Iran War and a Neocon Job

UPDATE 18 January 2012: Check this Wikipedia post about a law being considered by the US Senate that could destroy free speech on the Internet and what you can do inside the United States and outside to stop it from happening. Click on SOPA. Now to the article.


Things are not what they seem. There is saber rattling in the Persian Gulf (or what Nostradamus called in his predictions about a future war with Iran, the “Arabian” Gulf). Your corporately funded and controlled mainstream news outlets like to prey on the childishness of the masses. They play our overlording parent waving a saber baby rattle to attract a child’s wondering attention as the nurse, as it were, prepares the painful butt shot.

Watch the rattling saber, my fellow babies. Coo your concern and fatal attraction to a war being pushed upon you with Iran by a military industrial complex that needs to find another market in the highly profitable big business of war armaments and deterrents in the Middle East. The war business lost the Iraq market with the pullout of the US military occupation. Pakistan’s radicalization will soon pinch off the war market in Afghanistan, much sooner than the deadline of 2014, by the way.

The public’s infantile attention is directed elsewhere, away from real dangers lurking in the highly unstable and Islamist-bound regime along the Indus River. Pakistan with its crash program to triple its nuclear weapons stockpile is adding 200 more 25 to 35 kiloton nuclear warheads to its current arsenal of 100 nukes by 2021. The press obsesses on Iran maybe someday building an atomic bomb. Terrorist cells train in Pakistan in the vicinity of 100-plus nuclear warhead stockpiles TODAY. A Pakistani military and government already heavily infiltrated by jihadist sympathizers guard these Islamic A-bombs. The same military and government that often give Afghani Taliban logistical and intelligence support when they attack US and NATO forces occupying Afghanistan.

Iran is years away from having the ability to build atomic weapons. At any moment now, a Pakistani warhead or radioactive materials stockpiled to build hundreds more could be smuggled to the Taliban or what is left of al-Qaeda. The tools of nuclear terrorism can at any moment be smuggled out of Pakistani military bases and handed over to emerging and strengthening organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba. This Pakistani based jihadist network effectively shot up downtown Mumbai India in November 2008.

Iran may soon become a danger, but Pakistan, right now, IS a danger and its growing instability becomes a more clear and present threat to human peace and stability than what the Iranians may or may not be doing with their nuclear civilian program at this time. I predict it will be proven that Iran is only learning how to make an atomic bomb. They will not actually build them. Israel introduced these awful weapons of mass atomic destruction into the Middle East in the 1960s. They now have an arms race lead of an estimated 80 to 300 warheads. It is impossible to catch up given the scrutiny and economic sanctions placed on Iran.

Rattle, rattle, rattle goes the sword of war in its scabbard, daily and nightly on the 24-hour news cycles of corporately left-leaning CNN to corporately right-leaning Fox News propaganda organs of the politically two-faced aristocracy of our times. The elites do not cite bloodlines as their reason for being the alpha male and female class. They cite bottom lines of immense hoards of corporate wealth and influence over totalitarian and democratic government politicians of our day.

They have an agenda. They want to “inject” something into the backside of the Middle East to control the juice of their affluence, the black blood that runs our civilization: the last location of easy-to-drill petroleum that happens to lie underneath volatile Arab and Persian states. Since 2006 and in my book about war with Iran, I have been writing about a movement masquerading behind the US and Israeli governments that is neo-Imperialist, Neo-Conservative. It has the former deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz and the former Vice President Dick Cheney as its earliest author and editor of a manifesto first introduced shortly after the end of the Cold War, that strategically planned a new way for American superpower to remain relevant after the Soviet Union’s collapse. In short, America with help or unilaterally must take down the rogue regimes of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the Islamic Revolutionary regime of Iran so that oil can run free and fully under the sphere of influence of the United States. If war and occupation must happen in Iraq and Iran, then so be it. As I listed in a recent article Israel Iran Strike, the Wolf, his Dick and many other leading figures in the Neo-Conservative movement crowded the G.W. Bush administration’s cabinet. They successfully pushed the US Congress in October of 2002 to grant war powers to the president based on a lot of saber rattling and no solid evidence that Saddam Hussein had a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction that was an imminent threat to the United States. All complete and hyperbolic BS, as it turned out, but it got the Neo-Conservatives half way to their goal, even though it did not get them the oil because the Bush administration proved to be a bungling gaggle of faux Imperialists. Saddam’s Iraq went down. Iran, you are next.

I have also been at pains to forewarn my readers that this cabal of Neo-Cons marries right wing corporate interests in the US to Zionist supremacists in Israel, which would have the US expend its treasure and its blood to fulfill the foreign policies of Israel. This has become an absurdist turn of events where the proxies control the superpower. I understand why Israel might seek to manipulate a friend and military giant to wage its wars and aggressive foreign policies in a region hostile to its existence. I understand why Iran might want to know how to build an atomic bomb when hundreds of Israeli warheads are pointed at its people, which an any point might be unleashed.

What you, my readers, need to understand is that Iran’s oil reserves are dwindling. Teheran plans in the next few decades to build 15 nuclear plants because the next generation of Iranians will need a new industry beyond the fading oil export industry, and a new source of electricity and power to generate it. Iran MUST go ahead with its nuclear program for its economic survival and the only way it can pay for it is to export oil while there is still oil to ship out through the Strait of Hormuz.

Cut its ability to export and you have cut Iran’s economic future below the knees. When you shut a country’s economy down and stop talking to them, you leave that country only a military option. More on that a little later.

Know this also, that Iran seeks like any other signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the knowledge to build atomic weapons.

Did we sanction Taiwan, South Korea, or Japan decades before when they tested and acquired the know-how to build atomic weapons, just in case a nuclear power like Communist China might threaten?

The saber rattles and rattles your attention away from the hypocrisies and big business oil and big business military players behind the facades of President Bush, President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The war market is in a crisis. The infernal shop of conflict is closing for the moment in Iraq and in Afghanistan soon. There is ever less reason out there for US taxpayers to bankroll this capitalist welfare program that fields a Cold War sized Imperial US armed force after strategic threats requiring such a behemoth had vanished with the Cold War over 20 years ago. Global economic pressures also push America to downsize its stupendous military might. It is ten times more powerful than any armed force that could vaguely threaten. Now that Saddam is gone, the big boots of a Soviet sized bogeyman look even more ridiculous if you try to shove them on little, rat faced Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s feet.

A resumption of a global cold war with the Soviet replacement, the Russian Federation, is unlikely for now, so big war businessmen must seek a regional cold war business model. Iran is perfect for this. The military industrialists would prefer containing Iran for decades rather than a short sharp and messy conflict. The Cold War between the US and Soviet Union cost relatively few American lives, compared to the First and Second World Wars but made contractors in the Military Industrial Complex insanely rich off taxpayer’s dollars just preparing for, but not actually waging, doomsday. The same set up is happening in the Persian Gulf Cold War starting in 2012. Huge defense spending contracts and orders are already going through, soon to rebuild and reboot the air forces and missile defense systems of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States with the most modern and most pricey US weaponry on the market.

The more moderate puppet masters competing to pull the strings of the current US president and Israeli Prime Minister would seek to postpone a major war with Iran. Building and sustaining military deterrents is much more war profitable. At least postpone until the middle of the decade at the earliest because fantastic profits are theirs for the taking in a ramp up of Saudi and Gulf State rearmament for the next four years.

Recent photograph of a US amphibious assault carrier stationed in the Strait of Hormuz. (Source: U.S. Navy Imagery/Flickr.)

There is at the moment a more impatient set of polemical puppet masters of the Neo-Con-cum-Zionist faction of the military industrial complex that want to give Iran what I would call the “Japanese Ultimatum” – the no choice but war option. They know they cannot stop Iran from exploring nuclear weapons unless they can somehow push Teheran out of its passive aggressive foreign policy game into some precipitous action. All the last attempts during the Bush administration since 2005 through 2008 to create a military incident in the Strait of Hormuz in which most of the oil shipped by sea to the world passes failed because the Iranians did not take the provocative bait. They have not taken the bait in a clandestine war the US started waging inside Iran since 2005. Terrorists the US supports are available for weapons and bomb training in a number of non-Persian ethnic populations in Iran. The CIA and Israeli Mossad secret services have trained these to blow up hundreds of people in bombed planes, squares and mosques across Iran since 2005.

Your corporate Western media does not want you to know that.

A funeral procession in Teheran carrying the coffin of the recently assassinated Iranian scientist. An assasin on a motorbike drove up to his car, applied a magnetic mine, then drove off allowing a radio signal to detonate the bomb. Is that not also an act of terrorism? Why is one man's terror another man's righteous kill?

The serial assassination of nearly a half dozen nuclear physicists and scientists of late is just an escalation of this secret war of terrorism waged against Iranians by Israeli and CIA operatives.

Oh! I’m sorry. These roadside bombers aren’t terrorists. If the good guys blow women and children up with car bombs in crowded streets of Iran, they are “freedom fighters.”

Now, to be fair, Iran’s government is getting its own back. They wage clandestine war against Israel ever since this secret war started, using the proxies of Hezbollah and have sent military trainers by the hundreds to teach Hezbollah terrorists how to launch imported Iranian rockets falling on innocent Israeli civilians. A large part of the 5,000 US and Coalition soldiers killed in Iraq and to some extent Afghanistan were fatally maimed by an ever more deadly evolution of Iranian manufactured roadside bombs.

The Iranian-US-Israeli regional Cold War has been on since 2005, yet in 2012, it could go potentially hot, like the global cold war between the US and the Soviet Union almost did during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Especially now that the Neo-Cons are doing everything they can through the media and through political pressure in the US to push upon Obama the “Japanese Ultimatum” against Iran.

In late 2011, the US Senate voted unanimously to enact a regimen of sanctions handed to President Obama that would cripple Iran’s one economic lifeline, its oil exports. Obama would prefer to push the Iranians in increments, but forces pulling the strings and holding the financial purses of Democratic and Republican puppets in the Senate have pressed for an escalation that will, if successful, end all political support for a negotiated solution in Iran.

General Hideki Tojo became Japan's Prime Minister in 1941 when US ultimatums and a US embargo of steel and petroleum exports silenced doves and diplomats in the Japanese cabinet. Tojo sanctioned the surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet at Peal Harbor.

It is kind of a reverse image of what happened to Imperial Japan just before they went to war with the US in 1941. The expansion, indeed the survival, of the Japanese Empire depended on foreign exports of steel and oil to fuel and arm its military. Most of these exports came from America. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt put an embargo on all oil and steel exports to Japan, he forced the diplomats out of power in Tokyo. War hawk officers filled the void in the Japanese Cabinet of Emperor Hirohito. Negotiations had turned to ultimatums from America to get out of Indo-China and China. In less than a year, Japan’s military machine would cease to work. No country with a war machine and Imperial intentions, be they Japan in the 1940s or Neo-Conned America in the 21st century, will let their forces run out of steel and fuel. War was the only option Japan had. They attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 to destroy the US Pacific Fleet so their own fleet and army could conquer the oil fields of Indonesia without US threat.

History past becomes history future, relatively easy to forecast, because people keep conditioning their new generations to repeat the same stupid mistakes. All the elements of the Japan Ultimatum are in this Iran Ultimatum passed by the US Senate. Oil is again the catalyst for war, only this time it is not oil denied to Iran’s domestic industries and military forces. Iranian oil exports will be severely restrained “from” Iran.

Rather than aid a negotiated settlement, like with Japan, the cynical intention of these sanctions is to flush out any remaining doves from the Iranian government, which has already become more militarized and dominated by its own General Hideki Tojos, the officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. If you want to force the hand of war, push sanctions that are impossible to economically survive. Threaten a nation’s economic existence.

There is another objective, more cynical and dreadful happening here and Iran is only the bait, not the target. The target is a slow but fragile recovery of the US economy during a presidential election year. There are well-financially-healed oligarchic forces in the world influencing American politics that could easily absorb a temporary financial hit in 2012 if it takes down the Obama administration and what is left of the toe hold the Democrats have in the US Senate.

The creeping coup of a corporate aristocracy had already conquered the US Supreme Court in 2010 and received their “equal citizen status” allowing an empowered plutocracy to flood money and influence to decide the US elections according to what their money can buy and what you human citizens of America cannot lobby and possibly match fund.

The real reason why a push for war with Iran goes on whilst the real danger of nuclear terrorist proliferation remains unaddressed in Pakistan, is to create a false flag crisis in the Persian Gulf that disrupts oil flow out of the Strait of Hormuz. Pakistan needs to go radical so the same Neo-Cons who looked the other way to let 9-11 terror attacks on America happen, can yet again resurrect a jihadist bogeyman that will require decades of deterrent military spending.

But I get ahead of myself. First, false flag a conflict with Iran in 2012. The Strait of Hormuz is closed to oil traffic. The skyrocketing oil prices will then temporarily push the US economy back into a recession. The economic downturn will be blamed on President Obama. A little war of gunboats in the Strait of Hormuz might just tip the economy back into 10 percent unemployment and convince enough voters that Obama and the Democrats controlling the Senate need to be flushed out with their votes in November 2012. A far more big business friendly Republican president and Congress in Washington would lead to a speedier dismantling of the US democracy in the name of smaller government.

Nevertheless, I believe this attempt by corporate forces will not be successful. The president will use his discretion in 2012 to attempt measured application of the Iranian sanctions. There may be a military incident in the Strait of Hormuz no later than June through August 2012. Even if there was a brief naval skirmish in 2012, it is only preliminary to the ultimate military showdown Nostradamus’ astrology seems to frame for the years 2015 and 2016.

Babies are easily distracted. The saber’s rattle of corporate interests might backfire when a baby’s attention catches upon something else that is bright and shiny, like a diplomatic breakthrough that only the threat of war might propel in the 11th hour concession from Teheran. Iran may take the enemy away from the military industrial complex pushers and surrender their nuclear weapon aspirations in 2012; or, at least achieve gaining some time in that tried and true Iranian tradition of diplomatic stalling.

Iran is a country that knows how to buy time. It has lasted for 3,000 years. However, if real diplomatic breakthroughs are not forthcoming in 2012, Iran is only buying time up to 2015 or 2016 when a terrible war showdown will come out of its skies and melt its fleets of motorboats in the Persian Gulf. Another fleet might be melted and sunk as well. Nostradamus leaves that potential open.

This is a still from a video taken by a US naval war vessel last week stationed in the Strait of Hormuz of an Iranian gunboat. The Iranians taunt US warships by speeding very close, causing US crews to put fingers on gun triggers. No shots as of yet have been fired.

A conflict between Iranians and Western forces was certainly foretold in one of Nostradamus’ prophecies where he named the Strait of Hormuz outright by the name it held during the 16th century. We will examine the prophecy in my next article.

In the meantime, I direct you to get a copy of my newest e-Book Predictions for 2012. Read Chapter 3: Hot Crises in a Cold Depression. What I have presented above is just a taste of the full report accounting in detail a potential military crisis with Iran in 2012, when it could happen, who is behind it and how it will be avoided.

John Hogue
(14 January 2012)

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  1. rbateman
    Posted 22 January 2012 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    Playing a game of Carrier-chicken by sailing them down the Strait of Hormuz daring the Iranians to sink one. That’s how desperate they are for another war. I do believe that Ron Pauls military expert said that Iran likely already has 2 devices and is working on a EMP weapon.
    Either Pakistan, Russia or one of the former Soviet Satellite republics is likely to have given Iran a couple of them. And that is probably why Bush backed down on attacking Iran, and Obama and Hillary must know this. So they pound drums and do war dances, playing with fire all day long.

  2. Robert
    Posted 18 January 2012 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    My God you see it too. I am glad I am not alone in seeing this. In bits and pieces I have awakened over time to put it all together. Sometimes I doubted my thoughts about this, thinking maybe I was either paranoid or falling prey to all the conspiracy theories that are out there. So I have tried to keep my thoughts in check and have read and re-read everything I can so as to not jump to conclusions. It is see that another who’s reputation is at stake dare to make the same observation. I am just a man who watches on the side and my opinions mean nothing except to myself as I try to find meaning in all this mess. I hope the people who count see this for what it is and what it can do to us. If they do is there anything that can turn this around or are we like thepeople caught in a river just like the Hopi Elders have said. Must we ride out these rapids, avoiding attempts to grasp at the embankments we recognize while doing so and be taken to a place where eventually we can wade to an unfamiliar shore? I maybe can see the merit in trusting in a higher power to show us how to live with what is there but at this time in my life I am not a survivalist and I know nothing about living as those people do even though I respect them. So many prophets and they all speak through the lenses of their cutures and values….

    You did a fine job of explaining it in all in this single posting. It is so complex. Thank you.

  3. Kira
    Posted 15 January 2012 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    Brilliantly written.

    Thanks Kira,
    Going through your reading. Absorbing it. Great work.

    • Kira
      Posted 27 January 2012 at 3:02 pm | Permalink

      Just say the word and I will send more. I’ve been in the zone for weeks. Must be the migration of the slow planets to the new signs… bodes well for 2012.

      Hi Kira,
      Good to see you in the comments. I got a little worried again when Alabama got slammed around Birmingham with tornadoes.

      • Kira
        Posted 28 January 2012 at 2:27 pm | Permalink

        Yes, we were all worried. I sometimes wonder if I would stay here if scientists reported that a ravenous fire-breathing dragon would attack us every 6 months, like the tornadoes do. I know if I were watching a dragon movie, I would yell at the peasants, “MOVE OUT, YOU DUMMIES!” when the dragon came to eat them again and again, and yet here I am, a sitting duck, waiting for the next destructive visit. Mind boggling. 🙂

        Remember the movie “Dragonslayer”? I’m thinking a nice satire would have that dragon who regularly attacked the medieval villagers actually move his affairs to Alabama and Mississippi. Then again, you aren’t the only dummy here. I live in the Pacific Northwest next to four dormant volcanoes to the east of me and a subduction fault zone to the west of me, and I do this sitting on an island mostly made of sand. (By the way, Kira, loved your facebook costume ball photos!) 🙂

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