Obama’s Albatross, the Second Presidential Debate Predictions and Nostradamus: The War with Iran

DATELINE: 19 October 2012

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I am about to celebrate my 44th year making presidential predictions. Since 1968 I have forecast by tuning into the popular vote in 11 US presidential elections. Here comes number 12 in 2012. With all the hoopla about the Mayan Calendar being a more accurate accountant as to when doomsday or millennial “bloomsday” should be correctly marked, the pressure for my 11 and 0 batting streak to strike out is not only put upon by the law of averages but pressed by Chicken Little too. Will 6 November’s election prove to be a day worthy of many worked up Chicken Littles out there running around with their heads cut off yelling “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!” on my head and politically prescient accuracy?

I have settled on a prediction for the next “at bat” with presidential destiny sometimes several years before the reckoning election. For instance, before Barack Obama officially took office on 20 January 2009, early that same month I forecast that he would be a two-term president. In an article posted in early March 2007 entitled Hillary Clinton’s Albatross (click on presidential prediction) I foresaw Barack Obama becoming president in 2012 at the earliest. I also warned the following, and mind you, this warning was delivered nearly a year before the official Democratic Party primary season began:

If my premonitions about Obama are correct, he is intelligent enough to see in time why 2008 is not his year to become president. He will make hard choices—yet tempering, maturing ones—that will bring him the presidency later. Unlike the last good old boy-man running in 2000 for the Oval Office job, Obama “has” the potential to be a great president. Now one must ask if he yet grasps an understanding of Real Politic. Can he step outside of himself, assess, and correct his Obama-nations? Can he “third-person” a “what would Richard Nixon do” political calculation to success?

Good timing will help. So far, his timing is not so good. The finely feathered ego-stroked inexperience is showing right now. Obama has launched his political celebrity too soon. It is riding him to the sunset, not the other way around…

I sense that Barack Obama is still a man who can learn from his mistakes, reclaim his destiny… Inside today’s Jesus Obama super political rock star is a man who “can” be president. Perhaps even a great one… Obama’s destiny to be a president depends on making a very hard but right choice between now and 2008.

… His destiny hangs on a comprehension of historic timing. If he can wait and pay his dues being the second fiddle of an unstoppable Democratic ticket (Clinton/Obama 08), he will bring life, youth and inspired charisma into the veins of the Clinton camp… Obama will earn both political capital and training to become a future president sometime in the next decade.

Obama Nation
(10 March 2007)

In January 2008, I elaborated on this concern in Predictions for 2008 just before the first primary in New Hampshire took place:

My oracle sees two future presidents running in 2008. This vision has never happened before… One of these people will be president in 2008. The other will be a president later, but who and when?

With that asked, if Obama should win the Democratic nomination and be elected president of the United States in 2008, his unripened entry into the White House will be too soon, and soon tragic. If you thought the Bush years were a disaster…you do not want to initiate this Obama Nation timeline with your vote.

His time is not now.

He will be a great president, later.

A close Democratic primary fight looms between Clinton and Obama, dividing their base between those who want change (Obama) and those who want experience and stability with change (Clinton). Obama will have to strike early and decisively to defeat Clinton…

My darkest concern is that one of these future presidents will come to office at the wrong time. The Black Kennedy who may be president in 2008 reminds me of the inexperienced White Kennedy (JFK) who in 1956, tried and failed in a bid to become Adlai Stevenson’s Vice Presidential nominee at the Democratic Convention. A much more confident and experienced JFK successfully ran for president four years later in 1960 and launched his New Frontier.

I fear that destiny could have Senator Obama peak too soon. Even JFK’s first term suffered a number of crises related to his youth and lack of political seasoning. He had natural leadership qualities though. Leadership qualities tested by command of a PT boat in the Pacific Theater of the Second World War. Kennedy distinguished himself heroically as a natural born leader.

What seasoning does the new Black Kennedy bring to the oval office in 2008? Personally, I like this man. Prophetically speaking, I fear for his future. National disasters and death in office will mark his presidency if he is elected in 2008. Yet, greatness awaits his presidency in 2012 or 2016.

Predictions for 2008: Chapter 12
The Mother of All Presidencies or an Obama Nation?
(7 January 2008)

I am glad to report that destiny has modified the dangers to Obama personally and I can say the danger of death in office has passed.

Now, no matter how certain my oracle can be, these forecasts are not one-dimensional. If one studies the future deeply one eventually comes across many multiple destinies waiting out there. The forecaster becomes a “shopper” in a Cosmic Costco. Along many crowded shelves are alternative futures waiting for humanity to pull down and “buy” into with their present actions. As a futurist and predictor, my job is to sample equally how the objective evidence and trends play with more subjective, psychic insights. In short, I try to predict what an individual, a body of people identifying themselves as “Americans” might pull down from the shelf and buy as their political future from Cosmic Costco, America’s number one choice for Akashic Record store shopping.

In every destiny there is the engine of robotic, collective behavior that often pushes that destiny to its fulfillment. Lurking a little farther underneath the psychic surface are factors of risk that might even sabotage a powerful trend to fulfillment, such as was the case with US Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton. Twenty months and two days ahead of the 2008 Presidential Election that seemed to be a shoe-in for New York’s US Senator Clinton, I discovered her weak link. On 2 March 2007 I wrote and published the following:

Back in October 2002, Senator Hillary Clinton voted with the majority of fellow Democrats and Republican Senators to surrender sweeping congressional powers to President G.W. Bush for making war with Iraq…

Four years later, the senator most likely to become the next US president carries onto the campaign trail the burden of her vote. It hangs metaphorically speaking like the proverbial albatross around her neck…

My “oracle” has never been surer—and constant for so long a time, since 1998—that Hillary Clinton is destined to become president of the United States in 2008. If ever something might harpy over and clutch that destiny from her it is her prideful inability to publicly admit her mistake in judgment voting for the war in 2002. She can blame the president for his faults but not at the preclusion of an encounter with her own. Eventually she will have to admit her mistake… Competitors in the race to the White House, such as Barack Obama will not let it go, come primary time. In The Rhyme of the Ancient Sea Mariner, honest contrition broke the string of the albatross tied around the mariner’s neck and set him free from shipwreck.

…Take note of words coming to us from the autumn of 2002 out of the mouth of a dark horse making a run for president in 2008:

“I don’t oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war. What I am opposed to is the cynical attempt by Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and other armchair, weekend warriors in this administration to shove their own ideological agendas down our throats, irrespective of the costs in lives lost and in hardships borne.”

[That] quote came from Barack Obama, in September 2002, when he was a state senator of Illinois. He is now the junior Senator representing Illinois at Washington D.C. He is the political rock star who at the moment is the man most capable of taking the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2008 away from Senator H. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s Albatross
(02 March 2007)

Later tonight, President Obama with face Mitt Romney in the second of three scheduled presidential debates. I have been on record since early 2007 that Barack Obama’s weakest link is coming to his destiny too soon. Forcing the issue in 2008 when he was not yet mature enough to be president could lead to his defeat as Jimmy Carter dark. Rather than the “black Kennedy” he becomes the one-term wonder, a “black Carter” because he is not yet able to think and lead beyond his chief character flaw, his passive-aggressive tendencies.

The handlers of the man who may take the presidency away from him, former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, have isolated Obama’s character flaw and have let slip Romney’s alpha male personality type upon it. Obama was caught off guard in the first debate. The reason why he missed golden opportunities to nail Romney on his many unexplained and undetailed promises and unsubstantiated bromides was because a passive-aggressive personality has a very hard time blowing back alpha-male fashion at an aggressive opponent.

They are above it all. They absorb the anger, internalize it. They defend themselves indirectly, allusively and in such a debate match they lose miserably. Obama’s performance in the first debate may be the worst since Vice President Richard Nixon’s disastrous performance before the first ever televised debate against Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960. Like Nixon, Obama’s facticity in his statements were more specific, more fact worthy than Romney’s Kennedy-style sweeping generalizations packed with more spirit and life than factual substance or explanations. Indeed Romney was playing Obama’s 2008 debate game against him. Never in all the years of doing these predictions have I seen a candidate promise more and be more vague about devilish detail, yet inspire people, like Obama did in his 2008 campaign.

Apparently Romney was watching and he effectively bullshitted his way to a polling bounce similar to the one Obama had over Arizona Senator John McCain in his notorious “That one!” debate in 2008. McCain as I predicted would not win that election because it is better to come to your destiny too soon than too late. His chance at destiny was in the 2000 election. McCain’s performance in the first debate was inarticulate, his pointing a finger at Obama to make a point about “that one” being the Teflon promise maker of all, and everything to all and everyone was accurate if inelegant and slightly racially motivated.

That one… (the negro over there).

His performance deteriorated and Obama won the election as I predicted by 8 percent of the popular vote. (To see that forecast on the even of the 2008 and my assessment of its accuracy a few days later, click on Obama and election forecast for the second.)

In my last article assessing the first presidential debate, I explained one of Obama’s flaws as a classic passive aggressive executive was picking similarly passive aggressive types in pivotal positions. Tim Geithner, the Secretary of Treasury was one of his worst cabinet choices. Much about what I predicted about him in late 2008 has come true. Another immature choice was Massachusetts US Senator John F. Kerry, as Obama’s “Mitt Romney” in practice debates.

If Obama is elected for a second term, he will most likely make the worst executive decision of his political career and replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State with John F. Kerry. This will only make an already remote chance of finding a diplomatic solution over Iran’s nuclear program even more difficult. In my new book, Nostradamus: The War with Iran, we look at the astrology of Nostradamus and his prophecies about a “Black King” being elected. The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter that dates his election, foreseen four-and-a-half centuries ago is only off by a week or so from the moment Obama was sworn into office. Before this “Black King” is a choice of “calamitous war in Cancer” the sign of the USA, or “peace on Earth for a long time.”

The cover of my new e-Book scheduled for release 19 October. Click on the cover and read more.

That is a future waiting for him and for us if he is elected to a second term. However, his weak link has come into the present time. His immaturity. His passive-aggressive’s difficulty to blow his own horn, praise forcefully his administration’s accomplishments, his need to be less cerebral Mr. Spock and more manly and fist-a-cuffing Captain James T. Kirk in debates with Alpha “Centauri” Male Mitt Romney (from Planet Kolob) could see him lose just enough votes because of further bad showings in these debates to sabotage his destiny.

My oracle has said for years that 2012 was his moment to arrive at his destiny but his psychological issues are the weak link to making right what was terribly wrong about coming to that destiny four years too soon. His passive-aggression is an “albatross” hung around his neck in the last debate. If it is still there tonight or in the final debate on the 22nd, it could signal the end of his destiny come too soon and growing up for the job coming too late.

Obama has the potential to counter the usual pattern of two-term presidents and like Ronald Reagan, achieve greatness in his second term. To do that, he will have to find a way to lead himself beyond his own psychological limits, stand up for himself, fight for himself and his future.

John Hogue
(16 October 2012: signed off and documented three hours before the Second Presidential Debate — posted 15 minutes before it started.)


(Release date, 19 October 2012)


Today (16 October 2012) Europe tightened the screws on sanctions against Iran adding a cruel twist not sought in the sanctions or even necessary. Indeed, what a major telecommunication company did as an afterthought will do more to bring on war than peace and it could directly impact Europeans in their homelands. Press TV, Iran’s news network was censured from Europe, blacked out. Now Europeans will have only one side’s news networks propagating their views unchallenged. What is it they say? The first casualty of war, and I would add those who have long mongered this war with Iran, is truth, is fact. The Iranian press have their agenda, like any other agency does, but your right to watch it and make your own decisions about what is a lie and what is not, has been taken away from you in Europe by your own EU bureaucrats, that you cannot pick and vote for yourselves.

What is more Ayatullah terrible than that?

Their Theocracy? The EU bureaucracy?

Both are unelected. What is the difference?

It is quite a story, how we are soon approaching a showdown with Iran, one that is ultimately unnecessary and one that will directly impact all of your lives in every corner of this world. Nostradamus foresaw it coming, gave us the hints how to stop it. There is still time to gain the understanding, to measure and get a grip of what is the full story about Iran warmongering. You can understand the prophetic underpinning of the leadership of three combatant governments that, against the wishes of their people have been and will continue to be planning and perhaps prosecuting ever since 1992 this greatest war the Middle East will ever endure.

Check out my epic e-book here.

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No subject over the years has found more readers leaving your comments than solving the mystery: who Mabus is. Same is true about my presidential predictions. So please, send your comments to me. Don’t be shy. I will post them and when I can, insert my replies. If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me at this Contact link and I will post them beginning just below this paragraph. Also, if you wish to learn more about the meditation techniques I do, contact me, and leave “meditation” in the subject line.


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  1. Posted 15 February 2013 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

    Are we getting the president that we need or the one we want?
    God let the Israelites have their kings because they wanted them.
    I think God would rather they kept the religious leaders.
    Or is there some sinister unseen force deciding this for us?

  2. Todd MichaeL Wiseman
    Posted 29 October 2012 at 6:12 am | Permalink

    its dissapointing how you hate Mormons so much , I didn’t really expect that from you…its obvious President Romney will crush the obama regime like so much the annoying little worm it has been for the last loooooong four years. agains its obvious the american public have no respect for the current immoral doctrine that has been spewing from the white house all summer, the notion that they endorse the immoral conduct of men who choose to marry men instead of women, that is the most evil and wicked of all sins in the holy bible, truly blasphemy against God our Father and that kind of filthy immorality goes against the universal laws of birth and pro-creation, it takes one man and one woman to create one baby, two men can NEVER have a baby , nor can two females. when the democratic fools , VP and ‘bama gave in and sold their souls to garnish the sinners votes, they turned off many millions of Christian voters, more than enough to heartily sway the election for a glorious Republican victory !!

  3. Kaye
    Posted 20 October 2012 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    John: regarding your Oracles continuing pick of Obama as winner of this Election, I would also ask you to speak about the astrological influence that Mercury retrograde may have on the Election results. I personally fear a muddling of the vote count, and possible questioning of blocks of votes in key swing states. My gut intuition says we may not know the winner for at least a week, while charges of vote manipulations and denials of right-to-vote will cause chaos to reign and whoever is finally deemed the winner will face hostility and doubt. Can you assuage my troubled mind?

  4. Ray
    Posted 17 October 2012 at 4:28 am | Permalink

    The people of America are listening with their minds AND hearts this time and they are hearing and feeling that America is going down a wrong path with a wrong “leader”. No matter what you think of Mitt Romney, he comes across as more presidential and evokes more confidence from Americans.

    Jeb Bush is more presidential. Huckabee — much more. You don’t see the nervous breathless cadence in their arguments. You don’t hear them rear-ending their good points by pushing out more and more points. These men know how to let their thoughts sink in. You won’t see the pinched nervous smile. The wincing and blinking. You won’t see them in a town hall meeting be asked a question, then turn away and ignore that citizen and whine to Candy Crowley about wanting to finish talking about the last question. Richard Nixon was far more presidential. Eisenhower would have first addressed that citizen and then move to answer the loose strings of the last question with great grace and command. Where is the grace and humor of Ronald Reagan’s “There you go again…”? I used to be a Republican that used to witness real Republicans walking out on the debate stage. I didn’t always agree with them, but they were idea people. They didn’t just stand there saying the cows would come home if you just “trusted” them. Republicans used to be the party that said, “Great ideals, now this is how you make them practical, real.” Now one sees Democrats actually filling that void. Can you imagine it? Democrats sounding practical?

    Now I get Romney as the GOPs “choice”…

    Romney??? How far the Grand Old Party falls. And the next passage you write, Ray, sounds like a campaign ad in the beginning devolving into a holy sermon at the end:

    We had 4 years of basically nothing and, as Romney deftly pointed out, we will likely get 4 more years of nothing. John, I understand that there are many futures and at any given time a future destiny may change. I do believe that the American people are waking up and realizing they need to change that destiny. As a result, I do hope and pray we can follow through with making that change. I know you don’t particularly like the idea that outcome, but many people who are tuned in to their hearts and minds at this crucial point in time DO.

    (I can almost here the Mormon Tabernacle Choir start singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic: “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Kolob…his truth is marching ooooonnnn! Glory, glory what to do, yeah. RomneyBama’s all they give ya. The corporate Lobby give their choice in true plutocracy. Stoo-pid goes marching on!”)

    I will continue to pray as I have for many months that the the men running for President are exposed for who they really are and that the American people see it and vote accordingly.

    Ray, you must look deeper than Obama. He’s coke. Romney is pepsi. The American people don’t want either soda pop, but that’s all the corporatocracy is willing to provide. Stop praying and wake up.

    I have never prayed for a win for any particular candidate…its a waste of prayer.
    As always, I enjoy your site.

    Your prayers are wasted on these idiots. And as you must understand, coming on these pages saying these things do deserve I give you some energy. I am still waiting, though for you to stop avoiding my request. I ask you “again”, to explain your predictions that had Sarah Palin in Romney’s place in this race, in Romney’s place for your prayers to be heard. Why do you avoid commenting on this? I mean, I’m glad you are no longer making predictions and have moved to praying for your favorite GOP to win after being so wrong, documented on these pages, about Palin being The One in 2012 beating Obama. When I’m wrong in my predictions I say so to international audiences. Can you please show the same nerve. Admit you were wrong, Ray. It will feel better when you do. Not for me, for you.

  5. Tom Harold
    Posted 16 October 2012 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    Obama may have become president before his time but thankfully he did. Humanity justly decided not to reward the evil deeds of a Republican administration with another term in office. The party that orchestrated the domestic terror attacks on 911 that killed 3000
    of their fellow Americans to coerce support for another terror attack in Iraq, after UN inspectors had declared it had no WMD, costing thousands more innocent lives.

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