Veterans Day, Keystone Pipeline Prediction, Hogue Publishes a New and Comical 666 eBook, the Obama Boots on the Ground in Syria and getting to Know Trump beyond our Freak-out Blinders


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DATELINE: 11 November 2015

Predictions 2015-2016 predicted Obama Administration’s Mission Creep towards a new Ground War in Syria with ISIS

Click on the cover and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on the cover and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Today is Veteran’s Day—what Americans have renamed the day of Armistice that ended the First World War on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. I feel the American change in focus to merely celebrating all US men and women’s participation in US wars takes attention away from the bigger picture of what “Armistice Day” was meant to end and so far has failed to end. Americans do not now easily remember and contemplate what insanity and tragedy “the war to end all wars” didn’t end. The Great War’s four short and violent years swept away a millennium of European-centric world focus, carrying off four imperial/colonial Empires. The void was filled by a century of social, political and economic upheavals and revolutions paving the way for the Second World War, the Cold War and now a new Second Cold War. Fools with power are rushing in, aping the monkey-headed monarchs of the Great War (now relegated to the name, First World War). In 2014, with the start of the new cold war over Ukraine, today’s world leaders seem to be the same ill-informed, shortsighted and ideologically driven types that pushed their societies into the abyss of the Great War in 1914. My attention therefore falls upon the future wars our leaders are establishing so that more graves can sprout red and black poppies in cemeteries of Flanders’ field in Belgium and Arlington Cemetery in America with fresh veteran dead, their lives destroyed by yet another ill-conceived rush into a state of war madness.

In 2014, artists crowded the moat of the Tower of London with artificial poppies representing the 888,246 British soldiers who fell in World War One. The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was over 38 million: over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history.

In 2014, artists crowded the moat of the Tower of London with artificial poppies representing the 888,246 British soldiers who fell in World War One. The total number of military and civilian casualties in the four-year conflict was over 38 million: over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history.

From 1914 to 2014 and to this Veteran’s Day on 11 November 2015, mediocrity in leadership reigns. In the Obama Prophecies, I defined the 44thPresident of the United States as a “leading follower” and “not ready for prime time history.” Never was this more accurate as a prediction in action. Just watch Obama’s foreign policy missteps and mistimed moves. He surrenders the initiative to others and then reacts to unanticipated blows playing strategic catch up. The Obama Doctrine—leading from behind—often finds him simply “behind” or left behind by international events and often stuck in a mire of mentally self-inflicted cross-purposes.

ObamaCartoonPosterSyria-blameRepublicansTake for instance his Syrian policy. Embracing naively the advice of neo-cons and neo-liberal council that ideology drives. Obama wants democracy in Syria and its dictator, Bashar al-Assad, to go. He is mindless to realities on the ground that make that pie in the sky dream a Syrian barrel bomb-dropping reality. He’s just history’s average American leader stuck practicing an American isolation of the mind. He tries to impose American values on a very different world.

I have often stated in my books that the Middle East has had western-style “nation state” concepts imposed upon it since the end of the First World War. This goes against the grain of cultural underpinnings of what makes a stable society there that relies on familial and tribal leadership as the fundamental unit of social interchange. The hard truth is that you can’t cram some paternal societies up your own preconceived, Western ideological projections. They don’t fit. The Middle East is primarily a land requiring authoritarian regimes to create stability.

Syria-ObamafrowningObama’s in particular and Western policy in general embraces a perverse variation on the phrase “cart before the horse.” Obama dreams of carting in democracy first by killing the strong horse and thus would get Syria moving nowhere. Take out Assad and his regime, who are sustained by a sizable Shia and Christian minorities that support it, and you’ll have no progress at all towards democracy. Syria will cease to exist and ten million more refugees will be on the roads to the EU running away from massacres committed by the real and unintended victors of Obama’s policy when Assad falls and Syria is absorbed in the Caliphate of Islamic State (ISIS)

You need stability first before you can slowly and carefully liberalize a society. Take for instance Jordan. It’s ruled by a king no less, not a democracy, yet reform moves apace, slowly, yet inexorably in Jordan. Why not demand King Abdullah of Jordan “has to go”, Mr. Obama?

Saddam Hussein on trial.

Saddam Hussein on trial.

Look what happens when Washington wonks of American projections on other cultures put their head in the desert sands when faced with these hard and undemocratically friendly realities: they take down Saddam Hussein and what follows is the ongoing breakup of Iraq. Islamic extremism couldn’t set foot in Iraq when Saddam was in control. Now it runs rampant there as it does in Libya where strongman Muhammar Gaddafi had Islamo-fascism contained. You destroy him and now North Africa and the Western Saharan region are rife with a spreading cancer of jihadist factions all the way south to Boko Haram besetting terror on Chad, Niger and Nigeria.


Syria is collapsing and the Obama administration is aiding its destruction by supporting factions of fighters in the Free Syrian Army that are only “moderate” because the Pentagon fancies to label them that way in their “feel good” reports pushed on his desk. The reality is otherwise and Obama’s actions are at best, moment of foreign policy schizophrenia. One one hand, Obama aids al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist militias in Syria against Assad, and on the other, bombs them in Iraq.


Obama the leader from behind is behind it, and when you’re leading from you “behind” you create a political vacuum that world leaders who practice realpolitik will fill because international terrorism threatens their strategic interests, perhaps even more than they do America’s because of geography. Take for instance, the Russian Federation. It has a very long border with the Islamic heartland and a sizable Muslim population. Russia is far more exposed to infiltration by Islamo-fascist terror cells than America, protected as the latter is by the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.


The Obama Doctrine creates confusion, bi-polar demands, such as taking down the only regime that effectively fights Islamic State first before you “then” defeat ISIS. (It begs me to ask, Defeat them with…what???) Obama-mediocrity in leadership creates political vacuums and perpetual wars that seem to profit those in the Military Industrial Complex that need war markets in the Middle East to continue for decades to come so they can keep in business.

Victory is bad for the war-profiteering business!

Putin-ObamaRedLinePaintCartoonIs it any wonder that the most decisive world leader, with a real stake in filling Obama’s void-of-course diplomacy and foreign policy, steps into Syria and the war waged there against ISIS? Vladimir Putin heeded the invitation of Assad regime to give it military assistance in its war against various Islamo-fascist groups, largest of which is Islamic State, which now occupies half of Syria and a quarter of Iraq. Putin practices practical politics based on realities on the ground, not ideological fantasies of neo-cons in Washington. Where Obama will destroy the region one state at a time for the sake of establishing an impossible dream—Democracy—Putin gets the Middle East. He gets that stability can only return, calming the geopolitical situation if you support a Strong Man policy. Assad fields the only army that can successfully fight Islamic State. By coordinating the Russian Air Force with Syrian Army intelligence, Russia’s jets have done more harm in one month to ISIS than the US and NATO did with their token demonstration bombing across Iraq and Syria in the year following the invasion of ISIS, and its continued spread in Iraq.

Syria-CartoonGood-BadGuysObama is a passive aggressive personality, one of the worst personality-types you could have in a man wielding so much military and political power. It makes him propose aggression, like establishing the establishment of an anti-Assad insurrection called the Free Syrian Army, yet he waits too long to bring to bear US military aid and training. Because of this the FSA becomes someone else’s insurrection against Assad. ISIS and al-Nusra play the dominant fighting role. Passively voiced dreams of violent action against Assad by Obama are a void filled by someone who will be aggressive. From the early days of the Syrian Civil War the jihadist militias did the lion’s share of fighting the Syrian regime. Obama passively gave the initiative to those who he would also fight as enemies of America. Obama in response can only talk tough, make ineffective demonstrations of bombing ISIS all of which doesn’t do anything to stop the burning and the bleeding in Syria and Iraq. In short, passive aggression in a leader brings military and diplomatic stalemate. It also temps others to shove you aside and make things strategically happen.


Enter the Russians.

Their strikes are coordinated and effective enough that that Iraqi government wants to invite them into their airspace and offer them air bases on their ground. That seemed to have stirred the passive aggressive Obama to stumble out of his inert and befuddled funk and warn Baghdad that if the Russians come in, American assistance is out, thinking he has enough leverage by lowering such a threat—but it obviously didn’t silence his Iraqi opposite. Proof of point: Baghdad extracted—pushed—the Americans to fight ISIS harder and on the ground. This, however, exacted a classically passive-aggressive reaction from Obama. Now we see a token attempt to bring combat boots on the ground and once again. The president leads ass-backwards, back stepping from another long repeated promise since ISIS invaded and rolled up a quarter of Iraq from its bases in Syria. Obama’s mantra is now meaningless: “There will be no combat troops on the ground in Iraq or in Syria” yadda, yadda…

I predicted nearly a year ago the mission creep that will embed US military observers in Iraqi Army and Kurdish combat units:

Click on the cover and see the NEW  PRINTED EDITION.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

2014 ends with Obama’s bloopers on the ground now, in Iraq. Mission creepy things are afoot. Such as “boots on the ground,” that hackneyed cliché from the Vietnam years that tries to characterize military advisors as not somehow wearing army boots kicking up dust in a war-torn region. So now the US President plays Kennedy in all the similarly yet phony ways. He uses semantics to shield the American people from this fact, a sizable number of 3,000 “military advisors” sent to Iraq in 2014 aren’t 3,000 pairs of combat “boots” kicking up Iraqi dirt. Maybe they’re wearing pumps or hush puppies. Maybe they’re wearing giant flat-and-floppy, polka-dotted clown shoes.


Okay, barefoot soldiers then, reclining on lounges around the swimming pools of Baghdad hotels, far removed from combat zones?

SyrianRefugee-OpenTheBorderPosterObama found a back door to a new war on the ground. He will increase that number of barefoot “advisors” in 2015 at least up to the minimum of 8,000 permanent “advisors” he tried to wrangle out of the Iraqi al-Maliki regime before their scheduled 2011 withdrawal of all US troops.

The man once thought to be a rising star, a Black Kennedy, will play himself into repeating a White-Kennedy historic mistake. Both presidents, Kennedy in the Viet-“Iraq” and Obama in the Iraq-“Nam” War, part two, will embed US advisors in the Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga armies fighting insurgents and the body bags will start flying home in 2015. The response from Obama will be to send more advisors.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Eleven:
Ice-SIS Cold Armageddon in the Middle East
(Subsection: The Bozo Doctrine)

Unfortunately what I predicted in the following passage has happened just recently when a special forces soldier, embedded in Kurdish units trying to save hostages held by ISIS on the ground in Syria, was killed. He died with his combat boots on ground Obama promised he’d never tread or ground he would never stain with his blood, in Syria. Think of him this Veteran’s Day, eternally sleeping in a military garden of stone, becoming the first military adviser combat casualty as I predicted Obama’s mission creep would begin grave marking in the year 2015.

BozoAtomBombCloud[Obama’s] “military effort” won’t call for combat troops even if he has to pull the boots on the ground out of his mouth in 2015 when the non-combat advisers start coming home, next stop, Arlington Cemetery. A passive-aggressive president waits for the “combat” to find his troops on the ground in Iraq.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Eleven:
Ice-SIS Cold Armageddon in the Middle East
(Subsection: The Bozo Doctrine)

Well, combat has sought Obama’s military advisers out and started killing them. A political vacuum has brought the Russians in to really fight ISIS; the real objectives of the war have come before Obama’s desk and now, devoid of the military initiative yet forced to react to pressure from the Iraqi’s and Russians with a token embedding of military advisers into combat units. It’s not an aggressive enough move. So developments will force him—late—to escalate ground involvement as 2015 draws closer to the far more volatile year 2016. That means US troops will be in combat and they will start being killed just like in Vietnam. Prepare your little US flags to be planted next Veteran’s Day in your gardens of stone cemeteries.

SyrianRefugeeCartoonBombThe future proposes this solution: a US grand alliance with Russia to defeat ISIS. This is what Putin is trying to establish. The war on ISIS cannot succeed unless you add to that alliance Hezbullah and the Syrian Army. If Obama and the Pentagon wants to wage war without putting their soldiers in harm’s way, you must surrender to reality and Hezbullah and the Syrian Army your vassals on the ground as you and Russia assist them destroying ISIS from the air. In addition, include the Iranian Army fighting side-by-side with the Iraqi Army on the eastern front of this war on ISIS.

Look, Americans, how do you think World War II would have turned out if we were as delicate as Obama is, and most of the Republican presidential hopefuls are, about allying ourselves with Joseph Stalin?

What do you think would have happened if the US response to Nazi Germany invading the Soviet Union was to say, “Stalin must go! Only then will we fight Hitler”?


Without our support of a communist regime that we despised, Hitler would have taken down the Soviet Union and possibly conquered Eurasia.


Click on this and see a documentary about the war symphonies and how Shostakovich hid his satires and protests of Stalin behind his music.

One thousand Putins and Assads and all the Saddam Husseins in American nightmares couldn’t come close to matching the brutality of Joseph Stalin and his Soviet police state, yet without Stalin and the Soviet people’s pivotal help and sacrifice there would be no victory against Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Empire. Hitler probably would have won the Second World War.

Now the Obama Doctrine is on a path of catching up in piecemeal fashion and just like I predicted the Iraqi/Syrian battlefield starts looking a whole lot like adviser mission creep in Vietnam all over again.

We’ve all heard the concept: divide and conquer. Obama divides allies when he should unite with them, and ISIS conquers.

RussianAirstrikesSyria-SukoiFiresMissilesOne final prescient point. I forecasted Russia getting militarily involved in Syria. We are now treading a very dangerous path towards US-Russian nuclear confrontation by 2017. The source will not be the Russians, but what kind of crack-brained leader America will be elected once Obama, the leader from behind is left at last behind by history. I close with what I wrote in December 2014 when preparing my astrological predictions eBook for the coming year 2015:

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

Americans trained and armed Arab “moderates” in the Syrian Civil War, some of these have converted into full-on Islamic fundamentalists to the extreme, such as ISIS. The “Islamic State” they formed drags America deeper into the Syrian quagmire with airstrikes in 2014 and back on the ground in the ISIS-Iraqi sectarian civil war by 2015. Russia is also drawn into the flames of war’s manmade, city-destroying, land-rending earthquakes. That means the new cold war grows very grim and close to a meltdown military crisis perhaps as early as 2015 or no later than 2017.

John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions for 2015

666-Cover-300x450-60.75kbDATELINE: 11 November 2015

Seers collide with Satire in Hogue’s Brand New Book:
Everything You Always wanted to Know About 666, but where Afraid to Ask

six six SEX!!!

Okay, now that I have your attention, I want to present to you this little eBook about a number commingling three naughty little digits.

666 has fascinated, terrified and obsessed New Testament prophets, bible bashers, old-time religious end timers, and a pope-pourri of pontiffs for two thousand years. It’s been the Voldemort of numbers—that which cannot be named in decent company—from the Holy Land all the way to Hollywood. Arnold Schwarzenegger on the eve of the millennium’s turning got his glocks off, sick-six-sexy with the purported number of the Beast of Revelation in his film End of Days.

I also yelled SEX in print because it’s time to lighten up about this trio of sixes. They get in a lot of trouble and unfairly stand alone for the most demonic number in the world, even though they have company.

666 isn’t the only number of the Beast out there. The oldest surviving fragment of St. John’s Book of Revelation, found in Egypt in the 1990s, proves there’s more than one number upping the Anti-Christ, applying the numerical values of Greek and Hebrew letters to spell out the name of the Beast in The Book of Revelation, Chapter 13—Friday the Thirteenth, Jason style.

The title of my book is both outright and an outrageous homage to that other sinful number we all think about, but are too afraid to ask on a date—sex. A study out of Ohio State University from 2013 calculates that men think about sex once every 1.26 hours—that is 19 devilishly horn-doggie thoughts a day. Women think of food far more often, clocking “incubus my succubus, buster” ruminations only 10 times a day.

No one knows how often Christians think about 666, but I digress…

WoodyAllenEverythingSex-LetsMisbehaveBunnyDavid R. Reuben came up with a brilliant idea in 1969 to author an enlightening and entertaining book called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask. Then Woody Allen immortalized it in the hilarious film by the same name released in 1972.

Now, I’m not trying to pull Woody away from blowing his clarinet with the boys at the Cafe Carlyle on Mondays to make us a Sunday school feature film. All seriousness aside, I do think it’s high, holy time all of us with an interest in comparative prophecy study “get down,” grin, and bare all the things we’re afraid to ask about 666.

So reach out and touch some Kindle Reader and enjoy a quickie—I mean, read this quick and informative, funny eBook all about those devil-made-me-do-it-digits.

Check out the illustrated promotion of the Table of Contents by clicking on 666.

2515693-2800-keystone_pipeline_routeDATELINE: 11 October 2015

Prophetic Hits and Misses:
The Keystone Pipeline

I’ve been writing that the Keystone pipeline would eventually pass, though it would seem Obama’s decision last week has put an end to that future. Consulting the Oracle, it is adamant that Keystone will still someday be approved, though it may not happen in 2015 through Congressional efforts. This must mean some president other than Barack Obama will do it. Perhaps it entails a Republican will be the next president, or the one after; or, it happens when the Republicans perhaps gain a super majority in the next presidential cycle gathering enough Democrats into their Senate caucus to overrule any veto if Hillary Clinton is the next president. I really would like to see this prophecy go away, so write your legislators and senators this year, next year and the year after. Keep on them, otherwise the unforeseen consequences below are made manifest:

KeystoneObamaBlockageCartoonUS Congress will eventually succeed giving the go-ahead for the Keystone Pipeline to be built with apparently no share in Canada’s profits, nor will Canada be liable for the oil spill disasters extending to the aquifers of the breadbasket of the world, the American plains states under which Keystone snakes to reach the refineries in Louisiana. Canada will then add to the world’s air pollution burden a slurry of pipeline-corroding bitumen squeezed and steamed out of tar sand that, on its own, rivals the estimated sweet crude oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Consider it a doomsday revenue stream because burning that black sh*t in our economy over the next twenty years will result in a 2-degree Celsius reduction erased. NASA scientist James Hansen said it succinctly and best, when asked what Canada’s Athabasca Tar Sand deposits on the oil market would do, he replied, “Game over!” Meaning, humanity won’t keep to anything set in law at Paris. We’re heading for a six-degree Celsius rise.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Twelve:
Armagettin’ Globally Warmed,
Subsection: Divide and Ruin—
A Climate Change Crisis in Leadership

TrumpHairEyesBrowsDATELINE: 11 October 2015

To Write an Objective Book that Looks beyond Snap-Freak-outs, Your Author attempts to Break the Trump Sound Byte “Hair”ier

MarshawnLynchBeastModeAs many of you know (including “The Donald”), I’m writing a book of astrological predictions concerning Donald Trump’s chances becoming your next American President. I like to drop some of my ideas around my very politically Democrat blue island village. It’s blue and green party-ish, even—the kind of colors one expects from Seattle Seahawk-loving friends and neighbors living on the fir-treed back on one of hundreds of islands floating in the Salish Sea in the greater Pacific Northwest. Drop a line or two about Trump and “thump!” go the atavistic and primal reactions in a liberal’s heart. The intellect goes bye bye and a hara of horrors is engaged. To talk about Trump in any measured way evokes gut wrenching, teeth clenching, and sweaty hand-wringing reactions from usually placid progressives.

SeahawkFansAny Seahawk fan will understand, Trump talk can turn some of my friends and neighbors into a Marshawn Lynch mob. They go “Beast Mode” and with expletives tightly held, they verbally charge through any moderate view about Trump. It’s like this New York giant in real estate was an affronting, New York Giant’s defensive line ripe for Seahawk running back, Marshawn Lynch, to wild-man handle his way through to a touchdown and a slam dunk of that pig’s skin before entertaining any possibility that Trump has any positive potentials.

That’s why I enjoyed a rare and open interchange with a friend open to seeing Trump beyond the reaction barrier with me in the following back and forth of emails last week. I was talking about progress on the eBook, Trump for President: Astrological Predictions, to which he replied:

Not to ask for spoilers, but please say you aren’t predicting Trump to be the next president. If that’s so, I may need to sharpen up my resume and submit for a work visa. I hear Vancouver is nice!

I think the next president is going to be Hillary Clinton, short of some health scare. It is likely you’ll see a Trump versus Hillary presidential election, though. (I’ll be releasing her book of astrological predictions in February or March.)

From an astrological standpoint, I was, frankly, surprised to see all the positive aspects in potential for Trump being the next president. It would be a very “imperial” presidency, though. I compare it to the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s reign. Astrologically speaking, Trump could actually “get things done” like Diocletian did for Rome by reforming the government, rebuilding the infrastructure and put at abeyance America’s decline and fall for several decades.

Richard Wagner.

Richard Wagner.

He’s a Gemini of many layers, some brilliant and some ugly, much like the other controversial Gemini genius, Richard Wagner, the composer of the Ring and Tristan und Isolde. I think, from an astrological standpoint, we may all be underestimating Trump.

Still, despite this shocking revelation of positives, there’s one real damning negative. The last two presidents have had the worst aspect you can be born with when becoming a leader of a nation, a Sun-Square-Neptune. It means the hidden enemies of your subconscious that you think comprise your “still small voice” of wisdom guide your intuition. Bush talked to god, as it were, and was talking to his delusions. Obama also has this aspect which made him a man who promised the moon and in the end mooned a presidency that “lead from his behind” as the chief follower of corporate and military industrial complex interests.

Trump doesn’t have any of that in his chart. However…

TrumpTimeCover-DealwithItDraw up a composite relationship chart between Trump and the birth chart of the United States and his “relationship” has Sun Squared Neptune in it! (Face-plant!)

So, a Trump presidency after Bush (strike one!), Obama (strike two!), might become Trump (strike three! You’re OUTAH There!). America? You’re FIRED! All a real possibility, and easy to forecast if it wasn’t for many mitigating aspects. Scary as Trump can seem to many on both the right and the left, he has many interesting layers in that Empire State Building-sized personality. A skyscraper has many levels, some high, some low.

This is a daunting book to write. I’m probably going to upset people on both sides of the Trump issue because this Gemini is “hoooge” enough to contain many clashing contradictions and people have a hard time with mutable personalities because they want to identify with one side of the man at the cost of closing down to all the other sides. Whatever Trump is, he’s not one-dimensional. He’s many people inside there.

Hope that helps your visa considerations, Chris. 🙂

If you do end up in Vancouver, maybe you could sponsor my exile as a political refugee. 🙂

Click on the cover and get on the announcement list.

Click on the cover and get on the announcement list.

BTW, Trump knows about this book I’m writing. One of my Facebook friends linked one of my HogueProphecy forecast articles onto his Facebook page. (Here’s the article: click on Donald Trump Predictions.)

Mr. Hogue, You’re FIRED! Hee hee…

Very interesting stuff, John. I can’t tell which side of the fence you land on from your email, but it seems like you are approaching it from both an astrological and objective viewpoint.

HOGUE: Yes, Chris, that’s the only way I can do this and be so successful predicting every winner of the presidential elections by popular vote since 1968. I’m 12 and 0 so far. As you can imagine, I’ve picked a lot of Dems and Repub presidents that I never voted for. My forecasts often go against my political persuasions and I often vote against my predicted choices.

The downside about making political predictions comes from people on both sides either praising me one presidential cycle for choosing their particular darling, only to go against their political expectations in the next cycle. One day the dog is wagging his tail, the next day the dog bites my hand, and so it goes. The dog never is introspective. The praises or curses are ever coming from emotionally charged states of bias from most of my readers. So, I’m glad you are one of those rare readers who understand my astrologically objective viewpoint. I’ll remember this fondly as the shit from the left “and” the right hits the fan on Thanksgiving Weekend when I plan to get the book out. Hopefully my profits will be in the “black” but I imagine the mood of many readers will be as “black” as “black” Friday moods can be when I go against the grain of their projections and hopes.

This is going to be an interesting Presidential race, either way, and it’s the first one that I’ve been following very closely. I’ve always felt that with politics, it’s choosing between evil vs evil. I don’t trust many of them. I do think there are a few candidates this cycle that truly care about all of the American people (not just the 1 percent) but I just don’t know enough about tax code, infrastructure, health care laws, etc. to know if their ideas are actually feasible.

What’s surprising about Trump is how much he’s already written about his plans in a string of published books coming out since the 1990s. Many of his ideas are original, and many of his ideas about solving problems are far more progressively to the left politically than Hillary Clinton.

Either way, this nation seems to be divided down many lines (social, economic, racial, etc.) so I hope whoever wins is able to bridge these gaps. I think that’s one area that Trump scares the bejesus out of me. He seems so divisive and he doesn’t seem to care that he is, either.

And there’s the strangest development, astrologically speaking. Yes, he does upset and scare people. It doesn’t help that the press, both left and right leaning, are either fawning or freaking out rather than being objective about his presidential run. They ought to take it much more seriously than they do. On the surface he almost is the real embodiment of Greg Stillson, from “The Dead Zone” by Steven King. Stillson is the populist buffoon that no one took seriously until he became president. Later, he launched world war three on the Russians.

Trump-whoCuttheCheezeFrounMy book will look into that astrologically potential in Trump. Is he the loose cannon that, as president, can destroy the world, or, is he another kind of Ronald Reagan. Reagan also freaked people out as the outsider upsetting the political status quo. There were fears he would destroy the world too. What actually panned out is Reagan, with Soviet Premier Gorbachev, moved to end the Cold War and Reagan even pushed for a zero nuclear option, a complete dismantling of all nuclear weapons in the world. That’s as far away from being Greg Stillson as one can be.

Trump-shruggingSmileAnother surprising development. Trump has a lot of support among Latino voters. The US press on both sides only interview the disgruntled faction, but actually a whole lot of Latino voters want the illegals out of the country because they’re taking jobs away from them more than from any other group. Now then, there’s not going to be a Great Wall of Trump on the border. That’s the other thing I find remarkable about the press. Apparently none of them have read “The Art of the Deal.” If they did, Trump’s promotional game is clearly defined, his use of fronts, of encounter bating and switching. He uses shock tactics to get a conversation going that hadn’t happened since he said such shocking things. It is for an effect and it leads to him later explaining himself more comprehensively after everyone’s calmed down a bit. If Trump should become president, I predict the Great Wall talk is a maneuver to take people to a more middle of the way solution. Trump as president will bring the 11 million illegals into the tax ledgers as they pay a fine and get to the back of the line to become citizens. However, at a certain date, anyone who hasn’t come out from the cold will be deported. Criminal elements will definitely be deported. I forecast only thousands would be deported. The millions are staying. I make this prediction based on looking at how Trump solved real problems in his business career. He often came to a deal where everyone wins something, where a fair and equitable solution is contracted and signed on the dotted line.

In the book we explore Trump's  karmic echo to the lessons unlearned during Ronald Reagan's Administration. As you can see, Trump and Reagan had the same slogan: outsiders who wanted to make America great again.

In the book we explore Trump’s karmic echo to the lessons unlearned during Ronald Reagan’s Administration. As you can see, Trump and Reagan had the same slogan: outsiders who wanted to make America great again.

One last thing when looking at politics in America. Always remember that in GOP primaries the candidates must play to the extreme right base then make the shift to the center. What’s surprising about Trump is I’ve heard him in the debates actually take a more left wing stance on healthcare than Hillary Clinton and the red-meat frightened whities eat it up without even noticing that he’s talking about universal healthcare, which is most un-Republican. Even last night at the fourth RNC presidential debate he doesn’t shrink back from almost praising Putin for getting in the war against ISIS.

One has to look beyond the “Trumpian” rhetoric. Of course I’m well aware that people used to say the same thing about looking beyond Hitler’s rhetoric. I will use astrology to divine who really stands behind the sales pitch for president: an unexpectedly positive surprise, or Hitler.

Very enlightening read and some interesting perspectives. I appreciate your views on these matters and will move forward with a more open mind. Maybe Vancouver will have to wait (for now).

Thanks, Chris.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.


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EU Parliamentary Elections 2014
New Libyan Civil War
Ukrainian Election Equals Maidan Three Revolution
Putin Pivot to China
Deal of a Century
Net Neutrality Threatened—what you can do!
Antarctic Ice Shelf Meltdown
New Cold War
Obama Mabus?
Russia Victory DayMassacre
Mariupol Massacre
Odessa Massacre
Donetsk Referendum
Hogue on Coast to Coast AM sounds WWIII Alarm
The Grand Cross Crisis
RT (Russia Today) the Facts and Western Fantasies
Ukrainian Fascists Rule Kiev
Right Sector, the UkrainianNeo-Nazi terror
Svoboda (Ukrainian National Socialist Party)
John Kerry Exposed
Shostakovich, Music for our times of Stormy History
Obamacare Prophecy Fulfilled
John KerrySkull and BonesUkraine
The Coming Revolution of Decentralization
The CrimeaBreakaway
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
Ukraine Crisis
NostradamusMabus Antichrist Prophecies
Four Blood Moonsand Israel
Polar Vortex
Nostradamus PredictedUS Defeat in Iraq
Fukushima Prophecies
Iranian Peace Talks
Hopi Prophecies of the Great Purification
Nostradamus Syrian Prophecy
Sylvia Browne Remembered
Senkaku Conflict
The Future of Politics
Prophecies for 2014
Obama Care Scare
Storm Flood Prophecies
US Debt Ceiling Crisis Ended by Women
Pope Francis Prophecies
SyriaJoke Diplomacy of John Kerry
Egyptian Revolution
Ayn Rand Prophecies
Obama Snowden Job
PRISM Scandal


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