New Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Ukraine and Taiwan Crises Updates. Hogue’s Vision of What an Ideal Nostradamus Documentary Can be. The True Fools Are the Only Ones Who Have a Future. And Finally, Nostradamus and the Hitler Prophecies

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Let’s Pile on yet a New Crisis for 2021
A Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Will Illuminate the Ancient Core Cause of it:
The Biblical Source your Mainstream Media Manipulators
Do not want You to Discover

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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

Before I take you into a free sample of the April Article Wave of HogueProphecy published in May, a brief overview of what is happening with open conflict between the Israeli Jewish State’s brazen and anti-Semitic attack on millions of illegally occupied and oppressed Palestinian Arabs. These oppressed people have significantly been joined by many Arab Israeli citizens in open rebellion against the beginning of a systematic and forcible removal of Israeli occupied West Bank Palestinians by the “injustice courts” and military police machinery of the Jewish State.

As I prepare to post this, the Israel Defense Forces press release has declared a land invasion of the Gaza Strip and its 2 million souls living in an open air prison is fully underway, then two hours later they retracted that statement. Following that was a massive and sustained bombardment of the Hamas resistance fighter’s tunnel system in the Northern Gaza strip by air, sea and land artillery, whilst in reply another 60 rockets were launched into Israel, making the total 2,000 thus far. The barrage from Gaza is unprecedented and the violence of the Israeli bombardment overnight into 14 May hasn’t been this intense seen since the last war in 2012.

Now it looks like the Israeli announcement that the invasion was on, then off was a way to manipulate the mainstream news leads around the world to broadcast the Israeli army was charging in. The Hamas and Islamic Jihad militias then rushed into their underground positions the Israeli’s call the “Metro” tunnels and prepared for battle just like the Israelis hoped they’d do. The Palestinians fell for a fake news trap and I imagine, in that overnight barrage of missiles from 160 Israeli jets that hundreds of Hamas and Islamic jihad fighters were obliterated.

There are some rumblings north of the Israeli border that Hezbollah may join Hamas in showering Israel with far more lethal rocketry. This has the potential of becoming a regional war.

By the way, the right wing elements in the Israeli government openly call this sort of periodic devastation of the Gazi Strip, this largest open prison of two million people in the world, “cutting the grass.” The grass, by the way that’s “cut down” are Palestinians during these mowing-down wars that also include destroying civilian infrastructure along with military targets. These “grass cutting” wars of Jerusalem against Gaza are making life intolerable for Palestinian refugees who are the descendants of those cast out of their homes when the Jewish settlements were imposed on the Palestinians by the United Nations in 1947 who then fought and lost a war with the Jews who declared a Jewish State over their lands fully established 73 years earlier in May 1948.

In each of these punitive grass cuts of Arabs, the Israelis regularly bomb the cement making capabilities of the people there, leaving much in ruin of one of the most densely populated places on Earth. Israeli weapons have destroyed the sewage system hence feces floats up on the shores of Gaza’s beaches, one of the few places people enduring life there can get away from the hell of a concentration camp that before the Covid Pandemic had many of their prison guards on the other side of the barbwire train high-powered sniper rifles on unarmed demonstrators each day back in 2018. These Israeli snipers—often gleefully—killed hundreds and injured thousands of unarmed Palestinians, even women and children clearly recognizable in their telescopic lenses. They frequently cut down emergency medical personnel trying to carrying out the wounded. Clearly the order was to shoot to maim and cripple, so that the survivors would further burden the overstretched medical resources of this Palestinian version of the “Warsaw Ghetto,” an incomprehensible Jewish version of the German SS snipers who equally made sport randomly marking men, women and children as “things” for target practice.

Just like Jews who tried to resist the Germans in the Warsaw Ghetto, whom Hitler’s henchmen called “terrorists,” the Hamas resistance equally are called same by the Jerusalem regime for firing rockets to defend themselves. These indeed might land mostly in the nearby Jewish settlement of Ashkelon and Jewish settlers, even women and children have died from them, but let us not go MSM-silly here. Let us retain perspective. Ashkelon and other Jewish towns are in the process of playing a part in threatening the lives of two million Palestinians every time they irrigate their farms and drink and wash with water they drain from aquifers “under” the Gaza Strip. They are draining the water table to such an extreme that two million souls behind nearby barbed wire are having to drink water that is inexorably turning into sea water. So, if a few incendiary balloons should burn an Ashkelon field, or a rare rudimentary rocket or two might land there and sometimes kill and wound a few people—it is a great tragedy, indeed. However, over in Gaza there is a human catastrophe is in the making.

I make this point not at all favoring anyone, Jew or Arab, being killed. But really the biblical cliché “David vs. Goliath” fits this situation. I would chase this highly uneven level of violence and death being inflicted by reciting an infamous quote from the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. The Palestinians resisting this occupation are shooting little rockets and flying balloons with incendiaries attached, against a formidably modern army, navy and air force with the best weapons an American Military Industrial Complex can sell to Israel.

David today is not Hebrew. He’s a Palestinian Semite, fighting a Goliath Jewish State that is also the Middle East’s only nuclear power. And for every Israeli Jew killed, eventually in these cyclical wars “cutting the Palestinian grass,” the Israelis on average lose a dozen killed compared to 1,200 Palestinians when the fighting is over “and the lawn is mowed.”

So I sometimes wonder. It appears to me that the leaders of Israel now tacitly subscribe to what Stalin said. He was a man capable of mowing the Soviet Union’s grass of millions of citizens. His rationale I fear is exactly that of the Netanyahu government in Jerusalem, “The death of one person is a tragedy. The death of a million people is merely a statistic.”

What political function does this inhumanity serve?

It is not surprising to me that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, besieged by scandal and the threat of prison, losing a powerful friend in President Donald Trump being replaced by a not-so-friendly President Biden, has gravitated towards extreme actions that would incite equally extreme responses from the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu needs a perpetual emergency to hold onto power. It would be like Hitler’s “enabling powers” the German Parliament gave him to stamp out the communists who were falsely blamed for burning their meeting place, the Reichstag in early 1934. If things go from bad to worse, then Netanyahu can declare a national emergency that would end all talk or moves to place him on trial for corruption that could send him out of power and into prison.

What better and cynical way to literally “kill two birds with one stone”? Silence the prosecution of your trial by ordering the eviction of dozens of Palestinians living in the West Bank for over 50 years since it was occupied, to replace them with right-wing Zionist settlers. Now exploit the general rebellion it caused by soon declaring emergency rule.

Such a deal!

You silence the courts and strengthen your standing with right-wing Jewish settlers who want to crowd out the Palestinians from the West Bank entirely!

This is the year, astrologically speaking, where people will think and even do the unthinkable. This year of 2021 is defined astrologically by the fire-branded intolerance of a Saturn in Aquarius square with its ruler, revolutionary Uranus, in its fall in Taurus. It cries, rebellion! It burns with a unique volatility that has already seen a string of military crises since the square began: the March-April Ukrainian military buildup that triggered an even larger Russian response. The Chinese Nationalist leadership living on Taiwan are abandoning their belief that they can convert the mainland back to their view of governance. They are openly musing about complete secession from the Chinese Mainland. It is an idea gaining more support from Washington but is a red line for Beijing that cannot be crossed without war. Such talk and US military hardware bought by Taipei flowing into Taiwan has brought the Western Pacific closer to a military confrontation between nuclear powers China and the United States. Pile onto that a third crisis between Jews and Palestinians in the so-called “Holy” Land.

And there will be more, I promise you, before this year’s malevolent square is through with us sometime in the spring of 2022. Indeed the signs point to sustained strife over the Palestinian question as a new Intifada, not seen since the turn of the century. And it started at the same place, the Temple Mount in the shadow of the al-Aqsa Mosque.

This time, 21 years later, the riots were far more violent. A larger force of more militarized Israeli police far more aggressive firing volleys of rubber bullets and tear gas. On the last night of the Holy Muslim, month-long holiday of Ramadan last week, two mobs consisting of armored cops and rock throwing Palestinians collided and managed to set fire to part of the al-Aqsa compound. Film of the fire triggered a lot of anger across the Islamic world. It also excited doomsday fever online that I’ve been monitoring across evangelical Christian America. The following day major Israeli arteries into Jerusalem were blocked by Israeli Jewish police to prevent thousands of cars driven by Israeli Arabs from Haifa and other mixed Jewish and Arab Israeli towns coming down to Jerusalem to stand in solidarity with the rioters. Many of these Israeli Arabs just left their cars behind and walked into the Holy City leaving them blocking the highways.

On a related matter, I can sense that some of you are a bit taken aback at my unusual definition of what is “anti-Semitic.” From my experience, the only thing unusual about it is the way the Western Media has redefined in our minds what it means, by consistently taking things out of context in their reports.

Some of you reading this might wonder for instance if I’ve made a grammatical mistake by saying right now that “Israeli Arabs” have joined this Palestinian uprising in the streets of Lot, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Indeed there’s talk in my Israeli and Palestinian news sources of this becoming an Arab on Jewish civil war brewing inside the 1967 borders of the Jewish State.

I started this article defining what is happening as Jewish anti-Semitism against Arabs for effect. My statement goes against the Mainstream Media’s decades-long propaganda, the mantra of a big lie heard often enough and long enough that one just blindly assumes, that to be “anti-Semitic” only defines hating, abusing and persecuting Jews.

Your media is bereft of context. It will not tell you that the Semitic Race has two cousin brother and cousin sister wings, springing from the seed of ancient Abraham, the purported father of the Semitic Race, born of his sons Isaak and Ishmael. I declare it as the original and most ancient source to an ancient struggle between the descendants of Isaak (the Hebrews) and Ishmael (the Arabs) over who is the legitimate and illegitimate descendants of Abraham. That is the core issue of what has been especially developing since the Jewish State of Israel reimposed itself upon regions that had no Hebrew-Jewish state for two millennia upon it, but were mostly populated by Arab Semites.

This coming back home to unilaterally claim a land occupied for ages by Arab Semites is a repeat of another ancient habit by the descendants of Isaak.

When Moses left the Chosen Hebrew People to Joshua as their leader, and went off to find the lost 13th Tribe of Israel, Joshua eventually was succeeded by Saul the first king of the Hebrews. Saul received from the Prophet Samuel a message from “The Lord of Hosts” that he was want to summon up, and he tolerated no corroboration or doubt of his visions.

Samuel declared of Saul that the Lord of Hosts would have him unleash a Holocaust—the first Holocaust committed against Semites in history. Not of God’s Chosen People, but administered by these Chosen People of Isaak’s seed, doled out to the Semitic race known as the Amalekites whose settlements stood on the Promised Land of the Hebrews. The same land Moses promised was rightfully for the Lord’s Chosen People before he made his exit after introducing the Hebrews to the pile of rocky hills and semi-arid lands that were now wholly “Holy” theirs. Holy cow! And other Kosher ungulates!

Saul’s righteous SS soldiers of the Lord of Hosts efficiently and brutally slaughtered first the Amalekite men, then the unwed women, then the Amalekite children, then the Amalekite babes, torn from the arms of their screaming mothers and butchered before their eyes. Then the mothers were soon silenced by blood dripping swords, all prosecuted with such Biblical, primal efficiency, with no need to build a single gas chamber, even. Mein Gott im Himmel! Their systematic violence would make even an Aryan Heinrich Himmler blush.

So here we are again, especially since 1948. Here comes a new Jewish “Kingdom” declared by force and bloodshed and forced diasporas 73 years ago. It crowds out those it deems illegitimate sons and daughters of Ishmael living there for 2,000 years. Forget about complaining! We are special! We are the legitimate descendants of Isaak returned to “our” land.

Want to fight about it?

Think Amalek!

Leave or be threatened by massacre, stay and you remain second class citizens in a Jewish “apartheid” State.

Today the wholesale slaughter by the self-proclaimed “legitimate” sons and daughters of Abraham has not begun yet. The Zionist Supremacists in power in the Jewish State these days, have to be more clever than the Nazis about it. Their aim is to do what the Russian Empire did to Jews in the late nineteenth century, a pogrom, a forcible ejection of entire Palestinian populations out of the West Bank, east into Jordan. Think of it. When the water runs out, the humanitarian disaster will force the Gazans to find another camp outside of Israel too.

I have heard members of Netanyahu’s cabinet and right wing parliamentarian elements in the Knesset openly muse about ethnic cleansing the West Bank of Palestinians. The plan is to herd them into neighboring Jordan. That would effectively bring an end royal Hashemite rule and render Jordan yet another divided and failed state that Israel could dominate, like Syria. In this current little war Israel has turned off the water from the river Jordan to Jordan because of the Jordanian king’s complaints about holy sites, like al-Aqsa Mosque, being set on fire nearly a week ago.

These Zionist-Supremacist members of the Knesset (Parliament) were emboldened to go public about their designs on Jordan while enjoying President Trump’s patronage and pro-Zionist expansionist sympathies. And I have prophetically warned that going down this path of aggression and anti-Semitism against cousin brother and sister Arabs will end up with the destruction of the Jewish State.

When you think Amalek, Israel, think South African Apartheid of white supremacists corralling and oppressing their black majority. Indeed some of the more fascist Zionists in the Knesset openly cite South Africa as a working Palestinian suppression model. They’ve even talked about setting aside Arab-style South African townships and zones. More Arab Semite ghettos I guess.

Israel’s constitution recently had redefined its basic definition of what a Jewish State is. They did it in pure Hitlerian terms of what Nazi national socialism was: a nation uniting one culture and one race. From German State to the new Jewish State we go with similar consequences if you are not a member of the self-appointed legitimate race overlording all who live within the Jewish State that are lesser Semites.

This ancient misstep is the source of what is going on right now between Israelis and Palestinians. It would appear the ancient adage is active, that the Jewish State eventually becomes what it hates. The oppressed Semites by the Aryan German National Socialist state of the 1930s and 1940s has become the oppressors of their own brother and sister Semites in a potentially new Holocaust—one that might have a nuclear war aspect to it between Israel and Iran, looming. It could also be the cause of nuclear powers outside the Middle East being drawn into the bellicose quicksand that is the so-called “Holy” Land.

That’s all I have to say for now about the rapidly developing crisis in the Holy Land, this wantonly missing perspective of the mainstream media, the source of all that is anciently racist and toxic in the relationship between Arab and Jewish Semites. This core wound needs to be exposed to the light and to the air; otherwise, both sides will go on working hard to fulfill their apocalyptic prophecies promising annihilation or submission of the other.

If you are interested, watch and listen to what the oppressed Semitic people, the Palestinians, think about the present-day crisis. I invite you to check out this informative interview by Mark Seddon. He’s a British journalist currently working as Media Adviser to the President of the United Nations General Assembly, H.E. Aria Fernanda Espinosa in New York. He has as his guests on Zoom three Palestinians giving their take living in the midst of this crisis: Issam Adwan, Project Manager for We Are Not Numbers, in Gaza; Budour Hassan, Legal Researcher, in Jerusalem; and Mohammed El-Kurd, Poet & Writer, in Jerusalem.

Always have the courage to move beyond a binary 1 versus 0 sum option when watching the news your consume. Seek out both sides of any issue, something your mainstream media suppresses and media moguls censor. They do this to keep you half informed, and thus half-witted about what the whole story is. They do this to disempower your intelligence making you easier to control. They don’t want you to think but they do feast upon your ratings and the stuff they sell.


Now to the other two crises of these early days of what I warned for 35 years would be the times of constant emergency we would live through during the “Roaring” 2020s.

DATELINE: 30 April 2020



Ukrainian Tanks on Parade in Kiev. Source: Kyiv Post.

Ukrainian Tanks on Parade in Kiev. Source: Kyiv Post.

The Ukrainian Crisis
Some Very Positive Developments

I was recently on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, broadcast on 650 Premier Radio Stations across North America and the Caribbean, Armed Forces Radio and all over the world on Internet. For two hours on Tuesday night, 13 April 2021, we used the bulk of the time to talk about my forthcoming book Nostradamus Coronavirus and the Pandemic Prophecies which will be out in May. The looming military crisis in Ukraine was reaching its peak of intensity at that time. I certainly went through all the future possibilities, most of them not good. I reminded the audience that it was back in April 2014 on Coast to Coast that I warned of a new Cold War over Ukraine brewing.

Ever since I have predicted the new Cold War might have its own “Cuban Missile Crisis” called a “Ukrainian” Missile Crisis with Russia and America going potentially to the nuclear brink over some proxy war of misbehaving vassals: Moscow’s Russian Ukrainian Donbass breakaway eastern provinces of Lugansk and Donetsk pitted against Washington’s Western Ukrainian, neo-Nazi regime they placed in power after a violent overthrow of the legally elected Ukrainian president in February 2021.

One thing I wanted to make loud and clear to the millions of mostly Americans listening to Coast were these three points:

1.) There will be many “Missile Crisis” moments in the next four years—the most dangerous four years that humanity has ever encountered, primed for a sudden and unexpected nuclear war. What makes it happen can be expressed in one word: “Misinformation.”

2.) The Western and especially US mainstream media is misinforming us about who started the current crisis. It was Kiev’s military buildup of half the Ukrainian army at the ceasefire line along the disputed breakaway Donbass region that started the crisis. It happened in the first half of March with little to no accounting by the US media.

By mid-March the Russian Federation responded to this unexpected buildup. They began amassing infantry, armor, artillery, air fleets, and airborne divisions on the Russian side of the border with the Donbass breakaway provinces. The Russian Navy also amassed ships and marines in Crimea and began rehearsing for beach landings. Russia even stripped the Caspian Sea of most of the naval units, sent them down canals into the Black Sea to prevent Ukrainian naval units from entering the Sea of Azov, or attacking Russia’s road and rail bridge link from the mainland across to Eastern Crimea.

The mainstream media told you all about that but without context. They lobbied you hard to believe Russia was doing all the “unexpected” military buildup to invade Ukraine.

Russia didn’t invade.

Russian tanks on trains, heading for the Ukrainian border. Source: RUPLY,

Vladimir Putin and the Russian government made a statement with boots and treads on its own frontiers and jets roaring over the heads of over 200,000 Russian soldiers demonstrating their capability to move massive amounts of military assets in two weeks from all over the vast landmass of Russia to converge and practice widescale training runs for a war they did not provoke, or want. However, if the Donbass and Crimea were attacked as was openly threatened by President Zelensky’s government in Kiev, there would be no massacre of ethnic Ukrainian Russians by neo-fascist Ukrainian units. If Ukraine’s buildup was intended to start a war, Russia poised on the border would finish it.

3.) I ended my Coast to Coast interview predicting some rare good news, that withdrawals of military forces would begin “within the next two weeks.”

Russian tanks on trains, heading for the Ukrainian border. Source: RUPLY.

Russian tanks on trains, heading for the Ukrainian border. Source: RUPLY.

Here’s what happened.

The Russian withdrawal began in the second week of my two-week window on 23 April 2021. At the time reported: “Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced that troops deployed in the west and south of the country in recent days will soon begin returning to base. He ordered his commanders to begin preparations and ‘plan and begin the return of troops to their places of regular deployment, beginning from April 23.’”

According to the Defense Minister, by two weeks and three days after I forecast the massive troop withdrawal on Coast, “the personnel of the 58th Army of the Southern Military District, the 41st Army of the Central Military District, the 7th, 76th Air Assault and 98th Airborne Divisions of the Airborne Forces” will be returned to their normal bases. That means the airborne units will redeploy to bases near St. Petersburg and other units pulled from as far off as Siberia will do the same.


Because, explained Shoigu,  “the goals of the sudden inspection have been fully achieved. The troops demonstrated their ability to ensure reliable defense of the country.”

So what happened?

The withdrawal has begun, slowly and carefully by the Russians. And I would say it will remain as slow as the buildup was rapid all the way into October, because the Ukrainian Army along the Donbass ceasefire line hasn’t withdrawn a thing. If Kiev started a major withdrawal away from the ceasefire line I predict the Russians would equally speed up their own withdrawal on their side of the border.

President Vladimir Putin has put the Ukrainian Army on the spot, for if they do invade the Donbass as Russian units are leaving the area, it would expose the truth of Kiev being the warmonger and aggressor. And thanks to the Russian Army, Air Force and Navy’s display of rapid deployment in days, they could very quickly come back forthwith and this time enter the Donbass to utterly destroy the Ukrainian Army if it invaded it.

Two days after my Coast to Coast prediction was made on 13 April, I had an interchange with Melodi in Ireland, a long-time reader and friend on 15 April 2021. I’d like to share some of my observations with you all given that they have proven mostly accurate in the weeks that have passed.

At the time of receiving her email, President Biden had just unexpectedly reached out by phone to President Putin to talk down tensions in Ukraine and pledged to begin a process to normalize US-Russian relations, perhaps even set up a summit with Putin. However, on the following day Biden’s open hand the day before slapped the Russians in the face with sanctions and Russian diplomats being ordered by Washington to return, post haste to Moscow. The same old excuse was given, unproven as always with facts never exposed to the public. Just accusations one heard through the Trump years are repeated by the new Biden Administration. They claim that US “intelligence” reports concluded the Kremlin had hacked the 2020 presidential election in a cyber-attack.

I cannot tell you how completely schizophrenic was Biden’s move to offer reconciliation and a summit and in less than 24 hours deepen the Cold War with punitive measures. Moscow’s foreign ministry won’t say it but I undiplomatically will. They see Biden and his cabinet as at cross purposes, erratic, and unstable. Pulling 180s is not a good response for the future, especially since the stars favor intolerance, impulsive and ideological motivations setting the stage for a very hot-tempered year, thanks to Saturn in Aquarius squaring its ruling planet, Uranus in its Fall in Taurus.

I sense Moscow’s foreign ministry in secret meetings are drawing the same comparisons I present before you. The Biden cabinet is much like that of G.W. Bush’s cabinet stuffed with rival ideologues vying to influence a weak captain of the ship of American state to rubber stamp their agendas, only this time it is far worse and dangerous. This time we have a captain at the helm who is old and frail and in rapid cognitive decline being manipulated like an old man in a nursing home by those who might “nurse” him in this or that direction, while pinch-faced and squinting, old Joe’s mind shuffles along.

Left: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Svoboda militia, formerly known as the Ukrainian Socialist Nationalist Party.

Left: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Svoboda militia, formerly known as the Ukrainian Socialist Nationalist Party.

I’m thinking the neo-cons who created the Ukrainian puppet government of neo-Nazi’s gaining power in 2014, such as Victoria Nuland, who now is the third most powerful member of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s diplomacy team, its head of US foreign ideology, ache to finish what they started at their posts in the Obama era. These folks wanted Ukraine to go to war over Donbass, pull the Russians in to defend the Donbass, and see the Ukrainian Army crushed as a way to achieve their strategic goals. A Ukraine attack shutting Russia completely off from Western Europe politically and economically. That includes stopping completion of the Nordstream 2 gas line pumping Russian natural gas to warm the EU. The goal of the Washington warmongers in dotard Joe’s cabinet is to reestablish US hegemony over Western Europe by creating a reason for NATO’s continued existence. A full-fledged Second Cold War is what they want. The EU forced to completely depend on expensive liquified natural gas to warm themselves and only turn to America, not Russian and China, for economic sustenance.

A recent neo-nazi Right Sector torchlight march through Kiev, with Bandera banner.

Right Sector torchlight march through Kiev, with Stephan Bandera banner: the “George Washington” of Ukrainian Fascism.

Creatures of the deep state like Nuland don’t want this Cold War Two to go hot, but they do want the containment of Russia and China to continue for decades, starting proxy wars like in the last Cold War and haul in the process of grief and destruction in little wars, tens of trillions of dollars of profits for Sino-Russian containment that their associates in the Military Industrial Complex will enjoy.

Yes, most of Biden’s foreign policy cabinet members, including Nuland, Blinken in State, Austen running the Pentagon, even Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and Samantha Power of USAID, just to name a few, have long been gainfully employed by the Military Industrial Complex, and frankly they still are, indirectly of course. Furthermore, it must be remembered that the current shadow of a vital Joe Biden of the past as a US Congressman and US Senator had been one of the Democrat Party’s staunchest war hawks throughout the last Cold War. That makes him in the current frailty of his declining mental health easy to manipulate.

In my emailed response to Melodi in Ireland I wrote, “It really comes down to what the Ukrainians do now. Do they back down, causing Zelensky’s regime to politically collapse? Or, do they go for a Bonzai charge into the Donbass—like in Alfred Lord Tennison’s poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade, in an earlier Western dispute with the Russians over the Crimea in 1856?

Can they earn US neo-conned martyr points without widening this thing to WWIII?

The Neo-Nazi dark hearts of Ukrainian politics, the Svoboda and Right Sector militias, are really itching to start something to the point that the Ukrainian regular army keeps their camps of fascists behind the Donbass ceasefire line out of sight from most of the press, mainly by order of Washington because of the bad optics it sends. The similar bad optics Nazis in the Kiev government that Biden in his earlier role as Obama’s Vice President had helped create and sustain.

To Melodi I wrote, “Biden’s sanctions [on 15 April] come at the worst time! Just when there was some significant moves in phone conversations between him and Putin to have that US-Russian summit.

“I’m hearing, but can’t yet confirm if it’s true, that Putin has dropped any meeting in Vienna with brainless Joe for now as a consequence of these added US sanctions.”

[UPDATE 7 May 2021: talks have resumed to find a neutral city and hold the summit in June or July, but with an erratic grandpa in the Oval Office and a whole lot of advisors advising against lowering tensions with Russia that they have mostly created, I really don’t know if this summit will have any substance, even if it happens. Biden might as well be shaking hands like Trump did with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, glad handing and full of happy talk, and no political substance.]

In her letter Melodi shared a point many of you are making about the Russians when she wrote the following only a few days after my Coast appearance, with the Russian buildup just completed and standing there: “Blocking seaports and painting invasion stripes on tanks does not “feel” like a stand-down to me.”

To which I responded, “It is important to understand who needs to stand down. The Ukrainians…

“The Russians are finished with not being heard by the Western leaders. Moscow’s answer to Biden’s pathetically undiplomatic jabs, such as “Putin-is-a-killer/he has no soul” broadcast nationally on ABC clearly staged was, in the Russian leadership’s view, “A game changer.

“They weren’t bluffing. They really mean it this time.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly "hot." Nostradamus gives two countdowns. The war erupts in late 2017 or 2027. Click on the cover and read how this future can be changed.

A new cold war was foreseen getting suddenly and unexpectedly “hot.” Click on this link to find out more.

“So we are now in the New Cold War formally. That means the next 3 years and 7 months are the most dangerous for a WWIII event in human history so far, for we are now officially, in my view, at the beginning of Nostradamus’ short countdown to a nuclear war with Russia that I wrote about in April 2014 in this book (see left).

The Ukraine Crisis has activated the potential fulfillment of prophecies for the “Eagle Kings” of the North, who tried to become brothers but were undermined by those who would not let that happen, especially the war mongering neo-Liberal and neo-conservative elements in Obama’s, then Trump’s and presently Biden’s cabinet. A nuclear war between Nostradamus’ Eagle Kings of the North—who bear eagle totems on their seals of power (the Bald Eagle for the US president, the double-headed Eagle of the Russian President)—can come upon the world suddenly, by miscalculation, by the media’s misinforming the public.”

I did later relate to Melodi some good news about my inner premonition meter from one to ten fluctuating at a 4.5 to 5 point stance. I further wrote, “Even the communiqués I’m reading from different diplomatic sources indicate that NATO and the US are cautioning Kiev politicians not to do something bat-shit crazy to trigger this war…

Melodi wrote, “On the other hand, I did a reading on the whole “Solar Wind” thing when the Biden “administration” decided to blame Russia for [the yet unproven cyber-attack] and the cards suggested the most likely outcome of that mess was “war” or conflict – but of course, there is more than one kind of war…

“One thing to gather from this bi-polar diplomacy of Biden is this,” I replied, “It hints of the US being in uncharted waters. They do not have any good options to intervene in Ukraine militarily. They’ve already dropped pressure to end Nordstream 2 Pipeline harassment with naval forces as well.”

Here are some of my final comments to Melody considering the strategic consequences:

“Washington has not yet come to grips with the fact that American power is declining. That if they move next to deny access to Swift payments VISA and Mastercard access to Russian business and populace, Russia has already built its own Swift and Mir credit card services to run without need of US banks or US dollars.

“The US has been destroying weak nations to save them ever since the last Cold War ended. Now they are faced with something imponderable to 15 years since the last Cold War ended enjoying runaway hegemonic, swelling-headed hubris being sole world superpower. They can’t get their egos around the rise of Russia and China as formidable sovereign states, starting to challenge America strategically since around 2004 up to and especially into the 2020s. The US got into the habit of bullying and crushing weak nations like Iraq, or Libya, or Syria, etc. China and Russia are a whole other level of rival power. They have the resources to respond in kind and America has so effectively burnt its bridges to them with all these sanctioning moves that Russia and China are going independent from US dollars, US banking and US economic ties.

“The US is still living in a dream world that nothing has changed since the First Cold War ended in late 1989 and still believes it is sole standing superpower on the planet empowered to dictate what other countries politically think or do.

“This abject denial of a changing, multi-polar world transforming nations all around them is madness.

“The brain-dirtying by US Idiot-ideology is forcing Russian to play hard and loud to be heard and respected. They’ve tried for years to work with the US and its succession of mediocre twenty-first century presidents…

America is like a loudmouthed bully that’s never been challenged or resisted because it always picked on and beat up weak nations. Eventually every bully who never learns his lesson ends up picking a fight with someone he thinks is another pushover and will be faced—even slap-faced—with a very nasty surprise.

That is the danger with us, every moment down the next four years because this US bully is pushing around another country that equally shares the power to annihilate the world if blows are swung.

The Russians know what’s going down. That’s why they’re playing this as carefully and boldly as they can. If the Russians were like the Americans we’d all be dead from WWIII in 2014 during the last Ukraine crisis.

I see Russia is emerging as the “Hope of the World” that Edgar Cayce predicted long ago in 1944, when he foresaw a New Russia rising beyond Soviet Bolshevism. It is Putin’s Russia he had foreseen working toward that hopeful future. He also indicated that American hypocrisy would be in play.”

Just six days after my letter from Melodi I enjoyed another interchange with a dear friend and fellow spiritual traveler who now resides in Bali, Indonesia, Bhagawati.

The Ukraine situation is indeed big and could really be a trigger for something huge. Hopefully Putin has plan C, D and E ready.

Vladimir Putin getting ready for a Judo match.

Vladimir Putin getting ready for a Judo match. Source, Author, Presidential Press and Information Office. © Creative Commons.

I’m sure he does. The way to anticipate Putin’s moves is to know Judo. That is his meditation path, the martial art of Judo. He is probably the closest thing to a meditator of any world leader currently in power. My source about the Judo connection is Steven Segal, the martial arts actor who went to Moscow to do martial art exhibition that Putin attended years ago. (Putin is an Eighth Degree black belt in Judo.)

They became friends.

When Putin’s Judo master died, I saw a film of him abandoning his security team after the funeral and walking right out into St. Petersburg to a nearby park wiping his tears and wanting to be alone.

Segal noted that Putin’s private home has a life-sized statue of the Japanese founder of Judo, Kano Jigoro.

He uses the discipline to center himself and as a result Putin is an expert in deflecting the moves of far more powerful hegemons like America.

For instance, Ukraine’s president Zelensky thought the US would back his large-scale buildup of Ukrainian forces near the Crimea and Donbass regions in March. Putin then amassed a much larger force on the Russian border with Donbass and in Crimea and began practicing for an invasion.

Classic Judo. A show of greater and immediate force not used but poised for use with a closer reach than NATO and American could muster. Putin was staying on his side of the mat, if you will, practicing, not moving to Zelensky’s side of the mat. If something was going to happen Zelensky had to make the first move…

The standoff allowed for some pause for reflection in Zelensky’s worked up mind. His army is no match for the Russian army. It’s like you, Mr. Zelensky, not long ago was just a standup comic on stage before playing president in real life. You “really” want to make a move on an eight-degree black belt in Judo, when all you were before was a joker…?”

President Zelensky of Ukraine in camo, inspecting the Donbass ceasefire line. The former comic, staring in a TV show pretending to be a Ukrainian President, now “IS” the Ukrainian President. You can take the comic out of comedy but you can’t take the comic out of this president even as much as he tries. To me he kind of looks like the Dr. Seus character, Yertle the Turtle. Source: Kyiv Post.

President Zelensky of Ukraine in camo, inspecting the Donbass ceasefire line. The former comic, staring in a TV show pretending to be a Ukrainian President, now “IS” the Ukrainian President. You can take the comic out of comedy but you can’t take the comic out of this president even as much as he tries. To me he kind of looks like the Dr. Seus character, Yertle the Turtle. Source: Kyiv Post.

President Zelensky of Ukraine in camo, inspecting the Donbass ceasefire line. The former comic staring in a TV show pretending to be a Ukrainian President, now “IS” the Ukrainian President. You can take the comic out of comedy but… Source: Kyiv Post.

Around 20-21 April, my premonition meter began cooling down. I saw the overview transcript of a phone meeting between Zelensky and other communiqués made public. It looks for now that Zelensky at least is backing away from attacking Crimea and Donbass, even though his buildup of forces hasn’t moved from the ceasefire line.

I’m anticipating that withdrawals of Ukrainian and Russian forces will eventually happen and that we’ve just survived our first of several dangerous crises coming in the next four years that could start World War III.

Putin showed his power to stop a fight. Then you’ll see he’ll renew diplomatic means to resolve the crisis. I know he wants a summit, but he can brush one away if it looks like it’s all talk and no do until it is of substance. Whatever is set up by Biden can melt faster than a Woke snowflake if another slap of sanctions is coming to Moscow.

The current Ukrainian Crisis was a repeat of what Putin did in 2014 and 2015. Use force or the threat of it to bring Ukraine to the peace table called the Minsk I, Minsk II agreements. In a Judo context it’s like previous Ukrainian President Boris Poroshenko advancing on the Judo matt this time being thrown down by Putin off-setting his ill-conceived lunge. Once down, Putin then reached out with his hand to help Poroshenko off the floor. The gesture is saying, “You can’t win with aggression, only through negotiation.

The Ukrainian didn’t learn. Putin had to throw Poroshenko’s offensiveness twice during the 2014-2015 Russo-Ukrainian War. The Ukrainians attempted a push into Donbass. Putin would send enough officers, regular army “volunteers” and even special forces to beef up the Donbass militias to crush the first and then second Ukrainian offensives. Down Kiev goes face-planted on the Judo mat not once but twice leading afterwards to a trip to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, to negotiate a ceasefire refereed by the French President Holland, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin that Poroshenko signed but except for the ceasefire line finally holding with pot shots into the Donbass and back up to early this year. Yet still, what the Ukrainian President then and the new one now have not done as promised in Minsk I and no II. Poroshenko then Zelensky will not negotiate with the heads of Lugansk and Donetsk provinces of the Donbass breakaway region and sort this problem peacefully out.

Your mainstream news will ever misinform you that this is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia. It is not. It is a conflict solely between Ukrainians and ethnic Russian Ukrainians inside their own borders that has nearly pulled in American and NATO and directly pulled in Russia into THEIR conflict.

You’d never know this if your only source is Western media outlets owned and financed mainly by the Military Industrial Complex. I mean, why in the world do we see occasionally ads on CNN selling Raytheon military jets, missiles and war hardware?

Can you afford any of that weaponry?

That’s Raytheon, like Boeing, like Grumman peeing on your screen illuminated by the cable and legacy networks, leaving their scent of warmongering to claim your screen broadcasters belong to their TV territory control. The handlers of your not-so-independent media these days doesn’t want you to read or see anything I’m saying here at a free media outlet.

One crisis seems now to be cooling down just as a second crisis is heating up. Retreat goes the “Ukrainian Missile Crisis,” while the Taiwan Missile Crisis” advances…! Complete reading this and get full access to all SIX articles by choosing one of two options:


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DATELINE: 30 April 2021



The Taiwan Crisis
A Deepening of Tensions

The US supercarrier is the capital ship of our post-World War Two/Cold War One and Two era, the very physically formidable symbol of US world power. Washington’s ability to terrorize any misbehaving country by parking a US carrier off its shores, to parading them passing in and out of the Strait of Hormuz as a looming threat to Iran in the Persian Gulf and all the seven seas, now has a crippling deterrent coming out of the skies if not repeating history it sure does rhyme what one airman could accomplish demonstrating that the capital ship of the last two world wars, the battleship was an outmoded, sinking hulk in waiting. In the early 1920s, the rebellious visionary General Billy Mitchel after World War One had a string of captured German and decommissioned US battleships towed out into the Chesapeake Bay for the military brass to watch upon a nearby shore as he took his flimsy WWI era biplane bomber flying over the massive vessel and dropping his ordnance upon it, sending one after another battleship to the bottom… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 April 2021

A promotional still from RKO Studios for the 1941 movie classic Citizen Kane, written, directed and staring Orson Welles when he was only 26 years old! It is still considered to be one of the greatest movies ever made. Ever since I was a child I’ve been a huge fan and deeply influenced by his cinematic work. Little did I know then that a few years before Welles passed, he would host the 1982 documentary on Nostradamus entitled The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, which defined the ideal of what a great Nostradamus documentary should aspire to be.

A promotional still from RKO Studios for the 1941 movie classic Citizen Kane, written, directed and staring Orson Welles when he was only 26 years old! It is still considered to be one of the greatest movies ever made. Ever since I was a child I’ve been a huge fan and deeply influenced by his cinematic work. Little did I know then that a few years before Welles passed, he would host the 1982 documentary on Nostradamus entitled The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, which defined the ideal of what a great Nostradamus documentary should aspire to be. Publicity photograph for Orson Welles’ movie Citizen Kane (1941). (Public domain)

A Confession from a Much Sought After
But Little Heeded Nostradamus “Go to guy”
On International Television Documentaries since 1987

And His Dream
Of What A Nostradamus Documentary
Can be

Yes, it is an old story. The pitch is being set, and it is pitched to the channel before first knowing what Nostradamus said about these themes. One cannot frame the story if one does not know the material. I am making myself available to help you anyway. Maybe you’ll be different, Emma. Maybe you’ll fight for a better production than the habitual way this is dogmatically done, hiding behind as TV does (because it is true), always being in a hurry.

In all this time only one producer/director fought for my ideas all the way through the pre-filming-and-especially-post production edits, French director Mathilde Bittner. She had directed the pilot for Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, and is currently directing a lot of the episodes for Naked and Afraid. She is responsible for making Decoding the Past’s episode, The Other Nostradamus, the closest thing to a Nostradamus documentary that followed the material and did not try to cram it into a flawed concept. It remains one of the more highly rated and successful documentaries on the subject on History Channel… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 April 2021

“The Fool” Osho Zen Tarot, designed by Ma Deva Padma It is my Tarot Deck of choice when I do my online Zoom Readings.

“The Fool” Osho Zen Tarot, designed by Ma Deva Padma
It is my Tarot Deck of choice when I do my online Zoom Readings.

The True Fools
Are the Only Ones Who Have a Future

Only fools can survive what is coming, but stay your heart, and put aside your machinating minds. The kind of “Fool” that survives to possibly create a new and better humanity out of the auto-suicidal throes of the old humanity is not at all the kind of Fool that the old humanity can conceive of. Otherwise, they would drop their old-fashioned foolery and embrace a foolishness, innocent and spiritually rebellious, that would simply let drop their auto-suicidal mindset-to-self-destruction… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 30 April 2021

Adolf Hitler, 1938, cropped and colorized from the original: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-H1216-0500-002 / CC-BY-SA, © Creative Commons.

Adolf Hitler, 1938, cropped and colorized from the original:
Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-H1216-0500-002 / CC-BY-SA, © Creative Commons.

And the Hitler Prophecies

It is in my view perhaps the least known and perhaps the most important missed historical lesson this overwritten subject has overlooked. Not only did Hitler in his speeches, writings and recorded private conversations detail what he foresaw he would do. So brazen, so cynical was he that he felt no fear openly planning his crimes against humanity in the clear. He intuitively knew that when he told the truth, people would think he was just trash talking, or outright lying. This book I prepared shows just how close he came to fulfilling all his evil plans forewarned and unheeded. Hitler, as it turned out, defined and forced the direction of the twentieth century’s destiny as its most accurate Dark Prophet… Hitler’s evil prescience also looked four decades into “our” new century… Get 12 Months Now for $60 or a little more.

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