New Book Release from John Hogue, Predictions 2015-2016, Baltimore riot and Police Indictments, Nepal Earthquake, Calbuco Volcano eruption on Earth Day and Siberian Fire Smoke reaches Washington State

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DATELINE: 03 May 2015

Hogue’s new book Predictions 2015-2016
Amazon Number One Bestseller in Prophecy for a Week and Counting

What a week it was! A week ago I officially released my new and massive opus of forecasts Predictions 2015-2016. It shot up to number one on Amazon’s Body-Mind-Spirit, Prophecy/Divination genre in the first day. It sparred with the other books for first and second place and has locked in as number one bestseller for a week now.

If you’re a Nook or Kobo reader, it’s also available to you, plus, I plan to launch a quality trade paperback edition by late May or early June. Initial responses from readers tell me many think it is my best book so far.

The book’s cover was the first thing I created, even before the principle writing began. I used it as the scrying (forecasting) tool to unleash the forces of perception ruled by Saturn in Scorpio. The ringed planet of karma is not only sitting in the twelfth house of my natal birth chart. Saturn has one last three-month chance this summer to work its magic in the realms it rules. Humanity could AT LAST set in motion a period of 28 to 30 years of systemic reform and revolution in: politics, business, finance and banking. We have one last opportunity to redefine what kind of world we all want our children and grandchildren to inherit. If we mount the bucking bronco of History in 2015, we have a better chance of staying on for the next 29-year ride towards a golden future.

Saturn returning to Scorpio every 29-years creates a chance for Americans to redefine themselves. If they do it right, like after the Civil War, the next 29 years set realistic goals and winnable dreams that bring positive results. Miss an opportunity, like in the mid-1980s, and you get, well… You get our disturbing, bad-karmic times. You get a Reagan-to-Clinton corporate history time line that in 29 years has infected the Republic’s government with corporate control and special interest money. The measured and intelligent regulation that Reagan and Clinton threw out gave us today’s fiat-economic and corrupted US banking system and the Federal Reserve’s funny-money policies that are setting us up for a Greater Depression—soon—when the economic bubble bursts.

This book isn’t just about the future of the economy, it covers nearly all topics of interest and sustainability of our civilization, looking with Saturn’s compassionately realistic vision of what’s structurally wrong with us and how we can fix it.

Here’s an overview of the book, posted at the sales page at Amazon:

Click on the cover to get the Expanded Edition for Donors Only.

Click on the cover to get the Expanded Edition for Donors Only.

John Hogue, a world renowned authority on Nostradamus and prophetic traditions, will reveal the potential, history-changing events coming in the second half of 2015 as this year may be the last chance to begin reforming monetary, economic, and political systems. Otherwise, time begins running out to avoid a disastrous future that might ultimately entail a threat of human extinction from planetary climate change. Hogue will take us further, into the year 2016, and how it could become Year One of a 20-year period of “The Great Unraveling” as foreseen by Nostradamus.

Let that not dishearten you, cautions Hogue. In his most epic examination yet of worldwide prophetic trends, Hogue presents in breathtaking detail a thought-provoking encounter with tomorrow’s many potentials, where even the scariest future collapse of old systems of order and centralization can also be cause for the rise of new people movements and positive socio-economic and political revolutions. These and other unexpected reversals of fate and fortune are waiting that may nullify many clear and present threats to human survival and individual freedom that seem set against our pursuit of a happier, and golden, future.

Come check out more and find out why this book is consistently number one in Prophecy at Amazon. And while you’re at it, sample the introduction and chapter 1 free by clicking on Prophecy.

DATELINE: 03 May 2015

The Baltimore Riots
And the Prophecy of
The American Intifada

This and the next few articles chronicles a string of significant events—some acknowledged and others not acknowledged by the mainstream media—that Hogueprophecy wants to be sure you know about.

Back in November of last year and in early January, I time dated and documented predictions contained in Predictions 2015-2016 displayed here.

“I can’t breathe,” said Freddie Gray, a 25-year old African-American resident of Baltimore, Maryland echoing the famous last words of Eric Garner, both victims in a string of police shootings caught on cellphone and security cameras that have launched what I predicted back in November of last year would become a new civil rights movement.

Gray wasn’t chanting it in a protest on 19 April. He was about to go where Eric Garner had gone wrestled to the ground even though he had not committed a crime. It’s worse in Gray’s case. He had made eye contact with the Baltimore police on the street and turned to run.

It’s not a crime to run from the police. There’s no probable cause here, except the circumstance of racism, maybe as a prompt. Gray was black, walking through a neighborhood of empty, mostly derelict houses. These days, if I were a young black man turning a corner facing a gathering of white cops, I’d slowly turn around and “walk” away—running just gets you killed for no probable cause by Baltimore’s “not so finest.” Two days ago, Mayday 2015 the state’s attorney for Baltimore, Marilyn J. Mosby, riding the tide of weeks of public peaceful protest against Gray’s abuse and death in police custody, finished her examination of the evidence and filed charges arresting all the policemen involved. Gray’s death was declared a homicide.

Briefly, here’s why. The young man was chased and wrestled to the ground simply for running away. His request to use his inhaler—denied. While waiting for the paddy wagon, one police officer pinned Gray face down in the asphalt with a knee to his neck and shoulder while the second officer tightly laced Gray’s legs in a twisting wrestler’s submission move that caused Gray to scream in pain. Tell it to the asphalt, boy, while the cops sat on him waiting for the paddy wagon.

Then, he was dragged and taken into the police van, all of the above caught on cellphone cameras. He couldn’t walk yet these brave policemen put him in leg and waist irons when they tucked him away and slammed the paddy wagon rear door. They didn’t buckle him in for safety, either. More than once as they drive on their rounds, Gray pleaded for his inhaler and for assistance, saying that he could not breathe. Every time the police ignored his pleas. They went through feeble motions to check his condition—just a cursory look through the opened rear door, caught on a security camera, when they parked to, I don’t know, have a donut break? (Actually, they stopped to load another arrested black man at a market, I believe.)

Sometime during Gray’s final ride his body, not held safely by a seat belt and immobilized by chains so he could brace himself, fell off the slippery steel bench to the ground and nearly severed his spine. When the posse got to a police station to unload their cop cattle wagon, oh! tsk tsk! Apparently Gray had also slipped into a coma and was suffering cardiac arrest. That’s when they gave him medical assistance. He never revived from his coma and died several days later in hospital.

This is the FIRST TIME since the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, in August last year that a string of clear cases of police overreaction and brutality to black men will now face a judge and jury. There’ll be officers in the dock under indictment for committing a crime.

The Gray case and future trial, I predict will galvanize a national debate and grow a national people movement set to reeducate and end a corrupting culture of police brutality against the poor and especially African American and Hispanic citizens. I had predicted this new movement born out of the violence of what I call “The American Intifada.” Here’s what I forecast in three time-dated entries from November 2014, two of which were later published in Predictions 2015-2016, the last was from a HogueProphecy Article:


I’m writing this on 18 November 2014. Any day now a grand jury decision will be handed down about a police brutality incident that ended with the shooting and killing of an African American teen named Michael Brown by a Ferguson Missouri policeman. What happens in the summer of 2015 is a consequence of what my Oracle calls The Ferguson Effect. Ferguson Missouri will be the “al-Aqsa Mosque” moment that brings clashes of young American poor men and women throwing stones at militarized police force acting as if America were the West Bank and the “F” in Ferguson stands for “Fallujah” and the people of color living there are no better treated than Iraqis under US occupation.


UPDATE 08 January 2015: I wrote and documented the above passage just six days before the grand jury in Ferguson concluded the policeman who shot Michael Brown was innocent and the African Americans standing vigil before the Police department were attacked by the police. Shops were burned by hooligans. There was no police presence there, even though thousands of officers and national guardsmen protected the white neighborhoods and communities. Ever since, there have been widespread demonstrations and protests against the police across America. It would seem the Intifada is already on. Later in the book, we will peer further into its future.

Predictions 2015-2016: Chapter One:
The Stars War, the Empire Strikes Out
(Subsection: Saturn Summer)
Documented 17-21 November 2014

On 24 November 2014, just a few hours before the grand jury findings rendered Officer Wilson blameless, setting a match to racial tensions across the nation, I published the following prediction:

Storefronts in Ferguson, Missouri, are boarded up as if this was Mississippi bracing for Hurricane Katrina. There is a hurricane coming to the ghettos in the inner cities and it may spread beyond what will be called the “Thanksgiving” Riots across America about to break out. November 2014’s initial riots are just the beginning. In 2015 there will visit a nation-wide firestorm of protests that in the extreme future scenario could see black, Latino neighborhoods treated more like the ghettos of Gaza, and the West Bank of occupied Palestine. It will be called the American Intifada. Many lives will be lost and I only hope that what will be gained is AT LAST a serious civil rights dialogue that will end this plague of fatal shooting of citizens of color.

Ferguson Grand Jury Finding and
And the American Intifada
(, 24 November 2014)


Always in motion is the future, said Yoda of Star Wars. Though he is a green-eared figment of Hollywood’s imagination, what he said is not. The future is a dynamic echo of changes we can make, for better or worse, today. I’m thinking that a good step has been taken. With the injustice done to Mr. Gray acknowledged, and consequence now looming for bad police behavior, we begin a long and hard road towards civil justice for all and the return to a police force that protects all citizens fairly and without prejudice.

Mayday 2015 will be remembered in the future as the moment when a turning of a tide in a new civil rights movement has come, to overcome civil injustice, someday.

DATELINE: 03 May 2015

The Earth Day Volcanic Eruption
The Killer Katmandu Nepal Quake
Do they fulfill Hogue’s Predictions?

I recall Osho saying that the upheavals of civilization and natural disasters he had foreseen spiking and accelerating beyond the year 2000 was a sign that the Earth had had enough of a past-looking, egoistic, auto-suicidal humanity. People all over the world would have to choose which humanity they wanted to move with. What he called “The Old Humanity” destined to destroy itself with its wars and its fossilized religious and economic mindsets not suited for the challenges of the twenty-first century, or be part of a “New Humanity” that sought meditation and balance with Existence and each other. Yet he cautioned his disciples to be mindful in their contemplative, self-observations that “natural disasters kill madmen and meditators alike.”

That observation echoes in my mind since a 7.9 magnitude temblor shook the Himalayan country of Nepal to its knees burying a land of many meditators, Buddhist stupas and Hindu temples in rubble, landslides and boiling-white avalanches. Thousands of my fellow disciples of Osho live in Nepal. I initially feared that injury and death had visited many a meditative friend and fellow traveler, such as those friends living in Osho International Commune in Tapobanset in the luscious mountain tropical forests outside of Katmandu. These are the same forests where Nagarjuna, the great disciple of Buddha, used to meditate and give Darshan—a silent meeting between master and disciples.

My fellow travelers on the path of meditation at Tapoban Meditation Center in Nepal.

My fellow travelers on the path of meditation at Tapoban Meditation Center in Nepal.

See the photo of the extensive damage by clicking on Osho Tapoban.

Osho Tapoban meditation center.

Osho Tapoban meditation center.

Miraculously, no one was killed or even injured. They are asking for help to rebuild their beautiful center, as you’ll also see posted at that link.

What a week that celebrated Earth Day was. The Chilean volcano Calbuco flamed into action with a significant eruption forcing tens of thousands to flee the area. Newsweek reports the volcano vomited over 200 million tons of ash, coating nearby towns, wrecking parts of the salmon industry and forcing the cancellation of flights as far as Buenos Aires 1,400 km (870 miles) away. Then, three days later, on 25 April, a 7.9 magnitude quake hitting Nepal, Tibet (China) and even killing people as far afield as India and Bangladesh. Shaking was felt 900 miles away in Kolkata, West Bengal!


The day it happened I recalled predictions written around 17-21 November 2014 that first appeared in my eBooklet John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions 2015) and later were included as chapter one of a far larger work Predictions 2015-2016.

Half of my forecast was spot on, and half of it not:

I want you European and Icelandic readers to pay particular attention to an eclipse happening on 20 March when the Sun and Moon in Pisces create for you a total eclipse casting a shadow in a line drawn over the Atlantic well off the coast of northern Europe. The Moon’s shadow is cast longest at a point just east of Iceland. That rocky island will be in nearly total shadow. I expect some seismic consequences coming from this. If one of Iceland’s largest volcanoes hasn’t graduated from belching glacier-melting lakes of lava in 2014 to hurling a great plume of ash in the direction of Europe and Russia, it will do so three days in or two months out from this near-equinox conjoining solar eclipse. Neptune is in Pisces and due to the Sun and Moon’s wider orb of influence kicking in, it’s under the sway of that solar eclipsing conjunction.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

Click on the cover and read a free sample.

We are mostly familiar with Neptune metaphorically being the planetary ruler of Pisces as a god of deep oceans of mysterious psychic powers and subconsciously hidden motivations; however, Neptune is also the god of earthquakes. Expect a significant quake somewhere in the early spring of 2015, not just a volcanic escalation of Icelandic vents, a temblor Magnitude Eight or higher. Beyond Iceland I’m not getting a clear locale, yet my Oracle is pulled to the crowded hinterlands of China, to the city and environs of its Szechuan province and capital of Chongqing.

Predictions 2015-2016: Chapter One:
The Stars War, the Empire Strikes Out
(Subsection: Two more Blood Moons, plus Eclipses and Quakes)
Documented 17-21 November 2014

So far so good, no volcanic eruptions closing down EU airspace thanks to Icelandic volcanoes erupting. May that prediction continue to be wrong. At the time of this writing, we will be out of the prophecy’s danger time window by the latter half of this month. Yet isn’t it strange, the vision of a major volcanic eruption wasn’t incorrect. It did happen within the window and it did disrupt jet flights across a large region. The vision of the details were fulfilled, if not the right location visualized: Rather than Iceland with ash over Europe, it was Chile and ash cancelling flights over central Argentina including Buenos Aires.

The second paragraph about a big quake is far more accurate. The Nepal temblor did happen in “early spring.” Many of the “hinterlands of China” such as those hinterlands along the Nepalese border, were hit hard by it, but the environs of Szechuan fortunately were not harmed if this prediction was meant for the Nepalese quake. I would hope that by the end of May, I receive no news as good news coming from Chongqing on the subject of deadly seismic activity.

DATELINE: 03 May 2015

From Russia with Forest-Fired Love

I think it was around Thursday 16 April 2015 that me and author friend J.R. Rain were witnesses to a far larger and ongoing crime, though we didn’t at first realize this. We were walking through our little village on an island in the Pacific Northwest heading for one of our favorite cafes, the Kalakala. The beautiful early spring sunny day was eclipsed from the west by a huge bank of fire smoke coming off the Pacific Ocean out of the northwest.

It was very early in the year to see such forest or brush fire plumes blocking blue skies and turning the sun a glowering, vampire-eyed bloody red. Fires from Canada could have been the cause, but how? There had been a lot of rain in the Northwest, if not a whole lot a snow—a big problem for the summer, I feared, but not now.

Then I had a terrible, impossible-to-believe thought. I said to J.R., “I hope that isn’t coming from Siberia.”

Over the years I’ve seen smoke come in across the Northern Pacific out of Siberian coastal fires yet by the time it makes a several thousand mile journey the bank of billowing fume is washed out by wind and storms into a haze that’s hard to see directly unless the sun is lowering in the Western sky. Then you can make it out as Vulcan’s fuming wavelets in a gossamer ceiling of smoke ranging from 8,000 to 10,000 feet. What J.R. and I were witnessing on 16 April was a full-on fire plume overcast, something akin to a blaze on the ridges of relatively nearby forests on the Olympic Peninsula, or from Vancouver Island, just a few hours drive north of us in British Columbia. Later that day, we had no sunset, it was completely gobbled up by the smoke and darkness settled early, we could even smell the ash.

It just couldn’t be fire clouds all the way from the remote region of Khakassia: the source of huge fires had blazed out of control for much of the first half of April, destroying a dozen villages, a total of 1,000 homes, and killing 15. How could the smoke belching a few thousand miles inland catch a ride with the jet stream without being diluted by winds and weather on a journey of 4,000 miles to reach the Pacific Northwest?

Three days after witnessing the smoke inhale the sunset, I was watching CNN International covering topics of interest for those anticipating the oncoming celebration of Earth Day by 22 April. Before turning in for bed, I watched a rather awkward and comic scene of CNN anchors trying to chat each other up about what apparently was smoke from the East-Central Siberia reaching all the way to British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon and even as far as blocking out the sun in Northern California. They showed satellite images of apocalyptic lanes of alien smoke clouds invading the cloud patterns, weaving rivers of burnt Siberian farmland and forest matter all the way to my local skies. They gawked and praised photos of “beautiful” sunrises and sunsets taken from Seattle to San Francisco—one sun shot looking like a Bloody Mary illuminated by a flashlight in a dark bar. The smoke would eventually carry itself from Khakassia half way around the world passing another 3,000 miles across North America to cast a haze on the central US Atlantic states.

Well now, slap the news anchor’s table. “It’s a small world ‘after all.’” So said the Australian CNN anchor among his cheerful colleagues as they nervously and uncomfortably let this story of unnatural climate upheaval sit on their over-happy faces. They clucked and chirped things like Oooh..! How interesting… All the way from Siberia. Isn’t that neat, folks?

None offered up another view, that this was definitely not some cyclical anomaly. This was a serious sign of things to come. That runaway global warming is real. The carbon those trees sequestered, like the gigiatons of carbon and methane sunk and protected from release until recently from vast tracts of permafrost and tundra in the Arctic, are real alarm flags waved in red-alert smoke. There’s your sun passing more frequently behind mega fire fuming shrouds that can catch a ride on the jetstream crossing continents and oceans to pollute the skies on the other side of the Earth.

This isn’t cute.

It’s a threat to our future.

Siberian farmers burnt their fields in preparation at the end of winter to fertilize and plant the spring crop. Unusually powerful winds spawned by a more violent climate, rushed out of Central Siberia to send those fires out of control burning hundreds of thousands of acres in mega fires that an army of 6,000 firefighters just let burn out. They were too large to contain. It reminded me of something I said in my new book, documented on 25-28 November 2014:

How easy it is to upset our civilization’s civility. For instance, in the year I predicted which would (and did) send the planet through a quickening of warming global temperatures—2010—Russian fires by the hundreds that summer burnt and shriveled a fifth of Russia’s exportable grain crops. Moscow cut off exports for half a year, otherwise the poultry and livestock industries would have collapsed. The absence of cheap Russian grain shipped to the Middle East sent food prices soaring. It was these prices and the resulting food riots that launched the Arab Spring revolutions in 2011. It was the greatest drought on record in the ancient Levant that begat the Syrian Civil War “and” last but not least the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL aka ISIS). Humanity, your climate-changing ways are killing your children indirectly without even aiming the AK-47. The gas you vent like effluent into the only atmosphere you have to breathe, the invisible envelope of life that manages the only ecosystem you have in this universe, shoots back without a gun.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter Eleven:
Armagettin’ Globally Warmed
(Subsection: Kali Yuga Koka Kola)

I predict that a bad fire season across European Russia, Siberia, Alaska and Northern Canada is coming to the summer of 2015, with the economic consequences to money and food strapped countries in 2016. Food shortages from high prices has ever been the igniter of revolutions.


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


In case you have not realized, we are with Israel..not Iran. Obama is the bad guy, and I hope Putin will wait till Obama is gone so we can fix this mess. There will Never be peace with Iran, period.

Hi Terry. I appreciate your concerns but I’m also aware of something of which you may not be yet aware. There is no “Terry”. This is borrowed from others. There’s no “we” to be with “Israel”. That’s just programmed into the mind depending on what corner of the earth your biases are seeded for bitter harvests of national, religious and egoistic identifying habits. If you had been born in Iran, you might have just as easily said there’s never going to be peace with Israel. It is just the same, really. A construct imposed on your tender mind at birth.

The habit to appraise people as “good” or “bad” guys is an effort to keep us childish and juvenile in our perceptions of each other and the world. We are so much easier to manipulate when we stay stupid.

Whatever Putin does or doesn’t do, the corporate plutocracy now imposed upon the people calling themselves “Americans” will call the shots on who replaces Obama. The more things change, the more they remain the same, because we do not recognize or understand these fundamental conspiracies imposed upon us from birth onwards.

Meditation can help expose this ultimate conspiracy of making the mind the master of the soul. If you are interested, I could share links and information about the meditation techniques I use. Just go to my Contact menu button at my website, and write in the subject line: Meditation. Then I will send the information freely to you.


Hi, I always look forward to listening to you on C2C, but I am thoroughly distressed by this program the past few days, including your appearance. Not one mention of the devastation to the people and historic cultural buildings of Nepal! Not a word. You are so right in your opinion that every American should spend time in another culture. There is way too much navel gazing in that country – and I am speaking as a former American. Nepal deserves much more than a passing reference, but it has not even received that. Yet, many blather on endlessly about the sad but totally predictable events in Baltimore, Ferguson, et al. Do you have any insight into whether Nepal can, even somewhat, recover from its most recent catastrophe? Many thanks, Liz

Osho Neo-Sannyasins at a White Robe celebration at Tapoban Meditation Center, Nepal.

Osho Neo-Sannyasins at a White Robe celebration at Tapoban Meditation Center, Nepal.

I’m a Osho neo-Sannyasin. We have ashrams and meditation centers that were destroyed in Nepal’s quake. I’ve probably lost members of my spiritual family to this disaster. I did refer to my earthquake predictions that looked at the area devastated in my first hour on the show. I will write at greater length about Nepal’s quake in the next article stream at Hogueprophecy, published this weekend [the above article stream is that account.]

What I hope you can understand is that when one is a guest on shows like Coast, there’s a hundred topics not mentioned for every topic mentioned. That’s why I hope people will have “tasted” enough of what I know and share to then take the next step and start reading my books and articles. In these I can write in depth on many topics.



Concerning Nepal’s recovery. It will take a very long time. My own people are raising money to rebuild our meditation centers as I write this.

Anyway, thanks for your letter and I feel your frustration about the US media not staying with this story. This is not, by the way, true of the better cable news outlets that few Americans watch (though viewership is exponentially growing). Do you watch RT (Russia Today) or al-Jazeera? They are definitely far better world news sources than anything currently broadcast by US media.


How can we meditate successfully when fear guilt and shame surround us in the news.

That’s the mind asking a question, Sherry. Meditation proposes that consciousness is a witness of the mind. When you are meditating you watch the mind make all of its chatter, like a radio in your neighbor’s apartment that you can’t switch off. You witness the questions of the mind chatter and chatter on, as if they feed questions with more questions like little fish eaten by bigger fish. Yet you are a “witnessing” that watches them doing their thing as they will endlessly do. You are not a part of this mind. You can use it, when necessary, but no more is needed of it.

In meditative witnessing the silence deepens and the chatter of questions start weakening and falling away while the silence intelligence grows. That silence may be pure “Answer” to all those chatterings of the mind, Sherry. But don’t believe me, try meditation out as a test, an experiment. Meditation as I understand it, is not part of any belief system, it is scientific theory placed in the service of a spiritual experiment. It needs no faith. Yet there is trust in undergoing the experiment, testing the hypothesis that a witnessing consciousness mirrors all the mind, emotions and changing phenomena of life from a blissful point of Eternity.

I know you are only predicting but don’t you think, the beings have backed up time over and over and over so we won’t destroy ourselves. This time, our consciousness will over ride any disaster. Otherwise, we leave this plane sooner rather than later.

You don’t know anything about what I’m doing any more than you know about such beings. These beings are just projections you borrowed from some New Ager book or guru and adopted as your own. They are not coming from any authentic experience, yet.

You only know your opinions that filter what I’m doing into your mind only in a certain way that your mind wants it interpreted. Mind is a terrible master when it makes the soul its slave. Meditation could illuminate this habit you adopted from birth onwards like the rest of us. The difference between me and you is nothing more than that meditation makes me more aware of the underpinnings of what our minds do. You could have that understanding too. All of you reading this were born to have this intelligent innocent consciousness guiding your mind as servant like your bodies while you pass existence in this reality. Instead the mind is your master even though you don’t recognize it. The best conspiracy against you is the one fostered over your entire life and actions that you cannot recognize. Meditation can illuminate this conspiracy and give you wings of consciousness to fly free of it. Contact me. Put “Meditation” in the subject line, and I’ll send you links and information about the techniques I use.

I don’t know about you, but i am not violent and i am kind of done with ignorant people who want to control us and fight all the time. I had decided for me when and if i die because of a bunch of war mongers, I am not coming back or going anywhere else 3rd dimensional. If i don’t ascend, I want to go before our leaders/council in the heavens and ask for my energy to be destroyed. In short, I feel done I am over fear death and control freaks. Leave me out of it.

You have a lot of latent and existential anger there. It’s a good beginning. Divine discontent is the first step in a truly authentic search for liberation. Perhaps it you take my offer to meditate someday, you’ll see that your hate about what others do, in fear, bringing death and control freaking, are also a part of your borrowed ego personality that you haven’t faced or accepted. When you see that connection at last to others, empathy arises, a compassion blossoms. You see the sins of humanity as your sins. You feel love and care for yourself as you feel it for others. At the same time, such an understanding does not become an invitation to be abused by others. That would also be unloving.

You have stated the need to either ascend or ask the Divine mystery to destroy you completely. The mystics say that only when we are destroyed completely as an ego in attachments can we make that ascent. Indeed, we discover that we have ever been ascended once all the false that is coating the soul is destroyed.

Here’s something I know, from facing meditatively, deep and suicidal thoughts a long time ago: when the mind to its very existential roots can’t get what it thinks it wants out of life, it seeks self destruction. I’ve wanted to jump out of that window or keep walking until the 300-foot ocean cliff ran out of footfalls. It’s a very precious spiritual moment, wrought with the danger that you’ll listen to your mind as the master of your own death.

Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

All it takes is a sudden burst of courage to destroy yourself. My teacher taught another kind of “suicide”, a suicide of the spirit committed to the mind. Let the mind jump off that cliff or out that window, Sherry. But don’t follow after it. Let go of that suicidal mind and you’ll become aware of that which is beyond it, that which is blissfully eternal, living as an Effect without a positive or negative Cause needed.


In a letter entitled “phony” which was the last we’ll see this pissed off lady use lower case letters, although capitalization of “Phony” was required, she shouted:


Ha! hahaha! You are really funny today, even though you don’t mean to be funny but full of malice spat into my inbox at that nasty ole’ critter Mr. Hogue.

I say this with no malice meant towards you, Rosemary, but if I’m a “phony” then your email today is a “Baloney” sandwich. For one thing, how can I be sandwiched between a blue molding slice of liberal “and” a red right wing shit on a shingle?

What a unique though accidental putdown you’ve written that only a semi-literate missive can contain.


Because liberal and right wing are never used together, except in your upper cased and overwrought “Agendy.”

My “Agenda” is to upend the belief systems of liberals “and” conservatives, so, in you I’ve found the perfect storm of disgust. I’ve become a RIGHT WING LIBERAL.

Thank you, I embrace this as my truth.




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