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DATELINE: 31 December 2015

Peter Novak’s Review of Hogue’s new Book Trump for President: Astrological Predictions is a Clash between the Technical-Puritanical and Poetic-Intuitive application of the Language of Astrology

There are generally two approaches to any art form: the technically perfect and the poetically-yet-imperfectly perfect way. Consider the sport of ice skating, the ballet on ice. The technical approach often held sway with Winter Olympic judges during the Cold War Years. They wouldn’t bestow a gold medal to an ice skater, even if his or her performance was the most inspiring—a poetry in motion. That didn’t count so much if your figure eight skating test the day before was not technically perfect. In this way, whatever the ice skater evoked in the final contest before a captivated audience didn’t count in the hard math of the on automatic, autocratic “technocratic” judges.

Fortunately, this Puritan handicap has been abolished by popular protest and now one’s skating in post-Cold War Olympics has continued to enjoy a thaw. It has rediscovered the heart of the matter. You are judged on the final performance as a whole before the audience. Gone is the grim and lonely ice skating rink the night before, with its Spanish Inquisitors of the skate blade looming over your figure eight lines on a quest to expose any slightest, deviant imperfections that would count for half your final point tally. They would shoot you down even if you levitated off the ice in the final performance.

Certainly technical proficiency is important in today’s Olympic skating but now the judgment is far more balanced with the art of the skate. Until some return of a future cold war in sports, the grumpy ones who believe the mechanical is more important than the soul in ice skating have taken a back seat.

A similar tug of war happens in the art of divination and all of its many languages used to unlock the intuitive light. One of these languages is astrology. There are, for instance, astrologers who are so caught up with the technical aspects and laws of the “science” of astrology that they can only communicate in mere prosaic “prose.” Their letter of the law is more important than the intuitive, poetic heart of the matter. They forget what their language is for. It is a means to a revelatory end that is beyond any language. They seek to judge you by your figure eights and not by the poetry of metaphysical motion taking one within a mystery that can somehow conjure accurate forecasts of the future.

Take Nostradamus for instance. He was known to make mistakes in his astrological computations that were far more grievous than astrologer Peter Novak presumes to believe I made in his review of my book Donald Trump for President: Astrological Predictions. No one remembers those puritan astrologers of technocratic inquisition from the sixteenth century, yet Nostradamus’ prophecies and person are remembered by the whole world, four-and-a-half centuries and counting.

Even just a few days ago, Nostradamus once again appeared in a brand new and beautifully produced two-hour documentary broadcast across North America called Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed, for which I was prominently featured along with Mario Reading as the two most noted Nostradamus scholars in the world today. It seems that neither Nostradamus’ mistakes nor my purported “sloppiness” as an astrologer have had much negative impact on the seer and myself as one of his most noted modern interpreter. I guess my sloppy astrology is avidly read in bestselling books and my mistakes are translated in 20 languages.

In over thirty years as a prophecy scholar I have yet to be vigorously picked apart by a professional colleague who actually proves his prowess by selling more books than I do. I think that is an important point of objective evidence to consider. Book writing is one of the hardest trades to succeed in. You have to find that special, magical balance, like someone gliding effortlessly on an ice skate, between being so rigidly technical that you don’t reach a significant audience, yet at the same time bring your esoteric narratives down to an easy-to-grasp, conversational language that includes readers on many levels of understanding or not understanding your subject. Nevertheless, you cannot simplify at the cost of being simplistic.

Just released, the first box set in the history of Nostradamus publications. Click on the cover. Go to KindleUnlimited and read it in a free trial run.

Just released, the first box set in the history of Nostradamus publications. Click on the cover. Go to KindleUnlimited and read it in a free trial run.

Thanks to the advances in the ongoing social media revolution, Amazon has completely recreated book markets where anyone can write and publish an eBook at no charge. Now a professional writer like myself must compete for attention with several million authors each day and the number is exponentially swelling. So I wonder sometimes what is the “real” and perhaps subconscious motivation of those competing authors who occasionally appear on the Amazon customer review pages leaving a harsh attack. Whether there’s an ulterior motive or not, a struggling author lost in a crowd of millions might try to publicly take a successful author down a peg or two and gain some interest in his or her work. He or she might ask to become a successful author’s Facebook friend and then begin to leave inordinately long passages, article sized passages, in a conversation thread. Of course every entry is a direct link back to their Facebook page where links to their own books are posted. Maybe such Facebook “friends” consciously or unconsciously hope to gain new readers and lift their dismal Amazon book rankings.

That brings me back to my colleague Peter Novak. If you could put my bestsellers in a line of ebooks at Amazon, you’d have to pass down, down, down a line of half a million to 1.5 million books to run into his tomes. If it wasn’t for me commenting on his scathing review, most of my readers, spanning the globe, would happily go through your lives completely unaware of Peter Novak’s existence. The same goes for allowing him to become a Facebook friend and write on the pages of my very large Facebook private and public readership. He’s now gaining access to tens of thousands of people from all over the world being on my pages. In a way I’ve pulled him out of the obscurity of the book ranking cellar and who knows? Perhaps the notoriety, the controversy he initiated by ambushing me with an attacking review, without even a forewarning his Facebook “friend”–something I’d never do to a professional colleague–is at last bringing him some needed attention. Maybe it will help his book sales?

I think, any author lost in the abyss of the rarely read always craves, if he or she is honest, any attention or access that could give one that precious 15 minutes of flickering “flame” down there in the book rank dungeon.

I choose to give Peter Novak attention like I chose to write about anything or anyone, primarily to provide my readers with a teaching moment. This controversy provides me two opportunities. The first can teach you all the difference between the way Peter Novak professes and I poetically “dance” the divination divine that is the language of astrology. The second will rely on objective facts that puts into question how carefully Peter Novak read my book.

Like Nostradamus, I’m not too tethered by the letter of astrological laws because like the sixteenth-century French seer from Provence, I use divination techniques only long enough to trigger something far deeper and more profound that’s “between the lines” drawn hard and unrelentingly by “astrologism’s” technical purists. The purists can get as stiff and strident as old spinster school teachers, waving their bum-whacking ruler at those of us who tap into the magic their tight grip on technicalities can’t plumb. My figure eights aren’t perfect, but “boy” can I “skate” when I “scry” the future.

Over the last 42 years, a multitude of “Astrologists,” dotting their angular planets of import and crossing their T squares, have not predicted every winner of the US presidential election by the popular vote since 1968. A while back, when Peter Novak inquired about the proof of this claim. I referred him to the same archives you all can freely peruse at All of my predictions, all the hits or misses, are documented. The same goes for what’s in all of my 36 books and counting. In reply, Novak made it known on my Facebook page that he didn’t want to work so hard going through 600-plus articles (I have that interchange documented). It made me think. Gone it seems are the days when true scholars burn the candle wax and flame for long hours in search of the truth. Today’s researchers feel they are entitled to a push-button answer. They won’t read my 36 books or thousands of articles on these matters. “Oh what a loss of learning and letters,” proclaimed Nostradamus in his Epistle prophecies back in 1558 when talking about our times.

Be that as it may, when I can get a moment or two years time to present all chapter, source and verse of my documented tens of thousands of predictions put in writing, taped on radio on over 1,000 interviews or broadcast in over 100 television interviews and documentaries, a book will be forthcoming that will not only strive to document all my presidential predictions going farther back than those published in print starting in 1984, but also those made all the way back to 1968. For now, the vast majority of my readers wish me to explain the future that is hurtling towards this world ever faster than one can stay ahead of. This is the priority.

Here then is my point-for-point rebuttal to Peter Novak’s Amazon review of my Trump book . My intention is to illuminate when his critiques are fair. Novak is absolutely correct to demand and explanation why the annular eclipse that happened on the day Trump was born was not mentioned in my book. Moreover, I’m fine with his qualified differences of opinion on other matters, but let me say this plainly, I am not okay with about half his accusations in his review. With this rebuttal, Peter Novak becomes a “footnote” in my long career as a prophecy scholar who I’ll objectively reveal is suffering from many “foot-in-mouth notations.”

So, here we go:

I just finished John Hogue’s new book on the astrology of Donald Trump and found it disappointing. As a professional astrologer and fellow author who has been in the field since 1978, I found Hogue’s astrology to be questionable on multiple points; he seemed to completely ignore the most prominent and dramatic elements of Trump’s chart and focused instead on weaker and more dubious elements of the chart.

As the Zen Master’s say, “Comparison and expectations are what Hell is made of.” I have ever been a confounding enigma for “fellow authors” like Peter Novak because for 30 years I’ve never fit in anyone’s round or square-holed labels. I don’t jump through other people’s hoops. Novak’s squared hole wants me to be only a one-dimensional astrologer following the Sharia Law to the tee according to how he rigidly applies astrological doctrine. Yet I’m not truly an astrologer, a psychic or any other label with the appropriate “box” or peg hole chained to it. Like Nostradamus, I use all kinds of divination techniques only as far as they take me, vertically expanding, higher and higher into the depths of the paradox that is the “Oracular Zone.” Once awakened, the clothing of pontificated laws are discarded. I no longer need the rigid rules of astrology when the inner “flying” begins, anymore than a plane can carry the runway with it.

From my vantage point, I view Peter Novak living on and for the level, flat and mundane runway that is traditional astrology. This is what he knows and when he reads someone who leaves that runway behind, made of its neglected “prominent and dramatic elements” for what he judges as the “weaker and more dubious elements,” he’s revealing his limits of oracular ecstasy. The Phoenix has flown between the lines, between the laws, into a state of the poetic that a prose-bound astrologer can’t hear or sing. His rules are in the way.

Three of the most basic rules in astrology are that (1) conjunctions are much more powerful and meaningful than other aspects, (2) angular planets are more important than planets in other houses, and (3) aspects to the Sun and Moon are more important than aspects to other planets. Hogue seemed to break all three of those rules in this book. For example, Hogue completely ignored Trump’s Angular Full Moon Eclipse and focused instead on a weak, obscure, nonangular, officially out-of-orb square between Mercury and Jupiter.

Novak has his rules, but I experience the oracular “realities” beyond them. I am guided by spirit, not flat, airport tarmac surface, rules. Moreover, this hierarchy of importance is not some lock-step set of laws that all astrologers are ordained to follow. Many of you who are established astrologers would not agree with his three-tiered doctrine.

Many technically bound astrologers like to think they are the defenders of a “science.”

Now I wonder what is objectively scientific about mooning over the movements and positions of stars having any physical influence on human beings and human destiny? Come out of your ivory star towers, my friends, and accept that you are infatuated by objectifying “woo-woo.”

Now then, when one is poetically inclined, there is “woo-woo” and there is “Wu Wei.”

There’s the Dow Jones and there’s “The Tao” which is Chinese for “the Watercourse Way.” It takes you effortlessly like a river to the shores wherein Davy Jones replaces the Dow Jones, and what’s inside Davy Jones’ Locker of future secrets can be opened only by someone who has left his expectations, chastity belt, britches and laws back on the shores of intellectually dry land. Novak’s rules are like dams made of “mind” intent on blocking and holding the watercourse flow down to the mysteries of the oceanic.

Fundamental “astrologism” can be just like Christian or Islamic fundamentalism. The latter takes scripture as literal messages from God; the former can believe he or she can foretell the future with scientific objectivism.

Astrology for such people is their religious science. The tool becomes more important than the One holding it. The tool was meant to “initiate” the holder into the mystery. Astrology for me is merely such a device. It helps the One fall through the cracks of this reality to do “The Magic.” Magic does me, and compels me to write and share with you what it non-doing “did.”

Novak is partially correct, though. I have broken rules but they are “his” rules. I will go on breaking such rules because I’ve come to understand, and have written quite accurately, successfully and long, in fulfilled and documented predictions that prove divination techniques of any kind are only a means to the ecstatic and inspirational endlessness.

If tea leaves, tarot or star chart languages switch you on and trip you “out” of this limited world’s mundane mindset to experience something under the surface, beyond the veil, filling the limitless sky with eyes that bathe the universe with “sight”—good for you-less you!

It’s a trap to think that astrology has anything to do with law-and-ordered science. I’ve stated in every book that has either a dabbling or a whole tome teaming with astrology, that I use it as a language, not a science. Moreover, my language of astrology is not prose but divinatory poetry. It’s what I learned from studying Nostradamus for over 30 years. I have embraced his way of using (and happily abusing) traditional astrology and Novak’s condemnation from the twenty-first century echoes what was written about him in the sixteenth century. (Check out what they said by reading about the life of Nostradamus.)

Find out about the life of the real Nostradamus. Click on this cover.

Find out about the life of the real Nostradamus. Click on this cover.

Nostradamus is indeed one of the sloppiest astrologers from the sixteenth century. Isn’t it telling that he is the ONLY forecasting astrologer from the sixteenth century who has you all reading and talking about him in almost every language in almost every corner of the world.

Now, on to one of my happily committed crimes as professed by Peter Novak in his review:

Just as an eclipse is one of the most dramatic spectacles in the heavens, being born during an eclipse is one of the most powerful horoscopes any person can have. Trump was born under an Angular Full Moon Eclipse with Sun in a tight triple conjunction with Uranus and the Node at the top of the chart, a tremendously empowering, rare, and fateful alignment that Hogue incredibly chose not to mention in his book at all.

Sometimes when the big and loud aspects in astrology dazzle us, we overlook the more subtle power in the small, the intimate aspects in someone’s chart. The things that are closest to us, but hidden from our conscious mind, sometimes have more impact. I think the rave reviews of those who actually read word-for-word my book didn’t miss any mention of the angular lunar eclipse. If it had been mentioned, they’d regard it as just one portent in a crowd of many powerful signs in Trump’s chart pointing to his destined greatness, be it good or evil, influencing the world.

I’d like you all to consider something that earth-bound astrologers overlook. A whole lot of people were born during the hours of that annular full moon going blood red to shadow black over a remote stretch of the southern Indian Ocean on the day Trump was born on 14 June 1946. Why didn’t all the babies born around the world with exactly at the same aspects of Trump getting “mooned” become little Trumpster clones? Where is that army of Gemini developers and media manipulators flashing that famous cherry-blond cowlick at us as they all declare simultaneously around the world that they’re running for president of the United States? I mean, if Novak’s angular lunar eclipse is so powerful, why is only Trump the happy recipient of its loony powers?

The answer is: you can’t draw a birth chart of a soul. You can only draw a chart about the potentials of the body-mind-emotional “vehicle” that soul will drive through life. The poetic astrologer knows this. One has to tune into that soul with an aptitude that is “beyond” astrology to see how that soul will drive potential aspects through life for good or ill fortune.

The other babies didn’t become developers and media manipulators because they were different souls, living in different corners of the world, enabling different outcomes to the same aspects with Trump. There’s no three rules of whatever to stop a soul from summoning up different aspects than Trump because these “vehicles” were influenced by other genetic and social factors and programmed by different cultures.

Traditional astrology by itself cannot cram the soul up their preconceived and ordered laws. The mystery of empathetic intuition goes against the grain of rigid laws that say an angular moon must fit all sizes of soul. I contend that I emphatically read the soul first and then apply from understanding that presence what angular this or that, or conjunctions or oppositions, etc., are either more or less impactful. There’s no rule book astrology that’s going to be able to do that. So, again I say unto you all, the angular eclipse had no significant impact on the “soul” that drives Trump’s birth chart.


In India, they explore different realities of the occult that perhaps go against Novak’s Western astrological rules. I learned that those born “under the direct shadow of solar eclipses or exactly under the total winking out of the full moon have a birth far more portentously influenced by those cosmic events. Unfortunately for the natal impact on Trump’s birthday, you’d have to be born on a ship navigating one of the most remote spots in the southern-central Indian Ocean to have this angular eclipse dispense cosmic rays of “magical” impact at your birth, if at all. If Trump had been born in India, spirit might have compelled me to comment but it didn’t, because accuracy favors the astrological outlaws.

If Christ says the meek will inherit the Earth, then my reading says Trump’s meeker aspects have more subtle impact on his behavior. And yes, that breaks Novak’s rules:

Instead of focusing on the most prominent feature of the entire chart, Hogue went on and on about some inactive, out-of-orb square between Mercury and Jupiter, an aspect that, being more than 8 degrees from exact, traditional astrology doesn’t recognize as being an active element in the chart at all. Yet Hogue focused intently on it, all while completely ignoring the elephant in the room – Trumps’ Angular Eclipse.

Now we enter the first of many instances when Peter Novak, by his own words, is caught in the act of skimming through the book. He’s talking about Chapter Four, the Tale of Two Squares. It opened with the weaker of two squares (inharmonious aspects), which I documented in the book was weak—yet subtlety active in Trump’s chart because I don’t just look at the stars, in my readings I observe the actions of “the man.” I see his habit of being one moment intuitively on target, the next, off target. If the square were stronger there would be no off and on issue. It’s like a light bulb with a weak electrical link in Trump, and I quote:

This brings me to the tale of two telling Mercury squares in Trump’s birth chart. Mercury’s squares with Jupiter and especially with Neptune are doorways in the birth chart through which Trump can encounter his blind spots. Trump’s Mercury in the Eleventh House aims high to become a populist voice of the masses, more than merely a networker in business. He pursues an exchange of ideas with all and anyone and will generally share his ideas in a friendly if aloof, airy and impersonal way. I call it Trump’s “matter of fact” way of delivering his ideas and his barbs.

With Mercury in Cancer, Trump’s thinking process is deeply impressionable to unconscious emotional motivations. The man who at one moment can so clearly grasp the science of architecture and building, has for a long time completely blocked and closed his mind to the science of climate change. He shrugs off what will be the defining crisis of his presidency if he is elected. It’s as if the core Republican Party voter mass mind psychically possesses him. He’s unconsciously channeling their prejudices and biases to win the primaries. Their mindset—not his genius—is in Trump’s perception of the world.

“This is the result of Mercury in Cancer’s squaring of a retrograde Jupiter in Libra. Thus his capacity to expand within, reflect and meditate is impacted. It’s a good thing this square happens on the edge of its orb of influence with Mercury 8 degrees Cancer to Jupiter 17 degrees Libra. That may be why it seems to flip on and flip off in Trump. When it’s turned on, Jupiter can suddenly suffer fits of dogmatic, narrow mindedness and seize a temptation to shut down and wallow in biases and prejudices.

Trump for President: Astrological Predictions
Chapter Four, The Tale of Two Squares

You can’t get more “traditional” that plotting charts through the Plotinus system, it’s one of the oldest traditions out there in traditional astrology. That’s what I used. You’ll find that “traditional” astrologer websites like Astrodienst (, as well as many others, has this weak square logged as squared. It is certainly a stretch, as I said in my book, when compared to the tale of the “second” and almost exact square Trump’s ruling planet Mercury suffers with Neptune. It sounds like Novak hasn’t even read the second half of the chapter before passing judgment, sans the context.

He seems to forget just how many differences of opinion there are among traditional astrologers about just how you factor large or small your orbs of influence in aspect can be. There’s no constitution of rules for astrology that are sacrosanct. If there is why didn’t he substantiate any of his stringent laws with sources?

He seems to want “his” rules to be “THE” rules.

The next passage from Novak’s review begins building a case for my astrology being shoddy; however, I’m a bit embarrassed for him, because the evidence will show that he’s come to these conclusions by giving the rest of the book a very shoddy read:

Shoddy astrology does no one any good. In Chapter 13, Hogue erroneously references “Trump’s Sun square Neptune”. Trump does not have a Sun/Neptune square in his chart; his Sun and Neptune are 103 degrees apart, nowhere near a 90 degree square.

Now, I’ll admit that when I first read this zinger it did get me pretty steamed, because I never wrote that Trump’s Sun is squared his natal Neptune. People who actually READ the book know this.

Novak in his own words in the review considers himself a professional astrologer. Here’s the thing, a professional is one who carefully reads someone’s book and makes sure whatever he pulls up for review isn’t inaccurately sourced or taken out of context.

The line about the Trump Sun square with Neptune is not from Chapter 13. It is the first line of Chapter 14.

Furthermore, that line is carrying the context of what was discussed throughout the previous chapter 13.

Here are several examples of what Novak apparently didn’t read to gain a proper and professional understanding of the context:

Thank his Gemini super-ego Sun squaring the US birth chart’s Neptune in Virgo for keeping Americans out of the biggest show on Earth for years. Under Trump Americans will lose the chance to be leaders in slowing down an emerging planetary catastrophe that time is rapidly running out to mend.

Trump, in Chapter 9 of Crippled America, entitled, “The Energy Debate: A Lot of Hot Air,” spends most of his verbiage applying that brilliant Gemini intellect for promoting exactly what Neptune in Virgo in the US chart malevolently squares.

Changing Trump’s stance on global warming will be the most challenging trail before us, because his Gemini Sun square the US birth chart’s Neptune in Virgo renders his stubborn stance a lingering, tenacious delusion.

(All taken from Chapter Thirteen: Coming Down from a Presidential High on “Koch” Climate Change Denial)

Here’s the full sentence that carries this context over as line one of Chapter 14:

Trump’s Sun square Neptune blocks clear perception about climate change, and attracts deceptive counsel.

I’ve presented this evidence to Peter Novak and asked him, publicly on my Facebook and his Facebook page, if he had read Chapter 13 before going after the opening line of Chapter Fourteen.

So far he has skirted answering that question.

Instead he can only complain repetitively that my sentence wasn’t clear enough, implying it was all my fault he didn’t understand a context he never saw coming because he skimmed over Chapter 13.

He has a point, although it’s not the one he intended. A slight alteration of the sentence would prevent any lazy skimmer from making the same mistake. I went online into my Kindle Direct Publishing eBook program and altered it. Now even nitpickers can’t fool themselves with the new sentence that reads:

Trump’s natal Sun square Neptune in the US birth chart blocks clear perception about climate change, and attracts deceptive counsel.

After I changed it, I publicly notified Novak on both his and my Facebook pages about the change. In the message I wrote, “Now then, I have publicly admitted to that one sentence being a little unclear and have corrected it. I think you owe it to your own credibility and sense of integrity to go back to that review and admit publicly what a number of your accusations were based on what turned out to be errors in your reading attention.”

At the time of this writing, Novak has still not addressed these issues and those coming next are a real jaw dropper. Apparently I didn’t write one word about astrology for three chapters in a row:

And with three whole chapters in his book (9-11) containing no astrology at all…

Can a professional astrologer have actually read three chapters and overlook the following?


Therein lies the problem of critics who can’t embrace Trump’s many facets of character. They take the simplistic path to siphon the very colorful Trump into one or the other penchant of their mental color blindness, their own extreme black-or-white-minded myopia. [Grayson] Carter can only Howard-Hughes abuse Trump. He’s either flying high or growing his fingernails and shooting up heroin in a penthouse atop a Panamanian hotel. Astrologically speaking Hughes is no mutable, flexible Gemini with a fixed, fiery and disciplined Leo Ascendant. Hughes was an earthy melancholic Capricorn with a melancholic Virgo ascendant. Solid earth signs turned to mud is not in Trump’s astrological DNA. The teetotaler Donald Trump is no Howard Hughes. His sanguine and choleric-dominant astrology makes him more pliable and adaptive to life’s challenges than Hughes who suffered from obsessive–compulsive disorder and became a drug addict.


Wagner’s audacious Gemini spirit is also Trump’s. It is the positive power, arrogant even, insulting reason and logic, brushing off all limitations. It’s a perfect storm where brilliance springs from the womb of the braggadocios. Super Gemini egos like Wagner and Trump back their hubris up with accomplishments to match. They get’er done! Therefore, if there ever was a potential US president, single-pointedly rejecting all limitations of others who believe the president really doesn’t have that much influence on the US economy, it’s Trump.


Trump as president will play with that fire with all the Leo-Mars conjoined the Ascendant intensity, come what karmic consequence lurks invisible underneath his Mars in the occult Twelfth House. This time around, the world economy is far more interconnected and wide-ranging than in the 1930s. I predict his threat will furnish Trump with key advantages and rather than derail the global economy he might translate all those positive potentials of his birth chart about fairness and integrity into new trade deals that are equitable for all parties. Rather than take the world down, it might stimulate economic growth in America and around the world.

Not one word of astrology? Perhaps instead we have: no one reading words about astrology before writing his review.

Here’s the rest of Novak’s apotheosis of a closing paragraph:


And with three whole chapters in his book (9-11) containing no astrology at all, and with other chapters ignoring the most prominent features of Trump’s chart to focus instead on illegitimate minutia, I cannot recommend this work as a serious or legitimate study of Trump’s birth chart. Instead, it seems to me to be a cynical hit piece using bad astrology to advance a political agenda.

A majority of reviewers don’t agree with Novak’s conclusions or recommendations. Some of the feedback I’m getting is some of the best I’ve ever received for my 36 books and counting. Soon you’ll be able to listen to my taped interview with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland Radio. It will broadcast on the weekend of January 8-9. In it, I recall Strieber calling Trump for President: Astrological Predictions “fair and balanced” a “very insightful read” and “absolutely fabulous.” I will post his complete quote after the show airs.

Here’s what other readers are already saying about the book. Even those critical of my writing style have given the book a big thumbs up. The “illegitimate minutia” apparently and legitimately kept them fascinated, and eager to keep tapping their Kindle screens page after page to the end.


I just had to red John Hogue’s “Trump” book in one day—could not put it down till the ending.

Right from the beginning “Hogue” nailed it when he said The Gemini Trump’s Motto is “I Think.”

Reminds me when Trump’s Daughter Ivanka said that he taught her as a child, If You’re Going To Be Thinking, You Might As Well Think BIG!

Trump Supporters don’t be dismayed when you read that “Hogue’s” Oracle predicts a Clinton win of which Hogue is 12-0 in presidential predictions,

“Hogue” go’s on to say, Trump has a chance to make that prediction wrong because of the favorable astrological aspects that Trump will be under on election day. In other words, the moral to the story is that the next Presidential Election will be a nail biter !

Get this book and read all the details! ” John Hogue ” Is A True Prophecy Scholar


Seeing Trump through the prism of the stars

For once, I have read John Hogue’s prose without wanting to mentally red pencil it. He sticks to point without losing you in a tangle of excessive verbiage. But more importantly, Hogue gives us a portrait of The Donald that is as incisive and impartial as an astrologer can be when fleshing out the inner workings of a bigger than life individual like the bombastic Trump. If you want to know what makes the mogul tick, read the book before stepping into the voting booth. As intriguing as a Trump presidency might be, its unpredictability might prove to be too risky for the faint of heart. Then again, the alternative might be just as dreadful, so go ahead and throw the dice. After all, what is life without risk?


A Must Read for this Presidential Election Cycle

A terrific source of information. I have only read the first two chapters and I am trying to find the time to read more. An unbiased perspective of the man and his ideas and how they relate to the stars. Where any Presidential Candidate should read (though unlikely due to their narrow religious beliefs.)


Amazing and Timely Book About a Very Complicated and Very American Personality

Excellent read with easy to understand astrology that informs the reader as to the astrological pros and cons of a Trump Presidential campaign and even a possible Trump Presidency. John isn’t picking sides here, in fact his “Oracle” has for several years predicted that Hillary Clinton is more likely to become President in 2017 if her health doesn’t fail, but that doesn’t stop John from taking this extremely interesting walk into “Trump Land” using not only astrology but the man’s own writings for insights into his personality, along with potential strengths and weaknesses.

He shows us a man with both the potential for greatness if he can be honest with himself or one who could march right into a nasty and potentially nuclear blow up; if he allows his blind spots to rule over him.

I especially enjoyed John picking out Trump’s “astrological twin” (not identical but similar enough) in Richard Wagner; my husband having re-written a best selling novel based on the Ring Cycle (best seller in Germany) I had heard enough about the man to help me understand the comparison with Trump again both the positives and the negatives.

I recommend this book to all sides of the political divide because love him or hate him; the man is very “there” and unless he chooses too exit the stage probably isn’t leaving any time real soon.

I myself was looking forward to this book after a reading I did for several US Presidential candidates on my own tiny radio show and realized the man had some rather amazing card potentials.

Even if he does not become the next US President, I don’t think “The Donald” is quite ready to slow down and retire just yet – and this book does a great job of explaining why that is most likely the case.

A totally five star book; now I can hardly wait for the next one John is doing about Hillary which should also be very interesting if it is anything like this one.


Five Stars

Excellent book!

Click HERE, and then make your opinions known after reading the book.

DATELINE: 31 December 2015

Swank Address Hotel in Dubai on Fire New Years Eve: Is it Terrorism or Bad Fire Code Construction?

While I prepare today’s nine articles for New Years Eve publication, a million people throng in downtown Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to bring in the New Year watching one of the largest fireworks demonstrations in the world illuminate the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. A couple hours ago, a sudden eruption of flame within seconds engulfed the façade of the nearby 63-story Address Hotel and residential skyscraper.

Everyone’s on edge this New Years Eve because of rumors and direct threats from ISIS that terror attacks are planned targeting large gatherings around the world watching fireworks. Some ISIS terrorists were apprehended yesterday in Brussels. They were planning to set off suicide bombs while standing in the crowds watching the firework shows.

As I write this article, and to my right, my flat screen television catches the corner of my eye as I’m typing with the flash of two very large explosions at the base of the Address Hotel. The flames are now redoubling because of it.

Is this a terror-triggered arson catching the whole world watching?

Consider some objective facts to the contrary. There’s a high desert wind fanning these flames like a bellows. There are over a dozen restaurants in the flaming 992-foot skyscraper, propane tanks in the kitchens of which might be detonating because of the fire. This would be the third significant skyscraper fire in as many years in Dubai. Moreover, the other fires also quickly and dramatically spread but there were no terrorists involved. Evacuation was orderly and only over a dozen people suffered minor injuries while one person suffered a heart attack.

It’s possible that Dubai has lax fire retardant material building codes. Rumors have it that a curtain catching fire on the 20th floor may have started it but the CNN expert, Bernard Kerik, a former New York City fire commissioner, is skeptical that that was the cause. At this moment, it does not appear to him that the fire is 90 percent contained. Kerik worries that structural implosion of the hotel may follow.

My sense tells me this is not a terror induced attack—yet, I will keep you posted if that is incorrect. Be alert tonight, wherever you throng to watch fireworks in the world and have a Happy New Year.

Right now, as I’m typing this, the tallest building in the world is wreathed in firework circles and swirls celebrating the birth of the year 2016 in Dubai.

DATELINE: 31 December 2015

A Prophetic Challenge to Bernie Sanders

My nephew, Dan Hogue, asked me to give a prediction about Democrat outsider Bernie Sander’s chances on my Facebook page. My answer has evolved into something even I didn’t expect would be channeled. This Bernie hit is meant to help. Here we go:


Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will lose his bid to become the Democratic Party’s nominee and when he does he will very publicly and cheaply give up his principles and kowtow to the Democrat corporate establishment. He calls himself a Socialist before announcing his candidacy, then puts on the Democrat blue and renames himself a “Democratic” Socialist, but what he has been for many years is a US Senator from a small state that’s enjoyed the perks and seniority granted by the Democratic Party leadership. The Democratic Caucus has worked its corruptive influence on his Socialism and calls for revolutionary change.

He is not the “Independent” he thinks he is. He is a demi-(half)-democrat with a small “d” for many years now. The “Socialist” identified as his own personal label, votes in lock step with just about everything Hillary Clinton wanted in military spending, gun laws and so on. As investigative reporter Chris Hedges points out, Sanders has been a long time member of the Democratic Party establishment and has supported politicians and legislation that is dead set against socialist principles.

“He campaigned for Bill Clinton in 1992,” Hedges explains, “Again in 1996 after Clinton passed things like NAFTA after the assault on prisons and the exploding of the prison population, a tax on welfare. He campaigned for the Democrats in 2004, indeed announced in 2004 that [Ralph Nader, a true Independent] should not be running for president as a third party candidate. This was with the support of John Kerry who was out Bushing Bush on Iraq—he wouldn’t of withdrawn from Fallujah. He has supported in his voting record despite his rhetoric almost all military appropriations bills, funding for the NSA, funding for the CIA. There is not a pro-Israel resolution coughed up by the Israel lobby and AIPAC that he hasn’t supported. I don’t see how, given that we are being disemboweled by the US war industry, Seymour Melman was on to this a long time ago. We can’t talk about creating any egalitarian socialist society if we don’t confront the war machine and he won’t confront it.”

Sanders doesn’t seem to get it that the Dem-Establishment is playing him as a left-of-center contrast to help Hillary Clinton rehearse her empty promises to be more progressive. It’s kind of a corporate rehearsal. The Democratic establishment, whom he amuses, wants to use him to attract his millions of left-of-center supporters into the mainstream party. Moreover, Sanders the demi-democrat demi-Independent is too eager to give away his political leverage to save his relevance in the Democratic Caucus. He already made it clear that he will faithfully (lap doggedly) endorse Hillary Clinton as the establishment candidate because whoever is running in that camp, he thinks, is a whole lot better than what the Republicans have lined up. It’s his slightly subtle way of saying, he’ll endorse the lesser of two evils.

The country may be ready for a woman in 2016 but it is not yet ready to elect a Jew. (I’m certainly ready.) At Hogueprophecy we confront realities as they are and we don’t avoid the fact that an American Jew, especially one playing the servile Socialist Jew (politically speaking) who is bending his credibility over backwards so he can belong to the mainstream political club. Jewish history is filled with stories of Jews making compromises to become more “Gentile” in Gentile dominant societies but the acceptance is often token and can see them, at any moment the Gentiles want to play “Pogrom,” kick the good and “Gentile-fied” Jew out of their land in an instant. Politically speaking, Bernie Sanders is playing that kind of Jew seeking acceptance in a majority political party that’s playing him like those kinds of Gentiles who withhold full-blooded acceptance and can dump him in a second if he’s no longer of any use, or, if he steps out of his servile role.

Thus, the servile Sanders has already given up his power and his revolution.

At least Donald Trump still threatens to take his voters away and run an Independent race if there’s political funny business coming from the Republican corporate establishment. Now there’s a man who’s unafraid of losing status in a mainstream political party.

If Trump is actually being cheated his chance to win, you bet he’ll take action and it won’t be pretty for the Republican party, yet it will be decisive, like a leader should be.

Mr. Sanders? The egalitarian revolution you declare in speeches got “Obaminated” when you placated any Democrat party leader, promising to submit to their candidate for president. In other words, your revolution was “just words.”

Hillary Clinton has the Democrat Party super-delegates in her pocket. She and her handlers will make sure that this court jester costumed with the pointy wizard dunce cap labeled ““Democratic Socialist” gets the hook off the stage in early spring. Watch the closing episode of Bernie Sanders on The Demo-Primary Gong Show, broadcast after April Fools Day 2016.

Now then, those of you who are “feeling the Bern” of anger and outrage at what I’ve just laid down like a lowering boom on your hearts, consider an alternative future moment that you all just might make happen. I hope Sanders will make this alternative prediction right, but I don’t foresee he will. Maybe if you Sanders supporters push him, he’ll find his Progressive spine. Maybe you can make my prediction wrong. Maybe…

When Sanders concedes the race to Hillary in April after the primaries in the Southern states rout his chances, he should demand something a REAL Independent politician suggested to investigative reporter Chris Hedges on his show Days of Revolt: The Death of Electoral Politics. I’m talking about an authentic and former Independent presidential candidate, Ralph Nader.

In his scenario, Clinton and Sanders both appear before the nation at a press conference. Sanders gets up and pledges to support Hillary Clinton’s nomination IF She publicly pledges, before the cameras to pass his agenda as president.

He could say before the cameras, Clinton, and her corporate handlers that he’s not endorsing Hillary unless she agrees to the following agenda which includes a tax on Wall Street speculation.

“If he doesn’t do that,” said Ralph Nader to Chris Hedges, “If he doesn’t say ‘I’m not endorsing you, unless you share a press conference with me and seriously support this agenda, that I have put before millions of heartened and enlivened American voters—especially the younger generation. If he doesn’t do that, he’s going to go down as a total wimp and a totally complicit person with the subsequent crimes of the Hillary Clinton Administration: wars overseas, destroying the public budgets for the military expenses, compromising and restricting our civil liberties, and continuing the bailout economy of the rich and powerful.”

I would add that if Clinton does not commit, Sanders should instruct his millions of followers on camera to “go on strike” on 8 November and not vote for Hillary Clinton until she endorses his agenda on record. I mean, this is the moment when Sanders can put his mouth where his “integrity” is. He would ACT out his mantra: “Corporations have taken our Republic away from the American people.” Well, stare into the face of their most significant puppet, Hillary Clinton, and expose her as their choice—not the American people’s choice—for president.

In this Pollyanna scenario, Sanders will find his spine and stop backing the lesser of two evils destroying the Republic he truly loves.

Clinton needs his millions of supporters to to win this election.

All of you reading this who number as members of his movement, I say unto you, do not let your shepherd sell his vision (your vision) so cheaply. Otherwise you’ll deserve the EVIL you get, whether you call it “Lesser” or not.

The lesser of two pregnancies is still pregnant with this corporate-fascistic evil.

Stop being such a half-assed Independent Mr. Sanders. Make yourself politically whole again and do not sell your leverage cheaply.

If you say that the corporations are buying the candidates of both parties, DO NOT endorse their biggest puppet, who is best positioned to win in November 2016.

Trump is ready to go it alone, spend his own money. Senator Sanders, are you really going to let Trump be more authentically independent than you?

Are you all talk and no AmeriCAN do?

Trump-Cover-300x450_45kDATELINE: 31 December 2015

Sample the new bestselling eBook by John Hogue: TRUMP for President: Astrological Predictions

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OVERVIEW (From the Amazon Sales Page)

Take Donald Trump seriously. He’s in the race all the way to become president of the United States. The bombast, the buttons he pushes to get people in a distracted nation talking about women’s equality and illegal immigration are primed and fired for affect. We’re talking about “The Donald” here, at a time in US history when a New York City real estate developer-cum-television celebrity and multi-billionaire business tycoon has saved away decades of collateral attention for his political close-up. He’s carefully stockpiled the silver bars of bad press with the gold bars of good. He’s let you have a tantalizing glimpse, year after year, on NBC’s The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, of just how smooth an operator a real chief executive can be. We’ve grown familiar with his style, his larger-than-life ways all witnessed by a crowning shock of bleached-to-cherry blond hair.

Let me be frank with you, he has carefully collected a fortune of leverage made of another currency more subtle than mere money—the currency of notoriety and your familiarity. A sustained attraction for decades fashioned out of love or hate of Trump, works like a carrying fund payment on a property investment. It’s time to spend it.

Donald John Trump approaches completing his 70th year on this Earth playing the Game of Life, gaming it well, doing what he loves, and enjoying himself terrifically. A good deal maker and investor has good timing. It’s time to cash in. It’s the right moment to raise the stakes in his game, thinking bigger than he’s ever dreamed before.

Here he comes, and let me tell you, he’s primed and ready to negotiate his biggest, most fantastic, most challenging, most stupendous deal yet: convince a majority of the American people to vote for Trump as their next president.

The stars clearly indicate that the subject of this book can take a punch if criticism is fair. Therefore, internationally acclaimed astrologer and prophecy expert, John Hogue, will pull no punches or deny any positive potentials in this unique astrological study of a genius promoter who may be the next president of the United States.

Love him or hate him, people of all opinions pro or con about Donald Trump will find something captivating, surprising and altogether illuminating in this thoroughly entertaining astrological examination.

A very insightful read. An absolutely fabulous book.

—Whitley Strieber, author of “Communion” and “The Coming Global Superstorm” with Art Bell

DATELINE: 31 December 2015

The Paris Climate Change Agreement: From Appeasement to Giving a Chance for a Chance to Save Civilization without legally binding Teeth

Isn’t it nice that an army of world leaders got a vacation in Paris on the public fund of 169 countries? It looks like they’ve settled on a Kumbaya, group tree hugging resolution to save an idea about saving our world from a fossil-fuel fueled Sixth Extinction event. The key paragraph in this agreement tells us the following in bureaucrat-crappy lingo:

Emphasizing with serious concern the urgent need to address the significant gap between the aggregate effect of Parties’ mitigation pledges in terms of global annual emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020 and aggregate emission pathways consistent with holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C.

…Voluntary participation authorized by each Party involved.

Translation, this “pledge” to do something, which has no teeth, no penalties, no taxation of CO2 pollution set an incentive to lower fossil fuel emissions well below 2 Celsius. But hey, we promised the human race in writing, didn’t we? To make an effort, do our best at least, to keep the global warming in our future only just to 1.5 Celsius. Being that we’ve heated up the planet since the 1950s another .8 degrees Celsius, that means the harder to attain “lower” limit will be nearly double a warm-up of a world already reeling from mega storms, floods, droughts, etc., currently at .8. Answer: moronically pump up the heat another 0.7 Celsius.

That, by the way, is not a number or a rise in Celsius that climate scientists feel too comfortable endorsing because no one knows what might trigger a climate cascade of hotter temperatures in a positive feedback loop. We may have already triggered the tipping point now.

Oh but don’t you all feel just tickled that at least our leaders of the world had a great time in Gay Paris at humanity’s expense, thinking a whole lot about what they would do to save the idea at least that they would save a world if this agreement can be ratified. Here’s what’s needed to bring their toothless tiger promise into a paper-tiger treaty reality.

Around April 2016, 55 nations out of 169 must ratify this peer-pressure only agreement. Alternatively, it goes into powerless activation only the moment when enough countries ratify it that are responsible for 55 percent of all fossil fuel emissions globally. Now, if the US, China, India and the countries of the EU should ratify this agreement. That’s enough.

It has no penalties, no pain if you don’t comply. No fine, except the verbal displeasure of your peer countries. You will be “taxed” with embarrassment from your neighboring countries for being “out of step” with history.

Boy, that will really put the fear of God into fossil fuel industries, won’t it? There’s nothing legally binding, and no detailed explanation how climate change will be lowered as promised “far below 2 degrees” Celsius with only a gesture of “intent” to lower it to around 1.5 degrees Celsius—just nearly doubling the CO2 warming heating up the atmosphere since 1950.

This agreement has embraced without scientific vetting a belief that we can keep heating up the planet much more than it is flooding, winding and desiccating right now! But here’s the best part: Rather than set forth a plan, all countries are invited to set their own individual fossil fuel reduction targets.

Once again the leaders of the world are just re-arranging the interior decoration of their impotent gestures towards climate change. They are fooling themselves if they think the Paris Accord is any different from all the accords that deflated before it. Nothing really has changed except the way they reword the same old honor system that no one honors.

The object of Paris was to “sound” more proactive and far reaching than any other false attempt. Short of initiating a carbon tax and compelling all nations to sign a legally binding agreement with painful consequences if targets aren’t reached, Paris was just another round of Kumbaya Klimate Change appeasement. It’s a new kind of fraud.

My Oracle saw this coming out of this Paris appeasement as far back as November 2014:

Saturn has one more, quite significant, portent to share in Sagittarius before the year 2015 is out. It squares Neptune in Pisces. The orb of two degree influence begins on 12 November with the square going exact from 27 November to 4 December, sustaining is malefic one-degree orb influence until 13 December, not adding another degree until 21 December.

You may ask, why am I so methodical plotting of degrees of dating this?

Because a flock of prime ministers, dictators and presidents gathering in Paris at that time pledge to compel by international law all signatory countries they represent to fulfill a goal of lowering carbon emissions that just might prevent the climate from shifting into a planetary-wide disaster. They roost next to the champagne and caviar from 30 November to 11 December.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

Click on the cover and see the NEW PRINTED EDITION.

Astrologically speaking, I can’t imagine a more inharmonious plotting of dates for the United Nations Climate Change Conference than this. Talk about the forces of miscommunication and mental confusion in play under a full 90 degrees of squared-off policies and promises based on false narratives. If this square was in an individual’s natal chart and not positively aspected to water it down—or it’s victim had an abiding spiritual fortitude to master the compulsion—this aspect often appears in charts of those suffering bouts with mental illness, neurotic phobias and inferiority complexes.

Take this astrological defect into a political environment like the Paris summit and you will find that cunning and trickiness has the advantage. Deals to balance carbon emissions are devious. The secret enemy of “fine print” will be hidden in ballyhooed “historic” resolutions. The laws, however, will have only a modest legal bite. The most important international effort yet to stifle climate change will offer up the problem to be merely nibbled to death by ducks. The spirit of muddle, delay and a good merry-go-round of self-defeatism will possess the leaders of the world. Bold legislation won’t be had, just another nearly half-month long party for politicians in glorious Paris, all on the public’s tab. They swarm in, perch and quack loudly about fixing climate change. There will be more premium-priced caviar consumed than content produced unless other mitigating stars don’t soften this square as the aggregate temperatures of Earth grow hotter, and time grows shorter, to turn humanity off its civilization-ending course.

Predictions 2015-2016, Chapter One:
The Stars War, the Empire Strikes Out
Subsection: Saturn Summer
(Documented 17-21 November 2014)

DATELINE: 31 December 2015

The Bahá’í Prophets

I received this letter from Fereidon on 9 December 2015:

Hi, I think I contacted you years ago and briefly discussed your opinion of the Bahá’í faith. Your suggestions to fix the world are very close to Bahá’í ideas.

I have introduced the founding Bahá’í prophets Bahá’u’lláh and Abdul l’Baha to many readers in my collective prophecy takes on the future. These books, like Millennium Book of Prophecy (Illustrated and print-only editions) and Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming. Today, I’d like to give you all a short overview of these two Iranian-born mystics who founded one of the world’s newest religions. I also think that all too little is reported on the difficulties many Iraqi Bahá’ís must be undergoing in neighboring Iraq ever since the Persian Gulf War (1991), the fall of Saddam (2003), the US occupation, and Sunni-on-Shia religious civil war years (2003-2011). All of which leads us since 2014 to the apocalyptic invasion and occupation of the Sunni Iraqi provinces by ISIS. Fereidon had also asked me to predict the future of ISIS. That I will do in Predictions 2016 and later this year in a book about the prophecies of ISIS.

We hear of the plight of other religious minorities who are being systematically rendered into slaves, expelled or mass murdered for not choosing the Hobson’s choice of either conversion to Wahhabist Islam or suffering its “saif” (scimitar sword).

I can only hope that we hear next to nothing about Bahá’í massacres because most of the adherents live in eastern Iraq under Shia rule. The Shia have uncomfortably tolerated the Bahá’ís better because of new faith’s Iranian origins. For those of you who don’t know, Iran is the most predominantly Shi’ite dominant country in the Muslim world.

Now a few words about the life of the Bahá’í founders.

Bahá‘u’lláh (1817-1892) aka Mízrá Husayn ‘Alí, Iranian mystic who took on the Persian moniker meaning “Glory of God” after assuming the role of chief patriarch and spiritual Messiah of Bahá’ísm, an offshoot of Islam, after the martyrdom of it founder, Ali Mohammed—known as “the Bab” (the Gate).

This declaration destined Bahá’u’lláh to suffer long years of persecution by orthodox Islamics. He was first imprisoned in Teheran for his missionary activities and later exiled from Persia. While living in Palestine, he and his family endured further persecution from the Ottoman authorities, spending many years in the prison city of Acre. His disciples claim that he bore these many incarcerations with a cheerful, almost unearthly serenity.

Undaunted by the worst religious intolerance, he managed to spread his message of human unity to world leaders and laymen alike. This he did almost exclusively though the power of letters written in prison. Toward the end of his life, restrictions against his freedom were lifted by the Turkish Sultan, allowing Bahá’u’lláh to spend his final years establishing what has become the mecca of Bahá’ísm, near Mt. Carmel, Israel.

‘Abdul’l-Baha’ (1844-1921) was the eldest son and successor of Bahá’u’lláh. Upon the death of his father, he assumed full authority for the Bahá’í movement as the interpreter of the teachings. Throughout much of his adult life, he spread the faith from its new religious seat on Mt. Carmel, in present-day Israel. Like his father, he had a prodigious correspondence with believers and inquirers around the globe, and endured long years of prison life with cheerfulness, patience and compassion.

After the fall of the old Ottoman regime in 1908, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá was released from prison and made extensive tours to Europe and America. In his travels he planted the seeds for the worldwide spread of Bahá’í. His inspiring correspondence to world leaders on the need for an international league of nations may have helped to fulfill his predictions of the formation of that governing body.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá means “Servant of Bahá (Glory).”

In 1875, he envisioned an evolution of a future world governing body in his book The Secret of Divine Civilization. He anticipated the creation of the League of Nations 44 years, and the United Nations, a full 69 years before they were created. In addition, he peers farther into the future—our future—as these following predictions reveal:

The League of Nations and the UNO Foreseen
True civilization will unfurl its banner in the midmost heart of the world whenever a certain number of its distinguished and high-minded sovereigns – the shining exemplars of devotion and determination – shall, for the good and happiness of all mankind, arise, with firm resolve and clear vision, to establish the Cause of Universal Peace.

They must make the Cause of Peace the object of general consultation, and seek by every means in their power to establish a Union of nations of the world. They must conclude a binding treaty and establish a covenant, the provisions of which shall be sound, inviolable, and definite.

After the UNO? A World Government with Teeth
They must proclaim it to all the world and obtain for it the sanction of all the human race. This supreme and noble undertaking – the real source of peace and will-being of all the world – should be regarded as sacred by all that dwell on earth. All the forces of humanity must be mobilized to ensure the stability and permanence of this Most Great Covenant.

A UNO that is not a Rubber Stamp of the Strongest
In this all-embracing Pact the limits and frontiers of each and every nation should be clearly fixed, the principles underlying the relations of governments toward one another definitely laid down, and all the international agreements and obligations ascertained. In like manner, the size of the armaments of every government should be strictly limited, for if the preparations for war and military forces of any nation should be allowed to increase, they will arouse the suspicion of others. The fundamental principle underlying this solemn Pact should be so fixed that if any government later violates any one of its provisions, all the governments on earth should arise to reduce it to utter submission, nay the human race as a whole should resolve, with every power at its disposal, to destroy that government.

Global Rule by Moderation
Should this greatest of all remedies be applied to the sick body of the world, it will assuredly recover from its ills and will remain eternally safe and secure.

I close with this sweeping prophecy from his father.

Soon will the present-day order be rolled up, and a new one spread out in its stead.

Bahá’u’lláh (1863) Kitáb-i-Aqdas (The Most Holy Book)

I believe the scroll of what we know as our civilization has begun to roll up and reveal that new world in our times.

DATELINE: 31 December 2015

When Uranus is in Aries 21 degrees, Is it Dictator Time Again?

Here’s some future fascist fuel for thought. The brackets are inserted for clarity by me:

Hi! I’m a Swedish (and canadian) fan, I found you through Coast. I’m a composer. I wouldn’t even call myself a layman of astrology, but – I discovered that Uranus was at Aries 21 when Napoleon [the nephew of Emperor Napoleon, d. 1821] was in the June uprisings 1849, and that could be seen as the shift in power that led to his full takeover and wars around Uranus entering Taurus. Uranus was at the same position Aries 21 when Hitler were elected, and a similar takeover happened with simular timing with Uranus. The US election 2016 Uranus is again in Aries 21. Please, What’s your take on this and where could I read about it? I suppose Hitler could have seen this and simply made the same timing. And I understand planetary aspects is probably of bigger importance. Still, it is Uranus, and it is Aries-Taurus. Thanks for clearing things up in general. You’re awesome!! It’s also unusual and admirable you keep up so much correspondence with your readers when you’re this well known.

…What I mean is it looks like a time when a dictator, be it a person or a group of people, enter the stage in the Western world, and declare martial law when Uranus enters Taurus. Is it “dictator time” again?

Yes, that’s quite likely. I’ve been forecasting this for a quarter century, that the 2020s will see the full return of a new wave of fascism based on religious extremism, nativism and primarily motivated and financed by multi-national corporations.

I have something particularly interesting for comment from three different dimensions and angles that you will see displayed in three planned books coming out between now and 8 February.

By the way, the 21 degree transit starts on Hitler’s birthday 20 April 2016 and goes out 7 May, then returns as a retrograde Uranus retreat on 29 October 2016, continuing over the US election and finishing around 26 November 2016. Thank you for reminding me about this important karmic echoing aspect. With so many issues to cover, I rely on readers like you to remind me of things I may have overlooked. Please feel free to send me anything you feel is important astrologically.

10p42016-Cover-125x188-thumb-30k Cover-Hogues-Astrol-2016-125x188-thumbnailThese books are coming out between now and early February. Amazon advance ordering will commence this weekend.

What do you write, classical music? I’ve got several works in sketches and mostly all the parts are in my head waiting for the time to set them down. The problem is, over 40 years ago I chose an operatic career rather than music theory and composition and then after that moved into my globe-trotting meditator and writing careers. I have the music perfectly stored in my head, but I’ll need time to catch up on my composition writing skills. Time I don’t have as my work on prophecy and current events only gets more intense and time consuming.

Hopefully my Luthien and Beren (Silmarillion) symphonic poem and a number of other pieces, quartets, etc., will see the light of music lamps on paper in dark theaters making beautiful harmonies. It would be such a shame if only I enjoyed this music in the concert hall of my head.

DATELINE: 31 December 2015

My Trump talk “Trumping” the Meditative Neo-Sannyasins of my Order and my first prescient word on the Mars-Jupiter Square coming in the 2020s

Some of you may know by now that I am a man of many story lines and adventures. I hope to get enough financial support as a writer by your readership and donations, to live a long and healthy enough life to share them all with you. Prophecy work is only one layer of what I want to give you. Soon, next year, we’ll add to that the creation of a completely new and novel prophecy fiction genre.

Check out the first Short Story HERE. Or click on the cover:

KamikazeTomorrowlandCover37kbThere’s also my direct involvement with those human beings following the path of the Fourth Way who are trying to give birth in their hearts and consciousness to a New Humanity, as foreseen by one of the 20th century’s most significant Indian mystics and prophets. He also happens to be my Guru since 1980 when I took “sannyas” (discipleship) at his feet in India. It was, for me, my second birth.

I’m a man of many names (these include the expletives from many of my detractors, hee-hee). Most of you know me as “John Hogue” and some of you have worn the red, maroon and orange robes of the spiritual sunrise call me “Arjuna.” That’s the name Osho, my teacher, gave me. In the last several books published, I’ve inserted my personal journey into the spirit and world of meditation as metaphoric, first hand experienced examples of what I’m interpreting about prophecy and the predictable ego-mindsets imposed upon us that make prophecy so “predictable.” These inserts will increase as we approach the most dangerous and most potentially breakthrough-launching decade of human history, what I call the Roaring 2020s.


Osho giving Energy Darshan.

For now, I want to share a conversation stream that includes some of my sannyasin brothers and sisters as well as others alluding to two things: freaking out my fellow disciples and talking about the 2020s:

Hey John are you trying to freak all the Osho Lovers out, or are ya trying to get them to buy your book, to see what the fuk this guy is saying about Trump, only thing I like about Trump so far is he is on the side of Putin, who looks like he is really trying to wipe out the Isis who the U.S. created and is funding. Are you going to vote for Trump, I will still Love you if you do. you will just freak me out……LUV


Hi my darling Rajyogi. Love your comment. You have my sympathies. This book is a real mind-emotion-bender. A taste of the times, they are a comin’ like a whirlwind where only in the eye of the storm can meditation be the witness. All the values, right, left and center, will be upended. Only meditation and love can be constants in this coming chaos. The book does entertain the strange juxtaposition that sees a lot of people freaking out about Trump triggering a nuclear war, when the astrology indicates he’ll end the idiotic cold war that Obama started with Russia and will support Russia fighting ISIS. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s astrology indicates she could get the world into a nuclear conflict with Russia in 2017. Trump doesn’t get off the hook about overlooking the greater threat to humanity’s future, his massive myopia about climate change. The book presents a way to make him understand climate change if he’s president.


Osho in 1986 on the Island of Crete.

Arjuna, it makes me happy to see this work of yours. Surely, leftists will freak all over. Most probably the man who is going to be America´s next president does not fit into the so so good good image of self styled spiritualists.

If Trump hits the Mars-Jupiter square of the 2020s could turn out as civil war for the US.

Thank you Shantam. Trump has a chance to beat Hillary Clinton but it is a steep uphill climb for him. She will be the president. Hi Robbert. That square will bring on a revolution in America whether Trump has a second term or not. The question before all Americans, or better, the “destiny” potential to access or avoid, is whether we have, as Bernie Sanders calls it, a “peaceful revolution”, or, what the Mormon Prophets of the 19th century describe in detail: a very bloody—almost Libya-like chaotic—revolution that simply Balkanizes the Union and destroys America.

DATELINE: 31 December 2015 Breaks a Record!
Now your Cup of Milk matters more than Ever

With this splurge of writing published on the final day of 2015, Hogueprophecy ends the year with 107 articles in the most generous outpouring of free articles to hundreds of thousands of readers all around the world. We broke the record set in 2009 held with 105 free articles.

This year I’ve published nine books for sale totaling 234,421 words “and” shared 174,289 words worth of free articles. The more I’ve given my readers, the more they seem to take the financial burden of achieving this Herculean output for granted. I’m starting to wonder if, in a year from now, Hogueprophecy will exist. I wonder if by next New Years Eve 2016, I will have published for free another 100-plus articles at year’s end. That depends on more financial support from a whole lot more readers who read me for free for many years and have profited from my articles a long time now. Time to give something back, even if its just a few dollars.

Please read this following and true story, fantastic though it reads. It really happened and was recorded in the annals of King Akbar, the Mogul Emperor—a sixteenth-century contemporary of Nostradamus, no less.


Back in the 16th century, Akbar, the Mogul Emperor of India, ordered the construction in his royal gardens of a vast marble pond for his recently acquired rare white Himalayan swans. Akbar wished to inaugurate their entry into his new pond by filling it with a sea of milk. A proclamation was read throughout the capital inviting each citizen to come to the royal gardens during the hours of darkness and pour one cup of milk into the new pond before departing.

The next morning Akbar awoke to a pond filled with water.

No one in his court could or dared explain why this had happened except Birbal, Akbar’s giggling court jester. “The problem, Great Lord, is that you don’t understand human nature,” said Birbal, adding, “May I suggest that in order to find out what happened, you command your guards to go into the capital and collar a cross-section of citizens from every caste and station. I promise you that all of them, be they high or lowly born, will essentially give you the same excuse.”

When Akbar questioned each citizen separately, every one whether they were prince or pauper, said essentially the following: “It was so dark and there were so many people pouring their milk into that vast pond. And milk is so expensive! I thought my little cup of water would make no difference.”


Your Cup of Milk matters! No one else’s. Don’t wait for others to do what you can do right now if you want HogueProphecy to thrive in the New Year.

Anything you can give would be helpful: three dollars, five dollars, ten.

If you give $12.50 or a little more, we can give you a gift in return. We’ll send you a Kindle formatted PDF file of the special donors expanded edition of Predictions 2016: The Year of Crisis and Breakthrough. Estimated downloading time begins around early February. Just in time for the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey. (See him in the Nebula?) Click on the cover to make your donation.

If you give us $100.00 or more, you’ll receive a rare, mint condition and fully illustrated edition of The Millennium Book of Prophecy: 777 Visions and Predictions. Click on the cover and read more how you can get this printed book, personally addressed and autographed by me.

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can receive this book.

Click on the cover and read more about the book, its donors only extras and how you can receive this book.



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