Brown’s death place.
I can still remember standing in the Quad cafeteria at UMSL and commenting how stupid would this country have to be to vote a grade B actor in as governor of California.
So after listening to your analysis of Trump I found it disheartening.
Trump is an Oligarch. It is apparent that the big money is backing away from Jeb and the mainstream clown car of the Republican Party. They are letting him destroy what they cannot control. 
Make no mistake. He is one of them. His god is mammon. 
Do not look at him than anything but a cow catcher for the ruling elites.

I know Clinton is just as bad in many ways.
That brings us to Bernie. I agree that his chances of winning are very low.
What really hacks me off in your analysis of Bernie is the way you say he is, god forbid, a Socialist.
Socialism DOES NOT equate with Communism.
We have had different forms of socialism in this country since July 4, 1776.

The largest socialist entity in our government are our Armed Forces.
Our EPA, OSHA, NASA, the Dept of the Interior, Dept of Transportation, Dept of Education, FAA, FTC, Dept of Treasury, police departments, fire brigades yada yada yada are all socialist enterprises of our government. That is the job of government. It is to protect the Commons and promote the good of its citizens. The government is not a business nor should it be run like one. That would give it the economic model of a fascist state.

BernieSandersPosterTherefore your outright disrespect of Bernie Sanders is not aprreciated.
You seemed to drool over the prospect of a Trump presidency. Be very careful what you wish for. I have experienced the destruction brought to this country by Conservatives.

I have seen the benefits brought to this country by socialists and progressives.
If Conservatives had won the day in 1776 King George and the East India Trading Company would still be running this country.
Sorry for the rant John. Like I said earlier my best friend has met his demise. I needed to vent somewhere.
Feel free to reply. Thanks for reading this letter.

Hi Eugene. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Been pretty busy as you can imagine.

You sent me a great letter and I appreciate the thought and care you put into it. It’s rare to receive intelligent letters. Many of the issues in it need to be addressed and I just want you to know that your letter is important enough to post and answer as an article in next weekend’s Hogueprophecy posts. I’d write something this weekend, but the Trump slot is already filled with another back and forth. (Click on Trump beyond the Freak-outs and scroll down to the third article)


I want to protect your privacy, so, is it all right to just call you Eugene or would you like me to change the name?

Also, I’d like to keep all that you say about Ferguson in the letter, but if there’s anything you think is too personal, please notify me in an email.

By the way, my dad was a contractor and we built in Watts. I used to go with him on inspections. Later I worked for a time playing the Wolf in an opera version of the Little Red Riding Hood story with Irene Chapman playing Little Red. We performed before every kindergarten to sixth grader in every elementary school in Watts, East LA and all the inner-city areas of Los Angeles. Playing the Big Bad Wolf, I watched how children in each successive grade that came to see our show lose their beautiful innocence. By the time the sixth graders came in for the last show, the crowd of kids were deep into the culture of violence and gangs. They actually threatened us. I must have performed a hundred shows and repeated this experience day after day. I don’t blame the kids. The experience taught me how much environment and conditioning is the culprit in turning all of us into something twisted and far removed from our natural innocence and divine-given intelligence. I will write a book about those experiences.

When I insert my responses, I will reply with great care and respect to your comments and try to playfully help enlighten. By the way, at the end of the letter, you let your words get a little hot and angry and your letter kind of derailed off the track of cogency.

Trump Organization Inc. CEO Donald Trump Announces Whether He Will Run For President

Actually, rather than insert, I’ll just put forth right here a few things to consider. You say Trump is an oligarch. He is, but he is also a maverick one. I’ve often foreseen that only mavericks in the one-percent class have the power and finances to game their own system and change it. Actually Trump is freaking out the oligarchic class more than the Democrats because he’s never really been part of their club. Just study his life in depth and you’ll see he’s always been a bit of a rogue billionaire, like Ross Perot.

BernieSandersBacktoTheFutureNow, about Bernie Sanders. What I said on Coast to Coast AM was not my own view but what I predict will be the propagated line used to put fear in voting for Bernie Sanders. So you’re inordinately getting “hacked off” at me for no reason. They will use the “S” word—socialist and say he’s too old. You will not see me denigrating socialism in the transcript of the show. I will add this today, the other subtler barrier. It’s another word spoken but only inside people’s heads and people will consciously deny it’s whispering inside their heads, but I know it’s there. America may be ready for a woman as president. America may even be ready for a maverick oligarch for president, but unfortunately, Americans are not yet ready for a Jew in the White House.

I’m certainly ready, but that’s what my Oracle reads as the prejudicial tenor of the masses. They also see Sanders as too old. It’s not right or fair, but prophecy peering doesn’t care about these things. It looks deeper at “what is” and how “what is” becomes “what will be.”

I’m actually a far more radical socialist than Mr. Sanders. I’ve lived in communes and explored radical social experiments in community living. I explored the cutting edge of the Human Potential Movement’s encounter groups and explored communal sexual freedom. Not exactly what Conservatives are drawn to, chuckle… Although, to be fair, Ann Coulter declares that Conservatives are better in the sack than Liberals. She said that years ago on Real Time with Bill Maher. Too bad I wasn’t invited on that show. There has been talk about having me on but I’m still waiting.

BillMaherandAnnCoulterAnyway, if I had been on the show and sitting next to her on the panel, I would have said, “Well Ann, I’m beyond being either Liberal or Conservative. I’m not Left or Right Winged, I’m a Free Wing. Maybe I’m psychologically best positioned to judge whether your statement is so, or not so.

“I’ll say this about the future a century from now. People at that time won’t just make statements and let them lie there. People won’t be so stuck in blind belief habits or make snap ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ judgments. We’ll be deeper in the Aquarian Age of Science in another 100 years. People won’t believe, they’ll experiment. They’ll put declarations like yours to the test.

“Now then, I’ve enjoyed a lot of lovers who are progressives but I need more experience having sex with Conservatives before I could concur or disagree with your erotic claims.

AnnCoulterwithCoffee“So let’s have sex, you and I.

“It’s the only true way to find out if Conservative girls are that wonderful in the sack. And I hope you are because you are a lovely example of a Conservative woman in full blossom of beauty and political passion.

“So, after the show, let’s retreat to you hotel room, so we can test your theory.”

You’re right to be cautious about labeling, Eugene. But if I were to toy with such definitive limitations, I’d say this: I’m not a Conservative at all. Nor am I a liberal. I’ve progressed far beyond merely being progressive. I’m a “conserver.” I’m a neo-capitalist-communalist. I’m a full-blown Tantric-technocratic meditator-meritocrat who practices twenty-second century Dharmatocracy.

The current world that I write about is a century behind my political point of view, which I contend goes to the next step beyond Conservative and Progressive mindsets. The politics of the future is based on love and meditation, not on mindsets and parties made of mind. In the future no republic will even allow political parties to form, because they’ll understand what Washington and Adams already foresaw, and we’re living the hell of it today—that political parties destroy democracy. The future will see parties replaced by political communities.

Click on the cover and see the NEW  PRINTED EDITION.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

I call this revolution the “Politics of the Fourth Way.” It’s not Democrat, Republican “or” even a third party. All parties are systems of collectivization of the individual prone to corruption.

The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street were early first attempted failures because they went to the other extreme, rather than organized parties, Occupy Wall Street gained its strength and planted the seeds of its downfall from using, and being used by, crowd psychology.

The Tea Party started as a gathering of like-minded Americans then descended into being a den of politicians in a party. It won seats in Congress but compromised its values when candidates sought financing from special interests that tied their puppet strings.

Fourth Way Politics will find a way of being a movementless movement. It has to have a platform of what is possible, what is a shared interest in common with others. Parties will fade away replaced by political communities of individuals. A community successfully sustains itself by requiring that people commit to and share a social contract with an understanding that every member has to find common ground and make compromises to live together. Political ideology can’t survive in such a social construct because it tries imposing its view on a community. A political community works to sustain peace and harmony. There’s no divide-and-conquering polarity of political parties.

The visions of these changes are still fragmentary before my Oracle’s inner eye. They are glimmers of a very different future and our present-day mental limitations can’t easily grasp it. I will stand watch and bear witness in future books sharing more insights as the visions of life beyond the current and unsustainable economic, political and social programming kindle their light.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Three:
Go Shock and Awe-thorities
Subsection: May the Blockchain be Unbroken
(Predictions documented 31 December 2014)

BernieSandersMustUpHairI’m not disrespectful of Bernie Sanders at all. If he can survive the Hillary political machine and become the Democrat candidate—which he will not—I might have helped a less advanced socialist with my vote, although I really would have preferred Elizabeth Warren. No matter. Her chance at president opens up in 2020. Yet for the record, even though I might vote for her, if the signs say she won’t win, I will say exactly that.

I would say the show would be Clinton’s in 2016. She has the money people and they choose our candidates for us now, unless we overturn the Citizens United ruling of the Supreme Court. Moreover, I don’t rule out even corporate manipulation bringing Jeb Bush out from the polling polar cold if Trump flames out and doesn’t survive some rank stars tempting him to follow the more bombastic carnival barking angels of his spirit that get engaged just before the Iowa Caucus and don’t let go until April Fools Day. If he survives that trial of the early primaries, he’s probably going to face Hillary Clinton in November 2016. Then again, the GOP establishment might find a way to sabotage his chances and unearth Jeb Bush for that final run. Stranger things have happened, like my Oracle telling me it’s a Clinton vs. Bush run in 2016’s final race. It could still happen.


Anyway, Eugene, I’m imagining you reading this now and understanding that you might have some fundamental misunderstandings about who I am politically. It’s OK, it is an occupational hazard of being an accurate forecaster of political trends. People think I’m pro this or that candidate if I say positive things about them or vice versa if I say negative things.

I have predicted every presidential election victor by popular vote since Nixon beat Humphrey in 1968. I have a 12 and 0 record. The reason I have success at this is because unlike most of my readers—unlike you right now—I can step beyond my own hopes and concerns to look at candidates from a deeper place, without my mind’s desires or judgments in the way.

Accurate forecasting of the future requires we look beyond the veil of our reactive mind.

Eugene wrote back this reply the following day:

Thank you for your reply.
I misjudged you I am sorry. I get hot when I detect inflections of derision in peoples voices concerning people like Bernie and the word Socialism.
Socialism has been a force in our government since day one. Like you I am a wordsmith.
Back in the late 80s and early 90s Gingrich and Luntz pulled an Orwellian word definition destruction effort to change the meaning of words.
I know I am not telling you anything you do not know.
This guy has nothing to gain. I believe he like Kennedy are in the same target range.
I guess I feel protective of Bernie.

There is one observation I have made of this man I truly like. He can speak for an hour and never use weasel words. He tells exactly what he thinks. There is no other candidate running who has this quality.

Actually, there is, his name is Donald Trump. Like him or hate him, he’s straightforward—innocently—putting forth his views come what powerful reactions erupt. He’s like the kid in the Emperor’s New Clothes story. “Hey, the guy is heeooogley naaaayked.” Now the question is, can the “kid” be president? I use astrology to help answer that question in the book.

You and I have very similar beliefs.

I am constantly shedding my beliefs each meditative moment. Beliefs are blinders. They retard us. Hold a belief and it becomes a kind of spiritual Alzheimer’s for the soul’s progress to enlightenment. I aim to know and directly experience everything. You may see what I say is a shared belief, but it isn’t. That’s why people like me collect friends one day that unfriend me the next. It’s hard to sustain your expectations around me because I’m neither a believer, nor am I a disbeliever. When you renounce one, you renounce the hidden other. That’s why so many people of faith are afraid of death, deep down. They aren’t too conscious of why but I see this game of the mind clearly. The strongest believer in anything can only sustain it with a deep, abiding, hidden, and equally strong, disbelief.

My edge is harder after for thirty years and holding numerous back breaking union jobs that have all been destroyed by corporatist union busting.
I share your view of the party system and its future. Our founding fathers did not want it. Jefferson was deathly afraid of factions.
I guess I am fighting a lost cause but I am writing and pushing and trying to spread knowledge wherever I can. I feel that a whole generation has already been lost.

Perhaps one has to be completely lost as a generation before that generation can find itself again passing through the coming gauntlet of crisis and revolution.

As an example of how easy knowledge is lost, the other day I went to the pharmacy. A young 20 year old pharmacist asked me for medications I was allergic to. One was percadon.
She asked why. I said that I become Jekyll and Hyde when taking it. She said what is that.

It's what comes "after" the final blood moon that this book covers. Click and read a free sample.

It’s what comes “after” the final blood moon that this book covers. Click and read a free sample.

We live in the time I call the Era of the New Savage. He or she is technologically advanced but functionally illiterate when it comes to culture and downright primitive when it comes to a lot of basic social skills. Take for instance what is considered “debate” on college campuses these days. Because the Internet can, when unconsciously used, create social communities that are social bubbles, any opinion outside of that bubble is violently condemned and silenced. I saw young people in a college commons area shouting down a teacher who had a different view. This is not debate, this is the New Savage arising in our youth. In my experience there is only one way to step back from oneself and one’s mechanism mindset and rekindle the conscious connection to the witnessing Soul. It is meditation. If those of you reading this article resonate with what I’m saying just Contact Me and leave only one word—Meditation—on the subject line. I will freely send you links and information about the meditation techniques and teacher I have experimented with since 1980.

Yes I would be honored for you to print my letter. After delivering beer in every dive in this city and county for thirty years I do not believe in living in fear. If I say or write it I stand by it. Use my name.
Yes I had a fairly good education before my life of servitude. I never stopped learning. I like you much better John after reading your letter. If you ever feel I can illuminate a subject feel free to contact me.

I will, and now your letters and my responses can help illuminate and challenge people who read me from all over the world, and from every political and religious spectrum.

John, every home, school and job I have ever worked has been torn down or doesn’t exist anymore. I am only 63 years old and cannot believe the changes I’ve seen in this life. I am sure you feel the same way.
You and I have the same vice. We like to write and write and write.:)   Gene

That is true. As Trump said in the Art of the Deal, some addictions are good. By the way, if any of you reading this want a personal email message sent when the Trump book finally comes out, please go to this page by clicking on Trump.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.


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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.




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One Comment

  1. Posted 22 November 2015 at 4:03 pm | Permalink

    Hi John,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your exchange with Eugene. It is always refreshing to read material of value and why I am such a big fan of your insights.

    Like most people, I am gleefully mesmerized by the grand changes coming upon us all and especially politics. “The world is a stage” and the comedians are having a blast! Sadly though, laughing at the nightly news is only a masquerade for the trepidation that the people feel. And there is still almost a year to go!

    It seems like a gaggle of “kakistocrats” trying to usurp a kakistocracy! It’s no wonder that angst prevails across the land and Big Pharma is so busy.

    We have entered a collective zone, where the old energies of “them vs us” are passe. We truly have been created equal but the aristocracy is still passing out cake. D. Rambo T. wants to workout in the gym and flex the old muscles, heck even bring back torture. He’s getting the biggest crowds! How sad is that?

    Looking forward to your views on this not so gentle man.

    All the best to you both!


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