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I will be on Coast to Coast AM, this Monday (23 January, at 11 pm (Pacific) for a three-hour prophecy marathon with George Noory as host. We will go over many predictions in my new e-Book concerning this important year 2012 and how it will dramatically impact the climate in politics as well as weather, the economy, seismic activity, and will rock the world of seven billion people and counting.

It is an interesting coincidence that this Sunday History Channel crowded the airwaves with three documentaries in which I figure prominently as a guest. The most important of these is Nostradamus: 2012. In it, you will see a crowd of Twenty-Twelver experts make their pitch that Nostradamus foresaw the winter solstice of 2012, purportedly marking the end of a great cycle of civilization as plotted by pre-Columbian astronomers of the ancient Central American Mayan civilization.

You will see me often talking about Nostradamus in the show, but you will not see me endorse the other expert views that 12-21-12, as plotted by the most accurate calendar ever calculated without computers, marks the end of the world or the end of the world as we have known it and Nostradamus agreed with this finding.

You will hear the talking heads around me hype the “Lost Book of Nostradamus” as grounds for tying Nostradamus to 2012, using as evidence the book’s nebulous watercolor illustrations pointing with the constellation Sagittarius’ bow and arrow at a coal sack in space that marks the galactic center. We are led to imagine that Nostradamus has painted this point and the lineup that will happen between the Sun and Earth with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy just like what was foreseen to happen this coming winter solstice by the Maya.

One thing I aim to do with my prophecies for 2012 e-book is to dispel this nonsense. For one thing, Nostradamus could not draw and many of the watercolors are poorly aped copies of anti-papal, Cathar mystical drawings composed centuries before Nostradamus was born. The book in question is not only “lost” it is falsely attributed to Nostradamus.

In addition, the Mayan “galactic alignment” has already happened, making 2012 not the “end all” year, but certainly another significant stepping stone in times beyond end time on the path of History’s quickening pace.

That exact alignment took place 13 years ago! The Maya may have been good without computers but modern science and calculations made at Jet Propulsion Laboratory have shown the exact galactic line up took place sometime between the winter solstices of 1998 and 1999!

Nostradamus DID NOT write the Lost Book of Nostradamus or draw its altogether vague prophetic watercolors.

Nostradamus NEVER mentioned the year 2012!

What Nostradamus DID write was his prediction that 1999 was the pivotal year when history would begin its apocalyptic inclination towards a new cycle of centuries, a new age.

To be fair, Mayan prophecy of end times told rightly or wrongly has achieved a critical mass of popular attention and for better or worse my new book of prophecies will chronicle that 2012 has become an end time of sorts, because we have imposed significant deadlines upon it.

US President Barack Obama faces a political doomsday. The US government stagnates in a critical mass of political gridlock too. Time is running out in Washington DC to get America’s fiscal house in order before a deficit bomb blows.

US Congress may let the clock run out on protection agencies, health and labor laws shielding citizens from dirty water, food, air. As many as 191 nations across the world wait for 2012 to end with pollution-bated breath. Legally binding targets set by the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 to reduce climate emissions that contribute to global warming will run out.

Gabriel’s Horn may blow, taking down European banks that can no longer postpone the inevitable: to either sustain or shed bankrupt member countries of the Euro Monetary Union. End times are coming to the US-Pakistani alliance with significant consequences for the US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan.

NeoCons are also blowing their horns very hard and loud from the halls of Washington to Jerusalem to propagate a war with Iran over its purported nuclear weapons program, just like they successfully NeoConned America in 2002 to invade and occupy Iraq with little actionable evidence.

A string of critical mass actions make 2012 the year when corporate push comes to citizen shove on the streets of the world. The Arab Spring of 2011 will give birth to an “American Spring” in 2012.

My Oracle in this new e-Book takes you on a journey through the days of this pivotal year, the first real “Oh Shit!” year of the 21st century. It will help you anticipate and understand what is really going down in current events in a year when the mollifying media forces of corporate interests try hard to steer your intelligence away from our quickening history like never before.

2012 is not a year of galactic alignment. It is a year of a great convergence, a collision between the old humanity and it status quo, its dogmas and fossilized traditions of religious and political control pitted against the rise of a new humanity that sees change as an imperative to survive and evolve a better world out of the coming planetary upheaval.

The forces of the past-oriented humanity – the humanity that does not wish to be purified – would like to distract you from responding positively and proactively to the gathering clouds of global warming and general weirdness making undeniable the reality that times now are definitely not normal and you need to do something about making real changes beyond belief.

The source of this mass-hypnotic campaign is an old aristocracy in new clothes, masquerading under new titles. They are the corporate order. They aim to disempower people from bringing about economic and ecological reforms that go against unbridled profit through uncontrolled, unregulated exploitation of Earth’s resources and people.

An unprecedented number of people around the world are now aware of the dangers of global warming, overpopulation, and the latter’s consequence of unsustainable food and water use. Today, hundreds of millions of people are practicing meditation, more than the sum total of all those who meditated in the last 5,000 years. Through such efforts in self-observation, people across the world are becoming aware they must break out of conditioned patterns and sever their ties with those fossilized traditions of the past that will bring on the coming catastrophes.

Predictions for 2012 is part of that spiritual revolution. Read more about it here, click on 2012.


Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon to you all, both long-time and new readers of this web site. There is quite a flood of new readers pouring in because of my scheduled appearances on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on Monday night and the Kevin Smith Show on Wednesday evening. I thought it would be a good time to renew for veteran readers and introduce to all you new readers a brief manifesto of what is all about.

Prophecy is an echo of actions engaged in the only time we known in which we are empowered to affect a change in destiny: the eternity of the present – this atomic moment. This little flash of Present is the silent explosion that lights the soul, every moment, dying and being reborn. From awareness of this profound and immediate moment come insights, intelligence and all creative solutions to human and global problems.

I am a scholar and purveyor of prophecy who is anti-prophetic. My interest is in taking you through the potentials of the future to help make you better understand the realities of the present day, which these potentials echo. If those gifted with future sight share with us prophecy that reverberates a dissonance, they are only telling us to change our “tune” in the present to something more harmonious.

Only a humanity that brings its full life force and energy into the present moment can change the dire dissonance of the future reverbing back to us in the potential realm of tomorrow. provides a matrix of information where current events and potential converge for examination and understanding. As its creator, I bring to this website not only the scholarship and knowledge of prophets and their techniques from around the world, from all recorded times, I also bring the subjective experience of the prophet from direct experience. One cannot know love by simply studying it empirically. Prophecy, like love, is intimate, subjective – experiential. I strive to find a middle way as a correspondent reporting on the future from a place of meditative awareness poised between intellectual scholarship and existential practice of prophecy.

The idiom I choose to present these findings is in articles posted here at Hogueprophecy once or twice a week, if possible, numbering on average around 150,000 words and 72 to 106 articles each year.


I augment a prodigious output of free information composing and posting e-Books you can download that delve far deeper into prophetic themes. Following the tradition of the 16th-century French seer Nostradamus, these books include releasing an almanac of prophecies for each year and if I can, one other book each year enlarging on an important theme.

I would like to either refresh my current – or introduce to my newest readers – links to pages presenting an overview of three of these prophetic e-books that have only gained more importance and documented accuracy with the passing of time.


1. Nostradamus: The War with Iran

Will there be a military crisis when the navies of the United States and Iran play chicken in the most narrow and crowded oil shipping lanes of the world in 2012?

Nostradamus’ visions are filled with descriptions of fleets being melted and sunk in the “Arabian Gulf” (the name people of his time gave to what we call the oil rich hotbed of the Persian Gulf). He describes the fate of those along the northern coast of the Strait of Hormuz, named outright in his prophecies written over 450 years ago, from where Iranian vessels are based.

One fleet foundering in the Arabian Gulf is that of the “true serpent”. “The Trident” melts the other. Is he trying to describe the “smooth and alien shape” of what he calls in his prophecies an “iron fish” – a future US Trident submarine? Or, is he cryptically describing a trident symbol hidden in the abstract shape of a red rose of the martyr centered in the white stripe of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary tricolor national flag?

Could the “true serpent” be a 16th-century man’s attempt to explain the US Navy Jack, the flag flown by the US Fifth Fleet on station patrolling the Persian Gulf that displays a rattlesnake over a field of thirteen white and red stripes, under which is written the American Revolutionary motto “Don’t Tread on Me”?

I collected all of Nostradamus’ references to a future war with Iran in early 2007. Given the rising tensions and brinkmanship of US and Iranian navies in the Strait of Hormuz, it might be good to re-examine my interpretations especially as Nostradamus clearly dates the window for a war in those waters which, if it happens will directly impact your lives. To read more, click on Iran.


Who is Mabus, the Third and Final Antichrist foreseen by Nostradamus?

2. Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS

I wrote an e-Book in the spring and summer of 2008 that even now, as I read it again, the message reads as if it were written yesterday. I would not update anything. It describes the most burning controversy in the study of Nostradamus.

Who is the third and final Antichrist he foresaw?

Is he alive among us today?

Nostradamus is unique among prophets foreseeing not one but three Antichrists. He gives them cryptic names. The first may have been Napoleon King (Napaulon Roy). The second (Hister), Adolf Hitler.

The third he code names Mabus. Using Nostradamus’ laws of anagram word play, there are a number of modern leaders and jihad terrorists from the Middle East as well as their chief adversaries – two modern American presidents – whose names can be decoded from Mabus. Whether they are intended or not by Nostradamus, the four principle candidates are Saddam Hussein, G.W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, and the current US president, Barack Obama. The latter even has a member of his cabinet who is named “Mabus”. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus to be exact, who is quite busy with a naval standoff with Iran in the Persian Gulf.

See how each man, even those recently killed, have each become suspects in prophecy’s police line up for a future Antichrist by clicking on Mabus.


3. The Last Pope and the Last Pope Revisited

Pope Benedict XVI is aging. He is in his mid-80s and was seen rolled into Christmas Midnight Mass held at 10 pm because of his age. There have been rumors that he might step down as Vicar of Christ for over 1 billion Catholic believers, though I doubt he will relinquish the throne of St. Peter. What is a mathematic certainty is the days of Benedict XVI are numbered. With his passing, we enter the most important period in Catholic Prophecy. We will witness a new pope ordained who the Medieval Irish prophet, St. Malachy foretold will be the last pope before Judgment Day.

It is said that St. Malachy in 1148 listed 111 successors to the throne of St. Peter, naming each with a cryptic Latin motto. For instance Pope Benedict’s predecessor, John Paul II, is called De labore solis (from the Sun’s Eclipse). John Paul was born in 1920 on a solar eclipse and interred in his tomb under St. Peter’s Basilica in 2005 on the day of a solar eclipse.

Pope Benedict was foreseen as De gloria olivae (from the Glory of the Olive). Catholic monks of the Benedictine order had anticipated a pope from their ranks would rule during the times of the Apostasy (crisis of faith) for the Catholic Church – this Christian sect’s version of the Tribulation before the Apocalypse. Though Cardinal Ratzinger took on the name of St. Benedict as pope, he is not actually from that holy order; however, there is a sect of Benedictines charged with preparing the world for the apocalypse as foretold by Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives. They are known as the Olivetans (Olivae). Thus it is believed that the reign of Pope Benedict marks the beginning of the tribulations of the Church. One need only recognize the great sexual abuse scandal rocking Benedict’s Church these days and wonder if it is a sign of this. Especially when evidence mounts that Benedict before he was crowned successor to Pope John Paul was actively engaged in suppressing evidence of priests sexually abusing young boys around the world.

Benedict’s name and destiny is hidden in the 111th motto of St. Malachy. After him comes the Last Pope, mysteriously named after the first Bishop of Rome, Petrus Romanus (Peter of Rome). His name appears in St. Malachy’s coda to his prophecies – a vision that may be only months or a few years away:

During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there shall sit Peter of Rome, who shall feed the sheep amidst many tribulations, and when these have passed, the City of the Seven Hills [Rome] shall be utterly destroyed, and the awful Judge will judge the people.

Read more about Malachy’s complete list of predictions, click on papal prophecies. Also check out further information about the future of Pope Benedict and the coming Pope Peter of Rome, click on Last Pope.

John Hogue  (23 January 2012)

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PSS – Meditation is the core of my work at Hogueprophecy. Meditation is the bridge built in the eternity of the present to a golden future for humanity. If you would like, I can freely send you information and links to the meditations I use.  Contact Me.


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  2. Al
    Posted 13 September 2012 at 1:14 am | Permalink

    What is your opinion on the Blue Star-5th World cleansing prediction off the native american hopi tribe? Thank you for all your work and insight!

    It is the subject of a chapter in my forthcoming book — my last word on the Mayan Calendar prophecies. It should be out end of October. Stay tuned.

  3. REvelyn
    Posted 28 August 2012 at 5:26 am | Permalink

    Thank you for so much “accurate” information. I have listened to your for years on Coast to Coast – It’s so wonderful to know that you are here for us that cannot get “accurate” information from no place else. May you continue with this wonderful gift you have.

  4. kent
    Posted 26 January 2012 at 4:43 am | Permalink

    John, I agree with you concerning the Mayan chanlendar. All the hype will be just another Y2K which amont to very little disturbance. I’m sensing something happening around June, July or August and in the area of Washington DC. What are you seeing for those months?

    Y2K was a real future threat averted by prevention, so I wouldn’t mix that up with projections of doomsday on 2012. The latter’s just a bad case of misinterpretation from mostly Gringos experts from the north.

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