Hogue Predicts a Donald Trump Victory in Indiana assures him the Republican Nomination on the First Ballot in Cleveland. From Baghdad Bob to Baghdad Bernie Sanders, a Study in Exaggerated Hope, and the Earth Day signing of Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a Toothless Tiger–UPDATE! Trump Presumptive Republican Nominee, see End of Article Stream

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DATELINE: 15 minutes before Indiana Polls closed, 3 May 2016

I Officially Project Donald Trump will be the Republican Nominee in the First Ballot at the Republican Convention in Cleveland

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Trump trounced Ted Cruz in April’s Super Tuesday taking all five states (Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware Maryland and Rhode Island) in landslide victories. At last it felt like the tide was turning and the Stop Trump movement was beginning to submit to its “We are the Borg” moment. Later today, I predict Trump will over-perform the polls and beat Cruz and Kasich in a resounding victory in Indiana. After that, consider the month or so of primaries left for anti-Trump forces to heed the throaty, metallic call of fate: You have been “Borged.”

“Resistance is futile…prepare to be assimilated in a Trumped up Republican Party.”

The only hope Cruz had to delay this inevitable outcome with a win in Indiana was an astrological long shot. He might hope that what undermined his momentum winning Wisconsin on 5 April would do the same to Trump winning five northeastern Atlantic states on 26 April. On both election days, voters cast their ballots under a Void of Course Moon. Usually that’s a momentum killer. It certainly was for Ted Cruz who seemed to get no traction from his important win in Wisconsin two weeks later in New York or three weeks later on April Super Tuesday. Of course skeptics of astrology could say that Cruz had little chance of winning in the US Northeastern corner of the US—Trump country. A “course” taken to deny Trump enough delegates to open up the Republican Convention and perhaps win himself the nomination in a second or subsequent open ballot met a “void” expanding between Cruz’s ears. After losing six big states in a row in April, Ted Cruz’s otherwise disciplined campaign began to unravel and his actions took on the unappealing color of panic and desperation. Part of his panic was a funding crash to match the voting crash after Wisconsin didn’t give Cruz any bump in the polls or in donations.

And then there was that comedy of political error, the Cruz-Kasich alliance that lasted less than a day but the damage done to both men’s credibility is now tattooed on their future and nothing can wash or laser burn the stigma off. The potential alternative candidates of the anti-Trump campaign looked like a couple of money-scrounging losers.

Here’s the backfired plan: Mr. Kasich will count his remaining coins and throw them into a campaign in Oregon. Cruz? You stay out of Oregon and throw what money you have left making Indiana your Primary Alamo, your last stand. Both men stepped out in clown show shoes right into Trump’s cow-patty piled argument that his competition is trying to sabotage the will of the majority of Republicans using tricks and a rigged corrupt system not to win. Cruz and Kasich can’t win the nomination. They can steal it on technicalities by uniting as spoilers—not winners. The Cruz-Kasich Keystone Cops moment, flailing around with hands flapping, neither man obeyed the other to stay out of Indiana. Kasich went to Oregon but he told his supporters to vote for him in Indiana today. Cruz tells voters Kasich has backed out of the Indiana campaign altogether—a lie—and his supporters ought to vote for Cruz. It’s playing the Iowa Caucus all over again with the Ben Carson card saying Carson had abandoned his campaign when he hadn’t. It’s probably why Cruz stole Iowa from Trump at the beginning of this race. The completely sad charade soured voters against both men last week. Trump poll numbers shot up from 8 to 16 percent ahead of Lyin’Ted of the “TrusTed” slogan that will get “BusTed” in a few hours after this article is posted.

Kasich the one-win wonder never was a serious candidate but a political creature born under the Pluto-Uranus Square dominating the bad vibes of the first two months of the delegate collecting campaign. Kasich ever since has played the last surviving dilutor of Cruz support that could have beaten Trump early and it looks like he’ll be diluting the anti-Trump vote to the bitter end when the primary polls close for Republicans on 7 June. After Indiana we enter what I will call the “PosTed” Cruz phase of this campaign where all hope of a successful future win by second or third ballot in Cleveland finally fades to irrelevance as the karmic consequence politically existential dilemma. Cruz played the “anybody but Trump” game.

“Anybody but…” never works. A negative goal-focused campaign actually doesn’t win presidential elections. The man or woman with the fundamentally positive, uplifting message set in contrast always wins.

Look at what Democrats tried in 2004 with their “anybody but Bush” campaign. They picked John Kerry to run a worse campaign than Bush could muster. Not Bush wasn’t someone better than Bush.

Negativity is the core of the Cruz campaign. He’s not trying to win voters over but sabotage the one who is winning voters over by playing the rigged rules. Even if he could win, Cruz would never be picked to replace the politically assassinated, popular front runner.

I mean, is the Republican Establishment serious? Replace Trump with Ted Cruz, the most hated man in the Republican Senatorial Caucus as the new choice???

Now I understand some of you about to protest that Trump has not been running a positive campaign, but one full of alarm, fear, prophesying doom. In part that’s true but look at the whole of it. Unlike Cruz Trump exudes a positive aura, even when he’s fomenting fear and danger. Straight talk is a positive this year. It’s fresh and honest. His spontaneously, off the cuff comments excites his supporters. They may not feel uplifted by his warnings but they are uplifted by AT LAST having a candidate that speaks openly to their concerns and fears rather than patronize them from on high ivory and marble towers of Washington.

He rings all kinds of alarm bells about the state of the country and its economy that are frightening but believed to be true. He sees people’s anger where the other candidates talk down to their fears. These Republican voters feel that no one running for president, other than Trump, hears them or feels their pain.

Remember, Bill Clinton in 1992 also famously and authentically felt people’s pain. Empathy is positive. They think Trump also feels empathy. In his speeches Trump is like a charismatic therapist taking a crowd through a catharsis session. He channels their will to vent, the crowd feels positively cleaned, and their hope, renewed. So, even though Trump’s constantly harping on how bad the country is doing he’s always turning it around, ending his speeches on a rabble-rousing, positive note. He’s not telling people lies like Obama that we’re in an economic recovery that people are back to work and unemployment is down. Yes, back to work but with less pay and benefits. Yes, unemployment is down for those still filing, but millions have quite filing for unemployment. You cannot pretend they don’t exist. They’re at the Trump rallies and the Sanders rallies and their mad as hell and don’t want to take this anymore. Honesty, even when it eviscerates, can be positive.

Trump always punctuates his catharsis sessions with an appealing slogan. Trump says he’s new at politics but his “Make America Great Again” slogan is right up there with the best empty phrases that political masterminds can toss out there to lock themselves into a bond with a crowd’s collective emotions, once they have collectively surrendered intelligence and skeptical inquiry. To be one troubled, individual wallowing in a massive crowd full of people of like emotional state who have suspended thinking for feeling can be bliss. The bliss of ignorance in numbers. The bliss of surrendering your response-ability to a shepherd of the sheeple. Don’t think, let Trump “Make America great again…” and you just follow in your comforting multitudes of shared blind faithful.

Trump has that secret power, the ability to say nothing and make his slogan become a mirror that everyone projects their dream upon about what “Making America Great Again” looks like.

Trump is winning the Republican nomination to go against Hillary Clinton, like I predicted he would in Trump for President, in a completely new way. As I foresaw it, he has reinvented the primary campaign model, winning with the least money invested on a frugal shoestring budget that capitalizes on his celebrity to attract the media. They give him all kinds of free televised attention he would have had to pay through the nose to get like Jeb Bush and Cruz—both who have broken their banks doing it the old way. The Media pays for your airtime. They come to him because he gives good ratings like others give good sex. The people come to him because he provides bromides that perfectly work as reflectors in which people can project what they want to see happen in America, in his many smoking mirrors, thinking he’s capable of making their million different reflected dreams happen.

Who knows? Maybe he can. Whether that future is possible read more.

DATELINE: 2 May 2016

From Baghdad Bob to Baghdad “Bernie,” winner of the Indiana Primary, Future Loser of the Democratic Nomination and Why

I do think the Void of Course Moon on the Super Tuesday Primary of 26 April will work in Sanders’ favor. Clinton’s momentum will be flat despite winning four out of five states in play last week. Not to worry though. Beyond the fault of her stars there is the basic demographics that make Indiana a Sanders state: it has a mostly white population and is much more rural than urban. Sanders can’t win in multi-ethnic, urban-centric states, that’s why New Jersey and California primaries will put the final nails in the coffin of his chances on 7 June. But for later today, he can bask in a victory, even though it will be a squeaker and proportional shares of the delegates—what really counts here—will just keep padding Clinton’s pledged delegate lead, and keep her host of superdelegates in her camp come Philadelphia’s convention in July.

I’m afraid Sanders and many of his supporters might succumb to a state of exaggerated optimism from a close Indiana win that puts blinders of hope to block out the reality that this race is over for him.

Remember Baghdad Bob?

He was Saddam Hussein’s Information Minister Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf. He was also nicknamed “Comical Ali” for his gift of propagandized gab, giving press briefings exaggerating the successes of Saddam’s forces to the point of laughable absurdity while in reality the regime faced with an overwhelming rout by US and Coalition forces. Baghdad Bob put the “miss” in misinformation, the “hyper” in hyperbole and in the end, when the regime came tumbling down like a Saddam Hussein statue pulled apart by a US Marine tank tractor, this magnificent moron admitted one more meme-morable oxymoron, “The information was correct, but the interpretations were not. I did my duty up to the last minute.”

Certainly Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is no moron or a Baghdad Bob hopping down a Bilbo Baggins white rabbit hole of hooey about his chances winning this race against Clinton. Indeed, I predict he is the catalyst for what I hope in four years time will be a peaceful, Jeffersonian American Revolution, led by politically awakening New Millennials taking the country in a new and positive direction.

I understand that it’s hard after losing four at out five of April’s Super Tuesday primaries. How can one easily look at the press straight faced juggling the factual information, which sees his chances for winning nomination just about mathematically impossible, while putting up a good front to keep up the morale of his supporters with interpretations of facts that are not lining up with realities.

Since I’m a futurist, I’m going to list some “facts” that will be solidly understood and accepted by Bernie supporters. Some will already by starting to surrender to reality now despite a win in Indiana later this 3 May, where most will hang on, keeping hope alive all the way to the California Primary coming a little over a month from now on 7 June and perhaps even beyond to the convention in Philadelphia later in July.

One can pull the Dumb and Dumber ploy of crack toothed Jim Carrey and ask the beautiful girl what are his chances to win her love, the girl replying, “About one in a million.”

One can frown for a moment of overwhelm and hurt then let audacious optimism shine a cracked-toothed grin once again, hope renewed if mathematical understanding gone bye bye, and reply, “Then there’s still a chance…”

That, I’m afraid is the situation Bernie Sanders’ supporters are in. Yes, there’s still a chance. Lightning can also strike one twice. The Cubs can win a World Series and even John Snow can be brought back to life by a red-haired witch if you read your Grimoire of Wicca-Pedia magic right.

There’s more than a good chance Bernie Sanders will try to spook up a disputed DNC convention in Philadelphia this July. It will take huzpah. He’ll be up against rules he agreed to follow. The rules of the convention don’t stop Superdelegates from sticking with their choice in the first ballot by the hundreds and hundreds, thronging around Hillary Clinton, whether she reaches the pledged delegate magic number of 2,383 or not. At the time of this writing before the polls in Indiana close in fifteen minutes, Clinton has 2,165 pledged and super delegates. Sanders 1,375 with same super and pledged included. There’s 1,243 left to doll out. I count the superdelegates because the future counts them as hers, give or take a few that cross over from Sanders, actually, and not the other way around. You heard that here for the record.

Yes there’s a chance, one in a million, that, like the pretty girl in question earlier, these Clintonite delegates will not be Kryptonite weakening Sanders chances, remaining politically remote and unmoved by his protestations, whatever they may be at the convention time’s first ballot. Sanders stands for all the things the Party core superdelegates will not surrender their power and influence to. Are they going to feel the heaping Bern-ing hunk of Sanders love in the city of brotherly love and fall into his arms? If anything, Bernie is going to lose his own handful of Superdelegates to Clinton, not the other way around.

As I’ve been predicting since August last year in these articles, Hillary has build an unbreachable firewall with her superdelegation. She’s already won this contest. All that’s left is for Bernie to become unhinged by propagating unreality to keep hope in his movement alive. He’ll have to play Baghdad Bern in the month remaining of primaries, hoping against reality for the firewall to melt away. When the first ballot at the convention ends this race once and for all, Baghdad Bern could at least say he did his duty to his peaceful revolution “to the end” of the primary run.

DATELINE: 22 April 2016

Earth Day Signing of the Paris Agreement, giving a Sound-byte to a Toothless Tiger

I posted this special article for those who are on my Hogueprophecy Bulletin e-Newsletter ten days ago. If you want to get them hot off the microwave feed into your cellphone, or instant sparked via the plastic spaghetti of your computer cable join the free newsletter now.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

Click on the cover to the Amazon sales page.

Before I give you a list of the four new articles, I want to share only with those of you on my newsletter list some thoughts, reflections and prophecies about what should be the most significant Earth Day Celebration in its long history. However, with all the innocently blind intentions and pledges without tangible, painful consequences the treaty signed today on this 46th Earth Day in Paris by representatives of 170 nations is not a turning of the tide against a civilization-threatening runaway Climate Change overtaking it. Human induced heating of the atmosphere causing more violent super droughts, mega fires and superstorms now has a mere paper waved in its face that’s no more influential in ending the threat than the piece of paper, signed by “Herr Hitler” and clutched in the hand of the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as he came out of his airplane with a signed Munich Pact Agreement that supposedly would bring “Peace for our times.”

In fact, his overly optimistic forecast has gone down in history as one of humanity’s most notorious appeasements. The Munich Pact only slightly delayed Hitler’s world war. So on 22 April 2016 we have a new paper being flapped in our face like a pie in the sky hope that the new tyrant–the Climate gone Fascist–will be assuaged and mollified. I regard today all these well-meaning Neville Chamberlains in Paris waving paper tigers over their heads announcing “A curtailing of  global warming for our times.”

Yet there is nothing in this agreement that compels all nations to make the cuts deep enough to prevent a 2-degree Celsius rise in global mean temperatures. We are at .8 C increase now and look at the disasters overtaking the world. Look at the devastating superstorms in this “new abnormal normal.”

Recognize how the heating climate fan the flames of the Syrian and Libyan civil wars that have left two nations destroyed providing havens for spreading the most virulent brand of Jihadist terrorism yet imagined, ISIS.  The Arab Spring was triggered by high bread prices across North Africa and the Middle East because of two factors directly related to runaway global warming. The first was Russia withering under a record breaking summer drought in 2010 that killed and burned off 1/5 of its grain, making it impossible to export grain for a half year to its main customers in the Middle East and North Africa. These had to buy from the US at a far higher cost. Demonstrations about sky-high food prices sweeping those regions in early 2011 was the catalyst for the Arab Spring revolutions that lead to two bloody civil wars in Libya and Syria.

Second, the Middle East was undergoing a crippling drought for years, with Syria under its worse blazing heat. That made bread prices even worse there as local farmers were seeing collapsing yields and the Russians weren’t selling because if they had their livestock and poultry industries would have collapsed.

If at an unnatural rise of .8 Celsius, we are already compromising the supersystem of food production and distribution this much, try to imagine the political instability that can come from another .5 or .8 increase? Think of what kind of end-time terror cults like ISIS might gain support and momentum in a hotter, hungrier and more politically unstable world at 1.5 degrees Celsius—the number many of these nervous Neville Chamberlains in Paris today, “hope” they can achieve, because everyone accepts that 2 degrees Celsius is too high to sustain the civilization. The truth is, these idiots in power over the world have merely imagined 2 degrees is a proper limit, unmindful of the many climate scientists that do not think the civilization can be sustained at that level of heat and indeed believe we’ve probably already done enough damage not to be able to curtail the heat rising beyond 2 degrees Celsius even now.

So what has been the world leaders’ response? This most idiotic of climate change agreements, this new “Munich Pact” of Climate Change, in Paris, signed today, soon to be ratified without any legally binding teeth. This agreement is a fantasy that leaders are buying into. Now the countries will get together and make up their own plans to reduce fossil fuel emission and if they don’t achieve it, or even do it, there’s no bite in this treaty to nip them back into doing something substantial. It’s an honor system conspiracy shared by fools.

You cannot appease a fascist climate change any more than you can appease Adolf Hitler and Fascist Germany. This enemy is much more formidable than the Fuehrer and his Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe. The Fascist beast hides inside our subconscious, actually, an ancient habit of raping the natural world into submission, because we still deep down fear it and act like cave men and women, centuries after we’ve won the struggle against Nature. Earth needs gardeners and guardians of Nature now. That is our new Destiny.

This Paris Agreement is worse than all the others that failed, because it makes leaders and led alike fantasize that a treaty without consequences or legal teeth to bring stick-and-carrot incentives for curtailing fossil fuel use is somehow a better agreement than the last because almost every country on Earth has signed onto the lie.

Peace for our times? No. It is a fantasy that will sustain an illusion of progress and if it isn’t replace by real targets, real pain and consequence, this fantasy for our times will “end time”  this civilization.



It’s over, and my book Trump for President was one of the first books to forecast what seemed to be the impossible. Donald J. Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President. As I predicted over a half a year earlier, the showdown is solidified: It is Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump in November. I have never written a more accurate book of forecasts than this book. It’s time to examine what is coming NEXT:

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.

Click on the cover and read a free book sample.




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