Reviews for Predictions 2015-2016, Sample Question One of Hogue’s Coast to Coast AM Chat Interview, Iran Prophecies and compassionate Dolores Cannon Bashing

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DATELINE: 30 May 2015

Thank you for your Reviews
For Predictions 2015-2016
Now Prepare Yourselves
Four FOUR New Books Coming this Summer

I’ve just resumed writing in earnest after a little break from finishing Predictions 2015-2016. It’s apparently a hit among my readers. Before I share one of the many reviews, I want to brace you all for what’s happily coming your way: three short books of 15-to-20,000 words and one refreshing of a larger Hogue prophecy classic. I’ll say this much for now: one of them is the last word on the final Blood Moon, a portentous lunar eclipse coming 28 September. Another is about all those who anticipated 9-11, including Nostradamus. This book will have a “donors only” pdf expanded edition that could contain your premonitions about 9-11 if you would like to offer them.

Another larger gift is an updated and epic tome on Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist—including all the new possibilities since I released the first edition in September 2008.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

The last short and informative book will be the next in my Essential Series on prophets and prophecies. The first in the series was The Essential Nostradamus. Please check it out if you haven’t already. The newest addition to the series will give you a comprehensive view of Hopi prophecy. The cover is already designed. It is one of the most unique we’ve produced (as is the one coming for the Antichrist book)!

Now I want to share with you a review from Ray F. Ray is a very fine writer in his own right and I am honored and humbled by what he had to say about Predictions 2015-2016 and for once I have that rare pleasure of having someone look at and analyze “my” predictions and statements like I do Nostradamus and others.


Predictions 2015-2016 is seer and prophecy scholar John Hogue’s description of what’s in store for the world based on his research of contemporary events, astrological readings, and insights offered by his “oracle.” It provides a good overview of the status of world events, governments, economies, and climate for the time period specified and beyond. That overview stays true to the Predictions part of the title in that it contains accounts of what will happen, and of what can happen, based on choices made in this prophetically significant time. Those choices and outcomes are further illuminated by passages of prophetic writings from past seers—Nostradamus foremost among them.

In this book, as in his other written works, Mr. Hogue uses astrology as his chief tool for prognostication. Consequently, you get passages like:

“It sits at 21 degrees Scorpio in the Twelfth House, conjoined Venus and my Ascendant at 20 degrees.”


Don’t be daunted by that, though, because most such passages aren’t so astrologically technical and Mr. Hogue provides layman explanations for those that are. This doesn’t detract from the book’s message. It even enhances it in much the same way a book involving sailing ships might use nautical terms and so provide a salty ambiance for its story (re: Two Years Before the Mast).

You don’t have to “believe in astrology” to get the value of this book. I’ve long thought that people sensitive to the supra-dimensional aspect of reality (i.e., “psychics”) usually have some kind of tool such as astrology, the tarot, palm-reading, Ouija boarding, etc, to facilitate their access to the numinous. Mr. Hogue seems to endorse this idea when, in regard to the operational influence on human activities by the stars and planets, he says:

“Perhaps they have no direct influence on humanity at all, but they inspire the seer like a catalyst.”


If you are open to this view, then you will obtain the optimum value from Predictions 2015-2016 and Mr. Hogue’s inspiration. And that value covers a lot of ground. In twelve chapters and an epilogue, Mr. Hogue touches on most of the events, momentums, and situations operating in the world today. For each, he offers an overview of its history and current status, relates the astrological perspective, and adds any further word on the subject from his oracle. He then offers his predictions, which may be a declarative statement of what he believes will happen (“I predict that…”), or his view of what trends will develop, or what the choices are and their potential consequences.

Without giving anything away, the areas covered in the book include the fate of the American Empire (and the potentiality of nuclear war with Russia), world economy and the control of it by global corporations and their “trade deals,” a future defined by decentralization in technology and politics, the 2016 US presidential election and its likely winner, an American rebellion against the 1% police state, EU hubris and Greek economic problems, the possibilities for a “blood” pandemic, the BRICS challenge to the West, conflict stemming from the crisis in Ukraine, Middle East issues including the rise of ISIS, and global warming leading to climate change with all its miseries.

These are heavy subjects and contemplating them honestly can be depressing. Mr. Hogue acknowledges this in his introduction and promises the reader that his book will not sugar-coat any of it:
“Numerous almanacs and forecasts for 2015 are available that will mollify you, that will “Mary Poppins” to you this bitter pill of a year with a spoon full of sugary BS to make the medicine go down. This book won’t do that.”

And it doesn’t. Even so, Mr. Hogue’s prose is characteristically witty with a liberal and unapologetic use of insightful puns scattered throughout. He even alters his “voice” from street-slang to poetic, as he deems fit, to make his points. It often includes re-worded popular songs. All this adds a lightness to keep the subject matter from becoming so dark that it gets overwhelming, and it helps carry readers along through the book’s expansive list of topics.

Now, the potential problem with a book of predictions is that it can be viewed simply as a game where the predictions are compiled and checked for accuracy to produce a “score.” A high score might earn the author the title of “pretty good predictor,” where a low score might lead to a dismissal of the book and anything else the author says. While such “scoring” is possible, it is secondary, especially in this book where so many important issues are discussed with candor and buttressed with careful research. I recommend that readers think past “scoring” and consider what Mr. Hogue says about things like the potential for nuclear war erupting from the Ukraine and Iran situations, or the threat of human extinction from global warming.

Predictions 2015-2016 is a book written for a specific time. Mr. Hogue says in the introduction that that time is one of “last chances.” Humanity must make some critical decisions, now, to facilitate a much needed restart. This time will feel, he says, “something like death is approaching…to be supplanted by the unfamiliar, the new.” And further, “A birth is coming out of this death.” This book should help you see the fitful death coming for nations, systems, and grooves of thought that have run their course, before there is a birth of anything better.

I try not to do spoilers in my reviews so I have not given here much of Mr. Hogue’s conclusions or specific predictions. I urge you to make those discoveries for yourself by reading Predictions 2015-2016 and I predict that, if you do so with an open mind and honest desire to learn, you’ll be richly rewarded. But I warn you: never mind looking at the future, even looking honestly at the present is not a task for the faint-hearted. Seeing things as they are, is tough and can lead to despair.

Mr. Hogue addresses this issue of reality-prompted despair in his book’s epilogue, which is by itself, worth the cost of the book. Its impact is loaded by the preceding twelve chapters so don’t skip right to it. You should read the book chapter-by-chapter, taking in what is said in each, and then meditatively read the epilogue. That exercise will, in my opinion, bring you to the closest facility for hope that I can find in this dark age, and so help you face the future.


If a “Ray” of light shown on my work vibrates positively with you here are all the ways you can quickly receive Predictions 2015-2016:


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Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

CoasttoCoastAMwGeorgeGreenDATELINE: 30 May 2015

Opening Question
Of John Hogue’s Interview
From the Live Chat Coast to Coast AM
(20 March 2015)

John, I never miss C2C when you’re a guest and I always catch the documentaries you appear on, as well. I always wonder, though, how do you keep your personal opinions, especially those political, from “creeping in” to your commentary on prophecy?

It is always something to be watchful of, the mind’s filters, programs, biases of one’s society dirtying our minds from childbirth until we become part of the society’s adult “hood”—a gang of idiots who think they are otherwise. “Idiot” in its ancient Greek roots means, “One who is under the illusion of being separate from the Cosmos.”

Thus, we are all living like “Idiots” on this mortal coil, so finding the means to get a glimpse of what’s beyond being an idiot requires a technique, a science of self-observation. Meditation isn’t a religion but it can make one be more sensitively and acutely “religious”. It can enlarge as it relaxes perception. If that perception should flower into making predictions, so be it, though it is equally important to simply remember one’s Self in all actions and inactions, whether one is chopping wood or carrying water or making predictions. It’s all the same unity of witnessing.

HogueWaterFrntNWest-6I do have my own Idiot’s opinions politically or otherwise just like the rest of you, my fellow idiots, who identify with being human. “Identity” and Identifying are rooted in the word for “Idiot,” by the way. To identify is to separate oneself from the Whole and separateness deepens the idiocy of our lives.

So, the still, small voice of my “Oracle” as I like to call it, often goes against my personal wishes and opinions. Yet I’ve learned to serve it as its messenger even if I, the mailman, don’t like the letters my Oracle leaves in my mailbag. I think the judge as to whether I’m influenced by my idiotic ego or not, coloring what I do depends on my predictive accuracy. It is obviously accurate—accurate enough at least, to gain so many people’s interest in what I have to say and write about the future and how I interpret the prophetic masters, like Nostradamus.


Wanna take a ride through the rest of the interview? Here’s the link to the transcript, click on Live Chat: John Hogue. I believe you’ll have to become a member of the chat room to read the transcript.

NoBullShitSignDATELINE: 30 May 2015

A Critique of my Views on Dolores Cannon
And the Shockingly Accurate Articles surrounding it
From Three Years Ago

I can always hope that someday detractors might first READ my articles before presuming to tell me what I’m after and what the articles said. Still, I post this reply to Christy’s critique because it lists some interesting provocations even if in her defense of the recently expired Dolores Cannon, she can’t even spell her name right. It also led me to check and verify her claim that I hadn’t backed up my statements with facts. I trusted that wasn’t the case, but I trust and equally verify all of your critiques carefully and if you’re right, I’ll apologize and rectify the error. If you’re wrong, I’ll have to put your sleepy feet to the fire of examination.

In the process of perusing through my article in question (Nostradamus, Dolores Cannon and New Age Sewage—31 March 2012), I checked the second article directing readers to examine my grievances with Dolores Cannon’s theory. In brief, Cannon claimed to facilitate clients in channeling the living Nostradamus to speak (in English, even) to them as the basis of her three volume series: Conversations with Nostradamus.

I reread the article linked (Nostradamus, Iran War March 2012—a call to Dolores Cannon—17 March 2012) and was struck with its accuracy dating and describing the period we are soon approaching three years and two months later. You all have to remember those times in March 2012. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was beating the war drum loudest and many of you were writing me saying I was really going out on a limb as one lonely voice in prophecy circles out there who categorically declared there was no imminent danger of war erupting with the US/Israel versus Iran in 2012. I predicted it was three years ahead—September 2015 at the earliest—and more likely in 2016.

So before, or after, you read Christy’s critique and my answer, I invite you to read the two articles linked above, published way back in March 2012. Explore my views and factual reasons why I’m such a hard critic in life of Ms Cannon and in her post mortem.

Now to Christy’s letter and my reply:

Regardless of who Delores Cannon is or what she writes, clearly she’s made a name for herself that the author of the article on this site is jealous of. Take notice of how often “I” is used to start each sentence. Does it need to be explained what that indicates about the author? Not only is it not subjective information, but it’s written from a place of egotistical hostility. You’ve made it clear that you prefer a hostile approach therefore I cannot take your emotional opinions seriously. You’re clearly in a place of attack, which somehow makes you feel good.

I write this, not from a rude standpoint, but in hopes that you will be able to see a different perspective as you may have some good information that educated people might be interested in, minus the hostility and need for power and control. There is a way to debunk while leaving the emotion and attacks out of it. Whoever Delores is, she is a human & likely feels she has a job to do. Whether people follow her or not really isn’t your concern. Most of what I see in this article is a need to feel powerful on behalf of the author, I have seen nothing that factually opposes Delores Cannon’s work, whatever it may be.

I do hope you take something positive away from this post and apply your energy and efforts into something that contributes to a better world as opposed to adding to the many others out there right now following this same format. It seems as though we never learn to evolve and are stuck in our same old arrogant ways. Hopefully you can learn to rise above.

Thank you for your letter, Christy. I appreciate the time and energy you put in it. Now, let us look at some of your observations. First off, your letter loses its fundamental credibility by blowing off the core reason “why” I attacked Dolores (not “Delores”) Cannon in this article. To be “regardless,” bottom line, is another way of saying you are “not going to regard, and not going to ‘look’ at why Mr. Hogue has savaged Ms. Cannon so relentlessly.” So, if you do not address those issues, your letter misses addressing wholly my points.

Your letter therefore is written on a foundation of sand. That sand is made of reading my article and not going to the link displayed pointing to the facts I laid down. That evidence was linked up for reading in the first paragraph. Here is that paragraph:

I do not have to put a person under hypnosis to peel back the centuries to speak to Nostradamus. This is what Dolores Cannon claims to do in her three-volume book series Conversations with Nostradamus. I have challenged her since 1997 to prove the foundation and credibility of her work. (Click on Nostradamus.)

Those who are Internet literate click on that link and see an article that lays out my factual grievances in detail.

I even gave readers the link a second time later in the article:

Today I want to give Israel and Iran a break to answer two very different reaction-responses to my Dolores Cannon article from 17 March 2012.

It’s obvious to me that Christy had only read the opening part of my introductory article. So she missed the “Marianne” interchanges posted a little deeper in the article that also backed up my attack on Cannon with the details she says she never found.

To those who read articles completely before writing reviews, they know I laid out my views why Dolores Cannon deserved such an attack on her person and her works in both articles. They know that I exposed her theory in public concerning her “conversations” with Nostradamus that I thought were from her imagination alone. She could not even produce accurate, basic information about the Prophet. I contend that many of her “channeled” English translations read almost verbatim from lesser-known interpreters of Nostradamus. Cannon declared openly used Erika Cheetham’s translations as well.

OK…I guess. From my experience, anyone who thinks they can interpret Nostradamus ought to know their way around the sixteenth-century French, Latin, Greek and Provencal languages. Otherwise, you run the danger of stumbling over Cheetham’s many translation mistakes unawares. But here’s what’s more disturbing to me. Why would Nostradamus talk to someone in our time and approve of Cannon endorsing such second rate translations of his Renaissance French prophecies?

I read her “conversations” series thoroughly. At no time could I find Cannon  accurately describing what is documented and “known” about Nostradamus, his health issues concerning damp places. On the NBC special Ancient Prophecies, on which we both appeared, she  described Nostradamus’ secret study as “cold and dank and made completely of stone.” I’ve been to his house in Salon-en-Provence and the description doesn’t match reality. Moreover, Nostradamus sought throughout his life ever drier climes because of his acute sensitivity to cold and damp places.  How can a person talking to Nostradamus get that so completely wrong, unless it’s all a fantasy buzzing inside Cannon’s beehive haired head?

She is dead now. Yet as long as I live I will write and call her work her personal fantasy. I predict someone will write a book entitled “Conversations with Dolores Cannon” next. Perhaps it’s the best karmic consequence that a person who imagines they talk to Nostradamus will soon find herself the butt of someone else’s imagined “canon” conversation.

Christy, you say I’m jealous of Ms. Cannon. Why would I feel that? My readers are generally more educated and less prone to fly off into Fantasyland. I am read, watched and listened to by millions of people around the world and my 30 books and counting are read in 20 languages. It is a fact that I have been in more television documentaries on prophecy, filmed more interviews and taped more radio programs around the world than anyone in the history of this prophecy scholar field. I’ve lived—and go on this eternal moment living—an extraordinary life that’s taken me several times around the world and led me to sit in India at the feet of Osho, one of the most beautiful masters of meditation the World has ever crucified. I am the luckiest man in the world, because despite all my many faults I can at least do something apparently very few people can do, though it saddens me to see that’s so. I’d like all of you to be able to do it: recognize a truly enlightened human being. If you can, then you’ll never be able to go back to a spiritual sleepy, pseudo life. You’ll stop talking to your subconscious, recognizing the personification of your psychodrama as “Nostradamus” or some other named imaginary friend.

Now to Christy’s contention that the way I used “I” is some litmus test evidence of my spiritual evolution. I notice she used “I” five times in your short missive. That’s a lot of I’s. Certainly not as many as I use, and “I” think “I” know why.

I don’t pretend to be any more evolved than I am. Those who pretend to be more evolved suffer under the worse kind of ego, a “spiritual” ego. It’s the hardest kind to recognize and most people live and die under its illusory burden life after life on the path.

I’ve lived in many ashrams, spiritual retreats, communities, and religious communes in India and in the West. I know what spiritual ego looks like and I recognize it in your letter, Christy.

The “I” suppressors have the biggest “I” hiding behind their effort to appear to themselves and others as a creature of higher spiritual attainment.

Dolores had the same problem, although unlike Christy, she was none too subtle about it to those who recognize the signs. It’s no wonder that she fumed and smoldered hatred about me to her dying day. I saw that first hand and  in the years following my public expose of her work in 1997, and my contacts in her movement concurred. There was an opportunity for Dolores Cannon to see just how much anger she suppressed under all that “spirituality.” My confrontation gave Dolores an opportunity to see herself and recognize the spiritual pride that overshadowed her work. Instead, she did what most of us normally un-evolved and less spiritually superior people do–she missed.

By the way, I didn’t ambush her at the Axiom Convention panel in March 1997. She knew what was coming.

Christy claims that I seek to be powerful over others. If I had been a power monger, I would have charged into the mouth of the “Cannon”  without a warning. Instead, I came to her at the cocktail party on the night before the panel. I gave her a heads up that I was going to attack her fundamental theory that she either talks or helps facilitate others talking to Nostradamus. I listed each issue, each statement I was going to address in her work. I told her I didn’t want to ambush her but hoped that by giving her a chance to prepare herself and answer my contentions we’d be serving our audience and educating them. For a person who claimed such psychic intuition, she did not intuit that I was sincerely going to go after her in public and was quite surprised and unprepared when it happened the following day.

I think, Christy, that you misread what kind of power is working here with me. I’m all for the truth’s power shining a light dispelling the false. And I contend that people who have too much investment in the false resent such an honest attack. In my experience Dolores Cannon was one of the more successfully idiotic figures in the New Age channeling movement and I see no reason even after her demise to alter my views. Sometimes it is loving to help people “wake up and smell the New-Age Sewage.”

The truth can look arrogant to those who shrink from truth.



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