Solar Eclipse 2012 and Earthquakes

A ring of fire in the sky will be seen from Taipei, Taiwan to Taos New Mexico in an Annular Eclipse on 20 May 2012. The blazing circle will drift in a northeasterly direction over the Pacific Ring of Fire along seismically active Japan, right over Tokyo. It will cross south of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska where the Moon lining up in front of the Sun will achieve its longest illusion of shooting a great big hole in the Sun’s center leaving a fiery circlet. Then the band of flame will glide down the Northern Pacific to ring in fading late afternoon sunshine (local time) over northern California, Southern Oregon and the gamblers staggering out of casinos in Reno, Nevada, into its anemic golden light. Around sunset in New Mexico, the Sun will give Hopis in the Four Corners and New Mexicans of Taos and Santa Fe a “Golem” of a melting ring as it sinks behind the mesas into molten clouds of sunset.

Many more of us in the northern half of the Pacific Rim will enjoy varying degrees of solar dimness on the twentieth. My corner of the region, Puget Sound, Washington, will not see a ring but a great disk overshadowed to look like an arch of flaming horns – a solar frown. People in much of southern China, South Korea, Northern Japan, Southern Alaska and people living along the entire Pacific coastline of the USA will enjoy similarly “horny” heavenly portents – south of northern California, a solar Cheshire Cat smile.

While living off and on in India during the 1980s and early 1990s, I became aware of Hindu folk tales that warned people not to go outdoors during eclipses because they believed the shadow of the Moon opened a portal for evil forces out of the skies to bring malefic consequences to anyone or any place under shadow. Many villagers retreat from their bazaars and fields to lock themselves away in shuttered huts and houses until light returns as the eclipse passes. This belief is especially strong in folklore about a total eclipse rather than the annular kind.

I certainly do not avoid the fading light or darkness of eclipses. Far fetched from scientific fact as such wife-and-chai-walla tales might seem, I predict that science in our future will discover that there is a subtle electromagnetic phenomenon working here. A subtle, elusive gravitational force follows the shadows of eclipses with volcanic and seismic activity a day, a week or up to 18 months to two years after it has passed.

For instance, I post this blog on 18 May 2012. Exactly 32 years ago on this day, Mount St. Helens in Washington State blew apart in a lateral explosion killing 57 and inflicting $1.1 Billion in property damages. The pyroclastic flows leveled hundreds of square miles of prime mountain forests with a blast force equivalent to 1,600 atomic bombs with the explosive yield of the Hiroshima blast. That means seven megatons for the initial blast that made the volcano mountainside slide, unleashing the lateral explosion. Before the first eruption spent itself, it added another 24 megatons of force and expelled a great ash cloud across the United States. This was the most violent volcanic eruption ever recorded in the lower US 48 states. It just so happens that on 26 February 1979, the shadow of a total eclipse had passed over Portland, Oregon and the seemingly dormant St. Helens caldera 15 months earlier before it blew up.

(Read more about the seismically active aftermath of those areas cast in the shadow of great eclipses, click on total solar eclipse 1999 and the great total solar eclipse 2009.)

Los Angeles annualar eclipse, 1994.

Some good news. Annular eclipses may not have as much influence on seismic activity. Some of you might be thinking now about the last Annular Eclipse of 1994 to cross over the coast of California. That year also recorded the last big quake to rock LA. The quake did not begat the eclipse. It happened in May 1994 and gave sprawling Los Angeles, rather than Taos and Santa Fe a ringed fired sunset to remember. No quake of any significance happened afterwards. The 6.7 magnitude Northridge Quake took place in January 1994, over four months before the annular eclipse.

If there are influences to consider that might make Sunday’s annular eclipse seismically significant it will need some cosmic help from other astronomical factors commonly influencing earthquakes and volcanic activity, such as the New and Full Moon. As you can see clicking on earthquakes, I have listed in that article a detailed and rather shocking parallel between the most devastating quakes in history taking place a few days in, on, or a few days beyond a Moon in New or Full phase. Add to this accounts of the influence of planet Uranus Squares with Pluto, or the Sun and you will find a mysterious correlation to quakes and the planet that in astrology rules sudden upheaval and chaos. Uranus is especially powerful when it is in either a 90-degree inharmonious aspect or pulled in opposition with the planet Pluto, that rules Capricorn, an earth (seismic) sign.

It just so happens that Uranus is 7 degrees Aries – well within the two-degree orb (direct influence) of a square with Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn on the day of the annular eclipse, 20 May 2012.

Astrologically speaking, brace yourself Sunday. It will mark the end of relatively quiet times that my oracle foresaw in prophecies for 2012. We begin a period from end of May until mid-November that will see the square of Uranus in Aries pit rebellious fire and temper against immovable, status quo loving, big business overlording and big government bungling Pluto in earthbound Capricorn three times.

The first of these squares began around 11 May. Already you see quakes of economic and political consequence emerging, shaking the euro monetary union with political and economic quakes. The Dow Jones Industrial has undergone its worse string of losing days in many years: 13 out of 12 days plunging in minus territory.

The vibrations of the square have at last forced European leaders to pull their heads out of the shifting, shuttering sands of technocratic-cum-bureaucratic denial to face something my oracle has long forecast for the summer of 2012.

Greece will default and depart the euro monetary union.

It will trigger a domino effect that may see Portugal, Spain and even the third largest continental economy, Italy, leave off the euro for lire.

Back in November of last year, I set down the Oracle’s observations. These explained in detail why the transit of earthy, economic reality checks one might expect from the end of Saturn’s two-year pass through Libra, the sign of balancing. It would do little to influence European heads of state and banks from procrastinating and postponing solving the looming euro crisis in the first half of 2012:

In 2012 Saturn advances into its final degrees of Libra which will mean an intensification of the urgency to bring about economic solutions and economic policies to forestall a return of double dip recession, especially in potentially hot tempered…[economically troubled] regions of this Cold Depression: the American and euro zone economies. There’s some forward progress until early February when Saturn succumbs to another long and lingering retrograde. Expect an economic crisis point to flash in February in Europe and later in America.

Predictions for 2012
Chapter Three:
The Decline and Fall of the Euro-man Empire?

February 2012 was a turning point. It was the last time a Greek coalition government would pass the demands of international lenders before May’s national elections changed that government for one that cannot govern and now threatens a new election on 17 June that could take Greece off the euro completely.

In February, Greece began to feel the full pain of draconian austerity measures. Their economic deep depression officially began, as did the public’s rebellion against these measures. The unthinkable spread virally ever since. The Greek people began contemplating as necessary an Orpheusian journey through Hades (Pluto’s) dark economic underworld to find and bring back to the surface their Persephone of a new future hope: life beyond the euro: a Greek drama of an inflated drachma.

The Oracle already foresaw what comes in the summer of 2012 in the autumn of 2011:

Forward motion to arbitration will be stuck for the first half of 2012 until Saturn goes direct course in June, but once again, this is badly timed under negative stars. A whole lot of collectively unconscious mass-muddy emotion floods into the month of June because Jupiter begins its mind-fuck in Gemini as it squares murky, dreamy, spiritually idealistic Neptune who can’t easily recognize the reality of its self-sabotaging idealism. Finally, yet importantly, Uranus (revolution, chaos) begins a second and far more powerful square with Pluto in Mr. Big Business, corporate Capricorn.

Hold onto you horns, bull market, a big bear market is poised to pounce. It is going to be a bumpy financial ride for the Europeans and Americans by summer of 2012, a true period of financial crisis for European banks that American banks could absorb. GDP in America will slow to nearly nothing. That might turn out to be the good news because I suspect the best chance for a break up or downsizing of the euro monetary union is slotted for June through November 2012 – the length of a long and dire Uranus-Pluto, year-defining square.

Predictions for 2012
Chapter Three:
The Decline and Fall of the Euro-man Empire?

"Blockupy" demonstrations in Frankfurt.

The annular Eclipse this Sunday will portend in the skies an end to the first half of volatile 2012. Sunday launches us into the upheavals of the second half of 2012 with hundreds of thousands gathering before the European Central Bank in Frankfurt for a “Blockupy” demonstration of public ire at technocratic economic travesties ready to implode Europe from a Cold to a period of “Hot” economic Depression.

On the other side of the Atlantic there is a very large demonstration planned this weekend set to protest against the further existence of NATO. Its members gather for an annual summit meeting hosted by President Obama in downtown Chicago. Both demonstrations could run into potentially violent collisions with armies of status quo indentured serving riot cops. Both demonstrations are a taste of what is coming this summer. It is fueled by economic stresses of people who in Europe no longer can sustain draconian cuts dictated from those wealthy and on high in Brussels, or wish to see national treasures squandered by a military industrial NATO complex that perpetuates war markets in Afghanistan and elsewhere at the cost of domestic human need.

We should not rule out something literally seismic coming this weekend of the annular eclipse and by extension this summer from those regions touched by the passing of the Sunday’s sunny ring of fire over the Oregon-California coast. It will also cast a shadow on Mt Shasta, a dormant volcano about as dormant as Mt St. Helens once was. I do not foresee an eruption there, at most a slight rumbling of life for it and the other Californian volcano nearby, Mt. Lassen, in the next 18 months.

Look out, San Francisco, Los Angeles or places eastward of San Diego especially this summer and for the next 18 months.

Look out also for a magnitude 6 or 7 quake in the waters off the south central Oregon Coast, though this is not the subduction zone temblor. That window opens in August 2017 through 2019, click on New Madrid.

My greater temblor concern for the near future is the ring of the Sun glowering over Japan in 2012. The ring of quake power shadows will roll through the sky along a northeasterly direction over Kobe (the scene of a devastating earthquake and fire storms set in motion one day after a full moon on 17 January 1995).

After Kobe the a annular eclipse shadow on 20 May 2012 passes over neighboring Osaka, the volcano Mt Fuji, then right over Tokyo, and right overhead of damaged, tarp covered ruins of nuclear reactors at Fukishima and other similarly devastated areas hit by the superquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011. My documented prescient concerns ever since that day have been about a quake in Tokyo Harbor that perhaps induces Mt. Fuji to erupt, both in direct consequence of the Tohoku quake of 11 March 2011 putting greater stress on fault lines farther south of its epicenter off the northeastern shores of the main Japanese island of Honshu.

I can only hope that annular eclipses seem to make less powerful quakes than total eclipses over the lands they foreshadow. Then again, to what effect other portends will hatch, like the Uranus-Pluto Square, my oracle errs on the side of seismic upheavals of economy, politics and the shifting of an angry Mother Earth starting Sunday, 20 May. The danger of human and earth upheavals will not relent until mid-November 2012.

John Hogue
(18 May 2012)

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  1. graeme
    Posted 18 May 2012 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    john, whilst i think of it, that other eclipse, venus eclipsing the sun on june 5. considering the state of fukushima reactors, it could spell the end of civilization on earth, or even of mankind. so many thousand radioactive rods sit 100 feet up on the 3rd floor in a pool of cooling water. i am no history buff so i cant comment on other than 2 of venus’s previous sun crossings. one was when cortez landed in sth america and spelt doom to the mayan race. the other was when captain cook arrived in australia and began the demise of the aboriginal population.
    so as venus presently crosses the sun we are up against economic woes, rising levels of radiation without war, and a strong chance of those levels rising rapidly when the idiots in the middle east (and i dont mean the moslems) unleash their death dealing weapons.
    i wonder if there is a connection?

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