Ferguson Grand Jury Finding, Iran Nuclear Talks Deadline Extended, Snowvember Novembrrr Arctic Blast, The Russians are Coming in Ukraine, Essential Nostradamus Reviewed, Black Boxes Off the Grid and Predictions for 2015

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DATELINE 24 November 2014

Ferguson Grand Jury Finding
And the American Intifada

Storefronts in Ferguson, Missouri, are boarded up as if this was Mississippi bracing for Hurricane Katrina. There is a hurricane coming to the ghettos in the inner cities and it may spread beyond what will be called the “Thanksgiving” Riots across America about to break out. November 2014’s initial riots are just the beginning. In 2015 there will visit a nation-wide firestorm of protests that in the extreme future scenario could see black, Latino neighborhoods treated more like the ghettos of Gaza, and the West Bank of occupied Palestine. It will be called the American Intifada. Many lives will be lost and I only hope that what will be gained is AT LAST a serious civil rights dialogue that will end this plague of fatal shooting of citizens of color.

Although I’m on record in a previous article that Officer Daren Wilson will not be indicted, and that Michael Brown, tragically did bully his way to an early death, that should not divert the absolutely needed debate Americans of all colors need to have about the kill-shot culture of an ever-more militarizing police force.

The police riots that followed in Ferguson’s streets, as if it was “Fallujah” Iraq and its citizens were undergoing a US occupation viewed as targets, is a foreboding development for the future of every American, black, white, red or yellow, man or woman, middle class or poor.

This tragedy has at least got the national news media’s attention directed on a plague of police shootings that show, with little or no ambiguity or grand juries filtering, that innocent people have been gunned down because they are not respected as equal citizens to Caucasians. Officer Wilson may have been within his rights—as they are interpreted these days—to shoot Brown; however, as I explained with evidence in my previous article back in August, American police seem trained to pull the trigger and empty their magazines for the kill shot as their first and last response when the target is Black.

Marin Luther King had foreseen an evil trinity of dysfunction in America when he non-violently fought and died from an assassin’s bullet trying to bring civil rights not only to black people but also the poor and disenfranchised across America. After some success in bringing Civil Rights laws into being, King widened his attention on President Johnson’s “War on Poverty” being compromised by a real war in South Vietnam. Truth was about to bite the hand that fed it, a very white president and white liberal culture who did think King was stepping out of his place by criticizing the president.

In his controversial speech entitled “Beyond Vietnam” delivered in New York City on 4 April 1967 was a final journey to raise consciousness in the core social cancers of the land that ended exactly one year to the day later on 4 April 1967 with King shot through the face by an assassin while he was taking air on a Memphis Hotel balcony.

The Beyond Vietnam speech had foreseen the oncoming disaster of the war diverting attention and money needed to fight a “war on poverty.” He had explained that bombs weren’t only falling there but also in the poor communities where a very high percentage of those drafted and sent to fight and die in South Vietnam were brown- and black-skinned Americans. King defined three evils that could take America to hell: Racism, Poverty and Militarism.

King described America then, as it is now. It is the most violent and militarized land on Earth. Today the core issue is Poverty exponentially spreading and the social ills it causes are like straw waiting to set on fire the passions of class war and racism.

King was planning a sermon once he returned from Memphis on a theme rhetorically asking, “Is America Going to Hell?”

Here’s an excerpt from my forthcoming book Predictions 2015:



“[King] didn’t say we were,” said Tavis Smiley on Breaking the Set, author of The Death of a King: The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Final Year.

“He wasn’t condemning America to hell, but his thesis was going to be, again, If we don’t get serious about this triple threat of racism, poverty and militarism, America may just lose our democracy, that America may just be going to Hell.

“Now you tell the average America or the average world citizen that the guy who did the ‘I have a dream’ speech, was also going to give a sermon about ‘Why America may go to Hell,’ they can’t juxtapose those two things and they can’t because all we know is ‘I have a dream.’ That was in ’63. He evolves over the last five years of his life and this last year, 67 to 68, is the critical year of his life and if you don’t know that, you don’t know King. And I want to introduce you [in the book] to the King that I know and the King that I love for standing standing up and never bowing when everybody turned on him.”


Get on the advance donor’s list to read the expanded edition of Predictions 2015 and read the full subsection called Racism, Poverty, Militarism equals an American Intifada? It ends Chapter Four: All the President’s Memes

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded "Fire and Ice Prophecies" edition.

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded “Fire and Ice Prophecies” edition.

DATELINE 24 November 2014

Deadline for Peace?
The Iranian Nuclear Talks

Back in 2007, I began a prophecy scholar’s investigation into Nostradamus remarkably clear and detailed prophecies about a future war with Iran. In the first edition of Nostradamus: The War with Iran, published in the Spring of 2007, I tried to tie in the planetary “dots” of Nostradamus’ astrology dating two time windows for that war. 2004-2007 was one, yet another more likely window would open up seven to eight years later:

Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

It is going to be a long time before Mars and Saturn will equally burn together in the same fire sign or simultaneously in two fire signs. Mars will enter Leo when Saturn is in Sagittarius on far off September 2015. They will not share the same fire sign until the following year. Retrogrades of both planets make for the next rare and unusually magnified interlude of equal fire signs of war from March through May 2016 and again from August through September 2016. It is possible the scenarios of war with Iran written in this book in the spring of 2007 may better reflect a US-Iranian conflict joined in battle nearly a decade from now.

Whatever the time, the action foreseen takes place in a dry climate, apparently at the peak of summerlike conditions. Out of the skies falls the “long comet.”

You have heard me say it on radio shows and read in in these pages of my Hogueprophecy website. This year 2014, drawing to a close is the last chance for people of good will on the American, Israeli and Iranian side to sustain a dialogue to resolve issues over Iran’s nuclear program and avert what Nostradamus describes as the closest thing to Armageddon the Middle East has seen set alight by a war with Iran. Pitted against goodwill are men and women under the programming of unconscious forces. They see the world stuck in a dogmatic interpretation about end-time Judeo-Christian and Islamic prophecies of the apocalypse. My refreshed and new edition on Nostradamus: The War with IranIslamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse updates the role of peacemakers, warmongers and ISIS behind prosecuting or averting this war.

DATELINE 24 November 2014

The Omega Block:
Arctic Cold “Warming”?

Clarifying this issue goes way back for me. The problem is that common sense is not always commonly sensical. It depends on your understanding and knowledge not being as narrow as seeing the world only as far as the tip of your nose. We live in a world where climate science is on the march piling up mountains of data proving global warming is happening and human-manufactured air pollution is its source. Few would dispute the amassed of evidence proving six million Jews actually were gassed and executed in a Holocaust in the Second World War. Compare that funerary hill of evidence against what’s been collected on climate change and render proof of the Holocaust a molehill next to a Mount Everest that a majority of people either denies or their governments neglect informing. Holocaust deniers are eclipsed by Climate Change Deniers, many of which have political clout to suppress findings that question their contrary but unscientific beliefs. One of these powerful apostles of head-in-the-sand blind faith will soon to be appointed head of the Senate Committee dealing with Climate Change, Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe. He thinks (scratch that, ne “believes”) global warming is a hoax and he will suppress all progress to reduce carbon emissions for the next two years when your midterm elections gave him the power to.

Yes, I’m sure Senator Inhofe is shaking his finger at the temperatures and snowdrifts piling up outside his Oklahoma mansion last week and worse this week, saying, “Climate change? What climate change?!”

He has the certitude of a Holocaust denier who might echo a similar question based on what he can see only beyond the tip of his limited and biases mind: “Gas chambers? What gas chambers?!”

When an operative, dedicated ignorance is saddled to common sense, you can’t see the greenhouse gas before your eyes so you say it isn’t there. You purposefully ignore data showing aggregate temperature readings across the globe that will make this year far exceeded 1998 as the hottest on record after of a string of globally warming climate-changed years, caused by human pollution. You’ll grab for the cold of this week’s Arctic blast making icicles on your nose and that will be enough for today about global warming being real.

You will not listen to my forecasts since 1994 onwards. Certainly you, Mr. Inhofe, will not absorb reports by the thousands from climate scientists explaining the “Omega Block.” It’s what caused in November a huge stagnation of cold air plunged deep into the temperate Northern America to settle over most of the central eastward portions of the United States beyond the West Coast is but a symptom of Climate Change warming the world.

Some of you reading this have heard me on Coast to Coast AM, since 1994, explain that you’ll see greater blizzards and snow events in the 1990s and through the first decades of the 21st. It’s because warmer climate stokes up the atmosphere with far more moisture. When that moisture collides with a flattening Arctic jet stream it creates the blizzards and Arctic blasts you currently see lingering over your cities as if mid-November was mid-February. This “Omega Block” is that flattening of the Arctic jet stream as a direct consequence of the North Pole ice sheet melting. That’s why much of Alaska and the Northwest Territories of Arctic Canada are warmer than cities in Oklahoma, Colorado and Northern Texas right now. The jet stream has been twisted like a looping lasso looking like the Greek letter “Omega”: Ω. The jet stream flattens and widens twisting and contorting way up into the Arctic to catch Jack Frost in its current, casting him in a swooping river of cold air roping way down through the US Southern States and then up through the Northeastern States.

Thus, I predict America’s central and eastern halves are going to have bouts of these localized “ice age sequences” throughout the winter of 2014-2015, just like last winter and the winter before just as the rest of the planet gets hotter and hotter. Since 1994 I’ve been telling you this, and I say again, enjoy what are dwindling decades of snowfall. Get your kids to make snowmen. Give them the happy memory of skiing, bobsledding, ice-skating outdoors. These simple winter joys aren’t going to last. Many of you asking me where’s the global warming, will be asking me “where’s the snow” when we enter the mid-2020s.

DATELINE 24 November 2014

The Russians are Coming
And they keep on Coming, and Coming and Coming…
Where they go, no concrete Evidence is given

I am a child of the Atomic Bomb. A Nuke Baby boomer. Ah those where the good old days back in 1962, when the Russians were coming and coming and coming into Castro’s Cuba. Allow me to go all Cuban Missile Crisis curmudgeony on you and do that long-in-the-tooth, gray-beard-grumbling thing about better days gone by. Back when I was a kid walking home from second grade “show and tell” with my arms wrapped around a Heinkel German WWII bomber with a broken wing, the Russians really “were” coming and do you know why? Because back then when the United Nations Security Council called for an emergency session the American UN Ambassador actually backed up his accusations with time marked, dated, geographically referenced ginormous photos. He PROVED the commie-red Russian Soviets HAD placed their nuclear warhead tipped ballistic missiles by the dozens in jungle clearings across the arched back of Castro’s island, proving without a doubt that the Soviet UN Ambassador had been lying when he said they weren’t there.

You see sonny, back then in the good old days we were dead serious about our challenging Russian come “whatever” because if we got it wrong—POOF!—civilization’s game over in less than 30 minutes. So, when I look around at this new Cold War dust-up you kids and whippersnappers in the Washington hood are trying to jive it up, that Russians are doing this, invading that, sending hundreds of tanks into Ukraine not once but now we’re hearing this whining a third time all the way to the UN Security Council chamber. Don’t you kids know? You are playing with real nuclear fire.

I see you missing one HUGE element that just would never have happened in the good old days of rational men on both sides dancing the tango with Mutually Assured Destruction when just one mis-stepping move on Ms. Moscow’s commie red dancing shoes could set the world on fire.

You couldn’t just come in there and accuse the Russians of sending hundreds of tanks into Eastern Ukraine this week. Those videos of armored columns would have been date tagged. You’d have free-frames of the tanks passing by sign and street posts that could be verified posted in the Donbas region of Ukraine and not just Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers on maneuvers around Rostov, Russia. The C-friggin’-I-A people would be rolling in huge screens and photos of irrefutable damning proof that the Russians were making a military buildup “inside” Ukraine. You couldn’t just say it was so and not prooooove it—not show any evidence—and think that was enough to convince the UN Security Council of my childhood cold war days.

What is wrong with you idiot men-and-women children sitting in a semicircle of Security Council seats today? Mere accusations from the American Ambassador are enough to act, to impose further global economically harmful sanctions on “just words” presented by the Obama administration?

My goodness we didn’t have cellphones that could click a “selfie” photo of what every cat is doing playing a piano or aimed and nearly any other hiccup of history. Yes-sir, back in my day, armed only with out bat-like U-2 spy planes with their big bulky clattering cameras, by intelligence agents using paper, pencils typewriters, and phones with radial dials too, we still could verify our claims and leaders expected it.

Not now.

Not in this romper room of a current kindergarten civilization.

Now I ask you whippersnappers with your billions of cellphones taking pictures of everything you do and see around you even in darkest Africa, how can you miss shooting selfies with post-soviet Russian tanks by the hundreds rolling in the background, heading for Donetsk?

How can you Ukrainians and press from around the world not real-time-with-a-click record proof of where you’re standing snack dab inside the Donetsk region without catching a tank or two of a Russian armored brigade rumbling past your Trabant knockoff automobiles?

This is the third time Russians have been implicated coming across the border into Ukraine with the UN Security Council believing it like a bunch of baseball bobbing heads nodding at mere words, suppositions—no solid proof except that spat out of diplomat’s lips—that its true.

I’ll grant you this. There’s one thing my good old cold war and your new upstart cold war have in common and it scares the bejesus out of this old forecaster fart, yours truly. You still have enough nuclear doomsday bang lying around to end your juvenile civilization. One day, and maybe not that far off in the near future, one of your name-calling-Hitler-hurling-at-Putin presidential US candidates is going to be the next president after Obama at a time that may coincide with one of Nostradamus’ two timelines for a thermonuclear war run out. His auguring colleague in scrying a Third World War gazing into our times from the 1700s named Stormberger adds a caveat. It’s about you kids playing dare with the Russians, while sitting on a nuclear arsenal. You just might dare and double dare yourselves into an act based on phony Intel and be those very people that Stormberger warned up about who walk “with pen eyes into these great catastrophes.”

All you’ve got as a prophet standing in the way of doomsday is Edgar Cayce, who, like the others foresaw world wars with breathtaking accuracy, but he did not clearly see a third and nuclear war.

If you think I’m being a grumpy old baby boomer with you today, Cayce’s documented words were wagging at us like an old finger starting back in 1934 until a year before he died in 1945. He gave us all-American whippersnappers the riot act for not being brothers to Russia after communism would fade away. We’re supposed to help them, not bury them in our hubris and hegemonic arrogance.

The most dangerous development in the present time is that we have a profoundly gullible and uninformed public ruled by ignorant leaders who believe without verification what they’re told by shadowy and corporate elements gaining more legal power to manipulate and bride their governments. The most dangerous weapon in the US and NATO’s doomsday arsenal is a mindset that is ever attracted to the false narrative of others, and then makes momentous claims and decision seemingly unmindful of the seriousness of these decisions acted upon that are based on bunk.

This current cold war is another phony war with real and apocalyptic consequences. Your leaders’ spin false narratives that wind and twist the truth together as a fuse about to be lit.

Wake up!

There’s still time. But not much. Pressure your leaders by email, mail or in whatever way you can whack-a-mole enough to make your Merkels, Camerons, McConnells and Obamas “kerry” the thread of attention to your petitions.

Make it politically consequential to their further careers in office that you don’t want a growing multi-polar world divided and polarized into another Sino-Russian verses America and NATO nuclear standoff.

Stop the stupid sanctions sending your global economy backwards into a second Great Recession and lose the dollar as Earth’s number one currency.

Get your leaders to talk peace and seek resolution of their issues, or you’ll soon have issues with humanity’s survival perhaps as soon as three year’s from now.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on the cover and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

DATELINE 24 November 2014

Your Great Reviews about
The Essential Nostradamus

Click on the cover. Check out this little Nostradamus book that comprehensively covers the life, magic and A-List prophecies of the world's most famous prophet.

Click on the cover. Check out this little Nostradamus book that comprehensively covers the life, magic and A-List prophecies of the world’s most famous prophet.

So far, my readers have given this new little book giving you the skinny on a big subject—Nostradamus, the man, his magical practices and a comprehensive overview of his greatest past, present, near future and distant future prophecies—your five-star reviews. Here is a selection of them:

A short thank you for “The Essential Nostradamus” as I enjoyed every part except the end of a great book. You make me laugh with your special brand of humor and engage my mind with sleuth-like ability. You have such a gift! Kindest regards.

The Essential Nostradamus by John Hogue is an excellent treatment of just what the title implies. In very readable prose, Mr. Hogue provides a concise survey of the great French prophet’s life, his theory and methods for divination, a methodology for interpretation of the quatrains, interpretations of some of Nostradamus’ best-known predictions from the past (his future), the present, and the far future. There’s also a chapter about a “man from the East” who represents a ray of hope among otherwise really dark predictions. Overall, the book is an intelligent, engaging introduction to the life and work of the famous Renaissance era seer.

In these essential prophecies of Nostradamus we see, even within the constraints of symbols, anagrams, classical allusions, and alternate scenarios (that Mr. Hogue explains based on his many years of research), a bleak picture is painted of humanity’s future. How could it be otherwise? Human history is a pretty bleak recounting since at least the “agricultural revolution.” The future will surely be more of the same, and even direr, unless we come to our senses and change it. This is the message of Nostradamus’ prophecies and of Mr. Hogue’s book, which I highly recommend.

I’ve also posted an expanded version of this review on goodreads.com. Just search for the book there.

This year we had a tornado in Virginia Beach. I found this unsettling because this is Edgar Cayce’s territory and I seem to recall reading somewhere that “nothing would ever happen to Virginia Beach”. Perhaps this is a bad omen and therefore we really need to pay attention to the world’s premier Nostradamus scholar, John Hogue!

John Hogue is a wonderful writer. I enjoy all of his books. He opens my eyes to the world.

Excellent book for the novice as well as the experienced Nostradamus fan. If you have heard of Nostradamus and want to learn more from the premier scholar on the subject, this is the book to start with.

Not just a book written by a dedicated scholar of Nostradamus with an exceptional way of putting things as clear as possible, but also a precious guide for the open-minded who dares to look at the world from a different angle; sober, with open eyes.

Check out what all the buzz is about, click on Nostradamus.

DATELINE 24 November 2014

Freedom from the Grid

I’ve been forecasting for years now the development of a black box that can do far more than survive and record air disasters. This little black box can prevent two disasters from overtaking your lives. The first will put an end to the social-political tyranny of centralization of power. The second helps helps your home or office eventually become completely independent of global warming, the ultimate “air disaster.” You can remove your carbon footprint with the flip of a switch.

Here is my first mention of the miracle box recorded over the years in my books:

[K.R. Sridhar, the CEO of Bloom Energy] predicted to Fareed Zakaria in May 2010 for Newsweek that in ten years’ time a new kind of non-traditional energy generator will help 2 billion starving people on this planet climb the economic ladder to middle class success.

“Without creating significantly more energy than we consume today, we’ll face the threat of social and political unrest. But I’m an optimist,” added Sridhar, “I see this as the biggest opportunity.”

He’s speaking on his prophetic soapbox about his “bloom box”

Sridhar contends he’s fashioned a new way to power up the world, fossil fuel and radiation free. His little cube in ten year’s time could be the source of power for companies, factories, and homes. His company has fashioned prototypes for a revolutionary kind of fuel cell you can plug your house, or shop or factory into. With this box, you could become your own power grid and thus flatten an energy hierarchy. Your little power station takes individual control out of the hands of an overlording bureaucratic, money hungry power grid.

I predict this is where Aquarian Age thinking is eventually going: away from hierarchies of thought, big governance, big business and big power. Sridhar may be the next Tesla. His small cubic power plants will localize power in the hands of the people, house-by-house, shop-by-shop. We’re talking about small business, small town power. The “Bloom Box” could be the next Tesla-style, AC current discovery in fuel cell technology that makes electric power accessible to the world. In a few decades, gone will be the transmission lines of the past. The age of the ugly power pole is numbered.

Predictions for 2011, Chapter 9:
An Economy that Invents Demand

Here is a concrete step towards that future. Sridhar has some friendly competition. In the Green section of Popular Science Magazine (December edition), they report in the article “Clean, Cheap Energy Storage” that “stationary batteries can store surplus wind and solar, turning a highly variable power source into a steady flow of electrons. But most are made from highly toxic or flammable materials. The Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) batter relies on a salt water-based electrolyte to carry the charge. It’s nontoxic, low-cost, and modular, and it can’t overheat. It has a long life cycle and a high capacity. And it can be scaled for home use or the grid. In other words, it’s basically everything today’s batteries are not.”

In this new age, the inventive mind will begin liberating people from centralize systems of control:

My Oracle foresees a decentralization of many supersystems. The grids of power, like electrical power grids, will lose their hold on us because the Internet is teaching it and soon our technological advances will transform overnight, any time in the next four years after 2014, far more than the overthrow of captains and kings in 1914. The way we define money, the way we define what is a power grid or federal governance, may all be completely upended and changed when technology, under the influences of the science and humanism-friendly new Aquarian Age, provides individuals with more power and responsibility over their lives.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 9:
The Post-Snowden World
(Subsection: Towards a Decentralizing Independence)

I continue forecasting on this theme in my forthcoming book Predictions 2015. I redefine what I’ve called in previous books a decentralized revolution in Chapter Three, Go Shock and Awe-thorities. You’ll find it under the subsection “Ascent”-tralization. Advance donate to receive for a limited time, the expanded edition of Predictions 2015.


If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


Our US, western leaders show down with Putin at G20 summit is madness and their stupidy is pushing world in new cold war with Vlad and mushroom hot nuke one in 2017.

Stupid is in the driver’s street in Western capitals. We’ve got Australia’s Prime Minister Abbot, acting the clown with his “front-shirting” threat against Putin like he’s Abbot from Abbot and Costello. The two greatest threats to humanity’s future are manufactured and artificial: A Cold War to reboot the Military Industrial Complex and Planetary Climate Change as farts from the fuel of runaway fossil fuel industrial profits. Stupid is the Antichrist in us.


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  1. John
    Posted 1 January 2015 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    So far, on this page I’ve not found where I can buy some of your books online. Interested in paper copies and online versions.

  2. RobertK
    Posted 24 November 2014 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

    The new energy products will never see the light of day! The power companies will either buy them & end them or they will use their corporate power to kill the idea. Must keep competition dead or else our stockholders will loose money!
    Again, unfortunately, stupid wins!
    As to war: Yes President Hillary will cause it during her two terms of continuing to run the country into the ground. Let’s see President in 2015 four years equals 2019, reelected four years equals 2023. There you go! Boom!
    Unless of course the radiation from the continuation of Fukashima (sp) does not kill us first!

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