June You’re Busting Out all Over with a British Brexit Referendum Prediction, an RNC Anti-Trump Convention Coup in planning, and Super El Niño suddenly cross-dressing into a Superior La Niña Climate Shift as Hogue Predicted and Much More

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Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

Click on the cover and see how you can receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book.

DATELINE: 22 June 2016

Brexit British Exit and Trump possibly Trumped in Cleveland?

I metaphorically hold on tight to the back of the flaming Chinese Red Monkey, swinging, God knows where next, through 2016, so I can keep ahead of events and trends and keep you prophetically appraised of all the wild and wicked things this way coming. In a monkey shining year of firsts, I had to scrap my plan to write an astrology book for the year. Half of the material of that book will be woven into my forthcoming, epic biannual book of prophecies intended for release in early August: Predictions 2016-2017—Years of Crisis and Breakthrough.

The other half will be coming to you as free articles, like the following passage predicting what will happen tomorrow: Thursday 23 June 2016. This may be the most significant British referendum in 100 years. The British people will come to the polls and decide the fate of the United Kingdom by either voting yes “for” or no “against” leaving the European Union, in a vote otherwise known by wonkish reporting wags as a “Brexit.” I date-targeted and documented my forecast for the outcome three months ago on 16 March 2016. The brackets are inserted today for clarity:


[When I muse on the coming June of 2016] my thoughts stray back to the time I was a singer-actor and musical comedian working in the Highfield Theater in Falmouth, Massachusetts for The College Light Opera Company for their summer light opera and musical comedy season of 1977.

Our troup of “bro-hemians” in the men’s makeup room had a wicked way with words. A fine gathering of heterodoxical heterosexual guys and gays of Rabelaisian wit. We liked renaming each of the planned nine productions for the season by finding the most politically incorrect bastardizations of the original show titles that sung well. One of our more tamely lewd examples was calling Sigmund Romberg’s Romanic light opera The Desert Song the “Desperate Schlong.”

Well, what to do? We were performing in “Falmouth” en masse, en-Massachusetts, were we not?

Our back-stage tradition was a hetero-homo homage to what Mozart wallowing in the orchestra pit of his operatic theatricals was famous for. He was a master of lewd-lexiconing. Naughty Amadeus would have loved what we did to Victor Herbert’s operetta, Naughty Marietta.

We called it: I gnawed on Mary’s Utter.

If only we had performed Bye Bye Birdie that season. We could have named it Bye-Bi-sexual Birdie.

My one significant contribution—only transcended by somehow keeping my virginity that summer—was to name the threesome of Incan comedic characters from Jacques Offenbach’s La Périchole, “Inca, Dinka and Doo,” in homage of one of my favorite vaudevillian comedians, Jimmy Durante. Jimmy would conduct his own singing with his big bulbous nose and growl warmly that famous song of nonsense: Ink…kah-dika-DINK, Ka-dika-DINK. Ah-dink-ah-DOO…!

(Ha! Chah-chah chaaaah!)

When I think of the astrology for June 2016, I’m reminded of a chorus and dance number our Highfield foul-mouthed company performed in the Rogers and Hammerstein classic, Arousal.

So sorry, that was our name for Carousel.

In the latter scenes of Act One, spring was sprouting and hormonally shouting in fresh friskiness all over. The boys and girls of New England in the year 1873 gathered at Nettie Fowler’s snack bar on the beach, stomped and romped into chorus line to kick and spin, with suspenders snapped and skirts a’flyin’, performing a “Norman Rockwell cavorts with Minnie Mouse” iconically all-American musical song, “June! You’re Bustin’ Out All Over!”

Again, my apologies. That’s what we boyars of boorish fun called “June is Bustin’ Out All Over.”

As you might imagine the poets of pornographic pun-ditry in the makeup room between scenes had their way with buxom Monthly “June” bustin out “all over the place” like a nuclear reactor on the brink of bra-out “fallout.”

It’s really a nice enough song despite its corn chowder cuteness. Ten years after Carousel opened on Broadway in 1945, a Hollywood Cinemascope version presented a full-colored, wide screen extravaganza that hit the movie theaters the following year in 1956.

You can watch that 1956 “Arousal” version on YouTube. Here’s film shuttering in your eyes of those bygone years when Ike was in office and Negros sat in the back of the bus in those good ole’ All-American hostess white bread, milk and cookie days.

The song’s orchestral arrangement has a chicken clucking, plucking, hopping rhythm with all the innuendos in the lyrics about June gettin’ horny all over as Hammerstein’s luscious lyrics inched as close to technocolored testosteroned tones that any ram-rutting ewe-stress could coo and drone, in the all-too-square, Mickey-Mouse “clubbed” 1950s.

For example, let sing this, you straplin’ grapplin’ men:

June is bustin’ out all over!
The ocean is full of Jacks and Jills,
With her little tail a-swishin’
Ev’ry lady fish is wishin’
That a male would come
And grab her by the gills!

Those are the original lyrics, folks. So Freudian in their clever repress! Get sticky with this, you sappy, darling ladies in retort:

June is bustin’ out all over!
The saplin’s are bustin’ out with sap!
Love he’s found my brother, “Junior,”
And my sister’s even lunier,
And my ma is gettin’ kittenish with Pap.

Something else is busting out in June 2016 and it ain’t “kittenish” or musical comedic Kitsch. It’s a breakout from limits. It’s a bust out from invisible political boundaries. The establishment elites in the two English-speaking “empires”—one defunct, Britain, and another in a deep funk, the United States—will both conspire this month to stop different rebellious forces they unleashed because of their shortsightedness. In America, Republican leaders aim to stop Trump from getting the nomination and over across the Atlantic pond, British Parliament’s conservatives will try to out ballot an outsider movement of Euroskepticism that could take the United Kingdom out of the European Union by popular vote in a referendum set for 23 June 2016.

Prime Minister David Cameron has next to no good astrological timing, moving the referendum from December 2017 and sticking it right in the middle of the Chinese Year of the rebellious flaming Fire Monkey. He thought by doing so he could use an earlier referendum date to pressure Brussels into giving some concessions in EU Law for Britain, but the Tower of Babelling Brussels, the EU parliament, weren’t ready to give concessions. With nothing to show his people, on comes the referendum at the end of June, with astrologically foreseen consequences for the United Kingdom itself that he never anticipated.

Hop back across the Atlantic pond and there sits the establishment Republican politicians and their corporate handlers huddling in Washington DC, actually at the time of this writing [16 March 2016] to machinate some way to save themselves from a Trump nomination. A Hobson’s choice lies before them. Damned if they deny the clear frontrunner if in July he comes into the Republican National Convention in Cleveland with almost the 1,273 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

[UPDATE 22 June 2016: The Trump jet will come in for a landing in Cleveland with 1,273 and many, many more, but what I touched upon three months ago is an anti-Trump movement that’s still alive and kicking themselves for not stopping him earlier. Now word has it that these disgruntled GOP party leaders later this month will set up a Rules Committee conference and change the rules with a “conscience clause” allowing delegates to pick who they want as a nominee and not what a record-breaking majority of Republican voters actually voted for—Trump. As Trump would predict about the convention showdown, “It’s going to get ugly, folks!” Often Trump is an accurate prophet. So, the essence of what I wrote on 16 March is a future potential that’s very much alive and the answer to my rhetorical questions below from 16 March are: yes!]

Could they dare deny the majority of voter’s their candidate?

Could someone deemed satisfactory to the corporate deep pockets bankrolling their power be rolled in to supplant Trump? Could these capitalist (heads) lose their capital trust of 13 million Republican Trumpian voters in the primaries? You dump Trump and most of them could hoist themselves into their trucks with gun wracks a rattlin’ as they go rollin’ home. Then, on 8 November watch 13 million Republicans plant their broad denim-clad posteriors upon their lounge chairs and nary a single one will go out and vote.

Cue Arousal’s song with different lyrics:

June you’re bustin’ out, its over!
Roll over the Capitol on the Hill!
Heads a’ bustin’ outa anger
And the rompin’ is a danger
Monkey wrenchin’ every wheel that drives the shills

June is bustin’ out all over!
The feelin’ is gettin’ so intense
The GOP Virginia creepers
Want to broker the bejeepers
Outa all the delegations on the fence.
Because it’s June!
June, June, June
Jest because it’s June, June, June!

[Here’s what they’ll sing in Britain:]

June you’re bustin’ out all over!
In the streets crowd the Union Jacks and Jills,
With a referendum wishin’
Ev’ry Brit go EU dissin’
That a vote would come
And grab a Brexit thrill!

June you’re bustin’ out all over!
The peeps aren’t sheeple any more.
All are voting for a sweep
Are determined they won’t keep,
Any Pol. around to fudge a voting score!
Because it’s June!
June, June, June
Jest because it’s June, June, June!

Now a look at June’s most important astrological aspects as they affect the collective humanity. On or around the first days of June, watch for quakes, fault shifts and shakes when the Sun is 12 degrees Gemini in a square with Neptune 12 degrees Pisces on 1 June. Neptune is the god of the oceans in classical mythology. It’s less known that he’s also called “Earthshaker” because he has a trident-gripping hand in earthquakes. An ocean temblor, perhaps. A tsunami?

[UPDATE 22 June 2016: A strong magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck Indonesia 49 miles west of Sungai Pnuh Jambi, off the the west coast of the Island of Sumatra, on 1 June. On 5 June, Indonesia suffered another strong temblor farther east, near New Guinea in the waters of the Maluku (Moluccas) Island chain. In either case, no tsunami was reported issuing from these Neptunian seaquakes. When you read the following, do remember that in mid-March though Trump was surging it was not a done deal that he would win the race. I already anticipated he’d win and the mounting division between the party elite and Trump coming in June.]

Neptune in Piscean waters of its own sign squares Venus 12 Gemini on 3 June while Saturn at 13 degrees Sagittarius opposes the Sun in Gemini. Not a good time for GOP leaders to resolve issues with Trump, nor make forward progress in growing the anti-Trump movement. Neither will it help Cameron gain anything more than voter ambivalence at the onset of serious campaigning before the referendum later in the month. A rough opening with Venus the diplomat in Gemini having signals garbled by a square with Jupiter in Virgo, all sides are quick to judge and pontificate in a melancholic fashion.

Heading towards the Brexit-or-no-Brexit-Great-British Exit on the 23rd is Saturn retreating in Sagittarius squared Neptune in Pisces. Brace for another wave of economic destabilization in the world along with misspoken channelings from Mr. Trump as the primaries had at last ended their final polling.

On comes the longest day of the year, 20-21 June Summer Solstice time 0 degrees Cancer with a Full Moon on top of it. Quite a powerful intensification that, for those who celebrate this pagan Earth Day, will enjoy deep insights and high celebration at the bond fires of Mid-Summer’s eve, yet for politics in England muddle and confusion reigns right up to the referendum two days later.

June? Something wants to bust out of a politically tight British bra two sizes too small that the EU technocrats tighten. Will enough people vote to set the United Kingdom free? Will they go “Bra-Brussels-less”?

The aspects are dodgy. Mercury (ruler of mind and message) is in a 15-degree Gemini square with True Node in Virgo. Aspirations will be high to stay for some, to leave the EU for others.

[UPDATE 22 June 2016: Will the national outrage stemming from the murder of the pro-EU and pro-immigration defending British Parliament Minister Jo Cox tip the votes against the Brexit? On 16 June, Cox was attacked on the street in Birstall, West Yorkshire, after leaving her car to go to the library where she was about to speak at a constituency event. The assailant armed with a knife and a kind of home-built antique sawed-off shotgun stabbed her repeatedly. He beat her after she fell to the ground and murdered her with three gunshots. Some witnesses say they heard the assailant, Thomas “Tommy” Mair, shouting “Britain first” or “Put Britain first” as he killed her. That last unproven detail was milked to the news-pornographic hilt by Prime Minister Cameron and the anti-Brexit politicians on television and speeches in the coming days of vigils and memorials held prior to the eve of the election. Will it tilt the vote in favor of staying in the EU? I’m sticking with what I presaged in March:]

This is it. The only window in a generation to get out once and for all but the square afflicts clear-minded decisions. Voting day will be gripped by restlessness, wavering and indecision as Mercury moves another degree and exactly squares Jupiter, also in Virgo conjoined the North (True) Node. A day when ideas and grandiose plans are ballooning beyond reason.

I can’t think of a worse day to muddy up minds going to the polling stations across the United Kingdom. Intuition would guide me to declare this referendum would lose, but this is the year of catharting citizenry, sick and tired of the status quo. A “screw it all” attitude might just barely prevail. A Fire Monkey swing out of one’s tree into the unknown—something new, damn the morning after—just might tilt this historically close vote in the direction of Brexiting the EU.

I don’t rule out Cameron and his government tampering with the ballots like they purportedly did across Scotland during the Scottish Independence Referendum to stay or leave the United Kingdom held in September 2014.

Win or lose, I have no prescient doubt that complaints of such behavior, committed by British secret servicemen no less, will be reported in the days of aftermath.

Here’s what I foresee will happen if the British people vote to leave the European Union. Say goodbye to David Cameron as Britain’s prime minister and say “hello” to a British version of a blond-Trumpian politician taking the reigns. Bombastic Boris Johnson, [former] mayor of London, will be Britain’s next, and perhaps “last” prime minister.


I have documented forecasts since 2013 that if Britain leaves the EU, Scotland will convene another referendum and this time they will not be fooled by “English” parliamentarians and new prime minister with empty promises of more autonomy. Scotland likes being one with the EU. In 2017 they will gather and vote to leave the United Kingdom.

The Union Jack will be changed.

Gone will be the blue field with the white cross of St. Andrew. Maybe Wales will gain some ensign distinction at last and fill the lost blue with its Celtic green field of flagging. Or, Wales might join its Celtic cousins the Scots and leave the United Kingdom. Perhaps British people of the English heartland will have to return to calling each other “English” and fly the red cross of St. George on a white flag, relinquishing the last symbol of empire. [The term “Britain” and being “British” will no longer apply.] Thus Boris Johnson will be the last “British” Prime Minister and the first English Prime Minister in 310 years.

[In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, what do the stars tell us of what’s left of Bustin’ June to boob out?]

On 26 June, Jupiter (17 Virgo) harmoniously trines Pluto (17 Capricorn) in the final of three Jupiter-Pluto trines of 2015-2016. Out of the amped up confusion and expectations of buxom June suffering fallouts all over the place, the month ends offering to the spiritual survivalist in us an opportunity to see the inner spirit beyond confusion and egoistic contrasts inside of our witnessing souls. These coming times are terrible for egocentric life, but are blessed for those among us who strive to be serene Buddhas in this systemically breaking down global marketplace. Jupiter trined Pluto will show those who can watch the world and move in it without being a part of it an inner source of spiritual regeneration. Not thy will but the Universal Will be done with you as vessel in your daily activities, great or small.

Let egos roar as you go on, going “IN” where there’s no cosmic binding. Astrology does not frame the soul anymore than the mind can understand the state of “no-mind” of Buddhahood. It is ego’s destiny map. It foresees the mind’s potential future actions or inactions. Yet on rare moments, like 26 June, the mind might relax its grip on soul.

Embrace that moment being in the world but not of it, because on comes Mars turning direct course at 23 degrees Scorpio on 29 June, followed the next day by Venus 16 degrees Cancer in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Change is coming hard and fast in the world economy and governance!

A tidal change wave floods across the world with zealous political intensity. Feel the urge rise—but do not let it carry your awareness away—to fight to the very end for one’s political and religious beliefs with all blunt-talking and rude effect. Expect a riotous summer in the conventions of the Republican and Democratic Parties, and riot in Brazil where a faltering Olympics will try to play sport in a country slipping into a revolution.

DATELINE: 22 June 2016

A Republican Convention Coup to Deny Trump Nomination?

Well now, as much as Trump has tried to bury this potential future. Yet again, I have to roll out my predictions about a disputed RNC convention in Cleveland, because, as I stated in the last article, the anti-Trumpsters are gearing up for a GOP Grand old Party riot, a Trumpstergeddon! The Democratic party machine might openly deny access to outsiders like Bernie Sanders with an armed guard of pledged superdelegates ever keeping Hillary-Clinton Corporate hopes alive even months before there was any normal Democratic Party member voting. Clinton started the race with what I accurately predicted was a mathematically unbeatable edge of 460 delegate-to-Sanders’ 70.

The Republican Party bosses don’t have superdelegates. They don’t need them. They have a gathering of the Rules Committee before first ballot voting begins at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, held on 18-21 July. Last week the chairman of the GOP Reince Preibus chose RNC member Enid Greene Mickelsena and Massachusetts RNC member Ron Kaufman as Republican National Convention Rules Committee chairwoman and co-chairman respectively. These are staunch Mitt Romney operatives in Romney’s “dump-Trump” movement. They now have the power to manipulate the rules in meetings, and block and run whatever motions for changing the rules through.

If they don’t like who the people have chosen in the primaries they’ll just make up new rules that favor their corporately chosen candidate, like they did in 2012 for Mitt Romney against Ron Paul. In Paul’s case they just jury-rigged the number of states you had to win bound-pluralities of the official delegations. Paul had a won plurality in six (Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, and Oregon). These were disputed by the Romney-controlled credentials committee meeting a week before the official convention began. They switched the number from six to eight pluralities needed. This switcheroo made it impossible for Ron Paul to even make a speech to the Convention and effectively silenced his supporters. Stories abound of Ron Paul delegates even being frisked for hidden Ron Paul posters before they could step on the convention floor, so that NOTHING could be waved before the television cameras that belonged to the “Voldemort” of delegate voting who must not be mentioned or remembered. Thanks to the mainstream media treating Paul like they currently treat Bernie Sanders, few boobs watching the tube knew Paul had a real shot at winning at the 2012 RNC Convention, in Tampa, Florida.

Rule shape shifting by shifty Romnoids then as now could change an outsider’s chances again. Watch carefully what happens when the delegate credentials meeting takes place a week before the RNC convention this year!

Watch carefully the Rules Committee when they may meet again before the official launch of the convention or no later than during the first day. They’ll have the Romney surrogates controlling the chairwoman’s and co-chairman’s seats with the blessing of Party Boss Preibus playing political putsch perhaps?

Trump’s ascension to nomination even now, after winning well and properly all the delegates the rules required will perhaps face “new” rule, such as a “conscience” voting clause on the first and second ballots that frees up the delegates to vote their conscience and not vote for Trump. In rolls the corporate Pinocchio poster boy to save the Grand Old Party from Trump. Who knows, dare my Oracle be right in the end, and see this race become a Clinton versus Jeb Bush affair as I foresaw it for years?

Click on it, all-reddy.

Click on it, all-reddy.

When we get closer to the event, I will publish a chapter from that scrapped Astrology book entitled: JULY: Let Sleeping Campaigns Lie, documented on 17-18 March 2016. It will give you my forecasts from four months earlier about how both RNC and DNC conventions will rock and roll with turmoil. Stay tuned, Hogue Readers. Otherwise you can read the contested convention scenario facing Donald Trump by reading Trump for President: Astrological Predictions.

DATELINE: 22 June 2016

Hogue correct about Sudden Climate shift from Super El Niño to Super La Niña coming earlier than Science Forecast

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next five months to Election Day and beyond.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page. One of the ten predictions is a concise overview of everything that could happen in the next five months to Election Day and beyond.

El Niño is shifting rapidly up here in the Pacific Northwest. The general forecast from NASA had a change coming to the world by latter half of summer. I, however, predicted it was coming earlier, in the spring. Well, at least for my corner of this hot and bothered world, the Pacific Northwest, the forecast I made nearly a half a year ago came right on schedule in the second half of May, going all grey and gooey with dew and rain showers with a cool wet breadth of below normal temperatures. I logged this weather forecast of an early La Niña flip over for Ten Predictions for 2016 and the Fire and Ice Prophecies. This bestselling eBook available at Amazon presents prophecy essays about the ten most significant changes in the future that will impact everyone alive. In The Third Prophecy: Out of the Frying Pan of Super El Niño and Into the Fire of a Superior La Niña, there reads the following passage:



Also available in a beautiful printed edition. Click on the cover.

I’m writing this down in early January 2016. It’s high summer in Australia and Victoria State is ablaze with whole towns burnt to cinders by firestorms sprinting across the Outback. While Australia makes a mummy out of its dehydrated hinterlands, drought-wretched California and the Southwestern US states gain a flood-soaked, mountain-snow packed respite from historic parched conditions. In earlier books like Predictions 2015-2016, I predicted, Texas would exchange bone yards of sun-fried fish in cracked lakebeds for a deluge by the summer of 2015 into the winter of 2015-2016.

Snow has returned to the European Alps. The floods in Europe’s great rivers have temporarily abated. An erratic and more unpredictable monsoon eased India’s record-breaking heat waves of 2015. Sao Paolo Brazil at last gained some aqua-franca from summer droughts put on pause that nearly sent much of the most populous city in South America comprising more than 20 million souls in an untenable position of water shortage. The Gulf States of America enjoyed their tenth relatively uneventful Hurricane-light season since the devastating storms of 2005, god bless them.

Here in my mossy home, usually the wettest corner of the Pacific Northwest, our summer of 2015 was apocalyptic in its displays of storm fronts running from horizon to horizon consisting of brown and russet fire smoke, issuing over the Cascades from eastern Washington State, blotting out the sun completely. Normally, towns and cities of western Washington are perhaps the least hooked up to air conditioners of any American urban areas. Not any more. Even I had to order up an air conditioning system for my home when temperatures rose and long lingered into the upper eighties and even the nineties Fahrenheit. That is an extremely alien occurrence for those of us living in usually cool slug-serene and wet northwestern springs and summers.

I am weather sensitive. The mind picture of the coming season appears without coaxing and the image coalescing within anticipates usually how the weather will be in my locality for the next three months. Logic would anticipate a repeat of the hot and dry, drought-ridden summer’s return in 2016, but I’ll tell you for the record that I visualize a wet and humid summer for the Pacific Northwest that seems out of place for a Super El Niño.

That’s when I consulted the climate scientists to verify my vision and discovered how objective science might be backing my subjective visions hinting just how quick a climate dance can suddenly change who’s leading who come spring in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s when El Niño’s opposite, hairy and primal Mr. Hyde in drag, takes the lead. The Super El Niño will suddenly collapse this spring. The record temperatures of Eastern Pacific waters stretching along the equator have established this El Niño of 2015-2016 as more hot and bothered than the historic El Niño of 1997-1998. Yet it will shape shift from Weather Beast to Bitch by summer 2016 and dramatically cool those same climate-altering ocean waters in a Super La Niña.

I will go one Oracular step further than NASA climate scientific forecasts. This La Niña will not be super but “superior” in its climate triggering upheavals; moreover, it will linger for 2.5 years.


Want to find out what La Niña has in store for your neck of the world? Read the full Third Prophecy and all the rest in Ten Predictions for 2016.

DATELINE: 22 June 2016

Be Aware of your Prophecy “Opinion” Filters. They are the result of thousands of years of institutionalized misunderstanding about how Prophecy Really Works.

Many readers have a problem with me not fitting in with their cultural and religious limitations. They want what they think is a “straight” answer, up or down, is Clinton going to win the race or is it Trump?

The truth as I experience prophecy is that straight if a fake answer. I don’t give fake answers. So, let me tell you a tale of two caveats, something with which I rarely follow a sure-bet prediction. I hope this will clarify things that exist beyond many a reader’s boxed in dogmas.

1.) I said Hillary Clinton will be your next president.

2.) That in picking presidents for 48 years this is only the second time I’ve left a caveat about how a sure-bet prediction can be sabotaged by the person destined to win. In both cases it was Hillary Clinton in 2008 and now again in 2016.

I don’t predict she’ll lose but this election is her’s to lose by doing or saying something stupid. I see her winning. But what if I’m wrong? What if on the 13th attempt my winning streak is broken?

I look into that potential future and I see how Trump has the best chance since Obama of exploiting Clinton’s political mistakes and making her lose a close election.

It’s not hedging bets. It’s me sharing with you a future that’s as dynamic as the present that gives it birth. The future is a state of 4th dimensional potential. Even a certitude in a forecast has a potential to be wrong.

Click on the cover and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris--Bible style.

Click on the cover and enjoy a meeting of humor and prophetic hubris–Bible style.

I don’t think I’m going to be wrong about Clinton being your next president. Still there’s a potential I’ll be wrong and I’ve even predicted how.

If you can’t get your head around that, I attribute that to thousands of years of religions programming that unconsciously induces people to think of the future as some divinely preordained reality waiting for fulfillment and waiting for the forecaster who can identify set-in-stone facts waiting in the future.

FACT: prophecy doesn’t work that way. That’s what I’ve discovered after 30 years of study. All societies try very hard making their people predictable cogs in their unconscious mind-machine. Dogmatic prophecy watchers misinterpret that predictability as proof of a preordained future. They’re just misreading the reality.

DATELINE: 22 June 2016

A New America coming, and the blessed necessity of a World full of “Shits.”

Hi John. Regarding our overall current situation and trends, and your recent posting, I can really see how Trump could become President, by unforeseen “wild cards”. Very interesting, how economic, social and political events can play themselves. Reminds me of the 30’s Germany in many ways. Hitler was so unlikely to emerge in that way, and yet he did.

Hi Tony. That’s because something’s happening in the sky that hasn’t happened since Hitler lobbied and got his Enabling Act from German Parliament in the early 1930s. Once gain Uranus is in Aries and passing through 21 degree transits twice this year. I call it the “aspect of the dictator”. It happened during April-May 2016 going direct course. That’s when H. Clinton and Trump clinched their nominations. It happens again in skies over the US presidential elections starting on 29 October and going through to 26 November in retrograde motion.

History is repeating itself. Fascism returns but in a new form: corporate. Thus it favors Clinton winning because she’s their puppet. Trump is a renegade One Percenter. He’s not under their control and I dare say and have predicted that if he’s elected president they will conspire to bring both their puppet political parties together to successfully impeach him and throw him out of office probably in his first—but no later than his second—year in office.

Thanks for all your work. I think your work is, and has been, very much in tune with the times; your “warnings” as predictions and prophesy are right on track.

Thank you, Tony. The society has a strange way of “rewarding” me for being accurate. People let these warnings in but often with resistance and downright hostility. It is a miracle that I can remain a full-time writer because I’m not selling them cuddly new-age sewage or “I’m OK, you’re OK” spiritual entertainment. I’m selling them the truth as I experience it and explaining why they are predictable. I’m a “cold water in the face” or “bad news” peddler. It’s a hard sell. I’m asking people to pay for an encounter with what makes the past repeat itself in the future, aided by my readers who, I point out, are under the illusion of borrowed egos and identities. They are unaware of being “fuelers” of unconscious predictability that drives a predictable future into an abyss. I’m trying to help them break free of that conditioning as I try to help myself do the same. Actually, I think people who really read me, rather than seek agreement for their pet opinions, are pretty brave even if they resist and even hate me for what I’m revealing, yet they come back for more.

I’ve never before been read by more people or seen on TV or heard on radio than I am now; and yet, it’s never been harder to make it financially work. On top of that, I am in the middle of this very difficult final passage in my relationship with my mother, who has always been very close, but is slowly losing her motor control and losing her mind to Parkinson’s disease. Her care can be so consuming of time and emotion that all I have left that’s still my own, and strangely a form of escape from being her caregiver, is the writing, is this work. What I also have and cherish is that blessed band of people who get me, encourage this work and can find a way sometimes to financially assist it’s continued presence.

If it weren’t for the courage and insight of a very small gathering of readers–you being chief among them—who give me financial support, my voice would be silenced.

Yes, now I see how I also could be incorrect in predicting Hillary as President, based on my historical understanding of ongoing business as usual establishment economic, political and military interests. I have felt for several years a deep sense of a big Global and American shift, upheaval, happening beginning with 2017 and through the 2020’s.

Yes, Tony. It is ongoing. It is the end of the American Century. All empires overreach and eventually fall. The American Empire is no different. It has another destiny waiting on the other side of this dark night of its national soul. Something really beautiful! Perhaps America’s greatest moment is ahead, though it can’t flower forth until all the current hypocrisy, imperial manipulation of other nations, and global cop crap “finally” exhausts itself through its overextended hubris.

Yes! There is something wonderful ahead for America. It may take until this nation passes into the 2080s to happen but it is coming, and perhaps if we can reincarnate back to America, you and I, we will enjoy the times when America becomes the new cradle of the next great spiritual evolution in the history of human enlightenment.

There’s currently a mingling of Eastern and Western spiritual values as a byproduct of the human civilization going global. This current worldwide reactive attempt to backtrack into nativism, nationalism and populism—with all roads leading ultimately to another collision with Fascism in the 2020s—is just the flare up of an old candle before these fossilized ideas finally snuff out. The 2020s and perhaps 2030s are the last gasp. After that comes a different kind of society and a new form of governance which is beyond the current “Mob-octracy” under which we suffer. Those will be the early days of the Global Republic.

Next year I will be sharing with you a short book with a deep and penetrating message. It will give my readers a glimpse into the next 1,000 years and present five major evolutionary steps of human politics and governance beyond the current “democratic” model.

Americans of tomorrow will contribute to that golden future, when they have left Empire far behind and moved into a synergy of eastern and western religiousness, anchored in the deep Earth-wisdom of Native American spirit perception. The new cradle of spiritual understanding that will be awakened in the post-imperial America will be free of the organized religions that retard the spirit behind their big business facades, as these mafias of the soul begin to lose their influence on humanity.

So, Tony, remember what is ahead of us, even though the darkness of this current time of night is going to get much, much darker and soon. The dawn of a New America is coming. That future belongs to those living today who have the courage to face what in us contributes to the limitation, to the darkness the postpones a New America from happening. Only now when one can encounter directly one’s personal programmed predictability in action—understanding it at last—can break free of it. To you who do this, goes the title of Gardeners. You become the seed planters of that future America through the power awakened that is the eternity of the Present.

PIX (1) Epilogue-oshos-eyesCome and be a planter with me in the gathering night of our present times. I promise you, the Sun will rise and a new America will flower in those golden-aged rays. Meditation is our seed and I can give you those seeds freely, now. Just Contact Me. Put one word in the subject line: Meditation. I will send you then the seeds.

Thank you. I’ll be 80 in 2016, if still around in the body. I simply see people in the aggregate, populations, society, and collective compulsions, as like an avalanche of unexamined and unchecked desires, fears, hatred, and identification.

J. Krishnamurti was once asked, “Why do you teach?”

His answer: “Why does a flower open?”

The aggregate of human unconsciousness that you just described has its own hidden blessing that a Truth Seeker can recognize, and yes! even bless. People living unconscious lives are basically “shits.” But how can flowers grow without manure, let alone open to their full beauty, like a J. Krishnamurti or an Osho, because they can’t help but open and be beauty incarnate without a flowerbed of shit to nourish the opening?

We need our shit and the shits all around us to give the awakening flower potential the fertilizer of context and contrasts it needs to keep awakening, and to keep going deeper.

I lived off an on in India since 1980. It has a unique presence. It is haunted with presence left behind of enlightened mystics like nowhere “now-here” else. Yet at the same time I’ve never lived in a more sleepy society than India, and it is a pretty shit-covered place too.

I don’t mean to be insulting, but I “do” mean to be shocking when I write that. A good shock reminds me that only where the manure is richest and the sleepwalking humanity the most somnambulist, could such an eruption of enlightened human flowers have sprouted. I bless my beloved India, shitty, sleepy India, for providing the contrast and friction that made so many human flowers grow—most beloved of these was Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, my teacher.

By the way, thanks for the Krishnamurti posting. He has been one of my main teachers for many years.

He was also a great help to me and along with Gurdjieff, his writings helped provide a contrast, a variation on Osho’s teaching, that helped me better understand my own Master’s work on me. I had the pleasure of sitting right at the feet of Krishnamurti three times in Ojai, Southern California, in 1981, when I came back from my first time with Osho all bedecked in the shades of sunrise/sunset with a string of mala beads around my neck. And K., a Taurus, was a bull who saw red and verbally stampeded. But that’s another story suited for the right time.

Yet, even if Hillary makes it into the White House, that would not by itself significantly change my sense of seeing shift, upheaval and further human destruction, ignorance, and climate change…etcetera.

Manure has momentum and the “shit” will hit the climate change fan, shortly, significantly. We are at the beginning of what will be some pretty “shitty” times, rich in the manure needed to sprout some of us into enlightened flowers if we understand the blessing of shit.

Clearly, the only thing that could change our collective course is meditation, and a collective awakening in and of consciousness. Something like a “Global Sangha”. Thanks again.

Osho called it “The Buddhafield.” I wrote about it in my 1999 book Messiahs: Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming. First let me share this observation from Osho, followed by my commentary on what I understand the Buddhafield is and why we need to create this “field” vibration to counter the ego’s “Miseryfield” that dominates the world collective ego-atmosphere:


Just as death faces an individual, similarly death shows its dark face before the collective consciousness of an entire civilization. And that civilization’s collective mind becomes ready to go deep into the realms of religion and the unknown…This can repeat itself again; there is a complete possibility for it. (Osho, Dimensions Beyond the Known)

Never before was the search so acute, so intense, because never before was man in such an anguish as he is today. The search always comes out of anguish. Whenever there is a great anguish, the anguish becomes a challenge, one has to search for something which is so meaningful that the anguish can be dissolved through it. When the darkness is very very deep, only then does one search for light. And the darkness is really deep. This is one of the darkest ages: never before has man been in such a disturbed, confused chaos. Because all the old values have disappeared. Man is no more rooted in the past, there are no more any goals in the future, all utopias have failed. Man is utterly desperate now to know what to do and where to go.

In the past it has happened many times that a certain value became valueless, another value took its place, it was substituted. One religion died, another took its place. Once idealism was found futile, another better vision, more golden, was immediately available. What has happened this time is that all the ideals have failed and there is no more any substitute. It is not that one value has failed and another has come into being: that is not much of a change. This time, value as such has failed and there is utter darkness, nowhere to go. This is the greatest challenge to human awakening. Hence I say, for the first time in history, the time is right for a great Buddhafield. (Osho, “Let Go!”)

MessiahsCovNow my comment from the Messiahs book:

The Aquarian Age will see humanity take a quantum leap beyond what we currently know and believe. It will not be an era of father-figure gods sending their only begotten children to be persecuted and to preach salvation. It may see the end of messiahs as we have known them. They could be replaced by what many Aquarian Age prophets have foreseen as a “Christ” or “Buddha” force fields. The savior of the 21st century could be a collective spiritual environment generated by thousands of awakening individuals who in turn were launched on their inner journey of self-discover by one enlightened fellow traveler as their catalytic agent. Consequently, as more individual seekers gather together, they nourish this force field of collective awakening and intensify its presence and blissful vitality. This in turn attracts many more individual spiritual seekers into its ambiance.

OshoResort-BuddhaHallDancingParkThus, the momentum created by so many individuals working and meditating to free themselves from the distortions of the past could create a field of energy that turns human destiny in a new direction, away from destruction and toward a life-affirming new era. Many prophets of this future potential foresee the arrival of a paradise on Earth 250 to 700 years from now—that is, if the Buddhafield is allowed to spread its presence across the world.


Osho Resort, Pune India.

Osho Resort, Pune India.

This, Tony. is your “global Sangha” and my life is dedicated to help bring that about. I know it is possible because I lived in Osho’s Buddhafield. It’s real. It’s possible. All it takes is more and more people coming together in self-observant lives to create an aura and presence of meditation around their community of fellow travelers.

Thank you for your letter and what it inspired.



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