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2012 Elections, Iran and Nostradamus’ Antichrist

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Mitt Romney to Win GOP Nomination

As Foreseen in:

Predictions for 2012

(DATELINE 10 April 2012) Rick Santorum suspended his bid to become the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. I listened to his rambling speech about all the good he had done and the love he had felt all across the country. Personal reflections are best left concise, leaving your audience wanting, but Santorum just kept going and going with what I felt were his rather narcissistic observations, like a suck of a public speaker saying his farewells one-too-many because he can’t let go of the mike and face the oncoming irrelevance. The all-too-forgettable conversation with himself at the national attention’s expense finally got to the point with less than a minute left in his speech and it was quite telling what he “didn’t” then say.

Santorum neither surrendered his 285 delegates to Mitt Romney, nor completely quit the race. His campaign was “suspended” until further notice even though he would “fight on”. In addition, even more ringing in its absence was any mention of the consistent front-runner Romney who he had so viciously attacked throughout the campaign. Santorum may like to roll out his Christian values, but I did not hear forgiveness and reconciliation, or any retracting of the terrible things he said on the campaign trail.

The 2012 Republican primaries had just about every wannabe historically stray from President Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment:  (Thou shall not say anything negative about other Republican candidates.

Santorum was Sid San-Vicious! Moreover, Santorum gave Barack Obama’s Democratic Party campaign absolute golden zingers to bark and chew on with etch-a-sketch metaphors to damage Mitt Romney’s presidential bid against the incumbent president.

Santorum made it clear that he would go on fighting for the social conservative agenda, leaving it ambiguous if he would still be fighting Romney at the convention about these – some might say “Neo” as in “Neolithic” conservative values. Santorum is unchastened about effectively driving Left, Center and even Right leaning female voters away from Republican candidates, including Romney who seems to have suffered political collateral damage with women voters even though he did not disparage or openly attack issues that have long been settled and left behind by most Americans. Santorum would not let sleeping controversies lie. He pontificated about the evils of birth control, contraception, gay rights and a number of other feminine-phobic, right-winged, white male, papal-approved, Catholically canon issues that haven’t been mainstream concerns since the 1960s.

Rick Santorum believes his winning 11 states and backing out before the Pennsylvania primary wherein he was expected to be slammed, has somehow graciously and timely paved the way for his return to the presidential campaign circuit in 2016 or 2020.

I want to say for the prophetic record that Rick Santorum’s future as a presidential candidate died with a self-graduating, self-patting on the back ramble before a wrinkled sheet sized US flag in some shabby looking room in Gettysburg PA.

He’ll certainly run in 2016, but he will find a Republican Party at that time trying to re-brand itself as a more moderate choice than the extremely Right lurching party of today, which is set to politically hamstring itself in 2012.

Those of you who have already enjoyed reading my prophecies for 2012 in my annual e-Almanac released 21 December 2011, had seen my oracle anticipate Mitt Romney’s unstoppable ascendency as candidate in Chapter 7: Primates in Primaries for President. In it I compared the GOP debating club on television, starting with bi-weekly network debates ad nauseum in May 2011, as a GOP Survivor reality show. I managed to use just about every reality show title to describe each candidate. I think today’s end to Rick Santorum’s presidential bid (for life, I would add) requires I share a few pertinent passages as well as explain why I only mentioned Mitt Romney at the very end of my e-book’s GOP Nostra-standup comedian script:

For Rick Santorum I wrote:

Every reality mosh pit needs the guy playing parent. The fellow who takes on the role of straight “Ozzy-and-Harriet” man to the comic sidekicks.

“Now children! Children! Count to ten and let’s be reasonable.”

I speak of former Utah Governor Jon “Harriet Nelson” Huntsman. He plays the Big Brother house mom nobody listens to.

There also has to be those Survivor participants who can’t seem to un-geek themselves out of the background. They get no respect. There’s got to be a former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in the Survivor Island sanitarium, who just might yet be that forgettable middle child everyone in a big raucous family ignores until he makes his move to success unexpected.

For Mitt Romney after “Friar’s Club roasting” everyone else, I wrote:

Yes, yes, now I’ll mention him. The guy that’s Mr. Constant Winner no matter who you love more that launches, crashes and burns. He’s like Rich “nude man” Hatch or Boston Rob Mariano – the contestant on Survivor you love to hate who you can’t help watching while you yell at the TV screen as he does his slippery fish-flip-flops out of obstacle nets set by the others. He gets away with it, poisson-politicing like a peche master, ever set to spawn near or at the top of the polls, ever an existential threat swimming on as your fleeting favorites drown. I speak of that Mormon mullet Mitt in the running that a majority of Republican Christian evangelicals love to hate yet may have to hold their noses at all his mutable, moderate fishiness and vote that Pisces native of Michigan on to victory in the primaries.

If Republicans can’t find a conservative “anybody but” Governor of Mass. Mitt Romney, then he’s the moderate “anybody” but Barack Obama you Seattle Salmon throw at the Presidential Elections come 6 November 2012.

Now that the GOP Survivor game is all but over, and we have our Boston Mitt Rob-ney ready to battle with Barack Obama. You can anticipate what my oracle predicts will be the outcome of the next “survivor” series, starting officially this day: Survivor White House.

Will Barack Obama keep his presidential digs or with he foul a homerun swing, dropping the ball caught by “Mitt” and hear the Electoral Collage Umpires yell, You’re OUT!!” Click on predictions for 2012. And read Chapter 8: Prophecies for US Election Night.

Now, I return you back to the 08 April article about Secretive Iran, Israel, and Nostradamus’ Antichrist:


Perception is the father of action. Intuition is the mother of understanding. The future inclines for a better or worst destiny on right or wrong perception and intuition. How we see and respond to life’s challenges can often stand on an invisible and slippery glass slope made of mind assumptions. The kind of assumption you are taught to borrow and never question depends on what corner of this mortal planet you popped out from behind the vaginal curtains onto life’s stage. We may not be aware of it, but more than often what we call “perception” is actually “presumption”. “Intuition” is more than often a subconscious habit of narrow “inattention” to the whole picture of life.

So, when I get your comments in the email and step aside of myself to activate the “oracle”, I am as much surprised as many of you how what is missing underneath or between the lines of our comments and questions are the thing to be addressed.

You might not at first think this is an issue needing article-length talks coming from a futurist-prophecy web site. You want prophecies, forecasts etc., but at HogueProphecy we deliver this and often go much deeper. What is more important than prophecy is how you understand and interpret a prophecy. The magic mirror of tomorrow may be wide open for your examination, but as Yeshua bar Youssef once said:

Therefore I speak to them in parables,
Because seeing they do not see,
And hearing they do not hear,
Nor do they understand.

Hearing you will hear and shall not understand,
And seeing you will see and not perceive;
For the hearts of this people have grown dull.
Their ears are hard of hearing,
And their eyes they have closed.

Yeshua bar Youssef
(falsely named Jesus Christ
by people who never knew him.)
Matthew 13:13-15

I am all for right assumption. It is better to assume therefore that you walk through life with your eyes wide shut to the truth and when you look into things you are more than likely projecting your borrowed identity, opinions, personality and mind on the subject at hand and not “seeing” it fully or “hearing” its lesson.

My oracle must answer what lies underneath your statements and comments as it does “Ken’s” observations posted (with corrected spelling and punctuation for clarity and easy reading)  in the latter half of March 2012:

Please tell me if everyone thinks Iran is not hiding anything, then why are they hiding everything, if they are not pursuing the bomb then why not let inspectors in to investigate,

You have a conclusion already set in your mind. As long as it is set there to filter information, theories and possibilities it cannot accept, the facticity required for a true answer will keep being prevented from passing through to cogent examination.

Here are some reasons to consider Iran or any other nation would hide what they are doing:

1.) The IAEA is compromised by spies from Israel and the US. They will not only be inspecting the program but collecting information for a bombing strike on it.

This reason has only become more entrenched since Mohammed El Baradei stepped down from leading the International Atomic Energy Administration and was replaced by a flagrantly pro-American tool, General Director Yukiya Amano. To see my comments about him, read Predictions for 2012.

2.) Iran is not building an atomic weapon but they are learning how to build one. When Taiwan did this, Japan and South Korea did this and a dozen other Non-Proliferation Treaty signatories have learned how, do you hear any complaints from the United States? Do you hear any complaints that Israel, a signatory of the treaty that did not ratify the treaty, may have built and stockpiled hundreds of nuclear and thermonuclear warheads?

Can you see the bias here? Iran does. Iran is a country neighboring a regional nuclear power pointing hundreds of warheads at it. An American appointee runs the IAEA. The question Ken should ask is this: why should you openly let them snoop around their nuclear installations?

3.) Nations reserve the right to do things within the privacy of their own borders. Does the world get a free pass to the US Skunk Works in Nevada – also known as Area 51? Would you like the UN to snoop around Langley, Virginia and probe through the secret stuff going on at the CIA? Whether the reasons are right or sinister, states like the US, like Iran and Israel, for the sake of advantage in a dangerous world, reserve the right to keep outsiders, spies and international organizations out of their secret bases and places.

4.) Keep them guessing. The unknown can be used by states as a diplomatic and military strategic weapon. For instance, if Israel did know that Iran was not at all seeking an atomic weapon, what makes you think they would not strike anyway? Indeed the indication of actual evidence is already there that Iran stopped their nuclear program in 2004 upon command of their supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. Has that stopped hawks in Jerusalem from pressing for war?

5.) Your enemies will never believe you so why waste time showing them? Why bother exposing your secrets, even if they prove you are not making weapons. Look what happened to Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003. There was mounting UN evidence that the Iraqis had destroyed their nuclear weapons program, but the Bush administration pushed for war anyway and got their war. No weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, which leads to the final reason for secrecy…

6.) Your enemies have an ulterior agenda. One way or another, they want to take you down at any excuse. The Iranian leadership, rightfully or wrongfully, believe this pressure to stop their nuclear program has a larger strategic agenda that the Neoconservatives in Washington have already made loudly clear to those in Teheran: The Iranian Revolutionary government must be taken down. The US shadow government has never forgiven or forgotten the US Embassy Hostage crisis in 1979. They wish to take their revenge, overthrow the anti-American regime, and put Iranian oil reserves and infrastructure back in the hands of Western oil conglomerates.

Why should any Iranian open the door to these people?

Also why are most saying that everything that a little country like Israel has bought all the problems they have, they are bringing on themselves, wouldn’t we in the same situation be doing the same,

We did do the same, Ken. America is to blame for the greatest and most dangerous arms race in history, as I explained in my article (click on Arms Race). We proliferated nuclear weapons after dropping two on Japan to in part bring an end to the Second World War – though two other factors had, in my opinion, far more influence on the Japanese deciding to surrender. (See Hiroshima. Also click on Neoconservatives.)

After being the sole possessor of atomic weapons, America became an atomic weapon assembly line producing 250 in four years. The Soviet Union was under threat from these and unless they spent resources and treasure they could ill-afford to keep pace with the US proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, they were completely vulnerable to atomic attack.

A more responsible US approach would have been to declare only to keep the knowledge to build atomic bombs but never build them. The UN could inspect our installations to prove we have none.

If there would be an arms race, America would not start it. However, the first nation to test fire one would be matched by America’s ability to build ten atom bombs for every new bomb built by another nation. We would not begin an arms race but we would never lose one either! So why start one that could possibly lead to the end of the world?

Now Israel, another democracy, had started a regional doomsday arms race in the 1960s. Certain facts bring consequences to a little country like Israel.

FACT: no one was pursuing nuclear weapons in the Middle East until Israel introduced them.

FACT: when you build a whole lot of atomic WMDs you compel your neighbors at least to secretly learn how to build them or make their own arsenal as a deterrent.

Whether Israel was right or wrong to build them is not the point. Israel is completely responsible for setting in motion this terrible and apocalyptic timeline and if they do not work to erase all atomic weapons from the region, they will suffer a Second Holocaust that they set in motion the day they moved from gaining the knowledge to building a stockpile of nuclear and thermonuclear warheads.

I’m like everyone else no one wants war and if it wasn’t for oil or money we probably wouldn’t ever have war,

These words betray the “peace-loving” platitude we use as a civil veneer to cover over our latent barbarity. We use words like wool pulled over our eyes to a war impulse underneath – the will to violent catharsis we all have conditioned into us by society that feeds the cycle of wars.

You have and you will want war if it lowers your gas prices, if such skyrocketing prices at the pump threaten your American way of gas guzzling life.

We Americans have waged war all for the sake of oil in the Persian Gulf (1991), the Iraq “no fly zone” (1991-2003), Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2011), Afghanistan, (2001-forever?) and may fight the biggest war yet with Iran by 2015-2016 or sooner if Israel drags America into it. Arab potentates occupying lands of other Arab potentates have happened down through millennia. Iraq occupies Kuwait in 1990-91. Who would care if it were not for Kuwaiti oil? Who would shed a tear for Kuwaitis if Saddam Hussein’s occupation forces where not next poised on the Kuwaiti-Saudi Arabian border below which lies the largest known reserves of easy to extract oil that fuels the global economy?

Have eyes to see, Ken and anyone else unaware of this programmed habit. Please do not speak for others and me. Speak for yourself. This platitude (“no one wants war, but…”) has a lot of “butt”-stupid in it. People love to cite it as a feel-good pretense before they go to slaughter other fellow human beings. The only time such a statement will be true is when warring and the will to warfare – either suppressed in our false periods of peace, or flaming bright in times of war – had disappeared in the awakening of human consciousness.

Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
So that I should heal them.’
But blessed are your eyes for they see,
And your ears for they hear.

Yeshua (circa 33 c.e.) Matthew 13:15-16

I’m a great reader of Nostradamus but here’s a real puzzling problem for me, if he gave the names of the three Antichrist (even if the spelling of the names were a little off), how come with all the knowledge we have today and the deciphering of his books none can come out and say with all honesty who the actual third Antichrist really is, just curious, thank you for your time.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUSHOGUE
None? Upon what study of books about this most talked about subject in Nostradamus study do you draw such a sweeping conclusion that no one has said who the Third and Final Antichrist foreseen by Nostradamus, is? Have you read my 70,000-word e-Book on this subject? Click on Mabus.

In this book, I draw my conclusions after a 25-year study. We cover all possible modern candidates from Palestinian terrorists of the 1980, to Saddam Hussein, to the chief combatant leaders (Western, Arab and Iranian) both living and recently departed in the war of terror in the 21st century.

The prophecies about Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist comprise a fascinating detective story where super sleuths in search of a mass-murderer, become Sleuth-sayers, trying to grasp the identity of the Antichrist before his terrible 27-year war can erupt because of the consequences of his annihilation.

MabusYes! Unlike the other two Antichrists believed to be Napoleon and Hitler, the third, code-named Mabus either lives or has just been killed in our times. Visions of the prophet cast before us his strange destiny. The death of Mabus triggers his terrible war. Thus I am very interested in how the death of an Iraqi dictator and leader of al-Qaeda, like Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, may bring us into the  27-year war of the Third Antichrist.

With right perception and intuition, we can rightly interpret the signs, see how we give birth to the future in the present and prevent it.

John Hogue
(08 April 2012)

Books by John Hogue

It is Easter today. The pagan fertility holiday has had a good run subcontracted for two millennia by the big business religion of the Piscean Age and given a whole new context to the term, “He is risen.”

This might be a good day to look at Easter eggs and papal prophecy.

Easter is a family affair so I invite you to explore an e-Book that with magic wand in cheek explains why everyone’s favorite grandma and first lady may actually be the Antichrist Mabus. Click on Ma Bush.

The Republican candidates might be taking time off on Easter, but the campaign resumes tomorrow and a number of observations I made last year about Romney sustaining his lead and never looking back at competitors after Super Tuesday primary elections is on track, as is the Republican’s weakest demographic link to a return to the White House. Romney’s support with Latino voters has moved from muy terrible a horroroso. Will he yet win against Obama? There are some encouraging astrological aspects in Romney’s chart for Election Day, 6 November, but then one must compare them to Obama’s powerful stars. Read more: 2012.

Prophecy never takes a holiday. If you are not already on my free newsletter list now may be a good time to put all your Easter eggs in one prescient basket to be the first informed when current events match prophetic trends at



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