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DATELINE 03 November 2014

Predictions for the US Midterm Elections
Gridlock Stock and a Barrel Pointed
At the People’s Republic

Americans this coming Tuesday go to the polls to vote for all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 33 seats in the US Senate. A low turnout plus a majority of Senatorial seats up for vote in the red states of the Midwest and the US South, added to four Democrat Senators retiring, all aid the Republican Party taking back the Senate. I foresee them technically doing so. “However,” the best they can hope for is a politically debilitating hold on the Senate by one seat. Indeed, what my Oracle foresees after Tuesday, and run-off elections delaying the final results into December, is a 49-51 gridlock with the Vice President forced to vote in a 50-50-tie breaker on the US Senate floor.

What are the consequences in the coming two years of US politics? How will the midterm results favor or foul GOP hopes to win the whole government back, a majority in the Senate, House “and” perhaps a corporate, big-business blessed President Jeb Bush in the White House? As my Oracle has long forecast, Jeb Bush is going to make a run for the White House in 2016. He’ll campaign against Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate if health issues don’t prevent her from running.

This scenario prompted my Oracle to record on 23 December 2013:

All this is elementary. Citizens of flesh and blood, the Supreme Court ruling in favor of corporations in Citizen’s United in 2010 stole the soul of your vote away. The real question to ask is, which two puppets will the corporate aristocracy send floating down on strings to the podium of debate reality boob tube TV, for whom you boobs will cast your ballots like texting your “faves” on American Idol?

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 3:
US Mephisto Midterm Elections

Americans, understand this and do so now. You don’t have a choice anymore if you think this gridlocked Congress is anything more than a struggle of one set of CEOligarcs fighting a battle of campaign funding against another puppet planting set of CEOligarcs. You are the serfs going through the motions of looking like you vote for a democracy in a battle of power supremacy of one set of aristocratic lords verses another. Your vote for any Republican or any Democrat candidate is a vote to sustain your servitude to the lords of a plutocracy that have overtaken your Republic.

Two years of gridlock in the Senate—two long years of dysfunction—might kick American voters in the pants by the next election cycle in 2016. It might open your eyes to this systemically failed state of political affairs that’s set up to disempower you into thinking that only Democrats and Republicans can solve the nation’s ills. Instead they are taking you down a descent into corporately financed constitutional darkness of Hell in  shades of red and blue.

I am consulting my Oracle while putting together my forthcoming book, Predictions 2015. I’ve asked it what we must do. The message is gestating. It will be written down in Chapter Four: All the President’s Memes under the subsection: Who will be the next President? The Choice is “Theirs.”

Get on the advance donors list to receive the expanded edition of this forthcoming book that includes an extra chapter, entitled the Fire and Ice Prophecies. Click on Predictions for 2015 to read more about the three destinies foreseen concerning Climate Change.

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Click on the cover.

DATELINE 03 November 2014

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Every once and awhile I’ll get some old money-fixated curmudgeon saying I should just give all my information free. Recently on my Facebook Page I had some gray-bearded boo-hoo escaped to the back woods of Alaska muttering as much. My readers came to my defense, reminding Zeke how I write 150,000 words in 100 articles for Hogue Prophecy each year for free. They pointed out that I periodically do 99-cent sales for eventually all of my books online each year, helping people without the means to purchase my books at regular prices.

I’m about to take this generosity one big step farther. One of the reasons why I chose to carry all of my eBooks exclusively with Amazon Kindle in their KundleUnlimited format is so I can reach many more readers “and” sometimes offer a five-day period when you can download a book absolutely free of charge.

Nothing is really “free” in this world. Everything has a price and a cost as well as a return worthy of that cost. By offering my book free for five days, I am paid by turning on new readers to my work.

Rather than stand up for his views, Zeke did the troll thing and erased his complaint along with my readers comments and my attached reply. As I always leave a copy of my reply in the line above the stream, no cover-up attempts by trolls is possible. This is what I said to Zeke:

Zeke thinks all truth is free. If you think that, then you don’t value the truth. The truth is expensive. Follow a path of truth and you will pay with selling off everything your false life values. Everything has a current—a currency—and a sharing. Right now I’m writing to you and paying with precious time taken away from my work. I’m making an investment in the possibility that you, Zeke, might change your point of view and I’m paying it with my fingers typing and with precious little time left to do this. When you read my books for free—which will soon be possible, you will pay in the hours you give in reading them. By the way, what do you do for a living? Care to give me your full-time services for five days, free of charge?

There was no answer to my challenge except a coward’s answer so typical of Internet trolls. They make a mistaken attack and then erase it acting like an ostrich, burying their head in the sands of deletion and blocking access to their Facebook page. Out of sight, out of mind, escaping from personal responsibility for their attacks.

Anyway, enough of looking at the upturned feathered backside of Zeke the Ostrich. I want to tell you more about what’s inside this free eBook:


This is a rare little book giving you the low-down on a big subject: Nostradamus, the man, his magical practices and a comprehensive overview of his greatest past, present, near future and distant future prophecies. This book presents a quick exploration of prophecies directly affecting you sooner than you can imagine. The Essential Nostradamus will tell you about:

Nostradamus (1503-1566).

Nostradamus (1503-1566).

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* A second cold war threatens a Third World War.

* Extraterrestrial first contact and the human colonization of the stars.

* Nostradamus’ visions foresee a 21st century either afflicted by planetary ecological catastrophe or blessed by a millennium of peace. The choice is ours.



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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


My friend on Wall Street said Hillary will be the next president for two terms because she is tough and wants to be remembered as a great President, he said she will open federal land for drilling, ok Pipeline from Canada, tell our enemies where to go, put most everyone back to work on infrastructure all across the U.S. And raise minimum wages.

Hi Jerry, for years now I’ve been predicting she would be president someday. The Obama hiccup was only a postponement. For the prophetic record, she could do many of the things your Wall Street source says. Just like Nixon, Hillary has the potential to be a great president, and like Nixon, she has a darker side that could sabotage her destiny with Nixonian scandals and intrigues. Hillary is a karmic echo to Nixon, the karmic lessons leaders, and the led in America collectively still need to learn.


I for one think that you are being entirely too generous. Let those that cry for knowledge cry with their credit cards. The rest of us have yearned for you to share your knowledge over the years, and have paid the $12.50 without complaint, and have been happy to do so. After all, if each book was published by a hardcopy publisher, the price would be far more than the $12.50 that you have always requested. Your reader Zeke should remember that knowledge is priceless, but not without price.

HOGUE: Thank you Mark, and I readily agree with your points. I wish the many thousands of readers who have been dipping into my articles for a decade would read your comment and then go donate for one of my expanded editions for download, or just go out a buy a book of mine at least once a year. Without my readers’ support HogueProphecy and my books would disappear. I need many of you reading me for free over the years to start stepping up and giving this work some help. And it’s not like I’m asking for the moon. How many years have some of you been dipping into this website since 1999 and not once paid a piddling $12.50—and got a gift for doing that too? Playing Wimpy with the promise of payment “Tuesday” (which Whimpy never pays by the way) for the hamburgers you keep consuming now won’t pay the cook who cooks them. Don’t “pay me Tuesday”, give now. We need it. Here’s the current expanded edition gift PDF eBook available for you right now: click on 2015 Predictions.

In the case of this five-day Essential Nostradamus sales promotion, my generosity also has a sound business aim, even though there’s risk. Anyone who makes a living as a writer is at once now empowered by the information revolution to be their own publisher and eliminate the middle man. However, I am competing with 2.5 million authors, plus Amazon’s KOLL library system that adds another 700,000 titles into the ranking system. The hard reality is that one has to, as my friend and fiction author JR Rain would say, “get more eyeballs looking at your books.” By making my book free for five days, I’m paying for new eyeballs to catch sight of “John Hogue” and his work.

If they’re anything like me, they’ll discover in that book a writer who they want to read every title of.

I just got turned onto Orson Scott Card’s Ender series by watching the movie “Ender’s Game” for free on the TV. I didn’t pay for that, but ever since Mr. Card has been getting royalties from me reading Enders Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide and Children of the Mind. I’m going to read a number of his other books as well. So, if things work out like I hope they will, Essential Nostradamus is going to be like that free movie and turn thousands of new readers onto what I have written. And they’ll want to read many of my books.

The challenge is ever to have your titles stay in the top 100 ranking of your genre. Otherwise you’ll be lost in the multitude of other books out there.


Dinah makes a thorough and well written argument explaining as many of you do, why you want the Democrats to retain the Senate. The opening of my response, an excerpt from my forthcoming book Predictions 2015-2016 is waiting at the end.

John, I agree with much of your exegesis on the expected dysfunction of our corporate-bought Senate, but have a small quibble about your following statement: “a 49-51 gridlock with the Vice President forced to vote in a 50-50-tie breaker on the US Senate floor.” If the GOP gets 51 seats, Joe Biden would have no role. But if the Senate goes 50-50, Joe B will be able to break ties with Democratic outcomes.

Either way, I do agree that we may have to wait until Dec or Jan for the runoffs, and will be stalled for two more years on much of what needs to be done. But I worry that disgust can easily turn into apathy (as a defense against the pain of losing our democracy), and apathy into inaction.

However, the difference between a GOP 51/49 win and a 50-50 Dem win matters in a few big ways. One is that the chairmanship of the science committee will be anti-science climate change debunkers, and the chairmanship of the energy committee will be resolutely pro-fossil fuel (fool) industry.  And the “winning” party will set the agenda, so that votes for raising the minimum wage either will or won’t be brought to the floor, depending upon who has the majority, and so forth. Finally, either the Red or Blue majority party leader will be able to either consent to or defeat nominees for cabinet positions and judgeships, possibly one or two SCOTUS nominations.

So who wins the Senate could be huge, even though it will most likely be a continuing two-year traffic jam either way, with much of our choices being merely an illusion of a democratic process. Sigh.

Voting is the absolute minimal that we can do to create change. However, I vote with at least the intention of having my Congressperson make decisions on SCOTUS nominations, questions of war and peace, and creating support structures for poor, disenfranchised, and working people. I’m fortunate to have a Senator for whom I feel great admiration – Elizabeth Warren, who cares about working people. And if I/we hadn’t campaigned for her, we’d still have the anomalous Scott Brown in very blue MA., a babbling opportunist who is now trying to be New Hampshire’s latest boyfriend. Teddy Kennedy was rolling over in his grave in 2010, because way too many people were disgusted with government and stayed home. (And of course, the GOP despises government, and proves this every time they hold power). But despite the failures of the system we have now, we simply cannot stay home.

I have seen the potential future of an Elizabeth Warren run for the presidency; however, if she tries this inside the status quo system, she’ll never win.

I agree with almost everything Dinah is saying here, especially when it comes to a Creationist-sympathetic, climate-change denying GOP taking control of federal funding for science and the choosing of the court appointees. It is because of such appointments made to the Supreme Court during G.W. Bush’s presidency that Americans effectively lost their Republic to the Citizen’s United ruling in 2010. It is a fact that much of the corporate fascism overtaking this country is sourced to the GOP’s special interests and billionaires.


Do not be fooled into believing that the Democrats are not part of this corporate coup. The problem is the status quo of a two party system arrangement: a passive Democrat false mask bending to the will of an aggressive Republican falsely masked. My Oracle has seen the next step and that is why my message is this:

Abandon the two-party scam, Americans. The lesser of two evils is “evil” winning anyway. These inhuman corporations are now running wild with their money as free speech stifling your human voice. They know how to play you. They’ll put up a set of presidential candidates that will play “lesser of two evils” with you. Their evil will win because “you” vote it in.

You can’t be less evil, no more than you can be less pregnant than somebody else. So, you Democrats will use your majority population in 2016 to vote in the lesser evil, Hillary Clinton, even though the corporations would prefer Jeb Bush as their more business friendly puppet. Either way, they will keep winning, thanks to you.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

Abandon the two-party system. Form an alliance of Americans to find a common ground. Forty-six percent of the US voters call themselves Independents. Find each other. Assemble on the Internet and then assemble in the streets, in the town halls. Put aside what the DemaCrips and BloodPublican political hoods have turned you into thanks to their bought media hacks. You’re always defining yourselves by what you are against. Stop being stupid stooges. Define yourselves by what you hold in common, what you share. Build from that and drop this spell of Red and Blue voters these political mafias have cast upon your minds with their boobs on the boob tube.

You can read the rest of my Oracle’s detailed manifesto and solutions to end the two-party Mafia that has possessed the American political soul, you’ll find it in my forthcoming Predictions 2015-2016. Look for it in Chapter Three: Go Shock and Awe-thorities under the subtitle: Still Knocked up by the Lesser of Two Pregnancies.


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  1. RobertK
    Posted 10 November 2014 at 5:22 am | Permalink

    Here you go John stupid is within us:
    Virus that ‘makes humans more stupid’ discovered

  2. Mark Porter
    Posted 3 November 2014 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    Well John:

    I for one think that you are being entirely too generous. Let those that cry for knowledge cry with their credit cards. The rest of us have yearned for you to share your knowledge over the years, and have paid the $12.50 without complaint, and have been happy to do so. After all, if each book was published by a hardcopy publisher, the price would be far more than the $12.50 that you have always requested. Your reader Zeke should remember that knowledge is priceless, but not without price.


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