Hogue British Election Prediction Hits the Mark. Israel forms Hard Right Wing Coalition. Nostradamus visions of World War II and Russia’s significant Role in Winning it and the BBC’s Russian Rape of Berlin Article is a Rape of Perspective

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DATELINE: 09 May 2015

Hogue’s British Election Prediction Spot on!

This is what I forecast, date tagged nearly six months earlier on 23 November 2014 in Predictions 2015-2016, from Chapter Six: Forecasts for Regions and Nations. I will put the predictions in italics and insert my assessments:


Let’s begin with the British Elections scheduled for 7 May 2015. The two-degree orb of influence of the last of many nasty, political-deadlock generating, Uranus-Pluto Squares will end a few days before people go to the polls to elect the next Westminster Parliament. What is in store for UKIP (the UK Independence Party) on that day? A year before, this party of euro-skeptics made gains in the General EU parliamentary elections. Polls in 2014 showed that half the Brits voting for them to occupy seats in Brussels might help them warm seats in the wooden-walled debating den of the House of Commons. They will win some seats in British parliament, but UKIP isn’t going to unseat or unsettle Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative/Liberal Democratic Party coalition government. In other words: Mr. Cameron? UKIP your Number 10 Downing Street digs as Prime Minister.

UKIP only will warm one seat in the House of Commons and the definitely did not defeat the Conservative-Liberal Democratic Party coalition. David Cameron did keep his job as British Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s flat in Number 10 Downing Street. Moreover, in the following passage, it turns out my astrological sense of what was coming was correct, even though it went against the popular grain of media wonks and pundits that saw Labor making not only big gains but even taking down Cameron from power:

The stars on voting day have a lot of grounding in fixed signs that equate in my prescient musings that the status “asses” quo in seats will be little shifted about except for the poor Labor party. You will be “William Wallaced” by an exodus of Scottish parliamentarians turning their raised-kilted backsides at you as they depart from your party. This is your karma for the shenanigans and empty promises delivered to win a tight referendum vote to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Personally, I felt my prediction was a real long shot, but I followed the astrology and trusted my prophetic instincts and they proved to be on the mark about Scotland taking revenge on Labor. The SNP (Scottish National Party) crushed Labor, sweeping them almost completely off the Scottish electoral map winning 56 of 59 seats! The English Brits were routed out of Scotland as if William Wallace and his army of rebel Scots had sent ballots rather than arrows down to decimate their ranks. The only thing that didn’t pan out was the “asses” quo prediction. Lots of parliamentarian fannies are on the move. The Conservatives won 24 seats and a slim conservative majority of 12, while Labor lost 26 and the Liberal Democrats were slaughtered, losing 49. The Conservatives with their slim majority are now able to govern without the burden of forming a coalition or formal agreement with parties.

With that freedom comes the burden and full exposure if success or failure should follow in governing. I predict Cameron will actually have a harder time promoting his policies now that backbench and more arch-conservative members of his party are unshackled by having to keep the Liberal Democrats happy in a coalition. Their intention is to turn farther right, nationalist and anti-immigrant, and even anti-Scottish autonomy in collective mind.

By this Conservative victory, the timeline my Oracle set down back on 5 December 2014 has pitched even more momentum towards the following happening in 2017 and 2018. Cameron will get his referendum and I now predict more forcefully than before, that the Tories winning this election will lead to Britain leaving the European Union, then losing Scotland and finally losing the United Kingdom by 2018:

My Oracle is “adamantine” Wolverine about it. Scotland is leaving the United Kingdom in the next few years, the referendum in September 2014 was only a prelude. London promised Edinburgh the moon, as it were: near autonomy. It’s not the first time Scots trusted a peace or treaty offering promised by Westminster, i.e., an economic bribe keeping the Scottish “chieftain” elites ruling the little kilted nation of four million…

Ireland broke free at last [after 700 years]. Scotland is ripe to do the same sometime after 2017…

The referendum and euro-skepticism overtaking British Parliament will be the catalyst. When Scotland departs, and pledges to remain in the EU, so eventually will Wales follow.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Five:
The Tower of Babel-ling Brussels
Secession Ascendant


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DATELINE: 09 May 2015

Prediction Fulfilled:
Netanyahu forms a Government
The Most Right-Wing
Coalition in Israel’s History

Conservatism is also on the march in Israel since Prime Minister Netanyahu won a special election in March. As I assessed my predictions in my 11 April 2015 article the Future of the Netanyahu Coalition, they were more a mixed result of accuracy but not apparently when it comes to the consequences of the path of destiny a majority of the Israeli people have now put themselves on. On 11 April and nearly a month before he formed it I made this accurate forecast:

I believe Netanyahu will gather his cabinet at the last minute all the right of center parties he wants.

Come back to Likud? He means it.

Kulanu, Jewish Home, Shas, Yisrael Beiteinu and United Torah Judaism all lost seats. I predict he will gather the most pro-Zionist supremacist coalition government Israel has ever seen.

He indeed didn’t announce his government until the day the legally binding deadline imposed by the Israeli President ran out with only minutes to spare. And what a government he arranged. Something never seen before, even in volatile Israeli politics.

Some detractors in the Israeli press call Netanyahu’s new coalition of 61 out of 120 Knesset seats “the war Government” as it unites right wing Likud to Naftali Bennett’s far right wing flapping Jewish Home party, gathering up in tow a number of extreme and ultra-orthodox parties like Kulanu, United Orah Judaism and Shas. Forget any negotiations with Palestinians and expect Jewish settlements to multiply. Bennett’s Jewish Home party is pro-West Bank settlement growth and will not support the establishment of a Palestinian state there.

The New York Times reports that Bennett will serve as education minister and Jewish Home’s Ayelet Shaked will be justice minister, both ultra-Zionist hawks will sit in the Security Cabinet and make critical decisions on war or peace. The council will also include hawks like former Likud minister and leader of the Kulanu Party, Moshe Kahlon, the new finance minister and Likud’s Moshe Ya’alon as defense minister. Netanyahu will play Prime Minister and Foreign Minister for now.

Issac Herzog of the center-left Zionist Union, Netanyahu’s chief opponent in the 17 March elections, was wooed but uninterested in joining the coalition condemning it as “a government of national failure and adding on Facebook that it was “the most weak, narrow and squeezable government in Israel’s history.”

Few watchers of Israeli politics give the coalition more than a year to live. Once again, as stars conjoin to make war against Iran—the US and Israel the most likely attackers, yet Israel now, like before in the 2006-2007 war window, is strapped by a dysfunctional government. That should make it harder to go to war with Iran, though this time, the Security Cabinet is packed with those sharing a like-minded, profoundly dangerous and false narrative about what Iran’s intentions with its nuclear program actually are.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

What I said in Nostradamus: The War with Iran now seems coming to fruition. Looming before the near future is a potential for war conjoining with a gathering of world leaders in the West and Israel that are least capable of drawing the right conclusions about what is really going on in the Middle East when the war window yawns widest during the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius in 2016.

Positively aspected the Mars-Saturn conjunction is a warrior’s cosmic resource for the capacity to launch, the strength to fly into harm’s way and draw from one’s core the bravery to sally forth into the deadly spaces of war… Negatively aspected the conjunction influences the individual—and by extension, a community—rush to find military solutions to their problems. Nations and their leaders under this conjunction can be prone to malice, hard-core anger that under saturnine suppression to keep self-control can suddenly explode with extreme violence. Despite decades of careful preparation by the West, the moment when war comes will be sudden, organized overkill—a deliberate destruction of Iran by sky and sea.

Nostradamus: The War with Iran, Chapter Six:
Hidden Fires burn with Heat

DATELINE: 09 May 2015

Nostradamus foresaw World War II
And Russia’s Significant Role in Winning it

I write this on May 9, the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe with the complete defeat of Hitler’s Third Reich. The 9th? Some of you might ask. Yes, not 8 May, when the Western Allied nations celebrate. I believe the next day is right. Here’s why.

On 8 May the Western allies accepted the unconditional surrender of the last Fuehrer of Nazi Germany, Admiral Donitz, who Hitler appointed before dispatching himself with his pistol in his bunker on 30 April 1945 with the Battle of Berlin raging overhead as Soviet forces stormed the Reich’s capital on. The Soviet (Russian) allies, who had born the largest burden of fighting, the nation that lost 10,000 dead a day for nearly four years, fighting the greatest land battles in history, were not present at the signing. The Russians who had lost nearly half of the 60 million killed in the Second World War were absolutely right to protest and demand that all combatant leaders meet in Berlin with Soviet commanders present, to witness a second signing of unconditional surrender by the surviving German leadership.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS

Click on this cover to read more about “Mabus”.

I for one, will not overlook what is the correct perspective of history and neither, its seems, did Nostradamus when writing his “future” history of the world. Four hundred and fifty years ago, the French Prophet Nostradamus set down with pen and paper a testimony of humanity’s greatest war that he dated centuries before it happened. In his prose Epistle to Henry II of France in his magnum opus Les Propheties (the Prophecies) Nostradamus dated the Second World War’s advent and end with a chronicle of broken treaties, and alliances. These passages are taken from Chapter Two: HITLER, the Second Antichrist, from the fully illustrated eBook Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus. The bracketed paragraphs have been inserted today.


In the Adriatic [Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece] there will be great discord, and that which was united will be split apart, to a house will be reduced that which formerly was, and is, a great city, including [unions-treaties with] England and France in [the year] ‘45 and other [broken unions] of ‘41, ‘42 and ‘37.

Many unions and treaties were split apart very near or mostly within these dated years: In 1936 the Treaty of Versailles was broken by the Nazi occupation of the Rhineland, and in 1938 by the occupation of Austria—full-scale war broke out between China and Japan in 19[37]; the Nazi usurpation of Czechoslovakia broke the Münich Pact of 1938; the British saw their alliance with the French split asunder with the defeat of France in 1940. The next union to crumble through Hitler’s invasion of Russia in 19[41], was the notorious Soviet-Nazi Non-Aggression Pact signed in Moscow by his foreign minister Ribbentrop and Joseph Stalin, a “union” between sworn enemies without which Hitler couldn’t start the Second World War. Long-standing trade agreements between Japan and America were broken in 19[41] when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Finally, Hitler’s Axis Alliance, a union of Japan, Italy, and Germany was defeated, destroyed, in 19[45], punctuated by Soviet armies thundering into Berlin’s bombed out streets to confront die-hard Nazi divisions in one of the war’s bloodiest battles.

[What is not so well known in the West—though my Russian readers know this—Nostradamus, a Western European from the sixteenth century, understood that the epicenter of history’s greatest global war was on the Eastern Front. Ever one to chronicle the points or actions where history shifts its destinies, Nostradamus accurately described the key strategic importance of Russia, and Malta as turning points.]

Presage 31
Rain, wind, forces, [Operation] Barbarossa, Hiƒter,
the Tyrrhenian Sea,
Vessels to pass Orkneys and beyond Gibraltar,
grain and soldiers provided:
Retreats too well executed by Florence, Sienna crossed,
The two will be dead, friendships joined.

Nostradamus foresaw military disaster and the ultimate destruction of the first and the second Antichrists invading Russia. The Russian weather would play a key factor in thwarting both. Napoleon’s Grand Army of hundreds of thousands all but disappeared in the white wastes. Hitler’s host of three million lost 1,100,000 men from June 1941 to early 1942 (230,000 from frostbite alone). Though not destroyed, Hitler could only resume his campaign in Russia on the southern flank of his front in the spring and summer of 1942. The Soviets now had breathing room to consolidate and strengthen their forces.

Nostradamus’ several Hister-Barbarossa visions ever move their prophetic eye from Russia in the north, down to the Mediterranean theater in the south. Tyrrhene in French stands for the Southern and Western Italian coastline, which happened to be the site of successful Allied landings in Sicily (1943), and across to the Italian peninsula at Salerno, and Anzio (1944). Line two maps the major convoy routes from America through the North Atlantic and Gibraltar that eventually supplied the Allies with enough food, fuel, and soldiers to win.

Nostradamus’ original word for Orkneys or Orcades in line two could also stand as a spelling pun for the Greek variant for transport ships—holcades. The word is used to describe the Allied convoys themselves as well as the islands they passed. The Latin variant, Olcades, is the ancient Roman name given a tribe of Spanish Gauls residing in southeastern Spain. Thus, Orclades stands also for Gibraltar, the strategic narrow passage used by allied convoys and fleets to sail into the Mediterranean theater.

By the end of 1944, both Sienna and Florence were liberated by the Allies (crossed). The Germans did withdraw to the previously constructed Gothic line (retreats too well executed) outside of Florence, which for a brief time checked the Allied advance during the final winter of the war. The fourth line foresees accurately the fate of Hiƒter joined in friendship and death with Mussolini. Hitler’s decision to have his body cremated and secretly buried was influenced by newsreels of Mussolini’s mutilated body being abused by a mob in Milan.

2 Q24
Beasts ferocious with hunger will swim across the rivers,
The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hiƒter.
Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn,
When the child of Germany observes nothing.

Here the defeat of the Second Antichrist is at hand—besieged and in full retreat on all fronts by 1944. An alliance of titanic forces, a total of over 100 million men from over 50 nations overwhelmed armies of the Axis powers under Hitler. Using Europe’s vast rivers as natural obstacles was a major part of Hitler’s Fortress Europe defense plan, especially along the Eastern Front. Stupendous battles, thick with the thunder and tumult of creatures fashioned out of iron and fire are in Nostradamus’ overwrought imagination described as beasts ferocious with hunger. These beasts devoured Nazi armies in fire and smoke of soaring dragon-like planes, rumbling steel monster tanks in a deafening, hungry gnashing that consumed men in strobe-lit fiery report and whining cry of tens of thousands of artillery pieces.

The greatest of these battles at river crossings were fought by the Soviets plunging over the Volga River (Stalingrad, 1942), the Neva (Leningrad, 1943), the Dnieper (Kiev, 1943), the (Hister) Danube (Budapest, 1944, Vienna, 1945) and the Oder (Berlin, 1945). From the Western Front came the liberation of Paris (the Seine) and the two great battles crossing the Rhine: Arnhem (1944) and the Battle of the Rhine (1945).

A metaphorical curtain cage of iron and steel Soviet tank and shell surrounded Hitler in his underground bunker during the final battle of the Reich in the streets of its capital, Berlin. The bunker itself was a vast iron cage frame reinforced by concrete.

One of Hitler’s last photo ops was a brief ceremony depicting the spent and decrepit Second Antichrist pinching the pink cheeks of mere children soldiers of the Hitler Youth organization, decorated with the Iron Cross for destroying enemy tanks. Hitler early on had openly and proudly declared he wanted the children of Germany to ripen into good “German Barbarians.” From its inception, most German children in the Third Reich were compelled to be members of the Hitler Youth, which had as its major goal the re-programming of German children to be like the fierce and lawless blonde warriors of Teutonic antiquity. They were being brainwashed to wage war and to observe nothing about laws and ethics respected by peace-loving, civilized nations.

The cryptic description of being drawn into a cage of iron may be a double entendre alluding to the fate of Mussolini as well as Hitler. Before Hitler saw the newsreels that decided the fate of his own body, Nostradamus beheld the fate for the one he called Duce in the final line of another quatrain about an iron cage:

9 Q95
…Duce loses his eyes in an iron cage in Milan

In the final days of the war, Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci, fell into the hands of communist partisans in Northern Italy and were summarily shot dead. The bodies were hauled to Milan where they were strung upside down from the charred steel frame of a bombed-out gas station (in an iron cage in Milan). The gathering mob vented years of repressed rage at Il Ducé’s body by throwing stones, shooting and even women urinating on the corpses. One man pummeled Mussolini’s face with a board beyond recognition (loses his eyes).

“Barb” surfaces again in the final line of 1 Q74 and it must stand for the ghoulish Nazi cremation ritual held for “Barbarossa Hister” and not for the 16th-century Corsair, called Barbarossa, who was never cremated.

1 Q74
Brazen Barb[arossa] will be roasted on a spit.


Later this June, I plan to reissue a new eBook edition of Nostradamus and the Antichrist, as well as have Create Space create a printed edition. The illustrated version will be discontinued by end of June. If you want the illustrated PDF download, please go to this page and read more about the book by clicking on Nostradamus Antichrist.

DATELINE: 09 May 2015

The BBC’s Rape of Perspective
In their Article: The Rape of Berlin
By Russian (Soviet) Soldiers in 1945

I was shown this article by a Facebook friend.

THE RAPE OF BERLIN: The USSR’s role in the defeat of Nazi Germany World War Two 70 years ago is seen as the nation’s most glorious moment. But there is another story – of mass rapes by Soviet soldiers of German women in the dying days of the war: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-32529679

You get a sense of the ugly political tenor of our times, what with a Western push by military industrialists trying to sell us on a new cold war with Russia. On the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany and Axis forces in Europe, V.E. (Victory in Europe) Day, the BBC emphasizes a Russian atrocity first and Russia’s pivotal role in winning World War II for the rest of us as an afterthought. Yes, the authors of the article did insert in the middle of the article an account of the systemized raping policy of the Nazis in occupied Russia. Yet, to be fair, if we are going to remember the 100,000 women raped in Berlin by Soviet troops, why not recall other crimes against humanity committed by all allied combatants.

What about the firebombing of Dresden by US and British airmen? They torched a city designated as a haven for fleeing refugees, incinerating 130,000 defenseless civilians.

What about the US arresting and putting their Japanese American citizens into concentration camps? No German American citizens were treated in this same racist way and a number of them were involved in actual espionage.

How about the mother of all Allied crimes against humanity? Let’s remember on V.E. Day, and V.J. (Victory in Japan) Day coming later this year, America’s use of atomic weapons of mass destruction on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It’s not mere chance that these two cities were the last left relatively un-firebombed by the US Army Air Force. They were earmarked for test-firing, radioactive blasts that ear and face melted two cities jammed with Japanese refugees of other ruined cities and also a number of Allied POWs.

Oh yes, I can anticipate some Americans reading this saying, “Using the Atom Bombs was a necessary evil, it saved lives.”

Some of you might even add, or at least feel the following subconsciously: “The Japs deserved the atomic attacks as payback for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.”

That sentiment sides with Soviet apologists saying German rapes were revenge for the Nazi surprise attack on the Soviet Union. And anyway, the German rapes of Russians were countlessly uncountable because, unlike the Russians, the Germans usually shot those they raped, then buried or burned the corporeal evidence.

The enormity of the crimes committed by Germans against the Soviet peoples is marginalized in this politically manipulative BBC article. The facts aren’t false, it’s how the article’s release is timed. It’s what facts are emphasized, thus obscuring or distracting readers from the bigger picture. It is part and parcel of our times as we enter a period of revisionist history mongering where the media hardly bats an eye when Prime Minister Yatsenyuk of Ukraine says “Ukrainians” liberated the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz back in December 2014. Even today, 9 May, he had the temerity to proclaim that Ukrainians like Stephan Bandera and his “freedom fighters” actually helped defeat the Nazis.

The fact is they fought the Soviets on the side of the Nazis as auxiliary forces and collaborators with German SS troops on the Eastern Front. They played a very active role in massacres of Russian and Polish civilians by the hundreds of thousands as well as helped the SS hunt down and gather up Jewish Ukrainian citizens for transport to the death camps where many a SS Ukrainian unit worked the gas chambers.

When revisionists write the histories, criminals become heroes, and the stench of Western Allied crimes doesn’t stink: just Soviet crimes, just the Russians stink on this important anniversary of remembrance.

Ukrainians didn’t liberate Auschwitz on their own and the Ukrainians who did and belonged to a far larger force of Russians and other ethnic members of the Soviet Red Army actually fought against Bandera’s Ukrainian fascist auxiliaries as members of the Soviet Second “Ukrainian Front.” Soviet high command organized their many armies by sectors or “fronts” according to their geographic position by early 1943. The Ukrainian Front’s Soviet armies had blasted their way through German armies into Poland and liberated Auschwitz in late 1944.

It is a fact that a majority of Holocaust survivors were saved by Soviet communist-led armies from the East. Bandera’s militias didn’t save a single Jew in the camps—period! But they helped slaughter untold thousands as lackeys of the SS. Perhaps that’s why Israel does not officially recognize Yatsenyuk and the new Kiev government that took over Ukraine in a bloody coup in February 2014 with the help of Right Sector and other neo-Nazi militias. A people who have suffered more than most from Fascists, can recognize a neo-Fascist regime when they see one, even if politicians in Washington, London, and NATO’s offices in Belgium, apparently cannot.

I plan to write a book about the prophetic dimension of the life of Adolf Hitler. In it will be a speculative exploration into what the future would have looked like if Nazi Germany had defeated the Soviet Union and won the war. This will be based on copious notes taken of Hitler’s private conversations. One of these passages details his plan for culling Russian citizens after the war. He intended to exterminate 40 million of them and fill the void with a German population boom, taking up Russia’s rich farmlands once the subhuman Slavs were decimated down into a slave labor force sent to work in the fields and given just enough education to read the road signs.

By war’s end, Hitler was over half way to achieving his culling goal. Twenty-seven million Soviet citizens were killed by Nazi Germany in less than four years. Fourteen million were wounded and injured. The German-Soviet Theater of World War Two became the greatest mass-murder in history committed by one nation against another.

We don’t know how many Soviet women were raped because, as I said, the victims, being deemed less than human by the German solders, were mostly dispatched and tossed into ditches for burial or cremated. I imagine the SS “Special Action” Groups that massacred the populations of over 700 villages in the Soviet provinces of what is modern-day Belarus, did their share of raping and burying the evidence.

Was it a million Soviet women? Perhaps two million were raped?


One might entertain the perverse idea that the Soviet soldiers could have done far worse than rape 100,000 German women to even the score.

None of what happened in this war that brutalizes and murders people is right. Nor am I defending criminal acts of one against another. Yet, one must face the facts. Without the Soviet Union, the Allies would not have won this war against Hitler. Western historians gloss over this fact that 75 percent of all German and Axis allied casualties fell on the Eastern Front.

No other Allied combatant nation came close to losing the numbers the Soviet people lost. It is a fact that the greatest battles in history happened on the Eastern Front. An average big battle there had engaged more men and material than all combatants had available on the entire Western Front in 1944.

The greatest in history, the Battle of Moscow (October 1941-March 1942) tripled the amount of men and materiel engaged in the Western Front. All your battles in the West, including the Normandy landings, Arnhem, the Falaise Pocket, the Battle of the Bulge, the Rhineland Pocket would be skirmishes compared to the Battle of Moscow, yet those of you in the West I’m sure have hardly heard about it. Moscow saw seven million combatants fighting along a 600-mile front, 2.5 million of which were killed, wounded or captured in a horrific winter battle raging without respite for five months. After Moscow came smaller battles that still dwarf anything on the Allied Western Front suffered such as the Battle of Stalingrad with 2.5 million combatants. The largest sieges of history took place in the Crimea, and around Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Americans mourn the loss of 400,000 dead from all causes in the war. The citizens of one of Russia’s great cities, by itself, lost 1.5 million dead mostly from the Germans trying to starve them to death!

What the BBC and other Western Media and their political leaders are not emphasizing is how much we owe the Soviet people for doing the lion’s share of defeating Nazi Germany and suffering the highest, most massive, cost. History will condemn David Cameron of Britain and Barack Obama of the US, representing the Western Allied leaders on this Anniversary for not being present on Red Square this day alongside President Putin of Russia. May 9th is NOT the day to let present political strife stand in the way of acknowledging what the Western Allies owe to Russia or Russia owes to us. It would have shown great statesmanship, it would have been a step towards Obama actually “earning” his Nobel Peace Prize, if he had made clear his disagreements with Russia, but not at the point of disrespecting what the Russian people did for us.

Never before in history has any nation made a comeback from near annihilation. No nation has recovered then repelled such a powerful, invading army as formidable as the Nazi juggernaut that sent its millions of men and thousands of Panzer tanks across a thousand miles of Soviet frontier—doing so catching their target for conquest completely off guard.

It’s a fact that Hitler hurled his greatest military blows of the Second World War on Russian, unleashing a surprise attack of 3.5 million Axis forces in the largest invasion in history. Americans remember Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Dastardly and terrible as it was, the roughly 2,000 dead and 1,000 wounded that American suffered on 7 December 1941 were about the same numbers the Soviets lost EACH HOUR on the first day and the following weeks of the Nazi invasion on 22 June 1941.

Think Pearl Harbor multiplied by 1,000. The Bialystok and Smolensk Encirclements shattered dozens of Soviet armies in the first weeks delivering 400,000 dead and an equal number of captured. The Kiev and Vyazma/Bryansk encirclements in late summer and early autumn were the worst military land battle defeats suffered by any side in the Second World War (and in military history). Even the greatest disasters to come Hitler’s way later in the war could not compare with the loss of men and materiel.

The Battle of Kiev killed 250,000 and turned a further 660,000 Soviets into prisoners. The Battle of Vyazma/Bryansk undid a near equal number. Most of these POWs in both battles were left in fields surrounded by barbwired fences to starve to death. You see, the German soldiers, and a majority of the German women raped by Russians later on, were indoctrinated by Hitler to believe Russians weren’t people, really. Just “untermenschen” (sub-human). So let them die in their barbwired pens like animals.

The Soviet people fought an enemy that literally intended to annihilate them in a war of racial extermination. Moreover, that madman Hitler and his brainwashed Aryan master race nearly succeeded. Yet these resilient, heroic people of Russia not only took these historic blows but also rebuilt their armies, moved hundreds of tool factories and industries while under fire 1,000 miles east, past the Ural Mountains into Siberia. There, they often worked the machines to build tanks, planes and weapons—in hot Siberian summers and frigid winters—before factory buildings were built around them. The Soviet armaments output rivaled the US “arsenal of democracy” which could construct its weapons of war safe and sound from all fronts.

Together, with a major share going to the Russians, we grandchildren and great grandchildren of veterans of World War Two defeated the greatest military threat in history 70 years ago.

That fact, Russia’s contribution to this victory, celebrated today, is far more important to illuminate than the crime some Russian soldiers committed in the Battle of Berlin, the final battle of the European theater of World War Two. Even in this last battle in Europe the Russians delivered the final, crushing blow to the Third Reich at the cost of a half-million casualties.

Today, on the 70th anniversary of Western commentators try to downplay the losses and vast size of what was the epicenter of World War Two. It is immoral, because nearly HALF of all the people killed in World War Two were Russians, Ukrainians, Russian and Ukrainian Jews and members of hundred of other national and ethnic identities that comprised the sprawling Soviet Union. Yet this in not essentially the most important point I want to make today.

There is another way to look at the issue of the raping of German women of Berlin and why. I will pose something not being said, and not being contemplated, yet if we confront this existential fact, perhaps such tragedies and wars can at last be put behind the Human Race.

Who set this evil in motion?

It wasn’t Hitler at all.

Hitler never killed a single human being “with his own hands.” He commanded the German people to do his killing.

Therefore, one must ask this consequential question:

Had the German people not let Hitler lead them into an invasion of an ally in June 1941, would Soviet soldiers have raped any German woman in 1945?

It doesn’t make it right, what the Soviet soldiers did. I’m simply saying this, if a nation initiates aggressive war on another nation, be it Germany unilaterally invading and occupying Poland, or the US unilaterally invading and occupying Iraq, without factual cause—a crime of national culpability is set in motion. That crime sets in motion other crimes as a reaction. Had Germany not set in motion evil, no evil would have come upon them from the Russians.


If one identifies oneself as part of the nation, any nation, then you are thus responsible in part for the crimes of that nation. If you see yourself as German, American, or any other national identity, you are indirectly implicated in the crimes of that nation and you are thus obligated to heal the harm done and except your national guilt. I admire the fact that German citizens today accept their national shame and aim to become a better nation and people after the horrors committed by their grandfathers and grandmothers under Hitler. It is a testimony to the New Germany that no British, no American leader had the courage to go to Moscow today, yet German Chancellor Angela Merkel will come on 10 May to pay her respects to Russia! The representative of the defeated enemy beast had more heart and courage than the descendants of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Let us take this to a deeper layer of understanding…

I would say, do not identify with the disease of nationalism.

I would say the whole of humanity is my family.

That’s what future humanity will understand. You then, are the bridge to that new and peaceful humanity, if you would just look inwardly, questioning all that has been spoon fed you from birth on to adulthood and understand the underpinning of things we all do so collectively and unconsciously, such a future can be possible—today.

My tool for looking into these things is Meditation.

Contact me, by email and put in the subject line “Meditation” and I will share links and information about the techniques of self-observation I use.



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