God’s Promises. Taiwan Crisis Update. Chauvin Conviction and the “Convict”-tioning of Identity Politics. The Aftermath of the Eleven-Day Gaza-Israeli War. Assault Rifle Ban and Visionary Solutions. The Eternal “Answer” is not a Problem to be Solved. Nostradamus and the Prophecies of Future Inventions. And Finally: A Brief Note on Next Month’s Article Wave Release

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DATELINE: 31 May 2021


A Madhuri (Mahdree) Meditation Moment
Session Two

Back by popular demand is a pause to poetically reflect on the world, from my friend and fellow traveler in meditation, Madhuri Z. K. Ewing, author of Mistakes On the Path. This poem, God’s Promises, was inspired by a walk in April near her home in West Yorkshire, UK. She saw this sign (see her pictured of it above) outside a Catholic church while on her way to climb the downs covered in health that inspired Charlotte Bronte’s book Withering Heights. Among its nuances of reflection, Madhuri’s poem has some subtle apocalyptic-prophetic curves to the body of the text.

Madhuri-PinkHat-fushia dress-fushia-flowersIn-BackgroundGOD’S PROMISES

I’ll send a plague from time to time
– bewilder you most every day perhaps;
depending on your own Design –

I’ll make the rivers run downhill
the skies wheel
the lions roar – That is what I’m for –

I’ll make the clouds puff
and the stones rough
beneath your feet as you tramp along the moor.

I’ll make the moss and lichens soft as fur
upon the stones of walls you build
I’ll let the sunshine paint your heart
with temporary joy
and strew the daffodils straight and bright
as youthful acolytes
upon the tilt green sward.

I’ll make you grieve for your own passing
even as you walk
beside forget-me-nots blue-eyed as aught
that Goddess ever wore.

Sit, then, beneath a tree –
Why run, and run, likes horses,
towards the Nevermore?
Sit, and watch, and feel
the Northern sun –
‘Tis only my work
My blessed work
that’s never done –

Check out her Facebook Page, and her Facebook Poetry Page.

Now to the future-trending news…

DATELINE: 24 May 2021

Red Chinese Propaganda Poster 1957. Source: chinaposters.net.

Red Chinese Propaganda Poster 1957. Source: chinaposters.net.

Back to the Future

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to HogueProphecy.com and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

Some ancient whistleblowers from the 1960s can still blow, thank goodness, such as Daniel Ellsberg, famous for leaking the Pentagon Papers in 1971. He exposed how the US Pentagon under Robert McNamara during the President Johnson Administration secretly expanded the range of US military involvement from merely defending South Vietnam in its civil war with the communist North Vietnam into a wider Southeast Asian conflict that included secret warfare in Cambodia and Laos as well. Definitely not what “Mac” and LBJ publicly promised never to do. Ellsberg had been a fellow working on what the Pentagon Papers were officially and turgidly called, Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force. He leaked the entire secret report to the New York Times exposing revelations about a previous Taiwan Crisis that might be developing disturbing parallels to the present crisis.

Jump forward a half century to the present.

Ellsberg on Sunday 23 May 2021 has leaked for a second time to the New York Times the top secret sections of a 1966 report by the Rand Corporation think tank assessing the 1958 Taiwan Straits crisis, written by M.H. Halperin of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense.

The Chinese Nationalists under Chang Kai-shek had lost the civil war with the Chinese communists under Mao Zedong by 1949. They fled the mainland to the Chinese state of Taiwan. This is where Chang with US support and rearmament made his stand as the last territory governed by the anti-Communist Republic of China (ROC). Nearly a decade hence, from 22 August to 22 September 1958, the Republic of China began fortifying a first defense line of islands they still controlled on the Chinese mainland side of the Strait of Taiwan, Kinmen (Quemoy) and the Matsu island chain. The PRC (People’s Republic of China) clashed with ROC naval units and regularly shelled the ROC held islands. The signs in the late summer of 1958 indicated a PRC sea invasion was imminent. US naval forces gathered in the strait, and you might never know this until Ellsberg spilled the top secret report: World War III came far closer in 1958 than during the better known Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, and for a lot less compelling strategic reasons. The report shows that the military brass in the Pentagon were far more advanced in their thinking and planning about using the nuclear option than during the Cuban crisis four years later—that is, should it look like the ROC controlled islands would fall to a conventional invasion by Red Chinese forces.

Ben Westcott of CNN reports that the documents reveal “the extent of Washington’s discussions about using nuclear weapons to deter a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, including the acceptance by some US military leaders of possible retaliatory nuclear strikes on US bases.”

“According to the leaked documents,” added Westcott, “some US Defense and State department officials were concerned the loss of the outlying islands in 1958 could lead to a full ‘Chinese Communist takeover of Taiwan.’

“In the event of an air and sea attack on the islands, US Air Force Gen. Nathan Twining said the US would have to use nuclear weapons against Chinese air force bases to prevent a successful air interdiction campaign, beginning with low-yield ten to fifteen kiloton nuclear weapons.

“If this didn’t lead to a break in the assault from mainland China, the United States … would have no alternative but to conduct nuclear strikes deep into China as far north as Shanghai.

“The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs acknowledged this would almost certainly lead to nuclear retaliation against Taiwan and the US military base at Okinawa in Japan. But he stressed that if national policy is to defend the offshore islands then the consequences had to be accepted, the document said.”

Red China didn’t have nukes at that time. They did have a defense treaty with the Soviet Union, however, that promised a nuclear retaliatory attack if the US should drop a single A-bomb on China. So the Pentagon brass had a few brass asses that were fine with starting a nuclear war with Soviet Russia as a consequence that had to be accepted to save Quemoy and Matsu island bits.

Given present-day current Taiwan Crisis, the heightened tensions of late, including talks of secession in Taipei without Washington discouraging it—this being a red line not to cross for Beijing, Daniel Ellsberg was compelled to release his second important copy of classified Pentagon papers held in reserve. He saw a repetition of history danger, Pentagon brass eager to fondle the nuclear trigger. That’s what I see at least, contained in his motivation expressed after the report’s release when Ellsberg wrote the following on his Twitter page on Sunday 23 May, “US first use of nuclear weapons should not be contemplated, prepared, or threatened anywhere, under any circumstances, including the defense of Taiwan.”

A runaway escalation of Soviet and US nuclear attacks on each other into World War III didn’t happen in the 1958 Taiwan Crisis because President Eisenhower was definitely not gung ho about using nukes. He preferred fighting the Chinese conventionally.

Joshua Pollack, editor of the Nonproliferation Review writing on his Twitter page found the Ellsberg’s release “quite jarring” reading how Pentagon officials in 1958 were so cavalier about facing in-coming nuclear counterattacks by the Soviets as acceptable. Clearly they were not thinking further about what comes after Soviet missiles obliterated US bases in Okinawa. What’s next? A US nuclear counterstrike on Soviet bases around Vladivostok?

Then what?

Here’s what!

A potential escalation that could start World War III destroying humanity. And for what?! Losing a string of piddlingly small islands with no military value?

“It’s no surprise the White House said no,” Pollack added.

Fortunately on 6 October 1958 a ceasefire ended the crisis and Pentagon nuke’em coffee-clutch talk.

So here’s where we are today.

China this time around is a member of the nuclear club with upward of 500 nuclear warheads locked and loaded in intercontinental missile, bomber-jet or naval delivery systems. Add to that its significant expansion and modernization of its armed forces, especially its navy. America does not have the overwhelming Cold War One presence in or around Taiwan in the current Cold War Two.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping made his intentions crystal clear in a speech back in January 2019 to liberate Taiwan from its US-backed secessionist government by any means necessary, even by full-scale invasion.

One wonders if the pencil pin-heads of Pentagon think tanks are getting a bit Rand Corp “randy” again for a fight. Has Ellsberg some hint of this, enough hinting that compelled him to risk arrest and trial for treason by sharing top secret plans of Pentagon past? Are the Joint Chiefs of Staff musing up hypothetical scenarios for the Taiwan Crisis by September 2021?

Stay tuned…

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

Derek Chauvin. Source UPI.

Derek Chauvin. Source UPI.

The Chauvin Conviction
And the “Convict”-tioning
Of Identity Politics

Minneapolis Policeman Derek Chauvin, faced a number of complaints about his behavior throughout his career. His “number” for abuse finally and karmically “came up” at complaint #17, caught on cellphone camera, gone at last to court for the death by lack of oxygen caused by his knee pressed to the street asphalt floor with back of neck squeezed in-between, belonging to George Floyd. This videotaped act of police brutality sent the US into a world of racial tension, ire and hurt. It escalated the impact of Black Lives Matter for better and worse, saw many city centers burnt and vandalized with dozens more civilians and police killed and injured after Floyd. It was the white knee on black neck that shook the US policing establishment in a travail of the new abnormal collective life we live in the decade of the “Roaring 2020s.”

As a former security guard working around police and as a member of a persecuted religious minority, I’ve experienced both sides of this issue. In my case, I was not being judged and profiled by the color of my skin but by the color of my religious red clothes and mala necklace bearing the picture of my teacher, Osho, beginning back from 1980 and up to 1990 in my first decade being a lifetime devotee. That persecution has since eased somewhat with the passing of the red clothes period to take the shape of another profiling issue ever since. It is another trivial fixation of others about my appearance. Many people can’t see me even skin-colored deep because they can’t get past the length of my hair and beard. My long beard and ponytail trigger an even more shallow, knee-jerk—sometimes real jerk—reaction especially from US customs officers upon my return from India, or from folks without custom uniforms equally looking to tag me with an identity, like being a white man, a hairy hippie, none of which is my reality.

All I can say to folks who think I’m white and they are black is how color blind they are. I can at least “see” my own face and theirs without any mind-filtered racism. My face is an assortment of colors playing together as much as theirs. I have a banquet of pinks and yellows and sallows marbled in green veins to feast upon with open eyes. You who mistake yourself as black are many, many shades of ebony, from bleached-to-tanned ebony into dark textures of brown with even those friends of mine from deepest Africa enjoying a color that sings of bluish noir of night. To call someone by one slate black or sheet white shade is to see the prison of an identified mind at work, lost in the “idiot”-state of Ideology, falsely believing that one color of white or of black fits all, judges all with its terrible sweep of slap.

This is the ego-type projections of the 2020s, the stuff of idiot programmed, labeling people, from skin color to politics. Identity Politics follows the same one-label-fits-all mob-think that brands a human being’s mind with one stark shade of either black or white about life. Identity never brings one into harmony with others and Existence, because its mental attempt to divide Existence is delusional.

It can’t get past the beard even down to the naked “under-the-skin” of us. If one could put racial identity and political identity aside one might understand and reconnect with an eternal soul that in its deepest Source makes us all one. You would know therefore that Idiot-Identity Politics is a greater plague upon us than the Covid-19 Pandemic. It is a spiritual plague that magnifies the illusion of being separate from the whole Existence for the sake of gaining power or revenge over others for things done that dwell in the dead past.

The past is ever dead. The future is ever “not yet.”

Things are only understood and transcended when bringing all our intelligence and being into this present and eternally alive moment.

Dear reader, haven’t you had enough misery-feeding and strengthening separation and isolation against others?

What else is society’s ego-creating and strengthening process?

It took the trusting hand of the child fresh out of arrival through birth from the harmonious mystery and dragged that child through a learning process to adopt a collection of identities, imposed triggers for borrowed feelings and thoughts called a personality that eventually forgot the source given up to a world contained.

Did that child want to herd itself like sheeple into mob-identity politics to be dulled into a complacent, false security by the close proximity of a mob of like-ego-en-minded herds? Are we human beings better served by being turned into “sheeple”?

Every being was born unto us a miracle beyond identities that ego has buried because the world lost touch with its inner being.

I can only metaphorically hint about this “am-ness” of a unified and wonderous harmony, for the part that is words cannot conceive the whole of “IT.”

It is like the ocean that life and human idiot programming has scooped into a container called “John Hogue” or whatever your name is, reader. The eternal waters will take the ego shape it is forced to contain itself trapped within. Yet it is never lost, only contained in forgetfulness, is the child as an oceanic wholeness of existence when becoming overtook being and made the oceanic a slave of the wave’s identified shape.

The real crime, the existential crime of George Floyd being murdered by Derek Chauvin is that they lived their lives inside false ego containers assuming one was black and the other was white. One was taught to be oppressed, the other the oppressor. The containment of the Oceanic Consciousness made them, indeed made all of us, recreated falsely in the image of ego’s shapes and prejudices of separation. Hence we hate and fear and loath each other’s false containment, unaware that inside these is the water of the Present’s eternity, the water inside all of us that tastes exactly with the same saltiness of being.

A black wave… A white wave… Contains “IT.”

I’ve used the past tense of “lived” when describing Floyd and Chauvin because one life in the container has been unconsciously ended, released to oceanic source, the other will now live as if dead in an illusion of containment for decades to come. The shape of the container is now called “a prisoner” to be punished for what he did. He’s now a convict, not in the “corrections” system, not in the “Justice” system, but now a victim of what I view as the Revenge and Punishment Industrial Complex.

When I watched Chauvin on video slowly killing a pleading and handcuffed man, looking for long stretches at the eye-witness making the video tape, I saw an Idiot identity looking rather proud and defiant about being caught on a candid camera in his cop-macho movie pose. I said aloud with compassion, “You fool. With that look in this video, you have destroyed your life, and will destroy many more lives as consequence.”

Bullying moment number 17 finally brought a bully’s comeuppance, only to set identity-against-identity across the American nation killing more police and people, burning city centers in the name of Black Lives mattering, making no life matter. Such is the poison of identity-contained life: a battle of bottled egos beating each other.

But I seek neither closure here in the end of Chauvin’s long years of bullying, nor see justice served by locking him away for cruelly ending George Floyd’s life. Closure is an illusion of the container ego. There is no end to Existence for it is eternally alive and unfolding and we are only under the illusion of being temporarily contained in identity’s form. From this point of view the following observations and recollections surface as visions for a solution to the plague of identity of color made now political and lethal for all sides for believing such a false ego-manufactured thing as “sides” exists.

So with the intention of my preamble set, I wish to share with you a conversation I had with Sean, a long-time reader and commentor here at HogueProphecy, logged at the end of April 2021 right after Derek Chauvin was convicted.

We’ll see where this ends up going, haha.

Justice. I mean what really is justice?

I understand that many people are glad to see that Chauvin was convicted of killing George Floyd, and honestly I do believe that Floyd was murdered, and a murder by the cops. And I understand that the term “justice” is a complicated one. But, what I found to be somewhat, disturbing…

It seemed to be that everyone was not just cheering the conviction, but was in fact cheering the fact that this man will now lose his freedom, in this particular case, I don’t think that is a good thing, and I am not really sure how “justice” was served. A man is still dead. Imprisoning someone over it is not going to change that. And this conviction is not going to change all of the things that are systemically [flawed] in the policing system, their training, which is basically shoot first, and ask questions later. So what if someone dies, so what if a mental unbalanced person [seeks death] from suicide by cop, and if they are black then; well, they may be more under suspicion [by such a culture of police] to commit a crime.

What we have in the world of today is not justice but a Revenge Industrial Complex serving an Industrial Prison Complex. America being the worst example, for we have more people per-capita incarcerated than any nation in the world.

Punishment isn’t working. At best it can suppress people but it doesn’t heal and transform people. That’s why calling the prison system the “correction” system is an outright laugh. What it is “correcting” is helping criminals become better at crime. The prison-system, rather than being a place where people get help to rebuild their lives and gain self-love and aid in education and training, has instead made these prisons Universities of Correcting Crime Failures. The prisoner learns from other convicts while in stir how to become better criminals, when set free. The more crime they commit aids the calls to fund more policing and build more prisons. Do you see how one system perfects the need for the other?

America’s prison system and justice system is human civilization’s climax to a 5,000-year failed experiment using brutality, isolation and a fearful revenge that follows you throughout your life, even after prison as a marked human being, a felon, a convict, uncorrected, unloved, un-helped. The society never lets you back in, never forgives you, never gives you a second chance even if you have paid your dues. It is all unconsciously programmed to perpetuate the circle of imprisonment and keep the jail business going.

In my view as a meditator, the justice and prison systems should be about ending crime. Their goal should be to make crime disappear from the human condition completely. Then that society will reward their success by helping them learn another trade.

I feel the same about the Sickness Industrial Complex too. It perpetuates illness and fear. It should strive instead to have it become  a “Health Sustaining System.” I would not pay the system when I am sick but only pay when I am healthy.

Change the entire emphasis of it to health, not sickness.

The medical practitioners are rewarded by every human being paying a very small amount of money each day to them for keeping us healthy. And no more trying to keep people alive at all costs. The father of medicine Hippocrates was too ancient a doctor to understand that “do no harm” as the doctor’s motto does great harm by keeping people alive at all costs, plugging people into machines and keeping them trapped in their bodies for years in a coma, unable to move into new bodies or be free of the cycle of life and death.

If a doctor serves life then he or she must complete the circle by also serving “Death.” It is the other side of the coin called “Life.” Be whole in holding this understanding in your healing hands. There is a time to heal, and a time to let go, of the body.

The sad thing is, this is not going to change anything. It just doesn’t feel right. After all, to Derick Chauvin, what he was doing may very well have been the correct thing to do, for him what he did may have been justice, and according to his training he may very well have done the right thing. His actions did result in the death of a man, but how much of this is really due to a cop’s training which relies heavily on engagement, rather than disengagement and de-escalation?

It really made me think about what really defines Justice. All the cheering people seemed like they were missing the mark on what really needs to be “justice served” and I don’t think it is just one person. He certainly didn’t think that he did anything wrong, though I must say, his defense from the little I cared to see, in retrospect, was quite weak. Not to mention the fact that there are going to be weeks, and months to follow of appeals before he would actually serve any time. I can understand that Floyd’s family feels relief, but I don’t really understand why the others would cheer with a guilty verdict. I mean this is coming from a white man’s perspective so I certainly do not fully understand.

This is not about identification with the color of one’s skin or the shape of one’s genitals, or the desire of some to change the shape of their genitals as a way to identify and judge themselves against the judgement of other people as a different sex. Actually a root answer to all the great points you made is to define them as consequences suffered by the problem of programmed identity instilled into every child born out of The Mystery to take up a borrowed mortal and transitory dreamworld called “life” at the cost of not preserving the build-in morality and understanding they have innocently brought into the world for us who forgot it, their presumptive teachers of ego, to remember. Moreover, it will only intensify suffering and violence if the new political and social movements succeed in their wish to intensify the focus on surface identities at the complete ignore-ance of the Being that has no identity, no skin color, no masks, no genitals, no ego—both individual and herd program identified. The Woke, Cancel Culture, Me too, Q-Anon, and all the rest from Proud Boys to Antifa, and even BLM, are movements that will do more to destroy the world and each other than heal it or understand it.

Even the greatest Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. understood this. His ultimate goal is mine. To end racism by removing the programming that makes us color-blinded from seeing the eternal being inside each person: the one Soul that is Existence in its infinite, temporary waves of expression called “you” and “me.” Identity politics, identity racism, identity religionism and nationalism, will all-together make the world of ego-shaping waves crash into a hurricane of history, a typhoon of doomsday for this civilization in the coming 20 years, if the inner oceanic, contained in every wave—that is beyond color, beyond form, beyond identity—is not understood as the core of all things witnessed in the world of waves.

But to your points above, I wish to share my own experience being involved with policing.

Osho during the daily “Drive-By” celebrations.

Osho during the daily “Drive-By” celebrations.

I used to be in security on the Osho Commune in Oregon where I lived from 5 May 1982 to 15 January 1986. As a community of meditators we were into engagement with love, awareness and compassion, which tended to disengage violence because we didn’t meet violence with violence. And we did have “situations” of violence, all of which were caused by outsiders visiting our peaceful community. There was a group that wanted to start a riot on the county road that passed through our private town. I was in a line of security guards quietly blocking access to these rioters threatening to crowd around Osho’s car and turn it over while he was on his daily drive by celebration with the communards one day.

The rioters were street people that Ma Anand Sheela, in one of her many crimes, invited into our commune in an attempt to try ballot stuffing a county election to save our city from another attempt to decertify it out of existence by the Oregonian state government. She wanted to legally stuff the ballot box in this election just like a lot of my American readers want to make legal a stuffing of the US Supreme Court with enough justices to get the political outcome they wanted.

Heck even a beloved American president like Franklyn Delano Roosevelt tried stuffing the SCOTUS to prevent Republican-leaning justices from slowing down and constitutionally stopping his “New Deal” social and work programs. FDR failed, I predict the current attempt to stuff the courts will also fail, just as Sheela’s crack-brained idea of picking up street people to live with us also crashed and burned. Beyond Sheela’s motivations we who lived in the Oregon Commune welcomed them. I’m happy to say that many of the Share-a-Home guys stayed with us and became beloved disciples and friends that I still have today.

The Oregon State officials saw Sheela using a flaw in their state voting rights that let a new citizen of Oregon who could prove they lived in Oregon automatically get registered to vote. Sheela wasn’t breaking the law technically speaking but she was exploiting it, and her motive to gather all those people off the streets outside of Oregon equally exploited them. So just before the election the Oregon State Senate voted to change the laws preventing the “new voters” in our city from voting.

Now that her game was up, Sheela “being Sheela” found ways to manipulate many Share-a-Home members to leave the commune, paying their bus tickets etc., to get out of our commune and end up on any American street they wanted to homeless go.

All these decades later, she’s becoming a celebrity for her crimes and missed-dementor schemes since her recent documentary appearance on Netflix’s Wild Wild Country, which has a sequel coming that’s just about “Tough Titties” Sheela.

A little background, Sheela was the secretary of Osho who was our guest living on the commune. To explain this briefly, a lot of people, including many disciples of Osho even to this day, project upon this Enlightened man their un-enlightened, ego-container expectations that he should have been some omnipotent messiah. If these disciples were ever listening, Osho made it very clear that Enlightenment is one’s ordinary state of being. You have come to know your “Self” as the oceanic that only appears to be contained as an ego-“self.”

That specifically means you know yourself at last, but that doesn’t mean you know that your room was bugged by your secretary Ma Anand Sheela, or that you were aware she was committing crimes inside and outside of our commune city.

When Osho’s doctor, Devaraj, came to his room and accused Sheela of setting up his attempted murder during a celebration with one of her sycophants injecting adrenalin in Raj’s rump to cause a heart attack, Osho said that was a very serious accusation against one of his people. “You must prove it.”

Which Devaraj did. Osho then broke his public silence of 3.5 years to resume daily discourses. All Osho did was speak his truth from his own experience in daily discourses for the next year and the more he spoke from his enlightenment it did not gel with the descending tyranny of Sheela and her gang, overshadowing our commune. It took about a year before Sheela and that gang felt so deeply disconnected to the rest of us mainly because they really were outsiders. She and her circle of conspirators had one thing in common with each other, none of them were interested in meditation. They were into power.

To be in a city of meditators with Osho now talking about meditation again just got too alien for such people with power issues. One day they all just left our city at once and that’s when we meditators inside the commune and outside too, discovered to our horror to what extent her many crimes of power had tried to turn the commune of meditators into her own little surveillance state through bugging our homes. We learned at length how far her crimes went, including poisoning us, and the public outside of our commune, and her cult circle’s willingness to even attempt arson and murder by her command.

Now, back to the incident with a group of Share-a-Home street people, a rather garrulous group of these, who were waiting to get out of town on a tour bus. These were unlike the majority that came.

The bus had to wait because Drive-by was happening and that pissed them off. It was Osho’s daily circuit down the commune’s roads in one of the commune’s Rolls Royces we gave him to drive after lunch to celebrate with his disciples all lined up along the commune roads with drums and instruments playing in a daily expression of love and celebration between a master behind the wheel with his disciples.

Osho’s Drive-by was approaching and the group of rioters were getting ready to mix it up with the line of security guards, me being one of them with a riot stick held down in front of me gripped in both my hands. We were there to prevent them from crossing our line to overturn Osho’s car.

The ringleader approached me threateningly, standing nose to nose with me. He was itching to start a brawl. I could feel it coming in my hara, that certain pit-of-the-gut rising, ugly, itching gap, an opening of cold fear and a hot approaching fight… Complete reading this and get full access to all eight articles by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 31 May 2020

George Floyd mural Minneapolis. Source Lorie Shaull.

George Floyd mural Minneapolis. Source Lorie Shaull.

The Chauvin Conviction
And the “Convict”-tioning
Of Identity Politics

Frankly, I think both extremists sides of this issue need therapy. BLM needs to value all life as much as the police need to value their lives and be more ‘Peace” officers than murdering officers unless truly threatened. Floyd on his face in handcuffs was arrested as in stopped-still by Chauvin’s team. No need for death to have happened here. Very unprofessional in my estimation as someone who has had to deal with situations as a security guard… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

A recent Israeli funeral (left) for someone killed by Palestinian rocket fire. In Gaza (right), a Palestinian mother cradles her dead and white shrouded child, killed by massive Israeli air strikes, prepared for burial.

A recent Israeli funeral (top) for someone killed by Palestinian rocket fire. In Gaza (bottom), a Palestinian mother cradles her dead and white shrouded child, killed by massive Israeli air strikes, prepared for burial.


In the Aftermath of the Explosive new round of
Israeli-Palestinian Violence
An Assessment of what Happened
And What Comes Next

Biden’s disinterest in Middle Eastern affairs is a significant and new US strategic shift and prophetic trend. The US in the next four years is indeed turning its attention to China and the Western Pacific for its next containment and military misadventures. This will forever change the nature of the Middle East’s future in the next four years. America today is advancing towards complete disengagement with a region it had worked and fought hard to influence and build alliances since the 1960s… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

640px-Joe-Biden-VagueLookingUpSRC-Gage Skidmore cc-Creative Commons

Biden’s Ban on Assault Rifles
Versus John Hogue’s Visionary Solution
On how to greatly reduce gun Violence and Death
Set down in the Year 2013

Neill then asked in his letter, “I’m interested to see how you explain ‘Wokishness,’ virtue signaling, and the cancel culture involving the Bolsheviks. Is that a parallel?”

…the Bolsheviks were diabolical geniuses in seizing power not through debate but through merely cancelling out their opposition with sweeping condemnations, like dismissing your view by saying, “that’s so bourgeois!” They weaponized Karl Marx’s term, the bourgeoise, , defining a certain cultural and financially capitalized class, divided by the haute (upper), moyen (middle) and petite (petty) bourgeoise that were in abject contrast to the proletariat (working) class. So if they leveled you down as bourgeois, it meant you were not with the people but an oppressor of the vast working proletariat class.

Your entire class, high, middle, or petite, was not debated, but just canceled by the Bolsheviks. You were not with them, not worthy even, to number among the real and progressive proletariat people that Bolsheviks herded together appointing themselves as their watchdogs and guardians… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 13 June 2020

EyeNebulaMeditationThe Eternal “Answer” is Not a Problem to be Solved

If mind is there it exists by creating goals and therefore trapping you in time, which takes you away on a wild goose chase for millions of lives looking for that which in this moment has always been “Eternal Answer.”

Any thought about this Eternal Answer will take you back into time and mind. If we are buddhas (awakened ones) pretending not to be, then all thinking about the buddha, the awakened one, is pretense.

If you try to stop the mind from thinking about it, that is an idea called “you” holding onto its pretenses. This “you” cannot make what you already are happen… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 31 May 2020

Poster from the movie Nostradamus (1994) produced by Orion Classics, much of which was based on my first book, Nostradamus and the Millennium.

Poster from the movie Nostradamus (1994) produced by Orion Classics, much of which was based on my first book, Nostradamus and the Millennium.


1 Q30
La nef eƒtrange par le tourment marin,
Abourdera1 pres de port incogneu:
Nonobƒtant ƒignes de rameau palmerin2,
Apres mort pille bon auis3 tard venu.

The strange ship, because of the tormented seas,
Will arrive [or land] at an unknown port:
Notwithstanding the signals from the branch of palm [radar dish?]
After death, pillage: good advice [or birds] arriving late.

Shall we peer far down the far future’s potentials?

There approaches a strange and alien ship exiting the a solar gales of space to land on an unknown port—a new world. Are they humans come to colonize a new Earth under the stars of new heavens mentioned by Nostradamus in his Preface prophecy as those seen from a planet within the constellations of Aquarius, or Cancer?

Nostradamus the movie (1994) final scene: humanity arrives at a New Earth in the Constellation of Cancer as foreseen by Nostradamus. The vision was inspired by my 1987 original interpretation of Nostradamus’ 3797 AD Prophecies in Nostradamus and the Millennium.

Nostradamus the movie (1994) final scene: humanity arrives at a New Earth in the Constellation of Cancer as foreseen by Nostradamus. The vision was inspired by my 1987 original interpretation of Nostradamus’ 3797 AD Prophecies in Nostradamus and the Millennium.

We do not know…

Once upon a distant future time long after arks from the final conflagration of the Sun devouring the Earth launched the great human exodus sometime around 3797 AD, and after a centuries-long approach to new Earth’s in Aquarius and Cancer, successful landfall upon a new Earth in the Cancer constellation happened in the year 4030 AD… et 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 13 June 2020

Me with Johnny Enoch and Dannion Brinkley at George Noory’s live stage show held at the Everett Opera House, WA, in March 2019.

Me with Johnny Enoch and Dannion Brinkley at George Noory’s live stage show held at the Everett Opera House, WA, in March 2019.

A Brief Note on Next Month’s Article Wave Release

Then I plan to present five short articles related to important developments in Climate Change followed by ALL of Nostradamus’ climate crisis quatrains and prose prophecies. There are at least 50 that I’ve uncovered over the decades…

My subscribers will get a first peek at the most up-to-date interpretations of these prophecies as a part of a massive project of the next three years that runs like a thread through all my writing assignments and article waves to come in that period. I’m taking whatever chance I can to present in these Article Waves hundreds of Nostradamus’ quatrains and prose prophecies presented by theme into a major update not undertaken since I published Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies back in 1997. My subscribers will see them first before anyone else before I include them in a pool of updated Nostradamus prophecies.

When that pool is filled, my original 1997 edition of 950 pages will expand to three serialized volumes of around 750 pages apiece. These will contain ALL of Nostradamus’ prophetic works translated and interpreted. It will be the most significant examination yet embarked upon in 4.6 centuries. I’m hoping to have Volume One ready for publication at the end of 2022 and then publish the other two volumes at the end of 2023 and 2024… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.


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