On the Razor’s Edge of War. False Flag Chemical Weapon attack in Syria imminent as is a direct US-Russian Military Confrontation. Russian Hacks CNN Hoax. Liberal anger and the Republican Baseball Shooting. The Qatar Crisis Ultimatum and is Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist Dead? The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Distraction is the Programmed Mind. Finally, Why did either the Chicken or the Chicken Egg cross the Road?

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DATELINE: 30 June 2017

Direct US-Russian Military Confrontation Potentially Imminent in Syria. The Summer on the Brink of World War III begins.


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The incident that happened in Syrian airspace on Sunday 18 June 2017 is just the thing my book Trump Strikes Syria: North Korea?, warned could rapidly develop into a full-scale shooting war between the two greatest nuclear superpowers on the planet and your life, reader, is in the cross-hairs wherever you call home on this little, fragile world in space.

On that day in Syria, ground fighting was heavy in the north-central battlefields on the approaches to the ISIS capital of al-Raqqa. Syrian government forces were making an advance on Ja’Din, purportedly against ISIS. In such a crowded battlefield, ISIS is also being squeezed into a last stand by SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces). They are rebels, mostly Kurdish Syrians, allied to the US who has embedded hundreds of US Special Forces in their ranks. They felt threatened by the Syrian Army spiritedly engaging ISIS with its share of Russian and Iranian advisers. Add to the confusion a sky overhead thundering from horizon to horizon with the engines of many US-Coalition, Russian and Syrian Air Forces and you have a need for all engaged against ISIS to adhere to some liaison agreement that prevents a military incident—that is, unless the Americans “want” an incident.

The Americans had agreed to help set up mutually designated De-Escalation Zones with the Russians, Turks and Syrian Arab State, many of which now exist in the western portions of Syria and have brought tensions and fighting way down in those regions. Yet in late May, the Americans suddenly pulled a “Trumpstergeddon” 180-degree change of mind, unilaterally declaring large areas of eastern Syria occupied by its SDF vassals as a Pentagon-speak strangle of English called “Deconfliction Zones.”

Step over or roll a tank across these arbitrary and ever changing US red lines drawn in the central and eastern Syrian deserts or fly over them and the US will shoot you down or bomb your armored or infantry columns “in self defense.” You are considered an immediate threat even if your column is 50 miles away and not moving in the American direction. Large areas around al-Raqqa and southern Syria near the border town of al-Tanf have become off limit zones.

Maybe the US Kevlar helmets and camouflage uniforms remind me so much of the cut and design of the Nazi SS forces in World War Two because the US have become the new SS, invading countries and making similar unilateral declarations backed by violence. First off, the US forces have no internationally legal business being in Syria, let alone declaring large tracts of a sovereign nation theirs to defend against forces of that sovereign nation. The US may have been invited to help the Iraqi sovereign nation with its fight against ISIS but the Syrian government has not given the US that legal permission. Moreover, the US had declared its “no-go” zones inside Syria and attacked Syrian forces three times already. According to international law, these are acts of military aggression and the zones are nothing more than an invasion of sovereign territory—a de facto US declaration of war on Damascus.

The US says it sent squadrons of jet fighters over Ja’Din on 18 May to scare off the Syrian Arab Army from pressing its ground attack. They withdrew. Two hours later, a Russian-made, Syrian Su-22 fighter-bomber came into the air space and attacked ISIS forces moving through Ja’Din. The US coalition report said the jet, releasing its bombs, threatened SDF forces and ordered a US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet patrolling the airspace to shoot down the Syrian Air Force jet. The Syrian pilot’s condition is unknown.

According to the Syrian statement, This attack comes at a time when the Syrian Arab army and its allies are advancing in the fight against ISIS terrorists who are being defeated in the Syrian Desert in more ways than one.

Adding that Syrian armed forces would not be deterred in their fight to bring stability and security to the Syrian Arab Republic.

You can read that to mean “anyone” not invited legally to fight in Syria and shoot down or fire upon Syrian government forces are put on notice. Next time, you will receive return fire.

The official press communiqué from Operation Inherent Resolve, the US-led international coalition against Islamic State, verbally fired back, accusing the Syrian forces of targeting (SDF) Kurdish-led US backed and embedded militia closing in and surrounding al-Raqqa:

At 6:43pm, a Syrian regime SU-22 dropped bombs near SDF fighters south of Tabqah and, in accordance with rules of engagement and collective self-defense of Coalition partnered forces, was immediately shot down.

What the statement does not tell you is that US Coalition forces unilaterally created the “rules of engagement” not consulting with the Turks, the Russians or the Syrian government as per their agreements earlier in May about coordinating and information-sharing protocols between domestic and international forces operating in a constricted and crowded Syrian airspace and battlefield. The need for everyone being on the same page could have prevented the 18 May incident.

What can a unilateral break with those protocols mean?

In short, American forces have gone unilaterally “rogue” with a sinister intention. In their eyes as proxies of Zionist-supremacist Israeli foreign policy, the Americans cannot allow the Syrian Regime to win this civil war. Peace and stability is not desired by Israel and Washington slavishly complies with Israeli strategic thinking. Washington’s perpetual war industry also profits from the Syrians not winning; but also, not losing the civil war so that it can drag on and on and war profits can flow.

Read more about this forthcoming book by clicking on the cover.

Read more about this new book by clicking on the cover.

I’ve warned for a few years now that at any time World War III might be here any moment after a Syrian, Russian or US coalition jet is shot down in Syria. The astrology favoring a sudden escalation and explosion of all this tension over Syrian airspace causing a direct shooting war with the United States and Russia becomes highest this summer. I will detail in the forthcoming book poised for release next week: John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions a day-by-day report on the astrological aspects for war and how to avoid it.

The “rules of engagement” the coalition follows are whatever they make up in the moment. For instance the Operation Inherent Resolve press statement ended with a warning. Although it is not there to “fight Syrian regime, Russian, or pro-regime forces partnered with them, but will not hesitate to defend Coalition or partner forces from any threat.”

Nice words, but I follow US actions.

It would seem that the defeat of ISIS in its last stand around al-Raqqa is a pretext for taking down or at least greatly enfeebling the Syrian regime next. There’s already been a string of US-on-Syrian forces attacks. I recall the all-day-long US airstrike in September 2016 on a clearly demarcated Syrian fort next to an airstrip on the outskirts of Deir-ez-Zor, the only source of supplies for a city under siege by ISIS fighters. There was no SDF Kurdish unit around for a hundred miles. This was not a mistake. US jets killed over 60 Syrian regular army soldiers and wounded hundreds more, helping the ISIS forces advance on Deir-ez-Zor.

I recall the US response to a Syrian Air Force bombing of an al-Qaeda Syrian rebel ordinance stockpile and chemical weapons factory in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib Province, in early April 2017. In retaliation for a Syrian chemical air strike that never happened, 57 Tomahawk missiles blasted a Syrian government air base at Shayrat where hundreds of Russian Special Forces were also billeted. What you may not know is Shayrat was the main air base for attacking ISIS forces advancing to take back Palmyra from the Syrian state. Palmyra is an important hub for logistical support of any Syrian government offensive against al-Raqqa, the Islamic State capital. In short, that “retaliation” on the Syrians for a chemical weapons attack they didn’t commit, was really intended to disrupt Syrian air support so ISIS could take back Palmyra and prevent Syrian forces from advancing on al-Raqqa before the Americans and the Kurds got there.

It is clear to me that the US plans to partition a large swath of eastern Syria into some kind of Kurdish Syrian autonomous region, free of Syrian government control. Americans will base their troops there permanently.

Let’s go back to early April. The Syrians command, according to US-agreed-to rules of engagement, had dutifully reported the place and nature of their planned attack on Khan Sheikhoun to US Central Command via Syria’s Russian liaisons. The Syrians also wrote that they suspected the rebels had a chemical weapons manufacturing station inside a warehouse to be targeted on the outskirts of town. They bombed it with a guided, Russian 500 lbs. aerial bomb. The munitions dump was destroyed by a chain reaction of stockpiled ordinance exploding that also released materials used by the rebels to make chemical weapons. That still didn’t stop the US from erroneously blaming the Syrian Air Force for firing chemical weapons tipped rocket (a claim my Trump Strikes Syria book debunks with documented sources). I’ll just say that Syria doesn’t have chemical weapons stockpiles since the United Nations teams dismantling them signed off on that fact in 2014. Moreover, why would Assad use them when he’s winning the war? The other question few are asking in the US media is, why would Washington encourage false-flag rebel chemical attacks they can blame on Assad’s regime if Washington didn’t need a context to go to war with said regime?

Trump had done a 180-degree shift in foreign policy towards regime change. He strikes Syrian government forces at Shayrat on 6 April, does it again with air strikes destroying an armored Shia Syrian militia column near al-Tanf on 22 May and again, same place, early in June and most recently on 18 June shooting down a Syrian Air Force jet and two Syrian drones.

You are probably not informed by the US media that in early June, the US deployed several High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) in southern Syria, close to the border with Jordan.

RT (Russia Today) reported: “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the presence of the rocket launchers cannot be justified by a need to fight Islamic State terrorists, as IS [Islamic State] forces are not active in the area. Instead, their presence threatens the cooperation between the Syrian government and their partners in Iraq.” (Source: RT 18 June 2017, updated 19 June 2017)

In the days following the 18 June incident I read some of the most ominous official statements between the US Pentagon and Russian Federation Defense Ministry, threats I haven’t heard declared since the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 came closest to destroying the world with a thermonuclear exchange in.

“The Russian Defense Ministry announced it is halting cooperation with its US counterparts in the framework of the Memorandum on the Prevention of Incidents and Ensuring Air Safety in Syria following the coalition’s downing of a Syrian warplane,” RT reported on Monday.

The Russian Defense Ministry went on to add: “In the areas of combat missions of Russian air fleet in Syrian skies, any airborne objects, including aircraft and unmanned vehicles of the [US-led] international coalition, located to the west of the Euphrates River, will be tracked by Russian ground and air defense forces as air targets.”

The Pentagon shot back saying the US “will not hesitate to retaliate against Russian forces in Syria if threatened.”

Russia has moved in a network of mobile surface to air S-400 rocket batteries. Since Monday 19 June 2017, they have been closely watching any coalition jet or drone aircraft flying west of the Euphrates River where the Battle of al-Raqqa is being joined by the Russo-Syrian forces advancing from the West and the US-Kurdish-SDF coming down from the north and southeast. Al-Tanf, by the way, the unilaterally declared US “Deconfliction Zone” is “west of the Euphrates River.” Any US air assets moving over it or fired from it at Russian and Syrian forces is now targeted.

We have entered the worse-case pre-World War III scenario I’ve been warning you all about for three-years and counting in my HogueProphecy.com articles and in books like A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger and Edgar Cayce (April 2014), Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus (spring 2015) and most recently Trump Strikes Syria: North Korea? (April 2017).

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.

Since 19 June, Russia has abandoned the Memorandum on the Prevention of Incidents and Ensuring Air Safety in Syria because the Americans who signed on to it have since decided to unilaterally make their own rules of engagement, unannounced, whenever they feel like it. In short, there are no longer any “prevention” protocols. Now warplanes on all sides are flying in secret, in a communication blackout. They are effectively on a war footing, made enemies the instant someone shoots at someone else.

So here it is, the sum of all my future concerns, already active on 19 June 2017, when astrologically malevolent months in favor of an open shooting war between nuclear powers Russia and the US are most favorable in the latter-half of July through September.

Any summertime hour, day, week or month from now, if a Syrian armored column ventures through its own sovereign territory but crosses some arbitrary US-drawn red line and is destroyed by air attack, the Russians could use their highly sophisticated and accurate S-400 anti-aircraft defense system to shoot down the US jets that did it.

The US then will shoot down Russian jets.

The S-400s will take down those US jets responsible.

The US will launch a full-scale attack on all the Russian S-400 mobile launchers it can find across Syria. Similar military incidents sprout in Ukraine, then the Baltic States and so it goes until one day you watch the television waiting for the President of the United States to inform you that America is in a new nuclear crisis with Russia not seen since October 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Unlike 1962, the screen will not present a sober and measured President John F. Kennedy informing you that the United States and the Soviet Union are at the brink of Nuclear War over Soviet (Russian) missiles stationed in Cuba.

We are no longer in the golden era of US news and journalistic discipline championed by Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite. These are the days of Wolf “Dimpy Dog cartoon” Blitzer of CNN or Sean Hannity “Inanity” of FOX News. And the current president of the United States harbors a precocious eight-year old mindset in a 71-year-old body, hiding under an absolutely “heeoouuuge!” cherry-blond hairdo, ad-libbing a loose-cannon speech—possibly something like this:

“It’s no joke, folks. Believe me. No joke at all. I really, really mean it. If Russia should shoot down another US jet over Syriaahh, and I mean it. Just one more US jet… They’re in trouble, BIG trouble. The worst trouble you can ever be in, believe me! And I don’t have to tell you that we are a nuclear power, the greatest nuclear power in the world. We are so, so great a nuclear power. Believe me!”

Mr. Trump? I recall a famous moment when another all-American, loose cannon, Air Force four-star General Curtis LeMay, US Air Force Chief of Staff, pushed President Kennedy hard to bomb the Soviet missile batteries in Cuba during the October 1962 missile crisis. He disparaged all the idle talk of some “blockade” or “quarantine” of Cuban waters as useless. Kennedy turned his back on LeMay, who then added, trying lamely to show some sympathy for the president, “You’re in a pretty bad fix, Mr. President.”

Kennedy stopped moving towards his desk, turned around in disbelieving wonder at LeMay, “What did you say?”

LeMay repeated. “You’re…in quite a fix…Mr. President.”

“Well…” mused Kennedy, “maybe you haven’t noticed. You’re in it with me.” (Uncomfortable laughter ensued from those present.)

This taped and transcribed interchange is from the secret ExComm meetings with Kennedy with his advisors, cabinet heads and the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. The conversations became the basis for much of the dialogue in a powerful movie called Thirteen Days. I highly recommend all of you watch this movie.

I’m someone who lived (survived) those times and later wrote an autobiographical account of my personal and premonitory experiences about the Cuban Missile Crisis in the book Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11.

Check out a free sampling of this book by clicking on the cover.

Check out a free sampling of this book by clicking on the cover.

With premonitions in mind, I would like to end this scary and distressing article on a positive note. I have an inner premonition alarm. It accurately presaged the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, anticipated a near death experience in an auto accident in March 1981, and presaged in a long-lasting premonition that began after I returned from India in March 2001 and climaxed in intensity on 10 September 2001, just the day before the 9/11 attacks happened the following day.

Good news.

If I measure my “doomsday” inner alarm level from 1 to 10—with 10 being a Cuban Missile or 9/11 threat level—right now I’m feeling only Level 2.

You’ll be the first to know if my alarm level suddenly spikes because something wicked this way comes to threaten all of our futures.

Read a follow-up article later in this article stream about the Trump Administration’s threat to attack the Syrian armed forces if any chemical weapons are fired within Syria. Apparently the new rules of engagement are, shoot missiles and launch air strikes on the Syrian Arab Republic first, don’t ask questions who is responsible for gassing folks not even later.


DATELINE: 30 June 2017

The Quickening of the Future—PART TWO

If you haven’t read it already, read Future History Quickening—Part One free. Then check out PART TWO of my last article stream. Donate $5.00 or a little more to receive from me personally a PDF download of four fully-illustrated articles of nearly 7,000 words of material. Just put Hogue Bulletin in the PayPal Memo Line.

Here’s a review from Barbara:

Dear John: I have read your commentary and predictions for a number of years, but I have to say your latest, Seven New HogueProphecy Articles on Future History Quickening, were outstanding! You have obviously tuned into the zeitgeist with an adept, prophetic eye and mind. You are absolutely correct on the London Bridge Terror Attack, the British general election outcomes, as well as the complete fool Trump has shown himself to be…regarding the Middle East, history, geography and his absurd meetings with the Israelis, the Saudis, the Pope, and has now gravely insulted our…allies: most EU and NATO leaders due to his enormous ignorance… Also appreciated your comments on the Iranian parliament, and the recent Qatar quagmire. All of course due to Trump’s inane meddling and juvenile pandering. You are so right about “The Grand Illusion that Iran and not Saudi Arabia, is the Philanthropist of Islamic Terrorism.” It’s simply pathetic most Americans are so blind and utterly ignorant. So thanks for your insight and acute understanding of what’s really going on now and in the past…Thank you again for speaking truth to power. From my perspective, most Americans don’t understand much of anything due to the bullshit press and the egregious lies they have been fed by the deep state for five decades. Much appreciated for you on-target work.

Vavie had this to say about Part Two of the article stream:

I want to thank you again for all of your insights, and appreciate each and every bulletin you send. Please don’t stop writing! …Most newsletters charge an annual subscription and yet you give freely of yourself educating, entertaining and giving us a better understanding of current events as well as providing a glimpse of the future. Your bulletins are more than ten times longer than the usual newsletters one must pay for. I even go to YouTube to listen to you. And you do all of this for absolutely zero dollars! With very best regards, Vavie.

DATELINE: 30 June 2017


Qatar Crisis: the Saudi Ultimatum. Prepare for a political Axis Shift in the Persian Gulf Region: at Great Cost for the US presence there

At the time of this publication, we are in the third week of a deepening crisis that President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia on his “Tolerance” trip to speak to Sunni Arab leaders about uniting to fight Islamist extreme terrorism in the world. (By the way, no Shia Syrian Arab Republic or non-Arab Shia Muslim leaders from Iran where invited.) He also handed the Saudis a sweetener deal of over a $100-billion dollar arms that would, in the short fall, replenish the Saudi military’s expended ordinance that has devastated Yemen, killing at least 10,000 civilians.

The Saudis took sides against the Houthis rebels in Yemen’s civil war. The Houthis are Shia, by the way, and allied to Iran, though Iran actually does little to no arming of these fighters. The Saudis and their coalition of Egypt and Gulf Arab Sheiks have waged a war on the Yemeni people that is looking more like a act of genocide, indiscriminately bombing civilians, and taking down what was left standing in one of the poorest countries on earth with a population of North Korea, 25 million souls.

The Saudi Air Force has destroyed the hospitals and schools. Their naval embargo is set to cut off the last port for humanitarian aide and food to millions of Yemenis, mostly the Shia Muslims that Sunni majority Saudi Arabia is trying to literally wipe off the face of the earth, thanks to the US and UK looking the other way while pocketing from the Saudis bountiful weapons deals. So with that said, my British and American readers, your governments make you culpable in a war of genocide giving the Saudis the guns, the ships and planes to effectively cut off food, medicine and water to seven million children who are on the brink of starvation.

The Qataris were, until recently, part of this genocide, but that wasn’t their crime in the eyes of the neighboring Saudi Sunni theocracy, nor was it their crime that the Qatari sheiks do not share quite an extreme interpretation of the grim Sunni Wahhabi interpretation of Islam across their border with Saudi Arabia. Doha does what Riyadh’s King and many of his extended family of 3,000 princelings do: finance, train and arm extreme Sunni terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

No, their crime isn’t terrorist trading. It is that they dare to talk to the Iranians and do business with those “Shia apostate dogs.”

The Qatari monarchy’s other crime?

They finance and base one of the most fair and balanced news networks broadcasting in the world, Al-Jazeera.


UPDATE 2 July 2017: Stop for a moment. Some of you have and will roll your eyes at what I’ve just said about Al-Jazeera. Some of you think I’ve lost having  my finger on the pulse of the news and world events saying that. Here’s my open secret. I examine the openness of all news agencies to see, as the old biblical saying goes, “the splinter of wood in the other’s eye, even though they miss the whole beam of wood in their own.” From that context, Al-Jazeera is one of the most fair and open news agencies out there when it comes to “splinters.” They don’t see their “beam.” That is absolutely true, but they are very good at catching “your” splinters in your eyes if you hail from other parts of the world, if you are the Saudi regime that doesn’t want their splinters of Islamic extremism or splinters of funding terrorism as the world’s number one Sunni Jihadist Philanthropist. In the general state of unconsciousness that most of us, including you, reader, live in, we do not see our own beams–just everyone else’s splinters. Thus I must collect all of your splinters to write these articles and keep my finger on the pulse of things.

It is the dilemma of all of us. We’re such perfect critics of others, and willfully ignorant of our own “beams.” Very few of us become aware of them. Try putting your finger on the pulse of “that” reality, everyone reading this. Meditation can help. If you wish to get information about the meditations I use to recognize my “beams”  Contact Me. Put only one word in the subject line: Meditation. I will freely send you links and information about those meditation techniques.


Now, back to the main thrust of my “splinters.”

American readers? You might remember AJ had a bureau in the United States broadcasting on television until 2015 when the plug was pulled. Funding problems was cited as the reason.


The Qatari regime is unbelievably wealthy, far more wealthy than the Russians who created RT (Russia Today) and field a US RT news bureau that does something few news networks in America do these days, like report both sides of a story.

Wow! How radical is that?

Al-Jazeera’s US bureau was blacked out because it was critical and questioned US power and world dealings. I’m expecting a similar threat to RT is being planned.

I’ve been vetting RT for four years and counting and they remind me of the way the news used to be: critical and questioning US power, whether it was Democrats or Republicans. You don’t get that any more from CNN, the Democrat propaganda organ, not MSNBC either. If you want Republican propaganda just switch on FOX News.

I must admit I hear more opposing views on FOX these days than on CNN or MSNBC. That’s how bad it’s gotten. Like all of these, the other prime time networks NBC, CBS and ABC seem to source the US State Department and Pentagon as their writers for news copy.

Anyway, Al-Jazeera commits the same crime Russia Today commits. It has the US State Department as angry as the Saudis are at Qatar its home base.


Because Al-Jazeera reports on the terrible abuses of that black-shrouded theocratic regime, America’s number one Arab ally. They were one of my sources for articles I wrote about the Saudi monthly beheadings, the public whippings of women caught driving cars, and the execution of women accused of converting outside of Islam, or being caught committing adultery. Saudi women brutalized and gang raped are given 25 lashes for being available, as if the victim of such a crime could prevent the attack.

That’s why the Saudis listed the elimination of Al-Jazeera as one of 13 ultimatums they handed over to the Qatari state, countersigned by the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and several other Sunni ruled Muslim majority states who have blockaded Qatar from land, air and sea and banned all Qatari transport through their airspace, lands and coastal waters.

One last “REAL” reason why the Saudis are trying to cut and isolate the Qatari’s from the Sunni Muslim world, its business. The Qatari wealth is primarily based on sharing half of one of the richest fields of natural gas in the world with Iran. Most of it is underwater in the middle of the Persian Gulf.

In the struggle for fossil fuel dominance, there’s a shift going on and the Saudi’s, crude oil’s greatest producer is worried that its hegemony in fossil fuels is being threatened by world economies trying to abandon dirty, air polluting and climate changing fuels like oil and coal, replacing these with far cleaner natural gas.

The Saudis don’t have coal or equally large natural gas fields, compared to their enemies, the Iranians and those who might place a wedge in their crude oil hegemony, the Russians who have the largest natural gas reserves in the world.

Little Qatar could shift the whole axis of fossil fuel power away from the Saudis, if it deepened its business association with the apostate Iranians, who also own the third largest oil reserve in the world. Qatar could join Iran and Iran’s allies, the Shia-controlled government of Iraq. They possess the second largest oil reserve in the world. Iran is a close ally of oil and natural gas giant, Russia. Qatar could play the little gram that tips the scales of petrol world power.

So, Riyadh’s idea is to come down hard on the Qataris, force some regime change, peaceful or not. Get a new, anti-Iranian regime to replace the current bunch and prevent Qatar from tipping the power scales in Iran and Russia’s favor—a moment that would also impact the other Sunni Gulf Sheikdoms severely.

What we have here, hiding behind black oil interests is an even blacker sectarian civil war between the majority Sunni and the minority Shia Muslims—sort of a Muslim version of the Catholic on Protestant wars of religion in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The Saudi princes have created, financed and aided through Salafist and Wahhabi extremism, and their madrasa school network across the Muslim world, a radicalization of the Sunni majority, prepped to do war with the Shia. Look who the Saudis target with their proxies like al-Qaeda and ISIS: Syria, a Shia ruled nation; Iraq, a Shia ruled nation and Iran, the largest Shia population and ruled nation in the Muslim world.

Who do the Saudi’s suppress brutally in their own country? Answer: the one Shia majority populated province in the Sunni Saudi Arabia’s northeastern corner. Why? Because these oppressed Shia live over almost all the Saudi gas and oil fields. Why does Sheikdom of Bahrain suppress his people? Because the Sheikdom is a Sunni dictatorship ruling a restless Shia majority.

Pundits are saying that this new crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia will eventually cool down and blow over. I hope they’re right but I’m not so sure. We’re now living in times when things come to a head and heads begin to fall.

This list of 13 demands sent to Qatar from the Saudis and countersigned by the Gulf States and Egypt gives a whole new name to the phrase “My way or the highway!” There’s no wiggle room in this ultimatum of the Saudis. I don’t think even Adolf Hitler or the Kims of North Korea could write such an onerous list of demands thinking this leads anywhere but to a full-scale war.

The Saudis cannot allow Qatar to abandon its sphere of petrol-gas hegemony by joining with Iran and Russia. There is also Qatar’s ally, Turkey—not an oil supergiant but an oil and gas pipeline transporting power, geographically bridging East with the oil and natural gas hungry West. Ankara has stationed a small garrison of troops to defend Qatar’s borders if the Saudi’s invade and occupy it.

The 13 point ultimatum (below) was delivered to Doha last Friday (the go-to-church “Sunday” of Islam) 23 June 2017 with the caveat that all of these demands have to be complied with in 10 days, 100 percent! No questions or changes asked, or this furious arrangement will be invalid.

The hot desert sun must have addled the Saudi authors of this list. Ten days? Not even ten weeks would be enough to accomplish all of these enslavements of Qatar, especially the reparations part.

I publish this article on 29 June 2017. There’s only four days left.

Note that the bracketed inserts are mine for comment and clarity.



Qatar must reduce diplomatic representation with Iran.


Qatar must immoderately shut down the Turkish military base that is being established.

[What do the Saudis mean by “immoderate”—the Qatari army shooting at the Turks?]


Qatar must announce severance of ties with terrorist, ideological & sectarian organizations: MB [Muslim Brotherhood], ISIS, al-Qaeda, HTS [Tahir al-Sham, an al-Qaeda affiliate fighting in Syria], and Hezbullah.

[MB is why the Egyptian Dictator el-Sisi signed Egypt onto this list of demands for he had deposed the legally elected Muslim Brotherhood—albeit by popular demand coming from a petition of 25 million Egyptians—to become their new Mubarak. So much for Arab Spring “democracy” in Egypt. The circle of dictators is now complete.]


Qatar must cease any funding activities to extremist and terrorist individuals.

[So cynical are the Saudis! They are terrorist funder number one of ISIS, HTS and other al-Qaeda affiliates. I guess Riyadh wants to monopolize the Sunni mafia market for bandit Islam financing and arming.]


Qatar must hand over all designated terrorists.

[But the Saudis have ten times more to hand over to the World Court.]


Qatar must shut down Al Jazeera and all affiliated channels.

[It will be discovered in the future that the US did that to AL-Jazeera’s US, English language network presence on US TV through back channels deals with Doha. I predict they’ll try to black out RT’s broadcasts in the next 12 months. American readers, watch RT, a real international news network before it’s gone.]


Qatar must stop interference in these countries’ domestic and foreign affairs; stop naturalization of their citizens; extradite such citizens.

[The countries are all those listed in the blockade, they include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.]


Qatar must provide reparations to these countries for any opportunity costs incurred over the past few years because of Qatari policies.

[Fat chance short of a coup in Doha or an invasion of Qatar and the Saudi’s marching over the dead bodies of a whole lot of Turkish soldiers, bringing Riyadh into a war with Turkey. Al Jazeera reports that the modest Turkish troop presence in Qatar has only grown since the ultimatum was issues. It should clear over 1,000 men ready to participate in a joint military exercise with the Qatari forces on Sunday 2 July—with one day remaining in the 10-day deadline.]


Qatar must become in sync with its Gulf and Arab neighborhood on all levels (military, political, economic, social and security), and to activate Riyadh Agreement 2013/2014.

[The Riyadh Agreement for the GCC {Gulf Cooperation Council} pretty much was the basis for this more bellicose list of demands, Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani was not going to budge on this political and economic neutering of his country then, or now. The in sync on the social level means Qatari women will have to be just as enslaved second-class human beings as Saudi women are. Goodbye to driving your own cars Qatari ladies. One last drink on the house, you foreigners living in Qatar, goodbye to alcohol. Beheadings in Qatari public gathering places will commence as well. You gotta “love” the people our man-child President Trump blindly glad hands and showers money upon, right?]


Qatar must provide all databases related to oppositionists that it provided support to & clarify what help was provided.

[To better help the Saudi’s start a witch-hunt, especially to persecute their own Shia minority. Sharpen your scimitars, boys, pass this and thousands of heads will roll in monthly public executions across Saudi Arabia “and” Qatar.]


Qatar must close down all media outlets backed by it directly or indirectly, like Arabi 21, Rasd, New Arab, Middle East Eye, Mkamlin, Sharq, etc.

[It is not just Al-Jazeera going dark, all moderate and skeptically inquiring Arab news networks will be blacked out. And America supports these Islamo-fascist monsters in Riyadh?]


These demands must be agreed within 10 days, otherwise they would be invalidated.

[I’m no friend of the Emir of Qatar, but no leader, good or evil, let alone rational or sane, can sign his country to this. I’ve been writing about King Salman of Saudi Arabia since Ten Predictions 2016 and the Fire and Ice Prophecies. I’ve called him a madman, even for a Saudi ruler. He enables his son the Crown Prince, who is even a madder-hatter to commit these threats and crimes against human beings. What is invalidated in this list is the Saudi King and heir apparent’s sanity. America and Israel enables these monsters.]


Agreement will involve clear goals and mechanism, monthly reports in the first year, every three months the next & annually for 10 years.

[Sounds like the Gestapo “agreements” they dictated to the Jews to obey in the Warsaw Ghetto. Looks like Qatar will become the Doha Ghetto, with the Saudi’s holding the headsman’s sword and the lash.]


This unlucky-numbered ultimatum is the kind a bully totalitarian country holds over the head of its next victim for conquest. War is coming in the Gulf. It could be delayed beyond the deadline’s end around 2 July. Indeed, the astrology I report on in my forthcoming book John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions for the Real New Year: Spring 2017 to Spring 2018, would see this half-cocked Arab standoff not explode into action until August or even later in the year when it isn’t so hot-noggin scorching hot. I’ve been in the Gulf region. The fog coming off the Persian Gulf even at 3 am can be searing hot as a steam bath mist and that was in more meteorologically moderate days of end of September back when the Persian Gulf climate less globally warmed back in 1980.

DATELINE: 30 June 2017

ISIS Pirate Caliph al-Baghdadi declared Dead. Again? Is he Mabus, Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist?

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.

Learn how to free yourself from the Antichrist Unconscious. Click on this thumbnail cover.

The sun had set on the Islamic State’s beleaguered capital of al-Raqqa on 28 May 2017. Kurdish YPG militias were approaching the city from the North and Northwest shepherded by their US military advisors. From the west, still over the horizon advanced the Syrian Army with their Russian advisors. The last mines and booby traps were being laid and defenses prepared for a final stand in the heavily bombed city, once teaming with 300,000 souls. An estimated 80,000 unwilling “human shields” remained to pad the terminal fall of ISIS fighters, when US-coalition jets would systematically raise the buildings the jihadists used as cover to fight back.

God help the thousands of cowering citizens packing the lower floors and basements, under guard while ISIS makes fortresses out of their houses and apartment complexes. The US bombs the buildings pretending that what they can’t see can’t cause them pause to recover their lost humanity. If you can’t see the multitude of men, women and children, just pretend they’re not hiding in there as “there” becomes a gray and pulverized mushroom cloud after launching you missiles, and dropping you bunker-buster bombs.

Look the other way, US pilots, nothing to see here. All evidence of hundreds of civilians dying every time you kill one handful of ISIS fighters is not seen, so you “liberators” will not think or feel anything about it except abstractly and indifferently shrug and say, “War is hell.”

The government buildings in the fading light were in ruins from years of repeated US-Coalition air attacks. The Islamic State’s government officials, commanders had long gone underground making clandestine meetings far from the city center, either underground or in some incongruous suburb warehouse.

After it grew dark, a Russian Air Force drone was on patrol near scattered suburbs south of the city and its infrared camera filmed a lot of ISIS unit movement around a couple of larger, squared off, non-descript buildings. It’s remote control pilots notified commanders of a confirmed gathering of forces there, a possible council meeting of top commanders.

Russia’s Syrian contacts and spies on the ground believed a war council would soon be held by leading commanders, including the leader of the ISIS Caliphate in attendance, with dozens of other high and mid-level commanders. The compound was heavily guarded by hundreds of ISIS elite soldiers. On discussion were final defense and fighting withdrawal plans for Islamic State’s evacuation out of their capital. Much of that evacuation would take place before full engagement with YPG and Syrian by early June. There was only one way open to the south into the Syrian Desert for Caliph Ibrahim Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi and his forces to make their escape and fight another Allah-damned day.

It was getting on midnight when the sound of jets thundered in the night skies heralding doom in the booms of missile strikes that pulverized the war council target. When the smoke and flames cleared, the structures were obliterated, flattened. The buildings were merely two rectangles of rubble-strewn foundation, regarded by the Russian drone’s monoculus infrared eye.

On 16 June, the Russian Defense Ministry reported the attack and made an unusually bold claim for the Russians who are far more careful about verifying if terrorist leaders are indeed dead, unlike the Americans who often make claims to gain propaganda points in the War on Terror that are often proven wrong. The Russian Defense Ministry took three weeks to debrief their contacts on the ground, undercover in al-Raqqa before going public with a real news bombshell.

The Defense Minister issued a statement to Sputnik news that SU-34 strike aircraft and Su-35 multirole fighter attacked a so-called Daesh military council meeting south of its stronghold of al-Raqqa in northern Syria on 28 May. The airstrike was carried out between 11:35 and 11:45 pm (Local Syrian Time) following drone footage confirming the war council’s meeting location.

The statement added, “According to information that is checked through various channels, IS (Daesh) leader Ibrahim Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed as a result of the strike, was also present at the meeting.

“As a result of the Su-35 and Su-34 airstrikes, high-ranking commanders of the terrorist groups who were part of the so-called IS military council, as well as about 30 mid-level field commanders and up to 300 militants of their personal security, have been killed.”

What they couldn’t report is the chilling possibility that a Frenchman living in the mid-sixteenth century, writing his history of the future up to and beyond the year 3797 AD, foresaw this happening. He may have named al-Baghdadi and described the state of his corpse as being “completely annihilated.”

The prophet was Michel de Nostredame, most famously know by his Latin handle Nostradamus. He is unique among great prophets for foreseeing not one but three Antichrists, each taking the world three steps closer to a confrontation with Armageddon. He cloaked their names in anagram codes. The first and second Antichrists he called PAUNAYLORON and Hiƒter. PAUNAYLORON is NAPAULON ROY (King Napoleon or Napoleon Bonaparte). Hiƒter in none other than Adolf Hitler.

For over a quarter century, I have been on the prophetic detective’s trail in search of contemporary candidates for Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist, code named Mabus. The clues heavily indicate Mabus is a major player in the current era of wars of regime change and terrorism in the Middle East.

In my book Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus, I narrowed down the candidates to two US presidents and four Islamic terrorist leaders because all see their names decode to Mabus. I discovered this by using the rules of anagram Nostradamus applied. They are Presidents G.W. Bush, Barack Obama and four Arab figures, Dictator Saddam Hussein of Iraq, al-Qaeda founder Usama bin Laden, al-Qaeda in Iraq founder Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his disciple, the man who became the Caliph, the religious and political leader, of the Islamic State, Caliph Ibrahim Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi.

It is most important to remember, prophecy watchers, that unlike the first two Antichrists, Nostradamus made it clear that the complete annihilation of his Third and Final Antichrist is only the beginning of his terrible war lasting 25 to 27 years. The martyrdom of Mabus could somehow be the cause of pulling the nuclear powers America and Russia into a nuclear war, perhaps as soon as July through November of this year or as late as the year 2027.

If one of the men obliterated near midnight hour on 28 May—“annihilated,” blown to bits—as per the prophecy, happens to be al-Baghdadi, then we are not at the end of terrors. We are only at the beginning of the most dangerous times in human history.

That is why it is most important to look at the following clues to prove whether the Russians have it right or this is another false alarm…


To finish this article and find out whether the third antichrist is really dead as well as read the chilling conclusion, as well as the next five compelling articles remaining, by donating $5.00 HERE. Put On the Razor’s Edge of War PART TWO 2017 in the PayPal memo line. When I see your donation confirmed I will manually send you a fully illustrated PDF file attached to the email address you have used.

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Russians fixing US Election “IS” a Hoax as Hogue foresaw. The Source? A CNN producer caught on Camera says it’s so and recent in-House Editorial memos effectively hint the Russian Story is Dead

“It’s a business, people are like the media has an ethical phssssss…All the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business.”

Those are the words of a senior CNN producer, caught on hidden camera. Edward R. Murrow must be turning in his grave. This is the kind of mindset he so feared back in the early 1960s would corrupt investigative journalism once you turned news bureaus of national networks into profit-seekers of advertisement like entertainment shows… Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles

Trump Plans to Strike Syria Again! Threatening Syrian Government with mass military reprisals for a Chemical Weapons Attack before it happened

This time the Trump team is not going to block proof “after” it happens, but block it “before” it happens. Moreover, the Trump camp is saying in their communiqué that “any” chemical weapons attack happening in Syria will be blamed on the Syrian regime and nobody else.

Why even think of verification or proof? Why even consider the documented evidence that the Syrian rebels, the most Salafist and Islamo-fascistic of them, have either used Syrian government chemical weapons they captured during the six-year civil war, or are building their own, like the gas bombs that conventional Syrian air strikes on Khan Shakhoun destroyed… Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles

The Republican Baseball shooting and 30 Years of first-hand Experience into which Side in this polarized political Climate writes more threatening Comments

You don’t have to like Breitbart or Coulter, but in a democracy you do have to protect their rights to speak freely, if you respect that right for yourselves. Otherwise, how can you call yourselves Americans…? Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles

I’ve seen left wing counter protestors take cellphone pictures of students in peaceful Trump rallies on US Berkeley campus and then post them on information boards with threatening messages like, “Here are the new Nazis on campus. KICK THEM OUT OF CAMPUS!” This is jaw-dropping behavior coming from the campus that birthed the “Free Speech” movement…  Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles

Trump Drops Illegal Phosphorus Munitions, so says the deeper Weapon of Mass Destruction: the Programmed Mind working to warp reality in all of us

Maybe there’s a greater evil to consider: the evil of good men. The unintended evil of unconsciousness of two good people above having a discussion on my Facebook page. Both of them are so far removed from the suffering their presidents inflict on human beings. They can intellectually discuss who is the more evil president so far removed from the reality on the ground caused by what victims can only see are American presidents—and that means by extension, “the American people”—have done this to them.

It’s not your fault, my two friends, Dana and Fred.

Fault or response “ability” is the purview of people that have become aware of their programmed and unconscious mind-sets.

Become more aware, my dear friends  …Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles

Why did the Chicken or the Egg cross the Road? Why did Bodhidharma go to China when He could go to Goa? And finally, the most important question…

Did you know that if you were born under the sign of Sagittarius but don’t eat meat, that makes you a Vegittarius?

On a more serious note, the chicken was pregnant when it crossed the road so the two physicians watching her waddle over the asphalt gingerly, said to me the egg and chicken were both walking across the road.

The chicken stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the road, struck by a thought before she was struck by a double semi truck, not before she squawked her famous last words in Chickenderian: “Look! A pair-a’-docs…!”  Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles

Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles and thank you for supporting Hogueprophecy. –John Hogue

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