The Obama Nation

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Caricature by DonkeyHotey, © Creative Commons.

The United States may yet become an Obama Nation. There is a Colin-Powel-for-president surge of celebrity going on. The great black hope that likeability, charisma and running down the beach in togs like John F. Kennedy, may “vanity” a political “flair” to vogue us a new savior—a new frontier. Here he comes. The new Trumping apprentice. He’s been Oprah’d. He will “win” freed of testing his mettle—proving his talk has the walk. Behold the new American political Idol, Barack Hussein Obama. He is the new darling, the new “fad”-bulous flavor.

Hold it! Do not think I’m being racist, or slurring the man who I “know” can someday become president of the United States. He will, if he can survive this historic misstep, this perchance to prance before you, to “Monday Night Football” dun-dun-dun do you, to say eloquently nice and cuddly platitudes that you already know, but have been so starved to hear presented so eloquently during the remedial speeches of the Bush Era. A starved person will reach out and feast on bready words of elocutionary and leavened flavor when Texan sawdust and plucky cow pucky oratory has been your lot.

In this starvation diet day of US democracy, likeability—like flattery—will get you everywhere. C-an-“end” to TV news objectivity. Strike the pose as the next Kennedy savior delivering us from ourselves with eloquence unsubstantiated by hard acts and accomplishments. I mean, is it something new? I remember the other guy back in 2000 defending his “freshness,” his ability to “look at problems as an outsider.” I remember how it was sold that inexperience in a presidential candidate was “good” for the country. Thank the political gods, Obama. The American people have such short-term memory.

Americans just love a fresh new face of folksiness, and Obama is the new folk song of our day. He’s appealing. He’s a star! He’s the bright eyed and post-Bushy tailed new guy who “acts” presidential. It rather reminds me of another folksy fellow who “acted” presidential and won a disputed election in 2000 to become president. Ah, but the honeymoon has passed for that one. His bridesmaids lost their seats in the Congressional pew come mid-term elections in 2006.

Habit is history. It is the stuff of repetition, of people caught unawares by their own unawareness of habit programmed into each new generation to repeat the pathetic past and call it the brave new future. It was high habitual time that the American people seek and have their television tribunes tell then whom to groom for the next political honeymoon. Here he is, delivered by American Goddess Vesta herself—Oprah’s rah rah raahhed for Obama on her wildly popular vox populi TV show. She Vesta’d her interest directing and training the “sentiment” of the nation hosing Senator Barack Obama—praised be her hand turning the spigot of gush. She anointed who will be the next president and the overly entertained and distracted Obama nation responds.

This honeymoon will be far shorter than the last. Another two years rounding out the catastrophe of the last folksy innocent abroad in the world as the US president will bring, as the Guns and Roses song says, “November Rain” to rust the ring of wedding bells in the November 2008 elections for another virgin presidential hopeful. People at that time will elect someone who is seasoned wine—not political “rippoe.”

Wait, some of you. Rest your angry, chest-thumped hearts. I am, despite my savaging assault so far, a “friend” of Barack Obama’s presidential destiny. By 2008, the disasters caused by the current president will sour all desires to elect yet another political “child” to the White House. By election time in 2008, H. Clinton will look more palpable than she does now, because you and I have somehow survived to cast our ballots beyond the disaster that will be the Bush Administration’s final chapter. (I won’t vote for her, but that’s how she will be perceived by enough people to win more votes than the other seasoned opponent vying for the presidency—America’s mayor. Yes. Republican “Rudi” G is in da house, mate. Maybe even all the way to the White House in 2008.

The damage that’s coming to America in those final months of Bush Corp. will outweigh all the damage done previously. In a year’s time from now, a majority of US voters will not want another kid in the White House. They’ll want experience. Watch Clinton undermine Obama’s run for president on the theme of his inexperience before the first primaries in New Hampshire.

If my premonitions about Obama are correct, he is intelligent enough to see in time why 2008 is not his year to become president. He will make hard choices—yet tempering, maturing ones—that will bring him the presidency later. Unlike the last good old boy-man running in 2000 for the Oval Office job, Obama “has” the potential to be a great president. Now one must ask if he yet grasps an understanding of Real Politic. Can he step outside of himself, assess, and correct his Obama-nations? Can he “third-person” a “what would Richard Nixon do” political calculation to success?

Good timing will help. So far, his timing is not so good. The finely feathered ego-stroked inexperience is showing right now. Obama has launched his political celebrity too soon. It is riding him to the sunset, not the other way around. He has indelicately presented himself as a sacrificial presidential “papabili.”

Papabili is an Italian word for Cardinals most favored by opinion and rumor to become the next pope. The joke is, almost all believed to be the most likely to succeed become the pontiffs of air. Obama’s fad vox populi papabili will fade by the time of the early presidential primaries of 2008 because he was allowed his person to surge in the public’s attention deficit memory disorder too soon. H. Clinton knows this danger. That is why she stands back and waits for the call of her excellent sense of patient political timing.

I sense that Barak Obama is still a man who can learn from his mistakes, reclaim his destiny. He is not like the current president who will be known as one who is “made,” or better—had—by destiny.

Inside today’s Jesus Obama super political rock star is a man who “can” be president. Perhaps even a great one. I first saw him on the news a few years ago, long before he became “famous” and attained Anna Nicole-politico star status. I saw, as it were, the invisible hand of destiny touch his shoulder and give resonance to his voice. I knew then that he had destiny’s invitation to be a president of the US, but how will Obama become an instrument played by the karmic echo of young presidential hopefuls past?

America sounds and resounds its unlearned historic lessons in 20 to 40 year oscillations in time. I have called this phenomenon in earlier writings America’s Karmic Echo. In short, a similar pattern of deeds and events has returned to replay their fateful tune now in the opposite camp. For instance, the Democratic Party and their Texan President Johnson melted down politically in 1968 because of his unpopular war in Vietnam. That unpopular war finds its echo today, but now it is the Republican Party and their Texan President G.W. Bush poised for meltdown on the 40-year anniversary of 1968. Roughly 40 years ago there was a JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy). Forty years later a new JFK, in name if not in vision (John Forbes Kerry) ran for president. The first JFK won his election, the next one lost and so the same events switch sides 40 years later in the karmic echo of unlearned history of a nation.

Obama is the new “Kennedy.”

Forty years ago, that President Kennedy stood on the threshold of a new frontier in space and in social progressiveness. Back then a “white” Kennedy saw on his watch the rise to national significance of the Civil Rights movement of Martin Luther King.

Now behold the next cycle’s “black” Kennedy, the karmic response, the happy consequence of the first Kennedy bearing witness to toleration for those who “had a dream” of civil rights in this land. A black man can now become president. His new frontier is not space, but a new frontier of ecological responsibility, a rebellion against corporatism. The Civil Rights movement now moves from fighting for equality of races to a fight between keeping empire at the cost of losing democracy for “all” Americans, be they white or of color. It must be remembered that the Roman Republic became an Imperial dictatorship because republicanism cannot manage a sprawling empire and large military industrial complex. Whoever the next president is, be he Giuliani, Obama, or be she Clinton, will have to choose between saving democracy or sustaining at the cost of democracy a dictatorial superpower as an American “Caesar.” To save a democracy we must lose a world power.

It is too soon for Barack Obama to guide Americans through that historic choice of destinies. He is not yet the echo of the seasoned charismatic who became president in 1960. Obama is more like the charismatic yet unseasoned hopeful who in the Democratic Convention of 1956 made a bid to be Adlai Stevenson’s running mate when the latter moved to open the selection to the convention in an open vote. In the end political pressure with a bit of religious bigotry, no doubt dissuaded the too young and in addition, Catholic JFK from ruffling the mostly Protestant old political party bosses of the Democratic Party. In his speech before the convention, withdrawing his bid to be Adlai Stevenson’s running mate, the first term Senator Kennedy sounded the charismatic karmic eco that roughly four decades later resounded in first term Senator Barack Obama’s coming out speech during the Democratic convention of 2004. In both cases they were men to watch, men who could and perhaps would be great presidents later on. Both the white and black “Kennedys” inspired the nation with their power of magnetism, their fresh voice, and youthful vitality. Both men displayed a new, and appealing mastery of the English language—something quite refreshing in Kennedy’s case after years of hearing President Eisenhower’s stiff and dyslexic delivery. It is again refreshing in Obama’s case 40 years later, after years of listening to Bush’s at best in-eloquent and often remedial delivery.

Obama faces the fateful echo in destiny today that a young and inexperienced Kennedy did in 1956. He must choose wisely, as Kennedy had in 1956, to shine then retreat at the right time, and then be patient. In 2008, Hillary Clinton will be the next Democratic nominee for president. Behind closed doors, she will offer Obama a place on her ticket as Vice President. If Obama has latent vision and maturity, he will rise and take her offer. Vice President Obama will gain on-the-job training to be president. He will be in a position to use his eloquence and presence as a special envoy of President H. Clinton’s administration. In four-to-eight years, he will run for office and win the presidency. America, you could have your first black president as early as 2012 or 2016. Perhaps even sooner, if H. Clinton echoes Nixon’s scandalous mistakes in her second term and must leave office. Vice President Obama could play Vice President Ford.

Obama’s destiny to be a president depends on making a very hard but right choice between now and 2008. The repeat of a karmic lesson does not always mean one makes right what was made wrong the second chance around. Kennedy was right to relinquish being on a presidential ticket as a vice president nominee. Obama will achieve his ambition by saying “yes” to being on the Clinton ticket as her running mate. If he accepts H. Clinton’s offer, he will be a president of the United States, later on.

If, however, the immaturity motivating his actions today should endure and magnify a pride that would reject the Clinton offer, then Barack Obama will never be a president of the United States. Barack Obama will then suffer the “once a Senator, never a president” syndrome. Senators serving two six year terms or more never seem to make it to the oval office. That is, unless they make the jump early enough, in their first or second six-year term to the White House. Senator J.F. Kennedy balanced years of further seasoning with right timing. Senator H. Clinton understands this. Does Senator Obama?

Vice Presidents, on the other hand, often rise to the Oval Office as the new boss where Senators never seem to go. Does Senator Obama get that?

His destiny hangs on a comprehension of historic timing. If he can wait and pay his dues being the second fiddle of an unstoppable Democratic ticket (Clinton/Obama 08), he will bring life, youth and inspired charisma into the veins of the Clinton camp. He will give Hillary “sex” appeal. (I don’t want to see Hillary running in a bathing suit on the beach.) Obama will earn both political capital and training to become a future president sometime in the next decade.

John Hogue
(10 March 2007)

Click on this link and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on this link and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

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