Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s New York Primary Resurgence, the Unpledged Delegate Key to Open Convention Victory First Ballot, Astrology for Wombats and John Hogue’s Tips on Forecasting Elections

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DATELINE: 22 April 2016

Click on the cover and pre-order the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus' prophecies.

Click on the cover and pre-order the definitive, expanded new edition about the most popular topic in the history of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

The New York Primary Resurgence of Clinton and Trump and “I Pledge Allegiance to the Unpledged Delegates”

What a difference a month makes when that new month isn’t under the malefic spell of a Pluto-Uranus square. It ended on April Fools Day (1 April 2016). Astrologically speaking it influenced Donald Trump’s usually lucky stars to make him play the loose-mouthed fool from time to too many times. This was especially so in the final days of the square when on 23 March, the day after winning a split decision against Texas Senator Ted Cruz—Trump won the winner take all Arizona Primary, Cruz won Utah—pictures of Melania Trump in her modeling days, buck naked, circulated in the more yellow journalistically “undie”-ground of schlock media. The mainstream media exercised their adenoids reporting on this tabloidal “Cruz” to hit Trump below the Bible Belt. Trump went bull-headed ballistic issuing unflattering pictures of Cruz’s wife next to a perfect vogue of Melania at her prettiest.

It got worse from there.

Trump under the influence of bad aspects likes to think out loud and share his process with all and anyone, whether it is the appropriate time or person. The square played around with all the ways Trump’s afflicted Mercury (ruler of intellect and communication) could get tangled in off topic, off the cuff and uninformed views on international affairs, such as solving the problem of nuclear proliferation by granting permission for Japan and South Korea to start building nukes. He seemed completely mindless of the consequences of that—like China starting a nuclear arms race with Japan and South Korea, destabilizing the Western Pacific region, thank you very much, Mr. Donald Duck-Trump.

The square may have ended on April Fools Day but Trump’s political tom foolery had momentum and he lost big to Cruz and Kasich, coming in a distant third in the Wisconsin Primary on 5 April. Cruz took Wyoming next and skillfully used the Colorado Republican Party rules-to-rig elections in his favor, bagging all of its delegates without an election.

Then something happened by the second week of April. Trump got himself back on track and started applying his bounteous capacity, granted by his powerful Leo Ascendant’s conjunction of Leo Mars in the Twelfth house, to review and analyze his missteps and take stock of his hidden enemies lurking in the subconscious that sometimes make him a medium of mayhem rather than master medium on message. He did what any Gemini Sun sign born with a conjunction of Uranus can do, surprise himself and everyone else by shifting his tone, seeing his faults, shaking up his advisors, firing and hiring capable political masters to run his sadly naïve delegate fishing campaign.

He’s not only calling the RNC rules what they truly are, a rigged system, he’ll play that system to the max and do what people with a Sun-Uranus in Gemini conjunction are capable of. Surprise that opposition by turning fortune around 180 degrees after a big loss in Wisconsin into a Bronx-cheering, New York values “Thump-Trumpeting” of “TrustTed,” leaving Ted Cruz bruised and “BustTed’s” balls in the New York Primary on 19 April 2016.

Every poll had Trump handily beating Ted Cruz in New York, but in fact over performed expectations in his Cruz creaming. Trump received 60.5 percent of the vote to Cruz’s distant third place at 14.5 percent. Ohio Governor John Kasich beat Cruz in the second place position with 25.1. Not really much to celebrate though, because Trump shot ahead of Mister Ohio, Oh My-Oh! by a margin of 35.4 percent!

The delegates are still being rewarded. At this moment Trump has won a whopping 89 of the 95 New York delegates, Kasich 4 and Cruz, nada. There are two delegates left for pledging. All but one of the precincts still counting ballots is already leaning dramatically to Trump.

Ted Cruz left New York without a single one of the 95 delegates following. It just goes to show what one of my astrologer friends on Facebook reminded me. Cruz won Wisconsin during a Void of Course Moon—that means in layman’s terms that Cruz would not capitalize on Wisconsin or gain any momentum coming into New York. I predict the Wisconsin astrologically flat victory effect will continue to vex Cruz in every northeastern and central Atlantic state coming up for grabs on 26 April. In short he will be “Cruz”-ified by Trump.

Ever with Donald Trump, born under the sign of the Gemini Twins, there are two Donalds hiding under that famous overcomb: the entertaining reality-show carnival barker didn’t step up to make his victory speech Tuesday night at Trump Tower’s beautiful foyer. Instead came the presidential Trump, disciplined, measuring his words and barbs staying on topic, such as once again keeping up the steady drum beat on national television propagating that the American collective mindset should think the RNC election system is rigged. Not once did he call his opponents names like Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Ted, etc. It was a presidential Trump addressing his comments to “Senator Cruz” and “Governor Kasich.” The speech he gave was not an hour long rough, raw and ramble, but only a disciplined and power-packed eight minutes. That shows that he has hired political handlers that he listens to. Yet be not concerned, you red-meat hungry Trumpsters anticipating “The Donald” coming to a rally near you getting all stiff and properly politically correct. New York’s Dr. Jekyll will let out his Mr. Hyde (Park) on his campaign to become the next Roosevelt in the White House aiming to rebuild America after a Depression. He’ll let out Trump beast mode “and” better time his rolling out presidential Trump.

It’s not surprising to me how Trump has turned around. I did my homework for Trump for President: Astrological Predictions. Unlike most pundits who pan him, I read his business bible, The Art of the Deal. Moreover I know his astrological makeup in detail, and you can to if you read Trump. In the book he relates a lot of ups and downs, his missteps in business deals either going south or stalled. Trump is blessed with a mutable Sun Sign’s gift of flexibility. If one modus operandi fails, come at a problem in a completely different way. In a way, the Pluto-Uranus square was not only a negative influence on his campaign, it did what squares are meant to do for all of us, show our painful growing points, our limitations. These friction points in our stars, if transmuted into positive challenges, are the secret motivators to success. Trump may not know anything about astrology or name the problem in astrological terms, but it’s clear to me that by the end of last month, this genius promoter finally recognized that the shtick that got him this far had to be augmented and nuanced. It’s about winning for Trump and he’ll drop any approach to win if that approach is losing.

On to the next show, April’s Super Tuesday with primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Despite the looming Jupiter (in Virgo) Square of Saturn (in Sagittarius), perhaps influencing a slip of discipline for Trump’s verbal predilections to gaffs, it comes on the day of the voting and fortunately, not several days earlier when old bad habits looming out of the overcomb could sabotage his stride.

I predict this square will have more impact on the US economy in a negative way that can only help Trump’s message about getting people back to work and ending wealth inequality, etc. gain him positive votes. I think this square will influence Ted Cruz’s campaign more negatively. He’s going to lose big in all five states. Trump, after 26 April could start May with a campaign to clinch the delegates he needs “before” the RNC convention if he can win big in Indiana on 3 May.

One warning for any victors of April’s Super Tuesday. Voting takes place on a Void of Course Moon. There may not be as much momentum carried into the next week in Indiana, so there’s an opening for a surprise win for the biggest losers of 26 April primaries, Cruz and Kasich. One of them could steal Indiana from Trump in a close race and keep the anti-Trump cause alive with an open-contested convention in July.

I’ll forecast you this. Trump has a new team of insiders playing catch-up football in the delegate passing game. Cruz is ahead but he has to get an army of people to pledge with him on the Convention’s second ballot. Trump doesn’t need that many undeclared delegates to top his victory delegate tank with the few needed to achieve 1,237 delegates to automatically seize the nomination on the first ballot. For example, in Pennsylvania next week, there are an extra 54 unpledged delegates going into the convention. These have agreed to vote for the man who wins Pennsylvania big time. Trump will win the state with at least 50 percent of the popular vote, I predict. If he doesn’t win Indiana, he will come to Cleveland just a few dozen delegates short. Trump’s strategy is simple: win the first ballot or lose the show. Look for enough unpledged delegates giving him the thumbs up to make it so and “BustTed’s” red, white and blue nomination party balloons.

DATELINE: 21 April 2016

Bernie Sanders loses Big in New York to Hillary Clinton—He is definitely down but not out of the Race He can’t Win

Where the RNC primaries are full of comebacks and sudden reversals, the Clinton-Sanders race on the DNC side have more the quality of a war of attrition and in this war, Sanders is slowly, inexorably losing.

Both corporately owned political party “cartels” rig their primary rules in different ways. The Democrat Establishment turns themselves into “superdelegates”—sort of a political version of Hitler’s “supermen” come to rule the world of your ballot box. They are “Aryan” advocates for the party power standing watch on Philadelphia’s oncoming convention across the Delaware River like Hitler’s Supermen sing the “Wach am Rhein” (Watch on the Rhine). They are looking carefully, ready to catch in time anything the untermenschen and unterfrauen vote for that doesn’t fit their plan. Those German terms define all of you gentlemen and lady folk, you lowly American citizens of the Republic of the United States, whose votes in primary elections should be the only ones that really count.

But “hey!” say DEM elites, “we can talk about democracy but people in power don’t ‘practice’ democracy. You little people need us to hold your hand and choose ‘our’ choices for the nominee, not ‘yours.’ Why? Because we know what’s best for us you.”

Up until New York, Sanders was having a good string of victories out of March into April: Hawaii, Utah, Idaho, Wisconsin, Wyoming and so on; however, each turns into one more, rather upside-down, version of pyrrhic victory.

King Pyrrhus of Epirus (318-272 b.c.e.) was an Alexander the Great wannabe. Rather than conquer Persia he went West to subdue the Romans who were in the early stages of evolving their Republic, centuries away from becoming the Imperial hegemon we think of today, thanks to Hollywood’s sword and sandal movie history lessons. Pyrrhus was going to sail from Greece, seize the foot of the Italian “boot” (otherwise known as the Italian peninsula) and kick the Roman state as step one of his dreams of conquest. His army fought and defeated two Roman armies hurled at his forces. Though his enemies died by their thousands, the Romans kept cutting down the best of Pyrrhus’s soldiers—officers and men he could not replace.

“If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans,” mused Pyrrhus, “we shall be utterly ruined.”

The victor of costly battles lost the war against the pugnacious Romans. That’s where we get the term Pyrrhic victory.

It seems that ever since Sanders won big in New Hampshire at the start of the principle primary campaign he has generally won a string of a new kind of Pyrrhic victories when it comes to winning the battle for pledged delegates. Because all DEM primaries dole out delegates proportionally there’s little chance to grab the whole pile of them in winner-take-all contests. Even as he wins and wins again, Clinton gets her share of them set up alongside her mathematical firewall of supermen and superwomen—that master race, politically speaking, of superdelegates who stood with her at around 460 before a single pledged delegate was chosen. That’s a big handicap. It’s insurmountable unless Sanders’ victories, every one of them possibly left, exceed 70 percent of the popular vote and grab the lion’s share of pledged delegates. Even when Sanders takes Hillary Clinton down in battles like Wisconsin, her gladius has struck its mark. Though victorious, Sanders slowly bleeds out more and more costly measures of proportional counts of delegates in a steady drip drop of tallies.

Even in New York, Sanders certainly narrowed the margin Clinton had against him, and he can be proud to have lowered it from 30 finally to 17 percent, but in the reality tally of victories and defeats, it doesn’t matter. She, so far, has collected 139 to his 106 delegates in New York.

Great! One might say she won by 58 percent of the votes to 42 percent but Bernie’s campaign grabbed 106 to her 139 delegates. After all that talk about a rout, Bernie is only 33 delegates behind her in New York.

Now I ask you, Bernie, “With such victories as these in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware Maryland and Connecticut next Super Tuesday, won’t you lose the war?”

Even if you turned the tables and won 60 to 40 percent all five states next Tuesday, it would not stanch the modest but steady flow of delegates bleeding from the victor’s spoils and into her camp keeping her ever ahead in the pledged delegate count. That’s all she needs to do to win the nomination and keep her superdelegates happy, keep Sanders behind by a few hundred delegates, because the superdelegates will pick the one coming into the DNC convention who is in the lead.

Next Tuesday’s primaries will most likely run the same way as New York. If Bernie wins a few, it won’t be by much and the delegates gained will be evenly parsed. More likely it will be Clinton keeping double-digit leads that deny the Bern any wins. He’ll still gather a good batch of the delegates but she’ll collect a third or so more than he.

Drip, drip drip… And so falls Senator Pyrrhus of Vermont.

DATELINE: 22 April 2016

Why Astrology matters to Wombats, Wallabies, Joeys, Sheelas and Bruces

I got this letter from John from Australia.

How do the northern hemisphere stars used for astrology have any reliability for people in the southern hemisphere as they do not see these stars and they are not on the same side of the globe?? Please explain

Good question. I lived in Australia for a whole year so I’m acquainted

with how the night skies are. From Sydney (Manly by the Sea, exactly) you see all the same tropical zodiac signs you marvel at in the north. These are the constellations the Sun passes through in both the southern and northern skies. True, you’ll view them upside-down from the way they appear in the north, but everyone from the north or southern hemisphere regards the planets and the constellations of the Zodiac, whatever place on this planet we live.

Now then, what you northerners don’t see is a whole half of the southern part of the sky with more bright stars than you behold in your rather impoverished skies. There’s also the glow of two Magellanic star clusters and in Sydney, the Southern Cross and glorious Alpha Centauri are almost straight overhead!

Wave to the movie-mythical Planet Pandora, all you Avatar fans.

rt by Murray at Black Magnolia Studio (NZ). Digital painting, spirit portraits, graphic art, cartoons & commissions. Contact: blackmagnoliastudio@gmail.com

Art by Murray at Black Magnolia Studio (NZ). Digital painting, spirit portraits, graphic art, cartoons & commissions.
Contact: blackmagnoliastudio@gmail.com

DATELINE: 22 April 2016

Some of Hogue’s Tips for Forecasting Elections

This interchange on Facebook between me and an astrology colleague and friend happened on 12 April 2016, a week before the New York Primary on 19 April was decided in a landslide victory for Trump and Clinton, as I forecasted. Keep that in mind as I share some of my winning techniques in astrological forecasting with Nefri, a week before the election happened.

For the life of me, I can’t find that original post where I said I was going to look at the candidate charts. With three kids, I have had very little time to really devote to this, but I wanted to get out there before the NY primaries some rough predictions, as a learning and possibly ruining experience. John Hogue is # 1 in predictions, and he’s probably right. But when I look at the charts, which I will continue to do, I see the nominees as Sanders and Paul Ryan. I have looked at the republican candidates less than the democrats. I thought I would just throw that out there for now, and later, hopefully on this same thread, I will put the astrology chart images and give my reasons for my bias. I also suspect there could be the same kind of thing where Sanders wins the popular vote, but Hillary gets nominated anyhow, because the charts are both so good… but Sanders’ is better. So there’s that for now.

Trump has the chart of a monarch. Its amazing. He could be a good king. Cruz, now he has a terrible personal chart. Though, like John says, it is very favorable for the election. Very favorable. But the luckiest stars of all belong to Ryan. Who knows, maybe he will get some other awesome job. I am basing all my predictions on western psychological astrology only.

Oh, and the stars even favor Bernie for the New York Primary.

Hi Nefri, thanks for tagging me into this conversation thread and good luck on your predictions. Just so you know Speaker of the House Ryan reiterated his position. He’s not running nor will he accept any nomination from a brokered convention.

He’s made a smart political move. He sees the presidential election is lost, so he’s going to defend and preserve the Republican majority in the House of Representatives this fall, as best he can. The Republicans will lose the US Senate and may even lose the House this fall.

Just for the forecasting record, I do not see Ryan accepting the nomination in this cycle.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

I agree, looking at this chart, Trump would make a better emperor than a president. That’s why my opening chapter in the final third of my Trump for President book introducing what a Trump presidency would be like, was entitled “The Emperor’s New Pose.”

I understand the temptation to pick the people with the best charts as the winners. The problem with astrology is that it doesn’t, in my experience, reveal the nature of the soul. It is a star map of the ego personality that coats the soul. I’m accurate because I’ve developed over the years an intuitive sense of the souls behind their charts as well as how the world outside and the mood of the times influence the birth chart.

For instance, if Sanders were 20 years younger and had run in 2020, he would have been unstoppable. If Obama had been Vice President to Clinton, he would have learned the job and hit his moment of destiny rightly timed for 2012 and not 2008.

Click on the cover and get on the list to receive a personal notice when this important book is coming out.

Click on the cover and get on the list to receive a personal notice when this important book is coming out.

For me, there are many elements involved in making forecasts. It’s like conducting a symphony. The astrology is just the woodwind section. One has to read the strings, the brass and timpani sections to blend the harmonies of an augured ecstasy. For instance, Bernie may have a favorable chart to win New York, as you say, but Clinton’s square-riddled, challenging, slow-plodder of a birth chart means that she’s earned with hard and long effort the trust the African American voters and Latinos too. That’s a key factor in her eventual success at this.

That’s why she’ll win big in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and so on. That’s why she’s successfully cultivated the superdelegates as her final firewall. Clinton as a double-Scorpio with a whole lot of Twelfth House setbacks and challenges has turned her squares into opportunities. She’s had a life full of fires to put out, so, she knows how to put up firewalls.

Sanders has had an easier life and thus he’s not as tough a political animal as she is. Often times the winner of elections is the guy or gal with a challenging chart. Take Nixon for instance. That Capricorn learned from his defeats how to come back from his disaster campaign of 1960 and equally disastrous bid to become Governor of California in 1962. He re-branded himself “the new Nixon” and rose from the political tomb to become president in 1968 and win one of the largest landslides while earning a second term in 1972. If he hadn’t done Watergate and finished his second term, he would have gone down as one of the best presidents of the 20th century, especially in foreign policy. Even after Watergate, Nixon fought a hard road back recreating himself as a respected elder statesman.

There’s a lot of Nixon in Hillary and 2016 is looking a lot like a karmic echo of 1968’s crazy election cycle. Anyway, I hope my observations help in your forecasting, Nefri.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.



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