Future History Quickening! Trump and the Paris Accords, His grave Saudi Arabian misunderstanding, the “One Love” Ariana Grande Concert, and London Terror Attacks. My British Election Forecast, the Qatar Boycott, and ISIS attacking Iran for the First Time. Trump struck Syria AGAIN! World War III concerns arising from Syria and North Korea

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DATELINE: 07 June 2017

The London Bridge Terror Attack: It equals Theresa May’s polling bridge to victory “falling down” on the Eve of the General Election Tomorrow.

Last Saturday (3 June 2017), on the iconic London Bridge, three Muslim jihadists who had rented a white van headed south onto the pedestrian walk running down dozens of Saturday night strollers and revelers. At the south end of the bridge they emerged from the van brandishing long knives, grabbed a woman bystander and yelled, “This is for Allah!” They stabbed her multiple times, dumping her bleeding body on the ground and then strolled into the crowded Borough Market indiscriminately stabbing and slashing anyone they could outside or just inside the front door of the pubs they passed.

One unarmed British Bobby on ground patrol rushed in, tired to trip a jihadi with his billy club and was seriously wounded by multiple knife thrusts. Eventually the three were confronted by armed London police firing a six-round fusillade killing two of the attackers. Eight other armed cops cornered the third and pumped 50 rounds into his falling body wounding two bystanders. Later, London police officials publicly apologized for the excess shooting. (Now I know I’m not in America where police emptying their pistol clips into a suspect, especially if he’s an unarmed African American, wouldn’t warrant an apology.)

Scotland Yard’s representative said they riddled the suspects with bullets because of the bomb vests the three so brazenly displayed to prevent them from setting them off. Upon forensic and ballistic inspection the vests proved to be fake—just an added illusion of potential threat to match the real and gory, sharp-edged horror they had unleashed.

Islamic state declared these three dead terrorists were “martyrs” for the cause. They had taken seven innocent people with them and injured 48 others. Twenty-one of the latter are in critical condition. It is expected more deaths will be reported from the van and knife rampage.

Islamo-fascist terrorists, such as al-Qaeda or their grimmer descendant, ISIS/Daesh, often play a game of numbers with the chosen dates of their attacks playing with sevens, nines and elevens. So far Britain in 2017 has kept that pattern either randomly or intentionally going. In last Saturday night’s case, 3 June (2017), you get 3 + the 6th month equaling 9. That matches the date pattern of earlier attacks this year. Take for instance, the jihadi running down pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge and knifing a policeman on Parliament’s steps back on 22 March. That’s 2 + 2 + 3rd month equaling 7. The recent Manchester bombing of an Ariana Grande concert was on 22 May (2 + 2 + 5th month equals 9).

The Westminster atrocity was committed on the anniversary of a British soldier being stabbed and beheaded on the streets of London on 22 March 2013. Break that down, we get 22-3-13. Add 2 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 3 and it equals 11.

Remember, the Wahhabi Saudi Arabian Islamic cult, the official state religion of Saudi Arabia, is the basis for the theological extremism that inspired al-Qaeda’s “9/11” attack on New York, Washington DC and over Pennsylvania USA on 11 September (9th month) 2001. It also inspired an infamous “9-11” British variant: the double-decker bus and Underground rail bombings in London called “7/7” because it happened on 7 July 2005, which by the way, gives you a third “7” out of 2005. 2 + 5 equaling 7: 777.

There are other significant numbers to consider. Polling numbers for tomorrow’s British national elections on 8 June 2017. Britain will choose and form a new, 57th Parliament in the United Kingdom’s long life of over 300-years. The wide lead Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservatives once held in May has steadily declined in June. It looks like her chances of solidifying her majority against the opposition parties before going into deep and difficult negotiations extricating the United Kingdom from the European Union in its “Brexit” will not fatten her majority with 20 to 25 more seats. Rather, the Conservatives could lose 25 seats, even lose the slim majority they presently have, in a new and hung parliament, forcing May to either form a coalition government or watch powerlessly as someone else with more seats in the opposition do it.

Her response to the attacks on Sunday morning was to say, “Enough is enough!” hinting that a new and more antagonistic counter-terrorist responses are coming, with deeper and unpopular hints of added policing of social media outlets and servers. Her Orwellian approach to come down harder with the police on Muslim extremism implicates a harsher attitude to Muslim British citizens in general, losing millions more votes there. Expect many more and widespread police raids in the middle of the night, guns and stun grenades drawn.

The man who may take May down on 8 June, replacing her as Prime Minister is Jeremy Corbyn, head of Labour Party. Belittled and savaged by the Conservative Party bias of the government funded BBC and other British news networks, Corbyn is correct when pointing out that the terrorist hell experienced on the streets of Britain is a another kind of Hell home to roost—a consequences of Britain’s deadly decade’s worth of military misadventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Indeed the Manchester bomber and other family members where trained by British advisers and permitted by the government to travel down to Libya and fight against the regime of dictator Muhammar Gaddafi, as part of Britain’s involvement with France in NATO’s 2011 war of Libyan regime change. Libya to this day is a failed state and haven for the spread of terrorism across North and Saharan Africa. NATO turned it into a wreck of ruins where multiple warlords and factions fight a free-for-all civil war that has allowed Islamic extremists like ISIS to take root and radicalize men like the Manchester bomber. After this “jihadi” came marching home, he strapped on a vest bomb and blasting to death 19 and wounded 36, many of whom were teenagers and children happily leaving the Ariana Grande concert on 22 May 2017.

Prime Minister May and the Conservatives wave Corbyn’s sage understanding of British terror birthing jihadist terror coming home to roost. The Tories declare they will continue and even deepened British military involvements in the Middle East. I suppose this will include yet again another multi-billion pound infusion of arms to Saudi Arabia, the theological heart, mentor and financier of Islamic Sunni Terrorism that is killing defenseless British citizens. The people are getting savvy about this connection and Tory collusion and you can see it in May’s dropping poll numbers.

PM May’s “Get tough” talk may not boost her polls, as a large majority of Brits actually side with Corbyn and are growing sick and frustrated at British engagement in foreign wars and arms deals. I would add that the Conservative retort to Corbyn had some factual merit, that these attacks are based on a religious ideology that leaving foreign wars won’t mollify. They’re right but Corbyn is not wrong. Moreover, politics doesn’t follow fact, but rather, perceptions of reality. At the time of this writing, just four days from the national election, perception is favoring Corbyn’s potential upset victory.

Hogues-Astrol-2017-2018-cover-125x188-23kI addressed this potential alternative scenario in my forthcoming book John Hogue’s Worldwide Predictions for the Real New Year: Spring 2017 to Spring 2018:

My preliminary belief that the stars favor her blazing a new destiny for Englishmen and women with the Conservative Party gaining at least 20 more seats to solidifying her political means to expedite the divorce is not perhaps what the Uranus trine has in store in the final two days of campaigning and on election day 8 June. Landslide is no longer a sure deal. May and the Tories are losing support in the poles. Jupiter (expansion, open to the new) stands still on election day finishing its retrograde motion, progressing direct on 9 June towards “progress.” That could mean the Conservatives will be stalled on the day of the vote and suffer a hung parliament, or worse. Theresa May’s nemesis Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP (Scottish National Party) can be suddenly Uranus’ surprise turnaround king maker, allying with Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party giving him a slim majority in Parliament perhaps if he concedes to the SNP’s demand to have a second Scotish Independence Referendum…

Loss of the United Kingdom may be the price of the Conservative Party’s victory, but it is assured if they lose to Labour, which can only potentially rule if it allows popular referendums desired mainly by the Scotish MP districts and if they get what they want you might see MPs of Welsh and Northern Irish MP voting districts demand the same because it is believed that the “English” Parliament in Westminster, London, has more political control of them all than the EU would.

The vote on the 8th sets in motion not one divorce going ahead but two: the EU by the “English” in 2019, and the breakup of over three centuries of the United Kingdom in the years following. I have for years predicted Scotland will have a second referendum and abandon the UK, followed by Wales and Northern Ireland will at last return to the EU as part of a united Ireland.

John Hogue’s Worldwide Predictions for the Real New Year: Spring 2017 to Spring 2018:
June: Your Brexing Out All Over Again!

Ariana Grande punctuated the traumatic previous weekend in the United Kingdom with love and kindness. She and her organizers had managed to put together a benefit concert for the families of the fallen and the wounded in an open-air charity venue Sunday night in Manchester that included performances from Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Niall Horan, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell, Coldplay, Take That, and more before an audience of over 60,000. It is said the tickets for the concert sold out in only 20 minutes! The meeting hearts and song became a joyous celebration of life and peace, standing and dancing in happy defiance to those who would snuff out joy and place the world under their black, unloving, death-cult flag.

Brava! Ariana and bravi tutti your guest performers and revelers of this One Love Manchester Concert. Bravo to all of you who moved beyond fear to gather in Manchester and take back the night and answer the tragic end of the last concert with a beautiful and uplifting ending to this concert. You defeat fear with love. You render irrelevant and powerless terror with courage to live on in happy defiance to those who monger it. The death eaters can never defeat life, love and laughter.

Next weekend I will present Part One of a two-part assessment of the French and British elections plus a forecast of the most significant elections coming in 2017 through 2018. These will include the French Parliamentarian national elections this month that will make or break support for the new French President Macron. There’s the German Elections coming in September where German Chancellor Angela Merkel will face a potential loss of office and we’ll see if Vladimir Putin will gain a final six-year term in the upcoming Russian Presidential elections in March 2018. Finally we look far down the timeline all the way to November 2018 to look at the US midterm elections.

DATELINE: 07 June 2017

Trump backs out of the Paris Accords: thus 1 June 2017 is the First Day of the Chinese Century as America goes Cretaceously Fossil Fuel Brained

I’m not surprised by Trump’s move to start the process to leave the Paris Accords. Despite his daughter, Ivanka Trump’s hard sell to stay in the agreement with 194 nations pledging to reduce Global Warming emissions around the world by 30 percent by the year 2030, the President’s eight-year old mindset fixates on jobs being threatened by it. These are “old jobs”, most of which are never coming back to America. Time to look at the new jobs, America, and Mr. Trump.

Time to stop snorting “Koch” propaganda, feeding an addicted myth of climate change deniers at nearly $1 billion a year. Wake up and smell the clean air beyond oil fumes. It is the far faster growing industry in the US. It is clean energy, creating three times more jobs than the oil and gas energy sector that doesn’t make it’s living drawing out the gas and goo of previous extinctions of flora and fauna, compressed and ready to burn when refined and heat up the sky.

Trump wants to resurrect the coal industry with promises of clean coal that are fantasy. I wish this fossil fuel industrial “Unicorn” myth were a creature that existed.

Why not drop the cynical con, fossil fuelers? Why not dedicate yourselves to a 10-year clean-the-fossil-fuels race, like the Space Race of the 1960s? Rather than put a man on the moon, how about actually making a technology that can use America’s 500-year coal reserves by completely washing or sequestering the carbon it releases into the atmosphere? Mr. Trump, you can have your “Kennedy to the Moon” moment, if you would but deliver the goods.

But no, he turns away from where the world must and will go. By doing so, he threatens to leave the United States, forever, out of a leadership role for the future. He is dropping the torch, walking away and the Chinese are taking it up in their hand. The Chinese who the climate change denier cult, infiltrating Trump’s cabinet choices like Pruitt (EPA) and Steve Bannon (special advisor) monger conspiracies about without objective evidence but a lot of righteously ignorant belief placed above science and skeptical inquiry.

They think China is using a fanciful idea that humans are heating up the planet with their smog to gain economic advantage over the United States. They look away to a mountain of evidence that shows the Industrial Age began with a corresponding aggregate record that rising global temperatures match the rise in coal and other fossil fuel use. They’d rather save the Unicorn myth of clean coal rather than face a scientifically-documented fact that global warming exponentially exploded alongside the historic economic boom of productivity following 1950 to the present.

After World War Two, the world became significant expellers of the exhaust of success that artificially and rapidly raised the aggregate temperature of the world’s oceans and atmosphere at a faster rate than all other naturally induced warm-ups of the world climate in prehistoric times. Yes, the world has warmed up many times before but “No” there is no evidence that previous warm-ups, not even the Permian Extinction that killed 96 percent of all life on earth, came on this fast. Nothing in our climate history has presented the smoking gun that exactly paralleled a sudden global warming like this one. The gun barrels of that warming were the first smokestacks of the Industrial Age. Then came boom of the plume of air pollution exiting from exhaust gun barrels of the internal combustion engine era and the vast industrialization and urbanization of the world that increases the record breaking, rising swell of temperature tsunamis unto this day.

Ninety-eight percent of the world Scientists backs it.

“Ah, I’m quacking it!” say the climate conspirators as tree-hugging hogwash—a Chinese plot to hobble US production with crushing laws to control CO2 emissions as a way to dominate the world with their economy.

This premise is completely false as the future will prove. What the future will also prove is that Trump, believing in this climate denial hooey, is relapsing into another “Birther” conspiracy-buff moment with historic consequences for the world. He can’t see it now, but I see it. Trump is handing the Chinese the US leadership role in the world while he turns away from the great job maker of the future: Clean Energy.

By his announcement on 1 June 2017 on the Oval Office lawn, President Trump alienated most of the leaders of US industry who strongly support the Paris Accord, including his Secretary of State, former Exxon-Mobile chief Rex Tillerson. His company in the late 1970s was first to scientifically prove—then keep suppressed until it was leaked a few years back—that human beings using fossil fuels were indeed impacting and heating up the world. Big oil knew that its gasses were preventing solar heat from leaving the atmosphere in what is called a Greenhouse Effect heating up the planet. It reminds me of another industry that knew it was creating cancer around the world but suppressed the proof to make money. The same ad companies that spin climate change denial around the world today were hired to do the same about cigarettes being safe for you to suck and blow up tumors in your lungs and bodies.

In the week leading up to this momentous retreat from world leadership and stewardship for America, Trump in his first overseas trip had closed a deal that will eventually give Saudi Arabia $400 dollars over the next decade in weapons to fight international terrorism. Trump is clueless of the fact that the Saudi princes run a country that inspired international terrorism by promoting the Islamic cult of extreme Wahhabism that Saudi Arabia has spread around the Islamic world. The Saudi princes have invested hundreds of billions over 30 years into constructing a network of religious schools, or madrasas, that program young boys essentially to be martyrs for a Saudi-promoted Wahhabbi-Islamic Armageddon worldview.

The Saudi’s with other Sunni Gulf State Sheikdoms, supply the most money, men, arms and training to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State! Trump’s recent “Tolerance” trip to Saudi Arabia just fed the dark heart of international terrorism nearly a half-trillion in Islamic Apocalyptic financing for the next decade.

Then he few to Rome to meet a cautious pope turning a hearing-aide plugged, deaf ear to the pope’s explanation of global warming dangers. Next he flew Air Force One up to Brussels to meet with NATO leaders, leaving them with a historically clear understanding best elaborated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Europe can no longer rely on American leadership and must think about going it alone in the world with its business and military policies.

What a week last week was!

Trump comes home after feeding terrorism mountains of US taxpayer money and getting Europe to think of divorcing itself from the United States. Next he hands China leadership of 194 nations, i.e., the world, by starting the all-American butt-out process from the Paris Accord. The “best jobs president in history” (Trump’s own words on campaign) could destroy hundreds of thousands of US jobs in the clean energy sector and deny its expansion in coming years with government support that helped EVERY great American business innovation before it.

He’ll help lose millions more future US jobs because the word buys from China’s clean energy sector. I predict Trump will turn away from his own clean energy sector and limit government subsidies to grow his country’s own clean industry so that can take a great step backwards into the dinosaur goo and putrid gasses that can increase while an American economy plays with extinction.

It’s an ancient reality, as old as the Universe itself, if you don’t adapt to changes challenging you, you go the way of Dino doo doo and the Dodo Bird.

Trump’s American answer to 194 countries is to take four percent of the population out of the world-wide rallying accord, and get them to work harder increasing the US air pollution output, which is one third of the world’s output, some say by 19 percent.

Heck, Trump is on track to make America number one again and China number two in producing the largest amount of greenhouse gasses once again by expanding drilling and fracking across America.

America can be another “leader” of another grand alliance of a couple nations that I call the “Coalition of the Unwilling.” America can join little Nicaragua and the rubble and strife torn place once called Syria as the ONLY countries saying no to the Paris Accord. Heck, even Dr. Evil Jr., North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, brought his country into the family of nations pledged.

In Trump for President: Astrological Predictions published in December 2015, almost a year before he won the election, I forecast that Trump was pulling out. I wrote these passages four days after the Paris Accord was drafted into reality in Paris on 12 December 2015.


At the time of this final edit pass (16 December 2015), Donald Trump’s view on climate change is surprisingly myopic for a man known to think big. He ignored, then off handedly dismissed in his tweets, one of the biggest agreements passed by the leaders of the world just four days earlier when 196 countries came together in Le Bourget, France to unanimously vote for beginning the process of ratifying the Paris Climate Change Accords…

Trump seems little interested in climate change beyond looking any farther than the view of the weather outside the windows of his Trump Tower office or penthouse. A marathon tweeter, Trump tweets like the proverbial canary in the mineshaft gassed up high as a hovering “kite”—but not yet falling off his perch—on the hot air of pseudo climate science denial when he calls global warming fake.

“It’s snowing & freezing in NYC. What the hell ever happened to global warming?”—Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 21 March 2013.

“Ice storm rolls from Texas to Tennessee—I’m in Los Angeles and it’s freezing. Global warming is a total, and very expensive, hoax!”—Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 6 December 2013.

“NBC News just called it the great freeze—coldest weather in years. Is our country still spending money on the GLOBAL WARMING HOAX?” —Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 25 January 2014.

I’ve fielded a similar accusation from Hogueprophecy readers during the unseasonably polar winter of 2014-2015 texting from the snowdrifts of Boston and shivering a few hundred miles north of Trump’s snowflaked view of Central Park.

“Global warming?!” wrote one grumpy and frozen Facebook friend from Bean Town, “Tell it to Boston!”

I replied, “No global warming? Tell it to Seattle! There’s no snow on the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. We’re warm, dry. We haven’t had a winter!”

…Common sense is wonderful, as long as one has the wisdom to recognize a need to engage a deeper sense of reflective intelligence recognizing the limits of what seems obvious—what appears common sensical becoming non-sensical. Right now I see a sometimes-brilliant man wearing blinders, who can’t think globally about what might be the greatest issue that will define his presidency and America as either leaders or losers in the war on climate change.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions, Chapter 13:
Coming Down from a Presidential High
On “Koch” Climate Change Denial

Under Trump Americans will lose the chance to be leaders in slowing down an emerging planetary catastrophe that time is rapidly running out to mend…

Trump, in Chapter 9 of Crippled America, entitled, “The Energy Debate: A Lot of Hot Air,” spends most of his verbiage applying that brilliant Gemini intellect for promoting exactly what Neptune in Virgo in the US chart malevolently squares. In short, he’s mass communicating a whole lot of limited vision and misunderstanding, mixed with the theme: jobs (especially oil jobs) first and alternative energy industries—never, because it’s too expensive and will kill job growth. The last bits can only resonate as truth if you work hard at cherry picking your research and proudly wave the false red-white and blue flag of the sorely misinformed, Mr. Trump. Last week the rest of the world just started moving forward [by drafting the Paris Accord 30 November—12 December 2015], leaving you behind eating History’s dust, I’m sorry to say.

Changing Trump’s stance on global warming will be the most challenging trail before us, because his Gemini Sun square the US birth chart’s Neptune in Virgo renders his stubborn stance a lingering, tenacious delusion.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions, Chapter 14
The Art of the Deal, meets the Arsenal of Ecology

Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump's upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample of the book that predicted Trump’s upset win over a year ago and glimpsed his future as president.


Another unexpected consequence of this move I foresee is a further eroding of the linking verb that identifies Americans living in a country that “is” the United States, more rapidly becoming sovereign states that “are” the United States in a weakening federalist system. Case in point, a majority of captains of industry are against Trump’s retreat from the Paris Accord as bad for future business. Many state governors have gathered with them and pledged to keep their states on track with eyes on the emission-reducing prize of 30-percent fossil fuel use by 2030, whether Washington’s brain fart contributes to global warming’s increase or not. Hundreds of towns and cities around the United States are “are-ing” the land holding to their own efforts to do the same. States, cities and towns will simply ignore Trump’s most historic blunder-in-the-making and moving on.

You’ll see American states in the future become leading investors in research and development. They will become exporters of clean energy products and technologies for the world despite Trump’s federal government funding and subsidies for same, weakening. States and industries will find ways to fund their own research and development and thus disempower and isolate the Federal Government’s political influence on American states. Washington is making sovereign the states. They will do what “countries” do, or what states gathering in economic pacts and alliances do to aid each other’s green energy markets at home and exporting abroad.

Trump has set in motion a change in the American union that could even break up the country as we’ve known it into three or for independent collections of states.

In my final chapter in Trump for President, I spoke of the Arsenal of Ecology that could give Trump his Franklin Delano Roosevelt moment in this current and cyclic return of a planetary threat in our lifetime, similar but potentially larger than the Great Depression morphing into the Second World War of the 1930s and 1940s. These didn’t impact every corner of the globe as planetary climate warming will, and with civilization-threatening force. I was prescient to the possibility that Trump would eventually come around to seeing the light at the end of his derriere about this. I’ve already documented in my next book on his presidency, under construction, President Trump Predictions, that when he finally wakes up to global warming, he’ll be too late to catch up—too late to ever see the United States in a global leadership role again.

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it's out.

click on the cover and read more about this forthcoming book and how you can get a personal notice when it’s out.

The superpower took a self-inflicted bullet on 1 June 2017. The wound didn’t kill it. The shot heard around the world that America comes first and the world—last—may have flown all the way around the globe and inflicted a mortal wound to US hegemony. Shunning Paris for the sake of raising jobs in “Pittsburg” has started a greater shift of the world away from the United States and that shift will only make Pittsburg (a leading clean energy industrial center of America, Mr. Trump) and render the rust belt industries surrounding it in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana and Illinois more rusty. Rather than transform them into dynamos creating clean energy turbines and other gear that could bring you jobs, employment and an economic boom greater than you had after the post-Second World War period for 30 to 50 years, Trump has handed the future to China! China isn’t threatening the US economic future; it is President Trump, drinking the Kool Aid of the Koch-Ads fomenting the lie of climate change denial.

As Merkel stated last week, and she’s prescient about it, Europe is on its own and cannot count on the United States for leadership. It will turn its economic interests away from the US and look eastward to Russia and China. Trump muses about getting all the jobs back from China that went overseas while China is mechanizing those jobs and preparing its people for the generational shift to a less labor- and employment-intensive, automated world. This will change everything you’ve known and believed about personal value, wealth distribution, and living in a future world of work that no longer needs to be acquisitive to inquisitive.

That is, the human races moves out of a world mindset that educates its people primarily so they can do a job and make money to a new world and a new humanity that educates its people to live a life of little labor in a “base-income” society that takes care of all the basic needs for life. Industries in the future will be mostly automated. Jobs are not going to enslave human beings. You will be freed of them and the wealth they create will be resourced to help you pursue other interests, to educate yourself, learn to sing, dance, meditate and celebrate life. That beginning is coming even if Trump has retarded it from originating out of America.

On 1 June 2017, Trump’s America took its first big, dying, flat-footed dinosaur step into what I call its “Cretaceous” (dying) era as a world power. It has chosen to run its economy and stake its future of the goo and gas of extinct plants and animals that lumbered and died out as America the Superpower empire will do in dino farts and oil.

That brings me back to the coalition of the Unwilling and misunderstood little Nicaragua. Nicaragua stands today in my estimation as the most prescient and intelligent nation rejecting the Paris Accord because that accord is lost in its own bold and blind-Trumpian delusion.

Nicaragua declined to join the Paris baguette-headed Accord because its cuts to fossil fuel emission are, first off, on an honor system with nothing legally or financially binding by international laws to achieve goals. Except for the fact that most of the world signed on, it is as powerless by an absence of laws, penalties, fines, etc., to drive it through as all the other climate accords that came before it. It is just a regurgitation of Rio, Kyoto and Copenhagen Accord-fulls of kumbaya moments of international feel-goodie-goodie-ness but little or no substance to tackle rising temperatures in the oceans and atmosphere threatening humanity’s future existence, as the decades fly by and we come closer to a moment of no return.

The leadership of Nicaragua understands what most seriously climate scientists know. Thirty percent reduction of fossil fuel emissions just 13-years hence in 2030 will not come close to cooling global warming. The previous Copenhagen Accords had agreed to an arbitrary limit of increasing world heating only to 2 degrees Celsius before 2030. That’s allowing another .08 degrees Celsius rise with disturbing scientific projections that .08 might be more than enough to tip the climate into an unstoppable warming cascade by human means.

Get real, world! Thirty percent reduction doesn’t cut it; only an EIGHTY PERCENT REDUCTION by 2030 will save us from the worst-case scenarios of a future that will be warmer for 200 years even if we can achieve 80 percent. The momentum has already moved beyond reversing the warming back to 1950 levels.

I stand with the president and parliament of Managua, Nicaragua on this. With what I foresee in the future rapidly coming, I cannot support the Paris Accord for all the opposite reasons Trump rejected it. Nicaragua knows the score. It is a poor country and the poor nations will suffer the most from a heating of the climate and a rising of the oceans that they have had little to do with creating.

America’s abandonment of being the great nation that rebuilt Europe with the Marshal Plan after the Second World War is not going to be great again, no matter what Trump makes of it.

On a positive note, the Paris Accord is, at least, a good start and it is good that so many countries have signed up to it. That never happened in previous accords. I think the leaders in Beijing hold this truth close and know what I’m forecasting here. They will have to promote a few years hence a new accord, or at least act by example end increase their cut of fossil fuel use far higher than a mere 30 percent.

They know now that has to happen, but it’s better to start the momentum of change without stifling the world’s nerve if you told them how much more fossil fuel cuts and sacrifices are coming. Thus I foresee Beijing sooner than later, promoting another climate change accord. Perhaps it will be aided by Trump as a convert or by his successor in office—someone with more scientifically objective understanding. They will alter the accord into a legally binding Paris “Treaty” that commits signatories to hard deadlines and gets the industrial and wealthier nations committed legally to aiding poorer nations in achieving the goal to stop polluting the Earth and humanity’s future.

And if no treaty is possible than persuasion must be unique to make the non-binding accord successful. China can lead the world by example, by economic and technological investment, finding a way so compelling that no legal and financial “pain” is needed to build the “gain” of 80 percent CO2 reductions by 2030 is possible.

It sounds far fetched, I know.

What you don’t know is what I’ve seen coming over the polluted and hazy horizon of the future. Natural disasters so nation shaking in the coming 2020s that there will be no question that more must be done and sacrificed in this effort to save human civilization from itself.

Finally, looking down the road of time a decade or two, I see the unexpected good for Americans and the world, that the world gets out from under America’s shadow and starts working together beyond the Era of America the Superpower “Big Brother” watching you with its 800 military bases whether you asked for it, like it, or not. Perhaps 1 June 2017 is the first day of superpower extinction, and the first day the world started growing up. Only a child needs a big brother’s protection, not a fully-grown and mature adult.

DATELINE: 07 June 2017

Empire Trumps Ethics: The Grand Illusion that Iran and not Saudi Arabia, is the Philanthropist of Islamic Terrorism

Talk about President “Gemini” talking two completely different foreign policy points of view out of two sides of his mouth in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on his first overseas trip as president called his “tolerance” trip to the Middle East, visiting Saudi Arabia, then Israel in late in May 2017.

Trump on the presidential stump, trumpeted almost in every campaign speech a rant that ever included his opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s infamous defense deal with Saudi Arabia. As Secretary of State for President Obama she brokered a record-breaking US arms deal to a foreign nation, amounting to $62 billion to Saudi Arabia. She’d leave her tenure a Secretary of State in Obama’s first term adding up the war armament deals to the Saudis and Sheiks of the Gulf States upwards of $130 billion.

We seem to become what we protest to hate, especially as politicians.

“President” Trump flies to Riyadh last month (20 May), does a sword dance with King Salman, the Crown Prince and many a princeling in the serried ranks in the sword dancing background that are known to have used US arms deals, plus their own deep pockets to promote extreme Wahhabi interpretations of Islamic sharia law. These princes have been the financial and religious source of the core beliefs of the worst terror organizations like al-Qaeda and ISIS…



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My Coast to Coast AM interview with George Noory on Sunday, plus answering a caller’s question about what is going on with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the U.A.E. closing their borders to Qatar and sending their diplomatic missions home? It “ain’t” Terrorism

George Noory’s scheduled 10-minute interview with me on his special Sunday “birthday” show expanded to cover the bulk of the first hour. Here’s an overview courtesy of Coast to Coast AM:

First hour guest, prophecy scholar John Hogue offered a look into the near future. We could see a break-up of the United Kingdom as a commonwealth by 2020, he suggested, as well as an intensification of terrorist attacks or wars, according to prophecy and astrological windows. What’s going on in North Korea and the Middle East could really come to a crisis point especially after the third week of July, and all through August, he cited. The total eclipse passing over the US on August 21st could be followed by seismic events, both in geologic terms and on a human scale, he cautioned.

The next two articles below will detail the up and coming future potentials of what George and I talked about concerning a showdown with US carriers and North Korea plus the race to seize Raqqa being a smokescreen for a completely other US goal in Syria…  Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles.

The Future knows the Real Reason behind the US-backed Summer Offensive on al-Raqqa and Its goal has a lot more to do with Iran than it does taking the Capital of ISIS

The US-coalition move on al-Raqqa is now on and the siege of the Islamic State’s capital is now engaged. The Russian and Syrian Army forces are in a race with the US and Kurdish forces to take al-Raqqa first charging out of the west. With al-Tanf occupied, the US has taken a major step towards the end of the Syrian sovereign state, not ISIS…  Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles.

ISIS Terror attack on Iranian Parliament and Khomeini’s Tomb is really Saudi Arabia’s attack on Iran: so Claims Tehran, for its aid to Beleaguered Qatar

I keep working on this current article stream and each day I think I can finally publish them I have to add yet another article because of significant events that could change your future coming almost dayly.

Six ISIS terrorists attacked in two teams and set off suicide bombe and shot down dozens at the Tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Iranian state, and attacked the Iranian Parliament today, 7 June 2017. A dozen are reported dead with over 40 wounded and injured by the blasts at the tomb and parliament foyer of this predominantly Shia Muslim state. All the Sunni ISIS terrorists were killed… Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles.

Three US Carrier Strike Groups will be in position around the Korean Peninsula by mid-June! A showdown between Trump and Kim Jong-Un is about to happen.

On the same day Trump dropped a Paris Accord bombshell, 1 June 2017, the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group left port in Bremerton, Washington State, serenely sailing up the Admiralty Inlet next to the fir-tree and farm lined snaking island where I live, heading for Korean waters… Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles.

Donate HERE to access these fully-illustrated articles and thank you for supporting Hogueprophecy. –John Hogue

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