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DATELINE: 17 January 2016

UN Sanctions on Iran Lifted After Atomic Agency Publishes Report. Does this end the threat of War with Iran foreseen by Nostradamus?

Today, sanctions held against Iran for 10 years are lifted. Tens of billions of dollars frozen, thawed, and available to Tehran. Iran, today, re-enters the global economy and it will have a great impact, mostly positive, I predict. There will be a shift of power and influence to Iran among Muslim nations in the Middle East and away from Saudi Arabia. In the short term there will be one seriously negative effect: Iran has stockpiled an ocean of oil for export over the years. It will now flood the glutted market with it. Today, oil dropped below $30 to $29 dollars a barrel. I expect my prediction that oil will descend to $15 a barrel will happen far sooner than later in this new year of 2016.

Since the spring of 2007, I have published and evolved editions of Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse. Here’s a brief overview:

Iran war e-book montageThe true measure of a book of prophecy is found when the lengthening passage of time from its publication sees its forecasts only gain credibility as if they were written ever in the present, catching the trends of current events years ahead.

This is such a book, first released over three years ago in October 2012 and reissued now just when it seems a thawing of 33 years of enmity has begun between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran. This last chance at peace was anticipated in its pages. Will the birth of hope for that peace dissolve at last its lurking shadow of horror: a war foreseen in the utterances of prophets too horrible to fulfill?

IranSuicideBoatsFlagsFlyingAll eyes today look to US and NATO forces eventually finding either excuse or just cause to fully enter the bloody quagmire of civil war in Syria, yet the visions of the 16th-century Seer, Nostradamus warn that Syria is not even the main event. Iran is next and in all of world-renowned prophecy expert John Hogue’s 30 years of studying Nostradamus’ prophecies, he has rarely seen so many clear inferences and warnings that oncoming war is at hand. Nostradamus’ astrology has dated it for the mid-decade. The prophet’s verses of foresight describe the future naval clashes in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz called by their 16th-century names. The Iranian flag’s abstract red tulip symbolizing Islamic martyrdom is described as is the US Navy Jack belonging perhaps to a fleet that will be “melted and sunk” and sent to the bottom of the “Arabian” (Persian) Gulf.

Is it the US Navy? Is it the Iranian navy of “Ishmaelites” charging out of bases along the shores of “Carmania”, the 16th-century name gives describing for the Iranian coastline of the hotly contested Strait of Hormuz through which 20 percent of all the world’s oil exports pass?

toilet-paper-money-300x254If there is war with Iran, oil production and transport will be disrupted. If the fiat global economy has not already busted its own balloons of phony growth before 2016, Nostradamus forecasts the use of a new and terrible weapon—the “Money Weapon”—to render valueless Armageddon’s checkbook.

No one reading this right now, no one living on this planet, will be immune to the consequences of this war. See how Nostradamus has nearly come into the clear with his cryptic visions hinting openly about what lurks in the shadows of the Future’s possibilities so that we can forestall this greatest of Middle Eastern wars from happening in the eleventh hour with the light of peace and human intelligence.

So the question now is, does the lifting of sanctions and the embrace of Iran back into the world mean that long standing anti-Iranian views in Washington and anti-USA stances by elements in the Tehran regime now soften, mollify and end?

IranFlagMushroomAccording to the prophecies of Nostradamus the danger of war is still quite real this year, either in the spring (March-May) or the late summer (August-September) of 2016 as the book shows him astrologically dating these time windows for war.

The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia do not want Iran to shift the balance of political and economic power in the Middle East or in oil production. But they cannot now proceed to plan and enact their war based on the breaking of 10 years of sanctions that, with the announcement today, have evaporated.

SaudiArabianForeignMInisterWKerryThey will have to find their war with Iran another way. This book details how they may try it. For instance, Iran test fired a nuclear capable long-range missile in mid-October, which technically did not go against the nuclear deal. Tehran said it tested it because of a Wall Street Journal article stating that Washington was planning to hit Iran with new sanctions focusing on its ballistic missile program rather than its nuclear program, which now it can no longer sanction, unless Iran breaks the deal—and I predict, Iran has no intention of breaking the nuclear deal.

KhameiniandGeneralsSeattedLookingLeftSome of you might remember that in these Hogueprophecy articles I have stated that President Obama had the destiny to wage, or in the eleventh hour, prevent a war with Iran from happening on his watch. That a peace deal could be coming in 2014-2015. Well, my oracle appears to be correct, peace has a chance, but the forces for war aren’t appeased or pleased. I will confide you this: I will rest easier if we pass through any military crises over Iran in 2016, and especially around November 2017, without conflict engaged.

I would also add that in my book about a potential Trump presidency, that his actions in the White House will actually not live up to his Iran-baiting campaign rhetoric; whereas, if Hillary Clinton is America’s next president, war with Iran in 2017 has its staunchest advocate. I will explain in detail why my Oracle believes this in a forthcoming book, Hillary Clinton: Astrological Predictions.

DATELINE: 17 January 2016

USSailorsHandsOnHeadLet not the US Media spin the Farsi Island incident farther from the Truth

The Iranian missile test firing in mid-October 2015, and this week’s incident in the Persian Gulf where two US PT boats were surrounded by naval units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for apparently having engine trouble or navigation glitches that had them stray into Iranian waters. The US media obsesses on Iranian footage of the crews all sitting on deck with their hands on their heads in submissive surrender with armed Iranian sailors standing over them.

Farsi-Island-locator-jpgYou’re told that Iran is using excessive force for a mere and mistaken crossing into another country’s invisible, 12-mile off shore sovereignty that all coastal nations share. What you’re not told is that Farsi Island is not one of many along the Iranian coastline, but a key Iranian Revolutionary Guard naval base on an island that’s placed in the center of the Persian Gulf, within close striking distance to the main oil shipping routes. In short, you can’t get lost and run into this island accidentally. These US PT boats were there for some other reason than expressed, well within the 12-mile limit, in sight of a top secret Iranian naval base. They were caught doing some reconnaissance, I would propose. I can tell you this, if an Iranian PT boat was within sight of the US Fifth Fleet’s base in nearby Bahrain, the US Navy would be pointing guns down on their sailors with their hands on their heads!

Farsi Island's Iranian naval base.

Farsi Island’s Iranian naval base.

The Pentagon story keeps changing. First the US sailors say they had engine trouble. I’m assuming one of the two PT boats would have this problem. Later, the Pentagon officially denies that story and now we are told they had a glitch in their navigation instrumentation. Astrologically speaking, I know how often machinery goes glitchy during a Mercury retrograde (like the one we’re having presently), but “two” PT boats had navigation glitches? Really? The other boat would have immediately informed the glitched craft that it was straying off course. This also, I predict, will be another fake explanation.

IranMissileFallingCometNow, to be fair, the Iranians also have war hawks or better, their own version of Islamically fundamentalist neo-Conservatives, trying to advise more aggressive stances and US Navy ship baiting in the narrow Strait of Hormuz. It would seem the Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats on 26 December 2015 gave only 23 minutes warning to a US carrier task force nearby that they were going to test unguided ship-to-ship rockets. Consider that as an Iran’s neoconservative-inspired show of force, quite similar to what US carrier fleets have demonstrated over the years when streaming very close past Iranian flotillas over the years.

Footage from US Carrier of Iranian gunboats test-firing missiles.

Footage from US Carrier of Iranian gunboats test-firing missiles.

These games of chicken aren’t going away because the sanctions being lifted. The bellicose stars of 2016 would indicate brinksmanship will only increase. There’s even some evidence in the prophecies of Nostradamus that some incident in the Strait of Hormuz between US and Iranian ships could yet cause a full-scale military crisis in the March-May or later in August-September time windows.

Stay tuned, and question more with the help of reading my eBook or Printed Book edition of Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse.

DATELINE: 17 January 2016

TrumpTimeCover-DealwithItWhy Trump? Your Comments on Facebook and My answers Why a Book of Astrological Predictions about Trump is Important for all of you to Read

News of my intention to write Trump for President—Astrological Predictions, has certainly stirred up my readers to present what are either positive or emotionally sharp and negative snap reactions.

Many of my conservative readers think I have seen the light, whereas many of my liberal readers think I’ve fallen under the spell of the Antichrist. They believe that writing a book about a significant presidential candidate, currently leading the Republican platoon of wannabes by a pollster’s mile, is somehow a blind-sided endorsement. What makes it even more remarkable is that most of the negative comments are coming at me, sometimes with great detail, from people who haven’t purchased or read a single thing I’ve written in the book.

Here’s a cross section of various conversation streams ramping up to, and flooding after, I published the book on the Winter Solstice nearly a month ago. First, take note of the 180-degree snap reactions pro and con that a book about Trump as president engendered on my Facebook Page:

Merry Christmas and good luck with the new book!


I will be reading the book!

Nooo such Nightmare. We are all going to move to Madagascar.

I like Trump, sorry.

Carol, don’t get me started.

Good luck John! Any appearances on Coast to Coast AM or anywhere else coming up?

I want to do one early in January on the Presidential Elections, then one in early February on Predictions 2016: The Year of Crisis and Breakthrough.


Here next is a conversation stream engaged by that all-too intellectually lazy habit of modern Americans to judge—and in detail—one’s motivations for writing a book on Trump the haven’t read and probably never will read.

Click on the cover and read the book.

Click on the cover and read the book.

John it seems like uve been seduced by the devil yet maybe just like nostradamus all u do is tell the future no matter how horrific its going 2 be is there no hope 4 humanity and really will america be so evil as 2 let this buffoon become cdr in cheif?

Don’t judge me until you’ve read this book. The core of evil is Stupid. Stupid is activated when we judge a thing we haven’t read. You are not yet qualified to have an opinion about what I’ve written about Trump. Read it first, and perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll feel you owe me an apology for speaking out of hand.

The mentality of the general population is in such a sad state anything can happen but no matter what there is enough of us conscious people around that we can make a good and positive world regardless of negative influences now or in the future. The steps may be small but the progress is apparent. The idea is to encourage and empower not to discourage. All lies will inevitably abolish themselves. All in due time… Above all don’t shoot the messenger. They are here to assist you


A more rational query came from Lynn B. and it developed this conversation stream:

Why Trump?

Read the book and find out, Lynn. Don’t fall into the trap that Burns-Hostetler has fallen into. He had a premise based on ignorance and ran ignorant all the way in his comment. Why Trump? You ask? Because “anyone” who has a chance to become the US president, needs to be examined deeply, fairly—the negatives with the positives. I contend that I have done this. Now it is up to you to read this book and see how I did.

I will John. Thank you for your response.

HillaryClintonPrincessLeiaVIOLET L.E.
I recall you said Hillary’s time was 2008; ;and Obama 2016 and of course that didn’t happen. I think Trump is a playboy billionaire, but he is intelligent, I said he would have to change his hair do before I would vote for him; ha. The thing is he has the money, does not have to be bought, and he is saying a lot of things that people would like to be able to say themselves (before the politically correct BS) People today don’t voice how they really feel, but being told you can’t say or do something does not change how one feels. If you follow the media you would think everything is black or white or left or right and nothing is that way. There is a middle road and I wish America would find it.

Hi Violet, you recalled incorrectly about my Hillary statements. What I said in an article published 2 March 2007, a full year before the Democratic Primaries of 2008 pointed out that she “was” destined to be president, but there was one weak link in that destiny: her siding and voting for giving President Bush sweeping war powers to attack Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in 2003. Read the article Hillary Clinton’s Albatross. In it posted a whole year before the primaries heated up, I said Obama would become her chief rival in the primaries; moreover, Obama could win a close primary battle by swinging the anti-war Democrats his way and he did.

ObamaCartoonPosterSyria-blameRepublicansNow, ever since I began documenting my prediction back in November 2000 on Coast to Coast AM and in print, that Hillary Clinton was destined to become the first woman president, I still contend that her destiny can only be postponed. Well, here we are in 2016 and look, she’s going to be the Democratic nominee this time. Trump has the best “chance” to beat her of all the Republican’s thronging, but she’s the corporate choice, not Trump. They will make a majority of you vote for her to be the 45th President of the United States unless enough people wake up to the corporate manipulation and change the future I foresee towards which, many of you are in lock-step marching.

DATELINE: 17 January 2016

AgentSmithBluePillandBluePillinHandWestern Illinois University Predicts a Bernie Sanders Victory in 2016? Hogue Predicts Sanders’ run for President will be finished by April Fools Day 2016

Now to a related story. There’s been a lot of Bernie buzz in the press about some college students making accurate presidential predictions since “1975.” Well, that caught my interest, as I am documented making accurate presidential predictions based on the popular vote since 1968. Moreover, I’m wondering how WIU can count “1975” for presidential predictions when the one in question starting their purported “streak” was in 1976?

BernieSandersFacetheNationSome of my readers propose that calling it accurate in 1975 stems from holding mock elections the year before and not as a sad example of the mathematics department at Western Illinois.

If that’s truly the case, it’s still a wrong claim to make. Here’s why: accuracy is proven on the election date. Until then, it is not proven.

I document my predictions all the time. I note when it was fulfilled on the date it was fulfilled and then inform my readers that I “filed” the prediction two months, three years, etc., before.

HillaryClintonSmilePointingFor instance, I started forecasting that Hillary Clinton would become the first woman president 15 years ago. In my mind, it doesn’t become “true” until she “is” president. When it becomes true, I can say that “potential” was visualized 15 years ago. But it only becomes real when it’s real because prophecy is a potential, not a fact until it is a fact.

So, with that said, the Illinois folks are using their “1975” as a way to promote and push their prophetic agenda. They’re trying to sell themselves. It’s a little disingenuous and an example of unclear language coming from a college.

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can receive this book.

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can download this book.

To top it off, I’ll go on record now making a prediction about their prediction: If indeed they really have predicted every winner since 1975, then their winning streak will be broken in 2016. Of this, I’m absolutely certain, even more certain than I am about my winning streak surviving the monkey shine madness of the forthcoming 2016 national election year.

As much as I hope the Sanders supporters will compel their fatherly shepherd to grow a pair and not sell his peaceful revolution so cheaply to Clinton-Corp when she defeats him by early April, I just don’t see that alternative future getting any legs, torso, heart, blood or bones. We are living at a time when the world is under the mind plague of leaderlessness. This will be an important theme to confront, forecast and remedy in my forthcoming book Predictions 2016: The Year of Crisis and Breakthrough.

DATELINE: 17 January 2016

TrumpshotfrombelowSmilingA Gemini Understands Donald Trump—Kevin from Iowa

I want to share this interchange with Kevin, who, like Donald Trump, was born under the sign of Gemini:

I didn’t realize Trump was a Gemini till you starting writing about it… then I began listening closely and watching the facial expressions…. as my adult children say, I could freeze a room or relax a room all with just a look… Gemini’s are clever, quick to learn a new skill, generally the smartest in the room. Most days we can walk about like a Labrador Retriever enjoying life and people… however never provide criticism that TrumpMikeFingerUpMakeAPointis untrue… that is when we use our cleverness, our mental encyclopedia of facts and figures…. and our wicked tongue and facial expressions…. to wage war…. at our worse, even if we know what we are doing … is like driving the car off the cliff… there is a great deal of confidence that is masking a lack of self esteem…. throw in some childhood trauma and it makes for an interesting human… Trump will work night and day to prove his critics wrong if elected… we tend to be good listeners and will seek advice or as I say, we will “stop and ask for directions”… I have not read your book on Trump yet, however I will as I curious now if my insight aligns with your book.

Gemini symbolic twins as the good and bad angels of our psyche.

Gemini symbolic twins as the good and bad angels of our psyche.

…Always been a follower and reader of your work. Interesting times we live in. Of course I have to read the Trump Book you wrote… as I have to see how it ends from your perspective… Initially, I was a skeptic of his sincerity and I figured it was a rerun of 1992, however now I’m not so certain.

Gemini’s can lead, however speaking from experience, we do best when it’s a small organization and we have control of processes. In these situations, we lead from the front and success is cultivated by trust in a family atmosphere… as exhibited by the Trump family business. What will be tough, is being able to manage in the tangled bureaucracy of political players who all have motives and agendas… this is especially frustrating. This frustration can lead to alienation. However, he has been successful in NYC, so he has had plenty of practice. He will need many trusted advisors.

Hi Kevin. The book asks that essential question: Can Trump, the outsider, become the insider politician? That teamwork ethic runs strong in his chart so it’s possible his cabinet, at least, would be one of the finest any president chose. But we’ll see.

Whomever is crowned will be facing one of America’s most economically challenging periods, especially 2016-2022.

And it will hit before the national election arrives.

I have no problems sharing whole or parts or interpretation or edits of these exchanges… I’m a nearly 60-year-old bald white male living in the cornfields of Iowa. I’ve raised three children, go to Mass each week and have worked in the electrical utility industry for 32 years and married to my wife for 34 years. I would say I’m middle aged, middle income… living in the middle of America. I was born June 3rd, 1958 … however I would say my early childhood experiences dampened some of the light heartened nature of most Gemini’s. My initial research and critical thinking was possibly that this has the potential to be a repeat of 1992 Ross Perot, where the Republican vote would be split and a Clinton would be elected President. I consider myself a political atheist or one that has become very disillusioned with politicians representing the best interest of the people they serve and I refuse to put a D or an R on my forehead and profess the platform of any party.

I’m of the same view. The two-party system is rigged. I foresee a day when people could rise up and even make parties illegal for the sake of saving the Republic. What will fill their void are political “communities.” A community can’t be sustained unless it gathers all its different individual human parts to establish a common ground of shared interest. Were parties polarize, communities invite. They build on their shared and positive agreements, forge relationships. They don’t lay siege against each other, they seek to experience each other and learn to live and let live, do unto others as they would have them do unto themselves.

When you wrote about him being a Gemini, I said to myself, not so fast, I think my initial reaction was incorrect and this may not be 1992 all over again … let’s begin observing his behaviors and more importantly, a Gemini would not never sell themselves out in a conspiracy to help elect a Clinton.

I’m sure you understand from first hand, Kevin, how people underestimate the mutability and flexibility of the Gemini sun sign. I dedicated this book to my older brother and one of my most cherished lovers—both are Geminis. They taught this Double-Scorpio the mysteries of the Gemini psyche. From that experience, I am quite sure that Donald Trump has no part in any conspiracy to elect Clinton. He means what he said about being a businessman that gives donations to all sides and curries favors. That’s what all-successful businessmen do, whatever their astrology. So, invite the Clintons to your wedding. From the pictures I’ve seen—looks like everybody was having a good time. One of those members of the Trump or Clinton clan just may be our next president.

Again, I have not read your book and our exchanges on Trump from a Gemini on how Gemini’s ticks is the sort of mental exercises Gemini’s find most interesting as we have a deep curiosity to figure out how things work or why people do the things they do. Before you pointed out that Trump was a Gemini my initial observation of Trump’s early campaign behavior was…. that is someone who is masking some insecurities however no deep malevolence and will only strike when someone strikes first

That’s him. It’s clearly delineated in his aspects too. Also, it’s important to understand that Trump’s Leo Ascendant conjoined his Mars in Leo in the 12th House has, as he would exclaim, a “hooooge,” influence on how he outwardly expresses his Gemini nature to the world at large.

When interviewed after debate about attacking Jeb… when Trump was asked…does this make you feel bad?…Trump responded that, “yes it does” and he was sincerely truthful…

TrumpBlackAndWhitePointingHOGUE: Yes, he was. Trump in many ways is the most authentic and even innocent person running for president on both sides. He’s the kid who indelicately yells, “The Emperor is NAKED!” when all are marveling at the Emperor’s new clothes.

However, Jeb opened the door to the wrath of Gemini first.

HOGUE: I don’t think there’s a thing that Trump has said about Jeb that isn’t essentially true. Jeb hasn’t run for office for almost 15 years or so. He’s almost a generation behind the times. He doesn’t get where America is going. He is truly confused and off balance, even in his attacks.

As a Gemini, I began dissecting his Gemini words, actions gestures. He is a builder and when he says he will build a southern border wall, he has already envisioned what that wall will look like, how it will operate and how it will be funded all in great details in his mind … and he began working backwards from this point of completion to organize and construct it… this is what we do… and when pressed for details…. his reaction is exactly what a Gemini would respond… just get out of my way, I will get it done and you will love it.

Richard Wagner vogue-ing for the camera.

Richard Wagner vogue-ing for the camera.

Trump with wind whipped "Wagnerian" hair.

Trump with wind whipped “Wagnerian” hair.

Yes—a classic Gemini response. People will take that wrong, as some kind of avoidance. It’s like the other controversial Gemini genius I allude to in my book, Richard Wagner. When he resolved to write his Siegfried’s Death opera into a four-opera tetralogy requiring a quarter-century labor and building a theater that could stage it, he brushed off the doubters wanting details how he could pull what no composer ever could. Don’t distract him with that. He’s working it in his brilliant head and needs no interruption. Just sit back for 25 years and wait. Give him the money to write it, to build the festival house and now we have his Ring Cycle and his opera house. His operas are sweeping in their scope and intricately detailed like few ever written before. I look at Trump Tower and I see Trump create in detail a similar work in architectural form.

What Trump does needs to do is formalize the plans and demonstrate to the naysayers and critics… he cannot overlook this or minimize this … as he is stepping onto a much bigger stage where he is not in control.

But his promotional genius definitely understands the masses that will get him to that moment don’t care about the details at all. They care about “feeling” a confidence in someone who, when elected, will then present the details to the naysayers and critics.

He has to quickly learn that this is essential if he wants to win the election.

I think what will be more essential is when he pivots from the hard right to the center to catch that visceral and emotional bonding. One of the reasons I’m 12 and 0 predicting presidential election winners is that understand what motivates people to vote and it’s rarely rational intelligence. This overly emotional, sentimental land under the Sign of Cancer the Moon-Loony Child votes with their hearts and feeling, and often unintelligently. It’s not a cynical stance. It’s a fact. Proof of the pudding, my 12 and 0 record since 1968. I certainly don’t want this to be true but one must face reality to be an accurate forecaster and predict things that are constantly going against what you know and want as an outcome.

Gemini’s are also the master at taking the complex and simplifying it and then presenting an idea, however they would rather just go do it … so he must harness this gift as the builder, innovator, visionary … he should make a YouTube video and show the people what he will do and how exactly he will do it.

I think he has that strategy in mind, if he becomes the Republican nominee. He gives that wry poker card player’s smile sometimes when pushed about details, saying he’ll have to show a little more detail soon. Yet he knows as I know, doing what you’ve just said has never won a candidate the presidency. Case in point, Jeb Bush is giving a number of detailed policy speeches and all they seem to do is keep him hovering at 7 to 3 percent in the polls. Hillary gives the same kind of speeches but unlike 2008, she’s toned the Washington wonk of detail levels way, way down.

JEBBushTightLIppedinSunSquintNow, I loved it when she talked detail, but I’m an odd bird in this flock of featherbrained American voters. They want to be carried into the air on flights of promised fancy. Trump will give some of the details up, but only to nourish the flights, the excitement. It’s how he used to promote his new products and land developments. But when money was given and permission granted then came the very detailed and intense creation, building process where one could see his diligence to, and mastery of, the details in making things happen.

Gemini are too impulsive, his early failure with Trump Airlines is one of those impulsive failures of a Gemini builder.

Yes, and the worst bout of impulse was buying all those Atlantic City casinos. That nearly did him in when the real estate market went down in the early 1990s, but he learns from his mistakes. Something we haven’t seen in an Obama or a G.W. Bush for nearly 16 years and counting.

However there is no one who is more self-critical and learns from mistakes than a Gemini.

I came to understand that being apparently one of those rare people in journalism and in the media who has actually “read” his books and watched hundreds of hours of interviews. He is quite self-critical but wearing that soft and Gemini silky pink velvet glove about it in public.

Trump is nearly 70 years old and these impulsive characteristics which innovate and drive success are now balanced with age, maturity, reflection and lessons learned and never forgotten.

This is true. He has voiced it a number of times in the same way. Especially when taking about this third marriage. The book shows how Trump’s stars can really mar and make a hell any fallout from love. But it also shows his potential to learn from difficult relationships and I think he’s finally succeeded with Melania, his third wife. He has matured.

Putin’s admires American innovation or as I call it the “Get-r-Done” attitude no matter how many obstacles of Americans as his interview on 60 Minutes reveled. That is why Putin and Trump seem like BFFs now …

You should see why when I examine their composite charts in the book. They are quite harmoniously aspected to “get” and understand the other. I think if Trump is president this could develop into something quite surprisingly positive for our two countries.


Putin respects Trump already as a world leader in a deep emotional way. Putin and Trump would become close allies and lifelong friends for the betterment of world if he were to be elected. You can tell Putin uses intel based “game theory” as he interacts with the world.

Click on the cover and see the NEW  PRINTED EDITION.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

True and one can truly anticipate Putin’s moves if one does a deep study and meditation on his mastered martial art. He’s a black belt in Judo. In my book Predictions 2015-2016, I wrote a whole chapter about Putin’s astrology and potentials in 2015 and throughout 2016 and give an overview about his Judo diplomacy that I hope you’ll read.

IMHO Clinton’s campaign is no match for an alliance between Putin and Trump. With the resources of Russia’s FSB, I wonder if Trump is already getting daily briefings on the Clinton campaign. Even without Putin… Clinton’s campaign, the Clintons themselves, their advisors must be yelling and screaming at one another as “The Donald” is no Bernie… matter of fact unique.  Each offensive move by the Clintons is actually just a defensive move that drives them further behind. It seems as if only Cruz figured it out and he used humor… I will build a wall and Trump will pay for it. Clintons have too much documented baggage to ever try to take offensive moves against “The Donald” and their strategy used so far has to be thrown out and reworked.

Yes, they’re having kittens about Trump, but there’s a vast machine of corporate influence gathering behind the Clinton dynastic facade and she has learned from her mistakes in 2008. She’s brilliantly playing the “first woman in the White House” card just where it works best, on the hysterical-emotional level. She can win the Latino vote and win the women’s vote and the game is over for anyone running against her “except” the 70-year old boyish candidate that can declare the Empress Clinton “is naked” and the new clothes don’t cover the flab and warts of Clintonian corruption. He may just magnify her negatives enough to blanche his own by 8 November. He’s the only one running on the GOP side who can. Cruz has caught what this game is about, but he’s just not a big enough presence like Trump to win.

I’ve already written about how Gemini’s Kryptonite is when someone is critical of Donald when they do not have the facts correct. Presented with facts and criticism we quickly understand and are grateful to have this pointed out. This political Kryptonite is being used with some success in the campaign to stop Trump or to at least tarnish him in the eyes of voters that are not Triumph supporter now or even Republicans. This aspect the Trump Campaign has to realized as a key to getting these voters We impulsively react immaturely at times… over the course of months Trump has reshaped this… either he is learning or more likely he is being coached, I would even think his own family members are throwing political kryptonite scenarios at him on a daily basis so he can learn to respond in a way that doesn’t turn off the public and more importantly create more kryptonite for the other candidates

He is very much being coached by Melania and especially by Ivanka, his daughter, both being cool and collective counter-balances to his impulsive and Leo-Ascendant fiery, over-the-top, self. And, he’s listening and learning. I can see this. People underestimate the intelligence of these two Trump women. Trump does not. His astrology as I show in the book has deep roots and love for family and their counsel in private.

As I said before… we will fully know the car will crash and we still drive the car over the cliff as this triggers an immature response we have trouble controlling. I observed he is getting better however he needs to master and neutralize this this quickly, before other campaigners realize the power of “Political Gemini Kryptonite”.

His main danger for what you call his kryptonite moments politically will be highest at the end of January through April Fool’s day because of certain upheavals going on in our collective stars. You can read about that in detail in the book.

This is probably far too long, however I enjoy this and if you have other aspects to explore let me know and I will keep myself “pure” and not read your book yet. If you share communications with Trump, send him a Gemini’s insight.

I will. I think we’ve covered for now much of the territory. We should return to this back and forth after April Fool’s day, if Trump has survived his Kryptonite February and March madness moments. Because if he has, he’ll be the Republican nominee unless there’s a conspiracy to sabotage that. (And there is… I write about it in the book.)

WagneratPianoWFeatheredPenLookingatYouKEVIN: Sorry one final point I already made however is in the theme of your book…. Gemini’s “Stop and ask for directions when lost” … even male Gemini’s… this is something few really understand… in our exchanges you said he would build a cabinet like no other in history… I already instinctively knew that… we are wired this way … we are secure in our insecurities and our gaps in knowledge and seek out others knowledge… so that we can make the best decisions possible.

Yes, and that is one of the open secrets of being a good executive: an ability to relegate responsibility to others to provide the details that completes the picture before the CEO to make the decision. Others do most of the work, but the CEO has to have that rare gift of “picking” the right “others”. It’s a rare talent and I’m not yet certain Trump can translate that talent from businessman outside to the most powerful political “insider” role he seeks to play in the White House. My book has much to say about the pros and con potentials as I try to draw up my final forecast at the end.

Click on the cover and read the book.

Click on the cover and read the book.

OshoFaceBlueSkyDATELINE: 17 January 2016

To Enjoy a Total Future, Live Totally in The Present

I close with some words about the future from my Meditation teacher, Osho. I live by this creed and make my predictions best when completely in the Now. Being in The Now is the secret to living life fully and at your full potentials:

I teach you to live here now with no idea of the future at all. The future will be born out of your lived present. If the present has been lived totally, the future will have even more totality to it. Out of totality more totality is born.

But if you have an idea what to be in the future, today you will live very partially, because your main concern becomes the future. Your eyes become focused on the future, you lose contact with the real and the present. And the tomorrow will be born out of the real with which you are not in contact. The tomorrow will come out of today, and today was unlived.

Osho. Click on the picture.

Osho. Click on the picture.

The English word “devil” is very beautiful. If you read it backwards it becomes “lived.” That which is lived becomes divine, and that which is not lived becomes devil. Only lived is transformed into godliness; the unlived turns poisonous. And today you postpone, and whatsoever remains unlived in you will hang around you like a weight. If you had lived it, you would have been free of it. It would not have haunted you, it would not have tortured you.

But man up to now has been taught not to live but to hope – hope that tomorrow things will be such that you will be able to live, hope that tomorrow you will be worthy to live, hope tomorrow you will be Jesus Christ or Gautam the Buddha.

You are never going to be Jesus the Christ or Gautam the Buddha, you are simply going to be yourself. You are not a carbon copy of anybody else. It would have been ugly to be another Christ or another Buddha; that would have been a great insult to your humanity. Man has dignity because man has originality.

Osho, formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. If something deep inside is stirred by looking into this face. If it reflects back to you a truth already nestled deep inside the being, once forgotten. Now remembered. There are meditations of Osho I would be happy to freely share with you. These meditations have helped me rediscover that light behind eyes, in ego mind-bind, forgotten. If you have a feeling to explore these meditations, just ask by email and information and links will be freely given.

Osho, formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. If something deep inside is stirred by looking into this face. If it reflects back to you a truth already nestled deep inside the being, once forgotten. Now remembered. There are meditations of Osho I would be happy to freely share with you. These meditations have helped me rediscover that light behind eyes, in ego mind-bind, forgotten. If you have a feeling to explore these meditations, just ask by email and information and links will be freely given.

The old concept was to live according to a certain pattern – the Buddhist pattern, the Christian pattern, the Hindu pattern. The old was not in favor of the individual, it was in favor of a certain pattern. That pattern creates slavery.

I teach the individual, I teach the unique individual. Respect yourself, love yourself, because there has never been a person like you and there will never be again. God never repeats, You are utterly unique, incomparably unique. You need not be like somebody else, you need not be an imitator, you have to be authentically yourself, your own being. You have to do your own thing.

Osho, The Book Of Wisdom, volume II

If you resonate with my writings and your heart stirs reading the words of my teacher, I would like to send you links and information about his meditation techniques. Just Contact Me and put in the subject line: Meditation. I will then freely email you the information.



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