Nostradamus Predicts Earthquake 28 May, San Andreas the Movie Hype, Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Find the Divine even in a Dog’s Body of Christ

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Before we read about the TPP controversy and the lively debate over the image of Christ appearing in a dog’s bottom, a word about all the hype and excitement surrounding rumors on Internet of Nostradamus predicting “The Big One” hitting California this thursday just a day before it so happens that a blockbuster movie is about to be released.

Nostradamus (1503-1566).

Nostradamus (1503-1566).

(26 May 2015)

Did Nostradamus Predict a Superquake
For California this Thursday, 28 May 2015?
Hogue calls it “a whole lot of Hollywood movie blockbuster, bombast and bunk.”

Internet is all abuzz about Nostradamus purportedly predicting a huge superquake will destroy California on 28 May, just one day “before” Dwayne Johnson “The Rock,” meat and muscles his way through a big movie budget temblor opening at theaters near you on Friday, 29 May.

The aping articles follow the usual proposition that Nostradamus, the famed “fifteenth-century” seer who published a collection of prophecies “has predicted a Mega Quake for May 28.”

First off, you Internet Einsteins, Nostradamus wasn’t even born in the fifteenth century, but in 1503 and died in 1566 in the “sixteenth” century. The prophecy, or four-line quatrain quoted, is a real enough, even though the translation is second rate. That’s a pleasant surprise, Usually forgeries consist of slapping together a verse here a fake line there and without Nostradamus’ indexing tags to catch charlatans red handed. The following quatrain doesn’t have that index tag but it actually is a real verse—Century (Volume) 10, Quatrain 68 to be exact—from his magnum opus Les Propheties. Here’s the original Renaissance French followed by a much better translation:

Le tremblement ƒi fort au mois de May,
Saturne, Caper, Iupiter, Mercure au beuf:
Venus auƒƒi Cancer, Mars en Nonnay,
Tombera greƒle lors plus groƒƒe qu’vn euf.

A very mighty quake in the month of May,
Saturn [in] Goat [Capricorn], Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus:
Venus also in Cancer, Mars in Nun [i.e. “virgin”, Virgo]:
[At that time] hail will fall greater than an egg.

Find out about the life of the real Nostradamus. Click on this cover.

Find out about the life of the real Nostradamus. Click on this cover.

Internet “almost news” articles will claim that a planetary alignment happens on the 28 May and there’s a risk of the “Big One” striking California.

There’s no alignment of any significance on that day, except all the Hollywood ads and interviews of actors “aligning” to plug their story—muscle-bound as its leading star with CGI special effects affectations.

Anyone writing such tripe must not have ever encountered an Ephemeris or even knows what one is to make that alignment claim. On 28 May, Saturn is in Sagittarius, not in Capricorn. Jupiter is in Leo and Mercury is in Gemini, not Taurus. Yes, Venus “is” in Cancer but Mars is in Gemini, not even close to Virgo. There’s no super-seizmicing of California going to happen on 28 May.

There is, however, a very close conjoining of nearly all these planets where Nostradamus wanted them in the future. Maybe San Andreas the Movie could postpone its release all the way ahead to May 2047. Then the hype need not play pretend Nostradamus prophetic on people as four out of five planets settle in all the right places he foresaw. Only Mars misses out. It is not in Virgo but transits out of Taurus into Gemini in that month. Still, four out of five, to me is close enough for serious consideration as a window for a great quake 32 years from now.

DATELINE: 23 May 2015

TP the TPP
If you wish to remain Free

It should be Halloween. And we the people of the United States ought to be primed to execute a populist act of playfully earnest disfigurement of the White House and Capitol Hill park lands, adorning them vigorously with a good toilet papering for what the US Senate did last week at the behest of the 101st Senator in chief, President Obama. I don’t really experience Obama as a president overseeing one third of the three-tiered power established by the US Constitution. Instead I see him as a glorified US Senator from Illinois who only moved his office to the White House when becoming “president.” Like a dutiful Senator following the money, rather than the people’s will, corporate lobbyists have converted him into a believer in the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). They’ve convinced him to ask Congress for a “fast track” power to negotiate this huge international trade deal without the democratic impediments of debate in Congress. Just a straight up or down vote is required from that third of Constitutional power.

Hogue enthusiasts who peruse to photonic-electronic sheen of cellphone and computer screens displaying Hogueprophecy articles know well my litany and list of the most dangerous challenges before us that could upend the human future, but today, I’d like to add a new one. Standing alongside planetary climate change (that could end your civilization) and a trumped up phony Cold War by Western leaders and Obama against Russia (that could still go nuclear hot, even after Kerry’s happy talk with Russian leaders recently). Put TPP as number three. It is a conspiracy to expand internationally the corporate and moneyed powers given by the third tiers of power, the US Supreme Court through their ruling on Citizens United. In short, it will take power of the people, their protective power of sovereignty, away. This is what my Oracle said about it in Predictions 2015-2016:

They want it kept secret from the human race behind a wall of your glad handing world leaders—especially President Obama—who intend to put two global trade agreements on a fast track to become international law with next to no one cognizant of what’s in these treaties. The first covers the Atlantic Rim of nations. It’s the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA). It unites the economies of the United States with the European Union. The second grabs countries around the Pacific Rim. It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), otherwise known satirically by another sleight of acronym coined by political commentator and author Thom Hartmann, as the Southern Hemisphere Free Trade Agreement, or SHAFTA…

I predict that SHAFTA and TAFTA are merely covers, seemingly benign storefronts for corporations cinching their control as a law above national and international law. If these agreements pass, your governments will truly no longer be for, by or of the people. The world’s nations will be ruled by super-mafia cartels. From 2015 onwards, observe how a trade deal that most US Congressmen and women won’t read beyond its title will let the finely tuned print endow multinational corporations with legal powers under the guise of protecting “free trade.” They will begin subverting sovereign laws either protecting the environment from pollution or those in future that might be enacted locally and internationally to curtail greenhouse gas emissions trying to put to an end a looming global climate catastrophe. Your sovereign land and labor rights will be taken away all around the world. Your right to buy and sell products and employ their manufacture locally can be sued and suppressed by free trade courts who say your local businesses deny, let’s say, a sweatshop in China or Indonesia from selling you cheaper costing, cheaper quality goods.

This will all happen slowly, carefully. Fascism never takes over suddenly. It will be a slow reprise of what happened to ordinary citizens in Nazi Germany during the 1930s.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Two:
The Under-Government Coup

I wrote the above forecast in the first week of November of last year. This week the Senate with a sizable vote from both sides of the duopoly-duplicitous Republicans and Democrats voted Obama his fast track powers. This should prove once and for all to you, if you haven’t already noticed since Citizens United became law in early 2010, that a large majority of Senators (whatever their Dumbopublican or Donkeycratic labels) serve corporate money and the “free speech” that only their money can buy. Now the bill goes to the House of Representatives where there’s a chance they won’t pass it, being that the House that represents this country’s people by population still has a lot of populists left standing whatever the corporate political musk of “Gee! Oh Pee yourselves!” or Old Spicy Jackassocrat they spritz on themselves as power perfume before they go whoring for another round in the endless quest to find the billionaire money to be re-elected rather than do their work for the people.

American readers of Hogueprophecy, this is your moment to use the power of your vote to keep the House of Reps in line as “your” representatives. Write to them, text to them, Google them and email them that if they vote for fast tracking TPP it proves that they do not represent the people anymore, but multinational corporations that intend to destroy the sovereignty of the United States.

To vote “Yes” to fast track makes this vote in an economic sense equal to granting Obama what you once granted G.W. Bush, unlimited war powers—not to unilaterally invade Iraq and unleash all the string of disasters that followed and is ongoing in the Middle East, something far worse. Your representatives will have given him sweeping powers to unilaterally take your nationhood away from you, slowly but surely as predicted above.

If this TPP passes you will not have a country and a representative government left. So, I ask you, for the sake of your future to warn your House of Representative that if they vote for this fast track you will never vote for him or her again. Tell them a list is being drawn, lining up who isn’t voting for the people but for TPP. Many Senators of both parties are on that list, your name will be included. You’ll be voted out of office in the next election if you should vote for TPP and betray the public trust.

Dear readers, empower yourselves to stop this big legislative step towards a future with Fascism’s new face stamped on it, global corporate dictatorship. TP (toilet paper) the TPP! Thank you.

DATELINE: 23 May 2015

Find the Divine
Even in a Dog’s Body of Christ

In the last big wave of Facebook Friend requests coming after my three-hour appearance on Coast to Coast AM, I noticed a larger than usual number of new friends were devout fundamentalist Christians. I thought, “Do these good people know what they’re getting themselves mixed up with?” I sensed that most new and Christ-loving friends were innocently interested in interaction with me. Some, however, given what they post on their own Facebook pages, definitely were inspired to join my page to hunt for converts. Do the latter group, these wholly rolling-in-the-mire-of-dogma evangelicals know what devil they’ll be dancing with if they presume to summon a parrot squawk of borrowed cult jargon and drop it into my Facebook page?

The following dogma donnybrook was launched by a friend’s introduction to the dialogue steam of a Huffington Post article on Graham Hancock’s book with the titled: Graham Hancock Says A Comet Wiped Out A ‘Highly Advanced’ Civilisation 13,000 Years Ago, Apparently.

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

One thing I need to make clear before you read my words. My words tend to be “Double-Scorpio in the Twelfth House” intense. That’s just me as I am. It is my nature. Do not construe upon them a projection coming from a reader’s reaction. My words in this interchange were delivered in a serene-though-passionate interest and love for the people involved. I am responding effortlessly to what my intuition and experience recognizes as true or something the other is saying unaware of deeper, root misunderstandings I see lurking as the foundation of their unquestioned religious premises. I expose this to the air not to hurt their feelings, but to heal wounds hidden by the scab of ego or borrowed identity. People will feel stung, unfortunately, yet I accept the emotional passage, through which we all often must pass before recognizing the love and compassion of the critic once we’ve moved beyond the heat of our reactions. Know a truth has been shared if it hurts or staggers one’s false stability and religious views. No truth has ever harmed anyone–only a lie exposed can cause pain.

Do not blame the messenger. Look at the mirror he’s holding for you to see your actual face, not the one projected by desire or borrowed habit. Every loving hit we receive in life is equal to a loving caress, an opportunity to spiritually grow beyond what we believe towards our unique “knowing” of this Mystery.


Here we go…

A “highly advanced” civilization wiped out by a comet. Apparently… Now that’s a word that may indicate it “looks” like it’s so, just like saying, apparently the Earth is shaped like a disk because that’s why ships dip out of sight when they reach the edge of the horizon. Apparently the Sun orbits the Earth because just look up at it passing through the sky.

Beware of the apparent colliding with the dogmatic. There is evidence off the coast of India in two places indicated city grids at a time when the ocean sea levels were a few hundred feet lower. These were found by radar mapping ships looking for oil and gas deposits. Before such technology or interest in mining fossil fuels existed, there’d be no accidental discoveries such as this. This might indicate cities at least as advanced as the Pueblo people’s of Southwest America existing around 10,000 B.C. Dogmatists in Archaeology dismiss any evidence that doesn’t fit their theories. However, it remains to be seen if Graham Hancock isn’t also being selective with the data in the other extreme, that is, having a theory that only includes data that fits rather than refutes it.

As the saying goes, a mystery is never closed to an open mind.

An open mind must always and with celebration, question every premise. The ancient, Indo-European roots for the world “Doubt” means to “hover between two possibilities.” Therefore an open mind doubts in this fashion, a witnessing consciousness hovering, witnessing data, renewing itself, its perception with each new breath taken in, taken out—moment to moment.

Very well said. “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” ― Frank Zappa

Religious fundamentalism reminds me of a Frank Zappa Lyric from The Mothers of Invention: “What’s the ugliest paa-art of your body?/Some say your nose/Some say your toes/I think its your mind, your mind…your mind…doo dah-doo, Wup! WUP!!” (Then, a new James descended from The Rapture into the conversation.)

JAMES L. (not to be confused with JAMES “W.”)
A comet brought about the flood that killed every living person but 8

Any evidence of this?

Very Believable, It’s religious dogma to think we are so young. The age of the universe is in the billions and the age of our sun.

Yes look it up my dear John you would not believe me.
But……a comet hit just of the Yucatan pen. As science says. 65 billion years ago.
A major ele event. Every society. Hopi, Inca, Mayan, etc in Americas.
Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumarians, Indian Cultures.
Of course you know of these since you use them when we talk about the existence of God and the Truth of Gods Word.
You use them to prove your points. Allow me to use them to prove mine. I like you John, and if I had money, I would love to by your work. I think that God can use humans to reveal His Will! Good luck John

You haven’t made a point in the above. Moreover, conjecture is not evidence, James. It doesn’t sound to me like you have read even any of my free articles, and since many of my books are on sale for $2.99 to $4.99, you “can” afford them—so the pious penury line just doesn’t work with me.

I’m definitely not writing about some personalization of the divine or any “word” related, in these books. You are talking about belief. To me “belief” is a qualified ignorance and not evidence of truth. It’s just what one wants to project as true. If you had actually read my books, you’d understand where I’m coming from. Can you list what books you have read of mine?

When you say “A comet brought about the flood that killed every living person but 8”, that just sounds like a pontification of belief. It is not fact. I asked you for facts and you blow me off saying “look it up.” You made a declaration, so it is up to you to “back it up” with something.

The Bible is an accurate representation of Gods exisitance. Men are sinners because they never have and never will come to perfect. God is Holy, perfect, sinless. Everything we need is listed in the Bible. Yes, sometimes we need doctors and specialist. God gifted men who have these abilities. You and I don’t not make Gods standard. We need Christ who paid our debt.

“Only the Sith speak in absolutes.” (Obi Wan Kenobi) :-). “But at least the Sith use spell check.” (Obi Wan Hoguey) :-(. All seriousness aside, James, I hear the voice of belief in your words. Belief borrows ideas of others. It doesn’t “know” from direct experience. You are presenting mere beliefs here.

I have met this mindset in every religious ego, be it theist or atheist, it doesn’t matter, the evangelizing of absolutes whether it is God-denying Aristotle saying “A is A” or an Allah fawning Muslim saying the Qur’an has all the truth one needs, the rest can be burnt. These are absolutes standing confidently on the foundation of ignorance of anything outside of one’s own limited religious conceit, borrowed as dogmas.

Clearly you have not read or experienced first hand any other religious path than your Sunday School Bible study, that you call “an accurate representation of God’s existence.” Ignorance cannot exist unless it cloaks itself from the cold wind of reality with an overcoat of arrogance over top long johns woven of myopia hugging one’s intellectual and emotional private parts a bit too tightly.

jesus never paid my debt i am sin less youve been listening to old perverted men the ones who wrote that bible were old perverts ,they wanted you to feel guilty so they could control you and it worked your a machine

Abrahamic religions would love to involve us all in their wars, some even have government and military they use to destroy each other, imagine if you would America taking the Christian side and finishing the war, there’s a word for that Dominionism and it scares me. Love your work John! “

Thanks Brett. Harsh desert climates begat harsher personifications of divine “it.” Like the B SciFi movie “It came from Outer Space,” you get “It came from the Abrahamic Wadi.” You get this monstrous side to desert religions that are hard on people, with jealous gods who have huge inferiority problems. I mean, poor God of Abraham, he creates playthings called the Universe and human beings and if they don’t love him back he burns them up like some teenager setting fire to his GI Joe and Barbie dolls.

He creates good “and” evil when there was no need to create trouble. That makes God the ultimate drama king and sinner. Then, he throws the responsibility on his little creations. If you have the power to create man, you are responsible for whatever your little bi-pedal slaves do. You are the Master Creator. Only a very sick god would create division, sin, separation, desire and then punish his little toy people like a child torturing dolls.

One hears when living in Asia, as I did, tales of Jesus during his forgotten years visiting Hindu ashramas and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries where he logged his name in guestbooks of 2,000 years ago as Yesu or Essa (the former being what the Talmud writers called Jesus). One certainly sees the influence of Buddha’s “bible”, the Dhammapada in Christ, as Jesus lifted quotes from it verbatim, such as your so-called Christian “golden rule.”

That’s not a desert religious phrase, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That’s born out of a place under the cool shade of banyan trees. It has the color of tropical flowers and the song of South Asian bird calls. That’s a phrase that’s verdant. It doesn’t throw desert stones out of the sky at you on Judgment Day. There’s Indian incense in Christ’s “IN” sense parables. And “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” That’s Buddhist and both of these quotes and many other statements from South Asian religions attributed to Jesus predate him uttering them by five centuries in Abraham’s cooking oven of harsh and unleavened religions.

I have EXPERIRNCE my friend. I KNOW there is God. To must to say on a FB page. You mistaken RELGION with RELATIONSHIP. Difference is rules and regulation. I have liberty through the shed blood of Christ. I do something’s because of my liberty. I don’t do others for the same reason.
God wants to set you free John
You must open your heart and mind to His truth. Love ya

It is ever the redundant signature of patronizing holy-rollers that they revert to saying they “experience” and that they “know” only after I call them on their belief-ignorance mind-trip. If you “knew”, James L., why did you not say that first and foremost?

You can’t hide your little-self-white-spiritual lie behind the words experience and knowing (and the distraction of never using spell check) because they are not in your vocabulary. They are in “mine.”

Belief is where you really are, James. And to me, belief is ignorance of knowing but with authority and gravitas. In the future, a more mature humanity will understand that belief was one of the ugliest words in any language, because it kept humanity spiritually divided and retarded.

When ignorance is given the power of a religion behind it, is it any wonder that more blood is shed in the name of religions than any other reason?

Is it any wonder that Christianity in a relatively short time of two thousand years has added up the biggest butcher’s bill of holy-war bloodletting of all the other religions combined, including the newest Christian hate target, Islam?

You’re god doesn’t want to set me or anyone free, James. The god you borrowed from others is a slave master. He’s more The Godfather rather than a God.

(Cue the bloody horse head moistening my bed sheets, what?)

Your God even makes me a Don Corleone-style an offer I can’t refuse, because if I don’t choose this needy God of yours who has to have my love to feel divine, he’ll throw me into a lake of lava—forever.

Even Adolf Hitler was a nicer guy than your God. Imagine what a twisted, spiritually moronic mind it takes to create an imaginary divine being that would place people into boiling lava to scream and burn F-o-r-e-v-e-r…?

Your God is the fabrication of sick, ancient minds. Time to grow up, Humanity. Time to dump such imaginary friends. This is the time for Childhood’s End for humanity. You’re offer to me is not an offer of love, James. I know you mean well in your offer (below), but it would be unloving to accept your spiritually retarded “love” in return. I have compassion for your cult imprisonment of mind, though. And I know the difference between love and religious blackmail.

I have read mountains of books but the study of the Bible on a spiritual level opened up the real truth one finds in oneself. The Bible and every book written on religion or faith or belief boils down to one thing. Believing that we are a part of God, universe, and we exist forever. God is my creator, he is the life giving force running through my veins; as he is in all living things;; without him there would be nothing. How you view God may differ, but to me he is the life force.

The only thing standing between that reality and our illusion identity of separateness is the qualified ignorance that is “belief.” When we believe in something, we don’t know it. Instead we “no” it believing that we are yes-ing it. The Zen masters speak of people trying to eat pictures of rice cakes. That’s what belief is, a picture of reality, not the living reality. It can’t nourish the divine discontent. We love our pictures because they let us dream of a blissful annihilation of separateness and union with the divine but keeps us still separate. I seek the real, the true rice cake, the perfect taco. Eat, drink and be merry godliness, Violet. Existential understanding is the doorway that opens.

Belief is the lock in your soul’s door. Turn the key. Know. Experience. Never ever believe in anything. Know it, in the biblical sense, tantrically speaking. 🙂 Be the God-Orgasm.

JAMES L. (to SUMERU and by extension, Mr. HOGUE)
God loves you. You are a sinner. Like most people you have told lies, been angry for nothing lusted for women.
Yet God offers you the way to get rid of your sin. He is not interested in you following endless rules giving some human the glory.
You will acknowledge God.
On your own free will
Or just before your eternal sentence to the Lake of Fire
You choose

Hi Sumeru. I guess its time to dance and sing the Anubava song: “Walk into the Holy Fire! Step into the Holy Flame!” I hear all you  Osho Sannyasins laughing and dancing. Anyway, back to the Good Father Fungus, AKA  James L., coming to the end of his Christian Cult mind tape with all the ugliness saved for the end. What he calls love is really fear. I no longer fear such people and their imaginary Gods because I understand what the sickness is that binds so many people to call fear “love.”

Ever constant is the lack of an original statement from such people. Where is the real James L.? He must be hiding behind all these borrowed and parroted clichés somewhere.

Polly want a cracker?

Polly want a Polytheist aaaAAKK SquaAAK?!

His picture of a rice-cake god ever gives the same old, psychotic’s sense of a free choice which is not free. It is the choice of religious extremism. It is the ISIS soldier giving you the choice of conversion to Islam or the sword.

It is the Christian God giving you a free choice: believe and accept me or go into eternal damnation burning in a lake of fire.

That is not a choice, that is blackmail.

Blackmail is not love, James L. Your misunderstanding of religion is an ancient sickness.

The sooner such organized religions fade away as shadows in the light of true understanding, the better. Then, people can simply be themselves and religiousness replaces all of these psychotic mafia’s of the soul, your organized religions.

It is a testimony to the falseness of such religions that Buddha’s statue was modeled after Alexander the Great after that megalomaniacal Macedonian invaded India. That’s like making Napoleon your model for imaging Christ.

Now to this “Christ” falsehood. It was never the name, nor was “Jesus” the name of your Messiah. The fact that even now, most bible-bashing Christians do not call their Son of God by his real name—Yeshua—is because of the latent anti-Semitism in this Romanized cult of Christianity which has more to do with Pagan Rome than it does with Yeshua and the Jewish origins of his Jewish reform movement.

I love Yeshua, but this false “Jesus Christ” fellow that’s supplanted Yeshua, I think looks best represented in the Dog’s behind displayed above in the first illustration of this article. LOL

Chuckle… Yes, it’s true. I see God “everywhere”, even in this dog’s happy-waggin’ butt. 🙂 And always remember, folks, “Dog” is “God” spelled backwards. Woof!

I like you John and followed you for years, but you are wrong and God is alive and well as is his son Jesus the Christ. Please don’t smear his name.

That’s not his name, Violet. He was never called “Jesus” or “Christ” when he gave the world his ministry. Those names were imposed by others who did not love him and I propose to you that everyone who loves Yeshua and calls him by a false name and call themselves falsely “Christian” is in some way sustaining a false prophet projection before the true. If anything, it is you who is smearing his name, even though you are unaware of that. For those who have eyes, see. For those who have ears, “listen.”

John John. I never make fun of you and your “belief” I don’t put you down. What you no or don’t know is your business.
Years of practice of Bible belief not region. Have given me the proof I need. God loves me. I found that for myself. If that is delusionment. So be it. I’ll take God over your “personal interpretation” of Nostadomus.
(Sorry bout spelling)
Doesn’t matter John. You too will meet God. On His terms not yours. Love.

Out of compassion for you, James, (and for you, Richard who liked what James said) I am answering what I see is illusions and if that stings, so be it. Any feeble attempt at spell checking be damned, too.

I’m not here to be phony with you.

When I see a spade, I call it a spade. So “dig” this.

I see you spiritually playing a trick on yourself personifying your imaginary friend, the “Lord”. As long as that’s in the way, I don’t see how you can have an authentic encounter with God’s divine mystery. That is where I am at regarding you.

I’m not making fun of your belief, I’m trying to destroy it.

It is keeping you spiritually retarded. So, I plant my stings and seeds now, so that maybe someday in the future, they bear the harvest I hope comes to you. A harvest of an understanding that passeth all retardation dogma that I contend is your master now.

I’m here telling you exactly and honestly what I think of your religious blinders as only someone who truly loves truth can do. You need a good put down so you can rise up again out of all the holy BS you have taken hook-line and sinker as the truth.

I take back nothing I wrote here. I’ve taken a stick to your belief system like you were a moneychanger in the Temple marveling at your false coins you’ve been tossing on my Facebook page. Someone has to love you enough to shock you, and kick over your stupid table of holy coins, so I did it. It is a gift of my compassion and it is your freedom to absorb this loving “hit” or reject it. That is your choice, your karma and your freedom to do, James. It’s all good to me whatever happens for you whether you go chasing all those rolling coins or give them up for something true.

I fear Mrs. [Violet] and Mr. [James L.] have misunderstood Mr. Hogue’s message. If Mr. Hogue wanted to smear anyone’s God’s name he would have used Yahweh, Jehovah, Vishnu, Allah, Krishna, Brahma, Odin, Zeus, etc. What he’s saying is beware of the trap called, “God” that many people don’t know the real nature of.
You said it again, Mr. [James L.], “belief”. Please don’t make Mr. Hogue repeat himself again and have him waste his time. He’s a busy man doing what most of us don’t have the resources to do.

Thank you, Toy Sen. James is blinded by “belief.” He can’t take in yet what I’m saying. Seeds have been planted and even a desert can bloom in time. It is true, all that you say. And time and energy given is precious. I’ve said all James needs. It is up to him now. It is always up to each of us to be the divine spark rather than follow the projection of a savior smiling in a dog’s behind. 🙂

Whatever John, you of all people know, or should know the spirit world. I think we are on the same page. I do understand all the different names given to God, don’t recall how many he has at the moment. I will choose God as my creator and Jesus as my companion. You have the right to believe whatever you wish. Once one has seen spirit there is no turning back, it is not faith anymore it is knowing.

Knowing is not in your vocabulary, Violet. As I had to remind James, I now remind you, hiding the ignorance inherent in belief is not remedied by hiding that ignorance behind a word like knowing. I bear witness to it. Beliefs stand like impediments in your path made of borrowed labels, a false name like “Christ.”  Until you remove these, they will keep you from really knowing, really walking free on the path, until the day of understanding, constantly postponed by your beliefs, life after life, arrives.

I have told you my truth which you deny and critizise me for? So tell my your truth so I might understand.

I don’t deny your truth. I see it for what it is, based on belief, not knowing. If you want to know more about my truth, there are hundreds of articles and 30 books and counting that you can read. I’ve made the effort. If you sincerely want to know, there wouldn’t be that “whatever” blow off in your last letter. I do not yet see you really interested in knowing something beyond believing. Finally, no one can tell another his or her truth. The truth is bigger and smaller than all the words. It must be read between them. Truth is an existential experience, not a line dropped in mere words.

You are seeking John like everyone else. You should not dump til you find something to replace it. One day you will be empty handed having thrown everything away on your journey.
You are very intelligent, John, don’t let that ruin your eternity.

So I should cultivate more blind-believing stupidity to save my Eternity? LOL…

You don’t need to answer, James. I think we’re done here. An intelligent man knows when to end a discussion. Thank you for your sincerity. No thank you for your Christian programmed habit of trying to convert others. I’m just not interested in what you are selling. It’s spiritually phony—a Christ-con job that Yeshua has no part in. I’ve moved beyond the traps of organized religion long ago. Be well and happy, James. Goodbye.

John I don’t know why you judge me as you do, actually you don’t even know me. I do think I know you somewhat because I have been following you for at least 10 years and have read many of your books. I am also a student of Nostradamus, Edgar Casey and ancient religion and phylosophy and a million other books and studies, well half million maybe. lol The work you have been in for so long leads me to beleive *there is that word again* that we think more alike than not. If you are one who really thinks we are just a piece of meat and live a twinkling of an eye and that is it. Well sorry we certainly are not on the same page. I remember too many past lives, or at the least that is what I call them, maybe I am just picking up vibrations or whatever some people want to call them, what residue or some such nonsence. No I see spirit and I know I have walked this earth many times. No one will ever convince me differently unless GOD is not there when I am finished here this trip.

It’s true, you honestly don’t know why I’ve judged you. It is beyond your capacity to know, right now because not only do I not know you, “you” do not know yourself. You think you do. That’s the impediment to your understanding. That’s why you can read my books for a decade and filter them through your mind’s built-in, belief-based misunderstanding.

I do not seek “followers”, Violet. I seek fellow travelers. To follow is to be some kind of slave. My work is not to be followed or believed but “understood.”

I would suggest that being a “student” is also not so good. That means you’re only following someone from your head, not your heart, body, head and whole being—your wiggling toes, even. It is a fragmentary devotion. It will lead one nowhere rather than “now here.”

Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

We are very alike with a small difference of perception only. But that small turn of perception makes for an immense revelation if understood in us. The difference is this, you seek to believe. I seek “to know.” In that process to know, one must shine a light of consciousness on one’s mind-body mechanism and expose all the habit and false projections put upon it by society, such as identity. This is not an intellectual pursuit. At best we start with thinking about these things yet the vast majority of people stop there.

You’ve stopped there, Violet.

This is because of the limited understanding of being an intellectual “student” of the path of truth and not a “disciple.” The word “Disciple” means “ready to learn” whole hog, and risk everything to learn truth. It may eventually lead to being “the devotee” which is the highest form of seeking, where seeking and learning involves the complete being and body.

Your words at the end of this letter read like you’re trying to convince yourself that what you think is true. I see you struggling with this “truth” because how else can one who puts all their truth like a house built on the sand of belief behave?

I’m sorry to be hard on you, but then, I didn’t initiate this process. You did.

You are responsible for everything that has transpired the moment you asked to be my Facebook friend and came unsolicited into my Facebook page. Remember, I did not seek you; you sought “me.” From my side, I am able and willing to share what I can to anyone who comes in. I have no interest in being a missionary. I have no need to convert you to anything. I think being a missionary is ugly. I do not seek people but if they seek me I will share what I know as best as I can. Even when I publish a book it can lie there inert for all I care. Yet if you chose to enter it, and if what it says provokes you to inquire into me and my path, that still is your freedom and your equal responsibility to initiate. My “response ability” is therefore to give.

In my NDE 40 years ago Christ came for me, I asked to stay and raise my boys. So he was gone nearly as soon as he had appeared. I set 83 but I turned that last year so renaged on that, I want at least another 10 or so, I think, But I know in my being that he will be back when the time is right, and I am sure hoping he is who I think he is or I am really in deep do do. Or not! I thank GOD every day for my beautiful family, from my two sons I have 7 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren and life is good. Have a great day John I love you.

I love you back. Can you see the love inherent in all the time and energy I have devoted to you on these pages? Now we break this chain of writing, Violet. This is a good place to move on.

One last gift I want to give you is the most precious one I can offer. Information and links to the meditation practices I started learning since 1980 when I first went to India. I suggest you explore them if you have a “yes” to. They are tailored for the modern human being. They are fun too. Full of life and celebration as well as silence.

We all begin this journey as mere students of the path. Nothing wrong in that. Every journey must have a beginning, but this journey into consciousness has no end. It is eternal, it is ever NOW in this moment forever. You had a glimpse 40 years ago.

These meditations might offer you the means to perceive and experience the full picture of what happened to you and Christ, free of all the filters of the mind. I see in you, Violet, the devotee as your path. These meditations may help you, if you dive deep in celebration of Christ into them. So, here’s the link ( Put one word in the subject line—Meditation—there’s no need to say anything more. I will take that one word as permission to send you these treasures.

Anyone else, James L. included, who has read this interchange is also welcome to contact me and receive this information. Just put in your subject line the one word that matters in this moment of Eternity: meditation. Through it, love comes on its own accord, wordlessly.


You’re welcome, Violet.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover to examine the Expanded Edition including the “Fire and Ice Prophecies.”



If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


John, I have to say I have read with glee all the interchanges you have been having on your page, as I too, have been there! I have studied the history of our civilization, all the deception that has been fostered upon us, I take nothing at face value just because someone proclaims it, I have tested the power of these Romanized Christian Churches and it has all been all just belief, rhetoric. I now know in my Soul that “God” is Primary Consciousness and we are secondary consciousness here to make known the unknown. But I digress… I view the Churches I was raised in in the deep south, along with all of Organized Christianity and the desert religions, as a highly respected person I admire, as being a “Backwater Religion” when you view everything from a higher Universal Galactic view. I certainly enjoyed your discussions as I have had them myself with those persons trying to “save” me. I appreciate how eloquent you are in trying to get a thought across to get persons to use critical thinking. You do the best you can, but they have to stop the programming to think critically outside of the mind program. Thank You John for your wonderful work!

Don’t you think that trade with China would be more likely to keep world peace than to cause war or uprisings? I also live on the West Coast, and have friends and business acquaintances who are Chinese and Japanese. All of them think pretty much the way most of us do, and the last thing they’d want would be a war

Hi Virginia. If you’re talking about the TPP, first off, China hasn’t been welcomed into that free trade agreement. It is set up to isolate China. Secondly, I’m all for free trade, but not trade deals that are forged in secrecy without you and me having a say. That’s corporate fascism, not true capitalism. I think real fair and balanced trade between all peoples of the world integrate us to a point where war eventually won’t happen. But this TPP is not one of those steps towards a peaceful world. Indeed, it will create more wars and revolutions.




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  1. Pratima Petersen
    Posted 24 May 2015 at 8:52 am | Permalink

    Hi Arj! Your ‘Double Scorpio-Twelfth House’ Intensity showed alright! I totally enjoyed the exchange between you, James W, James L, and Violet! Whoa…..! Timing is Everything…..!
    Thank you for all the work you do! NO WORDS!
    Much LUV!
    THanks Pratima. The Christ in my neighbor’s butt is wagging his tail in delight. 🙂

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