2012 Election Forecast and Nostradamus Iran Prediction

As my Oracle likes to remind me, it is good at picking winners of presidential elections, lousy at picking losers. Back in a blog posted in June (click on Rick Perry) I anticipated the advent into the arena crowded with Republican candidates of the Great White Tea Party Hope from Texas, Governor Rick Perry, about two months before it happened. I wrote Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman would be out of the running several months before Palin ended her political coy ploy and quit before getting into the presidential race. I also said Michelle Bachman, going strong in June 2011, would have vanished, and I would add today that she did politically died with a “whimp-er” after New Hampshire. I also said in June 2011 that Newt Gingrich would be out of the race long before the Republican Convention held in Tampa, Florida, in early September 2012. There is still life in his “anybody but Romney” campaign in South Carolina, giving Newt Gingrich as slim victory on 21 January.

It really does not matter. I always felt Romney would be one of the last two candidates standing. But events are ever the judge of predictions. Yesterday, Governor Perry heeded Gingrich’s call to rally conservative votes against Romney by leaving the race. He endorsed the former Speaker of the House. Back in June, I predicted Perry would still be in the race with Romney and would win the nomination on a conservative surge. That was wrong.

Well, as Governor Perry famously would say, “oops!”

I have much better luck picking winners of presidential campaigns by popular vote, such as Nixon over Humphrey in 1968 by a half million votes, Nixon over McGovern in 1972, Carter over Ford (1976), Reagan over Mondale (twice, 1980 and 1984). Nevill Drury, you still owe me a spaghetti dinner in Sydney Australia, next time I am there. That was the bet. I picked H.W. Bush over Dukakis in 1988 and you believed it was impossible.

I did write in 1983 for the Rajneesh Times a forecast foreseeing Reagan as a two-term president. H.W. Bush would follow as a one-term president. After him would come a two-term democrat president in 1992. That turned out to be Bill Clinton, who went on to win a second term.

The Bush-Gore contest in 2000 generated my oracle’s most cryptic message that many of you heard on Coast to Coast AM and the Jeff Rense programs before the election. The message was, Al Gore would win over George W. Bush by 500,000 votes but I was going to be “equally right” and “equally wrong” about Gore. Well, as it turned out Gore did win by a half-million popular votes but was denied the presidency by five votes out of four in the US Supreme Court over the ballot counting dispute in Florida.

Hogueprophecy was born around that time and since then I have documented the presidential victories of G.W. Bush over John Kerry in 2004 and Barack Obama over John McCain by around 8 percent of the popular vote in 2008.

Now, when you look at this record of accomplishment of 11 and 0, there is enough to make both Democrats and Republicans angry at my predictions picking candidates they do not want in the White House. So, when I say once again what I have been forecasting since January 2009 that Barack Obama will win a second term, do not think I am saying that with prophetic bias. If the prediction upsets you, look at your own expectations and biases when judging the guy who accurately forecast Republican victories in seven out of eleven presidential contests.

Anyway, I like to take risks and I often play the “Pick the Loser” prophetic game even though I do it with mixed results. Despite Gingrich’s surge in South Carolina, other primaries are coming with more national impact. Moderate Republicans are still alive and well in the GOP. After the Super Tuesday primaries, Romney will seize the lead and never look back. Romney will be running against Obama for 2012. You can read why the stars and the economy favor Obama for re-election as well as many more details about the 2012 Presidential Election by reading Predictions for 2012.

Now to Iran…

As promised, I want to share a fascinating prophecy from the 16th-century seer, Michel Nostradamus that predicts a showdown in “Carmania” the 16th-century name for the northern coast of the Strait of Hormuz. This is the narrow passage where a third of all global oil exports pass. This is the waterway the Iranian Navy threatens to block if economic sanctions being considered by Washington DC cripples Iran’s only significant export resource. The US Navy has also warned that any attempt to close the Strait of Hormuz would cross a red alarm line and there would be military action in reaction.

So, with that said, I wish to quote a passage I wrote in early 2007 for my e-Book, Nostradamus: The War with Iran.


The End of the Islamist Dream?

10 Q31
The holy empire will come into Germany,
The Ishmaelites will find open places:
Asses will also want Carmania,
The supporters all covered by earth.

Carmania is a Persian territory on the northern shore of the Strait of Hormuz. Since Nostradamus wrote this, nothing historically significant has taken place there until recent times. We have to keep our eyes open for the French word sainct (“holy,” or “sacred”). Nostradamus hides his blasphemies from the Church inquisitors by playing off a Gothic “s” or “ƒ” for either “s” or “f.” Just like you can turn “friend” into “fiend” Nostradamus takes swipes at the Catholic Church by hiding fainct (false) behind ƒainct (sacred). This time around the false religion is that brand of Islam worshipped by terrorists. The “false” holy or fundamentalist fanatics, like al-Qaeda’s leader, Usama bin Laden, dream of establish- ing an intolerant Caliphate across the Islamic world. It was the al-Qaeda cell in Hamburg, Germany, that financed and planned the September 11 attacks on America in 2001.

The Ishmaelites (read: the Arabs of al-Qaeda) find “open” spaces in Germany to base a war of terror on Europe and the US.

Line three shifts attention to Iran, to Carmania, the northern coast of the Strait of Hormuz where so much of the world’s oil exports pass and can be so easily cut off. The asses is Nostradamus’ general condemnation of the Islamic fundamentalists of Iran, near past and future. Their brand of fearful, grim, Saturnian Islamist ideology will land its adherents inside white shrouds of Islamic burial. It predicts also the final burial of Usama bin Laden, or Ahmadinejad, or Ayatollah Khamenei’s or any other Jihadists’ mad hateful dream of a totalitarian theocratic world Caliphate. The war with Iran will initiate the beginning of “their” ideology’s end in naval suicide attacks across the waters of the Strait of Hormuz.


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John Hogue
(20 January 2012)

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  1. Posted 25 February 2012 at 4:03 pm | Permalink

    Quatrain VII.7 of Nostradamus, ” When occurs the battle of the great light horses, it will be claimed that the great crescent is destroyed. To kill by night, in the mountains dressed in shepherd’s clothing, red gulfs in the deep ditches. ”
    By Nostradamus’ vocabulary, “light horse” meant war planes “. “the great crescent” meant Islam ” Red gulfs in the deep ditches ” could mean the burning of oil fields.
    When Iran is attacked, It will definitely fire missiles at the Saudi oil fields to spite the US. The first shots will surely fire by Israel for sake of its very own survival. The world will suffer great shortage of oil. This explains OBAMA’s hesitation.
    Any prize for this findings., Sir.?

    If Israel attacks Iran, it will threaten the existence of the Jewish State in the Middle East. The attack will fail. Obama will not let America be dragged into another Middle Eastern War. The Strait of Hormuz will not be closed because the Iranians will not attack American ships. If Israel attacks Iran, it will do so alone, without US help and it alone will suffer the consequences. These consequences may have a positive outcome if it forces Israel to “talk” rather than “shoot” people. Israel will have to live with the threat of a nuclear Iran just like the US had to learn to live with the threat of a nuclear Soviet Union. We survived it so far. So can the Israelis. And anyway, this is the karma Israel as a nation must accept for introducing these evil weapons into the region in the 1960s.

  2. Kira
    Posted 27 January 2012 at 2:51 pm | Permalink

    Mein Kampf is old.

    • Kira
      Posted 27 January 2012 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

      In reply to Elizabeth.

  3. turiya
    Posted 21 January 2012 at 9:48 am | Permalink

    Hey John,
    You say,
    “The asses is Nostradamus’ general condemnation of the Islamic fundamentalists of Iran…”

    I am sure you’ve heard of Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regression technique, and the books she has written, “Conversations with Nostradamus”, claiming the information came to her by way of her connecting with the Collective Unconscious through a number of her sessions using hypnotherapy with some of her clients.

    Yes indeed, Turyia. I famously exposed the weaknesses of her theory in a debate with her before a thousand people at the Axiom Prophecy Conference in Los Angeles in 1997. Here “clients” were channeling fundamentally inaccurate information about Nostradamus that is beyond question. For instance, Cannon says in her interview on Ancient Prophecies (NBC) in 1994 that Nostradamus’ secret study was made completely out of stone and was cold, dank and dark. The house in which Nostradmus made those prophecies still exists and it is not totally made out of stone. Also, Nostradamus was famously adverse to the damp and later in life suffered so terribly from the lightest damp that he moved to the driest part of “dry” Provence, to Salon-en-Crau (modern Salon-en-Provence) to write his prophecies next to the closest thing in Provence to a hot and dry desert.

    I challenged Dolores Cannon to “shoot” back in time through her clients a test for Nostradamus to prove he’s talking to her: Place a hermetically sealed little box in a specific corner of a wall in his house that we know has not been touched by any remodels since he lived there. In the box, written in French by his secretary’s handwritting (Chavigny) and signed with his arthritic signature scrawl is the line in French that will say: “Dolores Cannon interprets my prophecies in the 21st century.” If her theory is correct then as soon as she sends the message, he will put the missive in a box in the wall and we’ll pull it out of that wall. If Nostradamus is indeed talking to her clients then I would be happy to retire from this work.

    In volume one of her book, she denotes that in Century II-60 refers to a nuclear confrontation that takes place in the Middle East (Strait of Hormus), Nostradamus uses the term ‘mule’ to refer to the Democratic Party. And refers to a mule being an elected Democratic U.S. President as to when this incident takes place.

    Century II-60
    Faith with Africa broken in the East
    Great Jordan, & Rosne, Loire & Tagus will Change
    When the hunger of the mule is sated
    The fleet is scattered and boddies swim in blood.

    Now we all know that a ‘mule’ is also an ‘ass’. Much of your work, imo, shows that you are consistently intrepeting Nostradamus Quatrains as to paint the U.S.G. as being in a savory light. I only hope you are doing so, as Nostradamus did with the Vatican of his day, so to throw off the scent of the hound-dogs that run the show behind the scenes with the government of our day.

    This prophecy will require a refreshing of interpretation, because Cannon often uses substandard translations she must have read from Nostradamus writers from the 1940s, such as Andre Lamont. The “mulet” is a “he-mule” for instance and there is no mention of the Strait of Hormuz, (Camarra was its name in those days, and Nostradamus “does” mention that name in a future war with the Ishmailites [Muslims]).

    Best regards – turiya

  4. Posted 20 January 2012 at 4:38 pm | Permalink

    John, the false religion, extreme islam, may be geared up to move into Germany and Russia to unite with neo- Nazis in these places especially after a British company reprints and distributes MEIN KAMPH in Germany and Russia any day now, against worldwide opposition to this.
    Extreme Islam, in fact, has much in common with Fascist Nazi-ism, in terms of fanatic hate and wanting to exterminate everyone who are not of their race or creed, and both are anti-christian, anti-jewish, and anti-western nations!! I believe the re-release of Mein Kamph in these two nations will kick up a 4th Reich where Muslem terrorists will be unified with the Nazis and neo-nazis for world dominating/ terrorist purposes.

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